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this planet was the homeworld of the Kadri'Ra race. (SWJ5, BSS)

this was one of the more common surnames used by the Duros people. Like all such names, Arapto was used only for official business, to indicate one individual from another when in the presense of non-Duros. This name literally meant "swift". (GCG)

an alien arachnid species native to the planet Kirtania. The misuse of the planet's resources by the humans that colonized the planet has resulted in the near-extinction of the araquia race. The average Araquia resembled a large spider, with greenish-brown skin and long legs. They lived in the lower canopy of Kirtania's deciduous jungles. Their knowledge of the plant life on Kirtania gave them a great deal of information on medicine, and their serums and anti-venoms were sought out by travelers and doctors for curing a number of rare diseases. (AE)

this New Republic Senator was from the planet Gantho, and was a staunch opponent of the Daysong Party. (POT)

Arat Fraca
this planet is the location at which the Star Morning suddenly reappeared a year after it left Motexx for Gowdawl. (SOL)

Aratach Corporation
see Aratech Repulsor Company (SWDB)

Aratech Repulsor Company
this large corporation anufacturered a variety of speederbikes and other repulsorlift craft. Many of their designs, most notably the 74-Y and 74-Z spederbikes, remain popular throughout the galaxy. (SWSB, EGV)

Arati Squadron
this was a group of Army troopers dispatched by the Empire to overtake the New Republic base on Saarn, shortly after the re-appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn. (SWJ6)

this Ghostling princess was captured by Djas Puhr and sold to Sebulba as a slave, shortly before the Dug lost the Boonta Eve Classic podrace to Anakin Skywalker. She was seven years old at the time of her capture, but found herself as the leader of the small group captured and brought to Mos Espa. They were sold by Sebulba to Gardulla the Hutt, but were later freed by Anakin Skywalker, Dorn, Kitster, and Pala. Gardulla had planned to use the Ghostlings to help tend her underground garden oasis, but Anakin decided that they would be killed if they worked there. With the help of his friends, Anakin was able to get the Ghostlings passage off Tatooine on a smuggling ship. However, Arawynne was badly injured in the escape. (E1A5, E1A7)

this modified MRX-BR Pacifier was owned and operated by Tern Ashandrik. It was armed with a pair of proton torpedo launchers and three heavy laser cannons. (ND)

this was one of the traditional weapons of the Gungan Grand Army. (NEGW)

this Imperial Navy Lieutenant worked with Jacen Solo and a group of engineers from the Galactic Alliance to reprogram a gravitic amplitude modulator for use in jamming the communications of a Yuuzhan Vong yammosk, shortly after the Battle of Bastion. Lieutenant served aboard the Defiant, and his work with the GAM was not immediately endorsed by Captain Essenton, despite the assurances of Grand Admiral Pellaon himself. (FH1)

Zeck Tambell served aboard this Imperial-class Star Destroyer as a security officer, before being assigned to the investigations team on Stassia. (SWJ6)

Arblis Forest
this dense, dark forest dominated the main continent of the planet Kothlis. It surrounded the Ragnook Mountains on all sides. (SPG)

an Imperial Sergeant serving under Colonel Johans in the Hell's Hammers. He helped lead the assault on Protazk, on Spuma. (ISB)

when Teebo was a child, the Ewok Arbo was the tribe's legend keeper. (AT)

Arbo Maze
a thicket of trees found on the forest moon of Endor, the Arbo Maze was extremely dense and forbidding. Most creatures that wandered into it were quickly lost. (ECAR)

Arbo, Elga
this Corellian woman was the owner and operator of the Redshift Runner, until she ran afoul of Gydio Lucone. She had mortgaged everything she had to make the Redshift Runner the fastest ship in the sector, and she made her living as a courier. When Lucone threatened to seize the ship, Elga refused. A struggle ensued, and Elga was fatally wounded. However, her co-pilot, Maceb Joodsen, made off with the Redshift Runner and was never seen again. (SS)

this Mon Calamari served the New Republic as Captain of the Hope, during the period shortly after the Empire retook Coruscant following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn.. (TFE, SWJ7)

Arbor Industries
this was the primary company founded by Jenna Zan Arbor, and was dedicated to producing life-saving drugs. It was later revealed that most of the drugs produced by Zan Arbor were created to counteract specific contagions and diseases produced by Arbor Industries. Zan Arbor revealed that she funded her experiments into the nature of the Force by unleashing specific amounts of contagions on unsuspecting worlds, then selling them the antidotes she claimed to have developed. The primary laboratories were based on Zan Arbor's homeworld of Ventrux, but were closed down when Zan Arbor established her secret laboratory on Simpla-12. (EVE)

this stately, deciduous tree was native to the planet Kabal, and was planted in many gardens as a shade tree. (GMR1)

Arboreal Octopus
this warm-blooded creature, native to the forests of Cholganna, was the favored prey of the nexu. (VD2)

this forest planet, the second world in the Arbran System, was the homeworld of the Hoojib race. The Alliance discovered the Hoojibs when they were scouting out locations for a new base. The Hoojibs later allowed the Alliance to establish their base on Arbra, after the loss of the Echo Base on Hoth. Millennia before the Hoojibs evolved, another sentient race inhabited the planet. This race tried to eliminate their negative feelings by pushing their energy into an underground cavern, which was protected by a force field. Over time, this negative energy coalesced into a being known as the Darker. Arbra was orbited by a single moon. (EGC, EGA, MC55, SWDB, WOTC)

this was the name used to describe the extinct civilization that was originally native to the planet Arbra, during the time of Xim the Despot. It was the Arbrans who created the unusual force screen, deep beneath Arbra's surface, within which they stored all their negative energies. Over time, these negative energies reached a critical mass and coalesced into the Darker. The Arbrans themselved eventually died out, and very few records survived to describe their civilization. (PH, MC67)

this star was the central body in the Arbran System, which was located in the Outer Rim Territories. (PH)

Arbran III
this planet, the third world of the Arbran System, was a frozen ball of ice and rock which was orbited by a pair of moons. (PH)

Arbran IV
this planet, the fourth world of the Arbran System, was a gas giant that was orbited by eight moons. (PH)

Arbran V
this gas giant was the fifth planet in the Arbran System. It was orbited by eleven moons. (PH)

Arbran VI
this frozen ball of ice and rock was the sixth and outermost planet in the Arbran System. (PH)

Arc Hammer
this Imperial warship was essentially a huge, floating manufacturing facility. The long, dagger-shaped ship was assigned to Rom Mohc's Darktrooper project. Kyle Katarn was able to penetrate the ship and defeat Mohc in combat, despite the fact that Mohc had donned a Phase Three Darktrooper unit as an exosuit. The Arc Hammer was destroyed when Katarn defeated Mohc, and the Darktrooper project was smashed. (DF, RESB)

Arc of Fire
this bar and grill was located on the planet Selenius VII. (GG10)

Arc Razor
this was the name of the starship owned by the bounty hunter Gyran. (SSR)

ARC Trooper
see Advanced Reconnaissance Clone Trooper (SWDB)

Arc, Gally
this man, a native of the planet Brentaal, was a noted collector of antique starships, during the height of the New Order. (SWJ7)

officially known as the Aggressive ReConnaissance starfighter, this ship was developed by Incom/Subpro for the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars. The thirteen-meter-long central fuselage was connected to a pair of sturdy wings. Note that Star Wars Episode III - Incredible Cross-Sections indicates that the ARC-170 measured 14.5 meters in length. To disperse excess heat and to increase maneuverability, two smaller wings could be extended from the fuselage on each side of the ARC 170, one above and one below the stationary wings. This configuration made the overall wingspan of the ARC-170 almost 23 meters. The ship was armed with a pair of medium laser cannons, two rear-mounted blaster cannons, and six proton torpedoes. Unlike traditional starfighters, the ARC-170 required a crew compliment that included a pilot, co-pilot, and gunner, as well as an astromech droid to operate. The ARC-170 was one of the first Republic starfighters to be equipped with a hyperdrive, eliminating the need for a hyperdrive ring to travel across interstellar distances. This configuration, coupled with an impressive array of sensors, allowed the ship to operate as both a fighter and a long-range surveillance craft. (OWS, SWGAL, X3, SWI82)

this was the original designation of the ARC Trooper Captain known as Fordo. (SWI84)

Arca Company
this group of clone commando squads was based on the planet Corsucant during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWI81)

Arca Jeth
a humanoid Arkanian, Arca was a Jedi Master from the planet Arkania. Note that in Tales of the Jedi: Redemption, Master Arca is portrayed with four fingers and a thumb. He agreed to oversee the planet Onderon, but instead sent Ulic Qel-Droma, Ulic's brother Cay, and Tott Doneeta to the planet. He later assists them on the planet, and is forced to conceal Freedon Nadd's Sith lore in a tomb on the Dxun Moon. He refuses Exar Kun's request to see the Sith artifacts from Freedon Nadd's ship. He later attends the Jedi Assembly on Deneba, and is killed in the battle by one of the Krath war droids. Ten years after the Great Sith War, Arca's spirit appeared to Ulic Qel-Droma on Rhen Var, and urged the distraught man to abandon his plans for suicide and depend on his inner strength to survive. (TOJ, DLS, EGC, TOJR, EGP)

this is the long, main hall of the Rabaanite Gymnasium, found in the city of Ban Belos. (SWJ9)

Arcade Omicron
this diversionary establishment in Lumchugger's Hub, on the planet Bescane, is home to one of the few holozeotroscopes seen outside the up-scale entertainment centers on Coruscant. It continually loops through a holographic display of the Battle of Yavin. The Arcade Omicron also has several scenic replicators. It was here that Alliance agents found Cooper Dray, during their search for clues about the Death-Hunter cyborg project. (SWJ9)

this freighter was owned and operated by Darren T. Weeb during the Galactic Civil War. (ML)

this volcanic world was the second planet in the Sacor, or Sacorria, System. It was orbited by a single moon. (CCW)

Arcan IV
Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca searched for Han Solo on this planet. A group of smugglers, holed up on Arcan IV, had hated Solo because he had made their trade almost glamorous. (MC79, LTA4)

Arcasite, Mol
this woman, a noted bounty hunter, was part of a group of hunters hired by Granta Omega to capture Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Wren Honoran on Ragoon-6, some five years after the Battle of Naboo. She had the ruthless reputation of taking innocent lives in order to capture her targets. She traveled tha galaxy in a custom-made cruiser which had been outfitted by Sienar Advanced Projects. She barely escaped from Ragoon-6, after Obi-Wan and Anakin managed to destroy her ship and leave her stranded. (JQ2)

Arch Canyon
this natural landmark is found in the deserts of Tatooine. The canyon is dominated by beautiful, natural stone arches that span its width. Jabba the Hutt's personal podracing course, located on the outskirts of Mos Espa, ran through Arch Canyon, on its way to Jag Crag Gorge. The canyon later served as a section of the noted Mos Espa Circuit, a swoop racing event held annually during the height of the New Order. (TPM, SWGAL)

Arch Grub
this large, burrowing insect was native to the planet Geonosis, and was considered a delicacy by the native Geonosians, who lightly grilled it to enhance its flavor. (IWE2)

Arch of Triumph
this landmark was erected on Coruscant by the Empire, shortly after Emperor Palpatine instituted the New Order. The Arch was erected in Palpatine's honor. Han Solo, during one of his Academy training exercises, obtained the fastest time for an assigned run when he flew through, rather than over, the Arch. (TPS)

Arch Pose
this was one of the many mediative stretching exercised practiced by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. With the hands and feet placed firmly on the ground, a Jedi then arched their body into a rounded shape, with the buttocks as high as they could go. (MBS)

Arch, The
this was one of the major skyways found within the city of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. It circled the Old Bronzan district of the city, and carried passengers from the Farain Skyway to other parts of the city. (GORW)

this was Coli Carinth's personal starship, a YT-1300 freighter that had been converted for use as a passenger transport. (GORW)

Archaic Lightsaber
this was the name used by Jedi scholars and historians to denote the first lightsabers ever developed. Unlike the elegant weapons of the Jedi Knights used during the last decades of the Old Republic, the archaic lightsaber was designed as a siege weapon. Using "frozen blaster" technology, these lightsabers required a separate power pack which was often worn on the back. Over the millennia, the Jedi Knights were able to miniaturized most of the components used in the construction of a lightsaber, most notably power sources, to create the simple weapon known to most beings of the modern era. (PJSB)

this planet was the site of legendary, mythical peaks of incredible height. (GCQ)

a scientist who investigates ancient civilizations who had developed space travel. (LCM)

this being was a member of the Vibroaxe Squadron of pirates. (IF)

the New Republic military doctor assigned to the Glorious. (BTS)

Archive System
this was the name of the network of infochants and data collation centers established by Breslin Drake, during his search for the Imperial agent known as the Wraith. (DARK)

this was the codename of the Ringali Shell's most successful infochant, active during the Galactic Civil War. ARCHIVE-H was supernaturally accurate, and commanded a high - although fair - price for his services. (FOP)

this was the name given to the highest political offices of the planet Vergill. (JE)

this modified frigate was part of an Imperial fleet which maintained the confinement of prisoners taken during the Battle of Hoth. (XWA)

Archregent Vardovin IV, Lost King of Duro
this was the name given to the mummy acquired by Goontirk, from a Rynn merchant. Goontirk had a feeling that the mummy was a fake, even though he obtained a certificate of authenticity in the deal, but knew that a mummy would be the perfect addition to the traveling freak show he maintained aboard the Madman's Fortune. However, the mummy contained more than a dozen skekfish eggs, which later hatched and destroyed the crew of the ship. Goontirk himself was consumed before the Madman's Fortune crashed into the planet Engebo V. (WOA10)

this was the term used to describe any large nexus of government activities, during the last years of the Old Republic. Within an Arcology were administrative offices as well as a dedicated HoloNet node. (HNN4, HNN5)

Arcon Multinode Agricorp
this Corellian-owned macro-farming and food processing company was one of the original Contributing Sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. Arcon has major holdings in the Outer Rim Territories, and buys over 30% of the crops grown by independent Outer Rim farmers. A diversified corporation working with the Corporate Sector Authority, Acron Multinode also produced a number of specially-bred grain hybrids for use on various worlds. (HSE, CSA)

the Arcona were a race of scaleless, bipedal serpents with an anvil-shaped head and marble-like eyes. Between their eyes is a small bulbous knob that is used as a heat sensor and supplement to their eyesight. Their skin resembles fibrous wood, and ranges in color from dark mahogany through gray to ebony. They are native to the planet Cona, and require ammonia supplements whenever they are off-planet. When irritated, their eyes exude a milky, tear-like fluid. Socially, Arcona arrange themselves into groups called Grand Nests. They are farmers by nature, tilling Cona's rich tropical environment. The absence of salt in their environment has caused them to become addicted to the substance on occasion. Such addicted Arcona are noticeable by their glowing yellow eyes, a result of a chemical interaction between the salt their optic nerves. This interaction also causes hallucinatory visions to play across the Arcona's eyes. However, increased levels of salt also break down the pancreatic ability to convert ammonia into a water-conserving enzyme, and is thus deadly to the Arcona. (GG4, SCRE, CCG, REC, SWDB)

Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation
this Cona-based mining operation was a secondary player on Bandomeer until Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi managed to expose Xanatos' part in the control of Offworld Mining. (RF, DR)

Arconan Harvest
see Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation (GORW)

Arconan Tunneler
this was a mining device developed by the Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation. (RF)

this was the native language of the Arcona. (ANT)

this mild poison caused exhaustion when ingested by most races. (GCG)

this planet was the sister world to Gambolla. (SWJ11)

Arcopola Baas Music Festival
this important musical event was held annually in Greccia, on the planet Arcopola. (SWJ11)

Arctan Meeso
this was a famous Iktotchi individual, distinguished in the histories of the moon of Iktotch. (UANT)

Arctic Environments Combat Range
this Imperial Army training center was located at the north pole of Sirpar. (SWJ2)

this was one of the most common surnames found among the human population of Corellia. (GMR9)

a nondescript planet. (SWJ4)

this Ubese bounty hunter was perhaps best-known for his singlehanded capture of the Exelis Hunters in the Strabin Sector. When his friend and sometime partner, Kiran Tatch, was expelled from Glorga the Hutt's employ, Arcuse decided to join him to work as freelance hunters. They worked like this for nearly twenty years before joining the Granse Confederacy. His reputation as a bounty hunter was heightened by the fact that Arcuse made very few enemies, and never left the employment of a crimelord on anything but good terms. (AIR)

the first planet in the Arda System. (CSWEA)

this small, neutral world was known for its industrial advances. The T-6 diodem was produced on Arda-2, which was the primary planet in the Arda System. During the Stenax Massacres, the entire population of Arda-2 was murdered, and the Stenaxes left much of the planet in ruins. (CSWEA, GMR1)

the third planet in the Arda System. (CSWEA)

this green-skinned humanoid was a native of the planet Solem, and was part of the rebel underground that sprang up during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. Yolan Bren was one of the few survivors of Imperial Governor Malvander's subjugation of Solem. Ardal accompanied Lol to the city of G'ai Solem, in an effort to free Yolan Brean, after Bren had surrendered himself to Boba Fett. Ardal was among those individuals who wanted to kill Malvander outright, but Yolan Bren decided to bring the Governor with them. That way, if he couldn't survive in the wilderness like the people he had subjugated, he could then be put to death. (SWES)

this native of the planet Brentaal served the Imperial Navy as a Lieutenant Commander aboard the Executor. He was in command of the bridge pit crews during the Battle of Hoth and the chase of the Millennium Falcon to Cloud City. As a junior officer, Ardan participated in the subjugation of several alien races, including the Ithorians and Wookiees, as well as the planets Firro and Sinton. (CCG4)

Ardana Mitt'Ayehe
this Twi'lek was the owner and leader of the Ayehe Dance Troop. (ML)

this mineral has the unique property of growing stronger in the presence of radiation. This makes it a perfect material for creating fuel canisters for starships, especially capital-scale ships, which require huge amounts of power. This mineral was found in large quantities on the planet Questal, and the Emperor raided the planet in an attempt to expand his fleet of Super-class Star Destroyers. Unfortunately, the supply ran out just after a group of Alliance agents overthrew Moff Bandor. (GCQ)

an Imperial Army Colonel assigned by Furgan to capture Anakin Solo on Anoth. He was a native of Chandrila, and grew up to serve in the Imperial Navy. Known as a fair leader, Ardax was respected for his ability to put his crew's well-being in front of his own. He was a veteran of command of several ships in the Caridan System before traveling to Anoth. (DA, COTF, JASB)

this was the name of the most popular alcoholic beverage produced by the Ardees Beverage Company, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Note that the adaptation of Star Wars: Epsiode II - Attack of the Clones, by Patricia Wrede, indicates that ardees is the beverage consumed by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Dexter Jettster, as opposed to jawa juice. (SWDB, AOTCA)

Ardees Beverage Company
this was one of the Old Republic's best-known producers of soft-drinks, during the last decades of the Republic. Shortly before the Clone Wars, Ardees paid grav-ball star Deme Tryshyn a reported 3.1 billion credits to serve as a spokesbeing for their drinks. (HNN4)

Ardele, Feylis
this young woman was a member of the Commenor militia before joining the Alliance. She worked with the militia in preparation for entrance to the Imperial Academy. She never attended, though, citing philosophical differences with Imperial doctrine. She impressed Admiral Ackbar, who referred her to Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron shortly after the discovery of the Eidolon. Her experience with TIE Fighters and her abilities with an X-Wing earned her a position in the Rogues. She soon found herself falling in love with fellow Rogue Avan Beruss, and they worked hard to keep their relationship a secret. (HXW, XWM)

this was one of the most common surnames found among the human population of Corellia. (GMR9)

Ardellian, Tormax
this Corellian pirate was a member of a raiding party that tried to smuggle in Alliance operatives and equipment to the planet Questal, some three years after the Battle of Yavin. His expedition was exposed, and the agents and crew were imprisoned. The Alliance operatives were killed in a public execution, and the pirates were permanently detained. Ardellian managed to escape the initial assault, and he wandered around Gralleenya city for several weeks, trying to figure out how to rescue his companions. (GCQ)

Arden once had a romantic relationship with princess Kalieva K'ntarr. Arden left the political and commericial intrigues of Rydonni Prime for the stars, and was supposed to take Kalieva with him. She once mistook Sienn Sconn for Arden, when Sconn tried to infiltrate Rythani Products and steal a weapon prototype. (SWJ9)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

this gas giant was the fourth planet in the Bakura System. It was orbited by seven moons. Note that The Truce at Bakura simply named this planet Planet 4. (TB, TBSB, GORW)

Arden Industries
this small, starship manufacturer produced a number of freighter designs, including the Model 47 light freighter. (POC)

Arden, Deredith
this Bakur Corporation employee held the rank of Captain, and was the commander of the first colony ship to reach the planet Bakura during the Old Republic. He served as the first leader of the Bakur Corporation, and eventually founded the city of Salis D'aar. He served as Prime Minister for eight years, building a social and economic base for the settlers to work from. He was unable to fully remove the political infighting that plagued the planetary government until it was nationalized by the Empire. (TB, TBSB)

Arden-Govia, Bix
this man was the son of parents from two of Bakura's most prominent families, but he hated the pampered life of his extended family. Bored and restless, he fled Bakura aboard a freighter bound for Gymelo during the early years of the New Order and made a name for himself as a scout and explorer of the Shiritoku Spur. He soon earned enough credits to purchase his own ship, the modified YT-2400 freighter known as the Silver Cratsch He eventually returned to Bakura, and returned to the life of luxury he was born into. However, despite becoming the owner of a successful namana plantation, he continued to investigate the planets along the Spur, and regularly told his friends and acquaintences about the strange, bulbous ships that lurked along the hyperspace route. Although many simply nodded and accepted the stories as fabrications, Arden-Govia was somewhat villified when the Ssi-ruuk began their invasion of Bakura. He set out to work behind the scenes, disrupting the operations of the Ssi-ruuvi whenever possible. (GORW)

Arden-Govia, Salia
this young woman, the niece of Bix Arden-Govia, followed in her uncle's rebellious footsteps. However, she lacked Bix's panache. She was expelled from the Gesco Preparatory school at the age of sixteen for poor grades, but found her called when she joined the military and became a starfighter pilot. She flew a Y-Wing in the Bakuran Defense Fleet during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, although she actually saw minimal action. (GORW)

an Alliance Mon Calamari MC80a cruiser operative during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Ardent IV
this Old Republic cruiser was one of many ships that participated in the Star Hyperspace Conflict. The Ardent IV was a police force vessel, and among its crew was then-Lieutenant Jan Dodonna. (NEGC)

this Imperial Navy Captain rose through the ranks in the decade following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. He served as Admiral Pellaeon's second-in-command aboard the Chimaera during the initial phases of testing of the new cloaking device. Although Ardiff disagreed with Pellaeon's choice to surrender to the New Republic, his sense of duty and honor to his commanding officer made him hold his tongue. However, this did not stop him from voicing his opinion when he felt it necessary, a trait Pellaeon came to appreciate and promote. (SOP, VOF)

an Alliance modified CR90 corvette that was destroyed while trying to disable the Harpax so that Admiral Harkov and the Protector fleet could escape and defect. (TIE)

this Thyferran was a captain in the Thyferran Home Defense Corps. He initially served under Erisi Dlarit, but was chosen to lead the squadrons that accompanied the Corrupter to Alderaan to intercept Rogue Squadron. When the Rogues disabled the Corrupter and chased off the Aggregator, Ardle surrendered his TIE Fighters to Wedge Antilles. (BW)

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