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this was one of the thirty-seven ancient families who lived in the city of Maslovar, on the planet Desevro. The family estate was located in the Swamplands, on an island just off the coast of Gorovond. (GORW)

Ap-Ianghe, Holchas
this man was a native of the planet Desevro, and was a minor member of the Thirty-Seven Families during the height of the New Order. While outwardly he was a socialite like others among the thirty-seven families, Holchas was secretly a master assassin who was skilled in the use of poisons. Not one to brag, Holchas had killed dozens of beings, both human and alien, and lived for the thrill of the hunt. (GORW)

this was one of the many Kubaz clans that were native to Kubindi. (MJH)

Apilid Worm
this species of bloated, white-fleshed worm was discovered living at the bottom of some of the deepest mines dug into the planet Vasha, during the early years of the New Republic. The mouth of an apilid worm was crowned by sharp mandibles, which it used to dig through rock and ores, crushing pieces small enough that they could be digested. The average apilid worm measured about a meter in length, but they swarmed in huge colonies that resembled writhing knots of corpse-flesh. Once the apilid worms were exposed, they attacked the nearest heat source, and their jaws were capable to tearing flesh from the bones of Vashan or Ayrou alike. (GMR9)

Apla, Chik
this Imperial officer was part of the team which was stranded on Dolis 3 in the wake of the peace accord signed between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic. Chik joined Moff Derran Takkar in his plan to disrupt the wedding of Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker, as a way to strike back against the New Republic. Chik was known for his skills with hand-to-hand combat, especially with knives. While on Coruscant, it was also revealed that Chik had been having a somewhat platonic affair with the Moff's wife, Anlys. He was captured by Mara during his attempt to steal her wedding dress. Anlys had given Chik the address of Jari'kyn's studio, and Chik dressed in his finest Imperial armor to attack the Twi'lek. He was unprepared for Mara's presence, and she caused him several serious injuries before remanding him to the custody of the police. (U)

this Alliance safeworld was scouted by Lieutenant Deeve during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. (AIR)

this alien race has a species-wide yearning to travel to exotic places and meet new people. (RM)

this was a large-bore gun designed to fire a conner net at a target ship. (GFT)

this was one of the Imperial dungeons ships used by Grand Admiral Danetta Pitta to collect entire alien civilizations for use as slaves. The Apocack, along with the Angrix and the Azgoghk terrorized the Outer Rim for many years, until Pitta's death at the Battle of Tralus. (SWI66)

a hardwood tree that was once native to the planet Bethal. An infestation of greddleback termites decimated the population of apocia, but an aggressive replanting effort was undertaken to bring the apocia back into production. (SWJ4, SWJ11)

Appazanna Engineering Works
this Wookiee manufacturing and development guild produced the Oevvaor jet catamaran and other unique vehicles, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (X3)

Appeasement Vote
this challenge to the leadership of the New Republic was championed by Senator Viqi Shesh, and supported by those Senators who had no love for the Jedi Knights. The Appeasement Vote, if it had passed, would have required the New Republic to turn over the Jedi Knights to the Yuuzhan Vong, thereby meeting the alien invaders' demands and halting any further invasion of the galaxy. Popular support for the vote came from the Core Worlds, where substantial amounts of credits would be lost if the Yuuzhan Vong attacked and destroyed major commerce centers. Ultimately, the Appeasement Vote failed, especially after Senator Shesh's dealings with the Yuuzhan Vong were exposed. (REC, SBS)

this was the nickname used by one of the many clone trooper commanders who were utilized during the final stages of the Clone Wars. Appo was assigned to guarding the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, until Darth Sidious revealed his true nature and began to take control of the galaxy. Upon hearing the signal to execute Order 66, Commander Appo accompanied Anakin Skywalker on a killing spree inside the Temple. Appo - otherwise known as Commander 1119 - pursued Padawan Zett Jukassa to the doors of the Temple, but was cut down by the youngster's lightsaber just before his troops were able to kill the boy. (OWS, IS3)

Appreciated Reminiscences
this was the Basic translation of the title of a popular Bith song, which became the theme song for Epoh Trebor during his tours to visit the troops of the Grand Army of the Republic, at the height of the Clone Wars. (MJH)

Apprentice Legislature
this was the branch of the Naboo government which encouraged young children to take an active role in politics. Modeled after the full government, the Apprentice Legislature allowed children to decide for themselves the position and policies of government. The most gifted of these children became full Legislators, and many of these went on to fill positions in the Naboo government. (SWDB)

Apprentice Tournament
this was one of the few chances that students at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant had to actually practice their fighting techniques in real combat. The tournament was held on a regular basis, especially during the early stages of the Clone Wars, as a way to give students more experience in fighting before they were dispatched to farflung planets to combat the Separatists. It was open to those students who were at least ten standard years of age who had either been exposed to combat as a Padawan or were physically stronger than their peers. It was also open to students who were not yet Padawans, since these students had the most time to prepare. The tournament was basically a test of the combatants' lightsaber skills, but they were allowed to use any advantage provided by their surroundings. Hand-to-hand fighting and the use of the Force were allowed, since they were available to a fighter in the real world. The only things that were off-limits were injuries or threatening positions to spectators. Each match was decided by one of two events: three touches with a lightsaber, or one combatant yielding to the other. Often the initial rounds were held in controlled environments, while later rounds provided students with more realistic fighting circumstances. (YDR)

Approach Vector
the flight path which is generated by a ship's navicomputer to place the ship on target to intercept a space station or another ship. (ESBR)

this was the original name of the planet New Apsolon, before the natives elected a planetary leader and threw off the totalitarian government of the Civilized Authority. (TTB)

Apted Squelsh
this female Mon Calamari served as a Major in the Grand Army of the Republic, serving under Admiral Arikakon Baraka during the height of the Clone Wars. She was known as a straight-forward officer, lacking any visible emotion and displaying an unusual detachment from her troops. (TCD)

this was one of the thirty-seven ancient families who lived in the city of Maslovar, on the planet Desevro. The family estate was located in the Swamplands, on an island on the East Wash. (GORW)

this was one of the thirty-seven ancient families who lived in the city of Maslovar, on the planet Desevro. The family estate was located in the Swamplands, on an island on the East Wash. (GORW)

Ap-xmai keepuna!
see Ap-xmasi keepuna! (RCHC)

Ap-xmasi keepuna!
this Huttese phrase literally meant "Don't shoot me!" Note that an X in the Huttese language sounds like a wet smacking of the lips. (GMR5)

this SoroSuub submersi-speeder measured 7.4 meters in length, and could be piloted by a single individual. The AQ-1 could accommodate up to ten passengers and 150 kilograms of cargo, and was unarmed. The AQ-1 was capable of transporting beings either on land or in the water. (GORW)

AQ21 Aqua-Harvester
this enormous, repulsor-equipped platform was produced by SoroSuub for use by corporations which were engaged in the aquaculture of fish and oceanic plants. Measuring 110 meters in length, the AQ21 required a crew of 14 to operate, and could accommodate up to 150 workers. Armed with four defensive blasters, the AQ21 was a self-sufficient vessel that could repel most pirate attacks. (GMR8)

AQ-5 Waveskimmer
developed by Hydrospeare Corporation, this attack hydrofoil was also known as a wave walker. It measured 14 meters in length, and was manned by a crew of three with a pair of gunners. It could also transport up to 28 troops and a metric ton of cargo. It was armed with a pair of medium blaster cannons and a pair of light blaster cannons. (AIR)

this Sunesi Jedi Master set out to locate the Shard individual known as Ilum, several years before the onset of the Clone Wars. Originally trained by Jaled Dur, Aqinos had been one of a handful of Jedi Masters who had advocated the investigation of Force-sensitive droids and machines, a pathway that many on the Jedi Council had not advocated. He refused to buy into the argument that droids and technology were the same, stating that those hypocritical beings who subscribed to it were only proving that droids were sentient by differentiating them from other forms of technology. Aqinos believed that there was merit in the melding of technology and The Force, and set out on his own to investigate. Once he learned about and located Ilum, Master Aqinos agreed to train Ilum and her twelve offspring in the ways of the Jedi. When the Clone Wars erupted across the galaxy, Aqinos and Ilum decided to join the Jedi Knights in their struggles against the Separatists. The sudden appearance of Force-sensitive Juggernaut droids was unnerving, and although the new warriors - dubbed the Iron Knights - helped win many battles, the fact that Aqinos had set out without prior approval meant that his work with Ilum was abandoned. Aqinos himself was excommunicated from the Jedi Order, along with the rest of the so-called Iron Knights, and he returned to Dweem. Ilum returned to Dweem with her Master, but she was killed during the Jedi Purge. Aqinos himself lived for many years, until he was killed during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (OWS)

this immense, predatory creature was native to the deeper swamps and rivers of the planet Kubindi. Although dangerous to any creature that happened to invade its territory, the aquabeast generally preferred to feed on the many species of fliis that lived in the swamps. (MIS6)

Aquadon CAVa 400
this modified Nen-Carvon CAVw PX-10 was produced by the Hydrospeare Corporation. The 5.1-meter-long craft was redesigned to work in aquatic environments, with the addition of stern thrusters and lateral thrusters to give it mobility without requiring the craft to maintain contact with the ground. It was armed with a turret-mounted medium blaster cannon, and its cockpit was designed to provide continual "heads-up" viewing by using gyroscopic stabilizers similar to those on the B-Wing starfighter. If the ship is heavily damaged, the gyro-locks release the pilot's cabin and allow it to avoid further damage. (AIR)

a faction of the Aqualish race on Ando, the Aquala live on floating raft cities and sailing ships. The Aquala are called the finned aqualish, since they retain their fins instead of fingers. They are considered to be of a lower social caste than the Quara Aqualish, even though they make up about ninety percent of the Aqualish population. They blamed the Quara for the steady decline in the harvests of fish from the seas, and ignited a racial war that lasted several generations. The war was ended when an exploration vessel of unknown origins landed on Ando, and the two sides stopped fighting each other and destroyed their visitors. The two groups then reverse-engineered the ship and discovered how to fly it and then build their own ships, although the process was painstakingly slow for the non-technical Aqualish. The uneasy truce was soon broken, and the two groups took their battle to Ando's sister planet, utterly destroying it. (GG4)

Aqualis Baralou Algae Processing Plant #T-18
see Aqualis Base. (PG1)

Aqualis Base
this was a food processing station which floated on the seas of the planet Baralou. Its official name was the Aqualis Baralou Algae Processing Plant #T-18, and it was publicly owned by the Aqualis Food Conglomerate. This was all a front, however, as Aqualis Base actually supplied foodstuffs to the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. (PG1)

Aqualis Food Conglomerate
this large corporation was founded to generate foodstuffs from the life in the seas of the planet Baralou. In reality, this corporation was a front to hide the fact that the Alliance was actually operating the food processing facilities on Baralou. (PG1)

a walrus-faced race of bipeds from the planet Ando, the Aqualish were a belligerent species with three distinct races. There were also three castes of Aqualish society, based on which race an individual was part of. The higher caste had hands which are articulated webs with opposable thumbs, and was known as the Quara. The lower caste had clawed hands, rather than the webbed ones, and was known as the Aquala. The smallest and least known of the three races was the Ualaq. The distinction between levels was very great; webbed Aqualish hold governmental and commercial positions, while the clawed Aqualish are usually left to become bounty hunters and smugglers. They are a belligerent yet technically-advanced race. The Aquala live in vast sailing ships, while the Quara live on the planet's small islands. They have a long history of civil war, and have destroyed Ando's sister planet because of it. The war was initiated by the Aquala, who blamed the Quara for the declining harvests of fish. The war lasted until an exploration ship landed on Ando. The two groups banded together and killed the ship's crew. Eventually, the non-technical Aqualish discovered how to fly the ship, and even learned how to build their own. The old grudges soon re-surfaced, though, and the two factions took their battle to Ando's sister planet. When the Empire arrived, the war-loving Aqualish tried to overthrow them. The sheer might of the Empire battered the Aqualish into submission, but it instilled a deep hatred in the Aqualish culture. (SW, GG4, TLC, TME, PH)

this was the native language of the Aqualish race. Although each of the three subspecies of Aqualish had their own dialect, they couold understand each other without trouble. (ANT, UANT)

Aqualish-Corellian War
this series of battles took place many centuries before the Battle of Yavin. (AE)

this race of near-humans evolved on the planet Velusia. Descended from the original human explorers who found the planet millennia before the Battle of Yavin, the Aquar evolved to become more adapted to their aquatic environment. The skin of an Aquar was made up of millions of tiny scales, with colorations ranging from blue to green. The fingers and toes of an Aquar were webbed, and the hair of an Aquar was usually green. The nose of an Aquar was flattened, and instead of two nostrils there were three horizontal slits. An Aquar could breathe underwater just as well as on land, giving them the ability to exist in either realm. (CCW)

an ocean world which sided with the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. Surveys have shown that it has no land masses above the surface of its oceans. Further scouting of the planet revealed that it was the homeworld of the Chuhkyvi race of Iskalonians. (CSW, EGA)

Aquaris Freeholders
a group of mercenaries commanded by Silver Fyre, the Freeholders eventually joined forces with the Alliance. They fought for freedom against Imperial control on Aquaris. (CSW)

Aquarium Room
this was one of the many wondrous locations found within the walls of the Pearl Island Casino, located on the planet Pavo Prime, during the early years of the New Republic. It provided a series of educational shows about the ocean life found on the planet, in addition to its dazzling displays of fish and invertebrates. (SWI67)

a domed, bubble-shaped city that is found on the planet Calamari, Aquarius was designed to allow air- and water-breathing races to co-exist together. It has a number of water-filled canals in which underwater dwellings are built. Large markets and apartments are built above the canals for air-breathers. (GDV)

an underwater transportation device used on Aquaris. (CSW)

a small, repulsorlift craft used to traverse the oceans of Ando and other water-based planets. (TME)

Aquatic Assault Trooper
see Seatrooper (ISB, SWDB)

Aquatic Computer
this was a specially-designed computer, created by the Mon Calamari people for use in oceanic and aquatic environments. It employed rare elements and minerals, which interacted with the salt water of the ocean to store and manipulate information. A display screen was included, which used self-generated electrical impulses to stimulate organic microorganisms in order to produce an image. The Mon Calamari also used specialized crystals as external data storage devices. (GFT)

Aquatic Ecosystems, Incorporated
this business evolved on the planet Neona, to take advantage of the abundance of edible fish species which inhabited the planet's oceans. They were bolstered by a partnership with Hanson Mining Consolidated, and developed floating fish farms to maintain their stocks. (LOE)

Aquatic Gundark
one of many creatures given the name of gundark to indicate its bad temper, the aquatic gundark of Yavin 4 was unrelated to the standard gundark. The aquatic gundark was a green-skinned predator that hunted in the shallow streams and rivers of the jungle moon, moving about on two huge flippers which were designed to quickly propel the aquatic gundark through the water at high speeds. (WSW)

Aquatic Inegrated Systems
based on the Elkit Peninsula of the planet Kothlis, this small coroporation produced a variety of aquacultured fish and plants. Owned by a group of Herglics, AIS was the primary producer of salar on Kothlis. (SPG)

this was the name given to an entire line of swimsuits that were created for females of various races by AthleticGal, during the final years of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

this planet supports human life. The natives dye and tattoo their skin with elaborate patterns during certain rituals. (JASB)

this planet was settled by Duros explorers during the early centuries of the Old Republic. (GMR2, MC7)

this is a beautiful, water-covered world. (RAC)

Aquilaris Classic
this was the name given to the largest of the pro-circuit podraces which wound through the floating cities of the planet Aquilaris, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (RAC)

Aquilie Water
this was a bottled spring water favored by the Empire during the height of the New Order. (T4)

this was a mild poison created by Amira Nasrabi, from natural materials collected from the sea life of Vaynai's shallow oceans. It produced a deep lethargy in those beings who ingested it. (GMR8)

AQX-series Exploration Droid
this form of aquatic exploration droid was developed to search a planet's oceans for ores, minerals, or specific locations. (CCW)

this Greff-Timms blaster rifle was produced for the Antarian Rangers during the Old Republic. It was noted for its high-powered output as well as its long range. (HG)

this was a model of BlasTech stun cuffs manufactured during the early years of the New Republic. (JASB)

AR-25 Bubbleship
this mid-sized transport craft was developed by the Daedalus Gas Mines corporation, and was designed to be used in gas-mining operations. The cargo hold of the AR-25 was made from thick transparisteel, which allowed workers to see the gases which were being mined and advise the command crew on where to harvest gases. (LFC)

technically a fifth-degree utility droid, this automaton was developed and produced by Karflo Corporation to to perform menial labor. It had a rudimentary vocabulator, and could speak about 300 works of Basic. It was equipped with a C3-DD NeuroNet brain, which gave it only enough intelligence to perform the tasks it was given. (GSE)

this scan of the planet Bimmiel was performed by Doctor Anki Pace and a group of students from the University of Agamar. It revealed the presence of a Yuuzhan Vong warrior's skeleton and remains, which had been on the planet some forty or fifty years. The warrior had been killed by a slashrat, but the body was mummified after being dragged into a cave. (DTO)

this was the model number of a cargo winch produced by Utilitech, for use on a droid. (FTD)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

this was one of the many Bothan clans. Affiliation with the clan was indicated by the suffix 'ra added to an individual's family name. (GCG, WOTC)

a planet in the Hapan system. The humans native to the planet are fond of building and solving thought puzzles. (CPL)

Arabella, Varin
this noble Lady of Tapani Sector was the leader of House Barnaba during the height of the New Order. She became the head of Barnaba at the age of seventeen, after her parents died of a mysterious illness. She was known to be a headstrong leader with natural diplomatic skills, but she often clashed with her inner council of advisors. (PGT)

Arabi Holiday House
this was one of the smaller casinos found in the Westrex district of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. Like the other casinos in Efavan, the Arabi Holiday House was located along the Casino Line. (GORW)

a sea-going creature native to the planet Toola, they are hunted by the Whiphids during rites of passage. The arabore is a fish-eating rodent nearly three meters in length, and with flat tusks studding its short snout. Their bodies, while thickly layered with fat, are streamlined for swimming. A young male Whiphid must kill an arabore with his bare hands to prove himself a mighty hunter, while a new Spearmaster must kill one to prove himself worthy. (GG4, SWJ10)

a Dimok escort shuttle assigned to guard the shuttle Keydon during its rendezvous with the Ripoblus shuttle Phantele. (TIE)

this man served as a medic aboard the FarStar, during the hunt for Moff Kentor Sarne. Arac held the rank of Lieutenant in the New Republic military. (E)

this swamp-covered planet was the site of the Alliance's DVL-181 outpost, during the Galactic Civil War. (HAS)

Aracara Testing Facility
located on the remote world of Aracara, this weapons laboratory was abandoned when the testing proved unprofitable. The Alliance took control of the facility and used it as outpost DVL-181. (HAS)

Arachnia EMRG-50 Rail Gun
this weapon has an incredible range, able to hit targets at point-black distances and up to 4,000 meters away. It has a strong recoil, which required a strong individual to shoot it. (TSK)

an insect-like race, the sentient Arachnoids resemble huge spider-like ants. Six legs propel them along, with the upper pair serving as arms. A large, bulbous end section is supported by the four rear legs, and their heads have sharp beaks. (TSK)

a spider-like creature found on the planet Arzid, it spins a sticky web to capture its prey. (PDS)

this planet is the third world in the Lianna System. A mildly poisonous atmosphere covers the planet, and it is orbited by three moons. (ML)

Aradian Pulse-lifter
this atmospheric drive system is an alternative to repulsorlifts. The technology is new, and causes large disturbances in the surrounding area when activated. (BTS)

this male S'kytri was the Lord of the Highlands, on his homeworld of Skye, during the height of the New Order. He was also the Patriarch of the S'kytri people, and pledged his support to Kharys after Darth Vader and the Empire took control of the planet. However, he retained a measure of faith in the prophesy that a being would come to Skye to free the S'kytri. After hearing Luke Skywalker's testimony during this trial for trespassing on Skye, Aragh and the council of the Highlands were convinced that Luke was the being they had waited for. Luke and Leia Organa were freed, and Aragh pledged the support of his warriors in the effort to overthrow Kharys. (LTA1, MCA1)

this ancient Melodie lives beneath the surface of the waters on Yavin 8. At one time, he could read the ancient Massassi writings that litter the moons of Yavin, but the ability has faded over the years from lack of use. He learned the Massassi words as part of the training he received from his mother, Esla. Esla was her generation's keeper of legends, as was Aragon. When Anakin Solo and Tahiri ask him to help them decipher the riddle of the Golden Globe, Aragon cannot help them with the ancient writings, but he does give them the entire message contained within them. Anakin and Tahiri then translated the message into its component letters, allowing them to read more of the ancient writings. (LW)

Arah Asteroid Belt
this asteroid belt was the site of an Imperial mining operation geared toward the procurement of derillium and oridium for the V38 development project. (RA2)

Arak Omis
this imposing Aramandi served as the Taal of the Aramand Cluster at the height of the New Order. A pushy and argumentive being, Arak Omis was a member of the Cirra akia who was nonetheless well-known and respected for his ability to fairly solve any dispute. He despised the Lant Mining Corporation, and flatly refused to grant LMC any form of mining rights to the planets in the Aramand Cluster. When the Empire first started to take control of Brak Sector, Arak Omis found himself humbled before its military might, and he worked to appease the Emprie whenever and wherever possible while keeping the Aramand Cluster in the control of the Aramandi. (FBS)

an Imperial scientist, Arakkus led an Imperial weapons development lab until he was contaminated by experimental radiation released during an Alliance attack on the lab. The radiation was released when an Alliance attack on the installation destroyed much of the lab. Arakkus retired from Imperial service, feeling sorry for himself and angry at the galaxy. He hid near a dwarf star, but could not reconcile his suffering. Thus, he began sending out false distress signals, luring ships to him. He lured them so close to the dwarf star that they were unable to escape its gravity. dooming the ships' crews just as Arakkus was doomed. Known as the Graveyard of Lost Ships, this collection of doomed ships eventually orbited the star in five interconnected rings. Arakkus refused to try and live out a full life. When his distress call lured the Millennium Falcon to the Graveyard, Arakkus was beseeched by Han Solo and Luke Skywalker to leave the place. He refused, claiming that he had rigged the Graveyard with negatron to explode if someone tried to remove him from it. Han realized that such an explosion would free the Falcon, but Arakkus fled into the depths of the station, rather than go back to the outside world. Han and Luke detonated the negatron, destroying the Graveyard and killing Arakkus. (CSW)

Arakyd Aerodynes, Incorporated
this division of Arakyd Industries developed and manufactured personal-use vehicles and conveyances. (GFT)

Arakyd Industries
a major manufacturer of droids, heavy weapons, and starships, Arakyd was founded some 9,000 years before the Galactic Civil War by Veltzz Arakyd on the planet Vulpter. Much of Arakyd's corporate history was filled with violence, most of it based on Veltzz Arakyd's business goal of eliminating all his competitors, by whatever means necessary. Arakyd flaunted the regulations of the Old Republic, routinely creating combat automata and their weaponry. Arakyd was known to bully its way into negotiations and force other bidders out of the deal through thinly-veiled threats of violence and bodily harm. During the build-up to the Clone Wars, Arakyd executed the hostile takeover of Viper Sensor Intelligence Systems, essentially stealing the plans for what would become the Viper probe droid. Although Arakyd allied itself with the Techno Union during the Clone Wars, its leadership made sure that they stayed off the battlefield, thereby continuing to do business with the Old Republic. Arakyd made a name for itself during the New Order by securing several high-profile deals with the Empire. The Viper Probe Droid was one of their greatest achievements, as it marked one of the most successful attempts to use artificial intelligence in a military application. After the Battle of Endor, Arakyd continued to remain loyal to the Imperial remnants, and produced the XR-85 Tank Droid for use when the Empire battled the New Republic for control of Coruscant. However, as the Empire dwindled and eventually became the Imperial Remnant, Arakyd altered its stance and began to sell its products without regards to political backgrounds. (SCRE, ESB, DFR, JS, EGV, WOTC, NEGW)

this Alliance warship was part of the small fleet known as the Pegasus Strike Force. (SWJ2)

Arali Dil
this young Twi'lek woman was a student at Garqi Ag University, and was member of the resistance there. She was a contemporary of Dynba Tesc, and was part of the crew that helped liberate the Star's Delight. (TFE, SWJ7)

a small, tropical planet located in the Andron System, Aralia was the adopted homeworld of the Ranat species. When the Ranat population of Rydar II was eradicated, in an effort to destroy the rodents, three Ranats managed to escape by stowing away on a starship, and ended up on Aralia. Once on the planet, the Ranats multiplied rapidly. It was also the location of the amusement park Project Aralia. (GG4)

a pungent weed found on the planet Alderaan which blooms with a purple, trumpet-shaped flower. Legend has is that, if a new bride finds one in her yard, she will soon have a child. When the petals are dried, they curl around their seeds; these dried petals have been used as baby rattles. (CPL)

this high-gravity, tropical planet was the homeworld of the Aramandi race. It was located in the Aramand Cluster of Brak Sector. It was orbited by a single moon. (SSR, AE, FBS)

Nil Spaar's embassy ship, it was a huge, spherical craft that was always escorted by three smaller craft. One of the first Aramadia-class thrustships, it employed an Aradian pulse-lifter propulsion system for atmospheric travel. Nil Spaar took the ship to Coruscant when he went there to draw the New Republic's attention away from the Koornacht Cluster. Note that Coruscant and the Core Worlds indicates that the Aramadia was a Super-class Star Destroyer, preserved in the city of Hariz as an inspiration to future generations of Yevetha. (BTS, CCW)

Aramadia-class Thrustship
this Yevethan warship design is a sphere-shaped craft equipped with Aradian pulse-lifters for propulsion. They are also called T-types. There were two basic models of thrustship: an unarmed troop transport and a fully-armed warship. The warship was graded at medium-cruiser-class weaponry, armed with eight main laser cannon batteries spaced around the ship to defend any angle of attack. Up to four batteries could be linked together, to concentrate fire on a single target. They were also armed with several concussion missile launchers. What made the Aramadia-class so strong in battle was the fact that their spherical shape made it easy to shield. The smooth, rounded surface allowed maximum shielding capability with minimal power input, unlike a boxy starship which required multiple generators. The T-type thrustship measured 240 meters in diameter, and required a crew of 6,810 Yevethans along with 49 gunners. It could transport up to 1,600 troops and 10,000 metric tons of cargo. Each was armed with 8 turbolaser batteries, 3 proton torpedo launchers, 4 gravity bomb launchers, 4 missile launcher batteries, and 6 ion cannons. (SOL, TT, CTD)

this was the central star in the Aramand System. (AE)

Aramand Cluster
this collection of star systems was located within Brak Sector, and was controlled by the Aramandi race. The systems of Aramand, Orma, Cirra, Mila,and Lota were all contained within the Cluster, and were situated within seven light-years of each other. The Aramandi kept to themselves, and the borders of the Cluster were jealously guarded against intrusion by the rest of Brak Sector. (AE, FBS)

Aramand System Cruiser III
this was the primary patrol cruiser built by the Aramandi during the height of the New Order. At 140 meters in length, the ship required a crew of fifteen Aramandi and four gunners, and could transport up to ten troopers and 250 metric tons of cargo. The Cruiser III was armed with four turret-mounted laser cannons, and the the standardship used by the Taler navy. (FBS)

this was a race of four-armed, four-eyed humanoids from the planet Aram. Because of living for generations in Aram's heavy gravity, their bodies were short and stout. Their skin coloration ranged from light red to light brown, and their eyes were solid black. As a people, the Aramandi were governed by the religious beliefs of the Eeronon, and divided themselves into four distinct castes or akia: the Orma, Cirra, Mila, and Lota. The Aramandi jealously controlled the Aramand Cluster, within Brak Sector, mainly because it was the the area of their birth. As the Lant Mining Corporation exhausted its worlds, they beganmaking overtures to the Aramandi, hoing to gain access to the Cluster. With the advent of the New Order, the Aramandi were also courted by the Empire, and given elaborate concessions to allow a simple garrison to be erected on Aram. In return, the Aramandi were basicaly left alone. (SSR, AE, FBS)

this was the most up-scale, expensive restaurant found in Drepplin city, on the planet Glova. Owned by Tegist Byrg, the planetary Governor, Aramand's catered to some of the planet's richest, and most corrupt, political officials. (POC)

Aramatha, Tor
this noted pacifist was also an influential member of Alderaan's government, during the height of the New Order. It was Aramatha who discovered that Lorac Nonnaihr was smuggling guns through the Spacer Quarter of Aldera. (CCW)

this Gotal served as a Lieutenant in the engineering corps of the Galactic Alliance's military, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Lieutenant Aramb served aboard the Admiral Ackbar about a year after the Qoribu Crisis, but was rendered unconscious when a swarm of Gorog assassin bugs infiltrated the ship. (DN2)

this planet was the site of an annual podrace that was run on Boonta Eve, to coincide with the races on Tatooine and Ko Vari, which were established in honor of Boonta the Hutt. (DM111)

Arantha Communications
this corporation produced a variety of civilian-use communication scanners during the New Order. (GFT)

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