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Arkudan Gaming Cubes
these ancient dice were rumored to give their user good luck. (KB)

this alien was a member of the Alliance, and was a native of a planet bathed with ultraviolet light. Arkvis was a member of the staff at Oracle Base, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (FBS)

this New Republic Navy officer served as the task force coordinator under Etahn A'baht, as part of the Fifth Battle Group. Arky helped plan the initial blockade of the planet Doornik-319, also known as Morning's Bell. (SOL)

Arky's Emporium of Forgotten Treasures
this antique dealership was owned and operated by Seb Arkos in the city of Xakrea, on the planet Darkknell. It was located at 24335 East Ryloth Street. (TFNR)

this Imperial Navy Colonel served aboard the Lusankya, under the command of Joak Drysso. Arl was in command of the ship's starfighter squadrons. (BW)

this was the name of a pleasure yacht that was operative during the last years of the Old Republic. Shortly after acquiring the Millennium Falcon, Lando Calrissian rented the ship's former navigation droid to help him pilot the ship. The droid was rented by Lando in the Oseon System in order to get him to the Rafa System, some years before the Battle of Yavin. (LCM)

Arleil Schous
this aging male Defel served as one of the Alliance's primary contacts on Tatooine. He was well-regarded as a leader in Mos Eisley's alien community. His advancing age had dimished his ability to warp light, so he was unable to hide in the shadows like younger Defel. (CCG6)

this was one of the many months observed during the year on the planet Velmor. (WOTC)

this ancient Coynite warrior was the son of Toral, and took his father's beliefs in the En'Tra'Sol to heart. He channeled the natural agression of the Coynites into a rigid code of conduct by slightly revising the laws and uniting the Coynites under a single leader. He also established the first Coynite mercenary units. (PG3)

this immense, reptilian predator was native to the planet Nubia. Resembling an elongated, armored bull, the armadid was a vicious beast whose tail ended in a huge claw. Its toothy maw was protected by a pair of long, curving tusks, and each of its four legs ended in a huge, three-talon foot. (WOTC, CCW)

this was an immense, humanoid race. Each Armalat hand had just three fingers. (APS)

Armament Rating
this was the scale on which the offensive nature of a starship can be measured. The basic scale is: 0 = no weaponry, 1 = light defensive weapons only, 2 = light defensive and offensive capabilities, 3 = medium defensive and offensive capabilities, 4 = heavy defensive and offensive capabilities (SS)

Armand, Lazarus
this New Republic agent was the second in command of Sector Intelligence in the Kalinda System. He was instrumental in hiring smugglers to assist in Project Second Chance. (TSK)

a planet. (MDCAR)

Armatin the Dread
this retired smuggler owned the slava bar in Esau's Ridge, on Tholatin, during the Black Fleet Crisis. (TT)

this man was supposedly the son of Sleightan, who made his fortune as an independent spacer. Sleightan claimed that Armbrus was unjustly imprisoned by an overzealous Imperial customs officer, who said that the only thing Sleightan could have from Armbrus' ship was the protocol droid L7-BO. (SWJ11)

manufacturers of shipboard ion and laser weapons. (SCRE)

Armond, Aleq
this man was a research scientist who taught at the Corulag Academy. He worked directly with Sienar Fleet Systems to develop advanced ion drive systems for TIE Fighters. (SWJ7)

an Imperial shuttle used during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Armored Caterpillar
this Alderaanian insect was the larval stage of a furry, large-winged moth. The armored caterpillar burrows underground and remains hidden there for up to twelve years in a thick cocoon. These insects were the primary food source for many of Alderaan's bird species. (ISU)

Armored Defense Platform
any of the heavily-armed, orbital stations used to protect a planet or system from invasion. (HTTE)

Armored Eel
a large, segmented terrestrial slug native to the moon Yavin 4, the armored eel was a wide, flat head dominated by high eye-ridges. (ISU)

Armored Heartbreak
a song written and played by the band Red Shift Limit. It has first released as part of the compilation Limited Warfare, and has been banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

Armored Rat
a large, hard-plated rodent native to the underground levels of Coruscant. (DMSH)

Armored Vrblther
this was one of the few subspecies of vrblthers which remained native to the planet Varl. This species evolved a thick, armored skin over the generations, as a result of remaining on the planet's surface and eking out an existence in the radiation-blasted ecosystem. These hunch-backed bipeds were essentially reptilian in nature, resembling the base-stock vrblthers which were transported to Nar Shaddaa and Nal Hutta. However, the claws of the armored vrblther were extremely sharp, and their tails were studded with sharp spikes. One unusual aspect of this creature was the fact that the armored scales we thick enough that radioactive materials sometimes became lodged in between them, making them mobile sources of radiation. Armored vrblthers survived by attacking and eating anything in their paths, although they usually fed on the Nikto and Twi'lek nomads which lived on Varl's surface. (WOTC)

Armorers' Confederacy
this band og outlaw armorers and weapons technicians was originally based on the planet Xal 3, but was run off the planet and forced to seek refuge in the Krasho Salt Rifts on the planet Sarafur during the last years of the Old Republic. The Confederacy was known for its skills in repairing almost any form of combat armor, and their custom designs were considered among the best in the Outer Rim. (GMR9)

this tough, durable material was developed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the early stages of the Clone Wars, as a form of light-weight bracing for their battle droids. (LEV)

this matte-black armor plating was used by many pirate groups during the last decades of the Old Republic. (COD)

developed during the last decades of the Old Republic, armorweave fabric was used in the creation of cloaks and jackets. These seemingly simply garments were capable of dissipating blaster bolts, and could even repel small amounts of lightsaber energy. (VD2)

Armory Droid
another term for a gladiator droid or other military training automaton. (E1A1)

Arms Emporium
this business was owned by Masse Goskey during the height of the New Order. It was located in the city of Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine. It was situated on Paradise Road, just off Spacers Row. (IWST)

Arms Load-Out Permit
this Imperial document was one of a number of documents required from any spacer who plied the spacelanes during the New Order. The procedures for obtaining the certification were documented in the Spacer's Information Manual. Known as an ALP, this document provided information on the current weapons and armament of the starship it was issued to. (SWJ9)

Armudu Spice
this spice complimented the flavor of both food and tobacco, especially carababba tabac. Niles Ferrier used armudu spice when he rolled his cigarras, and the combination of aromas made Ferrier's presence well-known in confined areas. (DFR)

this bounty hunter was known for his poetry, and often wrote epitaphs for his acquisitions. (GG10)

Army Corps
this was the name used by the Old Republic to describe the primary subdivision of a Sector Army. There were four Army Corps in each Sector Army, each of which was commanded by a Clone Marshal Commander and a Jedi General. Each Corps was formed from 36,864 troopers who were divided into four legions. (SWI84)

Army Legion
this was the name used by the Old Republic to describe the primary subdivision of an Army Corps. There were four Army Legions in each Army Corps, each of which was commanded by a Senior Clone Commander and a Jedi General. Each Legion was formed from 9,216 troopers who were divided into four regiments. (SWI84)

Army of Honor
this was one of the most popular, pro-Imperial holo-vids produced during the height of the New Order. (SWJ6)

Army of Life
this illegal group of ecological terrorists rose to prominence in the wake of the Battle of Naboo. Led by a mysterious figure known only as the Paladin, their goal was to "resurrect primitive ecosystems across the galaxy. To this end, they planned to export a freighter full of clodhoppers from Naboo to Stend IV, where they could wreak havoc with the Gran settlements. When greeting of leaving each other, members of the Army of Life would say "For the Life." This may be the same group as the Knights of the Core, since they had the same goals and aims. (WOA2, SON)

Army of Light
this was the name used by the Jedi to describe the combined war force dispatched to Ruusan, under the command of Lord Hoth, to fight against Lord Kaan and the Brotherhood of Darkness. There were three known unit of the Army of Light, which participated in no less than seven distinct conflicts during the Battle of Ruusan. In the final battle for Ruusan, the Sith unleashed a thought bomb, which obliterated every member of the Army of Light. (ECH, WOTC)

Army of Terror
this was the final result of Project Starscream, had it ever succeeded. Borborygmus Gog had planned to develop an army of biological constructs which was quick to generate, was immune to the Force and could obtain sustenance from its victims. All earlier steps in the project were geared toward the creation of the army. Gog had implanted into the brain of each construct an explosive device, which could be detonated if the army ran amok. The plans for the army were scuttled when Gog was killed on Kiva and the only surviving member of the army, a being known as Eppon, was destroyed by Gog. (GOF6)

Army of the Republic
see Grand Army of the Republic (MTS, HNN4, LEV)

Army Regiment
this was the name used by the Old Republic to describe the primary subdivision of an Army Legion. There were four Army Regiments in each Sector Legion, each of which was commanded by a Jedi Padawan Commander. Each Regiment was formed from 2,304 troopers who were divided into four battalions. Each battalion consisted of four companies of 576 troops each, and was commanded by a clone Major. Each company was broken down into four platoons, and was led by a clone Captain. A platoon was led by a clone Lieutenant, and contained four nine-man squads, each of which was led by a clone Sergeant. (SWI84)

Arnae, Dwin
this thin, mousy Imperial officer was a driven perfectionist who had hoped to set an Imperial record for the most successful apprehensions of suspected customs violators. His other goal was to set the record for most successful prosecutions against those customs violators. An extraordinary individual in his own eyes, Arnae's perfectionist attitude got him thrown out of the Imperial Navy when he uncovered some infractions on the part of his superiors. Rather than bring the matter to further attention, his commanding officer had him removed to the Sector Interdiction office on Travnin. In order to meet his own goals - which his superiors cared little for, since they were all more worried about the Alliance - Arnae continually scoured the Minos Cluster, keeping his highly-disgruntled crew on missions for months at a time. (GG6)

Arner Figgis
a respected Issoria scholar, Arner taught anthropology and archaeology at the University of Be'Nal despite never truly experiencing either activity. He was also one of the few aliens ever to teach at the Imperial Academy of Science and Methodology. Figgis wrote a basic guide on the Old Corellian language, known as Old Corellian: A Guide for the Curious Scholar. (SWJ7, SWJ12)

this Imperial Lieutenant was in command of the lead AT-ST scout walker assigned to Tempest Squadron, in defense of the shield generators garrisoned on the forest moon of Endor during the construction of the second Death Star. A combat veteran, Arnet commanded a prototype AT-ST under the command of General Veers during the Battle of Hoth. During the Battle of Endor, Arnet was assigned to devise a counterattack to any rebel activity which captured the shield generator bunker. (CCG10)

this was the nickname used by Luke Skywalker to describe the R9-series astromech droid that co-piloted his StealthX fighter, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN1)

Arnjak, Baljos
this man, who appeared to be a native of Coruscant, was a member of the New Republic's Wraith Squadron. He served as the team's biological expert, and was one of the few beings with extensive experience in the Yuuzhan Vong physiology. Arnjak's knowledge and skills were the reasons he was chosen as one of the Wraiths chosen to accompany Luke Skywalker on a mission to infiltrate Coruscant, after the Yuuzhan Vong captured the planet. Arnjak had managed to develop his own ooglith masquers, designed to resemble Yuuzhan Vong warriors when worn by New Republic agents. When the mission was completed, it was Arnjak who chose remain behind on Coruscant, which had been terraformed into a simulacrum of the long-long Yuuzhan Vong homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar. He let loose a number of fungus droids that allowed him to gather information from across the planet, and made regular reports back to the Republic's commanders. It was Arnjak's report on the return of the Prophet, Yu'shaa, that prompted Kenth Hamner and the few remaining Jedi Knights to launch another mission to Coruscant, this time to talk to the Prophet about what happened on Zonama Sekot. Unknown to even his commanders, Arnjak had also managed to make contact with the Shamed Ones who flocked to the words of the prophet Yu'shaa, and had altered them to the possibility that the Galactic Alliance might try to retake Coruscant. When the attempt actually occurred, and Judder Page led an infiltration team to Coruscant's remade surface, Arnjak and his rebels were able to seek them out and provide assistance. (EL1, UF)

this male Zeltron was the King of his people, at the time of the Battle of Endor. He and his wife, Queen Leonie, held a huge gala for the victorious Alliance, but the party was stormed by a gang of Nagai. Unknown to most of the revelers, the planet Zeltros was under attack by three separate entities at the same time: the Nagai, the Tofs, and the Hiromi. The Hiromi invasion only managed to gain control of the royal kitchen, but the combined forces of the Alliance, the Zeltrons, and the Hiromi managed to smash the other invasion operations and keep Zeltros free. (EGA, MC104, PH)

this was the name of the mountainous, northern regions of the planet Bellassa. (LJ1)

this was a common name among the Zeltron people. (GMR1)

this stormtrooper served under Lesim on the Forest Moon of Endor, and was one of the troopers who brought in Luke Skywalker, after he surrendered. (MTS)

this grizzled old man was one of the original colonists who came to Tatooine. He became a friend of Adar Tallon, and was targeted by Jodo Kast during the hunt for Tallon. Arno managed to escape, and helped the Alliance locate Tallon. (TM)

this Imperial Navy pilot was one of the pilots who pursued the Millennium Falcon through the Hoth asteroid belt following the Battle of Hoth. (MTS)

this Imperial General maintained a TIE Defender production facility on an unspecified world during the early years of the New Republic. He fancied himself a warlord in training, having broken from the Empire shortly after the Battle of Endor. His ability to lead a force was threatened when Ysanne Isard - having survived her own death at the Battle of Thyferra - tried to take command of the facility. Arnothian refused, but had neither the strength nor the will to fight against her. In the end, Isard had him executed for insubordination, and she took control of his facility. (IR)

a small farming community on Tatooine, named for the leader of the original Tatooine settlers. It averaged about 350 beings, and was located just south of Bestine. (GG7)

Arnthout Pass
this rocky roadway led travelers through the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine. (GG7)

Arnthout, Melnea
this woman was the leader of the first colony ships to land on Tatooine. She was faced with a number of problems upon landing on the desert world, including the crash of the supply ship Dowager Queen. She rallied her people, and eked out a settlement from the unforgiving land. She established the Bestine settlement, and opened a dialogue with the local Jawas, who were already living on the planet. They agreed to help the humans, and the colony eventually prospered. Later, Fort Tusken and Motesta were established, although Fort Tusken was abandoned after a Sandperson attack. (GG7)

this small droid manufacturer, based in the Corellian System, was founded by Lirran Aro and specialized in the production of security droids. Aro was put out of business, however, by bad publicity. After it was learned that Aro security droids had been reprogrammed to assassinate a noted Corellian official, public sentiment and corporate confidence dropped signifcantly, and Aro was forced to declare bankruptcy. (FTD)

Aro, Lirran
the founder and chief designer of the droid manufacturing corporation Aro, this man retired to Selonia after the corporation went bankrupt. (FTD)

this was one of the many Bothan clans. Affiliation with the clan was indicated by the suffix 'rob added to an individual's family name. (GCG, WOTC)

this gas giant was the eighth planet in the Dathomir System. It was orbited by eighteen moons. (GORW)

this series of security droids, produced by Aro, had a humanoid structure which stood nearly two meters tall. They were known to be extremely loyal to their owners, and were capable of a wide range of autonomous action. However, they were deemed "too lethal for commercial sale" during the New Order, despite the fact that the stock Aro-GX was only armed with a pair of wrist blasters. (SWJ1, FTD)

Aroma Disseminator
this is a special device that is usually an option on most higher-level droids, such as protocol droids. Aroma disseminators exude an odor which is pleasant to the smell of its owners. (GMH)

this was one of the largest cities found on the planet Manda. (HNN4)

a species of poisonous succulent plant, shaped like a cactus. (TME)

this planet was covered with dense, temperate jungles. It was homeworld of the Blagwahr and Moggonite races. (T1)

this was the general term used to describe any ground-based militia which entered a battlezone by dropping from the air, using disposable repulsor packs to quickly reach the ground. Arpitroopers - the phonetic description of an RP Trooper - were common in those local and planetary militia which were supplied by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during the Clone Wars. (SHPT, SS2)

Arpor, Weggit
this man was Nim Zanti's lieutenant, at least to all outward appearances. In reality, Weggit was a Tenloss Syndicate officer who kept watch over Zanti's actions end ensured that they were in line with Tenloss' operational goals. A former smuggling boss who rose through the ranks of Ororo Transportation, Weggit later worked for Galindas Exports as a logistics expert. (SPG)

this humanoid race was noted for its horned eyebrow ridges and a pair of short horns on its chin. (AIR)

this ferocious, warm-blooded predator was native to the planet Pellastrallas, and was considered one of the most vicious predators in all of Agarix Sector. A solitary hunter, the arqet resembled a large, armor-plated horse, with a pair of curved horns sprouting from its temples. The feet of an arqet ended in heavy hooves, which gave it the sure-footedness to maneuver in Pellastrallas' mountains. (COG)

literally meaning "Land of the Fallen Ones of Valor," this vast Coynite cemetary was located outside the capital of En'Tra'Tal. An honor guard of four Coynite warriors guarded the grounds, dressed in full regalia to indicate the importance of the location. Any member of Coynite society who died in battle was buried there, as well as those non-Coynite warriors who died in the service of the Mercenary Guild of Coyn or Coyn itself. (PG3)

this was one of the many family names used by the Bothan people. It translated loosely to "traveler". (GCG, WOTC)

Arr, Kodo
this middle-aged man proclaimed himself to be the best smuggler in the galaxy, when he arrived on the floating city of Tolea Biqua during the height of the Clone Wars. Distinguished by his close-cropped, white hair and his boisterous personality, Kodo Arr claimed to have survived the rigors of learning the smuggling trade on Nar Shaddaa, which gave him the right to assume the title of best smuggler in the galaxy. He made a number of moonside runs in a heavily-modified T-16 skyhopper, andonce tried to drag a crate filled with goods through the lower levels of the moon's skyscrapers. The heavy crate began to tear the skyhopper's rearend off, so he tried to slow down, forgetting that the crate's inertia would not be stopped by the T-16's brakes. He improvised a makeshift deflector shield using old droideka parts he found in his hold, and barely got their shield generators running when the crate hit the skyhopper. Not many beings believed this story, but Kodo Arr never stopped telling it. (LFCW)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the suffix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "fur", "hide", or "shield". It could be attached to a prefix by itself, or combined with other suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

Arra Desert
this vast desert was located on the planet Sorrus. It was formed when the government dammed up a nearby water source, draining the area of water more than twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. (EVE)

this was one of the six major continents found on the planet Celanon. (PG1)

Arrak Snake
a native Ithorian reptile, the arrak snake was distinguished by its green eyes and brightly-feathered scales. Arrak snakes lived in the canopies created by Bafforr trees, moving from tree to tree by flying with their small wings. Individual arrak snakes communicated via a complex, musical collection of hooting calls. (TME, BF5, MIS7)

this planet was notorious for its run-down urban areas. (COG)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

Arranda, Tash
an orphan from the planet Alderaan, Tash and her younger brother Zak traveled the galaxy with their strange uncle Hoole after their parents were killed when the Empire destroyed their homeworld. The children had been away on a field trip when the destruction occurred. The three were wanted by the Empire for a number of supposed crimes. Tash was thirteen at the time she began to notice a sensitivity to the Force. She was taken in by the B'omarr monk Grimpen, who drew her into his plans by making her believe she was one of the most enlightened beings of her generation. However, she was simply drawn into an elaborate scheme in which Jabba the Hutt had been using B'omarr techniques to transfer the brains of the galaxy's worst criminals into other bodies. Tash ended up with the brain of Karkas after the original host escaped, and promptly killed Commander Fuzzel. Hoole managed to get her brain back into her own body after stopping Grimpen and returning several ancient scrolls to the B'omarr monks. She later used a red-gemstone necklace - give to her by her mother - as a way to concentrate on the Force. (GOF1, GOF7, GOF11)

Arranda, Zak
this orphan, once a native of the planet Alderaan, traveled the galaxy with his sister, Tash, and their uncle, Hoole. Hoole took care of the children after their parents were killed when the first Death Star destroyed Alderaan. The children had been away on a field trip when the destruction occurred. The three were wanted by the Empire for a number of supposed crimes. Zak was a little over a year younger than Tash, and while he had some affinity for the Force, Zak was extremely adept with technology. He could return most computers and systems to working order, given the right parts and some time. Zak was declared clinically dead when they stopped on the planet Necropolis to purchase a new starship. After befriending Kairn, Zak was drawn into Doctor Evazan's plans to create armies of reanimated zombies. He injected Zak with the diluted juice of cryptberries, then injected him with reanimation serum. Zak was then buried, and Evazan hoped that the boneworms would soon begin burrowing into his body to locate bone marrow. It was Zak who discovered that the B'omarr monk Grimpen was working with Jabba the Hutt to transfer criminal brains into new bodies, and rescued his sister from a similar fate while in the crimelord's palace on Tatooine. (GOF1, GOF7, GOF11)

Arrandle Mountains
this low range of mountains was located on Sevarcos, on the north side of the Desert of Kariste. (SWJ12)

Arrant, Jurnel
this man, a native of the planet Corellia, was the chief executive officer of the Lommite Limited mining corporation during the era leading up to the Battle of Naboo. A handsome man of middle age, Arrant was frustrated by Lommite Limited's inability to counteract the industrial sabotage of his biggest rival, InterGalactic Ores, against the operations on Dorvalla. He ordered his chief officer, Patch Bruit, to hire independent mercenaries to cause problems for InterGalactic. Unfortunately for Arrant, the feud between the two corporations was manipulated by Darth Sidious in such a way that Lommite Limited and InterGalactic Ores destroyed themselves, leaving the lommite mines open to the Trade Federation. Arrant believed that Hath Monchar was responsible for the death and destruction which swept both Lommite Limited and InterGalactic Ores, until he was shown evidence of outside tampering. In the end, he was forced to merge with InterGalactic Ores and turn over control of Dorvalla to the Trade Federation. Note that the Ultimate Alien Anthology indicates that Jurnel Arrant was a Neimoidian. (DMS, UANT)

this beefy, black-bearded man was the leader of the Blood Nest bandit group, based on the third moon of M2398. He despised Captain Darillian. (WS)

an Imperial freighter destroyed by Keyan Farlander during his first tour of duty as an X-Wing pilot. (XW)

Arrejis Mellaha
this Squib ran Serooin's Gear, on the planet Betha II, shortly after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Mellaha, like many aliens who lived in the Outer Rim at this point in galactic history, was wary of the presence of humans or the New Republic. However, he harbored neither group any ill-will. In fact, he was prospering from selling illegal goods to his patrons, primarily because of bans imposed by the Republic. While not directly cooperating, Mellaha helped a group of Republic agents search out the Kaarenth Dissension by warning them to stay away from certain areas of Betha II's primary starport. (SWJ8)

Arrest Tentacles
developed by the Yuuzhan Vong, arrest tentacles were the bio-technological equivalent of a tractor beam. They could be extended from a starship, primarily the matalok cruiser-analog, in order to grasp and control a smaller vessel. (SBS)

this Imperial bulk cruiser was assigned to Admiral Greelanx. It served as part of the front attack line during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa. Drea Renthal managed to destroy this ship by launching a series of concussion missiles into her flanks, then pummeling the ship with turbolaser fire. (THG)

Arrgaw System
this system is located on the Harrin Trade Corridor, between the Lahopa and Lazerian Systems. (TSK)

native to the planet Cularin, this vine seemingly grew overnight out of dead or decaying plant material. The spores of the arrgrar were carried in the digestive system of a species of rat, and then deposited beneath the compost. The arrgrar vine grew quickly, entwining any other plantlife and inserting tiny tendrils into its host to suck water and nutrients from it. The host died quickly, along with arrgrar, but the arrgrar dropped its spores before it died, thereby ensuring the continuation of the species. (WOTC)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the prefix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "mighty" or "strong", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

meaning "singing", this name was common among Gungan females. (GCG)

Chewbacca obtained this false identity from a Tsyklen on Nar Hekka, shortly after he joined Han Solo. (THG)

Arrison, Purvis
this former military officer settled on the planet Tatooine just prior to the Battle of Yavin. He began waging a personal war against the Tusken Raiders, although his efforts led to more conflict between the Tuskens and the settlers. This led to the mayor of Mos Eisley, a Rodian named Mikdanyell Guh'rannt, to put out a bounty on his head, in an effort to stop his attacks on Tusken Raider camps and try to re-establish some sort of peace with the Tuskens. (SWGAL)

Arrissa's Field
this asteroid field, named for Arrissa n'Osnyi, was located in the Naboo System. Many of the iron-rich asteroids in the field passed through the Obligon Nebula, making them ideal hideouts for pirates. (SWGAL)

this Kurtzen was a worker at the Bakuran Senate Complex during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. He was also a good friend of the Ryn informant, Goure, and provided a wealth of information about the tunnels and chambers beneath the complex. Arrizza had no political affiliations, so he cared little for either the Bakuran government, the Freedom movement, or the New Republic. Thus, when Goure asked for his help in locating Jaina Solo, Arrizza agreed to help Goure and Tahiri Veila infiltrate the Complex. Later, Arrizza used his strange connection to the life-energy of the Force to help Tahiri learn to live in peace with the Riina Kwaad personality that had been implanted in her mind by Mezhan Kwaad. (FH2)

this Bothan served as a Lieutenant in the New Republic, and was stationed aboard the Ralroost as the communications officer, under the command of Admiral Kre'fey during the Yuuzhan Vong occupation of Garqi. She was later killed during the Battle of Ithor, when a Yuuzhan Vong coralskipper got past the Ralroost's failing shields and exploded on the bridge. (DTR)

this ball of molten rock was the innermost planet of the Dathomir System. (GORW)

Arrogant One, The
see Arrogantus, Serji-X (GMR4)

Arrogantus, Serji-X
a native of Caprioril, this swoop racer challenged Ignar Ominaz in many races and championships, during the last years of the Old Republic. He had been given the nickname of "The Arrogant One" because of his disregard for the rules and hazards of swoop racing. Arrogantus considered Ominaz to be a plodding sort of racer with little hope of actually remaining champion. However, after Arrogantus himself was defeated several times by Hodrix, he found himself without a manager or a sponsor. He raced one last time, but his desparate attempt to win the race led to a nasty crash. Arrogantus suffered severe trauma to the head, and was forced to abandon his racing career. Years later, Arrogantus became the gang leader of the hill-dwelling Cloud Riders, and was overtaking the planet Aduba-3 when Han Solo and Chewbacca were stranded there. He was eventually overthrow by Solo, Jaxxon, and their band of adventurers, when Merri's grandfather called forth the Behemoth from the crust of the planet. Rather than surrender, Serji-X flew his skyspeeder directly at the grandfather. The Behemoth, in an effort to kill Serji-X, crushed both men under its huge, clawed foot. Note that this character is also referred to as Sergi-X. (MC8, HNN5, MC9. MC10, GMR4)

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