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this relatively unimporant world was covered with rocky deserts that were filled with wondrous stone spires and arches, the reminders of the water that once flowed freely on its surface. During the height of the Clone Wars, about a year after the Battle of Geonosis, Aargonar was supposedly under the control of the Old Republic when the Confederacy of Independent Systems tried to take possession of the planet. A vicious battle ensued, with the Republic's forces being led by Jedi Master A'Sharad Hett. Years later, the planet's third moon served as the site of an Alliance base, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. It was also known as the homeworld of several individual sarlacc creatures, located across the planet's surface. (WOTC, RESB, REL)

Aargonar 3
this was the third moon of the planet Aargonar, which was the site of a secret Alliance base during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. (RESB)

one of Gaeri's aides in the Bakuran Senate. (TB)

this was the name given to the original race of beings which inhabited the jungles of Aaris III. The name was later used to describe the primitive descendants of the original race. The ancient Aaris were advanced for their time, but their civilization was ruled by the visionaries and oracles who read the stars and cosmic events. Foremost among the seers was an Aaris named Kastays, who foretold the downfall of Aaris civilization after seeing a comet streak across the skies. Kastays' vision proved to be correct, for shortly afterward a victorious military force returned from battle with the Plaque of Victory. The Plaque's unusual powers created a number of power struggles and unusual omens, and the Aaris destroyed themselves in a planetwide civil war. Modern Aaris were wart-covered, reptilian humanoids barely a meter in height. They were quite primitive in their ways, although they were very experienced in navigating the ruins of Aaris III. (DARK)

Aaris III
this remote planet was located in Kathol Sector, just off the Trition Trade Route from Kolatill. The third world in the Aaris System, it was a lush, tropical world covered with jungles and dotted with abrupt mountain ranges. A variety of ruins were scattered across its surface, representing the only remnants of the original civilization of Aaris which inhabited the planet. During the last years of the New Order, Aaris III was also the site of an outlaw camp, located on the far side of the planet from the Place of Kastays. (DARK)

this was one of the small group of Shamed Ones who lived beneath the surface of Coruscant, after the planet had been transformed into a likeness of Yuuzhan'tar. Aarn was one of the few Shamed Ones who lived independently, away from groups like that led by Vuurok I'pan. Like the other Shamed ones, though, Aarn believed that the Jedi Knights were not abominations, but saviors of the Shamed Ones and symbols of the new ideology which should be embraced by the Yuuzhan Vong. For this reason, their band remained small, in case they were captured by the Yuuzhan Vong warriors. This ensured that their small cult of Jedi followers would never be fully discovered. Aarn himself was relatively young, but his slender features indicated that his ancestors had probably been Shamed Ones as well. Aarn was one of the primary sources of stories surrounding Vua Rapuung and his friendship with Anakin Solo, having heard of the original story from a friend on Garqi. (FH1)

Aarno Dering
this male Euceron was a noted time-keeping official for many sporting events, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. He was noted for the casual way in which he kept time for many racing and sporting events, often shaving tenths of seconds off an athlete's time in return for certain monetary favors. Dering served as the official timekeeper for many events held as part of the Galactic Games on Euceron, much to the amazement of many sporting officials. However, just as the Games were to begin, Dering was implicated in the fixing of several events, and he was pursued by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The Jedi were on Euceron to keep the peace, but stumbled onto the criminal betting rings that were forming around the Games. Before they could question Dering, though, he escaped from his apartment and fled into the street. Unfortunately, he was struck by a passing speeder truck and killed instantly. When the Jedi reached his body, they discovered that he had been carrying a false identification card, planning to adopt the alias of Ak Duranc. They also discovered that Dering had been assigned to time the illegal podracing which was happening in the Great Dordon Caves. Fligh later revealed that Dering's activities had been part of a larger plot to discredit several Old Republic Senators, who were on Euceron to attend the Games. (JQ3)

this was the name of the warrior caste of the Viis Empire. Members of the Aaroun were specially bred for fighting, having an appealing physical form while being agile and brutal in combat. (HNN5)

this amiable Hutt ran a repair and salvage shop on the planet Cinnagar about 5,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. Aarrba was a friend to Hok and Timar Daragon, and continually kept their starship in working order. It was Aarrba who took in Jori and Gav Daragon, after they were orphaned during the First Unification Wars, and raised them to adulthood. Aarrba continued to support them, giving them loans when no one else would, until they were unable to pay for repairs to their ship following the discovery of the Goluud Corridor. He was forced to have them arrested, in order to make them face up to their debts. When they fled the authorities, Aarrba impounded their ship and called in all their debts. Aarrba's body was stricken with sickness, and much of his body was amputated to remove the infection. He was relegated to a repulsor-chair in order to move about. When Naga Sadow began his conquest of the Koros System, Gav Daragon returned to Cinnagar and was confronted by Aarrba. Aarrba threatened Gav with imprisonment for his crimes, but Gav's Massassi bodyguards moved into position. Before he could do anything about it, Aarrba was killed by the bodyguards. Much later, after the Great Hyperspace War, Empress Teta gave Jori Daragon all rights to Aarrba's repair station for her part in winning the war. (GAS, FOSE)

Aarrba's Repair and Salvage
this starship maintenance facility was run by Aarrba the Hutt, and was located near the ancient Cinnagar starport. (GAS)

this was one of the most common male names used by members of the Ithorian race. Although most Ithorian names were not used for a specific meaning, historians found that this name meant "waves" or "breakers". (GCG)

this huge humbaba was known in Kashoonara legend as the steed of the deity Hurrungat. The legends say that Aarwynn was "six Kashoonara high" at the shoulder, which was considerably larger than modern humbaba. (COG)

AAT Battle Tank
this Baktoid Armor Workshop craft was created for use by the Trade Federation and its droid armies. Measuring 9.75 meters in length, the AAT required four battle droids to operate it: a commander, a pilot, and two gunners. The ship was well armed, with a huge laser cannon turret-mounted atop the main section, a pair of range-finding blaster cannons to support the main laser, two anti-personnel blasters mounted with the range-finding weapons, and six projectile launchers. They can reach ground speeds of up to 55 kph and, while not shielded, have incredibly thick armor plating to protect the tank from attack. (X1)

this was the model designation of the Baktoid Armor Workshop AAT Battle Tank. (SON)

Aavman Extravagance
this small starship manufacturer produced luxury yachts during the New Order. (CRO)

this name was common among Ithorian females. Although such names do not generally have meaning, Ithorians who studied their race's history learned that the name meant "sunrise" - or, more literally, "the last breath of the moon". (GCG)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and meant "mist" or "smoke" in the Twi'leki language. (GCG)

Aayla Secura
this young Rutian Twi'lek female trained as a Jedi Padawan under the tutelage of Quinlan Vos, before Vos was captured on Nar Shaddaa. Aayla - whose Twi'lek name was actually Aaylas'ecura - She had been rescued from slavery on Ryloth years before by Vos and his Master, Tholme, when she showed a great aptitude in the Force. She was trained by Master Tholme for many years before began training with Quinlan. Shortly after their capture on Nar Shaddaa, Aayla Secura was stripped of her memories by a combination of drugs and chemicals. Unknown to her, it was actually her uncle, Pol Secura, who stripped her memory as well as that of Quinlan Vos. Her connections to the Jedi Knights were partially eliminated, but were stored within her lekku and never truly lost. Pol Secura kept her safely hidden on Ryloth, as a member of his own harem, until Quinlan discovered his deception. Aayla, however, could not remember her connection to Quinlan, having been fed an almost continuous supply of glitteryll. When she tried to use the Force to prevent Quinlan from killing Pol Secura, she accidentally pushed Pol off a ledge to his death. She fled Ryloth in order to avoid capital punishment, and roamed aimlessly for several months. However, with her mind wiped clean, Aayla found herself drawn to the presence of Volfe Karkko on the prison world of Kiffex, and managed to reach the planet aboard Havor's starship. She also hoped to locate her former master and kill him. Karkko, awakened from his long stasis and bolstered by the strength of the feral Anzati of Kiffex, took Aayla as his Queen and groomed her to become an extension of his Dark Side power. When the Anzati attacked the Jedi who had traveled to Kiffex to investigate Karrko's re-emergence, Aayla found herself in combat with Quinlan. She could not kill him, instead allowing the feral Anzati to capture him for later consumption of his "soup." When the Jedi launched their final assault on Karkko's fortress, the Anzat magician ordered Aayla to kill Quinlan once and for all. When he revealed the truth behind her memory loss, and offered her the hope that her memory might be still stored in her lekku, Aayla stopped fighting for a moment. Karkko tried to kill her for her defiance, and Quinlan attacked. In the battle, Quinlan dispatched Karkko, freeing Aayla from his Dark Side grasp. She was allowed to return to Coruscant to continue her training, but the Jedi Council would not let her train with Quinlan. The choice was never given to her, though, as Quinlan chose to set off on his own, letting the Force guide him across the galaxy. They were reunited when they were forced to travel to Kintan to rescue Master Tholme from Kh'aris Fenn. For her efforts, Aayla was elevated to the rank of Jedi Knight upon returning to Coruscant with her Master and Quinlan. Years later, when the call went out to all Jedi to accompany Mace Windu to Geonosis, Aayla Secura was part of the 200-being team. She was also one of the few Jedi to survive the initial stages of the Battle of Geonosis, before Master Yoda arrived with the Army of the Republic. In the aftermath of that struggle, Aayla was dealt another blow when she was told that Quinlan had resigned from the Jedi Order and had joined the Separatists. Although she desparately wanted to bring him back to the Jedi, Master Tholme and the Jedi Council ordered her to concentrate on her duties to the Republic. It was during this period that she found a friend in Jedi Master Kit Fisto, one of the few Jedi who could read the movements of her lekku. While on Devaron to investigate Senator Vien'sai'malloc's part in the etsablishment of a Separatist base on the planet, Aayla was confronted by Aurra Sing. Drawing on lessons she learned from Quinlan, Aayla defeated the bounty hunter by slicing off the antenna which sprouted from Aurra Sing's head. Without this connection, the bounty hunter was easily captured and sent to the prison facility on Oovo IV. Aayla returned to Coruscant with the rest of the Jedi forces on Devaron, and she finally reconciled her inner struggle over whether she was a Twi'lek or a Jedi Knight. She also returned Master J'Mikel's lightsaber to Xiann. While on Coruscant, Aayla Secura was elevated to the rank of Jedi Master. She later participated in the abortive attack on the droid foundries on Hypori, and was one of the few Jedi to survive the attack. Six months before the First Battle of Coruscant, Aayla accompanied Tholme and Quinlan to Anzat to determine what Sora Bulq as doing on the planet. They followed his trail to Saleucami, where Aayla defeated Bok in combat before helping Quinlan defeat Sora Bulq and Tol Skorr. She was then diverted to Trigalis to locate Obi-Wan Kenobi during his search for Xist. In the wake of the First Battle of Coruscant, Aayla was dispatched to Felucia with her clone troopers, led by Commander Bly. However, when Darth Sidious revealed his true nature and killed Mace Windu, he sent out communications to the various clone commanders to execute Order 66. Upon hearing the order, Bly ordered his troops to open fire on Aayla Secura and Barriss Offee, utterly destroying the defenseless Jedi Masters. Aayla Secura was played by Amy Allen in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones and in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Clones. (OWS, SWT, DRKN, SWDB, ROP, J3, SWDB, RT, O, IS3, WOTC, RSOS)

this was the given name of Aayla Secura. (WOTC)

this stubby landspeeder was produced during the height of the New Order. Its fuselage was little more than a box surrounding the two-person cockpit, with the front angled downward to provide aerodynamic stability. A repulsorlift engine pod was mounted to each side of the fuselage, giving the AB-1 its signature appearance. (SWGAL)

this protocol droid was programmed by the Alliance to serve as a bureaucrat. During the early years of the Galactic Civil War, AB-4 served as Advanced Base Baskarn. AB-4 was also the base's primary supply officer, and continually chastise the base's personnel for losing equipment in the jungles. (SWJ2)

this droid was a defacto member of the Farns, although it didn't actually belong to any organic member of the gang. Female in personality, A-B6 would do anything the other Farns asked of her, just to remain friends with them. (GG7)

a Wookiee doll given to Jacen Solo by Chewbacca. (CS)

Abaarian Water
this was one of the most plentiful forms of bottled water found in the galaxy, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was shipped throughout the known galaxy as part of the Galactic Alliance's mission to restore some level of normalcy to the ravaged planets and dishomed peoples from the war. (DN2)

an Imperial Navy officer, Aban was a Commander when he was placed in charge of the construction of the Imperial garrison on Sedri. He formed an alliance with the renegade priest Karak, hoping to obtain the power of the Golden Sun for the Empire. The plan backfired when Karak was captured by Pek and Fala, but Aban continued to make progress until the Alliance ousted the Imperials from Sdri. Later, after surviving the Battle of Endor and being promoted to Captain, he was placed in charge of Grand Admiral Thrawn's Taanab Operation. He served as the commander of the Bellicose in Thrawn's fleet during this time, some five years after Endor. (DFR, BGS)

this Aruzan dola tree farmer was Manaroo's father. He begged for her life to General Kritkeen, but the Imperial was unresponsive. He sent Abano away with false promises and a warning shot from a stormtrooper's blaster. Dengar later returned with Manaroo and rescued Abano and his family, and the Alliance hid them - and the other Aruzans - on an unknown safeworld. (TBH)

this toxic world was the second planet of the Beshqek System, located in the Deep Core of the galaxy. It was orbited by a single moon. (PH)

this gas giant is the sixth planet in the Atrig System. It has 18 natural satellites. PG2 also calls this world Abatrang. (PG2)

Abav Ghart
this Gotal was the leader of the Void Demons gang during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Ghart had been a pirate for more than fifty years at the time of the Battle of Yavin, and started the Void Demons more than thirty years before the war. He always dressed in expensive clothing, and was distinguished by the Repulse-Hand cybernetic prosthesis. He was considered a fiend of the worst kind, willing to do anything or betray anyone for a profit. He is also referred to as Aban Ghart in Planets of the Galaxy, Volume One. (PG1)

a planet covered with rain forests. (SE)

Abbaji System Constables
this was the primary police force that protected the planet Abbaji, during the early years of the New Republic. (GMR9)

this was a common name among Quarren females. It meant "sensitive". (GCG)

this planet was the homeworld of the Farang and Waroot races. (SWJ8)

ABC Scrambler
this bounty hunter's weapon was an Aural-Biological-Chemical scrambler. It was based on the design of an anti-ordnance electromagnetic probe, and emitted a full spectrum of ultrasonic waves, chemical agents, and biological irritants when fired. The spread of the scrambler's blast had a wide pattern, and disoriented its target with massive sensory overloads. This allowed the hunter to capture the target without having to fight them. (GG10)

this notorious Twi'lek gangster operated from an underground fortress located beneath the Rym Mountains, on the planet Socorro. He was also one of the trio of owners of Ethra Brewery. Born to parents who were part of a merchant family on Ryloth, Abdi was unusual because of his ebony-black skin. He lost his family when a rival clan assassinated them. Abdi had learned of the plot shortly beforehand, and tried to warn his father. His father ignored him, and even accused Abdi of being the would-be assassin. Abdi was sold into slavery shortly before the murder of his family. The slave ship he was transported on crashed in the deserts of Socorro, and Abdi was rescued by an Ibhaan'I shaman. Upon learning of the deaths of his family, Abdi vowed to exact revenge on their killers. He made friends with the most prominent members of Socorro's underground, and eventually moved his family fortune away from Ryloth. This got him exiled form Ryloth, but he was beyond caring for that world anymore: Socorro was now his home. His ties to the Society of the Black Bha'lir gained him a measure of respect, and soon he had established a great deal of influence in the smuggling business of the planet. He even ignored the Hutts, knowing that the Black Bha'lir wouldn't tolerate Hutt interference on Socorro. Eventually, Abdi-Badawzi's criminal empire expanded, and his capable leadership ensured its continued existence. (SWJ2, BSS)

Abek's Station
this small shadowport, located just off the intersection of the Sisar Run and the Ac'fren Spur, was owned and operated by Nim Abek during the Galactic Civil War. Abek used the station as a staging area for his personal group of pirates, outside his work for Sprax. When it was learned that Limna Yith was being held on the station, many interested parties converged on it, including a group dispatched by Sprax himself to rescue Yith. In the struggle for possession of the Kerestian, Abek's Station was severely damaged when the Imperial warship Ion Storm bombarded it with laserfire. The station was abandoned. (SSR)

this small, rodent-like humanoid was a smuggler on Dantooine, during the years following the Battle of Yavin. (3D3)

this red dwarf star cast very little visible light on the planet Alpheridies. It was the primary body in the Abron System, containing the planet Alpheridies. It was located just within The Veil, on the edge of the Mid Rim. (TOJC)

Abersaith Aviary
this exotic bird preserve was located on the planet Corulag, situated in the immense Abersaith Canyon. Mild repulsor fields separated the ecosystems of more than twenty million different species of birds, while the top of the aviary was formed froim huge canopies of transparisteel that allowed natural sunlight to filter into the aviary. (CCW)

Abersaith Canyon
this immense canyon was located on the planet Corulag. At several spots, the Canyon was several kilometers wide, and it was more than twenty-four kilometers in overall length. It was perhaps best-known as the site of the Abersaith Aviary. (CCW)

this word was part of the dialect spoken on the planet Belgaroth. The abbreviated form of the phrase "anywhere but here", abh served to sum up the mindset of most Belgarians, who simply wanted to leave the planet as quickly as possible. (CCW)

this planet's orbital shipyards served as the construction facility for the ancient Jedi training vessel, Chu'unthor, as these shipyards were the only facility capable of handling the huge ship. (PJSB)

this Tiss'shar trader found the life of a trader to be too boring and non-productive, and soon went into business as a pirate. Using his knowledge of the various hyperspace trade routes across the galaxy, he formed his own pirate gang and terrorized the Perlemian Trade Route during the height of the New Order. He seemed to discover his potential in this new leadership role, quickly establishing the Dark Wing fleet and gaining a reputation as a ruthless and efficient leader. The Dark Wing eventually became the Shadow Wing, although Abin-Ral-Xufush continued to lead with an iron fist. He was known for his strong anti-human prejudices, although this generally was reserved for beings outside his own orgainzation. Within the Shadow Wing, Abin-Ral-Xufush was known as a fair and equal leader, regardless of the race or species of his followers. He did not tolerate insubordination, and any betrayals within the ranks of the Shadow Wing were dealt with in brutal and lethal ways. Note that Pirates and Privateers names the pirate gang as the Dark Wing, while the Wizards of the Coast website names them the Shadow Wing. (PP, WOTC)

this race of slender reptilians was native to the planet Inysh. Their limbs are long and supple, and their tails end in a fork. The Abinyshi developed space travel at about the same time as humans, although their technology never matched the levels of the Corellians or Duros. They used starships to colonize several nearby worlds, but their overall population never blossomed enough for them to expand further. Their numbers were greatly diminished after the Empire discovered the reserves of kalonterium in the planet's crust. The Empire stripped the planet of its minerals without regard for the native lifeforms, and the toxic pollution it produced nearly wiped out the Abinyshi. The Abinyshi were believed to be extinct, but several individuals came forth as the Alliance gained support. (AE, SWJ14)

Ablajeck Sector
along with the Moddell and Spar Sectors of the galaxy, this sector made up the Inner Zuma region. (GMR9)

see A-1707 (SWEGS)

this was one of the four main continents found on the planet Veron. (PG1)

an Imperial slang word used to denote any indigenous lifeform to a planet. (SME)

abo b'Yenntarr
this was the Bosph term used to describe the Force, and translated into Basic as "the power of the unknown spirits." (SWJ13)

Abo Dreth
this large, dark brown world was the primary planet in the Abo Dreth System, located in the Corporate Sector of the galaxy. The surface of Abo Dreth was broken by hundreds of silver lakes and rivers that wandered across the planet's face in no particular pattern. The nitrogen-rich atmosphere supported a small population, many of which allied themselves with the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. (OWS)

Abo Dreth System
this star system, located within the Corporate Sector of the galaxy, was a hotbed of rebel activity during the height of the Galactic Civil Wars. Fiolla was dispatched to the Abo Dreth System with Naven Crel to investigate any possible links to the Abo Dreth rebels and the band that destroyed the first Death Star. (OWS)

this was one of the many Imperial escort carriers destroyed by Alliance forces during the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

this Ithorian surname was believed to mean "starlight", according to historian who studied the Ithorian race. (GCG)

this was the proper name of the planet known as Masterhome. The name Masterhome was given by the planet's native race, the Anointed People. It was discovered by the Old Republic some ninety years before the Battle of Yavin. Abonshee was a temperate, Earth-like world with an abundance of hardy plantlife and reptilian fauna. (SWCP, MB, AE)

this New Republic warship was destroyed at the Battle of N'zoth. (TT)

produced by Ferisoliq Imports, this Aqualish bio-light panel produced an ever-changing display of light ad pattern to soothe its viewers. The display was produced by a reactive plankton that lived in the sealed environment of the panel. The plankton responded to changes in light, temperature, and atmospheric gases. Many nobles and dignitaries kept these devices in their homes and offices, as the plankton could die in the presence of certain toxic gases. If the panel suddenly went dim, it was a sure indication of a problem with the air. (GFT)

this star was the central body in the Abran System. (TBSB)

Abran Belt
this asteroid belt contained the mining colony B'knos. (TBSB)

Abrax Cognac
a pale blue, alcoholic distilled spirit. It was favored by New Republic General Salm. (XWN)

this planet was the primary world in the Abraxas System. Abraxas was once known for its rich mineral and ore deposits. However, when the mines ran dry, the mining corporations simply packed up and left the system. Their transport ships and orbital refineries were left behind to crumble, and the debris eventually filled the empty spaces in the system. (NEGC)

Abraxas System
this star system was once known for its rich mineral and ore deposits found on the primary planet of Abraxas. However, when the mines ran dry, the mining corporations simply packed up and left the system. Their transport ships and orbital refineries were left behind to crumble, and the debris eventually filled the empty spaces in the system. This wide array of debris made travel through the system almost impossible. It also made the perfect hiding places for pirates. (T5)

this planet, located in the Tion Cluster, was the homeworld of the marsh haunt species. (PJSB)

see Abregado-rae (HTTE)

Abregado System
this Core Worlds star systems contained the planet Abregado-Rae. (CCW)

this ball of molten rock was the innermost planet of the Abregado System. (CCW)

this gas giant was the fourth planet of the Abregado System. It was orbited by nine moons. (CCW)

the primary planet in the Abregado system, Abregado-rae is located in the Borderlands region. The homeworld of the Gado race, Abregado-rae was a temperate world whose day lasts 23 standard hours, and whose orbit lasts 349 local days. It was located at the head of the Rimma Trade Route, and had originally been scouted by the Old Republic some 10,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. It remained uncolonized for seven millennia, until the creation of the Rimma Trade Route. Despite the temperate nature of Abregado-Rae's environment, it supported an extremely small and sparse variety of lifeforms. There were less than ten species of large animals which were native to the planet. Since the fall of the Empire, Abregado-rae has become a civilized world, although it still maintains a large base of smugglers. The planetary government established by the Tundei regime, in an effort to reduce crime and keep the peace, severely restricted individual freedoms for its citizens. However, their law-at-all-costs demands eventually backfired, driving away the criminals but also driving away much of the income they brought to the planet. Note that the galaxy map inside Star Wars Insider, issue 65, indicates that Abregado-rae is located in the Core Worlds. (HTTE, DFR, HTSB, EGP, SWI65, CCW)

Abregado-rae Spaceport
a once-decrepit establishment, it has been refurbished since the New Republic came into power. (HTTE, DFR)

this barren, rocky world was the second planet of the Abregado System. (CCW)

this ball of frozen rock was the fifth and outermost planet of the Abregado System. (CCW)

this man was part of Niles Ferrier's smuggling organization, during the early years of the New Republic. (DFR, TLC)

Luke Skywalker was captured by Imperial forces on this planet, during a diplomatic mission just prior to the Battle of Endor. He was rescued by the Imperial defector, Brenn Tantor. (NEGC)

an Alliance platform supply station destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Abrion Major
this was the primary planet in the Abrion System, and the capital of Abrion Sector. (HNN5)

Abrion Sector
this sector of the galaxy was made up of some 200 planets which were dedicated to agricultural and the production of foodstuffs. In the last years of the Old Republic, the entire Abrion Sector - including the planets Ukio and Abrion Major - joined the Separatist movement and seceded from the Republic. (TLC, HNN5)

this Imperial Dreadnaught served as the flagship of the fleet dispatched to Saloch 2 in order to subdue the Lortan fanatics perpetrating the Reslian Purge. (MBF)

this planet, subjugated by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War, is the homeworld of the Yatir race of humanoids. (ISB)

Absolute Power
this was a religious reference to the ultimate power of the universe. (LCM)

Absolute, The
this was the name of the secret police force maintained by the Civilized faction of the planet Apsolon, during the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo. The motto of the Absolutes was simple: "Absolute justice calls for absolute loyalty." The Absolutes were charged with putting an end to the industrial sabotage of the Workers, but they were unable to stop it. They were known for their use of painful torture and sensory deprivation in order to make the Workers bend to their will. Many Workers had their hands broken, so that they could never work in the high-paying technical jobs. In the wake of Ewane's election, the Absolutes were supposed to have been disbanded. Their headquarters building was gutted and turned into the Museum of the Absolutes, as a grim reminder of their activities. However, many believed that the Absolutes were ultimately behind the murder of Ewane, shortly after he left office. The Jedi Master Tahl was able to infiltrate the ranks of the new Absolute, and was present when Qui-Gon Jinn was captured. Their ranks were small and uncontrollable, and there was constant in-fighting among the members. (TTB)

this was the name used to describe those Selonians who, during the time of Thrackan Sal-Solo's rise to power and the Corellian Crisis, were determined that the planetary repulsors should be used as a weapon that would allow the Selonians to forcefully gain their independence from the New Republic. However, their support of the Sacorrian Triad eventually forced the New Republic to intervene, and the Absolutists were dissolved. (AS, CCW)

any material which can absorb liquids, absorbmats are often used as drink coasters. (HSR)

Abubaka II
this starship was often used by Alton Lochner and his team of Alliance agents. (AIR)

this city was located on the Sesto continent of the planet Garnib. (PG1)

an alien race from an unknown world, they are not among the most friendly species in the galaxy. They prefer their seclusion. (DESB)

this was the model number of Loronar's tube-launched ABC Scrambler. (GG10)

Abya, Sybegh
this breedtash farmer was a native of the planet Sedesia. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, Sybegh was also the primary Alliance contact on the planet. He was assisted in his ranching endeavors by the accounting droid A2-B4. (SWJ6)

one of the two binary stars that dominate the Byss-Abyss system. (GG4)

Abyss, The
this was one of the many podraces which meandered through the cloud-cities of the planet Ord Ibanna during the last decades of the Old Republic. (RAC)

Abyss, The
this was the deepest of the mines which had been excavated on the planet Vasha, during the last years of the New Order. It was believed that the Vashan god of decay, the Rot-Maggot, had his lair at the bottom of the Abyss, near the planet's core. (GMR9)

Abyss, The
this deep-reaching, vertical slice of Imperial City was located on Coruscant. The headquarters of the New Republic Intelligence agency, known as the Mirage, were located well below the surface of the planet, within the Abyss itself. (HT)

an alien race native to the planet Byss (not the same Byss that the reborn Emperor Palpatine used as his power base), these tall humanoids have long, well-muscled limbs and a single, slitted eye. The eye of the Abyssin has twin lenses and dual focal planes, which allows the Abyssin some measure of depth perception. They have incredible regenerative ability, and actually consume their own body mass and rebuild cells. An average Abyssin body cell is replaced every 80 hours. Many of the normal organs found in pairs in other races are singular in the Abyssin, but can be regenerated if injured. They are a nomadic race, with no substantial exports. Thus, the planet has been relatively ignored by traders. The primary visitors to the planet are slavers who come to export the Abyssin themselves. For this reason, the Abyssin were distrustful of the Arcona explorers who tried to establish a relationship with them. However, when the Arcona began to share desert survival techniques, the Abyssin began developing a certain level of trust with respect to off-worlders. When two tribes of Abyssin meet, they will either enter into a Trade (if water and food are plentiful, gaunts, weapons, or young are exchanged) or a Blooding (a fight to the death for water rights). The Abyssin have greenish-tan skin and long arms that reach to the ground when they walk. Their hands end in sharp claws. Although Abyssin can live to be over 300 years in age, their ability to regenerate gradually decreases. Those Abyssin who can no longer regenerate themselves usually walk into the desert and die. Those that refuse to die are ritually stoned by younger Abyssin. (GG4, SA, SWDB)

this was the name of the written and spoken language of the Abyssin race. The written version was formed from simple hieroglyphs, while the spoken version was made up of primitive grunts and growls. (UANT)

Abyssin Grafting Patch
this unusual form of bandage was developed by Kirgalis Pharmaceutical Exports, and used specially-harvested regenerative cells from the Abyssin bio-chemistry. When applied to a wound, the patch promoted the rapid growth of new skin cells to heal the wound. The patch wasn't as affective as bacta, but was extremely useful in field situations. (GFT)

this frozen ball of rock and ice was the fifth and outermost planet of the Geonosis System. It was orbited by a single moon. (GORW)

this was the override code which would halt the self-destruct mechanism placed in the memory banks of the droid A-Cee. (SFE)

Cybot Galactica's surveillance droid, the AC1 series was a repulsorlift-powered sphere to which was mounted a swiveling holocam. The sphere was just under a meter in diameter. The AC1 was known as a "Spy-Eye,"and was designed as a mobile surveillance platform which transmitted live images as it moves about. (RASB, EGD)

Academy of Jedi Archaeology, The
a division of the ancient Jedi Knights which strove to recover the ancient Jedi teachings and lore, including the Sith knowledge. (DLS)

Academy, The
an elite training and educational institution, the original goal of the Academy (during the Old Republic and early parts of the Emperor's New Order) was to train personnel for various space-going tasks. Under Palpatine, though, the goal was twisted to become an Imperial training center. There is no single location, although the Academy's most renowned training center is on Raithal. The basic training program lasts 30 months. (SW, JS, COTF, ISB)

this was the name of a street, found in the city of Tacto, on the planet Radnor. (JQ1)

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