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Alarik X
this man was the King of Devit, the only nation found on the planet Lazerian IV, in the years following the formation of the New Republic. He was staunchly loyal to the New Order, as was his wife, Careese. Alarik was a charismatic leader, and was an expert in military matters. (TSK)

Alaris Koth
this was a note Dashade individual from the ancient histories of the planet Urkupp. (UANT)

Alaris Prime
this moon orbited a huge gas giant, which masked the moon's appearance to most shipboard sensors. For this reason, it went undiscovered to many millennia, until the Wookiees of nearby Kashyyyk discovered space travel. When the Wookiees first arrived, they found a world of temperate forests and oceans, with many stands of wroshyr trees, which were believed to be native only to Kashyyyk. Wookiee legends tell of wroshyr trees traveling through space to Alaris Prime, but no scientific explanation has ever been put forth. Alaris Prime was eventually turned over to the Wookiees by the Old Republic, after some twenty years of deliberation. It was a highly-valued world, given its proximity to Kessel and Bimmisaari, and the Trade Federation once tried to obtain control for themselves. The Wookiees objected to this, fighting to keep the Federation off Alaris Prime. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn was dispatched to mediate the dispute, eventually turning control of the moon over to the Wookiees. Alaris Prime eventually became a technology hub for the Old Republic. Note that Star Wars Insider, Issue 62 indicates that this moon was simply named Alaris, and that it orbited Kashyyyk itself. (GB, SWI62, GBC)

see Alsakan (GMR9)

this remote world was the site of an Alliance-sponsored archaeological dig, during the period surrounding the Battle of Yavin. Ancient records indicated that a great civilization once existed on the planet, although there were no modern records of any beings on Alashan. The Alliance hoped that some sort of weapons technology might be discovered on Alashan, and sponsored the expedition to assist in their effort to overthrow the Empire. Contact was lost with the outpost after the Battle of Yavin, and a scout force dispatched to investigate was also lost. Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker were later stranded on the planet, following their theft of the Staraker, after they were directed to Alashan to continue the invvestigation. The planet was known to have at least three natural moons. Luke and Leia found an Imperial detachment on Alashan, and both parties agreed that the planet had a strange connection to the Force. Five kilometers beneath the surface, Luke, Leia, and Major Grau discovered an immense city, hidden by barriers that had been breached by the archaeologists. The defeat of the Sentinelk creature whichh protected the city brought down tons of rock and debris, forever burying the ancient city amd cutting off any hope of recovering Alashan's strange technology. (MCI5, MCI6, MCI7)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "desert" or "sand". (GCG)

Alask Vrei
this Twi'lek male was once a baron on his homeworld of Ryloth, until his holdings were seized in a clan power-struggle and he was left creditless. He discovered that he had a knack for the tactics of dogfighting, and joined the New Republic Navy as a tactician. He served with distinction as a line officer, and survived his fair share of engagements before being named the commanding officer of Nightflier Squadron. Much to the chagrin of his pilots, Vrei acted as if they were his subjects, protecting them from harm in much the same way a lord protected his farmers and smiths. However, he was not above playing hardball if the situation demanded it. (GMR9)

Alasl Bowl
this was a form of utilitarian artwork, created from deposits of unusual stone found only in the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine. Most alasl bowls were carved by the Sandpeople, which made collected specimens quite rare. (TG)

Alaspin Casino
the destruction of this casino, which led to the deaths of the Kassandre crime family, was believed to be the work of Limna Yith. (SSR)

Alassa Major
this planet was known for its resorts and entertainment, and was considered a rival to Bespin's Cloud City in terms of its appeal. (SWJ10)

this anti-toxin was used to cure the effects of many standard, Imperial interrogation drugs, like Mangoriza. (SWJ10)

Alater, Osted
this Imperial Navy Captain was dispatched to investigate the native insurrections against Planetary Safaris. Hunting expeditions had been decimated by attacks from the "native beasts," and Alater was sent by sector governor Paro Lanto under the Dangerous Species Act to eliminate any threat. However, Alater discovered the true intelligence of the Barabels and had Planetary Safaris banned. (GG4, WOTC)

this was the only permanent underground city and spaceport found on the planet Barab I. It was crude by most standards. It was built by Shaka-ka to honor Imperial Captain Osted Alater, who exposed the deception of Planetary Safaris, which had been hunting the Barabels despite their intelligence. Years later, the spaceport and the surrounding city - as well as the entire surface of Barab I - were destroyed by the Yuuzhan Vong. Note that Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds indicates that Alater-ka was actually built by Captain Alater, to facilitate the Empire's operations on Barab I and to help ensure the protection of the Barabel race. (GG4, FH1, GORW)

Alavar, Nee
this Lorrdian woman was a Senator to the Old Republic, during the years following the Battle of Geonosis. She represented the entire Kanz Sector during the Clone Wars, and was one of the first Senators to join the Delegation of the Two Thousand. Like many Lorrdians, Nee Alavar wore heavy robes and clothing that helped mask her body language. (SWI75, SWDB, SWI85)

this organic material, grown by the Vratix on Thyferra, was one of the two primary components that were refined into bacta. The Vratix originally mashed alazhi into a lotion to treat cuts and burns. When mixed with kavam, the alazhi lotion created bacta. While kavam was easily synthesized on any planet, alazhi was indigenous and unique to Thyferra. (XWN, SWJ3)

this was the Vratix term for the Thriving Season, the ten-year peiod following the Battle of Nabo, during which both the Xucphrua and Zaltin factions were forced to submit to Vratix control. Dubbed the Vratix Occupation by many corporate interests, Alazhixazha began shortly after the election of Palpatine to Supreme Chancellor. A huge number of scandals involving corporate payoffs preceded the revelation that both Zaltin and Xucphra had destroyed fields of alazhi in order to jack up the procie fo bacta across the galaxy. The normally anti-bureaucratic Vratix decided that they had to stand up for their planet and its reputation, and executed a bloodless coup that even their worst enemies described as "elegant." It was during the period of Alazhixazha that the Bacta Cartel forced to compete with local companies and non-human business interests for supplies of bacta. It was also during this time that galactic awareness of bacta - including its production and distribution - was increased significantly. (PH)

this planet was devastated by a series of bloody, chaotic civil wars in the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo. (HP)

this unit of measure describes the strength of the power-pulse emitted by a repulsorlift generator. (CFG)

a nondescript planet located in the Core, Albecus was the site of an Alliance safehouse in the years following the Battle of Yavin. (CRO)

Alboz Sea
this large body of water was located on the planet Veron. (PG1)

a planet. (SWJ10)

this BRT-series computer was installed at the University of Calamar on Esseles some two hundred years before the Battle of Yavin. Like the rest of the BRT series, Albert (as he was known to his friends) was an efficient machine that controlled much of the school's daily operations. However, like the rest of the BRT series, Albert's programming was reduced severely, and he was left sorting registration records and scheduling classes. When Albert invited the university's faculty to a party to celebrate his 200th year of service, only three members showed up. Albert went into a sulk, and began to ruminate within its own databases. Albert stumbled upon a cell of Alliance supporters within the student body, and began to assist them in their struggles against the Empire. He even discovered that one of their number was an Imperial spy, and arranged to have him arrested and removed from the cell. During this time, Albert also discovered that much of his programming remained intact, despite the attempt to reduce it many years earlier. He devoted himself to assisting the Alliance in any way possible, keeping his true abilities a secret. (CRO)

Alby Ermad
this male Ugnaught was a noted designer of battle armor, working for Sienar Fleet Systems during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Alby Ermad assisted his colleague, Artzam Hathan, in making off with several disks worth of secret plans and schematics from Sienar, and the pair fled to the Outland Transit Station. However, a bounty had been placed on both Ugnaughts' head for their arrest and return to Sienar. Jango Fett collected the bounty on both of them. (BH)

this planet, the third in the Gacerian System, is covered by a dense, hot jungle. The planet is tectonically active, which prevents any major construction. However, it does have a barely habitable atmosphere. Alc is orbited by a single moon. (PG2)

see Al-Campur (GORW)

this dusty city was the administrative capital of the planet Sriluur. (MTSE, GORW)

this was the name of the governmental building located in Ratamesh, on the planet Thisspias. (NEGC)

this dense, yet lightweight armor was created by the Trade Federation's manufacturing centers for use in plating their droid starfighters. (SWK)

this fruit is native to the planet Kashyyyk. Its milk is used by Wookiees for drinking and cooking. Is the alcoari an animal? (RD)

this beast of burden was used by the Oldtimers who settled the planet Nam Chorios. The alcopays were succeptible to disease, and often carried parasites which were transferred to blerds and grazers. (POT)

this searing ball of rock was the third planet of the Sriluur System, located in the Outer Rim Territories. (GORW)

Aldar Beedo
this Glymphid hitman was also one of the Outer Rim's best podracer pilots. Aldar was recognizable by his long, thin snout and gangly arms. It was Aldar Beedo who killed Borzu Nale, the Fluggrian crimelord who was Kam Nale's father, and earned him a bounty in several systems. Beedo was later hired by Wan Sandage to eliminate Sebulba, in hopes that the Dug's domination of the podracing circuits could be broken. However, Beedo was unable to do this during the Boonta Eve Classic race won by Anakin Skywalker. Beedo drove a Manta RamAir Mark IV Flat-Twin Turbojet racer, and finished third in the Boonta behind Skywalker and Gasgano. During the Vinta Harvest Classic race on Malastare, shortly after the Battle of Naboo, Beedo found another chance to kill Sebulba when the Jedi Knights - on Malastare to negotiate a peace treaty for the Lannik - distracted Sebulba in the midst of the race. His shot went wide of the mark, however, and nearly killed the Jedi. Years later, Beedo was finally captured by a bounty hunter, caught in the middle of the Fire Mountain Rally on Baroonda. (TPM, RAC, IG1, PRT, ETM, HNN4)

see Aldera (MJH)

this was one of the most common surnames found among the human population of Corellia. (GMR9)

Alder, Cal
this Alliance scout was a native of Kal'Shebbol. He served under Bren Derlin for a number of years, and was one of Echo Base's perimeter patrol leaders. During the Battle of Hoth, Lieutenant Alder coordinated the snowspeeder groups that were protecting the main base against Imperial attacks. Years later, Alder was among the group of New Republic military officers who planned the mission of the FarStar to locate Moff Sarne in the Kathol Sector. (CCG3, SWI74)

this city was the capital of the planet Alderaan, before it was destroyed by the first Death Star. The city was built on an island in the middle of a large lake formed eons ago by the impact of a huge meteor. Many of the planet's dignitaries were housed in Aldera, and the famous Alderaan University was situated there. Bail Organa once maintained a palace in the city, where his study overlooked the lake and was surrounded by gardens. (ISU, POT)

Aldera Guard
see Guard of Aldera (GMR9)

Aldera Police Force
this was the primary police force which maintained order in the city of Aldera, on the planet Alderaan. (CCW)

Aldera Spaceport
this was Alderaan's primary spaceport, located on the outskirts of the capital city of Aldera. (CCW)

Aldera Universal Medcenter
this was one of the most prominent hospitals found on the planet Alderaan. Affiliated with Alderaan University, the Aldera Universal Medcenter was known for never turning away a being in need, and many said that miracles were performed on a daily basis inside its walls. In addition to its medical facilities, Aldera Universal Medcenter also contained a renowned educational facility, providing training and hands-on experience for interns as well as professionals. (CCW)

this star was the central body of the Alderaan System. (CCW)

Princess Leia's small starship, she piloted it under the alias Lelila in order to travel unobtrusively. (CS, TNR)

this planet's human inhabitants were among the most peaceful beings in the galaxy, although they were not the planet's original form of sentient life. Before human colonists settled Alderaan some 2,500 years before the formation of the Old Republic, the planet was ruled by the Killiks. However, their civilization came to an end near three millennia earlier, when an meteor crashed into the planet and destroyed the Killiks. Thus, when human colonists arrived on Alderaan, they believed themselves to be the first sentients on the planet. They were in continual harmony with the world around them, and chose to build their cities on top of sandstone bluffs and on stilts in the shallow seas. The capital city of Aldera was eventually built in the crater that was formed when the meteor that killed the Killik crashed into the planet. Alderaan itself was a temperate world that was orbited by three moons. The towering cities were built in such a way that they wouldn't destroy the seas or trample the grasslands, where the strange ruins of the Killik civilization were discovered. The human inhabitants of the planet catalogued over 8,000 species of grasses on the plains, and more than that in species of flowers. At the age of seventeen, an Alderaanian was considered an adult. It was a well-known custom that the adult members of Alderaan's society never cut their hair, but allowed it to grow into long tresses. Alderaan was a staunch supporter of the Old Republic, and many of its inhabitants served in the armed forces. Following the Clone Wars and the widespread destruction caused by it, the government of Alderaan outlawed all weapons. They placed all weapons aboard a transport ship and sent the ship out on a never-ending series of random hyperspace jumps. The homeworld of the Organa family, Alderaan's role in galactic politics took a detour during the later years of the Old Republic. As Palpatine continued to gain power, the Organas began organizing a resistance to his Presidency. With the implementation of the New Order, Alderaan became one of the primary supporters of the newly-formed Alliance to Restore the Republic. However, the outspoken dissatisfaction with Palpatine's rule led to the destruction of the planet. When Leia Organa was captured aboard the Tantive IV over Tatooine, she was taken to Grand Moff Tarkin for questioning. Tarkin tried to obtain information from her, but she proved too strong. Even when Tarkin threatened to destroy Alderaan with the new Death Star, Leia lied to him about the location of the Alliance's base. Tarkin took no chances, however, and ordered the destruction of the planet. Alderaan was blown to pieces just before the Battle of Yavin, and all life on the planet was destroyed. Some 60,000 natives survived because they were off-world at the time, and were granted a unique status within the Alliance, as well as the New Republic. In order to avoid public outcries on the destruction of Alderaan, Imperial propaganda claimed that the Death Star had been in the area of the Alderaan System to perform its initial tests. It was then that Alliance agents sabotaged the tests, which resulted in the Death Star's laser firing on the planet, rather than a lifeless target. (SW, SWR, CPL, GA, ISU, SOL, RD, TCD, HG)

Alderaan Alliance
a collection of the survivors of the destroyed planet, they outwardly denounced the Empire's use of force. Once the Galactic Civil War was ended, they compiled a list of all the known designers and developers of the Death Star project. They used this list to bring the developers out of hiding to stand trial for their crimes. (COJ)

Alderaan Ascendency Contention
a power struggle within the Alderaanian hierarchy that occurred several decades before the Clone Wars, in which the various high houses of Alderaan could not make up their mind as to which would assume the throne of Viceroy of Alderaan. After three separate votes yielded no outcome, the Jedi Knights were asked to mediate the contention. Jorus C'baoth was among the Jedi assigned to the Contention, and their ruling was that Bail Organa had the rightful claim to the title of Viceroy. (DFR)

Alderaan Biotics
this hydroponics company supported Alderaan's need for foodstuffs and other organic supplies until the planet was destroyed by the first Death Star. They once established an operational facility on Borleias, but the site was abandoned after Alderaan was destroyed, and the faciity was staffed with maintenance droids and abandonded. It was discovered years later by Evir Derricote, who rerouted a large amount of Imperial monies to re-establish the site. He used it to produce the initial strains of the Krytos virus until Borleias was liberated by Rogue Squadron after a pair of engagements. Alderaan Biotics later became the New Republic's primary manufacturing facility for the creation of rylca. (XWN, KT)

Alderaan Department of the Arts
this was the primary governmental agency which funded and promoted the arts on the planet of Alderaan. (GA)

Alderaan Diplomatic Cruiser
this was the name given to a specially-designed version of the (SWI77)

Alderaan Expatriate Network
this pro-Alliance news network was founded by professional reporters who joined the Alliance after the destruction of their homeworld. It was considered one of the most thorough and professional newsfeeds of its time. (SWJ3, SWJ11)

Alderaan Fine Arts Museum
located in the city of Cinnagar, on the planet Empress Teta, this museum contained some of the Deep Core's most impressive art collections. (PH)

Alderaan Guard
before the planet Alderaan rid itself of weapons, the Alderaan Guard was one of the main, armed police forces. (BW)

Alderaan Reel
this rhythmic dance was performed at balls and formal dances on the planet Alderaan, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (TCD)

Alderaan Royal Engineers
manufacturers of ion drive systems used during the Clone Wars, they were also a prominent starship manufacturer during most of the Old Republic. ARE was most famous for their luxury yachts, space stations, and exotic vessels. They were gradually muscled out of the spotlight by aggressive firms like Kuat Drive Yards, and laid low during the New Order. ARE was also part of the secret rearmament program that was initiated on Alderaan, but never got the chance after the first Death Star destroyed the planet Alderaan. (EGV)

Alderaan Ruge
a very rare and expensive liqueur. (POC)

Alderaan Security Detail
this was the name of the specialized police force that was formed to protect the planet Alderaan, during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWMW)

Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies
an exclusive Alderaanian school attended by Leia Organa, this prestigious Academy taught manners and high culture to the young woman of the planet Alderaan. (SWSB, T11)

Alderaan Star Scream
this song, written by Ballifore Figg for his band, Hyperspaze and the Jump Lanes, was a haunting movement that somehow captured the painful destruction of the planet Alderaan. (HR)

Alderaan System
this star system once contained the planet Alderaan. (CCW)

Alderaan Thranta
see Common Thranta. (WSW)

Alderaan University
this famous institute was heralded as one of the most forward-thinking schools in the galaxy, and produced some of the best minds in many disciplines. Founded in Aldera by the great thinker Collus, it was designed to isolate its students from the outside world. Collus believed that this would lead to uninterrupted stretches of time that would allow students to contemplate their studies. Over the years, many other schools were built around Collus' nucleus. These "pods" were developed, not just by Alderaanians, but by any race wanting to further their knowledge through contemplation. The Ithorians had a botanical pod, for instance. During the early years of the New Order, the University became a center of anti-Imperial dissent. Many of the Alliance's brightest minds were schooled and recruited at the University, including the poet Hari Seldona. (ISU)

Alderaan Weaver's Reel
this was the original form of the Alderaan Reel, developed by the Weaving Clans of Alderaan. (TCD)

Alderaanian Ale
this fermented, alcoholic beverage was brewed from the fragrant grains once native to Alderaan. (RD)

Alderaanian Death Legion
this unit of the Alliance's Special Forces was made up exclusively of men and women who were natives of Alderaan. They were given the worst sort of missions against the Empire, mainly because they requested them. (ROE)

Alderaanian Diplomatic Corps
established on the planet Alderaan, this group worked to mediate disputes whenever the Old Republic did not have the resources to do so. The efforts of the ADC were brought to the forefront during the early stages of the Clone Wars, when planets like Jabiim threatened to secede from the Republic. The ADC worked hard to allay the fears of these worlds, despite the growing conflict between the Republic and the Separatists. (SWI68)

Alderaanian Flame-rose
this plant is extinct in the galaxy, following the destruction of Alderaan, except for a group maintained by the Gree at the Lonatran Gardens. (SWJ8)

Alderaanian Flare-wing
this butterfly-like insect was native to the planet Alderaan, and was noted for the vibrant colors of the wings on each of its subspecies. (MJH)

Alderaanian Guard
this was another name for the Senatorial Guard, which was dispatched by Bail Organa to protect diplomats from Alderaan during the height of the New Order. They evolved from the ranks of the Alderaan Guard. (JKG, BW)

Alderaanian High House
this was a hair style which derived from the coiffures of the members of the royal house of Alderaan. It was popular in the wake of the Battle of Yavin, after the planet Alderaan was destroyed by the first Death Star. (SWJ5)

Alderaanian Medical Association
this was the controlling body of the multitude of doctors and physicians of the planet Alderaan. (CCG5)

Alderaanian Oversea
this was a form of architecture that was developed on the planet Alderaan, in which cities were built on stilts in the shallow seas and marshes of the planet. In this way, living space for the planetary population was gained without causing excessive damage to, or interefence with, the surrounding environment. This style was later the inspiration for Tipoca City, on the planet Kamino. (GORW)

Alderaanian Tessent
see Alsakan Tessent (GMR9)

Alderaanian War Frigate
this was a class of warship produced to serve as part of Alderaan's fleet during the Clone Wars. They were among the most powerful ships of their time, and were the pride of Alderaan's fleet. The basic design of the War Frigate measured 250 meters in length, and was armed with ten quad turbolaser batteries and four medium ion cannons. (GA)

this ancient starship drive system manufacturer also produced high-performance power generators. (EGV)

this was the name used to describe the planet Alderaan in several of the Marvel comics. (LTA2)

a planet. (GMS)

Alderath Horticultural Society
this group of botanists and horticulturalists was based on the planet Alderath. During the Galactic Civil War, they sought out and obtained a specimen of the Millennium blossom. However, the plant was stolen by a crimelord while en route to Alderath. (GMS)

Alderbathe Monastery
a noted religious retreat. (HR)

a planet loyal to the New Republic. (CPL)

an insectile race. (CPL)

this Hapan weapons expert was leery of using the BlasTech T-6 Thunderer blaster pistol, after hearing stories of its barrel being warped by the intense power generated by the weapon. (GUN)

Aldine Brigade
this was the name of the squadron of House Melantha troops who served under the command of Captain Brixus Aldine, during the height of the New Order. (TSIA)

Aldine, Brixus
this man was a loyal soldier for House Melantha, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. He held the rank of Captain, and commanded a squadron of soldiers who became known as the Aldine Brigade, during the height of the New Order. (TSIA)

this planet was the homeworld of Lara Notsil, an alias used by Gara Petothel to gain entrance to the New Republic's armed forces. The village in which she lived was destroyed by Admiral Trigit, who captured Lara and used her as a concubine. (IF)

this was one of the binary stars at the center of the Aldo Spachian System. (SL)

Aldo Spachian Comet
this unusual comet was locked in an orbit between Aldo and Spach, the two stars at the center of the otherwise unexciting Aldo Spachian System. The comet was unusual in that it had a huge coma surrounding a tiny ball of ice and stone, and it had four distinct tails. The tails were formed as a result of its location between the two stars, with two tails shooting straight out behind it and the other two curling aorund it. The comet was something of a tourist attraction, and was generally regarded as the only reason a being would travel to the Aldo Spachian System. (SL)

Aldraig IV
this industrialized planet was part of the Aldraig System, located in the Core Worlds. The Empire established an AT-AT productions facility, as well as a TIE Fighter hull assembly plant, on the planet, wiped out large tracts of pristine forest to make room for them. (TBSB)

Aldrete, Agrippa
this man, a native of the planet Alderaan, served as his homeworld's Senator to the Old Republic, a position he served with Liana Merian. They were part of the delegation which voted during the ousting of Chancellor Valorum, after Queen Amidala of Naboo called for a vote of no-confidence in his ability to remove the Trade Federation's blockade of her homeworld. (IG1)

Aleck W'a Ni Odus
this scientist had been an associate of Jenna Zan Arbor's, and was invited to the party she held at Didi Oddo's café. (EVE)

this near-human woman, distinguished by her red hair and pointed ears, was one of the handful of Jedi Masters who led the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, during the years following the Great Sith War. She remained on the Enclave's leadership team until the Jedi Civil War broke out. It was believed that Master Aleco was killed in the conflict. (T23)

Alee Aroval
this Nimbanese data forger was surrounded by rumors of great associations with the Klatooinan Trade Guild and the Hutts themselves. He never discussed his past, but nevertheless was one of the best forgers in the galaxy. He managed to obtain a Bureau of Ships Services interface plug, allowing him to make nearly perfect alterations to a starship captain's permits and licenses. Of course, his fees were commensurate with his workmanship. (PSG)

this planet was located on the border between the Colonies Region and the Inner Rim. It was the homeworld of the Aleena race, and was the site of a Jedi Knight chapter house during the last years of the Old Republic. (IWE1, OWS, HNN5)

Aleen Classic
this podracing event took place annually on Aleen, during the final years of the Old Republic. (SWDB)

this short-bodied alien race was native to the planet Aleen. These beings were characterized by their long, thick bodies and short limbs. They waddled when they walked, and were ungainly to look upon. Their heads were dominated by a long, thin plate of body which extended back from the skull, and their faces were flat. Two small eyes sat over a wide mouth which was filled with short, sharp teeth. Aleena was known for their quick-change metabolism, which helped them escape from sagcatchers on their homeworld. Individuals were bred for their color variation, another way they avoided becoming prey. As a people, the Aleena had a strong warrior tradition. (OWS, IWE1, NEGC)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and meant "protector" in the Twi'leki language. (GCG)

Alema Rar
this blue-skinned Twi'lek female and her sister, Numa, were part of the new order of Jedi Knights who trained under Luke Skywalker in the years leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. A former dancer, Alema and Numa trained briefly under Daeshara'cor before being dispatched to assist with the resistance on New Plympto. The strength of the sisters helped rally the natives of the planet, but the Yuuzhan Vong simply unleashed a plague which destroyed all life on the surface. Alema and Numa fled with several thousand refugees, managing to escape the system aboard the Nebula Chaser. Unfortunately, the cruiser was intercepted by the Yuuzhan Vong and searched. During their attempt to avoid being captured, Numa was the first of the Jedi to be killed by a voxyn. Alema managed to survive the mission, and she continued to serve the war effort as part of Twin Suns Squadron. During the final stages of the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, after the living planet Zonama Sekot agreed to help bring about an end to the conflict, Alema was one of several Jedi Knights were bonded to seed-partners and provided with Sekotan starships. Five years later, when UnuThul sent out his call for help, Alema was among seven young Jedi who dropped whatever mission they were currently on and traveled to the Unknown Regions to answer the call. Unlike Zekk and Jaina Solo, Alema believed that the Chiss were planning to destroy every hive of the Colony, despite the fact that the Force had given the Jedi no indications of the true nature of the conflict. Thus, when the Chiss sent a team of ships to defoliate the worlds of Ruu and Zvbo, Alema chose to take the fight to the Chiss, before they could deploy their chemicals. She gleefully shot down Chiss clawcraft, hoping to make the survivors understand the consequences of trying to exterminate the Colony. When Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo, tried to extricate Jaina and her fellow Jedi from the Colony, Alema agreed to accompany them to negotiate a peaceful solution to the Colony's conflict with the Chiss. Although she claimed to simply plan to serve as their guide through Colony space, Alema actually planned to sabotage their mission. They were able to incapacitate her and bind her, preventing her from killing them, and brought her to Ossus for interrogation. She managed to steal a ship and flee to Kr, where she rejoined the Gorog nest. However, Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker followed her there, and confronted Alema beneath the moon's icy surface. In a raging lightsaber battle, Luke managed to get through Alema's defenses and slash her from the shoulder to the sternum. As she collapsed, Alema dropped her lightsaber. Master Skywalker recovered the weapon for safekeeping, and left her to die. However, she refused to give in, and eventually returned to the Gorog and recovered. However, the wound to her shoulder never fully healed, and hampered her lightsaber techniques. While she healed, Alema Rar began to refer to herself as the Night Herald of the Dark Nest, claiming that she took the role after BedaGorog was killed. According to the story she gave to Luke Skywalker on Woteba about a year later, it was BedaGorog whom Luke had injured on Kr, not Welk, and that BedaGorog died from the wounds she suffered. Alema then tried to sow distrust between Luke and Mara by claiming that Mara was hiding information on the truth behind the death of Daxar Ies. When the Gorog were ready to launch their escape from the Utegetu Nebula, Alema Rar was aboard the frigate that tried to commandeer the Admiral Ackbar. During the fighting, she was confronted by Leia Organa Solo, who managed to sever one of her lekku before Alema could escape. (SBS, EL1, FP, UF, DN1, DN2)

this was one of the many mining settlements, or o'bekis, established on Goroth Prime. It was close enough to the planet's equator to suffer from electromagnetic discharges from the planet's debris ring. (GSE)

the last code key that was given to Admiral Ackbar by Leia Organa-Solo, it was used to gain entrance to the Presidential residence on Coruscant. (BTS)

this was one of the strongest planets of the Freeworlds Region of Tapani Sector, during the height of the New Order. Much of the planet's surface was arid, and covered with a thick smog. This forced the inhabitants to develop underground cities and domed canyon dwellings. The planet's true value was found in the abundance of natural ores hidden in its crust and mantle. The planet was originally colonized by settlers from the planet Gilliana. They had hoped to terraform the planet, by Aleron refused to bend. The colonists then turned to developing the underground cities found on the planet. (PGT, LOE)

Aleron Trade Cooperative
this council, made up of the major business leaders of the planet Aleron, ruled the planet at the height of the New Order. Although each member of the ATC was supposed to have an equal vote, the representatives of Macander Heavy Ores tended to dominate meetings. (LOE)

Alert T-7
this was a Chiss level of alert used aboard starships, to indicate that someone had been shot and needed assistance. (SQ)

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