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Alta-wave Calibrator
this piece of technology was considered illegal by the Old Republic. (IWE1)

the third of the Force skills which Jedi can master, Alter is also the most difficult. It involves the Jedi's ability to modify the Force and redistribute its energy. (SWSB, IJ)

Altha Protein Drink
this was a fairly tasty, protein-packed drink that was favored by athletic beings during the early years of the New Republic. (FH1)

this planet was the site of a vicious space battle during the height of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

this man was the leader of the Citizen's Council, on the planet Dodz, during the decade leading up to the Battle of Yavin. During much of his career, Councilman Althon was essentially powerless, since the Council and the planet were under the control of Governor Kugg. Although he did not condone Jost Ellon's use of a Ranger X-1 defense droid against Kugg's Destroyer, when Kugg's droid was destroyed in combat, Althon quickly thanked the young boy and set out to reclaim Dodz for its citizens. (MDCAR)

the primary planet in the Altier System. (SWJ5)

Altin Wuho
this assassin worked for Dirk Balor during the Galactic Civil War. Wuho worked with a captive nightmare demon known as Reist, which he controlled with a lead-lined helmet and a forcefield bubble. Wuho was sent to capture Luke Skywalker in the Lapez System, and cornered Luke on Lapez 3. Wuho sent Reist in first, with a homing device to locate his position later. Wuho followed in a shuttle, and discovered that Reist had been badly injured by Luke in a fight. Wuho then engaged Luke himself, and was injured. This injury revealed to Luke that Wuho was an android. Luke took parts from the droid body to repair his own damaged ship, leaving the cybernetic corpse of Wuho behind on Lapez 3. (CSWDW, W149)

Alto Ocean
this was one of two major bodies of water on the planet Demar. (FBS)

this was the capital city of the planet Bethal. (SWJ4, SWJ11)

Altor 14
this world was the primary planet in the Roti-Ow System, and was the homeworld of the Avogwi (Altorian Birds) and the Nuiwit (Altorian Lizards). Discovered by Rego Mineral Company, it was a hot, dry planet whose lifeforms adapted unique methods of obtaining and collecting water. Its day lasted about 94 standard hours, which contributed to the arid nature of its surface. During the 47-hour "day," any water that collected on the surface would evaporate away. (GG4, COJ, SWJ10)

this planet was covered with rolling plains and savannahs. (COG)

Altorian Birds
see Avogwi (GG4)

Altorian Lizards
see Nuiwit (GG4)

Altorian Milk-ale
a strange beverage fermented on Altor 14. (SL)

this planet was under Imperial control during the Galactic Civil War. It was uninhabited, which was the primary reason the Empire selected it to served as the site of a HoloNet relay station during the Galactic Civil War. (MBC)

Altratonne Prime
this star was the primary body around which the planet Altratonne orbited. The star's regular solar flares showered the planet with ionic storms, disrupting communications. (MBC)

Altratonne Station
this was the name of the Empire's primary HoloNet relay communications base, found on the planet Altratonne. It was eventually destroyed by an Alliance strike team led by Lav Bilsek. (MBC)

this frozen planet is the eighth planet in the Atrig System. It has a single moon. (PG2)

Altronel, Ketrian
this woman, a native of the planet Hargeeva, grew up in a blue-collar family of cloth merchants. Her parents recognized her ability to learn and study, and worked hard to ensure that she had a thorough education. Ketrian chose to study the field of geology, and was awarded a scholarship to a university attached to the Imperial Academy. She excelled there, and was best known for her revolutionary ideas in the field of metal sciences. She was also a collector of swords and knives, as she was fascinated with the ways in which metal could be shaped to form the blades. She took up fencing, and through the sport she met Stevan Makintay. The two eventually fell in love, and Ketrian "branded" him with a scar on the cheek when he tried to break up a duel between herself and another woman who made advances toward him. Mak proposed marriage to her, which led to Makintay's disinheritance. After his father had him sent away to prison, he told Ketrian that Mak had left her for a life as a starfighter pilot. She felt betrayed by Mak, and fell deeply into her work at the Arginall Refinery. Her work with the minerals of the planet led to the discovery of how to increase the heat-absorption properties of ostrine ten-fold, which caught the attention of Nial Pedrin. She later saw Mak in a holovid depicting the results of his failed rebel uprising in Arginall City, but didn't get a chance to confront him until sometime later. Then, Mak brought along several members of his Alliance team, in hopes of convincing her to join him and the Alliance. She refused, and was captured with him as part of an Imperial raid and shipped off to a penal colony. When she learned that Pedrin had killed her good friend, Alikka Nolan, during an intense interrogation session, Ketrian began to doubt her loyalties to the Empire. Following their "rescue" from the Imperials by the Ghawem pirates, Ket rejoined Mak and became part of the Alliance, working out of Eyrie Base. (SWJ8)

Altyr V
this planet was the site of an intense battle during the Clone Wars, when clone commander Deviss and his meager forces destroyed a key Separatist ion cannon. Their actions allowed the forces of the Old Republic to rout the Separatists and reclaim control of the planet. Decades later, the New Republic maintained an outpost on this world, although the base was attacked by Imperial forces some seven years after the Battle of Endor. The Imperials were eliminated by Kyle Katarn, who was on Altyr V in search of information on the location of Dromund Kaas, during his mission to help Mara Jade become a true Jedi Knight. (MOTS, NEGC, SWI84)

Aludium pu-36
this unusual, green alcohol was used in some of the strangest drinks of the Old Republic. (VD2)

Alui Corridor
this hyperspace trade route was often ambushed by pirates, during the height of the New Order. (AIR)

this Imperial shuttle transported important personnel to the Silver Bull during the evacuation of the SpecWar facilities. (TIE)

this alloy was used in making door casings and other interior structures. (LCM)

this young woman was a Padawan learner at the Almas Academy during the years following the Battle of Naboo. She was a good friend of Lora Nadad, and worked with Lora in making the Cularin System more aware of the struggles of The Lost. Alurali passed her trials to become a Jedi Knight shortly afterward. (WOTC)

this planet is known for its vast tar pits. (VP)

an alloy used in making starship hulls. (SCRE)

this fluttering insect was found in the caverns of the planet Sullust. Its colorfully-patterned wings were considered beautiful by the Sullustans, who copied the patterns in a variety of artworks. (GCG)

this was a common female name given to Sullustan females. It referred to a beautiful, flying insect that was native to the caverns of Sullust. (GCG)

Alvace Star
this Alliance medal of honor was given to those pilots who managed to lead their teams out of dangerous situations. (SWJ11)

Alvak, T.
an Imperial Pilot, Alvak graduated with honors from the Imperial Naval Academy on Prefsbelt IV before becoming a well-decorated officer. He is a TIE Fighter pilot, serving in the Solaset Fleet during the Galactic Civil War. (SWSB)

a stormtrooper squadron assigned to set up roadblocks in Mos Eisley to keep R2-D2 and C-3PO from escaping Tatooine. (TME)

this tasty dish was created by some of the galaxy's best chefs during the height of the New Order. (SWGAL)

this planet, the fourth in the Kidron System, is a large gas giant with thirteen moons. (PG3)

Alvor Cano
this Iotran Braceman was the lead investigator into the disappearance of the Malachite Scent, during the last years of the Old Republic. He discovered Clabburn the Elder's role in the event, and later exposed the crafty deception of Clabburn the Younger. (WOA34)

this was a temperate world, covered with colorful, deciduous forests and stony, crystalline spires. It orbited a trio of small, blue-white stars. (GMR5)

Alvorine City
this was the capital city of the planet Alvorine. (GMR5)

this was the name given to the nomadic population of the planet Ansion, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Ostensibly led by the overclans of the Borokii and the Januul, the Alwari chose to remain separate from the Unity of Community, fearing that the city dwellers would usurp all the rights to the grasslands they called home. The Alwari were traditionalists at heart, and had adapted modern technology to their own uses. Even glowlamps were modified to flicker, like the natural flames used by their ancestors. When Ansion started thinking about seceding from the Republic, the Alwari were certain that the Republic - especially the Jedi Knights sent to Ansion to settle the dispute - sided with the city dwellers. (APS)

Borsk Fey'lya was a member of this Bothan clan, which was one of only three clans allowed to colonize the planet Kothlis after it was purchased from Raynor Mining Enterprises. The Alya clan was also one of the first Bothan clans to ally itself with the Alliance, during the years following the Battle of Yavin. (MBC, SPG, RESB)

this Fyodoi female was Kalor's wife. (PG2)

this man adapted a Corellian Technologies Big Shock netting to protect his landspeeder. (GUN)

this was the handle of one of the many slicers who first discovered Tiny F's message of an impending attack by the Thaereian Military on the people of the Cularin System, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. alyssaroxu seemed to have a flambouyant personality, and the signature on her postings read "Hugs and kisses, Alyssa, future apprentice to Baylan." When Tiny F first posted a decrypted message form Jir Tramsig to the Cularin HoloNet, alyssaroxu was one of the few who initially thought it was a hoax. It was during this series of exchanges that alyssaroxu also started a running campaign to flame the slicer known as wampa1. In order to keep the immature slicer off the node, Alyssa sent three trillion copies of a picture of wampa1's mother and a gundark from wampa1's own HoloNet node. (LFCW)

this woman was Prince Isolder's cousin, and one of the many within the royal family who disapproved of his choice of Teneniel Djo for a wife. Following the Battle of Fondor, in which Isolder lost a large portion of the Hapan fleet, there were seven recorded assassination attempts against Isolder, many of which originated from Alyssia. It was even believed that Alyssia talked her own niece - the daughter of her younger sister, Chelik - into trying to assassinate Prince Isolder, shortly after the Second Battle of Coruscant. (DJ)

Alysssa Maggrit
this young Duros girl was twelve years old when the Clone Wars broke out. She was living in the city of Tolea Biqua, on the planet Genarius, running numbers for her uncle at the time. Her cover was blown when the inept slicer known as wampa1 revealed her name on the HoloNet, believing that the young Duros was actually the slicer known as alyssaroxu. (LFCW)

this planet was the homeworld of a race of piscine beings who resembled Gamorreans. Unfortunately, this race was exterminated by Stenax invaders during the Stenax Massacres, which occurred some ten months after the Battle of Endor. (MDCAR, GMR1)

Alzoc III
an Imperial world during the Galactic Civil War, Alzoc III is the homeworld of the Talz. It is known for its beautiful pearls, even though the planet is mostly covered by cold, frozen plains and hard-packed snow. It has no known moons. It was removed from the Galactic Registry by the Empire in order to protect a perfect source of slaves, and was replaced early in the reign of Leia Organa Solo as Chief of State of the New Republic. (TB, GG4, COJ)

Alzoc pearls
gemstones often used a knifehandles. (TB)

this Vagaari command translated into Basic as "cease fire!" (SQ)

this planet, located in the Chalenor System, was a nearby neighbor of Yinchorr. (AOW)

Amalgamated Health Systems
this pharmaceutical company was based on the planet Ralltiir during the final decades of the Old Republic. (GORW)

this New Republic Senator was a B'das, and was a member of the Council on Security and Intelligence. He agreed with Krall Praget, regarding the loss of the Teljkon vagabond - and Lando Calrissian, Lobot, R2-D2, and C-3PO - as a failure. (SOL)

a nickname given to the Amanin race, who are often called the Headhunters. (ROTJ)

the nickname given to the Amanin warrior who was living in Jabba the Hutt's palace shortly before the Battle of Endor. His actual name was unknown. (CCG7)

Amanda Fallow
one of Talon Kaarde's smuggling ships, the Amanda Fallow served as one of the primary escort ships that made up Karrde's fleet during the early years of the New Republic. Like the Dawn Beat, the Amanda Fallow was a modified YZ-775 that was armed with a pair of turbolasers, two double lasers, and two proton torpedo launchers. This gave the ship exceptional firepower for its size. The vessel could accommodate up to twelve passengers and 400 metric tons of cargo, and required a crew of eight to operate. (TLC, GMR4)

Amanda's Toy II
this starship was owned by Unlimited Horizons, Incorporated, and was known in the New Republic's Registry as RN18-950319. (SOL)

Amander Public School
this was a prestigious preparatory school located in the city of Calamar, on the planet Esseles. (SWJ6)

the term used to describe a single member of the Amanin race. (GG12)

an alien race native to the planet Maridun, the Amanin were a race of tall, flat-bodied creatures with an impossibly agile form. Their long, thin trunks are punctuated by thin, gangly limbs which allowed them to become expert hunters in the jungle fringes they inhabited. Their unusual body shape made normal walking ungainly, but their ability to climb trees and roll along the ground made them swift in their natural environment. Vital organs within the Amani body were small, and were distributed throughout their bodies, making them difficult to kill. Important organs were also duplicated, and their brains were really a network of distributed bundles of nerves. They were a tribal people with a primitive level of technology when the Empire tried to garrison Maridun, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Most Amanin were skeptical and even fearful of high-technology items. When the Empire discovered Maridun, it wasted several companies in their first attempt to subdue the Amanin, as the Imperial forces were completely unprepared for the coordination of the Amanin, both in pre-battle planning and in actual combat. Eventually, however, the Empire prevailed, and managed to acquire Amanin slaves by pitting the tribes of Amanin against each other, with rivals supplying slaves from their enemy's tribes. (GG12, UANT, SWELM)

this woman, who lived 4,000 years before the advent of the New Order, was the Queen of Onderon, and wife to King Ommin. For many years, Amanoa was unaware that Ommin had been studying the ways of the Sith. When she did find out, Amanoa tried to break the hold the Dark Side of the Force had on him, but failed utterly. Instead, Ommin brought her into the Sith magics and began training her. She had some ability to control the Force, and Freedon Nadd's presence allowed her access to the Dark Side quite easily. She became known as the "Dark Queen." She held the Onderonians away from the planet's other wild tribes until her daughter, Galia, fell in love with the Beastmaster prince. She was so enraged that she called on Nadd and the Dark Side of the Force and tried to defeat the Beastmasters herself, but Master Arca returned her to the Light Side. The removal of the Dark Side energy killed her, and she was buried with Ommin and Freedon Nadd on the Dxun moon. (TOJ, DLS, TOJC)

this was the name adopted by the human colonists who settled the moon of Lamus, some ten generations before the Galactic Civil War. The name itself was derived from an ancient dialect, and meant "People of the Emerald Sky." Although not a superstitious or primitive group, the A'Mar were nonetheless concerned with the occurrence of Lamus' sunless day, and event which happened once every thirty years. Their fear was heightened by the fact that the sun seemed to rise just after a group of A'Mar drank from the Wellspring, the source of all surface water on the moon. This fear, although tempered by an understand of how celestial bodied moved through space, gave rise to the ritual known as The Vigil. (WOA31)

Amar, Allegra
this young princess was a member of the Alliance, and was part of the group assigned to Edan Base when it was attacked by the Empire, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (IAG)

this man was a New Republic Senator. (T11)

this planet, located in the Stenness Node, was the homeworld of the Amaran race. (GMR1)

this was a valuable, gold-green gemstone. (BF5)

native to the planet Amara, the Amarans were a race of vulpine beings, humanoid in stature but resembling tall foxes. (WSW, GMR1)

this planet, located in the Allied Tion sector, is known for its dense forests. (ML)

this woman was a Captain with the Alliance, and was part of the command team of Chiron Base during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ11)

this female Tarasin was one of the strongest members of The Wyrd, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. She was known for her control of certain weather phenomena, as well as her ability to cloud or trick the mind of another individual. (LFCW)

this woman was native to the planet Gadrin, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Amaya and her friend, Suki, spent much of their free time roaming the bars of Gadrin for men to have fun with. (EOS)

Amazing Alonzo
this circus star was part of Kersh Lauskner's Traveling Animal/Acrobatic Arcadium. Alonzo owned and controlled a wild trompa, which he kept at bay with an electric prod. During a performance at the Gralleenya Gala, Alonzo's trompa got loose and attacked a young child. The child was rescued by Rogan, who was injured by the beast. A group of Alliance agents - on Questal to rescue Tiree - subdued the trompa before it could do any more damage. It was later discovered that the beast was reacting to the low-level emanations of Moff Bandor's hurlothrumbic generator. (GCQ)

this Mon Calamari physicist proposed the existence of the Ambak Limit. (GG2)

Ambak Limit
proposed and extrapolated by the Mon Calamari physicist Ambak, this limit identifies the distance from a planet within which moons can be formed from the accretion of leftover matter. Within the Ambak Limit, the gravitational pull of the planet serves to tear apart any moon-like body. Beyond the Limit, moons can be formed or "collected" from space-borne bodies. (GG2)

this Mon Calamari was a Jedi Knight who worked as an investigator during the last years of the Old Republic. Ambaln's primary job was to locate potential Jedi students and assess their capabilities. Any candidate who met the strict guidelines of the Jedi Order were brought to Coruscant for training. He also worked undercover on several occasions to help track down criminals and other miscreants. Just before he was dispatched to locate a potential Padawan on the planet Lobaoc, Ambaln spent considerable time undercover in a criminal syndicate. His experiences there tainted his connection to the Force, bringing him into contact with the Dark Side of the Force. He secretly desired to start his own "Jedi Order", based on his newfound connection to the Force. Ambaln took the assignment to locate a young girl on Lobaoc, but planned to turn the child to the Dark Side as the first of his own students. Ambaln planned to sacrifice his loyal assistant droid, Z-N0, as part of a trap to throw off the Jedi team which was dispatched to Lobaoc to stop him. While the Jedi team managed to intercept him, Ambaln was able to escape into the watery depths of Lobaoc, taking the small girl candidate with him. They fled the planet aboard Ambaln's whitecloak fighter, and were never heard from again. (WOA16)

Ambar, Drexler
this man was a well-known fisherman and adventurer who traveled to a large number of planets, documenting their attractions for other enthusiasts. He was noted for insinuating that the planet Neftali was completely devoid of the Force, and was an entity within itself. He later settled on Neftali and opened Ambar's Big Game, Tackle, and Gear Shop to cater to the sportsbeings who traveled to Neftali. Drexler and his wife, Keturah, had seven sons and a daughter before he disappeared on a routine check of traps near their home. Keturah and the locals searched for months, but never found him. (BSS)

Ambar, Keturah
this woman was born to a family of fishermen on the planet Neftali, and was generally regarded as the oldest living resident of the planet during the height of the Galactic Civil War. She fell in love with, and later married, sportsman Drexler Ambar, and the pair settled on Neftali to raise a family of seven sons and a single daughter. After Drexler's disappearance shortly before their sixtieth wedding anniversary, Keturah maintained their business, Ambar's Big Game, Tackle, and Gear Shop. (BSS)

this is the capital city of Chandaar. (ML)

Ambar's Big Game, Tackle, and Gear Shop
found by Drexler Ambar in Cordel Cove, on the planet Neftali, this supply store offered virtually everything a being could need to go hunting or fishing on the planet. Ambar's also had a guide service, and rented out a wide selection of equipment and vehicles. (BSS)

Ambassador-class Shuttle
this was a SoroSuub shuttle design, also known as the Luxury Shuttle 001, developed and manufactured during the early years of the New Order. It was designed to spoil the rich and powerful, being outfitted with the most comfortable appointments and amenities. Measuring fifty meters in length, it was armed with a pair of front-mounted double laser cannons. It required a pilot and co-pilot to operate, and could accommodate up to ten passengers and 100 metric tons of cargo. (SWJ3)

Ambassadorial Dining Area
this part of the Imperial Palace on Coruscant was decorated in gold-leaf, and was highlighted by artifacts collected by the Emperor Palpatine. The New Republic maintained the furnishings in the hall, and used it as a Senatorial meeting place after Dolph bombed the Senate Assembly Chamber. (TNR)

Ambassadorial Sector
this area of Coruscant's Senate District was best-known during the last decades of the Old Republic for its largest building, 500 Republica. (LEV)

this was the name of the star which was central to the Ambria System. (TOJC)

a member of Mazzic's crew during the early years of the New Republic, Amber was the pilot of the Skyclaw. (TLC)

Amber Eye
this jewel was owned by Schnil Hakoon, but was stolen by Pierce Mantrell shortly after the Battle of Yavin. A team of Alliance agents, on Kirtania to obtain Shiarha Root to combat the Direllian Plague on Tiragga, captured Mantrell and returned the jewel to Hakoon. (SWJ1)

Amber Sun Mining Corporate
a gas mining operation that works in the Bextar System, Amber Sun was a corporate subsidiary of Dynamic Automata. It imported Entymals as slaves to work as miners. (SWJ3)

this was a popular morning news and information show, aired on the planet Coruscant during the last years of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

Amberlandrax Armaments
this weapon manufacturer produced a variety of weapons based on obscure, alien designs, during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this man was one of the Peacekeeperrs who protected the survivors of the Outbound Flight Project, during the years leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (SQ)

this was the name of the Carrack-class cruiser maintained by Moff Kentor Sarne on Kal'Shebbol, as his primary escape mechanism should the planet fall to the New Republic. The Ambition was maintained below-ground, and was well-armed and well-armored. When Page's Commandos finally launched their assault on Kal'Shebbol, Sarne was forced to flee in the Ambition, along with his closest advisors. They blasted their way out of the underground chamber and fled Kal'Shebbol. (DARK)

this Imperial supply ship crashed into the B'knos mining colony, completely destroying it. (TBSB)

perhaps best-known as the world which Jedi Master Thon tamed, Ambria was a ringed world in the Stenness System. It was barren and sparse, and was once full of Dark Side energy. Note that, at one point in Tales of the Jedi, Oss Willum says that Thon rid the planet Arkania of the Dark Side, instead of Ambria. When Master Thon arrived there, he pushed back the Dark Side into its source, Lake Natth. He lived there from that point until his death, keeping an eye on the lake and its denizens. The planet became a research location several millennia later, when BioTech Industries set up a campus there. Ambria was orbited by four moons. (TOJ, DA, HXW)

Ambrian Wastes
this was the vast desert which covered most of Ambria's equatorial region. (TOJC)

Ame Llom
this blue-skinned, near-human female was a regular patron of the Outlander Club on Coruscant, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. She was an associate of Hayde Gofai and Sne Wo during this period. (SWI75)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

this six-year-old girl was born to enslaved parents on the desert world of Tatooine. Her family was owned by Yor Millto during this time. Growing up, she was a friend of young Anakin Skywalker. Two years before the Battle of Naboo, Amee lost her mother, Hala, to the slave raider Krayn. Amee and her father survived the attack. Two years later, before the Boonta Eve Classic podrace, Amee and Seek both believed that Anakin's homemade podracer would never fly. They were surprised and amazed to learn that Anakin eventually won the race, as well as his freedom, and left Tatooine to become a Jedi Knight. Amee, who had always been fond of Anakin, remained a close friend of his mother, Shmi, in the years that followed. Shmi often noted that Amee would swoon at the sight of every handsome young man. (SW1, IS1, JQ, TG, SWDB)

Amelkin versus Tovath
this was a classic match of Quadrant, replayed for many years because of the incredible strategems involved. (IF)

this was a common name among the Chev race. (UANT)

Amended Proprieties Bill
this Old Republic law prohibited any member of the Republic government from profiting by using insider information, learned in the course of their legislative duties, to bolster their financial holdings. Statute 435, Sub-statute 1759 specifically focused on the misuse of legislative proposals or construction contracts being negotiated by the Republic. (COD)

this huge man and his sister, Jaren, encountered Darca Nyl on their homeworld, while the Jedi was on his way to Molavar track down the Dark Jedi Lycan, during the months following the Battle of Naboo. When Darca found them, they were being pursued by a group of speederbike riders intent on killing them. When Darca destroyed their pursuers, Jaren explained that she had been an ambassador among her own people, sent to the bikers to negotiate a truce. Ament had been her protection, but both were threatened with death and chased away just before they met up with Darca. However, after Jaren showed Darca how to call forth images from their campfire, Darca used the same skill to call forth images about Ament. It was then that Darca discovered the truth: Ament's simple appearance belied a deep-seated rage that often exploded when his sister was in trouble. Six years earlier, Ament had murdered thirty-one people before he was captured and sent to prison. Jaren had actually gone to help Ament escape from prison, and they were fleeing the authorities when they met Darca. Darca was forced to turn them both over to the bikers before traveling on to Molavar. (T22)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was being refitted at Fondor, for use as part of the New Republic fleet, when the Yuuzhan Vong attacked the system. The Amerce was destroyed by the suicide runs of several groups of coralskippers, which holed the ship and left her broken and adrift. (JE)

this was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "solid". (GCG)

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