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Ando Prime Centrum
this is the primary city found on the planet Ando Prime. (RAC)

Ando Prime Centrum
this was one of several pro-circuit podraces run on the planet Ando Prime, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (RAC)

Ando Project
this was the name of the Imperial operation geared toward harvesting Andoan mineral-fish for use in cheaply extracting certain minerals needed for the production of laser weapons. The mineral-fish were collected by the Bountiful and processed for shipment aboard the Eclipse freighter to Uridia. Once on the arid moon, the mineral-fish were adapted for life there in order to help the Empire process uridium from the ground. The project was disrupted by a team of Alliance agents from Chiron Base, after Captain Amarith received a tipoff on the Imperial activities on Ando. (SWJ11)

Andoan Ale
green, alcoholic beverage. (TME)

Andoan Colonial
this was the primary news and media agency found on the planet Ando, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (SWI67)

Andoan Free Colonies
this collection of Mid-Rim worlds was colonized by the Aqualish some seventy years before the onset of the Clone Wars. Made up of fifteen member worlds and led by Andosha II, the Free Colonies did not support the secession of Ando from the Old Republic, remaining loyal to the Republic despite the actions of their parent worlds. (HNN4)

Andoan Marsh Lizard
this large predator terrorized the swamps which bordered on the coastlines of the planet Ando. Measuring up to four and a half meters in length, these beasts were ambush predators which hung just below the surface of the water with just their eyes breaking the surface. Their front legs ended in clawed paws, while their rear legs were large paddles used for locomotion. Their flat tail served as a third paddle and as a rudder. (SWJ11)

Andoan Mineral-fish
native to the planet Ando, this large shellfish could reach sizes of up to a meter in length. Classified by zoologists as a crustacean, the mineral-fish had outer shells which were formed from a variety of valuable minerals and ores, making them a cheap source of raw materials. They have advanced bio-chemical processing abilities, as evidenced by the rate at which they add to their shells. The average mineral-fish lives only five years, but in that time they grow quickly. The Empire was interested in the fish for two reasons: the ores in the shell were used to form war materiel, and scientists wanted to learn how they processed raw material. Unfortunately, no one has been able to duplicate the mineral-fish's abilities. (COG, PH)

Andoan Wine
this distinctive wine was produced on Ando, and was aged in heavt casks. (SWJ15)

Andobi Exa
this was the capital city of the planet Andosha II. (HNN4)

Andobi Mountain Run
this was one of several pro-circuit podraces run on the planet Ando Prime, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (RAC)

Andobi Mountains
this mountain range was the home of the Bendu priests, and was located on the planet Ando Prime. Water from the springs found in the mountains is famous throughout the Outer Rim Territories for its supposed medicinal benefits. (RAC)

meaning "adventurous" - or, more literally, "heedless of danger" - this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Andoorni Hui
this female Rodian was a member of X-Wing Rogue Squadron. She was killed during the assault on Borleias. (XWN)

this planet was a haven for thieves and swoop gangs during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ6)

Andor, Reez
this man was one of the many slythmongers who sold death sticks in the entertainment district of Coruscant during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. He was captured and questioned by Jango Fett, who was on Coruscant searching for Jervis Gloom. Andor provided few clues about Jervis' location, and was eventually turned over to the Coruscant police force. (BH)

this planet was known for its banks, which catered to an elite and secretive clientele. Note that this may be a misspelling of Andara. (JQ5)

this man was a regular patron of Didi Oddo's café, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. (DH)

Andosha II
this was one of several worlds which were colonized by the Aqualish, as part of the political body known as the Andoan Free Colonies. In the years leading up to the Clone Wars, Andosha II was one of the first Aqualish planets to denounce the secession of the planet Ando, instead remaining loyal to the Old Republic. (HNN4)

Andov Syn
Andov Syn was one of the most famous Kerestians in history. Unfortunately, Syn was famous because he was a ruthless, deadly mercenary who could be hired to perform just about any job. Syn, who wore ornate battle armor and traveled in a jet-black space yacht known as Syn's Shadow, was once hired by a group of pirates who were trying to raid the mining colony on Adim. The miners had hired a group of mercenaries to protect them, but Syn eliminated them all singlehandedly. Very few individuals knew that the name Andov Syn was an alias used by the notoritous bounty hunter Nariss Siv Loqesh. (GG12, WBC, SWG6)

this woman was the sole member of the POWER party, on the planet Telos, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. However, she was no less determined than an entire politcal party to ensure that Telos wasn't turned into an industrial wasteland. Therefore, when Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi revealed that Xanatos was using UniFy as a front for Offworld Mining, she agreed to help them bring Xanatos to justice. She and her cohort, Denetrus, helped the Jedi expose Xanatos and his plans by showing video of the Sacred Pools during a Katharsis game. Xanatos had been using the pools - which were located in a protected, global park - as dumping grounds for the toxic wastes developed during the mining of malab and other ores. After Xanatos was defeated, Andra and Denetrus began to fall in love. They later married, and worked with the Chun family to try and save Telos. Andra realized that Telos could not be saved, and joined Uni in coming up with the idea of the BioCruiser. Den supported her efforts, and the couple eventually moved aboard the ship. (DOR, JAD)

this man was a career military officer who was trained at the Neona Military Academy before joining the Freeworlds Common Navy. He was a member of an ancient Tapani Sector house, which had disbanded when the Freeworlds Region ceded from the Expanse. (LOE)

this ball of molten rock was the innermost planet in the Caridan System. (PH)

Andrakles, Erkas
this man was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about the Koornacht Cluster, during the early years of the New Republic. After being expelled from Condular's Grand Astrocartographic Institute, he found work as an astrocartographer for several large corporations before setting out on his own. Andrakles claimed to have found a crashed ship on the planet J't'p'tan, a ship that Farlax Sector authorities denied even existed. Andrakles claimed that the strange ship was made of a coral-like substance, and was of organic nature. Years later, it was assumed that Andrakles' ship was a coralskipper, once used by Yuuzhan Vong scouts. (WOTC)

Andras Pell
this male met and married Akanah on the planet Carratos. He owned a great deal of property and wealth, which he left to Akanah when he died. His death occurred only a year into their marriage; Andras was 36 years her senior, and apparently died of old age. (SOL)

this Firespray-class starship was owned by Eamon Azzameen. (XWA)

this Imperial Moff was one of the few remaining Imperial leaders who survived the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the wave of battles that followed it. Ten years after Thrawn's death, Andray met with Admiral Pellaeon and Moff Disra to discuss a negotiated peace treaty with the New Republic. At first he thought Pellaeon was joking about trying to surrender to the Republic. (SOP)

Andreya, Lesle
this woman was a native of the planet Neree. At one time, she was an intelligence agent with the Alliance. However, after the Battle of Endor, she deserted her position and began selling New Republic computer files to the highest bidder. She was last seen on Nal Hutta, but she had the uncanny ability to blend in with any crowd. Only her Neree accent tended to give her away. (WBC)

this Imperial Army General was part of the team assembled by Darth Vader to guard the laboratory on Belderone, and to subjugate the planet Kulthis, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He scoffed at Vader's adherence to the Force as a source of power, and often felt the Dark Lord's wrath. When he learned that Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa were on Belderone, General Andrid took matters into his own hands, hoping to capture them for himself and earn the favor of the Emperor. His spies were killed trying to capture the two rebels, and Andrid's actions were brought to the attention of Lord Vader. In anger, Vader used the Force to strangle Andrid, crushing his windpipe and killing him. (LTA1, MCA3)

Andrim Shipyards
this was one of the three primary starship construction facilities that made up the Kuat Drive Yards. Like its companions, the Andrim Shipyards was located in a ring of facilities that orbited the planet Kuat. It was owned by the influential House Andrim. (CCW)

Andrim, Jestra
this woman was a member of the wealthy House Andrim, and a native of the planet Kuat, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (CCW)

this white spice variety is found on the planet Sevarcos. It is much more abundant than the black, Carsunum variety. Andris is used as a flavor enhancer and preservative, although it has been claimed that the spice can induce euphoric feelings. It was discovered that andris which was stored in deep, intense cold had enhanced effects. (SWJ2, TPS, ROM)

Andris Moon
this was the name of the immense, repulsor-equipped galley owned by Lord Cassius Nolath Rha. The Sevarcos spice lord's ship was kept off the ground by its repulsors, but lateral movement was supplied the doznes of oar-shaped impellers which were operated by a mixture of slves and prisoners. The craft's primary purpose was the collection and processing of the two spices found on Sevarcos, andris and carsunum. (SWJ2)

Andron System
this planetary system which contains Aralia. (GG4)

this Troig was the host of the popluar Eriadu-based talkshow Essence, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He was one of a handful of reporters who remained ostensibly loyal to the Old Republic during the Clone Wars. (HNN4, SWI72)

this man was a holocamera operator who often worked with Hailey LaMelle on Namore. The pair was captured by planetary officials when they tried to film a payoff between Prefect Gerom and Dasar Zorm. (HR)

this man was one of the many miners who worked on Katanos VII, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Andru was sent with his son, Jing, to greet Jedi Master Lunis and his apprentice, Obs Kaj, when the pair traveled to Katanos VII to investigate a possible link to the Separatist plan to produce clones. He was prepared to follow Kram into battle, in order to ensure that the miners received the bounties placed on their heads by Count Dooku. However, he was unprepared when Jing got to close to the fighting, and was killed. He realized that the Jedi weren't the monsters they had been made out to be by Dooku, and he allowed Obs to escape. This action led to Obs being shot down by Dooku's forces in orbit around Katanos VII, and Dooku paid just half the bounty to Kram for Master Lunis. This left the miners virtually creditless, as well as under suspicion for the deaths of the two Jedi. Kram blamed their fate on Andru's weakness, and ordered the miners to disband and flee for their lives. (T19)

Andrus, Drea
this alias was used by Bria Tharen, when she and Han Solo returned to Corellia after escaping from Ylesia. Drea was the wife of Janil Andrus. (TPS)

Andrus, Janil
one of the early aliases used by Han Solo, during his tenure with Garris Shrike. He used it later on to return to Corellia with Bria Tharen. (TPS)

Andsof, Venra
this Lorrdian woman served as an aide to Ambassador Milac Troper of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. She accompanied Troper to the Galactic Horizon, where a treaty was to be negotiated with Troper's assistance. Andsof realized that something was wrong aboard the herdship by reading the body language of the ship's crew, but couldn't place a finger on it until Dayla Kev's forces began sabotaging Troper's efforts. (GMR6)

a New Republic functionary, vice-chairman of the Orbital Debris Committee which was formed following the destruction of the reborn Emperor Palpatine. (JS)

a semi-precious stone often cut into small shapes for rings. (COJ)

this Ogemite was one of the few females of that race to take up the occupation of trader. She inherited her father's business when he succumbed to Bledsoe's Disease. She met Luke Skywalker in the Mos Eisley cantina some years after the Battle of Yavin, and helped him track a cargo of squills to the Jawas. Luke contracted the disease, and they were captured by Imperial forces. They discovered that the Empire had manufactured Bledsoe's Disease to make it easier for Imperial agents to locate Alliance bases. (CSWEA)

this male Gran was wanted for a variety of assassinations and murders during the years following the Battle of Naboo. And-Yees was considered a rogue who committed his killings based on a personal need for action, rather than a political or corporate motivation. A bounty was placed on his head by the Republic Security Force. And-Yees was captured on the Outland Transit Station by Jango Fett and brought in for the bounty on his head. (BH)

this was a common name among Cerean females. Unlike their male counterparts, Cerean females use a single name unless they became a bond-wife. In this case, a female will take on their husband's grandfather's name for official matters. The name Anea referred to a lucky wife in Cerean mythology. (GCG)

this was the name of a lucky wife from Cerean mythology. (GCG)

Aneash Maglea
this being was one of the most successful racers who ever participated in the Spira Regatta Open. Aneash won several races during the height of the New Order, and was known to hold lavish parties before each race. (GCG)

Aneeda Desha
this was the name of a noted Pa'lowick. (UANT)

one of the two main continents of the planet Gacerian. (PG2)

this planet was a colony world established by the Ho'Din. About twenty years before the Battle of Hoth, the planet was caught in the middle of a civil war between neighboring worlds, and several large cities were destroyed in an "accidental" barrage of Imperial fire. A huge firestorm resulted, and much of the planet's terrascaped surface was destroyed. Very few Ho'Din escaped the raging fires that swept across the planet. (ND)

this alias was used by Atril Tabanne, when she and Wraith Squadron infiltrated the planet Storinal. Anen was a native of Bakura, and was one of the bodyguards protecting Wes Janson, who was using the alias Iskit Tyestin. (WS)

this was one of the most common names given to female Corellians. (GMR9)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

Anf Dec
this Colicoid was the Captain of a diplomatic convoy which was targetted for ambush by the slave raider Krayn some four years after the Battle of Naboo. Despite their misgivings, the Colicoids had asked the Jedi Knights to accompany Anf Dec's convoy, in an effort to protect them from an ambush. Anf Dec reluctantly allowed Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker aboard his ship, but openly disregarded their positions. However, when Krayn finally attacked, Anf Dec discovered that his own crew was woefully unprepared for battle, and his ship was quickly disabled. Anf Dec allowed the Jedi to take a G-class shuttle and infiltrate Krayn's ship, hoping to escape with his ships intact. Anakin later discovered, after being captured by Krayn and sent to the Spice Mines of Kessel, that Anf Dec was the Colicoids' primary negotiator, working with Krayn to corner the spice processing market. (JQ)

this was one of the more common Kel Dor surnames. Its meaning translated into Basic as "warrior". (GCG)

this woman served as Garm Bel Iblis' communications officer aboard the Bail Organa, during the Second Battle of Coruscant. (SBS)

Anga System
Dengar claimed that Boba Fett was hiding in this star system, shortly after the Battle of Hoth, while waiting to exchange Han Solo's carbonite-frozen body with Jabba the Hut. (LTA4)

this was the name used by Aunuanna to describe her daugher, Aurra Sing. (ETM)

these creatures, rumored to exist on the moons of Iego, were considered the nost beautiful creatures in the galaxy, although very few beings have ever actually seen one. The University fo Sanbra officially named these beings the Diathim, after an investigation was launched to uncover the truth about Iego. (SW1, WOTC, GORW)

Angeles, Pike
this Lorrdian man joined the Alliance after completing two tours of duty with the Imperial Navy, when he learned that slavery was almost fully sanctioned by the Empire he served. This went against everything he believed, and so he defected. He was assigned to the Y-Wing squadrons on Dantooine, where he was partnered with the astromech R2-S4. He also brought with him an impressive knowledge of Imperial codes and schematics, and longed to become a field agent. After winning R2-D2 from Captain Raymus Antilles in a sabacc match, Angeles traded the droid for a position as a deep-cover agent. Airen Cracken, a participant in the game, placed Pike back into Imperial service as a starship engineer. His Lorrdian heritage allowed him to assume virtually an identity at will, which allowed him to re-enter Imperial service without being recognized. He used his position to gain access to backwater Imperial bases, and simply stole ships that had come in for service. His charismatic personality allowed him to talk his way out of explaining the theft, and provided the Alliance with much-needed starships. His full Lorrdian name was Shen-and-Gretta Pikeual-Angeles of Lorrd. (CRO)

this Alliance frigate patrolled the deepest regions of the known galaxy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. C-3PO found a number of holgraphic messages hidden in R2-D2's memory banks while serving on this frigate, during the early years of the New Republic. (T10)

Angerian Fishak Surprise
this mixed, alcoholic drink was a favorite at the Binary Bar on Venaari. (SWJ5)

Angle Trap
this unique device was found to be effective at containing Force-sensitive individuals. The Five used them on Attahox to control Force Demons. (CSWDW)

Anglebay Station
this medical facility was located on Telos-4, during the height of the New Order. During the Galactic Civil War, the administrators of the medical station tried to remain neutral, offering their services to either side of the conflict. In the wake of the Battle of Yavin, Anglebay Station was destroyed by Valance the Hunter. (SWMW)

this creature, native to the fourth moon of Yavin, was a spider-like crustaceal mollusk with long legs attached to a small body. It draped itself over the exposed roots of the Massassi trees, with the ends of its legs in the water of a river or stream. When a fish swam too close to the angler, it thrust its legs out at the fish, spearing it with the pointed ends. The legs then worked in unison to grab the fish and draw it into the angler's mouth. (ISU, WSW)

Anglethorn, Darial
this fiery, red-haired woman was a native of the planet Beheboth, and was a member of a moisture farming family during the height of the New Order. She also served as the leader of the rebel band that opposed those who would steal the planet's water. When Gideon Longspar was defeated by Luke Skywalker in combat, Darial was able to destroy the water-holding tanks, restoring Beheboth's trapped water supply. Some four years later, Darial became Beheboth's representative to the New Republic Senate, making the trip to Coruscant several times a year to ensure that Beheboth was well-represented. When she was on her homeworld, Darial served as the peacekeeper of the city of Prosperity. It was during this time that Luke Skywalker returned to Beheboth, only to discover that Darial had been injured in an attack. It was while trying to stabilize her that Luke discovered Darial had a connection to the Force, when she called out for his help. Darial had stumbled upon the makeshift laboratory of Mils Giel, who had been breeding a dangerous variant of the Tirrith for use as a biological weapon. She was returned to Prosperity and eventually recovered from her injuries, and was able to provide Luke with enough information for him to begin a search for Giel. (LTA3, MC66, PH)

Angor Farn
this Bith worked for Sleeft Docking Bay Maintenance until he accidentally checked out the wrong freighter. The freighter he acquired was full of top-of-the-line droid parts stolen from Notsub Shipping by Sleeft. He tried to flee from Tatooine while negotiating with Sleeft to ransom the parts, but he was not allowed to leave. He holed up in the Dim-U monastery until Coral Ohah was able to recover him. (GG7)

Angor System
Kyp Durron and his vigilante Jedi Knights were reported battling smugglers in this system, shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. (VP)

Angot Conglomeration
this small group of businesses was active during the last decades of the Old Republic. (BH)

this planet produced an abundance of frozen consumables during the Galactic Civil War. (IA)

this was one of the Imperial dungeons ships used by Grand Admiral Danetta Pitta to collect entire alien civilizations for use as slaves. The Abgrix, along with the Apocahk and the Azgoghk terrorized the Outer Rim for many years, until Pitta's death at the Battle of Tralus. (SWI66)

a timid, blue-haired creature. (CFG)

this race of intelligent ocean-dwellers was native to the planet Alluuvia. The Anguilla had long, eel-like bodies which were well-muscled, and they had long arms and powerful hands. At the time of their discovery, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the Anguilla were a primitive culture which had no notion of civilization as thought of by most humans. They were nomadic hunters, following the migrations of the fish schools in order to maintain a steady food supply. The leaders of each Anguilla community were determined in tests of strength. (OE)

this was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "desired". (GCG)

a planet. (AIR)

Animal Circle
located near the Garden Circle on the planet Kegan, this section of the planet's primary city was dedicated to the raising of a variety of domesticated animals. (FFT)

this female Devaronian was mated with Skerrit. (COG)

this Anzati assassin agreed to train the young Aurra Sing, who was a dancing girl at the time, for Wallanooga the Hutt, despite the fact that she was not of the Anzati people. Anis agreed only because his people owed Wallanooga a large debt. As he aged, Anis remained a good leader to the Anzati, until he was murdered by Torgo Tahn. A bounty was placed on Torgo Tahn's head, which was later claimed by Aurra Sing. (ASNG)

Anjeri, Padija
this Alderaanian woman contacted Drake Paulsen on Omman, and offered him 30,000 credits to transport her offworld immediately. Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, she and her team of anthropologists were trying to return a Twi'leki artifact to Ryloth before a group of Imperial agents could steal it from her. Padjia had studied at Alderaan University, and joined the Alliance after the destruction of her homeworld. She was recruited into the Alliance by one of her teachers, Oll Maa'cabe. She worked with her father, Colonel Renz, although she kept her mother's maiden name as was the Alderaanian tradition for an only daughter. It also allowed her to honor her mother's Alderaanian heritage. The Imperial hoped to use the crystallite skulls to bribe the Twi'leki government into an alliance. The Alliance to Restore the Republic caught wind of the Empire's plans, and hired Doctor Anjeri to recover the skulls in order to keep the Twi'leks from joining the Empire. (SWJ12)

Anjet Okeco
this being was a HoloNet reporter, working in the Jrade District of Coruscant during the last years of the Old Republic. (HNN4)

this noted Hutt clan was known for its ability to survive and even thrive during periods of galactic changes. During the last years of the Old Republic and the early years of the New Order, other Hutt clans were either forced to acknowledge Anjiliac's leadership, or they were crushed. (TF, WOTC)

Anjiliac Towers
this was one of the main office centers maintained by the Anjiliac clan of Hutts, and was found on the moon Nar Shaddaa. (WOTC)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Ank Ki'Shor
this planet was the site of the Siege of Ank Ki'Shor, a Galactic Civil War battle in which the Y-Wing starfighter played a prominent role. (EGV)

Ank Kit'aar
this Mid Rim planet was located in the Druess Sector. (CRO)

Ankarres Sapphire
this remarkable jewel was supposed to have special healing abilities. An individual who touched an injured limb with the stone soon found the wound healed. The stone was owned by Dom Pricina, until she failed to keep a vigilant watch over it while traveling on the Kuari Princess. The droid 4-LOM initially took it from her possession in order to protect it, but then realized that it could steal the stone without being caught. The droid later fenced the stone on Darlyn Boda, beginning its foray into the criminal world. When 4-LOM returned to Darlyn Boda with the survivors of the Bright Hope, he found that the stone had never been sold, so he reclaimed it and took it to his partner, Zuckuss. The Gand was recovering from breathing oxygen, and 4-LOM reasoned the stone might help him. 4-LOM also used the stone to help Samoc Farr. (TBH)

this immense saurian was native to the jungles of Haruun Kal. Twice the size of a greasser, the ankkox was a lumbering beast whose wide body was held just above the ground on six stout legs. The dorsal shell of an ankkox was almost four meters across, and protected its heavy body. The crown shell protected the neck and skull of the beast. When in danger, the ankkox could retract its legs and head into its dorsal shell. The crown shell fit into a gap in the dorsal shell, providing the ankkox with incredible protection against attack or - as was more common on Haruun Kal - the noxious gases which spewed from its active volcanoes. The Korunnai used ankkoxes as mounts, bolting a chair to the crown shell for a driver and using the dorsal shell as a platform for a weapon or a howdah. The only part of the ankkox's body which was not protected by armor plating was the thick tail, which was tipped with a heavy ball of armor. The ankkox used this tail as its primary weapon, using incredible muscle control to swing the ball of armor at its attacker. The Korunnai warriors regarded the ankkox as the apex predator of the jungles, and many a Korunnai youth tried to acquire the tail-ball of an ankkox as the ultimate symbol of their prowess: dangerous to acquire, difficult to use, but deadly in action. (SHPT)

this was the term used to describe two or more ankkox. (E3N)

this is one of the two major races of the Gungan species. Characterized by their hooded eyes, green skin, and small haillu, the Ankura were also quite secretive and aloof. The Ankura remained largely separate from their Otolla brethren until Boss Nass - an Akuran - decided to align himself with the Otolla in order to disseminate technology and skills. The partnership eventually led the construction of Otoh Gunga. (IG1)

this planet, covered with rolling plains, was the homeworld of the Cragmoloid race. It was located in the Unknown Regions, in close proximity to Ord Mantell. (GMR6, UANT)

Anky Fremp
a Sionian Skup living on Nar Shaddaa, Anky Fremp was one of the first beings to befriend Greedo. (DE1, HFG)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was being refitted at Fondor, for use as part of the New Republic fleet, when the Yuuzhan Vong attacked the system. The Anlage was destroyed by the suicide runs of several groups of coralskippers, which holed the ship and left her broken and adrift. (JE)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and meant "moon" in the Twi'leki language. (GCG)

Ann Gella
this blue-skinned Rutian Twi'lek female was part of Sebulba's personal entourage, purchased by the Dug from the Hutts as a yobana, or personal masseuse. Along with her twin sister Tann, Ann always gave the dangerous Dug a massage prior to a pod race. Ann had enlisted the help of Mars Guo, in an effort to escape from Sebulba's slavery. However, Guo was killed in the Boonta Eve Classic race on Tatooine, and the Gella sisters were forced to continue their servitude to Sebulba. (YJC1, IS1, IG1, NEGC)

Annadale Fayde
this rock balladeer was often melancholy in her lyrics, and her career was keenly observed. She never used the same group of backing musicians twice. She resembles a Ho'Din. (GG9)

this planet was the destination of the Imperial fleet, following the Battle of Endor. It was known as Cannij Barr to the Ayrou of nearby Maya Kovel. Annaj was located two days from Endor, and was the nearest Imperial sector capital to Endor. New Republic military leaders believed that the Star Destroyer Unrepentant acquired data from the aftermath of the Battle of Endor and then jumped to Annaj to report its findings. The planet was known to exist on most astrogation computer systems at coordinates (-334, -697, 16), and was first colonized about 300 years before the Battle of Yavin. It was named the Moddell Sector capital originally by the Old Republic about fifty years before the Battle of Yavin, after the Old Republic incorporated the sectors of the Inner Zuma. In the wake of the Battle of Endor and the loss on Imperial convoys into and out of the Moddell Sector, Annaj was more less forgotten by the rest of the galaxy. (TB, GMR9, TBSB)

Annaj House of Detention
this was the primary prison facility found on the planet Annaj. (GMR9)

Annaj-Houche Run
this short hyperspace lane connected the planet Annaj and the Moddell Sector of the galaxy with the planet Houche. In between these two worlds, the Run made a stop at Vasha. (GMR9)

Annaji Chromofly
this moth-like creature was native to the planet Annaj, where it grew to have a wingspan of nearly half a meter. During the summer months, the four-winged chromoflies gathered in huge swarms to mate, and their mating flights were considered one of the planet's natural wonders. (GMR9)

Annals of the Republic
this was one of the many exhibit wings found in the Galactic Museum on Coruscant. It was breifly renamed "The New Crder: The Glories of the Next Thousand Generations" during the rule of Emperor Palpatine. (CCW)

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