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this Mon Calamarian served the Alliance as a Navy Admiral, and was later promoted to the position of Commander-in-Chief of the New Republic. He was serving as an officer in the Mon Calamarian Navy until he was captured when the Empire took over Calamari, and was presented to Grand Moff Tarkin as a personal slave. He followed Tarkin around everywhere, all the while collecting information about the Imperial war machine, in hopes that he could escape and provide the knowledge to the Alliance. He gained limited knowledge about the Death Star in this fashion, enough to make him fear for the safety and future of the galaxy. When Tarkin decided to move to a permanent post on the Death Star, Ackbar was to be brought along with him. However, Tarkin's shuttle was attacked by an elite force whose goal was to assassinate Tarkin. They failed only when an Imperial Star Destroyer arrived to drive off the attackers, but they managed to rescue Ackbar in the attack. From that point on, Ackbar served the Alliance faithfully, using his knowledge of Imperial doctrine wherever possible. He was in command at the Battle of Endor, guiding the space battle over the second Death Star and drawing fire from the ships that were to destroy the space station's central power core. Following the formation of the New Republic, Ackbar became one of the Republic's ruling members, until Councilor Fey'lya used incriminating evidence against him - planted, unknown to Fey'lya, by Grand Admiral Thrawn - in an effort to discredit Ackbar. When Fey'lya's plans were revealed, Ackbar was reinstated as a New Republic dignitary and the Commander of the Navy. He was away from Calamari when the reborn Emperor Palpatine attacked the planet, and survived the assault on his homeworld. Later, when he and Leia were on a diplomatic mission to Vortex, his shuttle was sabotaged, causing it to crash into, and destroy, the Cathedral of Winds. This was part of Furgan's plan to bring down the New Republic from the inside, and severely degraded Ackbar's self-confidence. He returned to Calamari to help rebuild what was still unrepaired from the Emperor's attack, and was on the planet when Admiral Daala chose to attack Calamari. He and Leia were able to rally the minimal Calamarian defense, stalemating Daala's attack until help from the New Republic arrived. Ackbar chose to remain on Calamari until Furgan attempted to finalize his plans by kidnapping baby Anakin Solo on Anoth. He then left the planet and arrived at Anoth in time to rescue baby Anakin. This demonstration of the Empire's desperate attempts to regain control of the galaxy helped to crystallize Ackbar's resolve, and brought him out of his self-imposed shell and back into the New Republic's government. He remained a vital asset to the Republic throughout the Black Fleet Crisis and the negotiation of peace with the Empire, but when Borsk Fey'lya was named the New Republic's Chief of State, Ackbar decided to retire from active duty and return to Calamari. Ackbar was kept informed of the progress of the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, and used his time to investigate a way to defeat them. As his health flagged, Ackbar was assisted by Winter, who had traveled to Calamari while her husband, Tycho Celchu, rejoined the military. Admiral Traest Kre'fey and a small faction of commanders convinced Ackbar to come out of retirement, and lend their support to the war effort. Ackbar was reinstated to his rank of Admiral, and assisted Admirals Kre'fey and Sovv in developing new tactics to use against the alien invaders. His plans involved the use of dead-end hyperspace routes through the Deep Core, and eventually developed into the tactics used at the Battle of Ebaq. Unfortunately for the New Republic, as well as the fledgling Galactic Alliance, Admiral Ackbar died at his home on Calamari shortly after the abortive Yuuzhan Vong attack on the planet, since five years after their initial invasion.
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