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Colony, The

this was the collective name given to the various hives of insectile creatures that were believed to have included the Killik race. At the Colony's height of growth and expansion, which occurred some five years after the Galactic Alliance defeated the Yuuzhan Vong, there were some 375 different hives, all acting together to carry out the Will of the Colony. The expansion of the Colony was traced by to an event known as Ub Ruur, or The Crash, when the Unu hive discovered the burned body of Raynar Thul. Until Thul's arrival, the Colony had existed for centuries as a small collection of hives deep in the Unknown Regions. After Thul was nursed back to health, he became the first true Joiner. His complete submission to the Will of the Colony gave the insect hives a connection to the Force, and showed them life in other forms. Under the guidance of UnuThul, the Unu hive became the dominant hive in the Colony, and the Colony flourished. New hives were established with surprising regularity, and the Colony began taking over planets that were very close to the borders of Chiss space. The Colony expanded its use of the Joiners, who transported goods to the Colony's worlds and accepted no real payment. Instead, they carried shine-balls and other items produced by the Colony back to the Outer Rim, where they were traded for more supplies. In this way, the Colony established trade relations with many planets. Unknown to even UnuThul, the rise of the Colony was being directed by the Gorog hive. This so-called Dark Nest served as the unconscious Will of the Colony, and was led by Lomi Plo and Welk. The two Dark Jedi were powerful enough to hide their actions, and the other hives of the Colony simply refused to believe that it existed. When the Gorog began capturing Chiss and using their bodies to feed their larvae, it directed the Colony to expand toward Chiss space. This nearly led to a war between the Colony and the Chiss near Qoribu, which was narrowly averted when Luke Skywalker and the Jedi Order brokered a solution. To appease the Chiss and ensure the continued survival of the Colony, entire hives were relocated to uninhabited worlds within the Utegetu Nebula. The appearance of the Fizz, which seemed to attack only Killiks, brought the conflict between the Colony, the Chiss, and the Galactic Republic to another head about a year later.
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