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a device much is used to display holographic transmissions. It is larger than a holopad. (CPL, AC)

a form of message wafer, the holowafer provided a three-dimensional image that could relay a visual message to the reader. A holowafer could not provide audio information, only holographic video. After playing the holographic message one time, the holowafer dissolved into a puddle. (UF)

Holowan Laboratories
known for their slogan - "the Friendly Technology People" - this was the parent company of Holowan Mechanicals. (MTS, TBH)

Holowan Mechanicals
a subsidiary of Holowan Laboratories, Holowan Mechanicals was the manufacturer of the IG-series of assassin droids. In the wake of the Clone Wars, Holowan was discovered to have been funded by the Old Republic, despite the fact that it was believed to have produced the IG-100 MagnaGuard combat droid. (MTS, VD3)

a game of strategy and skill found in may up-scale casinos. (WSV)

this entertainment device is actually a powerful holographic generator. It is an expensive piece of equipment, and is rarely seen outside the most luxurious of Coruscant's entertainment establishments. The cylindrical device rotates on a gyroscopic axis, displaying a pre-programmed holographic display. (SWJ9)

Holstrum Talent Agency
this talent agency was based on Beltrix III during the height of the New Order, and was believed to have supported the Alliance by serving as a front for a recruiting cell. (GMR6)

an Imperial fleet Admiral who taught at the Academy during the Galactic Civil War. It was believed that Admiral Holt was a member of the Anaxsi Holt family. (ISB, CCW)

Holt Cross
this was one of the highest military honors bestowed upon an Anaxsi individual. It was named for the Holt family, which had lived for nearly 700 years in the Sirpar Hills region of the planet. (CCW)

Holt, Arhul
this Imperial Admiral was a native of the planet Anaxes. Despite his family's long years of service, Arhul eventually decided to defect to the Alliance during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Pash Galae was infiltrated into the educational system on Anaxes to assist in getting the Admiral safely away from the planet before his defection could be discovered. (CCW)

this was one of the six major continents found on the planet Celanon. (PG1)

this alien race was among the many which joined the Conferedacy of Independent Systems, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (SWI65)

Holy Children of Asrat
this was the name used to describe holy children of the planet Asrat. The children loudly denounced the New Order, so the Empire sent their trained assassin Dengar to kill them. Dengar's conscience suddenly began to resurface, and he opted to leave Imperial service rather than killing them. (NEGC, TBH)

Holy Hutch
this was a religious reference used by the Lepus Carnivorous of Coachelle Prime. (MC16)

Holy Jaf
this was a deity worshipped on the planet Hockaleg. (LTA3, MC52)

Holy Man
this was the term used to describe the priests of Naboo. (AOTCA)

Holy of Holies
this Ugor ideal is considered the holiest of all space debris. Sometimes called the Prime Mover, the Ugors believed that the Holy of Holies would someday be recovered from the scene of a massive space battle. It could be activated by the Ugors, and would allow them to move massive amounts of garbage to their home system, making them the premier salvage service provider in the galaxy. The Ugors believed they had found the Holy of Holies shortly after the Battle of Yavin., when they discovered a gravity-well projector at the site of an Imperial victory. The Alliance tried to take the device, during their search for the Elusive. (SH)

Holy Order of the Je'ulajists
this was the name given to the religion of the Kentra people, which was based on the writings and teachings of the Jedi geologist, Michael Tandre. The basic tenets of this religion were known as the Sword, Plow, and Spirit. (SWJ2)

Holy Terror, The
see Beelyard (MC46)

Holy Ugor Taxation Collection Agency
abbreviated HUTCA, this is the controlling agency which monitors all Ugor waste recovery companies. The leader of the agency changes almost hourly, due to the complex negotiations of the Ugors. (GG4)

Hom Mounds
located in the hills of Kadril, the Hom Mounds were the ceremonial burial place of the Nociv. The Nocivs buried their dead in the Hom Mounds, allowing the dead to return to the earth from which they were born. Each Nociv individual was placed on one of the mounds, and its body was literally absorbed into the stone. It was said that the wiser the individual, the quicker they were taken into the stone. (LAT3)

this man questioned the protective abilities of the Corellian Technologies A3AA personal defense module, since it offered little to no protection from projectile weapons. (GUN)

Homar's Hotel
this chain of moderately-priced hotels was found throughout the Colonies region at the height of the New Order. (PSPG)

this was one of the few aggressive clans of Senali, and they patrolled their ocean territory with martial persistence. The Homd-Resa clan once attacked the Nali-Erun clan, destroying the Nali-Erun dwellings in an effort to assert their claim to the seas. (SP)

this heavily-modified Tsukkian water freighter was owned and operated by Lens and Milla Reekeene, founders of the Reekeene's Roughnecks gang. The ship served as the base of operations for the Roughnecks, providing living quarters for its members and docking space for the group's X-Wing starfighters. The ship moved often throughout Fakir Sector and the Bakchou arm of the galaxy, avoiding Imperial entanglements while continually harrassing Imperial convoys. (SWCP)

Home Defense Strike Force
this group of smaller strike forces was hastily assembled by the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars, in order to protect the planet Coruscant from possible attacks by the Separatists. The Home Defense forces were put to the test some thirty-six months after the Battle of Geonosis, when General Grievous launched an attack on Coruscant to cover his capture of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. (E3N)

Home Father
this was the name used by those male followers of the Cosmic Balance relgion who lived and worked in Simple Homes. (TBSB)

Home Fleet
this was the name given to the New Republic fleet of warships which protected Coruscant and the surrounding system. (HT)

Home Fleet
this was the name of the fleet which protected the planet Rodia. (SPG)

Home Fleet
this branch of the Grand Army of the Republic supplied the military personnel to defend the star system that surrounded the planet Coruscant, during the height of the Clone Wars. The troops of the Home Fleet were culled from the Sector Armies of the GAR, and each division of the Home Fleet was commanded by a Jedi Master. (SWI84)

Home Fleet Strike Group Five
this was one of the main divisions of the Home Fleet that protected Coruscant during the height of the Clone Wars. (E3N, SWI84)

Home Guard
this was the name of the ceremonial security force which protected the planet Aargau, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (MC48)

Home Guard
this was the name given to the small, protective navy maintained by the SoroSuub Corporation during the height of the New Order. The Home Guard consisted of native Sullustan pilots hired to protect SoroSuub from the disruptive actions of individuals like Nien Nunb, although most members of the Home Guard were not very vigilant in their efforts. (NEGC)

Home Mother
this was the name used by those female followers of the Cosmic Balance relgion who lived and worked in Simple Homes. (TBSB)

Home of Wisdom
this was the name used by the Tarasin to indicate a sacred area located within the territory of the Hiironi irstat. The Home of Wisdom was created by weaving the branches of the overhanging trees together, forming a dry area beneath the branches where the women of the Tarasin could gather to discuss religious matters. It was in the Home of Wisdom that the Tarasin first met with Reidi Artom, and where they made the most important decisions of the Tarasin civilization. (LFCW)

Home One
Ackbar's original Mon Calamari MC80a cruiser, the Home One served as Ackbar's flagship for many years. In the wake of the Battle of Hoth, it also served as the mobile base for the Alliance's leaders. During the Battle of Endor, Ackbar commanded the rebel forces from the Home One, maneuvering the ship in and out of the fighting as needed. At the time of the Battle of Endor, it was the largest ship in the Alliance's fleet. As newer and better Mon Calamari starships were designed, Ackbar eventually retired Home One in favor of the Defiance and the Galactic Voyager. (ROTJ, XWN, WG, TCG9)

Home Planet Mine
this was the primary azurite mine controlled by Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation, on the planet Bandomeer. It was named for the Home Planet Party, which was working with the Arconans to restore Bandomeer's natural plantlife after decades of stripmining. The mine was sabotaged by Xanatos, in an effort to lure Qui-Gon Jinn to his death. However, it was discovered that the mine was a source of ionite, which shut down Xanatos' bombs and allowed the Jedi to escape. (DR)

Home Planet Party
this political faction formed on the planet Bandomeer, and was supported by the native Meerians as well as the Arconans who lived there while working for Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation. The primary goal of the party was the retaking of control of Bandomeer's natural resources and the restoration of the planet's natural beauty. Both had been taken by the mining companies that stripped the planet of azurite and other minerals. Led by the charismatic VeerTa, the party was striving to become financially independent from the mining companies when Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi were lured into the trap set by Xanatos. After exposing Xanatos and VeerTa as partners - although VeerTa believed she was working with the party's best interests in mind - in the destruction of the Home Planet Mine, the party became unnecessary as Offworld Mining Company left Bandomeer alone. (DR)

Home Talk
Selonian name for their own conversational language. (AS)

the codename of an Alliance command center used during the Galactic Civil War. Note that this may be a reference to the Home starship used by Reekeene's Roughnecks. (GG12, SWCP)

this was the name given to the city-like groups of Gigorans who lived in the caves of Gigor. (AE)

this cantina was located along Treasure Ship Row, in the city of Coronet on Corellia, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (SWI66)

Homestead Act
a governmental declaration made on Tatooine, declaring that anyone who could provide startup funds and justification could be granted farmland on the planet. (TME)

this is the Qella name for their homeworld, Brath Qella. They also called it the Place of Beginning. (TT)

Homeworld Security Command
this branch of the Old Republic government was charged with ensuring that Coruscant itself was made safe for its citizens and the politicians who lived and worked on the planet. Homeworld Security worked closely with the armed forces to ensure proper orbital and ground-based security teams were on constant alert, to head off any threat to the planet's normal routines. The members of the Homeworld Security team were shocked and amazed when they found themselves unprepared for General Grievous' attack on the planet, during what turned out to be the final battle of the Clone Wars. (LEV, VD3)

Homing Spider Droid
developed by the Commerce Guild and manufactured by the Baktoid Armor Workshop, the OG-9 spider droid resembled an immense, four-legged spider. Also known as the Spider Tank or Spider Walker, the homing spider droid had a spherical body that was plated with armor, and contained sensor systems and weaponry. The legs of the homing spider droid allowed it to maneuver across the terrain of any battlefield, where it used its sensor systems to read the battle and coordinate the front-line droid troops. When extended to its full height, the homing spider droid stood just over 7.3 meters tall. Its weapons systems were modular, allowing it to be refitted for a variety of mission profiles. The primary weapon used by the homing spider droid was a homing laser, which caused damage while it obtained ranging information on a target. Other weapons could then destroy the target while another target was acquired. With its long legs, the homing spider droid could move about at speeds approaching 90 kilometers per hour. The original designs were created by the Baktoid Armor Workshop, but were later sold to the Commerce Guild as part of Baktoid's dissolution. With the end of the Clone Wars, all homing spider droids were issued orders to deactivate, as part of Darth Sidious' plan to consolidate military power and ensure the loyalty of his troops. (VD2, SWDB, SWI62, NEGV, LAWS, VD3, X3)

this planet was the site of an Alliance base during the Galactic Civil War. (RASB)

this magical construct resembled a large, winged monkey. It had mottled green skin and wicked claws that exuded a powerful poison. Dhar Bullwin used a homonculous to divert a group of scouts that was searching for the Eye of Koda. When a homonculous is killed, it seems to dissolve into a greenish mist, leaving behind a ghastly skeleton. (GG8)

Homthor Deck
one of two credicruise decks on the Kuari Princess, it is located immediately below the Lido Deck. Most of the starcruiser's staterooms are located on this deck and its partner, the Wellad Deck. (RM)

this small, poisonous insect was native to the planet Af'El. Assassins sometimes used these small creatures to kill their targets, since the wasp was very tiny. These creatures were called kheilwar by the Defel. There was only a short period of time in which the homunculus-wasp could be employed this way, for they grew at an astonishing rate. In just a week, the tiny insect could amass more than twenty kilograms of body weight and grow to a height of 1.5 meters or more. They were armed with razor-sharp fins and large wings that absorbed and warped visible light, giving it the ability to seemingly disappear. Perhaps their most unusual ability, though, was the ability to transform its body into a simulacrum of anyone it had met. This allowed the creature to further blend into a crowd, and infiltrate a location if its initial attempt to kill a being failed. The homunculus-wasp was primarily a nocturnal feeder, since its sensory organs were badly damaged when exposed to normal sunlight. (SWJ14)

Hondo Bador
this chubby Sullustan ran a starship repair and outfitting business on Ord Mantell during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SL)

Honest Ellam's Speeder Lot
located on the planet Questal, deep in the city of Gralleenya, Honest Ellam purchased Tiree's X-Wing from Bim Maldeen. (GCQ)

Honest Gjon
this M'Haeli was native to the moon Bogg 4, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Easily distinguished by the fact that his right arm had been replaced with a cybernetic tool extension, Gjon was definitely not honest. He was known to take in ships for repairs, only to have them "stolen" while he was working on them. Gjon then brought the ships to a fcaility on Bogg 11, where he scrapped them and sold their component parts on the black market, where they could not be traced. Honest Gjon nearly scrapped the starship Slave I, shortly after the Battle of Geonosis, when a young Boba Fett asked him to repair a landing strut. Gjon was caught before the ship could be broken down, and forced to turn the ship over to Fett. (BF1)

Honey Comb IX
one of MicroThrust's top-of-the-line computer spikes, it is surpassed in efficiency and duration only by the Tunneler spike. (CFG)

Honey Wafer
this was a Corellian dessert food, popular among the middle class during the early decades of the New Republic. (EL2)

this was a form of sweet bread, made even sweeter by basting the crust in honey during baking. (EVR)

this species of insect was known for the honey it produced from a variety of flowers. It was not unusual to see clusters of honeydarters hovering over a flowering bush, all flitting about in search of a free blossom. (SQ)

the blossoms of this plant produced a thick, sweet smell. (T)

this dessert was perfected on the planet Rishi, and was served lightly fried and dusted with sweet poweder. (SWJ12)

this Imperial recruit held the rank of Sergeant Major, and served under Kyle Katarn during the assault on asteroid AX-456. Kyle relied on Hong's judgment, but Hong bristled when Kyle ordered that a team of Alliance soldiers - including Jan Ors - were allowed to go free once the the base was secured. Hong accepted Kyle's orders, however, when Kyle explained that the Imperials needed to conserve ammunition. Hong later died during the Imperials' final stand against the rebels. (SFE)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

this young Jedi trainee was almost three when Obi-Wan Kenobi was chosen to be the padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn. (CT)

this alias was used by Falynn Sandskimmer, when she and Wraith Squadron infiltrated the planet Storinal. Honiten was a native of Bakura, and was one of the bodyguards protecting Wes Janson, who was using the alias Iskit Tyestin. (WS)

this male Rodian was a frequent patron of Dex's Diner, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He was often seen in the company of his lady-friend, Sidewa. (OWS)

meaning "vigorous" or "vital", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Honn Dangel
this Meri meteorologist left the Merisee military to work on Cloud City. (GG2)

this was the Huttese word for the number twenty-one (21). Note, however, that the Huttese counting system was based on a base-eight system. So, honocha indicated the number seventeen (17) in the Basic language. (GMR5)

this once-lush paradise of a planet was the homeworld of the Noghri, and was virtually unknown until it was nearly devastated following a starship battle in its orbit. Many of the ruins found on the planet suggest that it was once colonized by the Rakata, but this link could never be completely proven. Noghri history was unclear as to when the battle took place and who the combatants were, since the year on Honoghr was slightly different than that of Coruscant. The Noghri claimed that a huge space battle took place above the planet, and one of the ships was destroyed. It plummeted to the planet's surface, setting off earthquakes and releasing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. The Noghri claimed that it was Darth Vader himself who arrived to offer aid, an offer the Noghri readily accepted. In return, they made Vader their Lord and Savior. Many Noghri believed that the entire series of events was the work of Emperor Palpatine, who wanted to enslave Noghri for his own uses. To further perpetuate the ruse, Palpatine had arranged that the decon droids sent to the planet would continue to poison it by planting modified kholm grass. This modified grass would choke out all other vegetation, while making it appear that the planet could still support life. Historians later found that, although the events themselves were mostly accurate, the battle that precipitated events on Honoghr took place during the Clone Wars, some two years after the Battle of Geonosis. It was believed that a Separatist ship - bound for Naboo carrying a cargo of trihexalophine1138 - was intercepted at Honoghr and shot down. Although every effort was made to remedy the situation, the chemical defoliant was too powerful to stop. When Leia Organa Solo and Chewbacca discovered the plot following the downfall of the Empire, they quickly were unaware of the history, but worked with the Noghri to remedy the situation. After the deception of Darth Vader and the Emperor was made apparent to the Noghri, they quickly joined the New Republic. However, all efforts to restore the planet's broken ecosystem turned out to be futile, as the once-green world was incapable of recovering. The Noghri eventually relocated to the planet Wayland, leaving Honoghr for dead. It is the fourth planet in the Honoghr system and has three natural satellites. The system is located near Kessel and Fwillsving. Honoghr has a rotation of 23 hours, and its orbit lasts about 352 local days. (DFR, DFRSB, SOP, RAR)

this was the native language of the Noghri race. (HT)

one of the Yevethan warships sent to purge Polneye. (BTS)

Honor Among Thieves
this epic poem was written by the Snivvian artist Toirboggle. (HR)

Honor Clan
this was the name given to a group of Wookiee hunters and warriors who worked together to throw off the Imperial yoke of control on Kashyyyk. (HR)

Honor Rigora
originally defined by Arvo Norstrag as part of the Rules of the Blade, this form of rigora duel was fought between a dishonored pirate and the champion of the defender. This form of duel was often invoked when the defender was an inferior duelist. (PP, SWJ5)

Honorable Union of Desevro and Tion
this was one of the most ancient political factions of the Outer Rim Territories, formed in the wake of the death of Xim the Despot. More than a century after Xim's death, his empire began to split apart, and the worlds of the former Livien League and the Tion Hegemony formed a brief bloc to ensure their security. (GORW)

Honoran, Wren
this Jedi Master was one of many who retired from active service in the field to train students at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. He was known for his politcal acumen, having grasped a wide range of political philosophies and leadership regimens. He was also an expert in survival skills. Wren often led expeditions to Ragoon-6, where he challenged a Master-Padawan team to find him in the wilderness, using only their wits. His survival skills were unparalleled, and he often left false or circular trails to confuse those who were following him. This allowed the Master and his student to work together, as a team, thereby deepening their bond and developing teamwork skills while trying to locate Wren. Five years before the onset of the Clone Wars, Wren accompanied Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to Ragoon-6, only to find himself in the midst of a plot by Granta Omega to capture the Jedi. Wren himself was rendered unconscious, but was later rescued by Obi-Wan and Anakin. (JQ2)

Honorary Elder
this was a title given to those Ewoks who proved themselves loyal to a tribe other than their own. Many Ewoks earned the title of Honorary Elder after their villages were destroyed by natural disasters, or they were simply in the right place at the right time to help. (SWDB)

Honored Ones
this was the name used by the Nejma to described themselves as a people. (GMR1)

this is the name used to describe the one of the secondary wives of a Cerean male. The ratio of Cerean men to women is one to twenty, so most males take several honor-wives in addition to their bond-wife. The relationship between the bond-wife and the honor-wives is often strained, especially with relationship to the bearing of children. (PTR)

this Gamorren served as one of 8t88's henchmen during the years following the Battle of Endor. Unfortunately, when Kyle Katarn tracked 8t88 back to Sulon, during his search for the data disk that contained information on the location of the Valley of the jedi, Hontho and his companions were killed by Kyle in an effort to capture 8t88. (RAG)

Hood, Willrow
this resident of Cloud City worked for a Tibanna gas mining operation which was sympathetic to the Alliance's ideals during the Galactic Civil War. He worked with his superiors to sell Tibanna gas to the Alliance at a discount. (CCG5)

this was one of the many dialects of Old Corellian that were spoken on various parts of the planet Corellia. (MJH)

Hoodu Geyser Fields
this open plain, studded with natural steam geysers, is located on the planet Baroonda. (RAC)

Hoogi Grym
this Bothan mercenary was Balthazar Sim's commander, during the height of the New Order. He was one of the original designers of the Aucellis Park re-education facility, although he kept his role in the project a well-hidden secret. After a shipment of the drug "pleaz-mo" was stolen, Grym was forced to hire Sim to clean up the mess. Grym had invested much of his career in "pleaz-mo", and wasn't about to fail on account of a misplaced shipment. It was beneath the Cavern's Delight attraction that Sim and Grym met, after Sim had returned from his mission. However, Sim had been identified by his old rival, Evin Telbre, who had tracked Sim to the moon with a group of freelance operatives. A wild chase and firefight erupted in the cavern, with Grym activating the droid security systems and lying through his teeth to ensure a clean getaway. (WOA27)

this was the Huttese pronoun for "them." (GMR5)

Hoohah keepuna!
this Huttese command translated into Basic as "Shoot them!" (TF)

this species of telepathic rodents was native to the planet Arbra. Their fur was noted for its pastel coloration, and their "cute" appearance caused many "advanced" races to underestimate their intelligence. This appearance, coupled with the Hoojibs' lack of advanced technology, made many other sentient races overlook them. The average Hoojib had large, floppy ears and large eyes, and they tended to form familial clans that were outgoing toward visitors to Arbra. They assisted the Alliance to some degree, although only a single clan made any effort to leave Arbra and assist in the struggle against the Empire. Hoojibs did not consume food as most other creatures did, which involved the digestion of food to create energy. Instead, the Hoojibs fed directly on the energy itself. Much of their nourishment came from a vast crystalline structure located beneath the surface of Arbra, which channeled energy from the planet's core. By feeding on this energy, the Hoojibs also kept the planet's energy resources in balance, preventing a catastrophic build-up of power. (EGA, MC55, LTA5, ANT)

Hook Nebula
this area of the galaxy was a strategic location, set between the Empire and a number of rebellious worlds. Located in the Rim, this nebula was also the home of the Qeimet Fleet. (ISB)

Hookah Pipe
this was a form of water pipe used to mix plant smoke with chemicals to produce a euphoric smog, which could be directly inhaled or smoked through an attached pipe. (VD, TJP)

this handheld weapon - with curved, razor-sharp blades that were no longer than one's fingers - was used by Sakiyans in hand-to-hand combat. (MBS)

Hookyr the First
this Hirmoi leader was the primary force behind Operation Glorious Destinym, the Hiromi plans for domination over the planet Zeltros. However, during the invasion, the Hiromi discovered that the Nagai were also invading Zeltros, as were the Tofs. Rather than find themselves at the short end of the stick, Hookyr agreed to ally the Hiromi with Luke Skywalker and the Alliance of Free Planets. However, he had not planned on Luke's attempting an assault on the Tof command ship, in order to rescue his friends. (MC104, MC105, PH)

this Nagai Commander was placed in charge of a mission to the Forest Moon of Endor by the individual known as Knife, some months after the Battle of Endor. (MC100)

this was one of the most common male names used by members of the Ithorian race. Although most Ithorian names were not used for a specific meaning, historians found that this name meant "strong wind", and was based on an archaic term referring to sailing ships. (GCG)

Hooley Krekk
this was a fictional Yuuzhan Vong, a name created by Nom Anor following the battle of Coruscant. Hooley Krekk was ostensibly a member of the Intendant caste. When he tried to learn the truth about the Eighth Cortex, Nom Anor adopted the guise of a Shamed One and claimed to be working for Hooley Krekk in order to gain access to the Shapers damutek on the newly-reformed Coruscant. He then used the alias to infiltrate the gathering of Shamed Ones who began worshipping the Jedi Knights. (DW)

Hoolidan Keggle
this Duros was a noted scholar and educator who lived on the Jyvus city-station during the last decades of the Old Republic. He vehemently denounced Triplanetary Press and the Encyclopedia Galactica, when the editors wrote the entry for Neimoidians to simply read "See: Duros". He opposed the simplification of the genetic relationship of the Duros to the Neimoidians, indicating that there were many genetic, philosophical, and cultural differences between the two races. Later, Keggle was forced to flee Jyvus when it was attacked by the Separatists as part of Operation Durge's Lance. Jyvus held out for a short while, but the advanced tactics of General Grievous eventually broke through Jyvus' defenses. It was Grievous himself who confronted Keggle and forced him to sign a surrender form, officially making Duro a Separatist world. (HNN4, SWI74, SWI75)

this man was a Tech Sergeant with the Alliance during the height of the Galactic Civil War, and was known for his expertise with all manner of blaster weapons. (RAG)

a huge phlog, he is the son of Zut and Dobah. (ECAR)

a Phlog female who fell in love with Wicket after drinking a magic Dulok potion. The potion was believed to have been a hate potion, which Umwak had planned to give to the Phlogs to enlist their aid in defeating the Ewoks. (ECAR)

this was an uncommon name among the Rodian people. (GCG)

Hoopster's Prank
this freighter belonged to Booster Terrik, and was often sent out to assist in the shipment of pommwomm plants. It was boarded by Rogue Squadron on the assumption that it was carrying contraband, but was found to be clean. The Sif'krie race then banned smugglers from carrying their pommwomm plants. (SOP, VOF)

this was one of the largest Wookiee cities established on the planet Kashyyyk. Like its counterparts, Hoorrkhukk was established around a manufacturing facility, and was built in the intertwined branches of wroshyr trees. (GMR4)

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