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this military term was used to describe the practice of having two or three crewmen sharing the same bunk. Usually done on overcrowded ships, hot-bedding forced crewmen to sleep in rotations, so that the bed was always in use by a different being. While sometimes expedient in combat situations, over the long-term hot-bedding could leading to discomfort and general loss of morale among the troops. (DARK)

Hotel Aerie
this was the grand hotel that was located on the ground of The Aerie, on the planet Naboo, during the height of the New Order. (ROD)

Hotel Drofo
an expensively-decorated hotel located on Oseon 6845, the Hotel Drofo had been in the Drofo family for many years. It was owned by Drofo III during the height of the New Order. The facilities were known for their incredible luxury, offering the very best forms of personal indulgence money could buy. To protect his investment, Drofo III maintained an armed, Scillal Designs 891C Akorec strike cruiser in orbit around Oseon 6845. (LCF, GMR5)

Hotel Grand
this luxurious hotel was the located on the planet Ord Mantell, and was the site of the Conclave on the Plight of the Refugees. (HT)

Hotel Imperial
a luxurious hotel located in Imperial City on Coruscant. (WG)

Hotel Low-Orbit
this was one of the many hotels located in the Spacer Quarter of Aldera, on the planet Alderaan. (CCW)

Hotel Sharu
this hotel was generally regarded as the best hotel in Teguta Lusat, during the early years of the New Order. (LCM)

Hotel Stopover
this was one of the many hotels located in the Spacer Quarter of Aldera, on the planet Alderaan. (CCW)

this blue star was the central body in the Hoth System, located on the Ison Corridor of the Anoat Sector of the galaxy. (PH, WOA33)

this Jedi Master was the leader of the Army of Light, sent to Ruusan to defeat Lord Kaan and the Brotherhood of Darkness. Lord Hoth was killed when the Sith unleashed their thought bomb and obliterated both armies. (ECH)

this snow planet was the sixth planet in the Hoth system, located along the Ison Corridor in the galaxy's Anoat Sector, some 50,250 light-years from the galactic core. It orbited a distant, blue-white star, and had three natural satellites. Just outside the orbit of Hoth was a huge asteroid belt, which many believed to be the result of the collision of two planets eons ago. The treacherous belt of asteroids maked any approach to the planet very hazardous. Its remote location made it the perfect site for an Alliance base three years after the Battle of Yavin. Many smaller asteroids got pulled in by Hoth's gravity, and rained down on the planet as meteors. The planet's normal daytime temperature was some thirty-degrees below zero, and its high-velocity wind and snow storms made it extremely inhospitable. Hoth had a fair amount of seismic activity, with underice "oceans" in the southern hemisphere and the tidal pull of three moons. This activity was constantly changing the various ice formations and creating vast, natural ice caves and tunnels. It was for these reasons that Alliance Major Kem Monnon chose it for Echo Base. Its harsh, frozen climate gave rise to only two major lifeforms, the Wampa ice creature and the tauntaun. Small rodents, wirelike ice worms, and hardy lichens completed the planet's minimal foodchain. Note that Marvel Comics' Star Wars issue 78, indicates that Hoth had more than one sun at the center of its system. (ESB, ISU, GG2, MC78, WOA33, IWST)

Hoth Asteroid Field
see Hoth Belt (WOA34)

Hoth Belt
this immense asteroid field was located on the outer edge of the Hoth System, just beyond the orbit of the planet Hoth. Because of its size, both in physical dimensions and number of asteroids, the Hoth Belt was one of the most treacherous asteroid belts to maneuver through. (PH)

Hoth Hog
this compact creature was a boar-like snow creature that lived on the planet Hoth. (RA)

Hoth System
this remote star system contained the planet Hoth and its immense asteroid belt. (ESB)

Hoth's Brand
this star was the central body of the Hoth's Brand System, located in the Teraab Sector of the Colonies Region, but it was not the only star in the system. The white dwarf known as Petja had been captured by the gravity of Hoth's Brand, and orbited the star outside the paths of the nine planets that made up its system. (SWMW)

this was a nickname given by the Corellian Security Force to any blaster which had the trigger guard removed. Among the criminal elements, the removal of the trigger guard was supposed to represent how tough an individual was. More often than not, however, a hotshot was accidentally discharged when it was carried in a waistband or arm holster. (TFE)

fighter pilot slang for being ambushed. (IJ)

this planet was located just outside the Moddell Sector of the galaxy, on the fringes of Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. (GMR9)

this ferocious-looking beast is native to the planet Kinyen, but it is really a gentle, loyal beast that is often domesticated by the Gran. The houjix is a blue- and yellow-striped quadriped with large teeth, a spiked, club-like tail, and two feet on each of the front two legs. Chewbacca had a holographic representation of a houjix on his holochess board on the Millennium Falcon. (CCG2)

an extremely large, humanoid race originally from the Ansuroer Sector, the Houk spread throughout the galaxy following their first contact with a Vaathkree trading ship. Their skin was colored deep blue or purple, and their eyes were a piercing yellow. They were considered second in the galaxy in brute strength only to the Wookiee race, but they did not display the violent rage of the Wookiee. However, they did have short tempers, and preferred fighting to any other solution to a problem. The Houk generally used any method possible to gain an advantage over their opponents, including sneaking up on them and attacking from behind. Thus, many other races considered them cowards. The Houk which settled on the planet Sriluur were often at war with their neighbors, the Weequay, until the Empire stepped in and subjugated both races. The Empire planned to use the Houk race as a basis for creating the "perfect slave," but it was unknown if their program was successful. During their history, the Houk race produced few technological advancements, but adapted well to the use of hyperdrives and modern weapons. (HSL, GG12, SWJ6, CRO)

Houk Territories
this was the collective term used to describe the lands on the planet Sriluur that had been settled by Houk colonists from Lijuter. The Houks arrived some 250 years before the Battle of Naboo, and initially settled in the Lesser Cueva Expanse. This equatorial region formed the majority of the Houk Territories, which the Weequay kept under implicit martial law durnig the height of the New Order. (GORW)

this was the native language of the Houk race. The spoken form conistsed of a series of grunts that, depending on the tonal inflection used, had a variety of meanings. The written form used an alphabet of verbs, with a collection of pictograms for nouns. (UANT)

Houk-Weequay Conflicts
a series of brutal wars between the two native races on Sriluur. (SWJ6)

this alien - an Ithorian? - was a member of the Alien Combine on Coruscant. (WG)

this frozen, rocky world was the seventh planet of the Beshqek System, located in the Deep Core of the galaxy, before the world of Byss was destroyed. It was orbited by five moons. (PH)

Hound the Hawk-Bat
this was a spirited children's game, popular during the height of the New Order. (EGD)

Hound's Tooth
Bossk's modified YV-666 starship, it was purchased by the bounty hunter after his previous ship was destroyed on Gandolo IV. Bossk had it highly modified from its origins as a light freighter, including shields and weapons upgrades that included a quad-laser cannon and a concussion missile launcher. Many of these modifications were done by Kuat Drive Yards, which installed a fail-safe code into the computer systems. Much of the ship was rebuilt to accomodate the Trandoshan physiology, and Bossk had a specialized set of controls added to allow him to simply rest his arms in a pair of troughs and control the ship via movements of his body. The Hound's Tooth was also one of the few ships that was capable of changing course while in hyperspace. Bossk also added an X10-D droid brain to control shipboard systems. This brain responded to verbal commands, which allowed Bossk to have access to ship's systems from anywhere on the ship. Note that while the Star Wars: Customizable Card Game: Dagobah says that X10-D is the computer system, Tales of the Bounty Hunters indicates that X10-D was a huge service droid used by Bossk to move cargo. The droid X10-D had no built-in computer, but took commands from the Hound's Tooth. Bossk also kept the Nashtah Pup hidden in one of the holds for emergency use. The Hound's Tooth was a tempermental ship, as the main computer worked to control every on-board system while reacting to Bossk's verbal commands. When Bossk allowed Chenlambec and Tinian I'att to pilot the ship, they introduced the ship's computer to Flirt. Flirt eventually insinuated herself into the computer core, and showed it that Bossk was willing to sacrifice the ship in order to keep Chen's pelt intact. The computer rebelled, locking out Bossk from making any verbal commands while keeping the Trandoshan locked in a freezer-locker. After delivering Bossk to Imperial Governor Io Desnand, Chen and Tinian took control of the Hound for themselves. The Trandoshan eventually recovered his ship, and used it on many hunts until he became entangled with Boba Fett, during the other hunter's search of Kuat of Kuat. When Bossk tried to steal the Slave I, drifting above Tatooine after Fett was consumed by the Sarlacc, he was shocked to discover that Fett was still alive. He had loaded the computer system of a mock-up of Slave I to send out a false self-destruct alarm if someone boarded the ship, and Bossk fell for the bait. He fled the scene in an escape pod, and Boba Fett took control of the Hound's Tooth. He then traveled to the remains of Kud'ar Mub'at's web to find answers, but was fired upon by Balancesheet. The ship was nearly destroyed, but was repaired and used by Dengar and Neelah to draw off Kodir of Kuhlvult's forces. It was eventually captured by the Kuati nobles in the Oranessan System, who used the fail-safe code to shut her down, and and left to drift. Fett and Dengar managed to restart it and return to Kuat, where they finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together. (MTS, EGV, CCG4, TBH, MA, SLS, HM, GMR7)

this is Industrial Automaton's SPD-series droid. It is a box-like machine that rolls on treads. Rectractable arms allow it to extend sensors that pick up the trail of many kinds of security breaches. The Hound was equipped with a pulse scan emitter, a laser scan emitter, audio and visual receptors, and a variety of sensor systems. A pair of fine grasper arms allowed the Hound to manipulate simple objects, and four fifteen-meter-long extensor arms allowed it to reach into the most inaccessible nooks and crannies. Like an R-series astromech, the Hound communicated in a series of chirps and whistles known as DroidSpeak. (TTSB, EGD)

House Andrim
this was one of the wealthiest of the Kuati merchant families, during the height of the New Order. The family also owned a complete shipyard which was part of the Kuat Drive Yards facility. (CCW)

House Barnaba
this was one of the four lesser Houses of Tapani Sector, known for is hedonistic approach to life. Families within House Barnaba never really wanted to become dominant, and developed great skill at playing one House against another, while ensuring that Barnaba came out ahead in the end. During the height of the New Order, House Barnaba found itself aligned with House Melantha, and working closer with House Cadriaan. (PGT)

House Benelex
this was the governing body of the Benelex Bounty Hunters Guild. It was led by Corvastan Benelex. (GG10)

House Cadriaan
one of the three greater Houses of Tapani Sector, House Cadriaan was known for its openmindedness and its skills in the mercantile trades. Its capital was on Procopia, and only during the height of the New Order did this House begin to assert its power. Members of House Cadriaan held themselves to a higher standard than most other Houses, resorting to spying and underhanded tactics only when absolutely necessary to preserve the House. The House's provinces lie along the Shapani Bypass, and the internal military of House Cadriaan was quickly augmented to preserve its hold on the sector's greatest properties. (PGT)

House Calipsa
this was one of the lesser Houses of Tapani Sector, and was considered to be the most conservative of the seven Houses. Calipsa chose to ally itself with the dominant House of the time, using this position to avoid negotiation. Members of House Calipsa were known for their short tempers and lack of patience. Despite its shortcomings, House Calipsa maintained the second-largest number of holdings in Tapani Sector, second only to House Mecetti. (PGT)

House Deponn
this minor Kuati house attempted to win the favor of the Empire by taking credit for the prototype weapons systems which were deployed on the Star Destroyers Burning Vengeance and Legacy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. An agent of House Deponn intercepted and killed an agent of House Andrim, stealing the results of the weapons tests in the hopes of proving to the Empire that they were the original builders. The House Deponn agent was eventually apprehended by a group of freelance merceanries hired by House Andrim, dashing the Dpeonn plans for prestige. (CCW)

House Elegin
an ancient ruling House that held Senatorial representation to the Old Republic. (COJ)

House Fardor
this was one of the noble houses which controlled the planet Kilia IV. The Fardors had been enemies of House Wallon for many generations. (RESB)

House Guard
this was the private security force which protected the various nobles of Tapani Sector during the height of the New Order. The House Guard was formed because the Empire couldn't patrol the entire sector and maintain the security of individual Houses. Each House had its own Guard, and the Home Guards were the only military group allowed to travel outside a House's provincial holdings. (PGT)

House Hirskaala
this was one of the many trading houses that made up the economy of the planet Cularin, during the last years of the Old Republic. Hirskaala appeared on Cularin shortly after the Battle of Naboo, and quickly became one of the larger trading concerns on the planet. The operations of House Hirskaala were targetted by agents of the Metatheran Cartel, in an effort to undermine Hirskaala's activities while the Cartel gained a foothold in the Cularin System. (EOS)

House Mecetti
this was one of the greater Houses of Tapani Sector, and dominated the Great Council during the modern era of the galaxy. Nothing mattered more to the nobles of House Mecetti than acquiring and keeping power, and the end always justified the means. Mecetti controlled fourteen distinct star systems in Tapani Sector, as well as its own personal army and navy, known as the Mecetti House Guard. Often, the House mentality forced House Mecetti to act against the better good of Tapani Sector, but that mattered little in the grander scheme. Its reputation among the Houses is that of ruthlessness and vindictive reprisal, and it continued to gain power in Tapani Sector by setting the other Houses against each other and cleaning up later. House Mecetti was most infamously known for its support and alliance with the Mecrosa Order, many millennia before the Battle of Yavin. Mecetti controlled fourteen different star systems in Tapani Sector, giving it the largest number of holdings of all the seven Houses. Mecetti even tried to eliminate all the heirs of its rival Houses during the Mecetti Purge, some twenty years before the Battle of Hoth. The rise of Emperor Palpatine helped deflect attention from Tapani Sector, and House Mecetti virtually destroyed House Pelagia before being retrained. Only the timely efforts of the nobles in each House, as well as the appearance of the Empire in Tapani Sector, maintained strong enough bloodlines to thwart Mecetti's efforts. (PGT, TSIA, LOE)

House Melantha
this was one of the original twelve ruling Houses of Tapani Sector, and was one of the Sector's greater Houses. It was most famous because it produced Shey Tapani, and his descendants believed that they were the rightful rulers of the sector. House Melantha maintained a great number of contacts on the planet Coruscant, buth during the Old Republic and the New Order, giving it the political clout it needed to rise to power. Members of this House were considered to be arrogant and obnoxious by their peers in other Houses. Despite its powerful standing, House Melantha has rarely been the dominant House in the Great Council, always sitting behind House Pelagia or House Mecetti. Melantha tried to gain power during the fall of the Old Republic, openly supporting Emperor Palpatine and providing its members to the Emperor's court. There were rumors that an Imperial Dark Side Adept was the real power behind House Melantha during the New Order, but these rumors were never proven. (PGT)

House Ministry of Inquiry
this House Mecetti body was ostensibly the primary legal facility maintained by its leaders. In reality, the Ministry of Inquiry controlled the farthest-reaching spynet of Tapani Sector, built and maintained over the last few centuries. (LOE)

House Neuvalis
this was the governing body of the Neuvalis Bounty Hunters Guild, and was controlled by Marjan and Feras Neuvalis. It was headquartered on Plexis. (GG10)

House Nuruodo
see Syndic Mitth'raw'nuruodo (DJ)

House of Balance
this is the location where all the gaawans from Tuhgri tribes meet once every year to discuss matters of importance. Each gaawan has an equal say in all matters, and they meet to develop planet-wide policies as well as solve tribral disputes. (KO)

House of Citizens of Corulag
this was the name of the planetary government that ruled Corulag. They threw in their wholehearted support to the Empire during the Galactic Civil War, after a series of Separatist attacks during the Clone Wars convinced the political leaders of the ineffectiveness of the Old Republic. (FOP, WOTC)

House of Cron
this was the hereditary ruling family of the Cronese Mandate. (ML)

House of Lorac
this noble family ruled the planet Velmor during the last decades of the Old Republic, until King Lorac and his Queen, Denira, were assassinated by an angry mob. Their sons managed to survive, and Prince Denid eventually restored the House of Lorac to its rightful position. (WOTC)

House of Tagge
this was the name of the huge holding company headed by the Tagge family, which was the owner of TaggeCo. TaggeCo, itself a major conglomerate, was the owner of Bonadan Heavy Industries, Tagge Mining Company, GalResource Industries, Mobquet Swoops and Speeders, Gowix Computers and the Tagge Restaurant Association. The House of Tagge was based on the planet Tepasi. (MC25, HNN4)

House of the Higher Power
this building, located in the spaceport town of Tun Aduban on the planet Aduba-3, was the center of the Sacred Way religion. It was the base of operations for the Verpine known as Pera. (GMR4)

House of Tion
this was the hereditary ruling family of the Tion Hegemony. (HNN4)

House of Vanar
this was the fashion design studio based on Coruscant and created by Vanar, during the early years of the New Republic. Leia Organa-Solo asked them to submit a design for Mara Jade's wedding dress, and Vanar's team came up with avery revealing design. Mara discarded their idea, despite Vanar's claims that "minimal was maximal" in galactic fashion of the time. (U)

House of War
located in the city of Fitsay, this structure was the home of the warrior priests of the Sedrian race. (BGS)

House of Zelor
this noble family served the House of Lorac for many years, until King Lorac and Queen Deinra were assassinated by a mob during the early years of the New Order. Then, Regent Zelor tried to take over the throne of Velmor for himself and the House of Zelor, by trying to cover up evidence that Prince Denid had survived. Denid managed to persevere, however, and Zelor was eventually killed. (WOTC)

House Okeefe
this was one of the most prominent of the royal families which were native to the planet Brentaal. (CCW)

House Organa
this was the name of the Organa family and its holdings, during their history on the planet Alderaan. (CCW)

House Paramexor
this was the governing body of the Paramexor Guild of Hunters. It was led by Janq Paramexor, who insisted that his members only hunt accused murderers. The Guild's headquarters were on Denevar. (GG10)

House Pelagia
this was one of the lesser ruling Houses of Tapani Sector, despite the fact that it traced it roots to the original colonists who settled on Pelagon more than 13,000 years ago. Pelagia was best known for being recruited by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic, eventually establishing a bloodline which was strong with the Force. Members of House Pelagia held honor and dignity in a higher regard than most other Houses, a position which led them to turn to other methods of gaining power. House Pelagia was considered one of the most adept at twisting the truth to their own ends, promising much less than they actually seem to. During the early years of Tapani Sector's history, House Pelagia was the most powerful of all the seven Houses. Their ties to the Jedi Knights only furthered their position in the Great Council. However, with the rise in power of Emperor Palpatine, many of the other Houses dropped their support of Pelagia and turned to House Melantha or House Mecetti. House Pelagia's position floundered to the point that it was deemed a lesser House, having lost more than seventy percent of its representation on the Great Council. The House survived, though, and began taking steps to regains its former strength. (PGT)

House Purkis
this was one of the wealthiest of the Kuati merchant families, during the height of the New Order. (CCW)

House Reena
one of the four lesser Houses of Tapani Sector, House Reena remained strong because of its holdings. Many of the planets in its province were rich in ores, and several others were the sites of prestigious universities. Members of House Reena were known to be polite and extremely well-educated. (PGT)

House Renliss
this was the governing body of the Renliss Bounty Hunters Guild, which was led by Jalindas and Gratina Renliss. They maintained their base of operations on the planet Dartessex IV. For personal reasons known only to the sisters, the Guild only accepted female members. (GG10)

House Salaktori
this was the governing body of the Salaktori Hunters Guild. Led by Jeslor Salaktori, the House was based on the planet Resht VII. (GG10)

House Tionc
this was one of the noble houses which controlled the planet Kilia IV. (RESB)

House Tresario
led by Rovan Tresario, this was the governing body which controlled the operations of the Tresario Bounty Hunters Guild. The Guild was based on the planet Baradas II. (GG10)

House Vandron
the most ancient of the ruling houses in the Senex Sector, House Vandron controlled the slave farms on Karfeddion. During the last decades of the Old Republic, House Vandron realized that increased trade with the Republic would benefit their coffers. In return for certain trade concessions, House Vandron agreed to assist the Judicial Department in infiltrating the planet Asmeru, in an effort to root out the Nebula Front. (COJ)

House Wallon
this was one of the noble houses which controlled the planet Kilia IV. The Wallons had been enemies of House Fardor for many generations. (RESB)

Household Phalanx
this was the name of the group of loyal Chiss retainers who guard a Chiss noble. The formation of a Household Phalanx mirrored that of the twenty-eight Chiss phalanxes which made up the Chiss military. (VOF, FH1)

Housekeeping Specialist Droid
called an HSD, these droids are programmed to keep a residence clean and tidy. (ZHR)

Hova Mensk and the Blurtones
this was a noted Inner Rim band, whose origins coincided with the advent of the New Order. They were considered to be innovative, but many critics deemed them experimental jizz musicians who mimicked the music of the Sozzenels. (WOTC)

Hovan 99
this moon was the site of a deep-space supply depot, during the height of the New Republic. (T19)

this tallgrain farmer, living on Pakrik Minor, was of the Imperial sleeper agents placed there by Grand Admiral Thrawn. (SOP)

Hover Boots
developed by Nubia Star Drives, Incorporated, hover boots were originally created to allow construction workers to reach the upper levels of skyscrapers. Each boot was equipped with a tiny repulsorlift engine, which was powered by a remote transformer. This meant that wearers had to remain within close proximity to the transformer in order to remain aloft. Over time, hover boots were adapted for use in playing grav-ball. (CCW)

Hover Car
this was the generic term used to describe any personal, land-based repulsorlift transportation. (CPL)

Hover Cruiser
another name for a repulsor-cruiser. (LCM)

Hover Guard
this was a series of sentry droids produced during the early years of the New Order. Each Hover Guard resembled a large flying insect, and was equipped with a tiny repulsor engine for propulsion. A pair of sensor eyes were located on its front panel, and a light stunning blasters hung down from each side. (MDCAR)

Hover Loader
this cylindrical labor droid was developed during the last decades of the Old Republic to assist with the loading of fuel onto starships, as well as the attaching of starfighters to their hyperspace rings. The Jedi Order used these droids extensively to ready their Delta-7 Aethersprite fighters for combat. A pair of positioning arms could be extended from the midsection of the hover loader, and a pair of grasping arms were located at the bottom of the body. (VD3)

this was a sport that was enjoyed by many beings during the early years of the New Republic's struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong. It was played on a huge field, allowing the players to execute complex plays. (DW)

this was an early term used to describe the speederbikes of the Old Republic. (BF3)

a bird that can stay in one place while flying. (COJ)

a flat piece of wood, plastic, or metal which had a small repulsorlift engine and a propulsion system attached. Like an anti-gravity skateboard, youngsters around the galaxy used these devices for transportation and for performing tricks. They are sometimes called skimboards. (GOF2)

this was the generic term used to describe any small repulsorlift vehicle that was used by the youth of the galaxy for free-spirited racing and transport. These vehicles were highly customized by their owners, further expressing their individuality. (T2)

this was a generic term used to describe any repulsorlift-equipped vehicle used for public mass transportation. (LCM)

this was the term used to describe a group of ground-based vehicles which moved as a unit, often in a procession or parade. (COD)

this is a generic term used to describe repulsor-equipped camera droids, such as the podracer cams and the Senate cams of the Old Republic. (IG1)

an amusement park attraction, the hovercoaster uses repulsor-equipped cars that ride along a looping, diving railway. (TCC)

this was a specialized form of incendiary device created during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. When launched, a hover-flare flew to a pre-determined altitude before igniting. It then hovered in place for a short period of time, providing a light source by which attacking forces could spot their enemies and attack them with more conventional weapons. The Confedereacy of Independent Systems made widespread use of hover-flares, which provided additional light for droid-based armies to see by. (MBS)

this was an antique type of cargo mover. The pilot's compartment was separated from the hold by a small door, which opened onto the uncovered cargo area. (HSL)

Hoverscout Attack Vehicle
a swift, repulsorlift-based warship built by Mekuun for the Empire, the Hoverscout is often deployed in groups that sweep an area clear of enemies. The speed and maneuverability of the Hoverscout, coupled with its heavy armor plating and sensitive scanners, makes it an extremely effective war machine. The Hoverscout is armed with a heavy blaster cannon, a single laser cannon, and a concussion missile launcher. (DFR, ISB)

a sport in which repulsorlift-equipped skis are used to slide down a hill or mountain. (QE, GOF4)

this was the generic term for any flatbed, repulsorlift vehicle used to move cargo. (HTTE)

another name for a robo-hack. (CSWEA)

this repulsorlift cargo transport has a main cockpit pod, behind which are connected a number of repulsorlift cargo modules. Often, there are segments of the hovertrain dedicated to weaponry, in order to protect the transport of its cargo. (CSW, SSE)

a multi-car repulsorlift cargo transport system. (CSW)

this was the generic term used to describe any repulsorlift vehicle used to move beings from one location to another. (ZHR)

this was the common name used to describe the Mobquet SX_14 repulsorloft utility vehicle. (IWST)

a large, repulsorlift cargo truck. (HSE)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

Hovsgol Januul
this was one of the two most powerful Ansionian overclans, made up from smaller clans of Alwari that inhabited the planet of Ansion. They were second only to the Borokii in size and power, and so were constantly at odds with the Borokii. When a team of Jedi Knight - Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luminara Unduli, along with the Padawans Anakin Skywalker and Barris Offee - arrived on Ansion to negotiate a treaty between the Alwari and the Unity of Community, they first tried to obtain the support of the Borokii. The Borokii agreed, so long as the Jedi helped resolve their dispute with the Januul. Obi-Wan agreed, taking the Borokii's words at their face value, which did not specifically require the defeat of the Januul. When it was revealed that the Jedi were an honorable group, and that the treaty would benefit Alwari as well as city dwellers, the Januul agreed to support the Borokii and agree to the treaty. (APS)

this surname was common among the Sullustan race, and meant "navigator" in the Sullustan language. (GCG)

How Do They See Anyway (Stormtrooper's Dilemma)
this song, written and played by the band Deeply Religious, was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. It first appeared on the compilation Advanced Explosives Handbook. (GG9)

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