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a large, boar-like beast inhabiting the forests of Endor's primary moon, the hanadak was a carnivorous creature standing about three meters at the shoulder, with a menacing snout and huge black claws. The Ewoks claimed that the hanadaks were controlled by the giant Gorax. Individual hanadaks were known to develop specific tastes in prey, and many have been known to hunt for certain races of sentient beings. Hanadaks were sometimes captured and used in gladiator events, although the capture or possession of a hanadak was illegal in many sectors of the galaxy. (EA, ANT)

Hanare, Ronar
this was one of the aliases used by Obi-Wan Kenobi during his mission to Bellassa, about a year after the end of the Clone Wars. The alias of Ronar Hanare was provided to him by Wil Asani and the members of the Eleven, as a way for him to gain access to the spaceport in Ussa and obtain a vessel with which to locate Ferus Olin. Hanare was a businessman from Raed-7, and was working on the pipeline outside Ussa. As part of the alias, the Eleven maintained a Deep-X Explorer at the Ussa spaceport, which Obi-Wan was able to reclaim and take to the Arno region to locate Ferus. (LJ1)

Hanast, Honarius
this man was part of the group of Kooroo pilgrims who traveled to Gelgelar, unaware that one of their number was actually a bounty hunter. Hanast alerted the captain of the starship which brought them to Gelgelar of the disappearance of Gudren Lagarian and Dorius Drevin, and it was the ships' crew who found Lagarian's body and discovered Drevin's true nature. (PSPG)

this gas giant was located in the Moddell Sector of the galaxy. (GMR9)

this was the term used by the natives of the moon of Mina to describe the brief period of night that occurred on those rare occasions that some part of Mina's surface was not bathed in the light of the planet Hanchin. One such Hanchin-set occurred at mid-winter, when the Vashan bodhis coughed up their sin-bullets. (GMR9)

this man was one of the many sargheet farmers who suffered through the economic hard times that befell the planet Dagro, during the height of the Clone Wars. A friend of Kirlan Swens, Hanco was one of the many farmers who directly confronted Obi-Wan Kenobi about the lack of support from the Old Republic during this time, when the Jedi was on the planet to investigate the presence of a Separatist base there. However, after he witnessed Obi-Wan actively stripping sargheet crop stubble, he decided that the Jedi was worthy of their support. Hanco was one of the farmers who helped Obi-Wan and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, located a destroy the last crawl-carrier before it could eliminate a village. (SWI76, SWI77)

Hand Claws
see Climbing Claws (HG)

Hand of Thrawn
this was the codename of the hidden fortress maintained by a contingent of Chiss on Nirauan. Grand Admiral Thrawn had left a large number of his race behind with distinct orders to await his return ten years after his departure. It was set up some twenty years before Thrawn's first reign of terror. The caves and tunnels beneath the fortress were lined with cortosis ore, and a large population of ysalamiri were imported, in order to protect the compound from the new crop of Jedi Knights. During the intervening time, they kept a huge assortment of weapons and warships armed and ready for his return. The existence of the fortress - which had five large towers, and resembled an up-turned hand - was kept secret until the New Republic discovered a cache of Imperial datacards on Wayland, at Mount Tantiss. A card entitled "The Hand of Thrawn" was unreadable, however. Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade managed to discover the location of Nirauan after backtracking the trails of ships which attacked them at Kauron. Mara was captured there, and Luke returned to rescue her. They were able to escape from the fortress and provide the Republic with information on its whereabouts. (VOF)

Hand of Thrawn, The
this was the title of one of the datacards discovered by Lak Jit near the bear of Mount Tantiss. It referred to the hidden base of the Chiss, which was a heavily-guarded fortress with five upraised towers that gave it the impression of a hand. It was located on the planet Nirauan. (SOP, VOF)

Hand Pot
this was the name given to the smaller collection of credits which were anted up at the beginning of each sabacc round. The player with the best hand would win the pot. The hand pot was kept separated from the sabacc pot, which was reserved for the winner of the overall match. (HTTE, VOF)

Hand Pot, The
this was one of the smaller casinos found in the Westrex district of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. Like the other casinos in Efavan, the Hand Pot was located along the Casino Line. (GORW)

Hand, Pyr
this black-haired, pale-skinned man was a member of Requiem Squadron, serving under Antar Roat. A Captain, Pyr was nicknamed "Klick" because he was a dead shot from a kilometer or more. Pyr was actually Corran Horn in disguise, as part of Ysanne Isard's plan to infiltrate Prince-Admiral Krennel's forces and bring about his destruction. (IR)

this subnode, a twin to the subnode Docker, was generated by Kud'ar Mub'at to coordinate the landing of ships carrying visitors to the assembler's web. (MA)

Handmaiden Sisters
this group of Force-sensitive women were once students of the Jedi Order, during the years following the Great Sith War. Many of the members of the Handmaiden Sisters lacked any formal training, and some believed that they were the surviving members of the Echani Handmaidens. Others were unable to fully tap into the Force, which gave them the advantage of "hiding in plain sight" during the years following the Mandalorian Wars. However, in the wake of the Jedi Civil War, they were exiled to Telos, in order to preserve the teachings of the Jedi. They brought with them a wealth of artifacts and various holocrons and other recorded lessons, hoping that their remoteness would save them if the Jedi Order were to disappear. Led by Atris, the Handmaiden Sisters established a training facility beneath the northern polar icecap of Telos, well away from prying eyes. In addition to their training with the Force, the Handmaiden Sisters were also well-versed in the Echani martial arts. (KOTOR2)

this planet was located near Jabiim. (SWI68)

this Alliance gunship was stationed on the planet Isis, from which it brought medical supplies to the guerillas on Polmanar. It was hijacked by the downed Imperial survey crew of the Wanderer and taken to the Bespin System. There, the Imperials hoped to expose Isis, but were intercepted by Alliance agents. (IC)

Handree Braman
this Ortolan established the CardSafe restaurant on the planet Coruscant, during the early years of the New Republic. He was known for his exotic cuisine, which used the flesh of native Coruscani wildlife, such as the hawk-bat. (EGA)

this was the brand name of a series of comlinks manufactured by VargeCorp. They were designed to fit over the ear, allowing the user to communicate without holding a comlink in their hands. (PSG)

this friend of Allania Jakien was with her when she escaped from Cloud City. (MTS)

Hang Glider
the stick-and-hide framework that the Ewoks use as a mode of transportation, it allows them to 'fly' on currents of air. They use a catapult-like device to launch the gliders from cliffs. (ROTJ, EA)

Hangar 9
this starship storage and maintenance facility was located on the planet Coruscant, in the CoCo District, during the last years of the Old Republic. Hangar 9 was one of the few such facilities that actually advertised their services for storing "shipments" and bypassing the normal parking measures required on the planet. (HNN5)

Hanging Gardens
this garden was the pride and joy of Lady Bathos of House Cadriaan, and was located within the boundaries of Alaphoe Gardens. Rare and exotic flowers from over 100 different worlds hung from trellises and grew from flowerbeds. (LOE)

Hanging Moss Village
this Ewok village, located in an isolated part of the Forest Moon of Endor, was noted for its cruel and vicious inhabitants. Unlike most other Ewoks, who were inquisitive and friendly, the natives of Hanging Moss Village liked to set devilish traps and torment the creatures they caught. Many stories surrounded the natives of Hanging Moss Village, among them the possibility that the tribal chief and the village shaman were under the influence of the Dark Side of the Force. (GORW)

Hanging Valley
this icy-filled valley was located on the planet Hoth, just to the west of the Clabburn Range. It marked the southern boundary of the North Ridge, and the eastern boundary of the Cirque Glacier. (IWST)

Hangman's Tree
this tree, native to the jungles of Ithor, was named for the way in which it used its tendril-like branches to grasp a creature around the neck and draw it upwards, strangling the creature to death. The tree would then exude a chemical into the body of its prey that would start the digestive process, allowing the tendrils to literally absorb the prey through its bark. (MIS7)

this was a common name for the drug sinthenol. (MJH)

this evil Wookiee was one of the many beings who joined the allies of the Sith, hunting down the surviving Jedi Knights and turning them over to Goto during the years following the Jedi Civil War. During the Mandalorian Wars, the forces of the Czerka Corporation arrived on Kashyyyk, Hanharr correctly surmised that they were not there for pleasantries. When he saw that kinraths were being used to hunt down Wookiees, Hanharr made a fateful decision. Rather than allowing his tribe to be captured and enslaved, he killed them all with his own hands. Starting with the youngest, Hanharr killed every Wookiee he could find, believing that death would be better than slavery. Czerka's forces saw what he had done and quickly captured him, taking him away but keeping him away from the rest of the slaves. Years later, he was freed from slavery by the bounty hunter Mira, and Hanharr was forced to acknowledge the life-debt he owed her. However, he resented the fact that he owed his life to a human, especially when it was humans who had caused him to kill his own tribe. Thus, he set out to eliminate Mira and remove the life-debt. To this end, he trained as a warrior, to become part of the forces that were augmenting the growing power of the Sith. On Nar Shaddaa, he was forced to fight against another bounty hunter, Mira, who had joined the group following The Exile. Although he was vastly stronger than the younger female, Hanharr lacked her agility and cunning, and fell to her in one-on-one combat. This time, Mira wasn't willing to spare his life, and Hanharr was finally freed of his life-debt. (KOTOR2)

Hanna City
the capital city of the planet Chandrila, Hanna City was located on the coast of the Silver Sea. It was the site of the planet's largest spaceport. (SWJ7, PSG, CCW)

Hanna Ding
this haughty Arkanian girl was one of the many students of the Force who were being trained at the Jedi Academy on Coruscant, during the height of the Clone Wars. She resented the fact that Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy - otherwise known as Scout - took advantage of other options than the Force when faced with a challenge, especially when Scout used trickery and knowledge of another being's idiosyncracies to defeat them. Hanna and Scout met in the second round of the Apprentice Tournament, and Master Ilena Xan made them fight in the dark, so that they were forced to fight in a more "real-world" situation. Hanna was momentarily distracted when Scout chose to move into a fighting position among the students watching their match, and she tried to call foul. Scout responded by saying that, in the real world, innocent bystanders were everywhere. Master Xan was forced to agree with Scout, and Hanna pressed her advantages of size and her connection to the Force. She managed to pin Scout, but Scout refused to yield, claiming that the pain wasn't sufficient to quit. Just as Hanna was about to bring her lightsaber down on Scout's neck, Scout managed to roll her over and pin Hanna. In the confusion of the maneuver, Scout also managed to get a choke-hold on Hanna, and Hanna was forced to yield the match before she passed out. Although there was little friendship between them, Hanna confided to Scout that she feared being killed during the Clone Wars. She wanted the Jedi Order to persevere, but was afraid that her death would be wasted like so many others. (YDR)

Hanna Institute of Antiquities
this museum was located in Hanna City, on the planet Chandrila. (HNN4)

Hanna Pendant
this pendant was worn by the women of the planet Chandrila. Three heavy ropes of linked metal rings were connected at each shoulder by a stylized clasp, and a pendant with a similar design hung from the shortest strand of metal at the neck. (VD3)

Hanna Wild Game Reserve
located just west of Hanna City, on the planet Chandrila, the Hanna Wild Game Reserve was the only location on the planet where an individual could carry a weapon or legally hunt. Filled with dense forests, the Reserve provided both sport and sustenance for many Chandrilan natives. (CCW)

Hannad, Kile
this man was one of Emperor Palpatine's Royal Imperial Guards, and was one of the few that survived the death of his clones on Byss. When the Guards returned to Yinchorr to meet with the Guard to discuss their future, they were exterminated by Carnor Jax. Hannad and Kir Kanos remained alive after the assault, but knew that one of them had to escape to exact revenge on Jax. They flipped a coin, and Hannad's fate was sealed. He held off Jax's troops long enough for Kanos to escape, but was eventually overwhelmed by the opposition and was killed. (CE)

Hannah Balmor
Haaran Balmor's wife. (GG9)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

this New Republic Navy Captain commanded the Marauder during the search for the Teljkon vagabond. Years later, Hannser was placed in command of the Far Thunder during the Republic's struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong. (SOL, DW)

Hanod System
this star system was the last known location of the Star Destroyer Krieger. (WBC)

this planet was one of many Imperial-hedl worlds which experienced rebellious warfare during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (RESB)

Ha'Nook, Jannie
this woman represented her homeworld of Glithnos in the Galactic Senate, during the height of the Clone Wars. She was known for her independent mind, and the fact that she was among the first to vote Chancellor Palpatine the emergency powers he needed to create the Grand Army of the Republic. During her tenure, Senator Ha'Nook served as a senior members of the Security and Intelligence Council, a role that put her regular contact with Palpatine, who grew to trust her judgment and value her input. She was distinguished by the way she twisted a lock of her hair around a finger when was processing information. When the Intergalatic Communications Center on Praesitlyn was attacked by the Separatists, Senator Ha'Nook was approached by an anonymous being who offered her a full ambassadorship if she agreed to vote for sending reinforcements to Praesitlyn. Senator Ha'Nook believed she had everything to gain by voting for the reinforcements, unaware that the anonymous being was actually Sly Moore, who was working to ensure Palpatine received enough votes to launch the mission. (JT)

this asteroid, originally known as Geddes, was renamed when the Empire took control of the rock. Located near the planet Krant, in the Both System, Hanoon was terraformed by the Empire during the early years of the New Order. It was believed that Echuu Shen-Jon destroyed the Vor'Na'Tu here, sometime after the rise of Emperor Palpatine. (GB)

Hans, Geordi
this native of Tatooine was abandoned by his parents at the age of six. He hitched a ride into Mos Eisley, and was quickly swindled out of any savings her had. Over the years, Geordi has picked up the surprising ability to repair any speeder, and was given a steady job by Unut Poll at Spaceport Speeders. He keeps Poll's merchandise in top condition, allowing Poll to charge a higher price. In his spare time, Geordi is a member of the Farns. (GG7)

this Romin male worked as a security officer on his homeworld of Romin, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Deputy Hansel worked directly for Roy Teda himself, and often accompanied prospective visitors during their stay. When Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi arrived on Romin with their apprentices, Anakin Skywalker and Ferus Olin, Hansel was ordered by Teda to follow the young Padawans when they traveled alone to the outer circles of the city of Eliior. He claimed to be simply be delivering an invitation to a reception. The party took place the next day, but it was during the party that Joylin and the Citizens' Resistance launched their rebellion. In the midst of the fighting, Hansel was captured by the rebels and held prisoner, and was to be the first among Teda's forces to be executed until Teda turned himself in for trial. After Teda was captured, Joylin called off the executions. (JQ8)

Hansen FeatherTouch
this tractor beam unit is capable of amazingly fine operations. They can harmlessly pull a bird out of mid-flight, or rip a small freighter to pieces. The FeatherTouch is turret-mounted, allowing it to be used in a multitude of configurations. (TA)

Hanson Mining Consolidated
this consortium of mining operations was based on the planet Neona, which it owned, and mined ores from the planet's sea floor. HMC scouts were the first corporation to scout the planet, noting the rich natural resources hidden beneath its oceans. HMC later partnered with Aquatic Ecosystems, Incorporated, to exploit the planet's fish species as food sources. (PGT, LOE)

Hansor, Madrix
this man was the leader of Hansor's Hooligans, a team of gladiator walker fighters active during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Madrix himself had a long-standing grudge against Demelza Mintori and Demelza's Destructors. Both men were members of the Imperial Army. During a battle in the Dalcrettu System, Mintori was unable (or refused) to help Hansor's platoon, which had been pinned down by rebels. Although they eventually managed to escape, Hansor and his squadmates hated Mintori's team from that point onward. Hansor himself vowed revenge against Mintori, and took it out on the gladiator walker fields. After a series of draws were fought, Hansor and his team took up residence in Sedratis City, the home base of Demelza's Destructors, and dared Mintori's team to answer the challenge. (GFT)

Hansor's Hooligans
this was the name of the gladiator walker fighting team led by Madrix Hansor, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GFT)

Hantaq, Dab
this boy and his family were confronted by Viqi Shesh, during the evacuation of Coruscant which took place when the Yuuzhan Vong attacked the planet. Senator Shesh, on the run from the law, was trying to track down Han and Leia Organa Solo, and needed to be part of a refugee family in order to get close to them. Shesh took Dab as her "son," Tarc, in order to gain Leia's confidence; in return for Dab's "services," Shesh ensured that his family escaped from Coruscant. Shesh claimed that she and Tarc were refused passage aboard the fleeing transports, and pleaded to be allowed to flee Coruscant aboard the Millennium Falcon. When the ruse was revealed and Senator Shesh was forced to flee, Dab was taken into custody by the Solos. He was pleased to learn that his real family made it off Coruscant aboard the Wicked Pleasure. Note that Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand indicates that Tarc did not know if his parents survived the Second Battle of Coruscant or not. Once on Borleias, realizing that he believed in what the Solos - and the rest of Wedge Antilles' Inner Circle - were trying to accomplish, he renounced his given name and simply went by the name Tarc. (SBS, EL2)

this man worked at the smuggling outpost at Merich's Bend, on the third moon of Aurea, during the Galactic Civil War. Hante was one of the many smugglers at Merich's Bend who secretly worked for the Alliance, supplying weapons and supplies to the Core and the Expansion Region. (SWJ15)

Hanther, Tinian
this woman served the Old Republic as an officer of the Department of Health during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. An expert in the areas of plant-borne contagious and diseases, Tinian was assigned to the Intelligence agency just after the Battle of Geonosis. For her first mission, Tinian was assigned to the team dispatched to rescue Edbit Teeks from the planet Tarhassan. Like most of the rest of the team, Tinian was a rookie, and relied more on her bureaucratic training than her gut instincts. She proved to be a better improvisor than her fellow rookies when she agreed to help Joram Kithe infiltrate the Nehass prison facility to rescue Teeks. Tinian pretended to be a guard, transferring Joram from the facility in Dandahass. Despite the injury to Tuhm, the rescue attempt was eventually successful, and Teeks was returned to Coruscant for debriefing. (SWI73)

Hanto Mountains
this low range of mountains was located on the moon of Sulon. (RAG)

this Corellian conman worked with the Qwohog K'zk to swindle passage from Diergu-Rea Duhnes'rd, thereby financing a treasure hunt to the Zelosian Chine. Hanugar and his partner, Sevik, pretended to be shipwrecked vacationers, and were picked up by K'zk's crew before they reached the Chine. (TFNR)

this corporation manufactured the SuperFlow line of starship computers. (SWSB)

this is the name used to describe the humans which are native to the planet Hapes. They differ from normal humans in two ways. First, they are considered quite handsome and beautiful as a race. Second, they are unable to see well in the dark because of the fact that the planet Hapes is continually bathed in light, either from its sun or from the seven moons that orbit the planet. As a people, Hapans had a deep-seated hatred of the Jedi, which sprang from the destruction of the Lorell Raiders. When the Yuuzhan Vong invadedthe galaxy, the Hapans were among the first beings to support the work of the Peace Brigade, as their anti-Jedi sentiments came to the fore. (CTD, DJ)

this was the native language of the Hapan people. (EGP)

Hapan Ale
a mildly-intoxicating beverage brewed in the Hapes cluster. (HTF)

Hapan Battle Armor
highly-polished black armor with silver trim, it is worn by the cyborg warriors from Charubah. (CPL)

Hapan Battle Dragon
these huge, red-hued, saucer-shaped capital ships are armed with forty ion cannons, forty turbolasers, dorsal- and ventral-mounted triple ion gun batteries, ten proton torpedo launchers, a tractor beam projector, and four pulse-mass generator tubes. This is not a large amount of firepower for such a large ship, and Battle Dragons must work in concert to throw up a wall of energy against their enemies. They are about 600 meters in diameter. The ship has two circular main sections linked by sixteen rotation support struts. The triple ion gun batteries rotate freely, allowing fresh cannons to fire while the other recharge. They have hangar space for three squadrons of Miy'til fighters, but many often carry a complement of X-Wings. There are 63 Battle Dragons at any time in the Hapan fleet, one representing each of the 63 Hapan stars and their life-supporting planets. The Hapan Battle Dragon was produced by Olanji/Charubah, at the direction of the Hapan royal family. Each Battle Dragon carryied three squadrons of Miy'til fighters, up to 500 troops, a crew of 1,200, and a gunnery crew of 190. In the wake of the Battle of Fondor, the New Republic provided the Hapans with up-to-date turbolaser technology, allowing them to replace the aging energy weapons of the Battle Dragon. This made the Battle Dragon a much more effective force in a starfight. (CPL, EGV, CTD, DW)

Hapan Cluster
see Hapes Cluster (CTD)

Hapan Consortium
this starship manufacturer was owned and controlled by the Hapan royal family. Their designs rarely left the Hapes Cluster, and were considered inferior to most Imperial or Republic ships in terms of power generators and weapons systems. (EGV)

Hapan Martial Arts
this was a form of hand-to-hand combat that was developed by the Hapans. Very few outside the Hapes Cluster knew of this form of martial arts, and fewer still were able to master it. (MBS)

Hapan Nova-class Battle Cruiser
see Nova-class Battle Cruiser (CPL)

Hapan Paper Lamp
this delicate, decorative lamp was developed for use on the planet Hapes. (EVR)

Hapan Royal Navy
this was the name of the naval fleet that patrolled and protected the planet Hapes, as well as the member worlds of the Hapes Consortium. (DN1)

Hapan Stinger
a security escort vessel built on Hapes. (L)

Hapan Water Dragon
an ocean-going repulsorlift battleship built on the planet Hapes. (L)

this was the primary star in the Hapan System, and was generally considered the central body of the Hapes cluster. (CPL)

originally settled by a group of pirates called the Lorell Raiders, the planet Hapes later became a neutral system when the Jedi Knights wiped out the Raiders when they started making raids into Old Republic supply centers. The surviving women swore never to let a man run the government following this defeat. The system was later overrun by the Empire, but Ta'a Chume (the Queen Mother at the time) built a powerful armed forces and drove the Imperial out. The Hapans are known for their belligerence. The planet orbits the star Hapes, and has been the seat of the Hapan government for as long as anyone can remember. The planet has seven moons. The light from these moons, as well as from the star Hapes, has caused the natives to lose much of their ability to see at night. The average day on Hapes lasts 22 standard hours, and the year on Hapes encompasses 240 local days. (CPL, CTD)

Hapes Cluster
a system of 63 star systems, it was originally settled by a group of pirates called the Lorell Raiders, and was overrun by the Empire until Ta'a Chume ousted them. She ruled with an iron fist until her heir, Prince Isolder, chose Teneniel Djo to be his wife and the next Chume. Teneniel Djo brought the Hapans into the New Republic. There were at least 119 known worlds within the Cluster's boundaries, of which 12 were unsettled at the time of the New Republic's negotiations with Ta'a Chume. Following Prince Isolder's marriage to Teneniel Djo, twelve of these worlds aligned themselves directly with the New Republic. The Cluster has four distinct regions: the Interior Region, which is considered the heart of the Cluster and contains Hapes; the Rifle Worlds, named for the fact that these industrial worlds once tried to secede from the Hapes Consortium; the Rim Worlds, which bordered on the rest of the known galaxy; and the Transitory Mists Region, which is filled with nebulous gases and is home to many pirate groups. The unusual configuration of the Hapes Cluster gave rise to several theories that it was not a natural occurance, but an ancient "project" akin to the Corellian System or the Maw. (CPL, CTD, PH)

Hapes Consortium
the governing body of the of 63 star systems of the Hapes Cluster, the Consortium was founded more than four thousand years before the Galactic Civil War. A matriarchal institution, the Consortium was controlled by the Queen Mother. Each of the member planets had a vote in all matters of state, and the Queen Mother's vote could be called upon in the even of a tie. For many generations, the Hapes Consortium advocated isolation from the rest of the galaxy, preferring to stay out of the struggles of the Galactic Civil War. However, when Leia Organa-Solo pleaded with the Consortium for aid in combatting the Yuuzhan Vong, a vote was taken to determine whether the Hapans would help. The member worlds were divided in their support, and only a foolish duel between Prince Isolder and Archon Beed Thane settled the matter in favor of supporting the New Republic. However, in the aftermath of the Battle of Fondor, in which most of the Hapan fleet was destroyed before it could bring its weapons to bear, the Consortium voted to isolate itself completely from the New Republic. The Consortium remained isolated for many months, until the Yuuzhan Vong were defeated and the Galactic Alliance began rebuilding the galaxy. Queen Mother Tenel Ka decided to join the Galactic Alliance, although the Consortium continued to operate for its own welfare. (COJ, JE, PH, DN1)

Hapes Transit Authority
this traffic control operation monitored and directed the vast amount of starship traffic at the planet Hapes. (AE)

Hapin, Stano
this man was the leader of the Disac Pirates during the early years of the New Order. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, however, Hapin was assassinated by Ket Maliss. (GORW)

one of the jailers working in the Mos Eisley jail during the Galactic Civil War. (TME)

a city on the lawless world of Korbin. Like the other cities on the planet, it was jokingly given an upbeat name despite the lawlessness of the planet. Happy, Joy, and Peace are cities called Small-Timers, because of their size and because ther are less intense than Pleasant City. (PG2)

Happy Blasters
this group of mercenary scouts was named for their usual response to any form of opposition: they just started firing their blasters at anything that moved. Under the leadership of Salem Victory, the Happy Blasters traveled to Kriekaal to obtain an artifact which was rumored to be attuned to the Force. (SWJ13)

Happy Dagger
this modified SoroSuub PLY-3000 luxury yacht was owned an operated by Roa, some twenty-five years after the Battle of Endor. Roa had it outfitted with uwa wood appointments, and other modifications made the ship extremely comfortable and well-armed. (HT)

Happy Failure
this dry-docked freighter served as a popular casino in Cloud City's Port Town, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The ship was owned at one time by Odea Aurora's mother and father. After her father's death, Odea and her mother tried to establish an independent shipping agency on Cloud City. After inadvertently carrying a cargo stolen from Jabba the Hutt, she was executed by Toln ne Yerres. The Twi'lek took ownership of the Happy Failure, forcing Odea into the streets before gutting the ship and turning it into a casino. (GG2)

Happy Go Lucky
this woman was the pirate Black Jack's second-in-command, and was known as a walking arsenal of weapons. Many believed she got her nickname because she was trigger-happy, and more than willing to let loose with a volley of blaster fire. This attitude was rumored to be the reason she was kicked out of her original mercenary band, and contrasted sharply with Black Jack's merciful demeanor. (SWJ3)

Happy Grove
the area of the Endor forest in which Teebo lived as a child, Happy Grove was also the location of Bright Tree Village. (AT, TCG9)

Happy Hutt
this transport ship was one of the many starships trapped on Coruscant when the Yuuzhan Vong launched Battle Plan Coruscant, in an effort to take the planet away from the New Republic. The transport had been ferrying refugees from Ralltiir and had been reported missing, until it was discovered to be on Coruscant. The captain of the Happy Hutt managed to get some 5,000 refugees into the holds before taking off and fleeing the planet. (SBS)

Happy Landings
this was a common toast, used among independent spacers to wish each other well in their journeys. (HSR)

Happy Nerf Herder
this was the name of a fictional, maximum security home for wayward boys, that was popularized on the HoloNets during the early years of the New Order. (T9)

Happy Spacer
this retailer of all forms of intoxicating substances was owned by Loeerna, and was located on The Life section of Vergesso Base. (SPG)

Happy Surprise
this was the nickname of Merr-Sonn's J1 holdout blaster. (GG9, AEG)

this quickly-cooked food is a favorite among children. (POT)

Happy's Landing Tavern
a bar and restaurant located in Il Avali, on Druckenwell. Tinian I'att and Daye Azur-Jamin frequented the ale house, dressed as common workers in order to escape their positions at I'att Armament. It was here that Tinian fled after her grandparents were executed by Moff Kerioth. (TFE)

Hapspir Barrini
this was the Imperial recognition code provided to Mara Jade as part of her Arica Pradeux alias. It was implied that the user of this code was visiting on behalf of a Grand Admiral. A third codeword completed the recognition sequence, but was delivered in private to the recipient. (GMR10)

Hapspir, Barrini, Corbolan, Triaxis
this was a high-level recognition code once used by Mara Jade, during her career as one of the Emperor's Hands. Mara later used the code to gain access to the Captain of the Adamant, when the Star Destroyer intercepted her when she left Abregado-rae in the Etherway, some five years after the Battle of Endor. She claimed to have information for Grand Admiral Thrawn, and used the code as proof of her legitimacy. (DFR)

this planet was ruled by a monarchy. (HR)

this well-educated (Rodian?) assassin was living in the Cularin System during the height of the Clone Wars. Mister Haque felt that the liberation of Cularin from Thaereian control would only lead to more trouble, as the Jedi at the Almas Academy would eventually be recalled to participate in the ongoing battles of the Clone Wars. Although he hated the fact that the Thaereians had taking over Cularin, Zlash knew that the struggle to repel them had cost the Cularin Military in both manpower and willpower, and the military forces that survived were too tired to defend against a Separatist attack. (LFCW)

Har Gau
this was one of the larger cities established on the planet Felucia by Gossam settlers. It was the site of a water processing facility during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWDB)

Har, Duran
this man worked for Corellian Translines as a transport captain, serving aboard the StarSpeeder 3000 designated SV-45, during the early years of the New Order. (SWJ15)

Harak, Vreet
this young man was a nerf herder who worked at the family ranch - the Grand Horn Ranch Corporation - on the planet Fennesa. Vreet was a third-generation rancher, having learned the family business from his father and grandfather. He was also an excellent marksman, and protected his herds by shooting any predators before they could reach the herds. (WOTC)

this elderly Eickarie was part of a small contingent who agreed to help the Aurek Company of the Imperial 501st Legion of stormtroopers gain access to the Warlord's fortress, after the Empire of the Hand agreed to help the United Tribes of Kariek to eliminate the Warlord. Ha-ran was a member of the Mish-ra family, which was in turn part of the Sha-kae clan and the Si-shae-ral tribe. He hated the fact that the Eickarie had to turn to the Imperials for help, and he maintained a belligerent attitude toward them despite the words of Su-mil. However, Ha-ran also recognized that the Imperials were better prepared to fight against the Lakran mecernaries supporting the Warlord, and reluctantly agreed that Su-mil's plan was best. Ha-ran accompanied the combined team as they infiltrated the Warlord's fortress, then revealed to everyone that he was actually the hee-sae, an Eickarie Prince. He revealed that his presence on the mission was to ensure that the prisoners released from the Warlord's dungeons would not fight against them, since many of them were imprisoned long before the signing of the United Tribes Agreements. (FB)

Harand, Bleys
this Corellian history was known as much for his sharp tongue as for his in-depth and detailed descriptions of various planetary civilizations. (GORW)

this man worked as a mechanic and technician at the Ariana spaceport, on Garos IV, during the early years of the New Republic. (SWJ3)

a group of Imperial Frigates supporting the Star Destroyer Invincible near Dellalt. (XW)

the capital city of the planet Gerrard V. (SWJ3)

this man, who served the Imperial Navy as a Captain, was in command of the Death's Head some five years after the Battle of Endor. During this time, Captain Harbid served under Grand Admiral Thrawn. (HTTE)

this assault ship was operated by Bel Att, for use in his duties to the Nalroni crimelord Sprax. The ship was later commandeered by Limna Yith and her mercenary band. (SSR)

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