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this planet was the site of an Imperial patrol station during the early years of the New Republic. (TLC)

Hiskar Dorset
this was the name of a noted individual from the Nautolan race. (UANT)

HiSpeed Blitz Pack
this performance enhancement was available for XP-38 landspeeders during the height of the New Order. (FBS)

this Brigian approached Han Solo on Saheelindeel, several years before the Battle of Yavin, in an effort to hire the services of the Millennium Falcon. As a member of the Committee for Interinstitutional Assistance, Hissal worked to expand the campuses of the University of Rudrig throughout the Tion Hegemony. As a Brigian, he hoped to bring a broader education to his homeworld and his people. His drive and desire to bring the satellite campus to Brigia earned him a promotion, and he had planned to serve as the university's first president. The only way to get the educational equipment and materials to Brigia, though, was to smuggle them in. The New Regime had begun cracking down on what it considered unauthorized education, and planned to ensure that the Brigian population learned only what the New Regime wanted it to learn. Thus, after arriving on Brigia, Hissal was accused of being a dissident and a fugitive by Keek, who was acting on the orders of the New Regime. Solo discovered that the New Regime was printing counterfeit money to fund its own military agenda, and ordered Hissal and his supporters back aboard the Millennium Falcon. He then allowed Hissal to use the ship's communication systems to broadcast a message to all of Brigia, detailing the abuses of the New Regime. Solo then landed Hissal on a distant part of Brigia, where Hissal was able to establish his academic headquarters. (HSL)

this was a slang term used by most spacers to indicate a small leak in a spacesuit. (DN1)

this was Saba Sebatyne's callsign, as a member of the Wild Knights squadron which was dispatched to assist in the evacuation of the Jedi Knight base on Eclipse, some two years after the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. Saba maintained the use of the nickname during the rest of the battle against the alien invaders, as she continued to help Luke Skywalker and the Jedi Knights. (SBS, FH1)

this Sekct leader was the first to encounter the Alliance team which crash-landed on Marca shortly after the Battle of Yavin. She was considered something of a rebel, and was often avoided or ignored by She-Who-Speaks. She-Who-Speaks forced Hissest to battle one of the Alliance agents in a test of trust, and Hissest was seriously wounded. This forced She-Who-Speaks to accept the Alliance agents as friends, at which point the agents revived Hissest. This earned the trust of She-Who-Speaks. (POM)

Hissing Cane
this was a form of thick-walled reed which grew in the swamps of Dagobah. When the wind blew through the reeds, it filled tiny holes in the walls of the reed, creating the hissing sound. (FP)

the marksman who taught Tirog how to use a blaster. (RPG)

Historical Battle Site Preservation Act
a governmental decree issued by the New Republic, it set up a fleet of cargo haulers under the name Operation Flotsam to collect the debris from space battles that occurred during the Galactic Civil War. It was first proposed when Imperial and Alliance military artifacts began showing up in private collections. It gained momentum when some of those artifacts turned out to be operational: an Imperial thermal detonator that detonated in the home of a wealthy Givin collector; a group if interrogation droids used by gangs on Rudrig. The HBSPA then funded the Alliance War Museum on Coruscant as a display vehicle for the military items. (BTS)

Historical Battleship Preservation Association
this ancient association went to great lengths to ensure that historically-significant starships - both in design and individual ships - were preserved for posterity. The HBPA also maintained a record of the various attributes of starships, including coloration by mission and the ores used in their construction. (SWJ10)

History of the Jedi Knights, The
this tome was rumored to exist in the legendary Jedi library, located on the Nespis VIII space station. It was found on the station by Tash Arranda, during Mammon Hoole's search for Project Starscream. When she opened it, she released the spirit of Aidan Bok, who helped her escape from the station with Hoole and her brother, Zak. (GOF5)

History of Two Peoples, One Planet, The
written by Theosidicc Sirrap Treblif and published by Elomin Press, this volume dcouments that history of the Elomin and Elom races on the planet Elom. (GG12)

Hitak Harriers
this was one of the Alliance troops which participated in the battles to control Kwymar Sector during the Galactic Civil War. They were veterans of the Battle of Hoth, and were responsible for defeating the Imperial Hell's Hammers during a siege on Turak IV. They were named for the volcanic Hitak mountains on the planet. (MB)

Hitak Mountains
found on the planet Turak IV, the volcanic Hitak mountains were used as a strategic hiding place by the Alliance soldiers who fought there. The struck from the mountains and retreated there, allowing them a goo deal of concealment. (ISB)

Hitcher Crab
native to the wilderness regions of the planet Sevarcos, this large crustacean measured over a meter in length, including its tail. Rumors told of hitcher crabs exceeding four meters in length, but these stories were discounted mirages. Three large spikes on top of their shells, and two clawed arms. The hitcher crab produced a slow-acting poison that coated their shells and spikes. They also have water sacs which they carry inside their shells, allowing them to survive for long periods in the desert. The hitcher crab was a forger, living on the small rodents and plant life along the canyons. When at rest, they buried themselves in the sand and went into a form of hibernation. Unsuspecting creatures who stepped on the back of the crab were injected with the poison. Eventually, the victim died from the wounds, and the crab simply tracked it and consumed it later. (COG)

Hitiwa, Oejoe
this man and his accomplices, Stu Hemphawar and Ruceba Ahid, were smugglers and small-time criminals who worked from a tiny apartment near Coruscant's entertainment district, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. The Senate Bureau of Intelligence issued a bounty for their arrest, after they were implicated in a scheme to traffic illicit contraband throughout the Core Worlds. All three men were eventually captured by Jango Fett on Coruscant, while the bounty hunter was searching for Jervis Gloom. (BH)

Hive Ball
this was the name given to a grand gala held by the X'Ting, of the planet Ord Cestus, to celebrate important events or to fete important visitors. (TCD)

Hive Kinrath
this subspecies of predatory kinrath spider was native to the caves found beneath the surface of the planet Dantooine. (KOTOR)

Hive Palace
the Lady Dhol's castle on Cheelit. (CSWDW)

Hive Rats
a mutant species of large, carnivorous rodents living underground on Coruscant, these rats could grow to be over three meters in length and weigh more than 300 kilograms. Also known as Coruscani rats, these creatures were generally hairless, and their bodies were covered with fat deposits and tumors. They were one of the few creatures which fed on duracrete worms, making them a necessary evil in the undercity of Coruscant. However, they were extremely dangerous when confronted in the lower levels, and these rats have been known to consume humans and other beings. These fearless creatures had mouths that were filled with razor-sharp teeth, and they hunted in packs of up to ten individuals. It was not uncommon, however, to encounter a rogue bull male on its own. The hive rat had evolved over time to see into the darkest of environments, having spent much of its history well below Coruscant's surface, although they could move about without any light at all. (AC, WSW, WOTC)

Hive Virus
prior to the Clone Wars, these viruses were fairly widespread. They infected an individual and drove them crazy in a relatively short period of time. The virus attacks the mental centers of the brain, altering perceptions. They were also highly contagious. After the Clone Wars, medical technology flourished, and the hive viruses were virtually eliminated throughout the galaxy. (DFR)

Hive Wars
a period of Kubaz culture prior to their discovery of space travel. They Kubaz, struggling to exist on Kubindi despite the intense solar radiation from the star Ku'Bakai, turned to consuming insects. Each Kubaz clan maintained its own hive of insects for food, but some were still lacking in sustenance. This sparked a series of inter-clan raids on each others' insect hives, which eventually led to all-out wars between neighboring clans. These Hive Wars were slowly killing off the Kubaz until their discovery of Insecticulture, which allowed the Kubaz geneticists to alter the coloration of an insect, thereby identifying whole hives of insects as belonging to a certain clan. This science also allowed them to breed stronger, heartier insects, and eventually allowed them to provide for all. (SCRE)

Hive, The
this was the primary entrance used to gain access to The Pits, located on Stend VI. Hive traffic control was staffed completely with organic beings, since there was an unspoken hatred of droids at The Pits. The Hive was a tall, honeycombed column which was built atop the main building, and provided visitors with stalls in which to park their swoops. The hexagonal stalls were particle- and ray-shielded, and access was given only after the proper identification was given. Turbolifts carried patrons from their stalls to the entertainment areas below. (WSV)

see Cheklev (UF)

this was one of the most common male names used by members of the Ithorian race. Although most Ithorian names were not used for a specific meaning, historians found that this name meant "responsible" or "dedicated". (GCG)

this was a noted member of the Filordi race. (LFC)

Hja, Astrinol
this Dathomiri woman was the leader of the Dreaming River clan, during the early years of the New Republic. Because of her position, she was also ostensibly the leader of the resistance that grew during the Imperial occupation of the planet. However, Astrinol and much of her clan were imprisoned some seven years after the Battle of Endor. She and her fellow Dathomiri were eventually rescued by the Jedi Knights who had been dispatched to bring Dal Konur to justice. (WOA30)

this arid, desert planet was the homeworld of the Tarc race. Hjaff had three major continents. The year on Hjaff lasted about 1.25 standard years. (AE, SWJ14)

this rogue war droid was considered the mastermind behind the Great Droid Revolution, some 5,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. After gaining a measure of independence, HK-01 began secretly reprogramming all manner of automatons. HK-01's goal was to liberate these droids from their sentient masters. Much of this programming was set to activate upon HK-01's command, at which time the droids all rose up against their owners. Across the galaxy, droids suddenly turned violence and unpredictable: once-loyal battle droids began subjugating entire planets in the name of the Great Droid Revolution. Over time, however, HK-01 was unable to continue his programming, and the code it was using eventually allowed the Old Republic and the Jedi Knights to locate its location and shut it down. (NEGW)

this was a model of small security droid manufactured on Balmorra. Resembling a tiny metal ball with small silver studs, the HK-130 was known as the "trouble seeker," since its primary mission was to search for potential criminals. It would scan each being it encountered and determine the being's level of threat. If the being resisted, or proved to be troublesome, the HK-130 could fire a powerful stun beam from one of the small silver studs. (GOF4)

this sentient HK-series assassin droid was believed to have been developed by Czerka Corporation during the height of the Great Sith War, and it was rumored that it's primary mission was the elimination of the leaders of rival corporations. HK-47 was a humanoid protocol droid which was modified with an insectile head and copper-colored plating, and its appearance was clearly meant to instill fear in its targets. It was known to have destroyed an entire building in order to eliminate a single target, and its merciless pursuit of its targets was well-known to by the time it turned its attention on its creators. For its own part in the galaxy, HK-47 felt it had a kind of amnesia, the result of a partial memory wipe. It knew that it had been created as a protocol droid, but all it could think about was killing living beings. HK-47 was, at the time, owned by an Ithorian named Yuka Laka on the planet Tatooine, but only knew fragments of its past. It was a previous owner, HK-47 reasoned, who programmed him to be a killer. After being repaired, HK-47 learned that it had been owned by several masters. One of these former masters was Bochaba the Hutt, who stumbled upon its assassination programming and altered it from a protocol droid to a killing machine. HK-47 was later owned by a Senator whom the droid came to like, and HK-47 even executed some of the Senator's rivals "for free". One of these executions turned out to be the Senator's wife, but the Senator had second thoughts and threw himself in front of a killing blast. The wife then sold HK-47 to a commercial officer. Before arriving on Tatooine, HK-47's previous owner was Darth Revan, who had programmed the droid to infiltrate the Sandpeople and learn information about the Star Forge. After completing this mission, Revan had HK-47's memories of the mission erased. This bond between HK-47 and Revan proved useful when Revan was returned to the Light Side of the Force and set off to locate the Star Forge. The droid's abilities proved useful regaining the trust of the Sandpeople, which allowed the Jedi Knights to locate the Star Map on Tatooine. In the wake of the destruction of the Star Forge, HK-47 was dismantled and stowed aboard the Ebon Hawk with The Exile, who later rebuilt the droid during the search for Darth Sion. After being restored to active duty, HK-47 revealed that it had originally been programmed by Revan as an assassin, programmed to eliminate those individuals who were destabilizing the Old Republic in the wake of the Mandalorian Wars. HK-47 was voiced by Kristoffer Tabori for the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. (KOTOR, WOTC, SWDB, KOTOR2)

this droid was stranded at the Peragus II medical facility during the years following the Jedi Civil War, after the Sith devotees who captured the Harbinger arrived at Peragus II. When The Exile awoke at the facility and set out to rescue a group of miners, HK-50 provided assistance in reaching the miners before they died. Among HK-50's many talents was the ability to mimic any voice that it overheard, which allowed the droid to gain access to several locations that were protected by voice-coded locks. During the rescue, The Exile questioned HK-50 about the events that brought him to Peragus II, and learned that the droid was actually a bounty hunter who had tried to turn him in for the bounty on his head. HK-50 revealed that there was a bounty on the heads of all Jedi. When The Exile was located by Kreia, HK-50 decided to stop them both, hoping to claim the two bounties. However, Atton Rand joined the fight, and HK-50 was badly damaged. It went into self-destruct mode and exploded. The explosion didn't destroy the droid's vocabulator system, which The Exile recovered and placed in the carcass of HK-47 aboard the Ebon Hawk. He later learned that it was HK-50 that was behind the murders on Peragus II, having killed them in order to lure a Jedi to the planet. (KOTOR2)

this was a model of combat/assassin droid that was produced some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. These droids were used in a variety of ways, including the defense of important installations and for offensive attacks on enemies. (KOTOR2)

this assassin droid was essentially a smaller version of the HK-47, and was produced to act as a "thug" in a gang that was controlled by an HK-47 leader. (SWGAL)

this independent spacer worked as a go-between for the Alliance, purchasing a variety of droids on the secondary market. (FTD)

this bush, native to the planet Tatooine, produced a fragrant bean that was often dried and ground to serve as the base for a stimulating tea. (TCD)

this small creature, once native to the planet Barab I, was the favored prey of the shenbit bonecrusher. (FH1)

this was a Jawa word for "ears." (SWJ11)

Hkeek nkulla
this was a particularly disparaging Jawa curse. (SWJ11)

this planet, the primary world in the H'ken System of the Corva Sector, was located within the system's asteroid belt. This belt was nearly 20 kilometers wide, making navigation through the system difficult. (SWJ6)

a religious leader from the planet Galand who was put to death by the planet's ruling houses for speaking out about morals and goodness. He preached of these things around 160 PE, but he was also outspoken about the ruling classes of Galand. His murder came shortly after H'kig insulted the planet's Viceroy. (DFRSB)

this was the name of the dialect which evolved from the native language of the planet Galand, and was used by the followers of the H'kig religion. (EGP)

H'kig Chime
this musical instrument was known for its sharp ring. (EVC)

H'kig, The
this religious sect was formed by the faithful masses who believed in the messages being spread by the religious leader H'kig on Galand. They bought two starships and fled the planet after H'kig was executed, and landed on Rishi, where they set up a theocratic government. The H'kig religion stressed the values of simple living, and the elimination of unnecessary material possessions. The H'kig religion has defined its ascetic code of values, venerating physical labor while eschewing technology, and restricting the physical appearance of its members. They were generally tolerant of other beings and religions, provided that they didn't interfere with H'kig practices. The H'kig wrote their tenets using a number of sacred glyphs, each of which had a special meaning. Some of the glyphs were so sacred that they cannot be spoken aloud. The H'kig considered themselves above their Galandan-stock roots, and no longered considered themselves Galandans. That term was used to describe those natives of Galand who refused to convert to the H'kig religion. (DFRSB, SOL, HT, WOTC)

a member of Obigon's pirates, he is the Null Space's navigations officer. (HTSB)

HK-series Droid
this ancient model of Hunter-Killer assassin droid was developed by Czerka Corporation during the decades leading up to the Great Sith War, some 4,000 years prior to the Battle of Yavin. The primary mission of the HK-series was the infiltration of corporate rivals in order to eliminate executives. The HK-47 lacked any sort of grace in its programming, and would level an entire building - killing all inside - in order to achieve its goals. This set of characteristics lead to the HK-series being banned in many systems. (KOTOR, SWDB)

H-L Block
this was a model of ion drive system, developed by Arakyd for use on the Helix Interceptor. (SWJ5)

HL Welding Laser
produced by the Drever Corporation, this small welding laser was designed to be installed on a droid. The HL series was developed for use aboard starships, to assist in making shipboard repairs. (FTD)

this model of enclosed hovervan was produced by SoroSuub during the early years of the New Republic. This nine-meter-long vehicle required a single driver to operate, and could carry up to ten passengers and 600 metric tons of cargo. (GMR5)

this Corellian Engineering Corporation light attack fighter is an upgraded version of the LAF-250, and includes a pair of SoroSuub 9X2 fusial thrust engines and a pair of proton torpedo launchers. (CTD)

H'Lokk Consortium
this corporation, a rival of the Bakur Corporation, injected a virus program into the droids which were sent to Bakura shortly after it was settled by humans. The virus was meant to instruct the droids to sabotage the settlers' activities, forcing the Bakur Corporation to abandon the planet. This would leave it open to H'Lokk to exploit. Unfortunately for H'Lokk, the virus was flawed, and the droids' non-violence failsafes were disabled. The droids started to kill people, and all were destroyed within a week. The settlers suffered great losses, but managed to persevere without the help of droids, dooming H'Lokk's own plans for Bakura. Over time, however, the H'Lokk Consortium eventually purchased the Bakur Corporation, making it one of its larger subsidiaries. (TBSB, GORW)

this was a common female name given to Sullustan females. It meant "pure water" in the Sullustan language. (GCG)

a group of Alliance containers used to supply Admiral Harkov and the defecting Protector fleet in the Ottega System. (TIE)

HM Blaster
a heavy-duty blaster produced during the last years of the Old Republic. (E1A3)

Dymek concussion missile launchers used on RZ-1 A-Wing starfighters. (SCRE)

this torpedo launcher was developed by Dymek during the early years of the New Republic, as a follow-on to the HM-6 launcher. (BP)

this Yuuzhan Vong bio-construct was used to process foodstuffs from a few key materials. The h'merrig was useful for explorers and scouts, who could not carry large amounts of rations while on a mission. (FH1)

HMP Droid Gunship
this droid-equipped gunship, used primarily in atmospheric battlezones, was produced for the Confederacy of Independent Systems by Baktoid Fleet Ordnance during the height of the Clone Wars. The Heavy Missile Platform gunship was essentially a flying saucer, with small "cockpit" slung underneath the front to house the central processor and a pair of turret-mounted laser cannons. A medium laser cannon was mounted on the chin, and either a light laser cannon or a concussion bomb could be mounted on each stubby wingtip. The primary weaponry of the HMP, however, was the fourteen controlled variable yield missiles it launched at its targets. Although originally designed and produced by Baktoid Fleet Ordnance, the HMP became such a fixture in the Separatist navy that it was eventually produced on a number of worlds. It was believed that Ado Eeman on Caramm V even appropriated some of the HMP gunships produced on his homeworld for use in his own private defense force. Overall, the HMP droid gunship measured 12.3 meters in length, with a wingspand of 11 meters. Its primary mission was planetary bombardment, so it was much slower than other Separatist droid fighters. This was a minor drawback, however, given its powerful weaponry and impressive shields. A combination of ion-drive thrusters and powerful repulsorlift engines gave the HMP stability and maneuvering capability that allowed it to accurately pinpoint its target and deploy its payloads. (VD3, X3, SWDB)

a tree which grows on the jungle world Baskarn, its roots are used by the Yrashu to make ceremonial maces. (SWJ2)

a planet with three natural satellites. It is the homeworld of the H'nemthean race. (TME)

see H'nemthean (UANT)

this was the primitive language of the H'nemthean race. The spoken form consisted of suqeaks, squeals, and noises that most other races found irritating. The written form was made up from wispy lines connected in sinuous patterns that formed letters and words. (UANT)

native to the planet H'nemthe, these humanoids resemble Gotals in that they have cone-like appendages of their heads. That is where the resemblance ends, though. Gotals only have two cones, while the H'nemtheans have four. The H'nemtheans have blue-gray skin, and their faces are covered with three ridges of bone and skin running from their cheeks to their chins. They have graceful noses and feathery eyelashes covering bright green eyes. The H'nemtheans are not Force-sensitive, as are the Gotals. The females also have silver, knife-shaped tongues, which are used as part of a bizarre mating ritual. When a female consummates her relationship with a male, she eviscerates him with her tongue, leaving him for dead. It is believed that this ritual is a biological reaction to the existence of twenty males for every female on H'nemthe. When the Empire subjugated their homeworld, many H'nemtheans abandonded it. Many joined the Alliance, working from a base on Anoat to coordinate the shipping of supplies throughout the galaxy. (TME, CCG7, CCG9)

H'nib Statermast
this aging Flivian was an independent spacer who traded in his starship for enough credits to purchase the Farrimmer Café with his partner, Grosteek, hoping to settle down and live out the rest of his life in peace. (SWJ11)

this clan, native to the planet Thracior, was a bitter enemy of the Tantt clan. (JQ2)

HN-TR Droid
this series of assassin droids was virtually unheard of, since only a single model was ever produced. Analysis of HN-TR1's memory core indicated that these droids were to be created in order to hunt down members of the Alliance. (AIR)

this assassin droid was believed to be the only model of the HN-TR series ever produced, primarily because HN-TR1 destroyed its design team and all its schematics when it was first activated. HN-TR1 killed several Alliance agents before being purchased by Ploovo Two-for-One, who used the droid as part of his "Protocol Team." Many individuals who survived encounters with HN-TR1 believed that it was faster and more accurate than IG-88, which it vaguely resembled. (AIR)

Hoar Chall Engineering
this Neimoidian starshipwright produced the huge C-9979 landing ships used by Trade Federation war fleets. Hoar Chall only employed the most skilled of the Xi Charrians. (X1)

a smoking device. (SOL)

the human captain of the transport ship Star Dream, Hoban transported Evar Orbus and his Galactic Jizz-wailers to Tatooine. (TJP)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

HobbyCraft Microweight
this was a model of civilian glider produced by Illiseni Aerodyne. In order to ensure maximum ride capability, the HobbyCraft was equipped with a powerful repulsor engine, which was attached to the four-meter-wide wing. This gave the craft a measure of safety, but its weight reduced its flight ceiling. Its wings were formed from a unique polymer that was sealed with cement created from Bactriasan scarab fluids. (ROE, GFT, AEG)

Hobiv, Dasken
this man was a military analyst who was loyal to the Separatists, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. (SWI68)

one of the two sentient races native to the planet Tahlboor, the Hobors were humanoid in stature. They had brownish-blue skin, unlike the Troobs, which tended toward deep blue skin. Both races are characterized by their wide faces, which are flanked by a several rings of spade-shaped flaps. Five sets of these flaps ring the upper part of the head, and hair is interspersed among the flaps. The flaps stand upright, away from the head. The rest of their faces are cat-like, with a long, flat nose and toothy mouths. Like their cousins the Troobs, most Hobors has a thick mane of hair covering the backs of their heads. Most of the Hobors are heavyset in build. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, the Troobs and Hobors appealed to Tion Hegemony to assist in reconciling a generations-old feud between them. Counselor Harthan was called in, but was manipulated out of position by his son, Jake, who hoped to get the two races to destroy each other so he could control Mount Yeroc. Eventually, with the help of R2-D2 and C-3PO, Jake's plans were thwarted and peace was restored. (DRPC)

this Klatooinan was one of the many New Republic personnel who were captured during the failure of Operation Trinity near Bilbringi, some four years after the start of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was Hobyo who disabled the hyperdrive of a freighter that was transporting prisoners from Selvaris to the Sacred Pyre, allowing the forces of the New Republic to ambush the ship and rescue the prisoners. (UF)

this Imperial Ensign served as a medical technician aboard the first Death Star. His youthful appearance belies his great medical skill. (DSTC)

Hocekureem Sea
this ocean, home of the fleek-eel, is found on the planet Falleen. (SE)

a planet located in the Patriim System, Hockaleg served as the base of Imperial operations during the construction of the Tarkin. (LTA3, MC51)

Hoctu, Drevveka
this woman was once a Jedi Knight, until she was consumed by the Dark Side of the Force many years before the Battle of Naboo. She ended up on Thule, and eventually became the headmaster of the Sith Arts Academy. She was known as a hard master, and drove her students into the deserts on long, relentless training sessions that taught them to rely on the Dark Side for strength. Despite her skills, though, Hoctu was never elevated in rank beyond headmaster, and she vowed one day to make her superiors pay for excluding her. (GORW)

this Starfly pilot worked at Mining Station Alpha during the Galactic Civil War. He was the chief officer of the outpost, but had only two other workers stationed with him. He frequently worked with the Ithorian Fandomar, providing the Ithorians with minerals they need. What he didn't know is that most Ithorian visits were also used to make sure that the tomb which held Spore was intact. However, after discovering the tomb in an air pocket within the asteroid, Hodge was lured back to the tomb and was infected with Spore's entity. When Fandomar tried to escape the asteroid and return to Ithor, she unwittingly brought Hodge - and Spore - with her. Hodge attacked just as a rescue team came to recover them, with black vines snaking from his mouth to entwine and infect the Ithorians. Hodge also managed to capture and infect Hoole and Zak before being cornered by Jerec. Jerec offered Spore the chance to get off Ithor, if it would infect the crew of the Vengeance and allow Jerec to take control of the ship for his own powers. Spore agreed, but never planned to honor the agreement. Since Hodge was the primary host, Spore took his body aboard the Star Destroyer and infected the entire crew in just a few hours, then tried to take control of Tash Arranda. She escaped the warship and fled into the asteroids near Ithor, and Spore gave chase. A group of space slugs managed to destroy the Vengeance, leaving much of her crew dead. Many members, like Hodge, were expelled into the vacuum of space and killed. Spore, however, simply went dormant and waited for someone to recover Hodge's body. (GOF9)

this New Republic Senator was swayed by Tig Peramis and Cian Marook to align with the Yevetha during the Great Purge. Hodidiji yielded his time on the Senate floor to Peramis and Nil Spaar, who used the time to distort the actions of Leia Organa-Solo to his own ends. (BTS)

a humanoid race with snakelike head appendages, the Ho'Din have a lilting, singsong language punctuated by movements of their head appendages. Native to the planet Moltok, these gentle humanoids are known for their ability to treat illnesses and disease using natural methods, rather than technology. The word "Ho'Din" means "walking flower," a reference to their unusual head appendages. The Ho'Din can grow to be 3 meters tall and, like the Ithorians, they worship nature and have established laws which prevent the destruction of their environment. Cold-blooded in nature, the Ho'Din have two hearts, which pump green blood. The appendages on their heads are actually temperature-sensitive, and allow the Ho'Din to monitor the ambient temperature and maintain body heat. Their hands have four thick fingers, and a small webbing between them indicates the Ho'Din's amphibious ancestry. As a species, the Ho'Din are recent additions to the galaxy, descending from arboreal creatures about 300 years before the Galactic Civil War. In their rush to make room for an increasing population and evolving technology, the Ho'Din cleared much of the surface of Moltok in what is now referred to as the "great rape of the land." This led to a virulent epidemic that decimated the species. Years of research led to an understanding of the disease, and brought to light a natural remedy that technology couldn't provide. This formed the basis of their medical knowledge, and the succeeding generations were taught about the dangers of technology and "progress." The average lifespan of a Ho'Din is about 120 standard years. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the Ho'Din were one of the few peoples to be spared the wide range of atrocities performed by the alien invaders, primarily because of their reverence of life and their distrust of technology. (TLC, GG4, LCJ, UF)

this was the name of the Ho'Din language. The spoken form contained many hisses and croaks, while the characters of the written form were derived from images of the plantlife which was native to Moltok. (UANT)

this K-Wing pilot was a member of the Fifth Battle Group, and was the leader of the Black squadron. He was in line for promotion to squadron commander during the Yevethan Great Purge. (BTS)

this Dug was a noted swoop racer, who had a sensational rookie year during the months leading up to the Clone Wars. Hodrix rode for Team NaKuda during most of his early career, and was known for a string of victories over his rival, Serji-X Arrogantus. (HNN5, GMR4)

this Huttese word translates to "race," especially when used to describe podraces or other small-craft races. (IS1)

this independent spacer was based on Elshandruu Pica during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Incorporated
this Old Republic manufacturer designed of some of the most popular sublight drives and starships. HKD was also wholly owned by Duros investors, until they were forced to sell to a Nimbanese clan. They tried to make the company more streamlined and began selling off less profitable divisions, but the company continued to bring in mediocre profits. HKD was sold too many times to mention before it allied itself with the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, when it helped produce the Recusant-class light destroyer and the Munificent-class star frigate. However, in the wake of the Clone Wars, Hoersch-Kessel Drive again fell on hard times, and built fewer than 100 ships per year during the Galactic Civil War. (SWSB, EGV, X3)

Hoersch-Kessel Ion Drive
this popular sublight drive uses a power source to generate ions, which are expelled through an exhaust nacelle to create thrust. It uses almost any material as a power source. Although it works best with heavy metals, the H-K Ion Drive can use cryogenic cells, liquid reactants, and ion pods as power sources. The fuel is first broken down into nuclear energy and converted to ions. These ions are then expelled from the ship, which causes the ship to move in the direction opposite the thrust. Given that the H-K Ion Drive creates radioactive nuclear energy, any ship that is equipped with one must require towing or the addition of a repulsorlift to travel within a planet's atmosphere. Their use is extremely widespread, and they are low-maintenance drives. (SWSB)

this Alliance Sergeant served the Special Forces division as the leader of the Technician team assigned to the Nishr Taskforce. (ROE)

Hoff, Colby
a business competitor of Prince Xizor's, Colby Hoff once took a gamble that he was smarter than Xizor. In the end, Xizor won the gamble and Hoff was ruined. He committed suicide by firing a blaster into his mouth. His son tried to avenge the suicide when Darth Vader secretly allowed him into a secure passageway under Imperial City. Xizor was walking the corridor to meet with Palpatine, and the son attacked. His attack failed miserably, as Xizor quickly disabled him and snapped his neck. (SE)

as Captain of the pleasure ship Coral Vanda, Hoffner he was Garm Bel Iblis' contact on Pantolomin during the early years of the New Republic. Years, earlier, Hoffner had been Kaarde's commander on the smuggling mission that inadvertently discovered the Dark Force ships of the Katana fleet. Hoffner never forgot the encounter with the old Dreadnaughts, and eventually figured out how to recover them. However, he couldn't do it in large numbers without attracting attention, so he only provided a handful of the Dark Force ships for sale to Bel Iblis. The profits from these sales helped to fund Hoffner's gambling habits. However, when the Coral Vanda was incapacitated by Imperial forces, Hoffner was taken into Imperial custody and forced to reveal the location of thr Katana Fleet to Grand Admiral Thrawn himself. (DFR)

this man used a sheet of myoflex to force his HR-211 powersuit to reduce its internal heat system, making it more comfortable to wear. (GUN)

Ulic Qel-Droma hired this obese man to transport him to as remote a world as possible, so that he could avoid all contact with the galaxy and find peace with himself. A scavenger and salvager by trade, Hoggon was a friend of the Jedi Knights, but was unaware of Ulic's true identity when he dropped the former Jedi on Rhen Var. He then traveled to Exis Station in order to see the Jedi Knights gathered there for the Exis Convocation. Upon leaving the station, Hoggon discovered that Vima Sunrider had stowed away on his ship. He ended up transporting her to Rhen Var, so that she could seek out Ulic. Suddenly realizing that he had two Jedi on his ship and didn't even know it, Hoggon resolved to locate Nomi Sunrider and tell her that Vima was with Ulic on Rhen Var. However, Nomi was not happy with his news, and spurned his offer of passage to Rhen Var. When Sylvar arrived at Exis Station looking for Nomi, Hoggon agreed to take her to Rhen Var, glad to have met a fourth Jedi Knight. When Sylvar was unable to defeat Ulic, Hoggon stole up behind them and shot Ulic in the back with his blaster. Hoggon believed that he would be venerated by the Jedi for killing Ulic, and was surprised when Sylvar nearly killed him. (TOJR)

an alien race. (APS)

Hohass Ekwesh
this Thakwaash was one of the first members of Wraith Squadron. Like most Takwaash, he was covered in short, brown fur, and had a cascade of chestnut-brown hair falling from his head. Although he stood just under two meters in height, he was known as "Runt" to the rest of his team, because he was the smallest of the children in his family. His size allowed him to pilot a starfighter, and he joined the New Republic to fly. However, the Thakwaash characteristic multiple minds became his undoing, as the pilot mind would weave in and out of command and leave him bewildered in several situations. He was chosen for duty with the Wraiths because the pilot mind was quite intelligent and was a good pilot. Runt also served as the squadron's physical trainer. He later replaced Jesmin Ackbar as the team's communications expert. (WS, GMR9)

this amphibious, turtle-like beast is found inthe swamps of Naboo. It is most at home in the water, and usually ventures onto land only to lay its eggs. (GF)

this Aqualish beverage was considered a delicacy among many Senators of the Old Republic, during the era of the Clone Wars. (E3N)

one of the many Sunesi who served Agapos the Ninth's underground resistance. (SWJ10)

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