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this hotshot Alliance pilot personally accounted for twenty-two kills during the Matacorn campaign. However, he was shot down in the midst of a Tallon Roll and severely injured his right leg. It was replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis, which should have grounded him, Hesoc appealed to his commanding officer, General Lesilk, and was re-instated to active combat duty. (HR)

this moon of the planet Coruscant was the last stopping place of the Adamantine and the Borealis before they arrived in the Chorios Systems, bringing Leia Organa-Solo to a meeting with Seti Ashgad. It is well-known for its entertainments, which include pleasure domes. (POT)

this is a small ball used in various sports. (SWJ10)

this was Commander Irolia's full name. (FH2)

Hessler, Evan
this bounty hunter was one of the small group who was hired by Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader to hunt down Sagoro Autem, during the months following the Clone Wars. It was later revealed that Hessler was actually Autem's son, Reymet, who had taken on the bounty in an effort to ensure his father's safety. To hide his true identity, Reymet wore a simple but unrevealing mask. When pressed for the reason behind the mask by Vader himself, Hessler simply replied that it was the result of an "accident." (RL)

this man was living on the planet Taris, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. (KOTOR)

this Imperial General was in command of the Ubiqtorate base on Yaga Minor in the years following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. When Admiral Pellaeon approached him with the idea of negotiating a peace treaty with the New Republic, Hestiv reluctantly agreed to support Pellaeon's efforts. He also allowed Ghent to have access to the databanks in the Ubiqtorate base, in an effort to obtain a copy of the Caamas Document. (SOP, VOF)

this was a respected vintner of exquisite wines. (GG10)

this was the generic term used to describe a hostile environment suit. In general, these heavy-duty exoskeletons provided protection for workers who had to move about in dangerous conditions. They were equipped with a variety of powerful servomotors to assist movement and lifting, as well as life support and sensor systems. (FH2)

this word was the Balinaka term for a meeting place. (AE)

this large, open plain was the site where the Balinaka would create wondrous ice sculptures for the Wallarand Festival. Located on Garnib, the heswe-karr was surrounded by buildings formed from the glaciers themselves, where the Balinaka and visitors to Garnib stayed to watch the competitions. (PG1)

Heswop, Mii
this portly man claimed to be an expert computer technician and experienced space traveler. In reality, he was a blowhard with no real skills and a collection of useless trivia. (FOP)

this fiery-tempered man was part of the small band of rebels that opposed the Imperial occupation of Jabiim during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Hesz served under Nolan Gillmunn for many years, until Nolan asked for assistance from the Alliance in defeating the Imperials. After arguing that the Loyalists should turn over the Alliance's agents - Princess Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker among them - Hesz revealed himself to be an Imperial spy. Hesz had agreed to turn Luke over to Vader in exchange for Jabiim's complete freedom. When he returned to Vader with only Jorin Sol, Vader was less than pleased. Rather than freeing Jabiim, Vader ordered the planet razed from orbit after Skywalker was finally captured. (SWESF)

Het Nkik
a Jawa youth who, during the last years of the Empire, felt that Jawas should note be pacifists. He felt that any Jawa could stand up to any threat, given the right tools. He learned this after he was caught by a group of Sand People. He was able to drive them away by setting off an loud alarm on a crashed T-16 skyhopper he'd found. This attitude didn't sit well with Wimateeka, his clan leader, who clung to the belief that Jawas needed to remain as the galaxy's whipping dogs. Het and his best friend and clansman, Jek Nkik, once rebuilt a damaged E522 assassin droid, creating a messenger droid and selling it to Valarian. When Hrar Kkak sold him a DL-44 blaster at a Jawa swap meet, Het knew that he could use it to destroy some of the Imperial stormtroopers who were harassing the Jawas and Sand People. He was in the Mos Eisley cantina, planning his attack, when Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi were trying to book passage to Alderaan. While there, Het bargained with a Ranat named Reegesk for the possession of a bantha-horn talisman. The talisman was a sign of Het's success. He ran out into the street, not knowing that Reegesk had pocketed the blaster's power cell. Het attacked Davin Felth's squadron, but the gun proved useless. Het Nkik was executed by stormtrooper 1047. (TME, CCG2)

Heter Valve
this is the primary energy converter valve on a blaster. When the trigger of the weapon is pulled, the Heter valve is opened, releasing a small amount of gas into the Xciter. (CFG)

Heth, Morturr
this pirate was one of the few members of the Disac gang to survive Ket Maliss' destruction of their band. Heth and the other survivors fled the battle, eventually overtaking Az-Iban's ship and taking it for their own. Heth himself assumed Az-Iban's identity, as the pirates searched for a way to get back at Maliss and Black Sun. Unfortunately for Heth and his band of survivors, they were captured by Imperial Captain Barse Neoman when they attempted to hijack the Destination: Adventure! along the Sisar Run, shortly before the Battle of Endor. (SSR)

this planet was annexed by the Empire shortly before the Battle of Yavin. (COG)

this is a species of dour-looking humanoids. They have long faces dominated by a large, drooping cranium. (WBC)

this was the name of a noted Tiss'sharl individual. (UANT)

a Firrerreo who had a remarkable amount of vision. He grew to a leadership position on Firrerre, and convinced his people that they had to colonize their nearby planetary neighbors or overrun their planet. However, they did not have hyperdrive capabilities yet, so they set out in sublight ships equipped with hibernation beds. He eventually fell in love with Rillao, and they were married. When the Empire began hunt down alien races because of Palpatine's xenophobia, Hethrir and Rillao came within the influence of Darth Vader. Vader ecognized Hethrir's Force-sensitivity, and secretly kept both Hethrir and Rillao as Jedi students. As part of his Jedi training, Hethrir built a unique lightsaber, which could only be activated by using the Force to complete certain circuits. Vader also believed that a child of their union would be exceedingly strong. As Hethrir grew in power and eventually sired a son, Tigris, he gained favor in Vader's eyes. Tigris turned to have no Force sensititivy whatsoever, and was placed aboard one of the Firrerreo colony ships. Hethrir helped turn over his planet and his people to the Empire by allowing the Empire to biologically destroy Firrerre and by giving the Empire the colony ships' flight plans. These acts helped solidify Hethrir's position with Vader as it alienated him from Rillao, who strongly disagreed with Vader's plans. Vader eventually appointed him Procurator of Justice for the Empire, and the atrocities Hethrir perpetrated became infamous. When Vader appointed Hethrir as the overseer for the Crseih Space Station, Hethrir turned the science outpost into a prison, cruelly torturing the prisoners there. This led to the emergence of Waru into the galaxy, and Hethrir struck a deal with Waru: absolute power over the Force in return for getting Waru back to his galaxy. This could only be accomplished by allowing Waru to consume a large amount of Force energy, and Hethrir began sacrificing his prisoners to Waru. When the Empire crumbled after the Battle of Endor, Hethrir went into hiding, all the while formulating plans to restore the Empire. He eventually found Rillao again, and took her to the stranded colony ships, where he placed her in hibernation as he took Tigris as a slave. Hethrir had also determined that the Solo children were strong enough in the Force that they would help him return Waru to its own galaxy, and so he devised the kidnapping of the children on Munto Codru. Hethrir's plans were foiled, however, by a series of events which led to the New Republic's presence at Crseih station, and Hethrir was eventually consumed by Waru himself, allowing Waru to return to its own galaxy. Hethrir had striped hair, colored with gold, copper, and cinnamon brown. He has very pale skin and a square face. (CS)

Hetrinar Assault Bomber
this Hapan starfighter was often deployed aboard Nova-class battle cruisers for defensive purposes. (EGV)

Hetsime, Nala
this man served the Alliance as a T-47 airspeeder pilot, and was stationed at Echo Base on Hoth. (JKG3)

Hett, A'Sharad
this man was the son of Sharad Hett, a Jedi Master who became a recluse and hid on the planet Tatooine during the period surrounding the Battle of Naboo. A'Sharad was trained in the use of the Force by his father, during his early childhood. When Sharad Hett was assassinated by Aurra Sing, the Jedi Knight Ki-Adi-Mundi vowed to train A'Sharad as his Jedi Padawan. Sharad gave his lightsaber to A'Sharad, so that he would have a constant remembrance of his father's struggle for peace. A'Sharad also created his own lightsaber, as part of his training, and often sparred with both weapons. A'Sharad studied the Jedi Code and the Force quiet deeply, but retained a small portion of the wildness of this Tusken heritage. It was during his training on Coruscant that he learned that humans and Tusken Raiders were genetically unable to reproduce, leading him to believe that his mother must have been a human, captured by the Tusken Raiders at a young age and raised as a Tusken. During the search for Aurra Sing, after the deaths of Peerce and J'Mikel, A'Sharad came very close to giving in to his angry and attacking the bounty hunter. He believed that he should leave the Jedi Order because of his feelings, but the Dark Woman explained that every being had a bit of the darkness in them, and that A'Sharad had overcome his quite well. The Dark Woman then offered to continue A'Sharad's teaching, provided Ki-Adi-Mundi agreed. He did, and A'Sharad proved to be a willing student and a quick learner. Just before the Clone Wars, Hett attained the rank of Jedi Master and took Bhat Jul as his apprentice. While the Battle of Jabiim raged on, Master Hett led the Republic forces that secured the planet Metalorn against Separatist attack. In the wake of the disaster at Jabiim, Master Hett also took on Anakin Skywalker, although more as a friend than a student., after Obi-Wan Kenobi was presumed dead on Jabiim. Together, the three Jedi led the Republic's defense of Aargonar. It was on Aargonar that A'Sharad discovered Anakin's slaughter of the Tusken tribe that had captured his mother, at which time A'Sharad revealed his true identity. He also revealed a collection of facial tattoos which he used to mark himself as something other than purely human. After his discussion with Anakin, and the way they fought as Jedi on Aargonar, A'Sharad decided to live the rest of his life without his Tusken Raider's facial coverings. Rather than worrying about whether he was human or Tusken, Master Hett wanted to live as a Jedi. He also kept Anakin's dark past a secret, preferring to allow the young Jedi to carry the burden of its secrecy until the time was right to shed it. Near the end of the Clone Wars, Hett was among the Jedi dispatched to Saleucami, serving under Quinlan Vos and Oppo Rancisis during the Siege of Saleucami. He worked with Xiaan Amersu to lead the initial starfighter assault on the Separatist positions on the planet, and was greatly dismayed when she sacrificed herself to ensure the Republic's victory. He honored her memory by completing the mission, allowing the Republic to retake Saleucami and destroy the Separatist cloning facilities beneath it's surface. (SWO, IG1, ETM, HFAS, RBJ, REL, RSOS)

Hett, Sharad
this reclusive Jedi Master was originally trained by Eeth Koth, and later chose to hide on the planet Tatooine during the last years of his life. He established a bond with a tribe of Tusken Raiders, and lived among them for many years. Sometimes known by the nickname "Howlrunner", Hett was hunted down by the bounty hunter Aurra Sing and killed, despite the efforts of Ki-Adi-Mundi. He bequeathed his lightsaber to his son, A'Sharad Hett, who later trained under Ki-Adi-Mundi on Coruscant. It was on Coruscant that A'Sharad discovered that humans and Tusken Raiders were genetically incompatable, leading him to believe that his mother had been a human who was captured by the Tusken Raiders and raised by the tribe. She must have revealed her true self to Sharad Hett, and they eventually fell in love and were married. (IG1, SWO, OWS, ETM, NEGC, REL)

a planet, located in the Borderlands Regions. (HTSB)

this was one of the most prosperous of the floating cities erected in the seas of the planet Calamari. During the last decades of the Old Republic, Heurkea was also one of the cities in which Mon Calamari and Quarren worked side-by-side to ensure the betterment of both races. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of the city, it was also the first city destroyed by the World Devastators during the first Battle of Calamar. Undaunted by the Empire's actions, the Mon Calamari and the Quarren rebuilt Heurkea. When the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Coruscant and remade it into Yuuzhan'tar, the New Republic fled to Calamari and was allowed to use Heurkea city as its base of operations. (DESB, HFAS, DW)

this was one of four inhabited continents found on the planet Garnib. (PG1)

Hev Lissona
this jovial Sullustan male served as the cargo supervisor of the Estaria Central Starport during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was outwardly one of the Empire's most loyal supporters, but that was a facade which he used to hide his true allegiance. Hev was, in reality, a strong supporter of the Alliance, and worked with Ela Harns to maintain a hidden cache of supplies within the starport. (HAS)

Hevix, Stavrin
this cruel, young man was a bounty hunter who set elaborate traps for his targets. He felt that the credits he earned on a hunt were secondary to the challenge of the hunt. (GG10)

this female Bothan was a member of the same criminal organization as Nuri, based in the Undercity of the planet Aargau during the years surrounding the Battle of Geonosis. (BF3)

Hevvrol Sector
this area of space was the site of a number of battles between New Republic forces and remnants of the Empire. The Republic managed to finally defeat the Imperials at Glom Tho. (RPG)

this stern woman served as an Imperial customs officer during the height of the New Order. She spent part of her career trying to expose Moruth Doole's illegal spice distribution system. Her daughter, Kora, lived on Yityl during Agent Hewat's period of active duty. (FTD)

an alien race. (E1A4)

this Imperial Navy Major was the leader of the detachment assigned to guard the shield generator bunker on the forest moon of Endor, during the construction of the second Death Star. He also served as the liaison between the command staff and the technicians. (CCG10)

this small alien was a bounty hunter, and was a member of the team assembled by Crutag during his hunt for a group of Alliance agents which escaped him on Kwenn Space Station. Crutag executed Hewi in anger, after the disappearance of the Scent of Fear. (DOE)

this was a fog-covered planet. (AIR)

this man was a member of the Blank Look Gang during the last years of the Old Republic. Hewpaj was good with a blaster, and rode shotgun with Urnon Mossu during the theft of a collection of Twi'leki pottery from the Galactic Museum. However, he was unable to eliminate the pursuit dispatched by Ket Durgo and the Museum's security force, and Urnon was forced to crashland the speeder at the Royal Icqui Aquaria. (WOA21)

this was the nickname of the HX.6 turbolaser battery produced by Golan Arms for planetary defense. (LOE)

Hex Bomber
this was the generic term used to describe any starfighter or bomber craft that was refitted by the Separatists to deploy canisters of Trihexalon. (JSF)

Hex Deployer
this was the generic term used to describe any large Separatist starship that was refitted to allow for the dispersal of Trihexalon as a chemical weapon. (JSF)

a game played by Tem Chesko and MILL-247-EE during their years of floating adrift in space. (TMEC)

Hexagon, The
this was the name of an area along the border of the Mid Rim and Outer Rim Territories, where there was intense rebel activity during the height of the New Order. The Alliance funded much of the rebellion in this area, with a large contribution coming from Meysen Kayson and the Greel Wood Logging Corporation. (SWJ6)

this was a common name for Ewok males. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

according to Ewok legend, this was the most powerful of all spirits, controlling the rising and setting of the sun. (GCG)

Hextraphon, Arhul
Arhul was the executive secretary and master historian for the Alliance High Command, and chronicled the history of the Alliance as well as that of the fledgling New Republic. Before that, he was just a man who was sold into slavery to the Zygerrians. While being transported to his new owner, Arhul's slave ship was attacked. He and his comrades huddled in fear, only to find they were in no danger. Han Solo and Chewbacca had overtaken and boarded the ship, only to find the slavers gone. Han asked Arhul if he could pilot the ship, and with a positive reply, Han and Chewie disappeared. Arhul and his companions then realized that the two smugglers had left behind the Zygerrian slavers' expensive cargo, which Arhul and his comrades used to regain their freedom. Because of this event, and because the Empire turned a blind eye to much of the slaving that took place during the era of the New Order, Hextraphon and many of his fellow slaves decided to join the Alliance. Years later, after the Battle of Hoth, Major Hextraphon had the chance to interview the Jedi Master Yoda on Dagboah. Although nothing was ever published, it was rumored that Yoda provided Arhul with a very detailed life story. Arhul swore to keep the story a secret, and never revealed what was said between them. (SWSB, GG3, CSA, SWDB)

this Dug criminal was one of the many members of his species who worked for the crimelord Sebolto during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. An anonymous bounty for his capture was issued sometime after the Battle of Naboo, which Jango Fett later claimed during his attempt to locate Sebolto on Malastare. (BH)

this was the Gungan term used to describe a specific type of luxury bongo submarine. They were larger than the standard tribubble bongo submarine, could transport up to two dozen soldiers, and were often more luxurious. They were often used by the Rep Council and the military. (IG1, E1A9, NEGV)

this was one of the primary metals mined on Nkllon by the Nomad City Mining Company. Hfredium could also be found in certain asteroid belts, such as Tava Yagen. During the early years of the New Republic, the market price of hfredium jumped up steadily before plummeting after the re-appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn, causing Lando Calrissian to lose a great deal of the credits he had invested in Nkllon. (DFR, TLC, CTD)

Narmox flight control avionics package used on the B-Wing. (XW)

this droid served as the head of security for the droid manufacturing facilities located on the moon Uffel, in the Cularin System, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was equipped with a visible self-destruct mechanism that only HG-211 knew how to activate, and the droid was programmed to destroy itself and as much of the manufacturing facility as it could if it was ever threatened. (LFC)

one of Bespin's twin moons. Along with Drudonna, they are often referred to as The Twins. H'gaard measures about five kilometers in diamater, and is a greenish ice ball. (GG2, ZHR)

this portable missile launcher was produced by Golan Arms during the last years of the Old Republic, but became one of the primary weapons used by the Alliance during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Distinguished by it thick, blunt barrel, the HH-15 was considered outdated by Imperial forces, but its versatility and power made it effective nonetheless. It could fire solid projectiles, concussion missiles, or proton torpedoes, but its lack of modern targetting technology meant that Alliance ground forces had to sight the HH-15 by eye. (LAWS, SWDB)

this missile launcher was produced by Merr-Sonn during the height of the Galactic Civil War. These weapons were favored by smugglers and mercenaries because they were light-weight, and could fire a small grenade with good accuracy. (LAWS)

this being was the pilot of the small ship which took Dorsk 82 to Ando, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Hhen was killed when the Aqualish destroyed Dorsk 82's ship, during the Jedi's attempt to defend the droids of Imthitill. (EVC)

this alien scout, working from a base on the planet Bonadan, was active during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

Hi chuba da naga?
this Huttese question translated into Basic as "What do you want?" (E1A14, GMR5)

Hi chunkee fa goota?
this Huttese question translated into Basic as "What's your final offer?" (GMR5)

Hi noka daraya
this Yevethan phrase translates into "the Brightness touches me." It was chanted and sung by the Yevethan people whenever they were struck by the concussion waves of the Aramadia. They believed that the powerful blast from the ship's thrust propulsion system was a direct result of Nil Spaar's arrival in the area. (SOL)

this species of tree was native to the planet New Plympto, where its silvery trunk could grow to heights of 200 meters or more. (CCW)

Hiakk Hall
located in the city of Phemiss, on the planet New Plympto, this was the city's most prestigious museum. (CCW)

Hiatt, Deregue
this man worked as a business analyst, during the last decades of the Old Republic, reporting on the inner dealings of the galaxy's largest starship manufacturers. (HNN4)

Hi-Baka 2000
this mem-stick will hold about 14 Bz of data. (CFG)

this creature was maintained for its succulent meat, which was served in many of the New Republic's finer restaurants. (DW)

Hibernation Sickness
this was the term used to describe the result of being in a state of hibernation for an extended period of time, although it was most common in those individuals who were frozen in carbonite for too long. Hibernation sickness was characterized by dizziness and blindness. (ROTJ)

Hibernation Trance
a Jedi technique in which the user descends into a deep hibernation state, slowing his body's metabolism to a standstill. A trained Jedi can remain in this state for at least four days. (HTTE)

manufacturers of planetary shielding systems. (DESB)

found only on the western coastline of Garos IV's main continent, this ore was discovered to have a natural ability to cloak other objects. Thus, when the Empire discovered it, Garos IV was garrisoned and the mining of the ore strictly regulated. Prototype cloaking devices built from hibridium were nowhere near as effective those created from stygium, requiring huge amounts of power to operate, more room to house the system, and left the craft on which they were used "double-blind": they were invisible to other ships' sensors, but the using ship could not use its own sensors to locate other ships. (SWJ1, SOG)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "cliff". (GCG)

Hid Toqema
this gray-skinned Twi'lek was one of the first of his species hired to work for the Daedala family, when they established the Daedalus Gas Mines operation on Friz Harammel. He was an expert in the design of thermal gas registers, and was skilled at the manipulation of materials at the molecular level. (LFC)

Hidden Beks
this was one of the smaller gangs that struggled to make a name for itself against the Black Vulkars on the planet Taris, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. For many years, the Hidden Beks were the only gang around, and many residents existed with little or no contact with them. The appearance of the Black Vulkars relegated the Hidden Beks to a minor role in the underworld, and many residents chafed under their intense pressure. Some of these individuals even wished that the Hidden Beks were back in control. (KOTOR)

Hidden Daggers
this pirate gang was active in the Corellian System during the height of the New Order. They operated from a base that was hidden in the area of space known as the Binyare Razorcat. (SWGAL)

Hidden Leader
the title given to the leader of the Human League. (AC)

Hidden Valley
located on the planet Honoghr, this agricultural oasis was constructed by the Noghri as a way to begin rebuilding their world. It was created after Leia Organa Solo revealed the deception of Emperor Palpatine, and was hidden in between two steep cliffs. It is often referred to by the Noghri as the "future of Honoghr." (TTSB)

Hideaz Quill-Face
a huge, alien bounty hunter working with Spog on Nar Shaddaa. (DE1)

meaning "cautious", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

this name was common among Sullustan males, and meant "pragmatic". (GCG)

Hiem Bryl
this Sullustan was the head of operations for the Verga Mer Mining Company's mines on the Cularin System, during the era of the Battle of Naboo. Gaunt in appearance, Hiem Bryl was an accomplished deep-space miner who was skilled in a variety of blasting techniques. He spoken Basic poorly, but was known as a respected leader among the miners. (LFC)

Hierarchy of Hatred
this was Booster Terrik's name for the methodologies used by Ysanne Isard. He developed the hierarchy with the help of Mirax Terrik and Iella Wessiri, after it was revealed that Isard was working for Prince-Admiral Krennel. However, when Whistler and Gate returned from the loss of Rogue Squadron over Distna, they realized that they were working with two Isards: the real thing, which had agreed to help the New Republic bring down Krennel, and the clone, which was working for Krennel. The hierarchy involved setting up the parameters around which Isard would retaliate for certain actions. It was based on historical data, and allowed them anticipate Isard's reactions to given situations. (IR)

Hierko Nochet
this Babbet adventure guide lost a great deal of equipment to Lando Calrissian in a sabacc tournament. (SOL)

this was one of the many false identities created by Cecil Noone and his band of thieves for the starship Asaari Wind, which they had stolen from Ritinki. (GMR1)

this is the designation of a high-powered proton torpedo launcher manufactured by Arakyd. The Hi-fex was designed for use on military starships, although a number of them found they ways to tramp freighters and other personal starships. The Hi-fex system maintained a rack of twelve torpedoes. (SWJ9, GG6)

this planet was once the site of an Imperial storage facility. The Alliance raided it, and obtained a huge number of ULAVs. (RASB)

Hifold Sensory Package
this NeuroSaav Corporation cyborg implant was commonly referred to as "the thinking person's enhancement." It incorporated optical and aural replacement, increasing all aspects of perception. The eye and ear prosthetics were integrated into a single unit that increased the brain's ability to handle additional sensory inputs. The subsystem of the Hifold package used true-fleck brain implants and artificial hypergleanum glands, both of which produced the additional chemicals needed to maintain the increased sensory decoding. (CFG, HG)

Hifron, Shiaer
this independent trader worked for Kyr Laron as a go-between for the assassin's business dealings. Laron preferred that no one discover she was female, and so Hifron met with prospective clients in her place. (WBC)

a slender, blue-skinned alien race. (TNR)

this Imperial engineer was part of the crew of the Wanderer. (IC)

High Audience Chamber
this was the Basic translation of the Geonosian name for the seating area of the aristocracy, located in the petranaki arena of the Stalgasin Hive, found on the planet Geonosis. It was in the High Audience Chamber that Poggle the Lesser had Hadiss the Vaulted torn to pieces by an acklay, thereby solidifying his position as the leader of the Geonosians. Later, the High Audience Chamber oversaw the planned execution of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Padme' Amidala, until the Grand Army of the Republic arrived and set off the Battle of Geonosis. (GORW)

High Castle of Jomark
this low-built collection of stones and mortar served as Joruus C'baoth's palace on Jomark during his attempt to lure Luke Skywalker into a trap, about five years after the Battle of Endor. It was a structure built by an ancient, unknown alien race, and situated between two crags on the face of a dormant volcanic cone. (DFR)

High Chew
this was the name given to the officer's mess aboard the Yuuzhan Vong warship Sunulok. (SBS)

High Chunah
this was one of the worlds colonized by the Mugaari, before they made contact with the Old Republic. It was originally part of the area of the galaxy known as Mugaari Space, which later was renamed to be the Javin Sector. Much of the planet's landmass was covered with factories, and many of the Greater Javin's landspeeders were manufactured on the planet. However, the planet was best-known for a natural phenomenon, the phosphorescent racks that littered its surface. These rocks gave off a pale, green glow for many hours after sunset, giving the planet an unusual glow when seen from space. (WOA33)

High City Council
this fifteen-member body was elected to manage the High City of Refuge on the planet Kidron. (PG3)

High City of Refuge
a city located on Kidron, this was the primary residence of most off-worlders to the planet. The city was surrounded by a thirty-meter-tall wall, and covered by a transparisteel dome that maintained a standard, breathable atmosphere within the city. Known simply as "Refuge" by its inhabitants, the city was governed by the High City Council. (PG3)

High Colonel
this was an Imperial Army ranking, just below General. (GG3)

High Command
according to the Survivors who lived on the planet Dellalt, the High Command was the centralization of Xim the Despot's inner circle of power. The beings who served on the High Command, according to Survivor legend, would eventually seek out the Survivors and unlock Xim the Despot's vaults, allowing them to complete their original mission. It was because of this legend that the Survivors maintained their unusual communications beacon for millennia, hoping to one day unlock Xim's secrets and restore the High Command to power. (HSL)

High Conflux
this was the Ishori title given to the leader of the Confederene. (VOF)

High Council
this was the name given to the new Jedi Council, formed by Luke Skywalker and the newly-elected Chief of State Cal Omas, in the wake of the loss of Coruscant to the Yuuzhan Vong. In order to ensure that the Jedi Knights did not unfairly take power away from the New Republic Senate, Luke agreed that the twelve-member High Council would consist of six Jedi and six New Republic representatives. The initial membership consisted of Luke himself, Cilghal, Saba Sebatyne, Kenth Hamner, Tresina Lobi, and Kyp Durron representing the Jedi; and Cal Omas, Triebakk, Dif Scaur, Releqy A'Kla, Sien Sovv, and Ta'laam Ranth representing the Republic. (DW)

High Council of Alderaan
the governing body of the once-prosperous planet of Alderaan. (SWR)

High Council of Ralltiir
this was the primary political body that oversaw the government of the planet Ralltiir, until just before the Battle of Yavin. When the Empire discovered that the Alliance had supporters on Ralltiir, Lord Tion and his forces eliminated the High Council - both individually and as a body - to show that rebellion would not be tolerated. (SWEP)

High Council Tower
see Jedi Council Spire (E3N)

High Court of Alderaan
the royal house that ruled over the planet's High Council. (SWR)

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