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Heart of the Bright Jewel
this was a name used to describe the planet Ord Mantell. (SL)

Heart of the Guardian
this ancient artifact was uncovered in the shop of Suvam Tan, on Yavin Station, more than 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. The Heart itself was simply a crystal, although it was imbued with the power of the Force. When used in conjunction with other crystals in the construction of a lightsaber, the Heart of the Guardian was believed to have the ability to alter the abilities of the blade, giving the wielder unusual powers. When used in a lightsaber, the Heart of the Guardian produced a blade which had an intense orange color. Ancient texts unearthed on remote worlds indicate that the Heart of the Guardian was instrumental in the founding of the Jedi Order, but no details were ever uncovered. (KOTOR)

Heart of the Universe
this ancient Jedi tool was a wondrous gem created by Jaled Dur. References to the existence of the Heart were discovered by Alliance agents during the Galactic Civil War, although it was being held by the Dark Jedi Croym. A group of Force-sensitive agents managed to infiltrate Croyn's castle and recover the Heart before it could be used for evil. (GMS)

this was the term used by the members of the Colony to describe the portion of each hive where the eggs were laid and stored for development. (DN1)

Hearth, Twilit
this cantina siren was the mate of Sprig Cheever. She was the lead singer in the cantina band they founded, and was often found at Happy's Landing in Il Avali, on Druckenwell. It was here that she and Sprig met Tinian I'att and Daye Azur-Jamin. When Tinian's grandparents were murdered by Eisen Kerioth, Twilit and Sprig helped her escape by disguising her as a member of the band. Twilit remained on Druckenwell while Sprig and the band got Tinian offworld, allowing Tinian to portray the band's lead singer. Twilit often wore shimmering, silky dresses that revealed more than they covered. (SWJ4, SWJ10, TFE)

Heartland Settlement
a farming community formed on the planet Ennth, it was destroyed by lava during one of the planet's eight-year cycles of devastation. (SHA)

this Imperial Governor was in charge of Feris City during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GG10)

Heat Induction Staff
produced by Salasetti Survival Systems, this device was based on a Rodian weapon design. It provided a user with a way to heat up solid matter to generate heat. An array of low-intensity lasers emitted a beam of energy that did little damage to the structure of its target, except to heat up its internal temperature. In this way, rocks and metals could be safely heated up to provide several hours' worth of warmth. (GFT)

this unusual device produced a focused beam of light that instantly heated up whatever it was aimed at. Although designed for use in manufacturing and as a piece of survival gear, a heatbeam could also be used as a weapon. (HSL)

one of Jabba the Hutt's henchmen, Heater operated the cruise ship Dune Princess during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Heater made sure that the Dune Princess was slightly smaller than Jabba's own sail barge. (SWR, LAA)

Heathe, Talie
this slender woman was a scientist, specializing in oceanics, during the last decades of the Old Republic. She was part of the team, led by Doctor Fort Turan, which traveled to Haariden to investigate the effects of a volcanic environment on the planet's atmospherics and ecosystem. (JQ4)

Heatherdowns Hotel and Track
this hotel was located on Tallaan, was known for the cracian thumper racecourse located on its grounds. (TSIA)

Heat-pit Sensor
this was a form of Yuuzhan Vong technology which was used to locate and track the body-heat emissions of a target. (EVC)

Heat-seeking Laser Mine
an Imperial deep-space mine used to defend shipyards and as a last defense for stranded starships. Once deployed, these mines lock onto intense heat sources, such as starship exhaust nacelles, and fire on these assumed targets. (XW)

Heavy Blaster Blues
this song, written and played by the band Deeply Religious, was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. It first appeared on the compilation Advanced Explosives Handbook. (GG9)

Heavy Hauler
this was to be a larger version of the Kazellis Light Freighter, with expanded cargo capacity and more power. Unfortunately for Kazellis, it was nationalized by the Empire before it could produce the Heavy Hauler. (SS)

Heavy Isotope
this was the name given to a loud style of music, with a heartbeat bass and melody, which was popular among the youth of the last decades of the Old Republic. (MBS)

Heavy Lifter
similar to cargo-lifters, ther small craft (25 meters or less) have grasping arms mounted beneath their hulls to hold onto small cargo containers. These craft are often unarmed and unshielded, with light, 10-RU hulls. They have been clocked at 20 MGLT. (TIE)

Heavy Repeater
this handheld weapon was developed by the Imperial armed forces during the early years of the New Republic. It was created to fire a spray of metallic bolts, instead of coherent laser energy, making it an extermely destructive weapon. The Heavy Repeater could be upgraded to have a concussion grenade launcher mounted on the underside of the barrel for added impact. (JK2)

Heavy Republic Flame Thrower
this flame-projection weapon was produced for the Grand Army of the Republic, and was used by specialized clone troopers to suppress unarmed targets or to lay down a covering swath of fire. (SWGAL)

Heavy STAP
this was a less-agile version of the STAP-1 platform developed by the Trade Federation for by its battle droids. The Heavy STAP had enhanced armor plating, heavier laser cannons, and a missile launcher, all of which made the vehicle slower and less maneuverable that a standard STAP. This led to the deployment of Heavy STAPs as scouts, or for eliminating retreating enemies. (NEGV)

Heavy Tracker
one of Mekuun's combat assault vehicles, the Heavy Tracker is more of a mobile scanning unit. It is equipped with an omniprobe sensor array, which can be programmed to hug the ground and search out targets. The Heavy Tracker has a single heavy laser cannon. (RASB)

Heavy Tracker 16
SoroSuub's personal blaster rifle, the Heavy Tracker 16 wasn't as reliable or versatile as the BlasTech E-11, which served as its design basis. The weapon was a thick-barreled rifle that was built to be durable and tough, which made it somewhat unwieldy for many police agencies. (RASB, EGW, AEG)

Heavy Weapons Specialists
this branch of the Alliance's SpecForces units were trained in the doctrines and use of laser weapons, artillery, and other heavy-duty weaponry. They were considered the 6th Regiment of the SpecForces of the Alliance. (ROE)

this was the familiar name given to a series of Z-95 Headhunters that were modified by the Alliance during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. These fighters were equipped with cross-body strakes that provided better heat dissipation as well as allowing the chassis to support a heavier load. Thus, the name Heavy-95 was coined. The development of the Heavy-95 allowed the Alliance's meager naval forces to keep pace with the Empire's growig starfleet, before the availability of the X-Wing. The cross-body strakes were later adapted for use on the X-Wing to assist with heat dissipation and to provide additional support for the chassis. (SWGAL)

this ball of molten rock was the third world in the Beheboth System. (PH)

Hebine Ring
this asteroid belt was located in the Beheboth System, between the worlds of Hebeth and Beheboth. (PH)

this city was located on the planet Beheboth. It was the site of an annual festival, during which the natives reveled for one glorious night. (PH)

this Imperial Lieutenant was a skilled starfighter pilot who used the maneuverability of the TIE Fighter to his advantage in combat. (CCG11)

Heckson Industries
this small starship manufacturer produced a series of small transport shuttles during the New Order. (GMK)

this Spiner warrior was one of the last of his species. He and Han Solo teamed up for a number of adventures following the Battle of Yavin, including ousting Serji-X Arogantus from his position on Aduba-3. Despite their success in defeating Serji-X, Hedji and his companions were ill-prepared for the uncontrollable Behemoth. When Don-Wan Kihotay tried to defeat the beast in single combat, Hedji and Jaxxon decided to lend their assistance. Unfortunately, one blast from the Behemoth's organic blaster killed Hedji before he could help. (MC8, MC10)

this was a common name among the Drall. (UANT)

this was one of two cities founded by Reidi Artom, when she returned to the Cularin System after filing for the discovery rights to it. It was considered a twin city to Gadrin. Hedrett was established at the base of Cloud Mountain, across the Estauril River from Gadrin, when the population of Gadrin expanded too rapidly. During the last decades of the Old Republic, the city of Hedrett governed itself, with a Town Council taking the place of the governorship used in Gadrin. During the height of the Clone Wars, Hedrett was the site of a titanic battle between a group of clone led by Jedi Knights and a devestating droid. It was believed that this droid was General Grievous, but the natives of Cularin spoke little of the actual event to outsiders. (LFC, LFCW)

Hedrett Medical Center
this was the primary medical facility in the city of Hedrett, on the planet Cularin, during the final decades of the Old Republic. (LFCW)

Hedron, Mol
this Imperial intelligence agent was a native of the planet Swarquen. He served the Empire for many years before the Battle of Yavin, and was not heard from until three years after the Battle of Endor. Then, he was encountered stealing information on the newest starships designs of the New Republic from the Sluis Van shipyards. He eluded capture, but not before beaming information on the starships to an unknown Imperial location. (WBC)

Hedrys City
this was one of the major cities located on the planet Norne. (CRO)

this man was the owner and operated of the Starcrossed, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was notable for his hatred of his own first name, which he refused to use. He was something of an aristocrat, and owned a luxury cruise line business. However, the Starcrossed was the only ship in his fleet. He supported the Alliance, if only because he wanted the Emperor overthrown so that wealthy families could afford his cruises again. He was responsible for rescuing Sayer Mon Neela from Captain Lanox aboard the Imperial Hazard. (SWJ10)

this man was the Imperial Moff, in command of Baxel Sector, during the height of the New Order. He worked hard to drive the Hutts from the planets they controlled in the sector, including Lirra. (SWJ12)

Heedron Bomu
this Rodian pilot and soldier was a member of the Bomu clan, and worked for Zonnos the Hutt during the early years of the New Order. Heedran was the Captain of the light freighter Vengeance during his tenure with Zonnos, along with his brother, Ormann. The pair was dispatched by Zonnos to intercept the freelance agents who had been hired by Zonnos' parent, Popara the Hutt, to rescue Mika from Endregaad. However, the agents proved more resourceful than Heedran had anticipated, and the Rodians were quickly captured and held for questioning. After revealing that they had been hired by Zonnos, Heedran and his surviving crew were turned over to Angela Krin and the Corporate Sector Authority. Note that this character is also referred to as Heedran Bomu. (TF)

Heer, Noshy
this vagrant never considered himself to be a freeloader, although he was forced to scrounge for credits after losing all his money gambling in the Relatta System. He tried to return to his homeworld of Alderaan, where he had plenty of funds in the bank, but the destruction of the planet left him homeless and poor. He spent the rest of his life cruising around the Outer Rim Territories, finding his way aboard a variety of starships and also staying one step ahead of poverty. (HR)

this was the Eickarie term for a Prince. (FB)

this was a common name among Quarren females. It meant "laughing". (GCG)

according to Ewok legend, this night spirit tried to make Ewoks fall asleep. (GCG)

this was a common name for Ewok females. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

this was a popular name among the Lepi race. (GMR4)

one of the original settlers of the planet Tatooine, Heff was killed in Mos Eisley for the information he held about Adar Tallon. Jodo Kast intercepted Heff before the Alliance could, and killed him with a Senaari-dipped dart. Heff was a rabbit-like alien who owned Heff's Souvenir Shop. After his death, the shop became the property of his daughter, Tebbi. (TM)

a small colony world located in the Outer Rim Territories. (TBSB)

Heff's Souvenir Shop
a business located in Mos Eisley, on Tatooine. (GG7, TM, SWJ7)

a planet which was the hidden retreat of Bevel Lemelisk. He fled there when the first Death Star was destroyed, fearing for his life. He was later discovered by Imperial agents. (MTS)

this was the capital city of the planet Bundim, until it was destroyed in the Battle of Heg, shortly after the Alliance destroyed the first Death Star at Yavin. (GMK)

Hegerty, Soron
Soron Hegerty was a Doctor of Biology who spent a great deal of her time studying the Ssither race on Jatee. She was raised as an Old Republic Army brat, although she had only the best life could provide. She grew up admiring the Old Republic's various alien species, and devoted her education to understanding them more. With the advent of the Empire, Soron and her father were conscripted into duty. She became a member of the Imperial Species Identification Bureau, but was constantly thwarted in her attempts to bring other species into the New Order. After discovering the Ssither on Jatee, she faked her own death and returned to Jatee, where she continually subverted Imperial probes on the planetoid. Doctor Hegerty was later recruited by Imperial Moff Crowal, who provided Hegerty with the resources she needed to fully investigate the alien races of the Unknown Regions. Hegerty reluctantly agreed to rejoin the Empire, and found herself with a wealth of sponsorships. Doctor Hegerty was later assigned to Luke Skywalker's mission to locate the mysterious planet Zonama Sekot, in the wake of the Battle of Borosk, as part of Crowal's goodwill toward the fledgling Galactic Alliance. She had enough experience in the research and investigation of primitive cultures that she hoped to be of assistance in investigating the trail of myths and legends surrounding the rogue planet's movements through the Unknown Regions. Their mission led them to the Klasse Ephemora System, where Sekot had hidden the planet in orbit around Mobus. Doctor Hegerty was fascinated by Ferroan culture, until Sekot arranged for a series of tests to bring the true nature of their mission to light. However, both Luke Skywalker and Jacen Solo were able to convince Sekot that they were searching for a peaceful end to the war, and the planet agreed to follow them back to the galaxy. (SN, FH1, FH3)

this Imperial Army Colonel was stationed on Shintel during the early years of the New Republic. An old-guard Imperial, Heget nonetheless grew tired of the political backstabbing and personal ambition that drove many of Emperor Palpatine's minions. He got himself transferred to Kathol Sector to avoid two Moffs who were each trying to win his favor, following his leadership of a highly successful special missions team. Once in Kathol Sector, Heget refused to play to Moff Kentor Sarne's personal desires, and was posted to Shintel as punishment. Heget was known as a hard leader who earned the respect of his troops and inspired a deep loyal in his soldiers. (DARK)

this Imperial Admiral was placed in charge of the fleet which patrolled Trax Sector, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. He ordered Commander Resner to root out and destroy the rebellious cells of activity in the sector. (GMK)

Heggs, Sam
this spacer once encountered a time warp on a remote ice world. He encountered the warp while he was an old man, and the planet was locked in ice. However, in the warp, Heggs was a young man and the planet was a tropical jungle. In both times, the grumph was the dominant form of life on the world. In a weird twist of time, the older Sam actually pre-dated the younger Sam. The young Sam was being attacked by a grown grumph, and was cornered when the old Sam found him. The old Sam began destroying grumph eggs, in an effort to remove the attacking grumph from young Sam's world. He succeeded, allowing the young Sam to survive. He carried a grumph egg off the planet with him, and ended up in Mos Eisley. There, he met Jeet Travis, and exchanged the story and the egg for a bottle of Vaschean rye. Travis attempted to drink the eggs juices, which tasted not unlike battery acid. (TMEC)

a very light, synthetic gas used in dirigibles. It was sometimes found in nebulae and other gaseous clouds, and bonded to sublight drives. This required that ships passing through heglum clouds undergo regular scrubbing of their drive systems to maintain optimal performance. (GG2, KR)

Heights, The
this was the luxurious, upper-class sector of the planet Tirahnn. (LTA1, MCA1)

this was a common name among the Zeltron people. (UANT)

this Zeltron served as the Governor of the Northern Province on Zeltros, during the early years of the New Republic. (GMR1)

this man was part of a small scientific expedition that was lost on the planet Talus, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Heitop and the rest of his party were killed when they stumbled into a cave that was inhabited by a swarm of fynocks. The only evidence of their existence was a datapad that was later recovered from the cave. (SWGAL)

Hejaran Castle
this was the family fortress of the Hejaran family, part of House Mecetti of Tapani Sector. It was a well-kept edifice located on the moon Nightsinger's Orb. (TSIA)

Hejaran, Brigta
this young woman was the niece of Galemus Hejaran, and was in line to inherit a piece of the family's wealth. Unknown to the rest of the family, though, Brigta had been trained on Coruscant as one of Emperor Palpatine' Dark Side Adepts by Sate Pestage himself. When Lucian Hejaran passed away, Brigta traveled back to Nightsinger's Orb to hear his will. Unfortunately, Brigta was left completely out of the will. She then tried to attach herself to the remote member of the Hejaran family who actually inherited Lucian's position as Baron, hoping to gain power and wealth any way she could. However, Lucian's will explicitly stated that Brigta was to be exiled from the Hejaran Castle and Nightsinger's Orb for her affiliations with Emperor Palpatine and the New Order. It was later revealed that it was Brigta who killed Baron Lucian Hejaran and his servant, Pershon, when she was caught in the act of trying to murder Themion. In her attempt to escape, though, she fell from the walls of Hejaran Castle and was killed upon impact. (TSIA)

Hejaran, Galemus
this ancient member of the Hejaran family stepped down from the Barony to turn the family holdings over to his son, Lucian. Shortly before the Battle of Endor, Galemus found himself surviving the death of Lucian, and brought the surviving members of the family back to Nightsinger's Orb to hear Lucian's will. He was nearly killed when Themion Hejaran tried to kill a nightsinger by himself, but instead damaged Galemus' parawing glider and forcing others to rescue Galemus. (TSIA)

Hejaran, Lucian
this old man was the Baron of Hejaran Castle, a part of House Mecetti, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He succumbed to old age shortly before the Battle of Endor, having spent the last years of his life trying to survive in the intricate politics of the Tapani Sector during the New Order. Much to the dismay of his immediate relatives, Lucian left his estate and the majority of his fortune to a little-known and remote member of the family. It was later revealed that Lucian knew of his niece, Brigta's, turn to the Dark Side of the Force, for he exiled her from Nightsinger's Orb. After Brigta was caught trying to murder Themion Hejaran, it was discovered that she used her Dark Side powers to murder Lucian as well. (TSIA)

Hejaran, Themion
the younger brother of Baron Lucian Hejaran, Themion was an avid hunter who took on game and political enemies with the same vicious intensity. He immersed himself in the politics of Tapani Sector and the New Order, and saw his chance to rise in power when Lucian died, shortly before the Battle of Endor. He resented the fact that Brigta Hejaran and a distant member of the family were gathered to Hejaran Castle to hear Lucian's will, and tried to eliminate the "competition" during a traditional nightsinger hunt. Unfortunately, Themion simply earned the wrath of his relatives by trying to kill a nightsinger by himself, and nearly killed old Galemus Hejaran in the attempt. Later, Themion was enraged when Lucian only left him fifteen percent of the family's holdings while bequeathing the family position to the stranger. After Pershon's death, Themion questioned about his activitied and quickly challenged the new heir to the Hejaran throne to a duel. However, after Brigta was caught trying to murder Themion, he withdrew the challenge. After the Solicitor of Baron Lucian's will discovered that the choice of a distant family member to succeed Lucian was a mistake, Themion was rightfully given the Barony. (TSIA)

this man was a member of the Karazak Slavers Cooperative team sent to capture Janissa Locrin. (GG11)

this Dug was the son of the noted Podracer Sebulba, and was a racer of some renown during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Sebulba himself retired from active competition, working behind the scenes to ensure Hekula continued winning his races. Although Hekula lacked his father's cunning, he made up for it in sheer brutishness. He also won through cheating, and much of this was because of Sebulba's influence. It was Sebulba who came up with the idea of feeding course information to the podracers while the race was occurring, to make the race more challenging and exciting. It also allowed Sebulba to feed course information to Hekula just prior to sending it to every other racer. (JQ3)

this unusual creature, native to the moist world of Enaleh, resembled a flying snake or eel. They were filter feeders, but traveled through the air to catch their prey instead of the water. Given Enaleh's damp atmosphere, the helas were amphibious. The offspring evolved in the water, but the adults preferred to fly through the air. Their heads were essentially large baskets, with four jaw-like flaps which opened up to collect small insects. Four long tentacles grew from the corners of their mouths, and presumably helped them detect their prey. Helas lacked wings, and seemed to have an internal organ which acted in much the same was as a repulsorlift engine did. Scientists have been studying the helas species to determine the exact nature of their flying ability, but have been unable to pinpoint it. (COG)

this Togorian pirate was one of a group which tried to intercept Darth Maul while the Sith apprentice was en route to Tatooine to capture Queen Amidala. (JDM)

this Neimoidian worked as a broker for the Tech Raiders, selling equipment by making deals in the various taverns and bars of the Senate District on Coruscant. Unlike most Neimoidians, Helb wore simple clothing so as not to stand out in a crowd. It was Helb who revealed to Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi that Fligh owed a large sum of credits to the Tech Raiders, as payment for a number of favors he had obtained. It was discovered by the Jedi that Helb had employed Fligh to steal Senator Uta S'orn's datapad, in order to thwart her plans to break up the Tech Raiders. (DH)

see Halbegardia (PH)

this gambling game was nearly as popular as sabacc. (EGW)

this man was a weapons expert who worked on the planet Procopia during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

Helempor's Exotic Jewelry
this dealer in fine and unusual jewlery was based on Bespin's Cloud City. The owner of the store maintained a position on the city's Parliament of Guilds. (GG2)

this small-time smuggler was based on Socorro during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

this bounty hunter liked the Mk 45 protective vest, especially because it provided him with extra pockets. (GUN)

a gypsum formation found on Tatooine. (SWN)

an Imperial shuttle assigned to escort Kirtan Loor from Talasea to Vladet. (XWN)

this man served the Empire as the Captain of the Rand Ecliptic, although he was an Alliance sympathizer in his heart. He was in command of the ship when Biggs Darklighter and Derek "Hobbie" Klivian were assigned to it, following their graduation from the Imperial Academy. To potential Alliance recruits, Heliesk was known simply as "Starfire," which was how Biggs and Hobbie found him. Heliesk helped the two reach an Alliance officer and jump ship, after he and Klivan staged a mutiny aboard the Rand Ecliptic when it docked at Bestine. Together they stole the ship and defected to the Alliance. (MTS, EGC)

Helina Dow
this female Genian worked as the head of production and distribution for Fry Industries on her homeworld of Genian, during the height of the Clone Wars. When Talesan Fry planned to sell his foolproof codebreaker to the Old Republic, the Jedi Order dispatched Obi-Wan Kenobi, Siri Tachi, Anakin Skywalker, and Senator Padme' Amidala to Genian to acquire it. The Jedi discovered that Helina Dow was actually a spy, planted by the Separatists many years earlier. Helina tried to trap the Jedi behind several holographic false-doors, then managed to steal the codebreaker before heading to her ship. The Jedi reached the hangar at the same time, and confronted her about her duplicity. She explained that she had been hired by Passel Argente to infiltrate Fry Industries, and that she had been ordered to turn over anything important to the Separatists. After Helina indicated that she had the codebreaker, Argente dispatched the former bounty hunter Magus to recover the codebreaker. In the hangar, Magus shot and killed Helina as he tried to make off with the codebreaker. (SOJ)

this was one of three habitable worlds in the Sabrixin System. (GG11)

Helix Interceptor
Arakyd's light freighter/starfighter, the Helix was the first of the so-called Interceptor-class of light freighters. It was a 30.9-meter craft that was triangular in shape, resembling a bird of prey. It can carry up to 35 metric tons of cargo, giving it frieghter capabilities, but it is also heavily armed. A pair of plasburst laser cannons is supported by a pair of ion cannons and a proton torpoedo launcher, providing starfighter abilities. The Helix requires a pilot and co-pilot, and can carry up to four pasengers. It is fairly well-shielded, and has a strong hull. The base model was equipped with an Incom GBp-625 hyperdrive, while a "B" version was given the faster GBp-629 hyperdrive. There was believed to have been a large amount of discussion over the Helix's classification as a civilian freighter, given its speed and weaponry. The Bureau of Ship Services (BoSS) later realized that the armament on the base model of Helix was illegally armed, based on current Imperiallaw, and all production of the Helix was ordered to a halt. (KO, GOF2, SWJ5)

Helix Lur
this was the name of a noted Omwati, distinguished in the histories of the planet Omwat. (UANT)

a key ingredient in Duro hyperdrive fuel. (SCRE)

this Mrlissi was not convinced that Veril Line Systems was acting on the best behalf of primitive planets, to which it provided trade concessions for the purchase of I-C2 construction droids. Helk learned that VLS provided the construction droids in return for the right to build new factories in the reconstructed cities. (FTD)

Hell Projector
a starship weapon with enough firepower to destroy an entire continent from space. (LCS)

a group of Imperial Lambda-class shuttles used by Zaarin to try and stretch Thrawn's search party thin. Zaarin had Palpatine hidden in the Haven shuttles, and added the Hellcat group to further confuse his pursuit. (TIE)

Tinian I'att used this alias when she delivered Bossk to Imperial Governor Io Desnand, after capturing the Trandoshan in the Lomabu System. (TBH)

this man served as a mercenary for the Hutts of Nal Hutta during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He modified a suit of Creshaldyne Industries riot armor to provide a tingle, instead of an audible alarm, when then the targeting system acquired a target. (GUN)

this strange void is located near the planet Attahox, and was controlled by the Five. Its presence is obvious from the ring of asteroids which surrounds it. In the center is an unusual, extra-dimensional portal. Shaped like a triangle, this portal twists open when starships approach it. Once the ships are drawn in, the triangle twists closed. The Five captured starships within the Hellhoop and took great pleasure torturing the crews and passengers. The sadistic desires of the Five became their destruction when they captured Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Chewbacca some years after the Battle of Hoth. Chewbacca was imprisoned in the Menagerie, while Han and Leia were tortured. Chewbacca escaped, and liberated Wuzzek and the other Menagerie beasts. Wuzzek went on a rampage, killing all of the Five but Chokla. Wuzzek then destroyed the Hellhoop itself, allowing the Alliance agents a chance to ecape before he did so. (CSWDW)

this smuggler managed to acquire a taser staff on the planet Coruscant during the early years of the New Republic, despite the fact that the taser staff was restricted to military use at the time. (GUN)

Hellios System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Barnaba during the New Order. (LOE)

Hell's Anvil
this was the name of Montross' heavily modified starfighter, used during the years following his defection from the Mandalorian ranks shortly before the Battle of Naboo. The ship was armed with unusual solar ionization cannons, which evaded normal deflector shields and melted durasteel. (NEGV)

Hell's Axe
this modified Incom Explorer scout ship was owned and operated by Kyr Laron. On the outside, it appears quite ordinary, which serves to help Laron travel somewhat anonymously. Among the primary modifications is the enlarged airlock, which Laron uses when she dons her zero-g spacetrooper armor to intercept a target's ship. It is armed with three retractable laser cannons. (WBC)

Hell's Hammers
also known as the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Regiment, this elite armor unit of the Imperial forces was created to crush resistance to Palpatine's New Order. Led by Colonel Zel Johans, they were used to eradicate Alliance outposts and quelling rebellion. The primary armament used by the Hell's Hammers was the Imperial-class repulsortank. The Hell's Hammers were decimated by Alliance forces during the battle which took place on Turak IV, but they were reassessed by the Empire and given new funding and materiel. (ISB, SWJ9, MBC, SWJ15)

this mysterious, seemingly bottomless pit was located in the Moridebo District of the planet Metellos. It was originally created by a long-vanished mining company as a garbage pit, but evolved over time to serve the various criminal elements of the planet as a place to get rid of troublesome individuals. (SWI64, CCW)

this independent prospector and his partner, Vandel, were the first beings to discover the planet Vandelhelm, which was eventually named in their honor. They were able to penetrate the vast cloud of asteroids that surrounded the planet some 3,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, and found that the planet was incredibly rich in metals and ores. They decided to make their claim with the Old Republic before relocating their families to the planet, where they served as the founding members of the Metalsmiths' Guild. Over the millennia, the Vandel and Helm families were regarded as royalty on Vandelhelm. (PH)

Helm Iskraker
this small-time criminal was someone who bounty hunters consider to be "pin money". Iskraker was a humanoid with rolling layers of gold-colored skin which shimmered as it moved. As his skin shifted against itself, it sloughed off golden flakes. He traveled the galaxy in his own ship, the Erratic Orbit. Iskraker was known as a bumbler, and virtually every operation he started ended in failure. He worked tirelessly to improve his standing within the criminal underworld, and often blamed his mistakes on his friend Widget. When Doctor Vreen hired Iskraker to break into SecuriCo and steal the codes to open the locks to Cloud City's computer core, Iskraker managed to obtain the plans without being caught. His theft was discovered, though the authorities of SecuriCo could never trace him. (GG9, CCC)

Helmet Squad
this was the name given to the prison guards of the Oovi IV prison facility, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Helmet Squad had the unfortunate distinction of being on eo fthe most corrupt and crooked groups in the galaxy, and many of its members were involved with smuggling operations and other schemes within the prison walls. (BH)

Heloan Yagen
the fifth and outermost planet in the Bovo Yagen system Heloan Yagen is a gas giant named for the wife of Bovo Yagen himself. It had 24 natural satellites. (CTD)

this was the sixth month of the Tapani local calendar, which mapped almost directly to the Coruscant local calendar. (PGT)

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