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Haunted Straits
this long passageway was formed on the planet Maramere, in the most remote part of the planetary ocean. The Strait was formed by a series of tall, inward-curving stone spires, making a trip through the Strait seem like moving through the fossilized ribcage of some huge, ancient beast. The Mere who were native to the planet believed that the spirits of every being who died in the ocean were trapped in the Straits. During the years of the Trade Federation's control of Maramere, the Strait was controlled by Sol Sixxa, who viciously fought off any intruders in order to protect the location of the Invisible Island. (CRBN)

this Imperial Grand Moff was brought to M'haeli by Ranulf Trommer's father, in order for him to see first-hand the treachery of Governor Grigor. (ROC)

this was the sound made by a Herglic when it expelled air through its blowhole. When used in speech, the sound hauum usually prefaced a particularly important or significant remark. (PGT)

this Duros worked for Gamgalon on Varonat. (TFE)

this Duros served as Gallo Memm's chief steward, overseeing the security of Streysel Island on the planet Vaynai while Memm was offplanet. (GMR8)

this man was a holo-documentarian who became a noted alien-rights activist during the Stark Hyperspace Conflict, and spent many years researching the abuses of the Trade Federation. The name Havac was an alias used by Eru Matalis, who was a native of the planet Eriadu. Havac worked from a base on Asmeru during the period leading up to the Battle of Naboo. A confederate of Arwen Cohl, Havac had no stomach for violence, but excelled in treachery and deceit. Havac was also a member of the militant wing of the Nebula Front, and was one of Cohl's main contacts in the organization. In fact, Havac was the man who hired Cohl to steal the aurodium ingots from the Revenue. Havac, in turn, had been secretly working with Senator Palpatine to help ensure that the Nebula Front was able to obtain resources and support. It was believed that Havac was responsible for the assassination attempt on Chancellor Valorum, a year before the Battle of Naboo. He later employed Cohl again, this time to gather a team of mercenaries and assassins in an attempt to finish off Chancellor Valorum on Eriadu. A secondary plan, which later became the main focus of the mission, was to eliminate Nute Gunray and the Directorate of the Trade Federation. He was forced to kill Cohl and his first team, after learning that the Jedi Knights were tracking his movements. Havac then took control of the mercenaries himself, but was unprepared to discover that Cohl had survived. In another brief struggle, Cohl and Havac shot each other to death. In the wake of Havac's death, the Nebula Front disintegrated. (COD)

the corporate headquarters of this distribution chain were based on the planet Brentaal. (SWJ7, SWJ14)

this Imperial Moff was in control of the Rettna System during the New Order. He also had jurisdiction over Freda and Jante Systems. When the Freda broke a decades-old cold war by attacking Jante holdings on Rett II, Haveland called in Imperial forces to bring about a cease-fire. He also initiated peace talks between the Freda and Jante, but neither side would concede anything, and the Freda withdrew. (SWJ8, SWJ9)

Havath Minor
this gas giant was the fifth and outermost planet in the Muunilinst System. It was orbited by eleven moons. (GORW)

Havath Prime
this gas giant was the fourth planet in the Muunilinst System. It was orbited by some thirty-two moons. (GORW)

Havel, Matas
this man was an honest trader, and was the original owner of the YT-2400 transport which later became known as the Lambarian Crab. Havel had modified the ship to have additional cargo space and enhanced shielding, but sold the ship to Finious Crab three years after purchasing it. (SS)

a small planetoid located in the Minos Cluster, Haven was known during the last decades of the Old Republic as a resupply depot among the independent spacers of the Outer Rim. Haven later served as the site of the Alliance's primary resistance center in the Cluster during the Galactic Civil War. Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa fled to this planet after losing Han Solo at Cloud City, meeting a segment of the Alliance fleet and regrouping. Luke received his prosthetic hand while in orbit around Haven, and it was here that the initial plan to rescue Solo was put into action. (GG6, SOL, SOJ)

the group of Imperial Lambda-class shuttles commandeered by Admiral Zaarin as part of his plot to capture Emperor Palpatine. He was unable to complete his coup d'etat, and fled in the Star Destroyer Glory. (TIE)

Haven Base
this was the codename used to describe the Alliance's base on the planet Arbra, which served as the Alliance's main base of operations in the months following the Battle of Hoth. Haven Base was constructed in an underground grotto, where crystalline structures channeled heat and electricity from the planet's core, providing the Alliance forces with ready sources of power without additional equipment. It was later discovered that an entire city, albeit abandoned, was located beneath the base's location, with architecture dating back to the pre-Republic days of Xim the Despot. It was in this ancient city, built by the original Arbran race, that the Darker lived. (PH)

Haven Jace
this was one of the few New Republic medical frigates that survived the Battle of Coruscant and retreated to Borleias, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (EL1)

Haven Water
this was the name of the pure, spring water bottled by Mister Mxil on the planet Port Haven. It came out of the ground at incredibly cold temperatures, which resulted in a low mist hanging over the spring when it hit the warm jungle air. (PSPG)

Haven's Water
this was the name of the cantina maintained by Mister Mxil on the planet Port Haven, during the height of the New Order. (PSPG)

Haverel, Larr
this man served the Imperial Army as a General, and was in command of the ground forces dispatched to Captain Dagon Niriz and the Admonitor during its journeys through the Unknown Regions. Haverel resented being considered part of then-Admiral Thrawn's machinations, chafed at Thrawn's manipulation of his personnel, and planned to force Thrawn to relinquish command to Captain Niriz after their encounter with Creysis and the Ebruchi pirates. His attempt to mutiny was cut short when Creysis' pirates changed their tactics, and the Admonitor was thrust intp battle. Thrawn, however, didn't forget Haverel's actions, and had him returned for Coruscant for court-martial. (SWJ11)

this planet joined the New Republic after the Battle of Endor. A shipyard was erected there, and supported the Republic's fleet in the sector. (SOP)

Havero, Jain
this well-muscled, blond-haired man was known as one of the best combat fighters on the planet Shiva IV during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He pledged his support to Aron Peacebringer, working to cement a bond between the human and T'Syirel populations of the planet. His prowess with all manner of weapons often went to his head, and he sometimes got careless in his fighting. Luckily for Havero, one of his comrades always kept an eye on him, and covered him when he got into trouble. During a mission to investigate the fate of the city of K'avor, Jain and Aron discovered Leia Organa, who had crashlanded on the planet. Leia was in the sector to investigate the build-up of Imperial forces in the area, and her shuttle had been hit by a micromine. (MC53)

Having Fun With Detonite
this song, written and played by the band Deeply Religious, was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. It first appeared on the compilation Advanced Explosives Handbook. (GG9)

this was a gourmet kind of toast, favored by many Imperial nobles and dignitaries during the height of the New Order. (GSE)

an Imperial Strike-class cruiser which intercepted the Alliance frigate Battle of Yavin in the Hensara System. The crew of the frigate were forced to land it on the planet Hensara III, and had to sink it in a deep lake. They lacked the equipment to recover the frigate, and so Rogue Squadron was called in to escort a rescue team to Hensara III. (XWN)

this twenty-two-meter-long starship was owned and operated by the Feeorin pirate Nym. It was the first prototype of the Scurrg H-6, a highly experimental and dangerous ship which had been constructed as a prototype bomber by this shipwrights of the Nubian Design Collective. The Nubians decided to scrap the project, much to the dismay of lead engineer Jinkins. It was Jinkins who arranged the theft of the Scurrg H-6 with Nym, and who quit his job on Nubia to join Nym's crew. Jinkins continued to work on the ship, upgrading and enhancing many of its systems. The Havoc was armed with a pair of triple laser cannons on each wing, a turret-mounted double laser cannon on its dorsal side, and a plasma scourge. The original proton bomb launcher was replaced with a "bomblet generator", which produced a continuous supply of extremely destructive energy bombs. An additional missile launcher was also installed to fire proximity mines at enemy ships. The Havoc was also well-shielded. Another of the major modifications Jinkins made was on the ship's command systems. The Scurrg H-6 was originally designed for a crew of five. Jinkins modified the controls and added two dedicated astromech droids to allow Nym to fly the ship by himself if necessary. When flown in atmosphere, the Havoc could attain speeds of 1,000 kilometers per hour, and was equipped with a Class 1.5 hyperdrive for interstellar travel. (OWS, SFT, STF, GMR2, NEGV)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was under the command of Captain Tulimus, during the siege of Edan II. It was later destroyed when the Alliance, led by the bold plans of Colonel Pertarn, launched a frontal assault on the ship. With the augmented weaponry of the light freighter Vindicator, the Alliance and the Edan rebels managed to destroy the Havoc and liberate the planet. (IAG)

this was a gang of Bothan swoop riders who marauded the city of Tal'cara during the height of the New Order. (SPG)

this deep red alloy was made up of chanlon and hfredium, and was used in the formation of custom starship hulls. It was too difficult to mass-produce, and was rarely used unless specifically ordered by the buyer. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Imperial Admiral Kendel had 100 Star Destroyers specially-commissioned with havod plating. (LOE, SWJ10)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

this gunrunner worked with Merglyn, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Both were killed when they tried to run weapons to the planet Kiffex, being shot down by the Guardians of Kiffu. Hidden within their cargo holds was the Jedi Knight Aayla Secura, who was trying to reach Volfe Karkko. (OWS, DRKN)

designation of Ubrikkian's Floating Fortress, this repulsorlift craft was designed to extinguish urban uprisings without the need to call in AT-AT walkers. These floating cylinders have fully-independent, full-sweep heavy blaster cannons mounted on a topside turrent. The two guns sweep across the field of fire, eventually locking onto the target. The fortress is also equipped with a sophisticated sensor package modeled after assassin droids. The package creates a 30-meter bubble around the vehicle which is extremely effective at locating targets. This has made the HAVr A9 all the more effective, as the sight of a huge repulsor tank homing in on a single target and swiftly eliminating it is awesome to behold. (ISB)

this planet, located along the Mid Rim, was beset by stone mites during the year leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

Havridam City
this was one of the largest cities found on the planet New Bakstre. Shortly before the Clone Wars, the Mechanical Liberation Front destroyed a large portion of the city, in an effort to "free" a shipment of XM-15 Vindicator missiles. The clumsy activists set off the missile's explosives, killing fourteen members of their party and destroying almost 2,000 square kilometers of the city. (HNN5)

Havriso Looruya
this being represented his homeworld of Yir Tangee in the Old Republic Senate, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. The Senator later served on Chancellor Palpatine's Loyalist Committee, until he was discovered to have been secretly funding the Separatist movement. After Senator Onaconda Farr made sweeping allegations of conspiracy in the Senate, the Senate Bureau of Investigations found that Senator Looruya had funded the secession of several key planets, including Ando and Sluis Van. Senator Looruya was censured for his actions, and removed from the ranks of the Loyalist Committee. (HNN4, HNN5)

Kuat Drive Yards' heavy ground assault vehicle (GAV), the HAVw A5 was nicknamed the Juggernaut, or the Rolling Slab. The Juggernaut was originally produced during the last years of the Old Republic along with the HAVw A6, although it primarily marketed to planetary defense forces. After the Clone Wars, the Juggernaut became one of the Empire's oldest, and most durable, GAVs. The HAVw A5 based on the design of the AT-TE used by the Army of the Republic, but it moved on five sets of wheels and did not have a repulsorlift. At twenty-two meters in length and standing fifteen meters tall, the vehicle resembled the AT-TE's top section, and much of the A5's armor plating was identical to that used on the AT-TE. Juggernauts were well-armed, with 3 heavy laser cannons, a single medium blaster cannon, and two concussion grenade launchers. The HAVw A5 required a crew of 8, one of which must man the observation tower which protrudes above the main body. This crewer relayed information about upcoming terrain to the cockpit; without him, the Juggernaut could become mired in treacherous terrain. The Juggernaut also ha room to carry up to 50 troops and 1,000 kilograms of cargo. As the Imperial war machine began to rely more and more on the AT-AT walker, many Juggernauts were surplused, and ended up in the hands of crimelords and planetary warlords. (ISB, AEG, NEGV, TCG10, SWDB)

HAVw A6 Juggernaut
this immense, ten-wheeled tank was developed by Kuat Drive Yards for the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars. Similar to the HAVw A5, which was utilized during the era of the Empire, the HAVw A6 had wheels that were made up of three independently-spinning segments, and was attached to the vehicle by a fully-independent suspension. This set-up allowed the HAVw A6 Juggernaut to move over even the most inhospitable terraion with relative ease. Although the forward section contained the main cockpit and operations center for the Juggernaut, the smaller cockpit at the read of the vehicle was also capable of controlling its movement, allowing the vehicle to move forward or backward with a simple transfer of command. Measuring 49.4 meters in length and 30.4 meters in height - including the telecsoping observation post, the HAVw A6 was a formidable site to see on the battlefield. A dedicated crew of twelve clone troopers was required to operate the vehicle, and extra personnel were needed to man the weapons stations. Weaponry aboard the Juggernaut included a turret-mounted heavy laser cannon, a repeating laser cannon, two antipersonnel laser cannons, a pair of twin blaster cannons, and two projectile launching systems. A dedicated 2-1B medical droid was also stationed within the armor hull of the HAVw A6, to administer to injured troopers during battle. Although most of the interior was dedicated to the massive reactor that supplied the Juggernaut with power, up to 300 troopers could be crammed inside, depending on other cargo. Despite its size, the Juggernaut could attain speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour over smooth terrain. (TCG10, ISB, X3, SWDB)

Hawaka Islands
this island chain was located on the planet Mon Calamari, and was formed by those peaks of the Seascape Mountains that reached above the surface of the planetary ocean. (GORW)

this Bothan was a noted diplomat from the planet Thoran, who pursued a business alliance with Skydove Freight during the early years of the New Order. During his private time, Hawj was an aspiring novelist, and planned to use his knowledge of Popara the Hutt and his family members as the basis for a holonovel. (TF)

Hawk Squadron
one of the starfighter groups maintained by the Khuiumin Survivors, in support of the Invids. (IJ)

this was one of Imperial warlord Zsinj's supply ships, and was sent to rendezvous with the Night Caller shortly before it was ordered to attack Talasea. Zsinj ordered it to dock with the Night Caller and perform a routine inspection, although the Night Caller had actually been captured by Wraith Squadron and the New Republic. (WS)

this Tempest-class gunship served as the flagship of Arwen Cohl and his pirates. (COD)

this species of kite-like avian creatures was native to the planet Coruscant, and was believed to be the only species of creature originally native to the planet to survive into the modern era. They had metallic talons and hunted in flocks. Their eggs were considered a delicacy by the aristocracy of the Old Republic. Their flesh was also discovered to be edible by the Ortolan chef, Handree Braman, who recommended that it be cooked at 1,000 degrees for no more than twenty minutes. The average hawk-bat had extremely well-developed eyes, capable of seeing into a wide range of spectra beyond normal light. Young hawk-bats were hatched from eggs, had green skin, and were fully independent from birth. Upon reaching maturity, the hawk-bat would shed its green skin and emerge as an adult, with purplish-grey skin. Hawk-bats tended to live in large flocks, with each flock staking out a territory in the urban jungle of Coruscant. These avians had excellent nightvision, and their tenacious existence became a sort of symbol for the common being's plight in the galaxy. (JS, DA, DMSH, EGA, WSW)

Hawkbat Battalion
this division of the Grand Army of the Republic was formed during the build-up to the Battle of Geonosis and the Clone Wars. It was led by Major Twelve, and was part of the 101st Regiment. (SWI84)

Hawkbat Gang
this was a swoop gang that was formed in the undercity of the planet Coruscant, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. (AA)

Hawk-bat Independent Space Force
this was the name of the pirate identities used by Wraith Squadron during their attempt to infiltrate Warlord Zsinj's forces. Several of the Wraiths donned makeup and became Hawk-bats, in order to hide their identitied from anyone they met with. The Hawk-bats concentrated their early efforts on the planet Halmad, which was just outside Zsinj's area of control. Their base was situated in an abandoned mine, designated A3 by Tonheld Mining Corporation, within a large asteroid in the Halmad system. After stealing several TIE Interceptors from the garrison in Hullis, and pirating the cargoes of a number of Halmad-based shippers, Zsinj finally stepped in and took protective control of Halmad. He then offered the Hawk-bats a chance to join him, rather than fight against him. They agreed to participate in Zsinj's raid on Kuat, where the New Republic's forces - led by Han Solo and the Mon Remonda - nearly caught the rogue Warlord. (IF, SOC)

Hawk-bat, The
this was a nickname used by many members of the Jedi Order to describe Master Jai Maruk, because of his fierce, wild stare during combat or other intense times. (YDR)

Hawkbat's Perch
one of several crew shuttles assigned to the warship Hawkbat. (WS)

Hawkbat's Vigil
one of several crew shuttles assigned to the warship Hawkbat. (WS)

this was a model of storm cannon used by the Alliance, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. It employed a heavy, treaded tank as the base, to which was mounted a twin blaster cannon. The Hawkeye could be moved into position and fired against attacking starfighters. (SWJ2)

this Imperial Captain served as the commander of the security forces protecting the Imperial outpost on Lotide. While cheerful and outgoing to most appearances, Hawra was known as one of the Empire's most ruthless officers. He rose to his position by stepping over those who underestimated him. He was also quite paranoid and quite corrupt, and would stop at nothing to ensure his own safety. (BI)

Hawser, Llek
this man was a Major with the Corellian Security Force, serving under Gil Bastra. (HAS)

Hax, Pollux
one of Emperor Palpatine's most trusted associates. Pollux Hax was placed in charge of the Empire's propaganda dissemination section. He performed admirably there, and was later commissioned to generate an article describing the wonders and locations of Coruscant. (ISU)

this Falleen king ruled during the last years of the New Order. He was the father of Prince Xizor. (IA, SESB)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

Hayner, Gillis
this man owned and operated Hayner's Mercantile, located in the settlement of Bartyn's Landing, on the planet Lamaredd, during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. (GMR7)

Hayner's Mercantile
this was the largest general store located in the settlement of Bartyn's Landing, on the planet Lamaredd, during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. It was owned and operated by Gillas Hayner, and stocked just about every foodstuff and supply a being would need to live and work on the planet. (GMR7)

an Imperial Army Commander, he was in charge of the AT-AT walkers under Captain Ferdas. (ISB)

Hazad's Skytunnel
this skyway was one of many located on the planet Coruscant during the last decades of the Old Republic. However, it was known as one of the most dangerous locations on the planet, and most air taxi drivers avoided passing through it at any expense. (LEV)

this was one of the non-standard face cards that sometimes appeared in a sabacc deck, especially if the deck was used for telling a being's fortune. (LCM)

Hazard Trooper
this speciallized Imperial stormtrooper was trained to operate in hazardous environments, including extreme temperatures and caustic atmospheres. Their primary defense against these environments was enhanced armor, which served as a self-contained environment suit that could support the trooper underwater or - for brief periods - in the vacuum of space. (WOTC)

Haziz Downside
this section of the city of Hariz, on the planet N'zoth, was the base of the city's primary defense force. It was also here that the Aramadia was preserved. Note that Coruscant and the Core Worlds indicates that the Aramadia was a Super-class Star Destroyer, preserved in the city of Hariz as an inspiration to future generations of Yevetha. (CCW)

this planet is the homeworld of spacer Boo Rawl. (SWJ9)

this projectile-firing hunting rifle was produced by Prax Arms during the height of the Galactic Civil War. It was unique in that it allowed a trained marksman to virtually ensure a one-shot attack. Trailing behind the projectile was a monofilament cord which fed flight adjustment to the projectile's barbed head. As long as the being who fired the weapon maintained a direct line-of-sight to their target, the HB-4 provided the flight data to the projectile, virtually ensuring a direct hit. (GFT)

this primitive blaster rifle was produced by Zenoti Arms, and was noted for its ornate, handcarved body. The HB-9 was the primary weapon of the Utapaun military, during the height of the Clone Wars. (VD3)

this model of hunting blaster was manufactured by Herloss during the height of the New Order. The HBt-4 was slightly heavier and larger than most weapons in its class, and was designed for big-game hunting on the frontier worlds of the Outer Rim. Its design was based on that of the Light Sport, which Herloss licensed from the Drearian Defense Conglomerate. The HBt-4 was given increased stopping power at the expense of the Light Sport's range, to ensure that the user killed what it was shooting at. (GFT, AEG)

the eggs of this creature are used to create caviar by the Hutts. (BF)

a Homework Correction droid designed by DJ-88 to help the young boy Ken by grading his homework. He has a military style, and often makes surprise inspections of Ken's homework. He is a silver droid resembling the 3PO series, and has blue eyes and a round vocabulator. (LCJ)

this rudimentary droid controlled the household at 16AA889 Starfield Road. (HAS)

H'chu apenkee
this Huttese phrase literally meant "greetings" or "welcome." It was derived from the phrase Ah'chu apenkee?, which meant "Who are you?" (GMR5)

this was Sasnaq Toxis' codename, during the Galactic Civil War. (CRO, SWJ10)

Hctaqsas Metals
a metal ore mining and refinery which operated on Af'El during the height of the New Order. (CRO)

Hctaqsas, Caleb
this man was a Colonel in the Alliance, and maintained his rank in the years following the Battle of Endor. His whereabouts were unknown when Grand Admiral Thrawn returned from the Unknown Regions to terrorize the Republic. (SWJ10)

HD 5-D
this experimental hyperdrive booster first hit the market after the Battle of Yavin. It functioned by shunting more power through a starship's engines that what would normally be allowed, making its hyperdrive more powerful and reducing transit times. However, this practice of overloading the engine systems was as dangerous as it was alluring, and the HD 5-D has a tendency to burn out after several uses, causing great damage to the main drive systems. (GFT)

this Hapan harvester droid was designed for light agricultural duty, and was not equipped with an internal shredding device. (CPL)

this was the designation of Cygnus Spaceworks' hyperdrive activation unit. Note that The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels indicates that the HD7 was a sublight engine system. (TIE, NEGV)

this humanoid race, native to the planet M'haeli, was subjugated by the Empire. The H'drachi have the unique ability to be able to foretell certain future events by manipulating the timestreams around them. The more H'drachi that convene to consult the timestream, the easier it is to read. (ROC)

HE Bolt
this was another term for the high-energy beam of coherent energy produced by a blaster weapon. (E3N)

HE Missile
this Old Republic missile, developed during the Clone Wars, was designed with a high-explosive warhead. It was designed to caused massive amounts of damage with each blast, eliminating as much of the Separatist droid army as possible. (SS2)

He Who Has Passed Beyond
see Eeh'cra Niw'dug (GMR1)

Head Clan
the group of five Twi'Leks that leads their community. Their length of leadership is defined by shortest lifespan of the five members. When one of the head clan dies, the remaining four members are cast out from the community and sentenced to a virtual death at the hands of Ryloth's extreme environment. (COTF)

Head Clan
this was the name given to the fifteen leaders of the planet Stassia. Each member of the Head Clan was descended from one of the original families which settled on the planet, and they worked together as a body to make decisions. The Head Clans were relegated to minimal roles when the Empire took control of Stassia. (SWJ6)

Head Proctor
the leader of the Proctors serving in Hethrir's Empire Youth. The position requires that the Proctor has mastered the use of the lightsaber, and has demonstrated leadership qualities. He dresses in the same blue uniform as the other Proctors, but with a white sash. (CS)

Head Tails
this was the Basic term used to describe lekku, the two tentacular appendages that are found growing from the rear of a Twi'lek's head. These head tails serve a number of purposes. First and foremost, they are a source of vanity, as hair or feathers are to other races. They are also used in a silent form of communication among individual Twi'leks. The head tails also serve a ceremonial and sensual role in the dances performed by Twi'lek females. (ESB, MTS)

Headache Bar
this seedy cantina was located on level 20 of the cityscape that covered Nar Shaddaa. During the early years of the New Order, the Headache bar was known as a steady source of tempest spice. Much of the interior of the Headache Bar was poorly lit, which suited many of its inebriated patrons just fine. It was rumored that, at any given time, one of the apparently passed out beings was actually dead, slumped up against the bar. (TF)

this Czerka riot gun was considered the ultimate in crowd control, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Its powerful stun blasts were capable of subduing any being, regardless of size or constitution. Most humans who were hit with the stun blast from a HeadBanger were rendered unconscious for three to four days. (DN2)

this was Kyp Durron's callsign during the evacuation of the Jedi Knights' base on Eclipse, some two years after the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. (SBS)

this was the designation of the swift sublight engines used on many Nubian starships. The Headon-5s were best utilized in a J-type configuration, with a pair of drives mounted on swept-back wings. (TPM)

Headows, Asran
this man served as the Master Curator of the Galactic Museum on Coruscant, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (SWI66)

Headquarters Frigate
see Home One. (ROTJN)

Headquarters, The
an underworld cantina located in the Invisible Sector of Imperial City on Coruscant. Zekka Thyne returned here after being released from Kessel by Wedge Antilles. He captured Corran Horn there, but was also killed there by Inyri Forge. (WG)

Heads-Up Display
a starfighter holographic display system that allows the ship's vital information, such as fuel levels and targetting, to be displayed in front of the pilot's eyes, rather than on a console. These systems allow the pilot to concentrate on his forward viewports while, at the same time, monitor his ship's activities. (HSE, SWSB)

Healer's Guild
this Old Republic guild was formed from those doctors and physicians who preferred to use natural or organic methods to treat maladies. (SWJ2)

Healing Crystals of Fire
these firey gemstones were among the greatest treasures of the Jedi Knights. Maintained under tight security in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, they were used heal serious wounds. Inside each gemstone was an eternal flame. Xanatos attempted to steal these stones, along with a cache of vertex crystals, several years after he left the Jedi Order. He attempted to cover up his plans by also attempting to kill Yoda and destroy the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. (UP, CT)

Healing Ocean
this was one of three oceans found on the planet Merisee. (PG3)

Healing Stick
this medical device was developed on Pydyr, and found galxy-wide acceptance before the creation of bacta. The healing stick was made from a white, powdery substance which could be rubbed onto a wound . The powder began healing on contact, foaming around the wound as it worked. The stick worked best if the injured being was asleep. (TNR)

Healy Gripper
this specialized medical device was used during surgery to extract metal fragments, such as shrapnel, from within a living body. The blunt, smooth face of the healy gripper helped to minimize any extraneous injury that might occur while removing the foreign body. (MBS)

HEAP Missile
this was the designation of any weapon used to breach the armor of an enemy vehicle. Developed by the Old Republic during the Clone Waars, HEAP weapons were High-Explosive, Armor-Piercing missiles used to defeat the massive, ground-based droid artillery of the Separatist forces. (SS2)

Heart of Dathomir
this dense nebula was located near the planet Dathomir. The natives of Dathomir believed that the Heart of Dathomir had a mind of its own, a belief that was taken to the extreme by the Dark Veil Order. The sisters of the Order claimed that a ferocious knot of rage - known as Dathomir's Vitality - was located at the center of the nebula. The nebula was named for its deep, pulsating red color. (SWGAL)

Heart of D'vouran
this was the name used by the Enzeen to describe the original feeding orifice of the planet D'vouran. It appeared to be made of living mud, and resembled a deep, wide pit located below the surface of the planet. The Enzeen would lure unsuspecting tourists to the underground location, then lower them into the pit in order for the planet to devour them. Later, when D'vouran became self-sufficient, the Heart was no longer needed, as the planet could consume a being located anywhere on the planet by simply opening up a hole na drawing them in. The Enzeen themselves avoided being eaten by wearing a small pendant which contained a force field generator that shielded their life-force from the planet. (GOF1)

Heart of Flesh
this Qektoth Attack Cruiser was dispatched to Yvara to collect specimens of Yvarema. The Qektoth Confederacy hoped to bio-engineer a human hive-mind, and planned to experiment on the Yvarema mammalian hive. The Heart of Flesh was developed in a secret facility in the Kathol Rift, during the time that the Scourge was first used in combat by the Confederacy. The Heart of Flesh was intercepted by the New Republic corvette FarStar. (KR)

Heart of Graush
this immense jewel was imbued with the Dark Side of the Force by Dathka Graush more than 7,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Graush removed his own heart and replaced it with the jewel, hoping to keep himself alive forever. It was believed that the jewel contained over a thousand Sith spirits, but it didn't prevent Graush's inevitable death. The Heart of Graush was buried with him in his tomb on Korriban, where it waited for another being to touch it. The Heart would then take possession of their spirit, giving Graush momentary life. As long as the Heart remained in contact with the being, Graush could regenerate. The Heart was found by Naz Felyood, captain of the Jynni's Virtue, during the height of the New Order. The ship had crash-landed on Korriban after escaping an Imperial boarding party, and Felyood set out to scout their location. He stumbled into Graush's tomb and tried to take the Heart, inviting the possession of the Sith spirit and unleashing the Korriban Zombies. However, the Heart was lost when Babbnod Luroon destroyed the Jynni's Virtue, and Captain Felyood was doomed to wander Korriban forever as an undead being, searching in vain for the Heart of Graush. The logs of the Jynni's Virtue were later found by Jedi historians during the early years of the New Republic, locked inside Dathka Graush's tomb, which apparently had been unopened for 7,000 years. Recordings indicated that the Heart was taken by one of the Korriban Zombies, but may have been destroyed in the explosion of the Jynni's Virtue. (PH)

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