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High Day
a New Republic holiday. (VOF)

High Festival
this annual event was a time of celebration on the planet Saheelindeel. Originally, the High Festival was a celebration of tribal gatherings and ritual hunts. Over the generations, it became a series of fertility and harvest ceremonies, until it eventually became a kind of circus that was highlighted by an airshow and an industrial fair. By bringing in some of the Tion Hegemony's most modern-technology manufacturers, the native Saheelindeeli hoped to elevate their own technology and become a more modern part of the galactic community. (HSL)

High Flight Beta Squadron
this starfighter unit, a derivative of the High Flight Squadron assigned to the warship Allegiance during the Adumari negotiations with the New Republic and the Empire, was used for reconnaissance and data collection. (SOA)

High Flight Squadron
this group of X-Wings was assigned to the New Republic warship Battle Dog. (SOC)

High Flight Squadron
this group of X-Wings was assigned to the New Republic warship Allegiance during the early years of the Republic. (SOA)

High Galactic
this was a form of the Basic language, which was altered and adopted by the Imperial inner circle during the rule of Emperor Palpatine. (GMR5)

High Garden
this wondrous garden was contained within the uppermost section of the High Port space station, located in orbit around the planet Muunilinst. (GORW)

High Haven
this New Republic medical frigate was supporting the Fifth Battle Group during the Battle of N'zoth. Upon his rescue from the Yevetha, Han Solo spend a good deal of time aboard the Haven, recovering from the various physical and mental wounds he'd suffered. (TT)

High Human
this was a term used to describe Ecclessis Figg, by the Ugnaught tribes that were transported to Bespin by Figg when he set out to build Cloud City. The term was given in honor of Figgs' trust and amity to the Ugnaughts, who were given wages and places to live despite their seemingly indentured status. (PH)

High Inquisitor
this was the name given to the Imperial Dark Side adepts who worked directly for Emperor Palpatine, rooting out potential sources of Jedi candidates and Force activity during the height of the New Order. Known collectively as the Inquisitorious, the High Inquisitors struck fear into the hearts of beings by their mere presence. Through the efforts of the High Inquisitors, Emperor Palpatine hoped complete his Jedi Purge and eliminate any possible threat from the Jedi Knights. In the wake of the Battle of Endor and the apparent death of Emperor Palpatine, many Inquisitors abandoned their Imperial service and joined the Great InQuestors of Justice. (GG9, ECH, GMR5)

High Jedi General
this was the rank given to those Jedi Council members who were given command of a Systems Army, during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWI84)

High Marshalls
this was the name used by the Iron Knights during their re-emergence, in response to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (OWS)

High Mystics
this was the name given to the eleven leaders of the Temple of the Beatific Razor. (WOTC, GORW)

High Numbers Palace
this was one of the smaller casinos found in the Westrex district of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. Like the other casinos in Efavan, the High Numbers Palace was located along the Casino Line. (GORW)

High Ontis
located in the equatorial latitudes of the planet Ralltiir, the High Ontis was an arid range of mountains which were surrounded by desert. (CCW)

High Port
this wondrous spaceport was built in orbit around the planet Muunilinst, although it was anchored by a skyhook to the city of Harnaidan. Formed from two primary spheres - one for residential use and one for commerce - the High Port station included several smaller spheres, all connected by a network of tubes and struts known as The Hub. The Muuns who owned the space station employed a dedicated force of Iotran Guards to maintain security, although the Empire installed its own security force during the era of the New Order. (GORW)

High Priest of the Golden Sun
this is the title bestowed upon the Sedrian leader, whose commands and dictates come directly from the Golden Sun itself. (GG4)

High Protector
this was the name given to the leader of the Echani martial artists, many millennia before the Galactic Civil War. (KOTOR)

High Road, The
this wide avenue led westward out of the city of Qaestar Town, on the planet Talus. (CCW)

High Rock Canyon
see Hyber Canyon (SWESF)

High Seat
located in each Noghri Dukha, this was where the highest-ranking Noghri official sat when the dynasts are called together. During the height of the New Order and the early years of the New Republic, the High Seat was also reserved for visiting Imperial representatives, as they were all afforded a measure of reverence in honor of Darth Vader (DFR)

High Singer of the Toka
this was the name of the designated keeper of the Toka legends. The High Singer of the Toka was chosen in each generation, and maintained the position until death, and passed on the multitude of stories and songs before passing on to the afterlife. (LCM)

High Stakes Casino
located on Balfron, this casino is where Han Solo set up Lando Calrissian to first met the Tonnika Sisters. (MTS)

High Street
a road in the city of Salis D'ar on Bakura, it was the site of an anti-Imperial uprising shortly after the defeat of the Ssi-ruuk navy. (TB)

High Supreme Galootie
this was a comical reference used by Lando Calrissian to describe the Oswaft Lehesu, after he was named one of the leaders of his people, in the wake of the defense of the ThonBoka from Imperial forces. (LCS)

High Tatmana Mountains
this range of mountains, found on the planet Morishim, was the home of the Old Recluse. (SOP)

High Temple of Eeronon
located in the city of Talerakia, on Aram, this was the base of operations for the priests of the Eeronon religion. (FBS)

High Tongue
this was a variant on the Old Corellian language, used by Ensterite families during the height of the Old Republic. Unlike the Old Corellian spoken on worlds like Socorro, the High Tongue was considered the language of aristocrats. Most families eventually adandoned the High Tongue and adopted the Basic language, returning to the archaic language only on Purging Days. (MJH)

High Tower
this was the main tower of the Hand of Thrawn citadel, on the planet Nirauan. (VOF)

High Tower Boardroom
this was the central bubble of the Gungan city of Otoh Gunga. It was here that Boss Nass and the Rep Council ruled the city. (TPM, E1A9)

High Town
this was the northernmost district of the city of Efavan, located on the planet Vorzyd 5. High Town served as the governmental center of the city, and contained many of the embassies of other planets in the Commonality. It also was the site of many non-gambling entertainment facilities, includnig the Lost Coaster Amusement Park. (GORW)

High Trammic
this was a more modern form of the Old High Trammic language, spoken in the Rafa System during the height of the New Order. (GMR5)

High Trough
this was a ceremonial basin used by Gamorreans during weddings and other festivities. Creamed fug and other foods were kept in the Trough, and the revelling Gamorreans were invited to slather its contents on their friends. (SWJ14)

High Winds
this Imperial holodrama starred Tetran Cowall as a tight-rope walker who defied Imperial orders and performed his routines between the buildings of Imperial City, on Coruscant. The moral of the drama was that independent and non-traditional behavior was not allowed in the New Order. (SOC)

High-Altitude Entry Transport
see HAET-221 (SWDB)

this was the name given to the hereditary leaders of the Ansionian overclans, such as the Borokii or Januul. (APS)

High-G Suit
a specialized garment worn by starfighter pilots, the high-G suit protects the wearer from the effects of high-speed maneuvering. (SWSB)

this large, avian predator was native to the planet Goroth Prime. Ancient Gorothite mythology revered the highglide as a symbol of nobility purpose, although the real creature fed mainly on carrion. Its emerald-green feathers appeared almost metallic. (GSE)

this race of humanoid avians was native to the planet Aduba-3. A blood-thirsty, migratory beast which ravaged the settlements of Aduba-3, high-hounds were nearly-sentient creatures that often traveled in packs. A group of them were shot down by Han Solo and Chewbacca shortly after the Battle of Yavin, when they were stranded on the planet. In form, high-hounds resembled large raptors, although the torso was elongated and their legs were well-muscled. The feet of this creature were unusual in that they ended in three heavy, fully opposable claws. What made a high-hound even more unusual was its head, which resembled that of a feathered, beaked human, with large red, compound eyes. High-hounds were omnivorous, and would strip a field of maze-stalks bare before attacking the farmers who tended it. (MC9, GMR4)

Highland Clans
this was one of the primary clans of S'kytri which were native to the planet Skye. The Highland Clan worked with the Lowland Clan to rule Skye, with each clan providing a leader to the Supreme Council every forty-two years. Like the other clans, the Highland Clans were formed from forty-two unique family groups. (GMR1)

Highland Green Washeteria
this establishment, a combination of laundromat and public refresher stations, was located on the north side fo Pelek Baw, on the planet Haruun Kal, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was owned and operated by Phloremirlla Tenk, a red-faced woman who worked for the Old Republic's Intelligence agency, during the Clone Wars. (SHPT)

this area of the planet Skye was controlled by Aragh, during the height of the New Order. (LTA1, MCA1)

this PLY-3000 luxury yacht was owned by K'Armyn Viraxo. (XWA)

Hightower Conglomerate
this Coruscant-based construction firm was actually a front for Black Sun. Although they produced quality buildings, Core Constructions often underbid the competition to win the contract, then had a series of cost overruns that simply fed credits into Black Sun's coffers. (SESB)

Hightower, Barlon
this dark-skinned man served the Alliance as a Lieutenant during the height of the Galactic Civil War. In the months following the Battle of Hoth, Lieutenant Hightower was part of the team which was assigned to the task of locating any Alliance starships or personnel who were lost during the evacuation of Hoth. (MC78)

High-Yield Universal Institutional Savings Account
this was one of the most consistent and profitable funds that parents could establish in the name of their children, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It returned excellent rates on a yearly basis, and was used to finance college educations throughout the galaxy. Jango Fett established one for his son, Boba, before he was killed on Geonosis. (BF2)

Higron, Rodin
this Corellian gambler and privateer won the ownership of the planet Oasis in a crooked sabacc match. He travelled to the planet to see how oxite was mined, but was impressed with the ability of the Riders of the Maelstrom to pick off passing ships and pirate their cargo. Higron set up his own base of operations on Oasis, much to the chagrin of Big Jak Targrim and the Riders. Higron felt that competition was the galactic way, and soon was making his own profits. Higron was a quiet supporter of the Alliance, so he only preyed on Imperial craft. The increased scrutiny of Imperial losses angered Targrim, and he vowed to capture a starship and ram it into the planet Oasis. He nearly succeeded, capturing the famed Kuari Princess as it exited hyperspace. However, the timely interaction of a group of Alliance operatives on the ship avoided the disaster. (RM)

Hiicrop, Satnik
this ficticious individual was created by Boba Fett, during his attempt to stop Jodo Kast from impersonating him. Hiicrop supposedly caused great harm to Sava Brec Madak, the alias Fett used to employ Kast from House Benelex. In a subtle twist on reality, Madak claimed that Hiicrop then tried to impersonate him. Hiicrop was hiding on Nal Hutta, and Kast tracked him there, only to find out that Hiicrop was really Fett. Fett eliminated Kast on the planet. (TOD)

this was the Tarasin word for an individual's ultimate sacrifice, one that would ensure the survival of other members of their race. (LFCW)

this was the name of one Irstat tribes of Tarasin. The Hiironi tribe was unique in that it had more than three hundred members, where the average Irstat limited itself to around fifty members. The word "hiironi" meant "different but together" in the Tarasinese language, and referred to the fact that the Hiironi tribe was formed from the survivors of the twelve tribes which lived near Cloud Mountain before it erupted. (LFC)

see Hiitian (GORW)

this was the name of a huge, humanoid race that resembled flightless birds. (SEE)

an Imperial Navy Lieutenant, Hija served as a gunner on the Devastator during the attempt to recover the plans to the first Death Star from the Tantive IV. Later, Hija was ordered by Darth Vader to bombard the failed laboratory on Falleen, after experiments on a new bioweapon failed and the bacterium got loose. (SWN, SESB)

this decaying world was discovered by the Fifth Alderaanian Expedition, during the Expansionist Period of the Old Republic. The Alderaanians found only the remains of a civilization on Hijarna, and all data pointed to the fact that it had been abandoned more than a millennia before. The world was the site of a huge fortress made from a substance that became known as Hijarna stone, since it was unique in the galaxy. The stone from which the fortress was build was nearly indestructible, and could absorb turbolaser fire like a sponge. Similar stone was found in the construction of the Hand of Thrawn compound on Nirauan, several years later. Kaarde chose to gather the budding Smuggler's Alliance there, to discuss plans to locate a crystal gravfield trap for the New Republic. Mazzic brings two rigged starships there, at Thrawn's command. It is also the place where the smuggler Niles Ferrier slips up and admits to his involvement in the attack on the smugglers at Trogan. (TLC, VOF)

Hijarna Stone
this was the name given to the unique, indestructible stone used to build the fortress found on the planet Hijarna. It was also discovered in the construction of the Hand of Thrawn compound on Nirauan. The stone cannot be destroyed by blaster fire or turbolaser blasts. In fact, it seems to absorb the energy from these weapons like a sponge. (VOF)

Hijoian Docks
this space station was located in the Hijoian System of Fakir Sector. The Ho'Din terrorist Yansan destroyed a pair of the Alliance's Gallofree Medium Transports at this station, shortly before the Battle of Hoth. (AIR)

Hijoian System
this planetary system was located in Fakir Sector. (AIR)

this Mon Calamari port city was partly destroyed by the World Devastators, during the first Battle of Calamari. Its loss greatly impacted the Mon Calamaris' ability to build and repair starships. Over time, the city was rebuilt, and it later served as the base of operations for the Galactic Alliance's defense forces during the years following the loss of Coruscant to the Yuuzhan Vong. (DESB, FH1)

Hiksri Jith
this Rodian served with Erli Prann aboard the Golan II space station near Bilbringi, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was Erli Prann who allowed the station to be located by the crew of the Mon Mothma during Operation Trinity, so that he could lure hyperdrive-capable ships to the station. In this way, the pirates could salvage the hyperdrives from the New Republic ships and use them to power the battle station. Jaina Solo managed to use the Force to alter Prann's recollection of his hyperspace jump coordinates, and the station ended up trying to jump through a Yuuzhan Vong interdictor. While Prann and his people weren't clear of the Yuuzhan Vong, their proximity to the interdictor allowed them to pound the ship and clear an escape route for the Galactic Alliance forces. Prann then tried to fight his way clear, but Jith demanded that he surrender the Golan station to the Galactic Alliance. He refused, but was eventually subdued. Once he was remvoed from control, Jith and the rest of the pirates agreed to turn the station over. (FP)

Hildan's Storehouses
this was a group of warehouses located in the backwater city known as The Puddle. (HAS)

this was the capital city of the planet Essowyn. It was located on the continent of Sorontill, and was the site of the planet largest spaceport. (PG1)

Hill People
this group of Galacians was formed more than 100 years before the Battle of Naboo. The members of the hill people had been persecuted among the other Galacians for having darker eyes and skin than "normal" Galacians, and were often considered as having no families. They fled Galu and lived in the low mountains outside the city, apart of Galacian politics until Queen Veda of the Tallah Dynasty decreed that a democratic election would choose her successor. The leader of the Hill People, a young Galacian named Elan, was discovered to be the first child of the former King Cana, and thereby the rightful heir to the throne. Elan chose not to assume a position of rulership, but threw in her support - and that of the Hill People - to Wila Prammi. The Hill People chose to remain in the mountains, but began further progress toward a relationship with the natives of Galu. (MOC)

Hillindor Game Fowl
this small bird was raised on farms, and its meat was considered a delicacy by many gourmet chefs during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

Hilltop Emperor
this was a popular game among young children, especially boys, during the early years of the New Republic. Players tried to reach the top of some sort of structure, a task which was often made harder by the structure itself, or by the other players. The first player to reach the top and grab a flag was declared the Hilltop Emperor. (SQ)

this man served the Alliance as an officer at the base on Arbra, during the period between the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor. Hilly was one of the officers who agreed with Leia Organa's plan to hide the Alliance's fleet near the system's star, in order to avoid Imperial detection. (LTA5, MC57)

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker met up with the BioCruiser at a scheduled stopover at this planet, two years after the Battle of Naboo. (JAD)

this was sport played with balls during the last decades of the Old Republic. (DMSH)

Hilse, Chad
this Alderaanian joined the Alliance years before his home planet was destroyed by the first Death Star. However, Ensign Hilse never saw the destruction of Alderaan. Hilse was given trooper duty aboard the Tantive IV, and was one of the first soldiers to die when the ship was overtaken by Darth Vader and the Devastator. Hilse was assigned to the front lines, and was killed trying to keep the flood of stormtroopers from boarding the Corvette. (CCG)

an Alliance transport group destroyed when it tried to aid Admiral Harkov's defecting fleet. (TIE)

Himron, Molo
this Imperial Army Major was the leader of an assault force sent to Coruscant by Grand Admiral Thrawn, some five years after the Battle of Endor. Himron's goal was to capture Leia Organa Solo and her children. He was the only survivor of Mara Jade's counterattack, and he identified the source of his plot to capture Leia and her children as Mara Jade. Early in his career, Himron had been hand-picked by Emperor Palpatine to be trained by the Imperial Intelligence bureau, and proved to be an excellent Intelligence operative. (TLC, TTSB)

a Yuzzem slave who was working for the Empire on Circarpous V. He, along with Kee, were getting fed up with the demands place on them by the local Imperials, and started destroying everything they saw. They were imprisoned by Grammel, and continued to wreak havoc by killing their fellow prisoners. This was OK with Grammel, as it helped eliminate certain captives. When Grammel placed Luke and Leia in the Yuzzems' cell, Luke began to communicate with them, and gained Hin and Kee's trust. Together, they escaped the prison compound and set out to find the Temple of Pomojema and the Kaiburr crystal. Hin was fatally injured by Darth Vader outside the temple, but managed to survive long enough to rescue Luke. (SME)

Hindasar System
the planetary system to which Doctor Evazan fled, after escaping from prison on Delrian. Evazan set up a questionable medical practice there, as a cover for his other activities. (MTS)

this island city-state was located on the planet Recopia. (CCW)

Hinder Market
located on the island of Hinder, on the planet Recopia, the Hinder Market was one of the Core World's largest livestock markets. Serviced by a dedicated spaceport, the Hinder Market was outwardly chaotic in nature, but the mechanisms that kept the market alive worked well enough for the merchants. (CCW)

Hindian Pear
a fruit grown by the colonists of Sapella. (KO)

this man was one of Leia Organa's aides during the Galactic Civil War. (SESB)

this male Senali was the son of Garth and Ganeed, and a member of the Banoosh-Walore clan. (SP)

the Imperial escort carrier assigned to take TIE Defender prototypes deom Vinzen Neela 5 to Coruscant. (TIE)

this planet was a member of the Old Republic. (TDR)

Hinter, Yarr
this New Republic Ambassador to Sullust was nearly assassinated on the planet by the Defel assassin Londrah. The attempt failed, and it was believed that Londrah was hired by Gaen Drommel. (WBC)

Elis Helrot's transport ship, he usually smuggles slaves or spice in it to Kala'uun. It was armed with a pair of double blaster cannons. (CCG, SSR)

Hintivan II
this frigid, heavily-forested world was controlled by the Empire during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (AIR)

this Gand word is used to denote anyone who is an honored guest of the Gand, and who can speak of themselves in the first person and not be considered rude or vulgar. It is similar in origin to janwuine. (BW)

Hired Hand CarryAll
this is a common, self-stabilizing equipment sled. (SOL)

this was a common, given name among the Vratix race. (UANT)

see OM814 (AIR)

Hirken, Arlo
an ancient partner of Rin Assid. (CSA)

Hirken, Mirkovig
this man served as the Corporate Sector Authority's Vice President fo Security, during the early years of the New Order. He was a tall, fatherly man with a full head of white hair, well-manicured and laquered finernails, and flashy clothes. Hirken was born to one of the oldest families to live on the planet Alsakan, in the Galactic Core. Mirkovig was the youngest of nine children, and led a pampered and spoiled life. His parents urged all of their children to uphold their family honor by choosing a calling and becoming the best at it. To this end, private tutors, fine schools, and unlimited expenses were at his disposal. His parents felt that Mirkovig was meant to do something truly wonderful. After reading about his ancestor, Arlo Hirken, and the adventures he had with Rin Assid, Mirkovig decided to pursue a career in economics and politics. He graduated with honors, and was hired by the Corporate Sector Authority. He was placed on the fast track to powerful positions, and was soon betrothed to the daughter of the Duke of Opatajji. Mirkovig and Neera were soon married, and her insensitivity placed undue demands on him to become more and more powerful and bring her more and more credits to spend. He was placed in charge of Corporate Security just before work began on the Stars' End penal colony on Mytus VII. Hirken oversaw construction of the facility with the Detention Task Force and Lady Chawkroft. Hirken created "the list" of candidates for incarceration at Stars' End, many of whom were vocal opponents of the Corporate Sector Authority. Other members on the list were individuals whom Hirken felt were a threat to his own position, the result of his own paranoid belief that his fellow Viceprexes were out to embarrass him. He was killed just after Han Solo managed to infiltrate Stars' End and trigger an explosion which launched the facility's central tower into orbit. Hirken was trying to escape without first helping his wife and the Security officers in the tower, and his wife shot him in the back with a blaster. (HSE, CSA)

Hirkenglade Prefecture
this section of the city-world of Coruscant was located near the CoCo District and the Boribos Prefecture. They were all connected by skyroute D25D. (HNN4)

this insectile creature was one of Admiral Ackbar's aides, during the months following the Battle of Endor. Unknown to the members of the Alliance, however, was that fact that Hirog was actually the first officer of the Hiromi warship Kuratcha, and was the advance scout working to plan several invasions. It was Hirog who caused the misunderstanding between Kamida and Tippet, setting the Ewoks against the Lahsbees. Once his plan was in motion, Hirog made a transmission back to his leaders on Zeltros. Unfortunately, he was hit with a large stone that the Ewoks had hurled at Luke Skywalker, who used the Force to deflect the stone. Hirog, hidden in the trees, never saw the stone coming, and it knocked him flat. From that point onward, Hirog maintained a healthy fear of the Jedi Knights. He went ahead with his plans, however, and tried to set off a bomb which would destroy the entire Alliance command structure on Endor. The bomb was mistakenly activated by a stray blaster bolt, and Hirog tried to flee. He stumbled upon the duel between Tippet and a Huhk, and was swiftly incapacitated. The bomb was destoyed, preventing any further damage, and Hirog was abandoned by his fellow Hiromi. He managed to return home, however, and the minimal information he brought back gave the Hiromi enough data to launch an attack on the planet Zeltros. Their invasion was shortlived, however, when they found that both the Nagai and the Tofs were also attacking Zeltros. In the end, Hirog and the Hiromi agreed to ally themselves with Luke Skywalker and the Alliance of Free Planets. (MC94, MC104, MC105, PH)

Hirom Pinkatta
this being was a Professor with the New Republic Astrographic Survey Institute at the time of the Human League crisis in the Corellian System. Pinkatta was asked to research the planet Drall. (CTD)

this inept, beetle-like species was native to an unspecified planet. The Hiromi stood about 1.5 meters tall, and dressed in gaudy red, tan, and purple clothing. They had long antennae, and were a deceitful race. What they couldn't own leagally, they tried to steal. However, the Hiromi had a very short attention span, and thoughts of food or play often interferred with the long-term plans of an invasion. They were bent on dominating their world, and any other worlds they located. Shortly after the Battle of Endor, the Hiromi set out to destroy the fledgeling Alliance of Free Worlds, in order to take control of the galaxy for themselves. Spies were planted throughout the galaxy, sowing dissent and pitting old enemies against each other. New conflicts were started with the simplest of rumors or misunderstandings, the work of Hiromi agents. The spy known as Hirog set the Ewoks against the Lahsbees with a well-crafted rumor. Their plans fell through when Hirog was discovered, but Hookyr the First was determined to conquer something. He tried to take Zeltros, but failed at that as well. (MC94, MC104)

Hiroth Besh
this moon, located in the Hoth System, was noted for the intense electrical storms that swept its surface. Because of these storms, several starships were forced to crashland on the moon's surface, creating a kind of starship graveyard. It was in this graveyard that the system's mynock population was established. (WOA33)

this planet is covered with freshwater lakes and rivers. The native planet of the Qwohog race, Hirsi was destroyed by the Empire, in its desire to obtain rudic crystals from the planet. (GG12)

this bat-eared humanoid was one of Orko's servants. Unknown to Orko, Hirsoot was also employed as a spy by Gorga the Hutt. Hirsoot attempted to poison Orko, shortly after Gorga married Anachro, but failed to do so before Orko could travel to Skeebo to rescue Anachro. Hirsoot had several other opportunities, but never managed to complete the job. Unfortunately for Hirsoot, he was in Orko's bedchambers when Ry-Kooda came to kill Orko. Like Orko, Hirsoot was ripped apart by the Koodan, then eaten. (BF)

this crimelord worked from a base on Abregado-rae, during the early decades of the New Republic. (EVR)

His Grace the Duke Gadal-Herm's Safety Inspectorate
this small, government-funded group produced the E3-standard escape pod during the last years of the Old Republic. (X3)

His Majesty's Roto-gunners
this artillery unit was a branch of the Atrisian Assault Corps. (ROE)

Hi-Sense Prosthetic Eyes
these NeuroSaav cybernetic enhancements allow the recipient to view the world with increased resolution, enhanced color coordination, and UV and IR inputs. They provide the user with improved clarity and detail, including data on heat dispersion, enhanced coloration, and shadow illumination. Many recipients wonder how they ever got along with their organic eyes. (CFG)

Hishinu Booj
this Rodian playwright was noted for his work on The Trickery of Vosdia Nooma, produced during the year leading up to the Clone Wars. Booj drew inspiration and guidance from the Rodian Senator Onaconda Farr, during the development of the drama. He was assisted in writing the drama by Farr and Ruris Plin, and Booj himself directed the play, which premiered at the Equator City First Stage. (HNN5)

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