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this Old Republic warship was on dispatched to Telos to aid the refugees dishomed in the wake of the Jedi Civil War. However, a cascading failure disabled the ship, causing malfunctions that damaged much of the ship and all of her crew before reaching the planet. It was then captured by a group of Sith devotees who were trying to reawaken Darth Sion. The nearest facility was on Peragus II, and on the way there the Sith located the Ebon Hawk in deep space. They captured the small ship, sensing that it contained what appeared to be a Jedi Knight. Just before reaching Peragus II, Jedi Master Kreia managed to infiltrate the Harbinger, hoping to locate the individual onboard. She was unable to do so before reaching Peragus II, where the Sith crew took their captive and set out to revive Darth Sion. Kreia managed to locate the captive, who was one of the many exiles who had been shut off from the Force by the Jedi Council, and they were forced to fight their way back inside the Harbinger in order to reclaim the Ebon Hawk and escape from Peragus II. (KOTOR2)

this Mon Calamari cruiser served as the flagship of Garm Bel Iblis' trio of naval fleets, during the years following the Battle of Coruscant. Bel Iblis had split with the New Republic, and had established his own operation after the Battle of Fondor. However, when Admiral Ackbar proposed the battle plan that led to the Battle of Ebaq, Bel Iblis was convinced by Luke Skywalker to rejoin the Republic's forces in routing the Yuuzhan Vong. Bel Iblis and the Harbinger continued to serve with the Galactic Alliance, and was instrumental in the retaking of the planet Corulag. (DW, UF)

Harbinger Courier Ship
this was a model of light-duty transport ship used by the Empire. (SWJ7)

this planet is famous for its operas, which were among those favored by Emperor Palpatine himself. (SWJ5)

this corporation produced a wide range of vacuum pumps. (HR)

one of the aristocratic ruling houses of the planet Salliche, House Harbright was a strong supporter of the Old Republic. (SWJ3)

Harbright, Borert
this man was a member of the Harbright family, which was once an Imperial House, Borert's family also owned the immense Salliche Agricultural Corporation. In the wake of the Battle of Endor and the establishment of the New Republic, the Harbrights continued to control Salliche Ag, with Borert running the daily operations of the corporation. However, when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, the Harbrights began retooling Salliche Ag to remove all traces of non-organic workers and tools. They hoped that they could survive the invasion by proving their adherence to the Yuuzhan Vong's bio-organic technologies. Borert also served as the Salliche Ag delegate who represented the Ruan System in the New Republic Senate, holding the rank of Count. Harbright agreed to allow Ruan to be used as an enclave for refugees fleeing the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (HT, JE)

Harbright, Dees
this man was a cousin, once removed, of Borert Harbright, and served as the senior vice president of marketing for the Salliche Agricultural Corporation during the early decades of the New Order. (JE)

Harbright, Selnia
this young woman was a native and former Senator from the planet Salliche, and a member of one of the planet's most noble houses. Like many members of her family, Selnia dedicated herself to the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, hoping to overthrow the Empire and return control of Salliche to her people. (SWJ3)

an Imperial Lieutenant proficient in the use of Caspel launchers. (ISB)

Harburik served as Tatooine's Chief of Police during the Galactic Civil War. He was a model of everything evil about the New Order. He was rude, crass, and cruel. After the death of Orun Depp, Harburik took control of the planet. When Talmont was named to replace Depp, Harburik plotted any number of ways to remove Talmont from office. (GG7)

Harc Seff
this Ishi Tib accountant was an experienced businessbeing and a freelance consultant to planetary governors during the Galactic Civil War. (CCG9)

this Imperial Major served the last remnants of the Empire under Admiral Pellaeon, and was in command of the repairs to the Chimaera following the attack by Moff Disra's pirates near Pesitiin. (VOF)

Harcourt, Aron
this man was once a Captain in the Imperial Navy, during the early years of the New Order. He was a veteran of the Clone Wars, and faithfully served under the rule of Emperor Palpatine. However, after his Star Destroyer, the Anya Karu, was sabotaged by Alliance agents and forced to crash on a remote planet, Harcourt was chosen as the scapegoat for the crash. He reluctantly and loyally agreed, but he was forced out of the command structure and placed in charge of a remote outpost. After his wife Janelle died, some three years before the Battle of Yavin, Harcourt hired Boba Fett to return to the crash of the Anya Karu and recover a small hologram of his wife. Unfortunately, Harcourt knew that he could not pay Fett's price for the recovery of the hologram. He knowingly allowed himself the pleasure of seeing Janelle one more time before Fett executed him for his failure to pay. (SWEW)

Harcourt, Janelle
this woman was the wife of Imperial Captain Aron Harcourt. Janelle died some three years before the Battle of Yavin. (SWEW)

Hard Contact
this was the term used by the soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic to describe any situation in which soldiers actually engaged each other. (RCHC)

Hard Merchandise
this is bounty hunter slang for the being on which a bounty has been placed. (SLS)

Hard Shell
a KDY Class-7 repair vessel used by the Empire on Jatee, this ship was hijacked by a group of Alliance agents trying to get Dr. Soron Hegerty off the planetoid. (SN)

Hardan Plague
this virulent disease was known to be transported by Bogan's Brown Nafen. (COG)

a Drallish food, these small cakes are very tasty, if they can be chewed. The Drall jaw structure is incredibly strong, and these biscuits are used for exercise as well as nourishment. Humans have been known to chip their teeth on hard-biscuits. (AS)

Hardcell-class Transport
this cylindrical transport ship was developed and manufactured by the Techno Union. The main section of the ship was an elongated, egg-shaped hull in which huge amounts of cargo could be stored. The aft section of the ship consisted of six long engines, each of which was filled with thousands of gallons of fuel. The entire ship measured 220 meters in height, as it was usually seen standing on its engine section when not in flight. Rather than using repulors, the Hardcell-class transport relied on the sheer power of flame to reach orbit. The Hardcell-class transport took off and landed vertically, with the engine section resting on the ground. Once in space, these ships were equipped with powerful Class 1 hyperdrives to propel them across the galaxy. Specially-designed navigation computers allowed the hyperdrives to obtain flight coordinates in seconds, providing the Techno Union's members with fast getaways when needed. Because the Hardcell-class relied on propellants to reach sublight speeds, they were slow-moving and clumsy to fly. (SWI62, NEGV)

an alien race. (DRO)

Hardfrost Base
this was the codename for the collection of icy caves and tunnels that made up Salmakk's primary base on Hoth, during the era of the New Order. (WOA34)

this was the givne name of the youth known as Bug. During the events of the Battle of Ruusan, Bug abandoned his nickname to take the name Hardin. (JVS)

this spacer, who worked out of Corulag, was continually modifying his L2 Base Labor Droid, and was amazed that the automaton kept working. (SWJ14)

Hardon, Den
this criminal was targetted for execution by Gornt Seron, shortly after the Battle of Endor. Seron employed Kyr Laron to assassinate Hardon. Laron intercepted Hardon's ship and filled it with RX-8 gas in order to kill Hardon. (WBC)

this dusty settlement of a few hundred colonists was the only operating settlement on the planet of Muskree, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. It was founded when a group of mining corporations established operations on Muskree, after initial scans of the planet and its surrounding system showed high concentrations of minerals and ores. The scans proved false, however, and Muskree was abandoned. A remaining settlers made a meager living by coaxing plantlife out of the red dirt and raising nerfs. (WOA32)

Hard-sound Gun
this was a form of intensely-powerful sonic weapon developed by the Separatists during the Clone Wars. While Geonosian sonic pistols produced a palpable wave of compressed sound, the hard-sound gun was designed to rupture the eardrums and auditor nerves of its target. (YDR)

Hareel, Andros
this Alliance medical officer investigated the reports of plagues that swept over the planet Sedesia, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Despite all indications that the Empire purposely set the plague loose to put an end to rebellious activity on Sedesia, Doctor Hareel recommended that the Alliance send a team to Sedesia to assist in knocking out the plague. The hope was to obtain Sedesia's support in the war. (SWJ6)

Harem Cave
this was the Basic translation of the name used by the hives of the Colony to describe their mating caves. (DN1)

an alien reace distinguished by their red, goggle-like eyes and their long snout. (HM)

this man worked as a merchant on the planet Onderon, during the years following the Mandalorian Wars. (KOTOR2)

this temperate world, the third of five in the Pelonat System, was nothing more than a backwater planet until the Empire discovered it was rich in mineral deposits. It was originally settled some 2,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, but support for the colonists was cut off. The society reverted to a feudal state, and remained that way until the Empire showed up. The limited government was unable to stop Imperial subjugation, and high-tech refineries and a full garrison were quickly installed. The planet remained under Imperial control for many years. The average day on Hargeeva lasts 23 standard hours, and its year encompasses 380 local days. (SWJ8)

Hargm's Hill
this low, coastal bluff was located just south of the Tahika Cliffs, on the planet Garos IV, and overlooked the Governor's mansion. (SWJ2)

Hargon's Hill
this low peak, south of Ariana on the planet Garos IV, was the site of some rich hibridium mines operated by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ1)

Harida Kavila
this Rodian Grand Protector is credited with creating the Rodian form of drama, primarily as a way to curb the violent Rodian instincts during a period in which murders and killings were outnumbering births. (GG4)

meaning "deceptive", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Harima Sauce
this tasty sauce was served with vegetable turnovers by the Mawan people. (JQ6)

Harin, Shella
this New Republic Intelligence agent held the rank of Lieutenant at the time of the Human League crisis on Corellia. Harin was assigned to accompany Professor BinBinnari on a fact-finding mission to Leria Kerlsil. (CTD)

this planet was a hotbed of rebellious activity during the Galactic Civil War. Much of the rebellion was led by school teachers. The Empire tried to maintain control there by placing a garrison on the planet, ld by the Gektl Rahz. However, Luke Skywalker managed to free the captured school teachers and defeat Rahz. (CSWEA)

this city, located on the planet N'zoth, was where Nil Spaar chose to make his first appearance upon returning to the planet from Coruscant. It was here that he received the praise of the Yevethan people, after the first phase of the Yevethan Purge was so successful. Because of this, it was considered odd that Hariz was one of the few cities on N'zoth which allowed non-Yevetha to walk about unprotected. It was in the Haziz Downside district of Hariz that Nil Spaar's flagship, the Aramadia was preserved, as an inspiration for future generations of Yevetha. Note that Coruscant and the Core Worlds indicates that the Aramadia was a Super-class Star Destroyer, preserved in the city of Hariz as an inspiration to future generations of Yevetha. (SOL, CCW)

this was a sharp-eyed raptor, native to the planet Vorzyd 4. (TTW)

this was one of the more common Kel Dor surnames. Its meaning translated into Basic as "butcher". (GCG)

Harkners-Balix 903
a transport ship, similar to the Harkners-Balix 917 and 922 models. Wedge Antilles referred to the Etherway as a Harkners-Balix 903 when he met Mara Jade on Abregado, as part of an elaborate identification scheme set up by Fynn Torve. (DFR, GMR4)

Harkners-Balix 917
second-generation transport ship, similar in shape to the earlier Harkners-Balix 903. (DFR)

Harkners-Balix 922
third-generation transport ship, similar in shape to the earlier Harkners-Balix 903. (DFR)

Harkness, Dirk
a native of the planet Salliche, this Alliance operative joined the Alliance shortly after Imperial forces killed his fiance, Chessa. He was angry, and wanted to exact any kind of revenge on the Empire. He saw his first action against the Empire during the evacuation of Edan Base, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Harkness was eventually named the commander of the Black Curs, and was forced to crash-land on Hensara III. He and his crew were eventually rescued by the X-Wing Rogue Squadron. Before the Battle of Endor, Harkness worked as an independent operative for the Alliance and the New Republic. Harkness was a trusted source of information to Airen Cracken, although his freelance status meant that other members of the Republic didn't trust him. He was a stubborn man, and a native of the planet Salliche. Shortly after the Battle of Endor, he had been working with Platt Okeefe and her band of mercenaries, and was captured by Imperial forces. He was imprisoned on Zelos II, and shared a dark cell with Jai Raventhorn. They were interrogated and beaten senseless, and neither had any idea how long they were imprisoned. Okeefe and Tru'eb Cholakk managed to rescue them both. (XWN, SWJ1, SWJ8, TFNR, IAG)

Harkon Dell
one of the Old Republic Senators who openly voiced his displeasure with the New Order. (DSTC)

an Imperial Admiral, commander of the Star Destroyer Protector. He was assigned to cease the Sepan Civil War and bring both the Dimok and the Ripoblus under Imperial control. Following the Battle of Hoth, Harkov met with Mon Mothma and secretly offered to defect his entire fleet to the Alliance. He was not successful, however, as he was intercepted by Darth Vader in the Parmel System and executed. (TIE)

this Noehon was an Alliance Captain who was in command of Homebase. Note that this character is described as the Captain of Home in the Star Wars Campaign Pack. Hark'r was a merchant who stumbled upon the Home and was captured as a pirate, but Lens Reekeene decided that he wasn't a threat. However, in order to ensure that Hark'r didn't relay information on the Home to the Empire, Lens offered Hark'r only two choices for freedom: remain on the Home, or spend the rest of his life on an uncharted, remote planet. Hark'r elected to remain on the Home, and eventually became the ship's supply master. (GG12, SWCP)

a wide plain found on the planet Kuar, it was the site of a duel between Ulic Qel-Droma and an ancient Mandalorian warrior. (TSW)

this Yuuzhan Vong worldship was under the command of Prefect Drathul during the invasion of the New Republic's galaxy. (HT)

this young pilot served the Royal Naboo Defense Force shortly before the Battle of Naboo. A member of Echo Flight, Harlaan was killed when the Velumina, under the command of Captain Sorran, tried to steal several N-1 starfighters. Dren Melne tried to force Essara Till to surrender, and destroyed Harlaan's fighter in an effort to persuade her. (SFT)

a female Jedi Knight. (JASB)

this man, a native of the planet Drogheda, was the Commander of the royal guard during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Harlech hoped that Queen Sarna would continue to rule the planet as the elected ruler, because he could control her actions through physical force. When Lando Calrissian arrived on the planet, Harlech was exposed as a murderer and mercenary. He was shot and killed when Lando tried to escape Drogheda by taking Queen Sarna as a hostage. (LTA6, MC83)

Harlequin Station
this space station served as a trade center during the Galactic Civil War. Led by Mayor Brauken, the station traded often with Azzameen Station, and the two supported each other in their struggles with the Viraxo. (XWA)

the Imperial Commander who was in command of the attack on Gaulus. He had planted a MerenData espionage droid in the Alliance base there, and used its information to plan the attack. He hated to fight wars that involved women and children, and when he encountered 16-year-old girl trying to rig the base's generator to blow up with the Imperials inside, he allowed her to finish the job and then helped her escape before the base was destroyed. (RASB)

Harleys, Diblen
this native of the planet Coruscant grew up at the height of the New Order. His father was a privileged bureaucrat, which helped insulate Diblen from the worst of the atrocities of the Imperial war machine. His mother died when he was fifteen, about the time he resolved to join the Imperial Survey Corps and explore Wild Space. His father sat him down and explained to him the harsh realities of a scout's life, as well as the true nature of the Empire. His father had kept his dissident thoughts to himself, and warned Diblen to do the same. Diblen, however, believed that the right thing to do was to fight, and he joined the Alliance at his first chance. He proved to be a confident fighter pilot and tactician, and was a valuable resource during the planning of the Battle of Endor. He retained his love for flying, though, which eventually got hom promoted within the New Republic to wing commander on Coruscant shortly before the rise to power of Grand Admiral Thrawn. He was distinguished by the glareshades and blue gemstone earring he wore while in uniform. (TLC, TTSB)

Harlison, Chop
this swoop technician was a native of the Shesharile System, and was a minor thief and rabble-rouser. He was part of Dutan Lee's information network, helping the Arcona's regular customers locate him after a move. His swoop gang assisted Dutan Lee whenever possible. Chop was an old acquaintence of Shamus Falconi and Grasheel the Wookiee. (SWJ9)

Harlison, Chop
this man and his younger brother, Roy, were orhpaned when their parents were killed by a renegade swoop gang in their home in Gallisport, on the moon Shesharile 5. Chop had nearly completed his degree in advanced repulsorlift design at the time, but had to drop out of school when his parent's meager savings ran dry. Chop took care of his brother, and the pair were eventually taken in by the Rabid Mynocks. Chop became the gang's primary mechanic, using his knowledge of repulsors to repair thei swoops to better working order than ever. He was the developer of the prototype swoop known as the Star Slinger, which became the center of attention in the wars between the Mynocks and the two rival gangs, the Spiders and the Raging Banthas. Later, Chop married Sharda and had a daughter named Jardra, but Shadra was killed by the Spiders. Despite these losses, Chop took in a young orphan named Bobi, and pledged himself to eliminating the violent gangs of Gallisport. (SWJ6)

Harlison, Jardra
this woman was the daughter of Chop and Sharda Harlison. After Sharda's death, Jardra was raied by her father, who hoped to keep her out of the swoop gangs. Jardra later became the lead singer for the band known as Hyperspaze and the Jump Lanes. She was kidnapped by Dean Lado, who hoped to ransom her for the Star Slinger swoop. Lado challenged Quayce to a swoop race, with the winner obtaining control of the Rabid Mynocks. Quayce managed to defeat Lado in a race which saw Lado try every dirty trick in the book to kill her. In the end, Lado was killed when Quayce tossed a magnetic grenade at his swoop racer. Jardra was returned to Chop, and the Mynocks remained under Quayce's command. (SWJ6)

Harlison, Roy
this man was the younger brother of Chop Harlison. Raised by his brother, Roy also became a member of the Rabid Mynocks, until he was conscripted into the Empire's armed forces. Roy learned the Imperial doctrines quickly, and was assigned to a scout squadron as a mechanic. He tried to repair his commanding officer's speeder bike, and was nearly finished when the officer took off on patrol. The bike exploded, killing the officer, and Roy was given a dishonorable discharge. He returned to Shesharile 5 and rejoined the Mynocks, and was briefly their leader before he turned the reins over to Quayce. (SWJ6)

this planet is known as the swoop racing capital of the Outer Rim Territories. (GG9)

this man was the Imperial Moff of Catarlo Sector at the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ11)

Harlow, Kend
this gambler was indebted to the Rodian crimelord Hatabbas, who eventually forced Harlow to fight his pet svaper. Harlow was unable to defeat the beast, and was consumed in battle. (COG)

Harlsen's Laws of Functional Military Intelligence
this short set of laws was developed to teach officer candidates that nothing is ever perfect in battle. The law states that, "Limited intelligence reports are inadequate; detailed intelligence reports are inaccurate; highly detailed intelligence reports are traps." (ROE)

this Coynite word meant "cowardice," which was considered an unforgivable sin by the En'Tra'Sol. (PG3)

an Imperial technician working for Evir Derricote on Borleias. (XWN)

this Yuuzhan Vong subaltern was escalated by Nas Choka for his brave work during the subjugation of Obroa-skai. (JE)

H'Arman, Erk
this man served as a Lieutenant in the armed forces of the Old Republic, and was one of the many fighter pilots who saw combat during the Clone Wars. Lieutenant H'Arman and his wingmate, Ensign Pleth Strom, were part of the team that was dispatched to Praesitlyn, under the command of General Khamar, to protect the Intergalactic Communications Center. However, when the Separatists finally launched their assault on the planet, the Republic's forces were unprepared for the sheer size of their army. H'Arman was shot down early in the battle, and would have died if his crash hadn't been observed by Odie Subu. For any number of reasons, Erk found himself deeply attracted to Odie, and they found that they were also good team in the field. Erk even found himself referring to Odie as the "best wingmate a fighter jock ever had." They were briefly assigned to a listening post established by the Freedom's Sons and Daughters militia, but were overrun by battle droids when the Separatists launched their attack. They were buried beneath the rubble for several days before being discovered by a scout force led by Grudo. The team was subdued after Grudo was mistakenly shot by Odie, and later died of his wounds, but they kept on working. Erk agreed to fly a transport alongside Anakin Skywalker, during a daring mission to rescue the hostages at the communications center. In the chaos that ensued, Erk managed to lift off when the surviving hostages had been loaded aboard his ship. Skywalker's craft had been destroyed, and he was reluctant to leave the rest of the team behind, especially Odie. However, the safety of the hostages was paramount, and he lifted off to escape. The rest of the team managed to locate Skywalker and capture Pors Tonith, and returned to the Republic's main base. When Anakin returned from the final mop-up, Odie surprised both Anakin and Erk by asking the young Padawan to marry them. Anakin agreed, and united them in marriage shortly afterward. (JT)

this Nagai warrior was part of the small invasion force which tried to take control of the planet Zeltros, led by Den Siva, shortly after the Battle of Endor. Harmon and his forces were responsible for the capture of King Arno and Queen Leonie, as well as Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. Harmon was distinguished by the thick spikes he created with his hair, giving him an insectile appearance. (MC105)

Harmon Kizzlebrew
this beer was favored in the Mid Rim, and was an excellent accompaniment to steamed yazstrimskizzies. This is a reference to the baseball player, Harmon Killebrew. (SWJ11)

Harmon Sho
this was a noted member of the Nagai race, Captain Sho led the Nagai invasion of the planet Zeltros. (UANT, GMR1)

this is the capital city of the planet Gacerian. (PG)

Harmony Glade
this lowlands area of the planet Serphidi was located near Castle S'Shah. (MC64)

Harmony Hall
this was one of the most prestigious concert halls found on the planet Coruscant. It served the Old Republic and the New Order, and was one of the many buildings that survived the early years of the New Republic. (DN1)

Harmony Lake
this idyllic body of water was located on the planet Bimmisaari. (EGP)

this old Kaloth-style battlecruiser was owned by the Thalassian slavers. It has been heavily modified, and it is rumored that it can defeat a Nebulon-B frigate. The Harmzuay is equipped with a pair of mandibles on its bow, useful for grabbing smaller ships. The ship was destroyed in a battle with the Invidious some years after the Battle of Endor, when it tried to poach slaves from Kerilt at the same time Leonia Tavira hoped to raid the colony world. The Harmzuay fought boldly, but was no match for the Invidious's firepower. (GG9, IJ)

this Duro worked for Osaji Varane as a personal secretary and majordomo during the height of the Galactic Civil War. When Osaji Varanes was apprehended and killed, Harn surrendered to his killers and gladly exchanged information on the whereabouts of Osaji Uhares in exchange for his life. (WOA32)

this was one of the largest cities found on the planet Muunlinst. It was also the site of the headquarters of the InterGalactic Banking Clan's operations. During the early stages of the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi believed that he had defeated Durge in a tremendous battle outside Harnaidan, only to confront the bounty hunter again. The city itself was filled with immense skyscrapers and towers, many of which stood more than 4,000 meters tall. The foundations for thee buildings were sunk deep into the bedrock of Muunilinst's crust, and served as the anchor points for the skyhooks attached to High Port. (SWI66, SWMW, CWC1, GORW)

Harnik, Gates
a grocer from the Cilpari city of Tamarack, he was secretly supplying food to the pockets of resistance on the planet. When Moff Tascl leveled the city in an effort to flush out Alliance supporters, Harnik was caught and hung from the ruins of the city by the Imperials as an example. (XWRS)

Harns, Ela
this woman served at Estaria Central Starport as a freight administrator. Her office was in charge of all services and fees at the starport. Ela herself was also an Alliance sympathizer, and was a member of the local rebellious cell. She and two others were the only beings who knew of a secret cache of supplies hidden within the starport, available in case the Alliance ever needed them. (HAS)

Harona, Ijix
this New Republic Lieutenant served under Pakkpekatt on the Glorious, during the height of the Black Fleet Crisis. He was eventually promoted to Colonel, and later commanded the Scimitar Squadron of A-Wings, during the struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong. Note that Destiny's Way claims Harona was a Colonel, but later refers to him as a Major. (BTS, DW)

this was a species of avian creatures native to the planet Seylott. (JF)

Harous, Tolum
this man worked as a scientist and engineer on Hydrospeare Corporation's Design Team Beta for nearly thirty years before taking over as its director from Doctor Plo Smarx. A native of Adamastor, Harous was well-schooled in a multutide of subjects, and was offered incredibly lucrative deals to work for Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems. He turned them all down, though, because he thoroughly enjoyed his work at Hydrospeare. He was known as a perfectionist, and sometimes scrapped perfectly good items because he felt that they could be done better another way. (AIR)

an Imperial Interdictor-class capital ship, Admiral Zaarin used the Harpago to stall his pursuers as he sped toward the planet Coruscant. He was on his way there to complete his plans for capturing and executing Emperor Palpatine. (TIE)

an Imperial Interdictor-class capital ship, the Harpax was instrumental in the battles that eventually recovered the fleet of ships under the command of Admiral Harkov in the Ottega System. (TIE)

this speckle-banded fish is found in the oceans of the planet Calamari. (JASB)

this planet, located in the Mid Rim near the Balowa System, was the site of a Duros settlement which was wiped out by Kaox Krul six months before the Battle of Ruusan. Harpori was orbited by two moons. (GMR5, OWS)

an Imperial-I class Star Destroyer operative during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this Nebulon-B2 frigate was part of the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

this was a common name among the Talz race. (UANT)

this Twi'lek male lived on Citadel Station, in orbit around Telos, during the years following the Jedi Civil War. Harra was known to have a serious gambling problem, a fact that was borne out when he lost his "girlfriend," Ramana, to Doton Het, as part of the pot in a game of pazaak. Harra eventually enlisted the aid of The Exile and Kreia in rescuing Ramana, but was angry that The Exile would not return her to him. However, he was forced to accept Ramana's freedom, in order to avoid any further trouble. (KOTOR2)

this man served as a Colonel in the Imperial armed forces, and worked on Admiral Pellaeon's staff during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DTR)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

this man was Captain who served the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. Captain Harran was placed in charge of the group of Alliance agents who infiltrated the Imperial labor colony on Kalist VI, some eight months after the Battle of Yavin. Harran posed as the Imperial Navy Captain who commanded the Nuna's Twins, which made regular runs to many Imperial labor colonies, including Kalist VI. (SWEWW)

Harran Estillo
this individual was an Imperial agent planted on Eiattu to impersonate Harrandatha, the only son of Uthorrferrell Cartha thought to be executed during the Priamsta's overthrowing of Uthorrferrell Cartha. He was given a ring very similar to one given to Harrandatha by Darth Vader, as a way to prove his story. Estillo then created the People's Liberation Battallion, hoping to overthrow the Priamsta and gain control of the planet himself. When not in his guise of Harrandatha, Estillo had a running relationship with Leonia Tavira, who helped him make headway against the Priamsta. His ruse was eventually exposed by Plourr, who killed the real Harrandatha on the night of the Priamsta's coup in order to escape. (XWWP)

this remote planet was believed to be the homeworld of the Buzchub race. (TSK)

this royal youth was Plourr Ilo's younger brother and the true son of Uthorrferrell Cartha. Unlike other members of the family, Harrandatha was a failure of the Eiattuan genetic engineers. He was sadistic and cruel, torturing small animals for fun and choosing the philosophy of the New Order over that of the Old Republic. The happiest day of his life was the day Darth Vader arrived on Eaittu to inspect a new garrison. He met the Dark Lord, who played on the youth's loyalties and created a devote follower of Palpatine's rule. Vader left him a small, jeweled ring as a symbol of their friendship, although the ring was truly meant to control Harrandatha's mind. When Uthorrferrell was executed by the Priamsta, it was Harrandatha who caught Plourr during the royal family's flight. He tried to sound an alarm, but Plourr bludgeoned him with a rock and killed him. The ring was later recovered and used by Harran Estillo to impersonate Harrandatha. (XWWP)

this Yuuzhan Vong priest was placed in a position of command during Nom Anor's second wave of attacks against the New Republic. The use of religious commanders came after the defeat of Shedao Shai at Ithor, and the loss of the fleet under the command of Deign Lian. Harrar was one of the few Yuuzhan Vong who recognized the true threat of the Jedi Knights, and he was the first to suggest outright aggression against them. He agreed to the plan to have Elan infiltrate the Jedi Order as a hostage, all the while harboring a deadly bioweapon in her lungs. Harrar went so far as to suggest an alliance with the remaining Sith lords, if they could be found. Harrar spent much of his time consulting specific auguries, hoping to determine the best course of action for the invading force. When Elan's mission failed and was reviewed with supreme commander Nas Choka, Harrar was reassigned to the Outer Rim with Commander Tla. However, Harrar was later recalled from the field to serve as Warmaster Tsavong Lah's spiritual guide and advisor. The Warmaster assigned Harrar to bring good fortune to the recapture of Borleias, but was unable to anticipate the plans of the New Republic forces there. This lack of foresight, coupled with the inability ot Czulkang Lah to discern the Republic's true plans, led to the destruction of the Yuuzhan Vong forces at Borleias. Harrar then fled back to Coruscant, hoping to discover the fruits of victory there. He remained on Coruscant after the death of Tsavong Lah, advising Supreme Overlord Shimrra on religious matters. However, Harrar was one of many Yuuzhan Vong who came to question Shimrra's connection to the gods. Harrar went so far as to meet with Nen Yim in secret, proposing an alliance with the Prophet, Yu'shaa, and a mission to locate the planet Zonama Sekot. Harrar's initial plan was to use Nen Yim as bait to capture the Prophet, but he ultimately wanted to locate Zonama Sekot. He agreed to accomapny them on a secret mission, along with the Jedi Knights Corran Horn and Tahiri Veila, to locate Zonama Sekot. Once there, Harrar found himself face-to-face with the planet's mingling of Yuuzhan Vong and other forms of life. He found himself believing that maybe the Yuuzhan Vong were linked to the galaxy somehow. Unfortunately, he never found out what the connection was. After Tahiri revealed that it had been Nom Anor who killed Nen Yim, Harrar swore to kill the former Executor. Tahiri stopped him from attacking, but Nom Anor had other ideas. He hunted Harrar down and confronted him on a rocky ledge, and Harrar fought valiantly. However, when Nom Anor longed at him with Tahiri's lightsaber, Harrar's dodge left him off-balance, and he fell from the ledge. Remarkably, Harrar managed to survive the fall, and was rescued by a group of Ferroans as well as Tekli and Danni Quee. Harrar agreed to speak with Luke Skywalker and the Jedi, explaining what had happened and his own thoughts on Nom Anor's actions. After speaking with the Jedi, Harrar agreed to help them seek out a resolution to the conflict. When the Galactic Alliance launched its attack on Coruscant, it was Harrar who helped them gain access to the Well of the World Brain, so that Jacen Solo could convince the dhuryam to stop working for Shimrra. After the deaths of Shimrra and Onimi - who proved to be the true Supreme Overlord - Harrar and the rest of the Yuuzhan Vong agreed to surrender to the Galactic Alliance. In accordance with the advice of Jedi master Luke Skywalker, the Galactic Alliance allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to travel to Zonama Sekot to re-establish their civilization. The planetary consciousness Sekot welcomed them with open arms, then fled into the Unknown Regions to allow its new inhabitants to evolve in peace. (HT, SBS, EL2, FP, UF)

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