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Hyperwave Inertial Momentum Sustainer
abbreviated HIMS, this device was developed on Bakura. In its simplest form, this is a specially-built hyperspace coil which shuts itself on and off. When the device detects an interdiction field or other false mass-line in hyperspace, it cuts the hyperdrive off, dropping the ship out of hyperspace. Immediately, a static hyperwave bubble generator in-line with the HIMS ignites, surrounding the ship with a hyperspace bubble. The bubble does not provide thrust, just a way of passing through the interdiction field. Thus, the ship coasts inside the bubble until it can no longer sustain istelf. When the bubble fails, the hyperspace comes on long enough to register the existence of the interdiction field, then trips again. If enough hyperspace buble generators are linked to the hyperspace coil, the ship can drift deep into the interdiction field, popping bubbles as it goes. The ship will appear to flicker in and out of hyperspace. The momentum of the ship will slowly diminish until it cannot jump back to hyperspace. At this time, the HIMS can be shut down, and sublight engines must be used. (AS)

Hyperwave Signal Interceptor
these sensory devices are used to detect fluctuations in the field that separates realspace from the hyperspacial continuum. These fluctuations are caused when a starship enters or exits hyperspace, and so these sensors can be used to determine the mass, speed, and course of the starship. They cannot, however, determine the ship's point of origin or destination. These sensors also detect subspace and hyperspace transmissions. (ISB)

Hyperwave Transmitter
this was a form of starship radio device that transmitted its signal across hyperspace. (SWI64)

a pain-killing drug that also helps doctors soothe a patient by inducing a semi-hypnotic trance state. (COJ)

this was an ancient form of brainwashing in which a subject was placed under hypnosis and imprinted with certain traits and commands. The Survivors on Dellalt used this technique to keep the members of their small society from leaking information about their existence. (HSL)

this thin tool was required for any landspeeder repairs. (POT)

this planet, covered with rock-strewn landmasses broken by small oceans, was located near Geonosis. It was a world that was found to be rich in natural minerals and ores, which appealed to the Baktoid Armor Workshop as a source of raw material. The fact that Hypori supported no intelligent life made it easier for Baktoid to simply take ownership of the planet. In a bold move, Baktoid managed to ship an entire Geonosian hive to Hypori, allowing them to establish a colony on the planet for eventual use as a manufacturing facility. The foundries of Hypori augmented those of Geonosis after the onset of the Clone Wars, until the planet was discovered nearly three years later by Jedi Master Daakman Barrek and his Padawan, Sha'a Gi. A task force was dispatched to Hypori by the Jedi Council and the Army of the Republic, but it was smashed by General Grievous before it could reach the surface. (SWDB, CWC2)

this drug was used by the Ssi-ruuk to hypnotize their captives. (TB)

this planet was located in the Lifh Sector, and served as the base of operations for the crimelord Qa'till during the height of the New Order. (CRO)

this city was located on the planet Kamori. (SWJ5)

Hyrim Focela
this Arkanian was Vaskau Farg's primary contact on the planet Arkania, during his hunt for a Sakiyan witch. Farg hated Focela, considering him too much of everything Arkanian. Despite his hatred, however, Farg had to work with Focela, for it was Focela who controlled much of the information in and around the city of Novania. Outwardly, Focela held the position of Novania's Security Master during the years following the Battle of Naboo, although he always seemed to act in the best interests of the populace. He had little patience for off-worlders who didn't respect protocols, and kept his calendar full of appointments. (PH)

Hyrol Preen Beta
this planet, located in Portmoak Sector, was "purified" by the Empire with the use of a battalion of ZQ infantry droids and Storm Commandos. It was rumored that the Empire destroyed Hyrol Preen Beta because of suspected Alliance activity. When they couldn't capture the rebels outright, the Imperials wiped out the settlements on the planet in order to prevent the Alliance from returning. (FTD)

Hyrotii Engineering
this corporation manufactured a number of starships and repulsorlift vehicles, such as the Zebra short-range fighter and the Coruscant taxi. (EGV, SWDB)

Hyrotil Corporation
this starship manufacturer was known for the Crescent-class transport ship. Note that this seems to be a misnaming of the Hyrotii Engineering corporation. (SS, CRO)

this man served as a maintenance supervisor aboard a bulk freighter. To assist him, the captain used an EV-series supervisory droid, but the droid's faulty programming caused it to mistreat the ship's droid pool. Before Hyrum could acquire an EV-II droid to replace it, an aggressive astromech droid grew tired of the EV's domination and forced it out of an airlock. (FTD)

Hy'thor Pirates
this pirate gang, led by the Nalroni Ompiach, operated during the early years of the New Order. They raided the Mieru'kar area of the galaxy almost exclusively, primarily because the pickings were so good. (AIR)

Hythrope IV
it was on this planet that Airen Cracken first met Vin Northal, when Northal saved Cracken's assault team from a stormtrooper ambush. (CRO)

this was one of the five races of Shatra, native only to the Klypash continent on Trascor. They were the second-most common of the Shatra races, but accounted for just one-tenth of the total Shatra population, and rejected technology to maintain a simple way of life. They turned all their wealth over to the Y'tras race in exchange for their isolation. (AE)

Hyx Modant
this Bothan acted as the primary envoy of the Thaereian Military to Cularin, during the early years of the Clone Wars. He held the rank of Colonel in the Thaereian Military at the time. Colonel Modant disliked Osten Dal'Nay, of the Cularin Military, since Commander Dal'Nay was extremely vocal in his opposition to the Thaereian Military's presence in the Cularin System. When he was invited to share his views on the newscast Eye on Cularin, Colonel Modant was asked to support his actions during a recent boarding mission. Dal'Nay accused the Thaereian Military of conducting illegal search and seizure raids on Cularin starships. Modant denied the allegations, until Yara Grugara showed the panel a captured holovid of Colonel Modant and his officers confiscating a cargo without reason. In anger, Colonel Modant pulled his blaster and shot the viewscreen to pieces, before storming off the set. (LFCW)

Hyx, Daino
this member of the Alliance armed forces was part of the team assigned to Bria Tharen's Red Hand Squadron. He was with Bria when she attacked the Helot's Shackle, and was in charge of getting the freed slaves off the slave ship and onto the Retribution. Hyx was a scholar at an Alderaanian university, and studied the treatment of addictions. He put shi schooling to work for the Alliance and the Corellian resistance, quickly discovering a way to ease the withdrawal of Ylesian "pilgrims" who were freed from Exultations. He later assisted Bria in the Battle of Ylesia, leading one of the nine assault teams. (RD)

this Charon was one of the many members of the splinter group known as the Cult of Light. (UANT)

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