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this young Twi'lek male was a podracer of some small renown, who grew tired of the way in which the Desilijic Hutts skimmed the profits from the races. He was part of a growing faction of racers who also opposed the sentiment that the racers were "disposable," so long as the races themselves continued to be profitable. During the early years of the New Order, Ree went to work for Kaeline Ungasan as a race scout, searching out new locales in which to stage podraces to rival those of the Desilijics. It was Ree's explorations that discovered a vein of vonium on Ando Prime, leading Ungasan to set up a race there to cover up the mining activities. The plans of the Ungasan organization were thwarted when the Desilijic clans learned of the operation and convinced Jer and Gelune Blankuna to pose as his "parents," in an effort to launch and independent "rescue" operation. The agents eventually exposed Ungasan's ties to the Corporate Sector Authority, and Ungasan was imprisoned. Ree was also captured, and faced justice at the hands of the CSA.
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