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Refugee Facility 17

this was one of the many refugee camps on the planet Ruan, established by the Salliche Ag Corporation, to help those beings dishomed by the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Melisma and Gaph were stranded here, during the search for Droma. Unknown to the refugees, as well as the New Republic, Salliche Ag was using the refugees as unwitting slave labor. They claimed that it was simply a way for them to claim their produce was "handpicked," but in reality the corporation was removing droids in anticipation of the Yuuzhan Vong taking control of the galaxy. It was built on the site of an abandoned junkyard, and the debris provided inventive refugees with a number of useful items. This camp was also located in sight of Noob Hill. Like most other of these refugee camps, Facility 17 turned into a mudpit whenit rained, and disease and famine were a constant danger.
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