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Fronk's Fever
this was the name of a bogus ailment Han Solo referenced during his departure from Etti IV, after he left Ploovo Two-for-One in the Free-Flight Dance Dome with an enraged dinko. (HSE)

Frontier Post
this was the name used by the New Republic Scout Service for any one of about 5,000 frontier worlds used as clearing houses on local system information. Most of the facilities on Frontier Posts were automated, and provided scouts working in remote areas of the galaxy with current information. These scouts could also receive new mission orders at Frontier Posts, as well as obtain a little rest and relaxation. (GG8)

Fronz, Jared
the immensely obese Imperial bureaucrat in charge of Byrne City on Demophon, Fronz was deathly afraid of bodily harm. He kept a loose hold on the city during its last days. (SN)

Froond-class Hyperdrive
this powerful hyperdrive engine was produced on the planet Hapes. (PH)

a Wookiee, and a member of Page's Commandos. She was known as a wilderness fighter. (HTSB)

a carnivorous amphibian alien found on the Forest Moon of Endor, the frosch laid eggs that were used by Ewok shamans in the creation of healing potions. Frosch were known for their sharp teeth and short tempers. (EGC, SWDB)

this male Trandoshan was a known associate of Longo Two-Guns during the years leading to the Battle of Naboo. Jabba the Hutt issued a bounty for his capture because of his associated with Two-Guns, which was eventually claimed by Jango Fett, who was on Tatooine trying to arrange a meeting with Jabba. (BH)

Frost, Alum
one of the Empire's most skilled and loyal soldiers, Frost was among the top four members of the training facility on Yinchorr, in the same class as Carnor Jax and Kir Kanos. Emperor Palpatine ordered Frost and Jax to battle each other to the death, in an effort to prove their loyalty. Jax quickly dispatched Frost. (CE)

Frosty Sulphate
an alcoholic concotion created by Wuher. (TME)

this Colonies Region planet was known as a haven for criminals who were trying avoid the notice of the Core Worlds. It was also known for its abundant numbers of banthas, nerf, and other herd animals. Much of the planet's surface was covered with rolling grasslands, broken mainly by farms. (WOA20)

this was a Twi'leki swear word. (PH)

a planet, and homeworld of the Frozian race, Froz had a lighter-than-standard gravity. It was once covered with grassy plains and deciduous forests, until the Empire decided to punish the Frozians for sympathizing with the Alliance. Large portions of the planet's surface were bombarded with turbolasers, destroying much of the native flora and fauna. Many years later, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the asteroids in the Froz System were used as communications bases by the New Republic and the Jedi Knights, who were keeping tabs on the Yuuzhan Vong presence in the Corellian Sector. (AC, AE, SBS)

Frozen Blaster Technology
this was the name given to the theory and technology behind the first lightsabers ever produced in the galaxy. Knowing that laser and blaster weapons could produce coherent bolts of light and energy, the ancient Jedi hoped to "freeze" the energy into a solid blade. These early lightsabers required tremendous amounts of power, which could only be provided by dedicated generators. Thus, these early weapons - known as archaic lightsabers by Jedi scholars - were primarily siege weapons with the power pack strapped to the wielder's back. (PJSB)

Frozen Citadel
this was another name for the Tawntoom Citadel. (WOTC, GORW)

Frozen Death Flightknife
this group of Adumari Blade-32 fighters served aboard the Allegiance during the defense of Adumar. (SOA)

a race of humanoids from the planet Froz, Frozians have an extra joint in their arms and legs. This makes their motion very unusual to watch. They evolved from a species of prairie lopers who lived by eating the fruit of tall trees. They are covered in fur, and have whiskers on their faces. They have no external ears, and large muzzles. Frozians have a tendency to stutter words or phrases while they are speaking Basic. They evolved in the relatively low gravity of Froz, and could live to be over 100 years old. Those Frozians who lived on higher-gravity worlds often found it difficult to adjust, and the average life expectancy of a Frozian living off their native world was about 20 years less than normal. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, the Frozians were accused by the Empire of harboring sympathy for the Alliance. To make an example out of them, the Empire blasted large sections of the surface of Froz with turbolaser fire, decimating a good portion of the Frozian population. (AC, AE)

this was the native language of the Frozian people. (ANT)

this Mrlssti worked as a commercial investigator on the planet Lamuir IV, at the height of the New Order. He had a harmless demeanor, but was not to be underestimated. Frrflin had a number of dangerous underworld contacts he could call upon in times of need. (TSIA)

this small, repulsor-equipped medical droid served as the primary assistant to MD-OC6, better known as Doc, on the remote world of Lamaredd. Known to the medical community within Bartyn's Landing as Fritz, this small droid was often the first point of contact in an emergency, since Doc was usually out on another call. Because he was so small, Fritz lacked a vocabulator. Thus, the droid was unable to communicate in the field. When in the office, Fritz attached itself to a specialized communication module, and could understand a large number of distinct languages. (GMR7)

this Gamorrean was one of Ugmush's husbands, and was a weapons gunner on the Zicreex. (POT)

Fruit Bladders
appendages of the native Calamarian algae, these air-filled sacs keep the algae afloat. They are also a prime food source for much of Calamari's herbivorous sea life. (DA)

Fruit Fizz
a non-alcoholic drink favored by many of the New Republic's starfighter pilots. (IF)

this tree was harvested for its lustrous, green-hued wood. (SWDB)

this surname was common among the Sullustan race, and meant "hot spring" in the Sullustan language. (GCG)

Frundle's Cantina
this bar was located near Kwilaan Spaceport, in the city of Keren on Naboo. (WOA2)

Fruul, Simyl
this man served as the Wardex of the prison facilities on Delrian during the early years of the New Republic. A prisoner revolt occurred during the height of Fruul's tenure, forcing Fruul to address issues of traitorous facility staff and faulty security measures. (GCG)

Fry Industries
this corporation, founded by Talesan Fry in the deserts outside the city of Bruit, on the planet Genian, produced some of the galaxy's most sophisticated surveillance, communications, and security systems during the height of the Clone Wars. Fry himself was deemed something of an eccentric, especially after he demanded that all workers at the Fry Industries facility be single and childless. Many believed that this stemmed from the murder of his parents some seven years before the Battle of Naboo, after Talesan uncovered a Corporate Alliance plot to assassinate twenty galactic leaders on Rondai-2. After the Battle of Azure Spaceport, Separatist forces were dispatched to Genian to destroy Fry Industries, in an effort to ensure that the codebreaker device Fry had invented was never recreated. (SOJ)

Fry, Grove
this man was Talesan Fry's father. After Taly was targeted for assassination by a group of bounty hunters, Grove and his wife, Nelia, agreed to leave Taly in the custody of the Jedi Knights while they fled to Coruscant. They hoped to draw off some of the pursuit aimed at their son, and hoped that the Jedi - Qui-Gon Jinn, Adi Gallia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Siri Tachi - would be able to keep their son safe. Unfortunately, although the assassination attempt was thwarted and Talesan was kept safe, Grove and Nelia were both later murdered by Magus, in an act of revenge against the Jedi. (SOJ)

Fry, Nelia
this woman was Talesan Fry's mother. After Taly was targeted for assassination by a group of bounty hunters, Nelia and her husband, Grove, agreed to leave Taly in the custody of the Jedi Knights while they fled to Coruscant. They hoped to draw off some of the pursuit aimed at their son, and hoped that the Jedi - Qui-Gon Jinn, Adi Gallia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Siri Tachi - would be able to keep their son safe. Unfortunately, although the assassination attempt was thwarted and Talesan was kept safe, Nelia and Grove were both later murdered by Magus, in an act of revenge against the Jedi. (SOJ)

Fry, Talesan
this young boy, the son of Grove and Nelia Fry, was just ten years old when he was targetted for assassination by a group of bounty hunters, some seven years before the Battle of Naboo. Known to his friends as Taly, the boy was skilled with all manner of technical devices. By the age of eight, he had built a communications system for his family's home. Continual upgrades continue for several months, until Taly became bored with simple construction, and turned to spying on his neighbors. During one of these spying sessions, Taly managed to record a secret transmission from a group of bounty hunters - led by Magus and Gorm the Dissolver - outlining their plans to assassinate up to twenty government officials. After turning the recording over to his parents, Taly found himself the target of the bounty hunters, who needed to eliminate any complication to finishing their missions. A group of Jedi Knights, led by Qui-Gon Jinn and Adi Gallia and their apprentices, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi, was dispatched to Taly's homeworld of Cirrus to ensure his safety. When the Jedi Masters managed to stow away on the bounty hunters' ship, the Padawans were left on Cirrus to watch over Taly. Magus managed to track them down, but they stole his starship and fled to Rondai-2. It was on Rondai-2 that Taly believed the assassinations would take place. However, Taly was captured by pirates before they could reach Rondai-2, and returned to Magus. Magus brought the boy to Rondai-2 as protection, but Taly was eventually rescued by the Jedi. After the deaths of his parents at the hands of Magus, Talesan refused to testify to the Senate and went underground. He assumed a new name and acquired intense educational training in electronics and business. In order to fund his fledgeling ideas, Taly took a loan from Passel Argente, the Corporate Alliance leader who had hired Magus for the assassinations years earlier. Taly later claimed that he held no hatred for Argente; it was Magus he hated, since the bounty hunter had killed his parents. Talesan became one of the galaxy's most innovative designers of surveillance systems, and became reclusive after establishing the headquarters of Fry Industries on Genian. He broke his silence after discovering a foolproof codebreaking system, which he offered to the Jedi Knights for the right price. However, if he didn't get the right terms, Talesan indicated that he would turn around and sell the technology to the Separatists. When the Jedi agreed to his many conditions, Talesan was forced to reveal that he had a second prototype, after the death of Helina Dow and the theft of the defective prototype by Magus. He turned the second prototype over to the Republic, unaware that Helina Dow had installed a tracking device inside it. Although the Separatists managed to track the to Azure Spaceport, they did not recover the codebreaker. General Solomahal destroyed it before it could fall into enemy hands. (SOJ)

Fryll Industries
this small corporation found a niche for itself, producing a variety fo oil baths for droids, including the TD series. (FTD)

FS-1 Farshot
developed and manufactured by Czerka, the FS-1 Farshot was a blaster rifle designed for use on the open range. While not exceptionally powerful, the FS-1 boasted greater range and lighter weight than most sporting rifles. (AEG)

Seinar Fleet System's Avionics Control Package used on the TIE Fighter and the TIE Bomber. (SCRE)

Seinar Fleet System's Avionics Control Package used on the TIE Interceptor. (SCRE)

one of Seinar Fleet System's most advanced Avionics Control Package, the F-s5x was used on the TIE Advanced as well as the TIE Defender. (XW, SWDB)

Loronar's Field-Secured Container Vessel, the FSCV always travels in pairs. The two ships face their ion engines in opposite directions, which places their Prexton doublefield generators opposite the engines. The two generators create a huge force bubble, which can be surrounded by a hyperspace field so that the pair can jump into lightspeed. The power required to generate the force bubble draws considerable power from the ion engines, leading to lengthy acceleration and deceleration distances. (ISB)

this was the model number of one of Sabrashi Bio-chemical Deterrants' Fear Sticks. (FOP)

this ball of frozen rock and ice was the eighth and outermost planet in the N'zoth System. (CCW)

an ocean world orbitting F'la Ren, F'tral is home to the Iyra species. The volcanic islands that have formed in these clear, fresh oceans have become the homes of specialized plants. These plants have adapted to become competent fishing plants, voracious cannibal plants, and some have evolved that can seduce other lifeforms near enough for capture. It is located in the Calaron Sector. Many of the planet's oceans are deep, with depths up to eleven kilometers. In other areas, the oceans are shallow tidal pools. (GG4, REB)

f'Tuhns, Geoff
an Imperial recruit serving boot camp on Carida with Davin Felth. He was a tall, stocky man with flaming red hair. (TME)

this man served the Empire as the base Commander at the garrison established on Dantooine, during the years following the Battle of Yavin. (ROD)

this Mon Calamari mercenary worked with Valance the bounty hunter, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. He and Dafi captured Jaxxon on a backwater planet, but the rabbit was rescued by Amaiza. (MC16)

Fud Sang
this unusual alien was considered a top-notch pod racer during the last years of the Old Republic. Fud Sang was unusual in that his head was also his body. His short arms and legs sprouted from the lower half of his skull, while two huge eyes bulged from the top. (RAC)

Fuel City
located on the moon of Sulon, this was a major refueling depot that served the city of Baron's Hed. (RAG)

this form of fungus, which grew in abundance on the planet Gamorr, was used in the creation of many Gamorrean meals. (SWJ14)

an Alliance Frigate operative during the Galactic Civil War. It was used to evacuate the personnal from Briggia following the Imperial attack there as part of Operation Strike Fear. (XW)

Fuge in K
this ancient, orchestral piece was composed by Mondegrene. It was an intellectual masterpiece, complex and grandiose, which was best heard when played by a full orchestra accompanied by thunder cannons and dual-spectrum light organ. (POT)

Fandar's Chadra-Fan assistant, he was an extremely capable substitute for Fandar. (QE)

this individual was at one time the Administrator of Kline Colony, under Imperial rule. He was ousted in favor of Administrator Brago, primarily because Fuguee was too forgiving of offenses against the Empire. (SWJ10)

this was the most sacred text of the Cosmic Balance religion, written during Bakura's early history by Dif Istuvi. Within the book, he claimed that "the weight of the universecould balance on one rightly-placed atom." (TBSB)

Fulgin Cylinder
a long, convoluted tube. (POT)

Fulier, Kast
this Jedi Master and his apprentice, Etain Tur-Mukan, were dispatched to the planet Qiilura during the early stages of the Clone Wars. Their mission was to investigate the development of a nanovirus by Ovolot Qail Uthan. Their attempts to infiltrate the farmers and gain their confidence were undermined by the fact that many of the farmers were under the control of Ghez Hokan, who was being funded by the Separatists. The farmers eventually betrayed them, and Master Fulier was captured and killed. (RCHC)

this Cavrilhu pirate was one of several who patrolled the Kauron asteroid base, under the command of Control. Fulkes often worked with Grinner, and the two of them tried to hunt down Luke Skywalker when the Jedi infiltrated the base. (SOP)

Full DSW
this was a phrase used by New Republic starfighter pilots to indicate that their starfighters had enough energy to fully supply drive systems, shields, and weapons. (SBS)

Fuller, Devon
a native of the planet Arkanis, Devon was the model of a brash, young, X-Wing pilot. He was accepted into the Vensenor Flight Academy, but was expelled for his behavior. Still, he managed to learn enough to serve as a ship's navigator until he saved up enough credits to buy his owne ship. As a spacer, he was characterized as a nuisance, and once paid of a debt to Roark Garnet with a moderately defective P2 astromech droid. After Devon met up with Owen Sareth, he decided to align himself with the Alliance. Since then, Devon's first ship, the Croc of Gold has been destroyed by Imperial forces. His second ship was also shot down by the Empire. This formed a great hatred for the Empire in Devon, and hardened his resolve to assist the Alliance. After Devon met Corwin Shelvay, he settled down even further, and his closest compatriots within the Alliance have called him philosophical. (GG9)

Full-rig slave circuitry
automated spaceship control that allows droids and computers to fly the craft, rather than humans. (DFR)

Full-Spectrum Transceiver
this sensor package that was often called a universal sensor because they can detect all sorts of objects, energies, and fields. These sensors use large receptor dishes to collect available sensory information. Thus, the larger the dish, the better quality information that can be gathered. (SWSB, CHRN)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. Among the Duros, it meant "beloved". (GCG)

this was the largest of the independent settlements located on the planet Sullust. By independent, Fulluusub was not directly under the control of the SoroSuub Corporation, as was the city of Byllurun. Many of Fulluusub's inhabitants were artists or individuals who catered to the artistic community, although some thirty percent of the population worked directly for SoroSuub. This caused a number of social problems, as the general populace regarded Fulluusub as something that was out of the normal order. During the era of the New Order, most of the initial resistance to the issuing of corporate proclamation 137d came from Fulluusub, although it was carefully hidden from view. (GORW)

this was the term used to describe those Sullustans who lived in the city of Fulluusub, on their homeworld of Sullust. The Fulluusubians were more open-minded than other Sullustans, and their free-thinking ways often clashed with the corporate mentality of the SoroSuub Corporation. (GORW)

this New Republic warship was destroyed at the Battle of N'zoth. (TT)

this diminutive, green-skinned alien was Jace Forno's assistant during the period just following her employment as chief of security for Movo Brattakin on Nar Shaddaa. Fulmrick has a wide, flat head with large ears and a long snout. Fulmrick had a mane of black hair that ran from the top of his down down the center of his back. He assisted Forno on her mission to retrieve crystals from Indobok. (DRO)

this Godoan served as the representative of his homeworld of Godo, during discussions with the Alliance of Free Planets during the months following the Battle of Endor. Fumiyo was chosen because he was the only Godoan at the time who could speak the Galactic Standard language. Fumiyo and his people nearly died when a strange plague began afflicting the Godoans, until Han Solo discovered that two unusual statues - the Dancing Goddess and the Minstrel - were actually key components in a strange technology that helped keep them alive. Thanks to the efforts of Solo, Lando Calrissian, Luke Skywalker, and Chewbacca, the statues were recovered and returned to their rightful places. The Godoans were revived, and Fumiyo lived. He nearly started a war, however, when he refused to allow Lando to be revived by the strange technology, after Lando contracted the plague while returning the Dancing Goddess to Godo. In the end, Fumiyo convinced his leaders to allow Lando to return to Godo and be revived by the statues. (MC99)

this was a term used by bongo racers on the planet Naboo for the various critics and opponents of their sport. Consisting of conservationists, clean-up squads, safety consultants, and concerned parents, the "fun-boggers" did everything they could to reduce the impact of bongo racing on the populace and the environment. This, according to the racers, took away all the fun of their sport. (GMR4)

Fungus Ale
this beverage was fermented from munch-fungus by the Twi'leks. (PSPG)

Fungus Brothers
this pair of Twi'leki brothers maintained a booth within the open bazaar of the Kala'uun Starport, selling all kinds of fungus harvested from the caverns of Ryloth. (PSPG)

Fungus Droid
this was the name given to the small spy droids created by the New Republic during the struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong. The fungus droids were used on Coruscant and other worlds on which the alien invaders used exploding fungus to reform the planet for their own usage. Each droid was mobile enough to insinuate itself near Yuuzhan Vong locations, and carried a collection of recorders and transmitters to beam information back to the Republic's agents. They were built to resemble the exploding fungus, and to place themselves in a group of fungus to blend into their surroundings. (EL1)

Fungus Farm
this was the name given to the lowest levels of a Neimoidian dwelling, where the aliens maintained underground facilities to grow and harvest their nutritive fungi. Often, the fungus farm was underground, taking advatage of the stable temperatures afforded by layers of earth. The fungus was processed and fed to Neimoidian grubs as their first food, but was also shipped across the galaxy for consumption by other races. The spores released within the confines of a fungus farm had a variety of effects when inhaled, the most obvious being the "dislocation" experienced by humans. (LEV)

Funnel Flower
this plant, native to Tatooine, has a cone of large petals that grows from a long, J-shaped stem. The stem itself grows within a crack or crevice in the rocks. The plant pulls hot air in through the upper part of the stem, and then moves it down into the part hidden in the crevice. There, moisture condenses out of the air, and is hoarded by the plant in the crook of the stem. (ISU)

Funnel Plant
this plant, native to the planet Haruun Kal, was known for its waxy orange leaves. These leaves wrapped around each other to form a funnel-shaped spiral which stood nearly two meters in height. Supported by a shallow root system, the leaves of the funnel plant collected rainwater and directed downward to the roots. The native Korunnai used funnel plants as a source of water, whenever they traveled through the jungles. A hardier variety of funnel plant was native to the sparse oases of Tatooine, and grew in the rocky crags that experienced the most shade. This allowed the funnel plants to collect the most condensation during the early morning hours, when the temperatures on the planet dropped low enough to extract moisture from the air. (SHPT, IWST)

this was a slang term used to describe a member of the Squib race. It was often used in a derogatory manner. (DN2)

this was fighter pilot slang for the incredibly complex collection of starships and weaponry that formed an interstellar dogfight. (Dw)

this was a species of marsupial that was native to the planet Kimanan. (HSE)

this was a species of simple-minded beast. (COD, AOTCN)

this female Wookiee was a friend of Kikow's, and spent a great deal of time on Ralltiir during the last decades of the Old Republic. Furellas had light brown fur and a smile that many beings mistook for a snarl, but she was nonetheless friendly to most beings. It was later revealed that Furellas was a member of The Kalmec. (PH)

this Caridan ambassador was he is extremely loyal to the Old Empire and to Palpatine. He remained pro-Imperial during the early years of the New Republic, even though the old Emperor had been dead 7 years. Following the death of the reborn Emperor, Furgan went on what he called a pilgrimage to Coruscant to view the Empire's former center, and on the trip, he attended a New Republic function. It is at this function that he threw a drink in Mon Mothma's face. The drink contained a number of nano-destroyers attuned to her genetic structure, and the pilgrimage eventually became obvious as an assassination attempt. Furgan was also involved in a plot to capture Anakin Solo and gain a leg up on Leia Organa and the New Republic. His attempt was foiled when Terpfen, Furgan's Mon Calamari spy, turned on him, and Furgan was killed when Terpfen pushed his MT-AT off a cliff with another of the MT-ATs. (JS, DA, COTF)

Furgan is one of the suburbs of Umgul City. (JASB)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

this tall, furry humanoid was part of the loose bounty hunter alliance that formed around Bossk, just before the Battle of Endor. Furlag and the others tried to intercept Boba Fett and claim the carbonite-frozen body of Han Solo. They missed Fett on Gaul, but were able to track him using a signal sent by 4-LOM. The bounty hunters captured Slave I and took Fett prisoner, and Furlag was placed in charge of locking Fett up. However, this bat-faced alien didn't notice Fett activating an unused crawl shaft, and stepped into the open tube. Furlag was then sucked into space and was killed. (SE)

Furloti, Teraeza
this Alliance operative was stationed undercover in the city of Tyrena, on Corellia, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Furloti was the first Alliance operative to discovere information on the existence of a Geonosian biogenics lab that was still in operation. The lab was found to be creating mutated Kwis and Klikniks that were Force-sensitive, which were then provided to the Sith as minions. (SWGAL)

this was a noted member of the Filordi race. (LFC)

this furred reptile was native to the planet Velusia. Averaging over two meters in length, the fursnake hunted birds and small mammals on the slopes of the planet's many volcanoes. The bite of a fursnake was not poisonous, but a tail stinger could deliver a potent venom. This venom was often extracted and used as a poison by assassins. (CCW)

this venomous arachnid was native to the planet Devaron. As large as a dog, these insects wove webs of blood-red webbing. A large group of these spiders lives in the undercity of Coruscant. (TPS)

a large, furry alien creature. (COTF)

one of three Imperial-class Star Destroyers under the command of Lumiya, following the Battle of Endor. (SWG3)

this transport ship was owned by the Mistryl. Shada D'ukal and Dunc T'racen used it during the early years of the New Republic, when they were sent to assist Ghitsa Dogder and Fenig Nabon in transporting a group of Twi'leki dancers. (TFNR)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Fusai Sector
along with the Kakani, Sugai, and Ikenomin Sectors of the galaxy, this sector made up the Outer Zuma region. (GMR9)

this tabletop game of skill involved moving zero-gravity targets into assigned spaces in order to score points. (POC)

Fusion Cutter
this industrial tool had many applications. A fusion cutter produced a wide-dispersion laser beam that could cut through most materials. It could also be used as a weapon, in a pinch. (SW, HSR, DF)

Fusion Disintegrator
this device uses a contained reactor to reduce other materials to smaller, nearly atomic particles. They found widespread use in tunneling applications, where dirt and rock must be removed and transported from a dig site. Because of the nature of the machine, though, it can be used to cut through virtually any material. The disintegrator can be used manually, or mounted on a support tripod. (VOF)

Fusion Disk
a small device which has a small charge attached. When the disk contacts another surface, the charge is ignited, causing the disk to fuse itself to the other surface. The tow cables used by the Alliance to trip the Imperial walkers on Hoth employed fusion disks. (ESB)

Fusion Furnace
this was the name givne to any small device which could generate heat and light, or could generate power for recharging energy cells. (ESB)

Fusion Generator Supply Tanks
these cubical pods are used to store fusion energy, once it has left a generator. They can store the energy for later use, for powering up vehicles and small installations. (CCG)

Fusion Holodrama
this holo-feature producer was responsible for some of the most popular holovids produced during the New Order. Among their brightest stars was the actress Wynssa Starflare. (MBF)

Fusion Reactor
the most popular source of starship power, cold-ionization fusion reactors fuse matter at room temperature, creating huge amounts of energy without emitting large amounts of heat. The fusion reactor then sends the energy it generates to the cryogenic power cells for storage. These are also safe sources of power, since they employ a well-understood technology at tolerable temperatures. Fusion reactors are a necessity for propelling large starships through hyperspace. (SWSB, TT)

Fusion WeldCut
this welder is roughly the size and shape of a blaster, and emits a narrow stream of fused plasma. The stream is capable of welding two metals together as well as cutting through most metals. It has oversized controls, which allow it to be used by vac-suited repairmen at orbital drydocks. (TA)

Fusion Welder
a small device used to weld two objects together, the fusion welder alters the molecular structure of the two objects at the point which they meet, forming a tight seal. The welder generates an internal fusion reaction, focusing the energy created through its nozzle. Fusion welders are often used to place restraining bolts on droids. They resemble bulky blaster pistols, and used blaster power packs. (CCG, GMH)

this was a manufacturing process by which dense materials - such as those used to pave spaceports and landing strips - were produced. (HSL)

this Trandoshan bounty hunter was active during the last decades of the Old Republic. (SWRPG)

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