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this loose affiliation of planets is located in the Tapani Sector of the Colonies. They were on the fringes of the Sector, and struggled to throw off the yoke of control by the ancient houses of the Tapani Sector. The primary planets of the Freeworlds were Lamuir IV, Tallaan, Neona, Aleron, and Mrlsst, and the leaders and rulers of the Freeworlds were descendants of the ancient Houses of The Expanse. (EGP, PGT)

Freeworlds Common Navy
this was the primary military power of the Freeworlds Region of Tapani Sector, and was formed from the resources of the five primary planets of the Freeworlds. Its mission was to patrol the Shapani Bypass and maintain its freedom, supplementing the patrols of the Old Republic and the Empire while ensuring the free flow of bacta from Thyferra. (PGT)

Freeworlds Region
this area of Tapani Sector was located along the sector's borders. It was positioned along both the Shapani Bypass and the Giju Run, making it a transportation nexus for Tapani Sector. The Freeworlds Region gained power over the generations because all the ores from The Expanse had to pass through the Freeworlds Region. (PGT)

Freeze-floating Control
a starship component which uses computers to adjust the ship's maneuvering to counteract the effects of atmospheric turbulance. (SW)

this was a swear word. (GG11)

this Imperial navigation officer served on the Tobay under Captain Gegak. (TT)

this was the name used to describe the human population which was native to the planet Frego. (TOW)

this flesh of this creature is often roasted and sliced for sandwiches. (HR)

this planet was noted for the fact that it was ruled by the Cobral criminal family, during the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Before the Cobrals took control, the government of Frego was overly demanding to the Fregans, imposing steep taxes and providing little in the way of public service. The Cobrals changed much of that, despite the fact that their own credits were made from selling drugs and weapons on the black market. Frego was orbited by two moons. (TOW)

the blood of this creature is used by Hutt chefs to create a sauce for mulblatt larvae. (RD)

this tranthebar mountain ripper was owned by Joraaz, who raced the bird in illegal events during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

Freight Droid
any huge droid used to load and unload cargo ships. These massive machines are equipped with motorized treads for locomotion, and have large claws and mandibles for manipulating large cargo bins. They also can have gravity-shift frames, to help them maneuver awkward bundles. (HSL)

an large ship used to carry heavy cargo from one location to another. These ships, about 100 meters in length, employ two trapezoidal cargo pods connected to a central drive and cockpit. Rated at 16 MGLT, most freighters are unarmed, but are often well-shielded (120 SBD, with 30 RU hulls). (XW, TIE)

Freighter Bum
this was a common slang term for any cargo pilot or spacer. It was adopted by the Corporate Sector Authority as a definition for any independent starship owner who was not directly under the CSA's employment, since they were considered "feckless ruffians" who lacked any sort of adminstrative control as part of public service message #122267-50. (HSR)

Frein, Jodar
this Alliance Lieutenant was placed in command of Sandwind Team shortly after the Battle of Hoth. (SSR)

FreiTek Incorporated
manufacturers of the New Republic's E-Wing fighter, FreiTek was formed by the engineers from Incom who defected to the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. They wanted show their loyalty to the New Republic, and the E-Wing was their first design. Its success has allowed them to continue to create new designs for review by the New Republic military. (DESB, EGV)

this star was the central body of the Fre'ji System. (CCW)

this New Republic Navy Lieutenant was in charge of training new pilots on simulators, during the years which followed the battle against Grand Admiral Thrawn. Frekka was in control of the simulations on which Plat Mallar trained. (TT)

this small, weasel-like creature had a vicious temperment. They attacked in packs, ripping their prey to shreds with their fang-like teeth. The frekker has a hive-like mind, as evidenced by their concerted attacks. Gru'um Ropple once plotted to kill Jabba the Hutt by secretly bringing a swarm of frekkers into Jabba's palace on Tatooine, concealed within the shell of the droid Miramba. (JTH)

this planet is the home of the lepusa. (COG)

this Rodian explorer spent a great deal of his free time on Tansarii Point Station, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (SWGAL)

this was a Rodian swear word that was adopted by many other races during the last years of the Old Republic. (LFCW)

this species of fish was harvested for its tasty flesh. Smugglers preferred to take cargoes of frella fish during their runs, as the small often overpower Customs agents. This meant that the Customs agents would only investigate the initial few crates in a smuggler's hold, leaving the deep - and more illegal - cargo crates alone. (PSG)

Freller, Jamson
this native of Esseles was the leader of the Esselian New Order Party, and opposed Hall President Ralle's sympathetic stance toward alien species. However, he hated the Alliance even more, and was in marginal support of Ralle's negotiations with the Guild of Offworlder Skilled Laborers during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ5, SWJ8, SWJ9)

this ball of searing rock was the innermost planet of the Fre'ji System. (CCW)

this was a slang term used on Cularin to describe a situation that almost perfect. (LFCW)

Fremond III
this planet was a hotbed of Alliance activity during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ9)

this frigid ball of rock was the fourth planet of the Fre'ji System. It was orbited by a pair of moons. (CCW)

Frenzied River Clan
this was one of the many clans of witches of Dathomir who used the Light Side of the Force for their powers. As their name suggested, the the witches of the Frenzied River Clan made their home along the banks of the Frenzied River. (CPL, GORW)

Freon Drevan
this Xexto was left bankrupt after his partner embezzled all their credits and left Freon to handle an unpaid tax debt, several decades before the Battle of Yavin. Freon fled his homeworld of Troiken and wandered the Outer Rim. He was in the audience of the Mos Espa Arena when Anakin Skywalker defeated Sebulba to win the Boonta Eve Podrace. (CCG13)

Frequency Agile
this was the brand name of Chedak's subspace transceiver. Like other subspace transceivers, the Frequency Agile system was used for faster-than-light communications between two interstellar locations. (EGW)

Freshwater Hermit Crab
this species of freshwater crustacean was named for the way it lived in discarded shells, rather than creating its own. As the hermit crab grew, it simply left its old shell behind and sought out a new, larger shell. (YDR)

a planet located in the Core Worlds, Fresia was best-known as the original headquarters of Incom Industries. As a world, Fresia was quite small, measuring just over ten thousand kilometers in diameter. Much of the planet's landmass was in the form of archipelagos and large islands. The planet was subjugated by the Empire when Incom Industries was nationalized. (RPG, WOTC, CCW)

this native of the planet Andasala employed Gamorreans in his "protection" agency. (GG11)

this frigid ball of rock was the third planet of the Fre'ji System. (CCW)

this inhospitable planet was originally scouted by Barosa Warren for the Old Republic. It was controlled by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. (AIR)

Frex, Saidle
this mercenary tried to smuggle veermoks off of the planet Nabooo, despite the environmental restrictions placed on them. He was captured by members of the Naboo Underground and arrested for his actions, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. The captors had been operating under the authority of Jedi Master Ali-Vor, who was leading the investigation into the illegal export of veermoks. (WOTC, GMR2)

this thin man was the chief scientist at the Corulag Academy's Science Services center when Yoda and Mace Windu tried to enroll Teela Panjarra as a Jedi trainee. Frexton refused to release the child, hoping to use her as a subject to help determine what makes a being Force-sensitive. Master Yoda feared Frexton would perform any number of unusually cruel experiments on the girl, and rushed to Corulag to rescue her. When the Academy was attacked by Bartokk assassins working for Groodo the Hutt, Frexton tried to flee with Teela, but was cornered by Yoda. The two were forced to fight through Bartokks and X10-D droids under their control, but safelyt escaped with Teela. (E1A4)

this Imperial Moff served on the Moff Council during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. After the Battle of Borosk proved that the Galactic Alliance had better intelligence and tactics for defeating the alien invaders, Moff Freyborn was one of a handful of Moffs who refused to acknowledge the fact that the Galactic Alliance was better able to handle the defense of the galaxy. Freyborn continued to believe that the Galactic Alliance was the same group of "rebel scum" that destroyed the Empire, despite the fact that they did, in fact, defeat the Empire. (FH1)

this was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "beloved". (GCG)

one of Chewbacca's second cousins, Freyrr was probably the best stalker and tracker in the family. It was Freyrr who sought out Chewbacca during Lumpawarrump's Test of Ascension, delivering the news that Han Solo had been captured by the Yevetha. Freyrr offered to accompany Lumpy during his test, but Chewie declined the offer. (RD, TT)

this elderly Wookiee was the father of Chuundar and Zaalbar, and lived on Kashyyyk some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Freyyr tried to instill the traditional Wookiee values into his sons, but Chuundar managed to ignore most of it. Freyyr was upset to learn that it was Chuundar who sold the Wookiees into slavery to Czerka Corporation, and was dismayed when Chuundar turned the Wookiees against him. Chuundar called his father a doddering old fool, an act that forced Zaalbar to lash out against him. Freyyr was then laughed out of Rwookrrorro, and Zaalbar was exiled from Kashyyyk. However, with the help of some of the Jedi Knights who were on Kashyyyk to locate the Star Map, Zaalbar was able to return Freyyr to Kashyyyk. Freyyr then ousted Chuundar and returned to lead the Wookiees against their oppressors. (SWDB, KOTOR)

Freyyr's Warblade
this ancient weapon was believed to have been used by the Wookiee champion, Freyyr, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. Carved on the blade was Freyyr's symbol, which many believed served as the proof that the weapon was owned by Freyyr. It was believed to have been lost in the wake of the Jedi Civil War. (KOTOR2)

the meaning of this Quarren surname was unknown. (GCG)

this was the term used to describe a single member of the Frezhlix race. (SOP)

this creature was native to Thalassia. (GG11)

this alien race developed a feud with the Sif'krie race shortly after the Battle of Endor. It was given new fire after it was revealed that the Bothans were involved in the destruction of Caamas, and the Sif'kries supported the Drashtine Initiative. The Frezhlix began blockading shipment of pommwomm plants, in order to economically cripple the Sif'krie. The New Republic acted to break the blockade, assisting with the liberation of the Sycophant Jolly and responding only after the Frezhlix commander opened fire. The Frezhlix twisted the facts to petition against the Republic in the Senate. (SOP)

this was a common name among Cerean females. Unlike their male counterparts, Cerean females use a single name unless they became a bond-wife. In this case, a female will take on their husband's grandfather's name for official matters. The name Fri referred to a maiden, explorer, or adventurer. (GCG)

this man was one of the many Imperial officers who believed himself above the work of his troops, preferring to remain clean and dry while directing their work from a safe location. Commander Frickett was stationed on Maridun during the months following the Battle of Yavin, where he was under the command of General Ziering. Like his friend Captain Gage, Frickett scoffed at Lieutenant Janek Sunber's laboring with his troops, wondering how Sunber could ignore protocol to ingratiate himself with his superior officers. However, Ziering disagreed with this position, believing that Sunber had his priorities straight and inferring that both Frickett and Gage were the ones out of line. When Gage's patrol force discovered a huge Amanin army just outside the Imperial compound, Frickett's mind seemed to snap at the reality of the aliens' attack. He ordered the Imperial troops to open fire, despite the obvious fact that the Amanin could simply retreat into the jungle and regroup for another attack. The Amanin swiftly outflanked Frickett's forces and cut them down, killing Frickett in the attack. (SWELM)

this was the name of a substance that enhanced the ability of gloves, boots, and climbsuits to adhere to surfaces, allowing for easier ascents when climbing structures. (ROE)

this species of Iskalonian was native to the planet Mackar. They were distinguished by their fish-like shape, green scale, bulbous eyes, and long, scaly tails. The Frid communicated via a form of telepathy. As a people, the Frid were pacifists, and would not fight even if attacked. (EGA, GMR1)

this was the name used by the Empire to describe those Coruscani Ogres who were put through The Program and lobotomized. Rather than serve as cheap labor, however, the Friendlies were used as a kind of destabilization force by the Empire. These ogres were transported to planets which were rebellious or otherwise anti-Imperial, and set loose to terrorize the population. Then, Imperial stormtroopers would show up later and eliminate the ogres. This action usually won over the population, putting an end to any rebellious notions. The name Friendlies derived from the name of the first ogre to show any sort of promise in Thr Program, an individual known simply as Friendly. After the Battle of Endor, small bands of Friendlies existed on dozens of planets, including Coruscant. Those that survived on Coruscant were believed to have been killed when the Yuuzhan Vong terraformed the world into a recreation of Yuuzhan'tar. (WOTC)

this was the name given to the the first of the Coruscani Ogres to show any sort of response to The Program. After being lobotomized by Melen Toobo's surgeons, Friendly was able to successfully accomplish about eighty percent of the work he was ordered to do. He occasionally did something violent, but most of the scientists on the team considered these to be software glitches. This measure of success gave Melen Toobo all the impetus he needed to move The Program into full-scale mode, but every subsequent ogre refitted with a cybernetic brain became unstable and uncontrollably violent. (WOTC)

Friendly Hutt
this was the term used to describe an old Imperial tactic in which an Imperial starship tried to trick their quarry into revealing their location by claiming to be a starship friendly to their cause. (SBS)

Friends of Paran
this band of rebels was formed on Derilyn, and provided minimal support to supporters of the Alliance in Elrood Sector. They were the only resistance group which survived the Sixty Hour War. (PG3, OE)

Friends of the Slungerhounds
this animal-rights group focused their efforts on the ethical treatment of slungerhounds, during the height of the New Order. (SWJ10)

Friendship Necklace
this was the offering given by the Enzeen to visitors of the planet D'vouran. It was a garland of flowers, and was a symbol of the Enzeen's welcome. However, like most things on the planet, it was merely a way to make visitors feel comfortable and to gain their confidence, so that the Enzeen could lure them to the Heart of D'vouran. There, they were consumed by the planet itself. (GOF1)

Frieste River
this river wound its way through the temperate landscape of the planet Rhinnal, cutting through the capital city of Rhire. The power of the Frieste River's water made it the perfect hydro-electric energy provider, and many such energy plants lined its banks. A former chapterhouse of the Jedi Knights was also established along its banks. (CCW)

this name, which meant "playful", was common among Gungan males. (GCG)

Friggy Squig
this Gungan was one of the best bongo racers of his generation. (GMR4)

this was a custom form of ordnance created for the clone commandos of the Grand Army of the Republic. A frightener was designed to create large amounts of noise and light, but lacked any real destructive power. They were used to frighten an opponent into movement, especially if a target was hidden behind a wall or otherwise out of the line of fire. (RCHC)

Friij News Services
this Hutt-sponsored news network was a clearing house of illegal information and data replication, controlled by the Tenloss Syndicate. It was based on the planet Friijillis. (GG11)

this planet is located in Dail Sector. (GG11)

this Herglic owned the Triple Nova Casino, on the planet Abregado-Rae, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Friizt was a good friend of A'jindre Skirgatov, and worked hard to help the Devaronian get re-elected as Provincial Governor. (ND)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

Frill Syrup
this was a very sweet syrup used to cover breads. (EVR)

this young child was the middle of Bedran Veb's three grandchildren. (TOJC)

Frimm Bi-Tail
this creatures was a vicious beast, native to an unspecified Outer Rim planet. (SWJ10)

Fringe Cake
this liquid-extract dessert is a Corellian favorite. (SWJ9)

Fringes, the
the farthest known reaches of the Unknown Regions, where Thrawn "met his match" and could not discern anything from a race's art. (HTTE)

a Corellia swear word. (TFE)

the venom of this creature is often used by assassins and bounty hunters. The venom causes paralysis within minutes unless an antidote is administered. (TOD)

a swear word. (SESB)

this was a swear word used as an adjective by the natives of the planet Indu San. (SWJ6)

this planet was maintained as a preserve for wealthy Imperial families. (PG3)

this Trandoshan criminal was part of a large smuggling operation the Hutts had established inside the walls of the Oovo IV prison facility, where Frissk was an inmate during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Known to his fellow inmates as a double-crossing weakling, it was Frissk who agreed to help the Helmet Squad skim profits from the smuggling operation, thereby removing credits from the Hutts' coffers. When word of Frissk's duplicity reached the Hutts, a bounty was placed on his head for his capture and return to Nal Hutta, despite the fact that he was in prison at the time. Jango Fett eventually claimed this bounty, during his attempt to "rescue" Bendix Fust from Oovo IV. (BH)

Frist Shark
this predator fish was native to the oceans of the planet Trandosha. (AIR)

this was one of the many worlds that were colonized by the Zabrak. (GCG)

see F-RTZ-2 (GMR7)

Frix, Grizz
this dark-skinned man grew up on Devaron during the early years of the New Order. On Devaron, he experienced the combine persecution of locals and offworlders, for he was a human living among the Devaronians. When he learned of Mon Mothma through the pamphlet A Call To Reason, Frix decided that he wanted to join the fledgling Alliance and fight against the tyranny of the Empire. He trained as a pilot aboard the Independence, and was a promising member of the starfighter corps when he crashed into another ship over Gerrard V. The medical teams deemed him unfit to fly, despite his own objections, and Frix was assigned to the Support Services team. When the battle against the second Death Star at Endor was being planned, Frix saw his chance to return to piloting. The Alliance needed pilots, and he was given command of an X-Wing during the fighting. His joy at returning to space was cut short when his ship was caught in an explosion. The X-Wing exploded beneath him, and Frix died in the explosion. (SWDB)

this Wookiee slaver was an associate of Dayla Kev, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. He worked with his partner, Fahraark, and delivered a group of Hoojibs to the Galactic Horizon to assist Dayla in exacting her revenge on Milac Troper. (GMR6)

this bubbly beverage was often served frozen or iced. (TG)

Friz Harammel
this was the first truly successful floating city established in the atmosphere of the plaent Genarius. Modeled after the Cloud City outpost in the atmosphere of Bespin, it was originally founded as a gas-mining operation, and proved to be incredibly successful. It became the model for future cities built in the atmopshere over Genarius. (LFC)

this spacer modified an AD-series armory droid to help with the maintenance of his shipboard weaponry. The droid was also modified to work with Frman's astromech to make starship repairs easier. (FTD)

known as Franni, this Finance Retrieval and Net Investigations Droid was designed to assist Imperial special investigations agents in tracking down criminals by following their money trail. Jet-black, polished armor plating gave the FRN-I droid a sinister appearance, similar to the IT-series interrogation droids. These droids had exclusive access to the Imperial FiNet, and used it to track the sale and purchase of goods and services, as well as to track financial transactions. (SWJ6)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the prefix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "proud" or "powerful", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

this con artist purchased a PG-5 gunnery droid from a military surplus auction, then upgraded it with modern SkillWare, creating a droid which was a better conman than F'rod was himself. The droid was also a capable astromech, and served aboard F'rod's personal starship. Because the droid was purchased at auction, F'rod paid less for the droid - including its modifications - than a standard R2 unit. (FTD)

Frodor, Erlick
a native of Demophon, Frodor joined the Academy and made a name for himself flying stormtrooper dropships. However, he was disgusted with the Empire's mandatory slaughter whenever battle was engaged, so he opted not to join the Imperial Armed Forced when his commission was over. He instead became a free trader, flying the Flat Liner. This was unprofitable in the Demophon System, and when a group of Alliance agents offered him a commission, he took it. He worked his way up in the ranks, and eventually became the commander of the Orflon base. (SN)

this was a common name among the Zeltron people. (UANT)

this female Wookiee child and her mother, Attiera, were members of the Myyydril tribe, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (SWGAL)

a race whose unique hairstyles marked them throughout the galaxy. They were a hot-headed and vindictive race. During the early decades of the New Republic, the Froffli found themselves reduced in stature by the Bothans, who used their position of power within the Republic government to drive their own light-machinery industry and nearly wipe out that of the Froffli. (HTTE, SOP)

a large, reptilian creature which resembles a squating dog, the frog-dog uses its sticky, whip-like tongue to snare its prey. Many races throughout the galaxy regard the frog-dog as a stupid creature, due to its appearance and its low stature. This is something the frog-dogs do little to rectify, as it serves their purposes quite well. They have made themselves available as spies to various agencies throughout the galaxy, including the Empire. (TJP)

Frohad Galactic Firearms
this weapons manufacturer produced some of the galaxy's most unusual weapons, including the Magna Caster-100. (ROE)

Frohard Galactic Firearms
see Frohas Galactic Firearms (AEG)

this was a common name given to Zabrak males. Like many Zabrak names, it related to survival characteristics, and meant "dependable". (GCG)

Fromish Ale
this was a type of beer that was popular during the Clone Wars. (MBS)

Fromm Gang
a gang which operated on the planet Annoo during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. They controlled the weapons satellite Trigon One until Demma Moll and her band of freedom fighters destroyed it. (DCAR)

Frona Zeffla
this governmental functionary died at her desk, deep within the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. Because of the office's location within the Palace, her body wasn't discovered for more than a year. (TT)

Frond Dra-loor
this was one of the many Neti individuals who hailed from the planet Myrkr. (UANT)

Fronde's Airspeeders
this speeder rental company had twenty-two outlets scattered throughout Lola Curich and Lianna. In addition to speeder rentals, Fronde's also sells used speeders, and has a small repair shop. (ML)

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