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Faunor, Nevo
one of the infamous Faunor Brothers, Nevo and his brother Irol were noted bounty hunters during the early years of the New Order. (WOA18)

the punctual captain of the Tellivar Lady. (TME)

Favervil Dialectric Ribbon
this thin material is used in the construction of spectral sensors. It senses and measures the micro-changes in electrical fields. It tends to debond when bombarded with more than 15,000 Rahms of ion energy. (TT)

Favis Resort
this resort was actually an artificial island, anchored in the mild southern polar sea of the planet Brentaal. Visitors could sail boats on the sea or climb the nearby glaciers, since the Favis Resort was located in close proximity to a variety of climates. (CCW)

this was one of the primary sources of meat hunted by the Bosphs on their homeworld. (SWJ13)

Fawn, Arrisa
this woman was one of the few female officer in the Imperial military, although she never got promoted beyond the rank of Lieutenant. She had hoped to make a name for herself and her family, but the Emperor's guidelines relegated her to a lowly liaison position aboard Starlyte Station. Her inability to make headway in her career was a sore spot with her, and Arissa seriously considered joining the Alliance. However, the salary she pulled down as a lowly liaison officer more than made up for her personal desires. She also knew that her second-in-command, Brezzic Marr, was a staunch Imperial who would probably track her down if she defected. (WSV)

this was a delivery method used on many worlds to bring the latest news of the galaxy. (GFT)

this woman, distinguished by her ageless beauty, was one of the many Jedi Masters who served the Jedi Order during the decades leading up to the Clone Wars. Master Fay was of near-human stock, with pale skin and pointed ears, and was believed to have been many centuries in age. She was distinguished among her peers, as well as most of the Jedi of history, in that she never once used her lightsaber in combat. Many of her peers within the ranks of Jedi Masters believed that she never carried the weapon. After attaining the rank of Jedi Master, she refused to take a Padawan learner, choosing instead to roam the galaxy wherever the Force guided her. Unfortunately for the Jedi Order, Master Fay died during the early stages of the Clone Wars. She had been part of the team dispatched to recover the antidote to the swamp gas used to destroy life on Ohma-D'un. She and Obi-Wan survived long enough to confront Asajj Ventress, who was in control of the antidote. Using the Force, Master Fay hurled shards of glass and metal at Ventress, catching the Dark Jedi in the throat with a large piece of debris. Believing Ventress to be dead, they set off to return to Coruscant. Ventress was far from dead, however, and rose up to spear Master Fay in the back with a lightsaber. Fay survived long enough to ensure Obi-Wan escaped from Queyta, then died in his arms. (RBR)

this small, furry rodent was native to the planet Tatooine. Resembling a feral squirrel, the faybo had striped fur and huge ears, which could help dissipate body heat. The mouth of the faybo was dominated by two small tusks that jutted up from the lower jaw. These creatures were often found near Tusken Raider camps, scavenging food and water whenever possible. (AAOTC)

this individual was one of Poas Trell's auxiliaries. (SOL)

this fast-moving, carnivorous fish is found in the oceans of Naboo. They have short, thick bodies which are propelled by a thin tail that ends in a paddle-like span. (GF)

Faytonni, Dannl
this Corellian man was a noted criminal who was incarcerated at the Coco Penitentiary during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. As a young man, he aspired to join the Republic's military and serve as an officer. However, a skill in sabacc and a lust for beautiful women led him to several arrests for various crimes. A relationship with a woman, who turned out to be a changeling, put him between a rock and a hard place. He found himself wanted by the Corellian Security Force for his participation in an illegal spice-mining scheme, as well as pursued by the alien he jilted. Depending on your point of view, he was luckily captured by CorSec and imprisoned for a brief period. Upon leaving prison, he met up with his old friend, Ack Med-Beq, and the pair eventually made their way to Coruscant, only to find himself back in the CoCo Penitentiary. Shortly before the Battle of Geonosis, Faytonni escaped from the moderate-security ward of the prison along with Med-Beq and Llollulion. Faytonni then stole the uniform of an Old Republic Navy Lieutenant and disappeared into the crowded Coruscant streets. Faytonni and Med-Beq spent much of their free time in the Outlander, always on the lookout for their next mark. Over time, Faytonni upgraded his image, assuming the role of a Captain in the military to continually impress his clique. (OWS, HNN5, SWDB, VD3)

this planet was a member of the Duskhan League, and was one of the many colony worlds held by the Yevetha. It is located in the Koornacht Cluster, in Farlax Sector. (SOL)

Fazak Tsun
this Yuuzhan Vong was relegated to the caste of the Shamed Ones, after Ch'Gang Hool's Escalation of the warrior failed. Yoog Skell later blamed Ch'Gang Hool's incompetence - not the disfavor of the True Gods - for Fazak Tsun's fall. (DW)

Fazum, Ludus
this was the alias assumed by Thrackan Sal-Solo, when he and Dagga Marl were intercepted by New Republic forces which had retaken the planet Ylesia from the Peace Brigade. Thrackan and Dagga had been fleeing Peace City, hoping to escape both Ylesia and the Yuuzhan Vong. Their landspeeder was damaged in the flight, and they were apprehended by the New Republic's landing team. Ludus claimed to have been a refugee from Falleen who had been captured by the Peace Brigade and enslaved on Ylesia, along with his fiance', Dagga Farglblag. Unfortunately for Thrackan, the New Republic ground forces reported his captured to Jaina Solo, who correctly identified him as one of the Peace Brigade leaders they wanted to capture. (Y)

Fazza Utral
this being owned and operated a hunting lodge on the planet Tatooine, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. Utral specialized in hunting the larger beasts of Tatooine, including the krayt dragon. (KOTOR)

this was the Snivvian word for "repair." (HNN5)

this term became popular on the moon of Nar Shaddaa among the youths which grew up during the height of the New Order. It referred to a sour mood or demeanor, especially when one vented their anger on their friends. (HFG)

this droid was assigned to the crew of the New Republic Scout Service ship Founder. FC had a female personality which treated each of the living crew members like children. (GG8)

see FC-1 (AEG)

this was the designation of the Golon Arms flechette launcher. A heavy, box-shaped weapon, the FC-1 had to be fired from the shoulder. It had four separate barrels, each of which could fire anti-personnel canisters or anti-vehicle projectiles. It was generally regarded as a personal version of a fixed emplacement, although its size made it barely portable. Note that the Arms and Equipment Guide indicates this weapon was called the FC1 as well as the FC11. (CSA, AEG, WOTC)

see FC-1 (AEG)

developed and produced by Razalon during the last decads of the Old Republic, the FC-20 speeder bike had a semi-circular body. This configuration made the speeder quite small, measuring just 1.64 meters in length, but it also made the speeder fast and maneuverable. The seat was located inside the arc, with the steering controls and braakes easily accessible by hands and feet. This semi-circular shape also made storage of the FC-20 much easier, since it didn't take up as much room as a long-bodied speeder bike. The repulsorlift engine of the FC-20 was heavily baffled, making it one of the quietest speeder bikes available at the time. Despite its popularity, the FC-20 was not as fast as most speeder bikes, having a top speed of 650 kilometers per hour, and it had a limited range before requiring recharging. (AEG, NEGV)

FD Ratio
this measurement is known as the Fire/Disable ratio, and describes the amount of time an artillery weapon can fire a charge divided by the amount of time the tube is disabled for cooling and recharging. Lower FD ratios indicate more powerful weapons. Imperial troops in the Atrisian System were responsible for the generation of this measurement. (ISB)

a model of security descrambler manufactured by Opirus during the early years of the New Republic.These lock-breakers were illegal for civilian use. (TFNR)

F'Dann IX
this planet is located near Filve, and was the site of a battle between Imperial forces and the Crimson Nova pirates. (TBSB)

a series of culinary automata, these droids were tall cylinders armed with an assortment of kitchen utensils. (SN)

Fe Sun
this Jedi Padawan trained under Jedi Master Shaak Ti until she was ready to take the Jedi Trials. However, shortly after leaving Master Ti, Fe Sun was hunted down and killed by a group of mercenaries. Among the group was the woman Lyshaa, who was eventually apprehended by Shaak Ti and imprisoned on Brentaal for her part in Fe Sun's death. (J2)

this human-cyborg relations droid was an acknowledged expert on the droids used throughout the galaxy during the height of the New Order. (MTSE)

see FE-9Q (MC9)

this was Jimm "the Starkiller Kid" Doshun's uppitty tractor robot. FE-9Q was a low, squat droid that moved about on heavy treads. Mounted to the top of the base was the torso, arms, and head of a silver protocol droid. Just above each tread was a bright light, allowing FE-9Q to see in dark conditions. When Jimm's parents started their small farm, they acquired FE-9Q after it was discarded by other farmers. When they were killed in a high-hound attack, FE-9Q took it upon itself to raise Jimm in the same way his parents had, trying to instill in him the benefits of hard work and planning. Jimm's teenage years were difficult at best, and FE-9Q often found itself at odds with its programming. It was supposed to do whatever Jimm ordered, but it was also the parental figue. Years later, the droid sacrificed itself during the struggle to oust Serji-X Arogantus from power on Aduba-3, when Merri Shen's grandfather summoned the Behemoth. FE-9Q managed to cripple one of the Cloud Riders' skyspeeders, then put itself in between Jimm and a killing laser bolt. (MC8, GMR4)

Feal, Vin
this man was known as a shady trader who would make a deal with just about anyone. Feal traveled the galaxy in his starship, the Black Butcher. He once led a band of traders who tried to steal heds of hoska from the planet Essowyn, but his group was driven off the planet by a team of Alliance agents. (PG1)

this man was one of the many vagrants who lived in the city of Hedrett, on Cularin, during the last years of the Old Republic. (LFCW)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Fear Stick
this was the brand name of Sabrashi Bio-Chemical Deterrants' personal protection staffs. Each Fear Stick contains a small amount of chemical which is emitted whenever the stick strikes a target. The chemical can cause burning or severe pain to the target. (FOP)

Fearsome One
this was an honorific often used by the Yuuzhan Vong to describe the Warmaster of their military forces. (UF)

Feast Day
this was a Corellian holiday. (SWI83)

Feather Fern
a plant native to Yavin 4, the feather fern produced bright green fronds which grew more than two meters in height. (DA, E1A7)

Feather Grass
a somewhat sensile plant found on Munto Codru. It is held in reverence by the Codru-Ji. Jaina and Jacen Solo's Force-sensitivity allows them to manipulate the grass. (CS)

Feather of Light
a silver feather presented to those Ewok youths who journey to the Tree of Light and feed it nourishing dust. (ECAR)

Feather, The
this white feather was a symbol of the Cosmic Balance religion, and indicated a follower who lived in wealth during their life. It stood in opposition of - or balanced with - The Bowl. This children were deemed worthy of holding The Feather were provided with educational funding by the Zanazi, and often became leaders of industry and govnerment, if not the religion itself. The choice of which members of each generation held the Feather was often made by parents, with the help of the Zanazi, under the Rule of Feather and Bowl. However, as demanded by the Cosmic Balance, each so-called Child of the Feather would have to spend their afterlife living in poverty in order to maintain the balance of the universe. (TBSB, GORW)

Feathered Lizard
a strange, reptilian creature native to Tatooine and Pzob. (ISU, EGP)

Featherette Groomer
this was a small, handheld device that allowed many avian races to groom their smaller feathers. (MJH)

this was a derogatory term used by residents of the Core Worlds to describe a member of the Ayrou race. (GMR9)

a tree with wispy, feather-like foliage. (SE)

Feb, Arun
this man served as Vett Fori's assistant on Oseon 2795, during the early years of the New Order. Arun Feb was a short man with a thick, black beard and a bald pate. He was never seen without a cigar in his mouth. (LCM)

Febrini Sand-prestor
the flesh of this creature was considered a delicacy by many gourmets during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this stumpy, gracile-necked beast was native to the planet Chandrila. (EVR)

this planet is a wealthy and influential Core World which swore loyalty to whatever government was in power, as long as its own interests were recognized and supplied. (JASB)

this was a swear word used throughout the Tapani Sector of the galaxy. (SWJ4)

see Federation of the Double Worlds (AC)

Federation of the Double Worlds
known as Fed-Dub, this was the primary government which controlled the planets Talus and Tralus. (AC, EGP)

a forest world Han Solo visited with the Alliance. (TLC)

Feduch Importers
this Algaran shipping company is believed to serve as a front for a lucrative smuggling and slaving operation in the Algaran System. (PG2)

manufacturers of the D/Square decryption and deciphering system. (VOF)

Feeana Tala
this female Mawan was one of the more powerful crimelords of the planet Mawan, during the years following the Great Purge. She was not as powerful as her rivals, Striker and Decca the hutt, but she did managed to gain control of the services and supplies in the city of Naatan in the wake of the civil war. Her rivals paid her little notice, but it was Feeana who supplied the tunnel workers with food and supplies. This earned her a great deal of respect from the underground dwellers, who were part of the largest faction of free Mawans on the planet. When she was approached by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yaddle, who were on Mawan to negotiate a settlement to the civil war, Feeana claimed that she wasn't a true crimelord. She was merely a successful thief who had been driven from her home by the Great Purge. However, she agreed to help the Jedi establish a peaceful government in return for amnesty and the right to remain on Mawan as a native. She supplied soldiers to help secure Naatan after the Jedi managed to wrest control of the city's power grids from Striker, but found herself helpless to protect her people against Striker's true identity, Granta Omega. Yaddle's sacrifice in absorbing a dihexalon bomb persuaded her to remain in the city, though, but only because she had decided to double-cross the Jedi. After assuring them of her cooperation, she formed a tentative alliance with Omega, and was able to deliver the Jedi into his hands. However, Feeana was unaware that Omega would sacrifice her life in order to ensure his own escape. Only the timely intervention of Anakin Skywalker saved her life, when Omega threw her from his transport as a distraction. (JQ6)

this was an Ewok expletive, which roughly translated into Basic as "darn". (BTRKS26)

this small, mobile plant is native to the planet Binaros. They stand about a half-meter tall, and move about on thick, fleshy tendrils. The have an extendable sac in their midsection, which is used to hold water. They have a needle-like appendage that is used to extract water from any source. These appendages can also be used in defense, and the feeder is capable of consuming a target's blood to obtain sustenance. The mobile plants are actually drones which are spawned to bring food to a mother plant, but they have no true intelligence. They act solely on environmental stimuli. The mother plant is a noturnal bloomer, and is incapable of movement. The mother is quite large, appearing to be a ball-shaped mouth filled with tooth-like thorns. It is anchored to the gorund by six short taproots and a network of thinner roots. The plant has an averge life cycle of about two standard weeks. (KO)

this generic term refers to any Adumari reptile bred and raised for its meat. They are generally quite docile. (SOA)

this was a large, stringed instrument that was created on the planet Hapes, and was often centerpiece of classic sonatas and other instrumental pieces. (DN2)

a creature whose flesh is a favored delicacy of some Hutts. The feejay resembles a starfish, but with three thick arms and three thick head-tentacles. (DRO)

this name was common among the members of the Squalris race. (GORW)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and referred to a sweet fruit grown on Ryloth. (GCG)

this sweet fruit was grown on the planet Ryloth. (GCG)

Feen Fenoob
this Sullustan gambler owed money to Darnada, about a year before the Battle of Naboo. He managed to evade Asa Naga and Gargachykk, who had been dispatched by Darnada to kill the Sullustan. However, Feen Fenoob then ran into Darth Maul, who cut the gambler in half. (DM)

Feena Ghel
this female Rodian maintained a repair facility in the Elesa settlement, on Ando Prime, during the early years of the New Order. (GMR2)

Feenicks VI
this planet was the site of an Imperial System Patrol Squadron base during the Galactic Civil War. The base was destroyed in an attack by the Alliance. (XW)

this planet was a member of the Old Republic. Is this the same planet as Feenicks IV? (SWI84)

this was the native language of the Feeorin race. (UANT)

this humanoid race inhabited several worlds in the Outer Rim Territories, but were often viewed by other settlers as unwanted scavengers. The Feeorin were forced to abandon their homeworld many millennia before the Battle of Naboo, but many of their colony ships never made it to their destinations. Of those that did survive the journey, the Feeorin settlers found that they were viewed as raiders or scavengers by indigenous populations, and many more were killed in struggles for control. At the time of the Battle of Naboo, less than a million Feeorin were known to exist in the galaxy. Their skin coloration varied, from jet black to white and several colors in between. Green, yellow, and blue skinned Feeorin were the most common. Feeorin lacked hair, but had a collection of thick tendrils hanging from the back of their skulls. Individual Feeorin could live to be more than 400 years of age, and many elderly Feeorin simply drop dead of old age. (SFT, UANT, GMR1)

this Chiss, whose full name was Chaf'ees'aklaio, served as an aide to Aristocra Formbi during the years prior to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. A member of the Chaf family, Feesa met with Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker aboard the Chaf Envoy an Crustai, just before they set out to locate the ruins of the Outbound Flight Project. However, she was curt with the Skywalkers, and refused to answer any more questions than were absolutely necessary before introducing them to Formbi. When the mission finally located the remains of Outbound Flight on a remote planetoid in the Redoubt, Feesa went along as part of the Chiss contingent. When they were trapped in a turbolift by Jorad Pressor and his niece, Evlyn, Feesa whimpered as if she had a fear of closed-in spaces. It was later discovered that her fear was due to her companions at the time, which included Bearsh and his disguised Vagaari pirates. She tried to deflect any questioning away from Formbi, but Mara pressed the issue in order to learn the true relationship between the Chiss and the Vagaari. Formbi admitted to the entire plan, including the plot to lure the Vagaari into attacking the Chiss first. Feesa was aware of the entire plan, and went along on the mission in case Formbi was unable to complete it. (SQ)

this was a common name among the Cathar race. (UANT)

Feethan Ottraw Scalable Assemblies
this Utapaun manufacturing facility was usurped by the Techno Union, during the height of the Clone Wars, for the production of the Mankvim-814 Interceptor and other small fightercraft. (X3)

this Shashay term means "I'm leaving." (TA)

a moderately large planet orbiting a yellow-orange star, Fef has a thick, hot atmosphere which supports a wide variety of life. Most of the lifeforms have short lifespans, though. The huge trees that make up Fef's forests grow to over 100 meters in height in 20-30 years, then die and decompose in a matter of weeks. Fef is the homeworld of the swarming insectoid Fefze. (GG4)

Fefar Blackeye
this was the name of a noted individual in Nosaurian history, and was seen by many Nosaurians as the architect of their resistance against the Empire. He started staging guerrilla raids shortly after New Plympto was classified as "expendable" by Imperial officers. He was hunted down by Imperial forces on his homeworld of New Plympto, and probably would have escaped had he not been trapped in a hiakk tree forest at sundown. The Imperials, understanding the Nosaurian need to bay at the setting sun, simpy waited until Fefar called out, then captured him by following the sound. His capture proved to the end of thr Nosaurian resistance during the New Order, but served as a historical precedent for the resistance to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. After he was dragged from the forest, Fefar was transported to Coruscant and placed on display in an Imperial zoo, where he lived for six months before taking his own life. (UANT, CCW, GMR9)

meaning "sugar", this name was common among Gungan females. (GCG)

an insectoid race native to the planet Fef, they are one of the truest forms of hive intelligence found in the galaxy. They exist in group minds of 10-100 individuals, sometimes called swarms. These swarms are the primary building block of Fefze society, and when considered as a swarm, the Fefze are are quite intelligent. However, taken individually, Fefze are no more intelligent than any other insect. Individuals known enough to eat, avoid danger, and reproduce. The Fefze eat by covering their food - any organic material is edible to them - with a digestive acid, then lap up the resulting paste. This acid is also used as a defense mechanism, because a Fefze can regurgitate the paste when attacked and flee. The attacking creature usually stops to eat the paste, rather than expend energy chasing the Fefze. Fefze individuals have limited dexterity. Fefze swarms are created from the individuals born from a single egg globule, which contains hatchlings from several different parents. A swarm's highest priority is recruiting new hatchlings, and a given swarm can exist for thousands of years this way. New hatchlings are obtained during the Fefze dance swarm, and tourists often come to Fef to view it. (GG4)

Fefze Beetle
a giant beetle that inhabits mountainous planets, the fefze beetle is often hunted for sport. They often hunt in packs. A mutated species of fefze beetle was the only living creature found on the surface of the planet Duro, during the early years of the New Republic. This mutation had both an exoskeleton and an internal skeleton, giving it the ability to grow to incredible sizes. (GDV, MMY, BP)

Fegegrish Heavy Industrials
this Squib corporation produced a variety of heavy-duty tools, including battering rams and cutting lasers, during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

Fegel, Onjo
this muscular young man was a kloo horn player for one of the best amateur b'ssa nuuvu bands on the planet Tuttin IV, during the height of the New Order. Fegel was a personal friends of Governor Shran Etison, who shared Fegel's love for b'ssa nuuvu music. It was later discovered that Fegel had also graduated from the Imperial Service Academy with a concentration in Intelligence. When Keth Beamis was implicated in a spy ring in the Six Local Systems, Fegel was added to the band Far Cry, in an effort to try and ferret out the Alliance team on Beltrix III. Although he preferred the b'ssa nuuvu style, Fegel tried to work with the dusk band in order to make his cover seem more legitimate. Upon arriving an Beltrix III, Fegel left Far Cry and set out on his own, in order to hit the Holstrum Talent Agency before anyone could escape, and hopefully assuring himself of a posting in the Core Worlds. However, Fegel was unaware that Ryley Ancum had already sent a coded message on to Beltrix III, warning the local cell of Fegel's presence. All he found was a legitimate talent agency, and he was forced to return to Tuttin IV without success. (GMR6)

Fegigrish Heavy Industrials
this Squib corporation produced a number of demolition devices, such as battering rams and wrecking balls. (PP)

this was the name of a noted Pho Ph'eahian individual. (UANT)

this planet is the homeworld of the Eddel race. During the height of the Old Republic, Eddel starships regularly plied the expanses of Trax Sector. However, after the rise of Emperor Palpatine, the Eddel were subjugated and left with minimal levels of technology. (GMK)

Fehkla Gorr
this was one of the most famous Huralok pirates. (GORW)

this was one of the most common male names among the Corellian population. (GMR9)

a member of Talon Karrde's team, Fein was a mercenary who served as the weapons specialist. Before joining Karrde, Fein made a nmae for himself as a marksman and swoop racer. Rumors persist that Karrde had to hire Fein away from a rival gang, after Fein had been given the task of killing Karrde. (HTTE, DFR, TTSB, GMR3)

this is the only land-based town on the planet Deyer, and is the site of the planet's only spaceport. (JASB)

F'ej D'aw
this Klatooinan thug worked for Nawnum the Hutt during the Galactic Civil War. His services were sught after by Ganis the Hutt, in an attempt to bring down Nawnum and take over his small empire. (IA)

Fek'ra, Nilya
this tall, black-haired woman was one of the most powerful criminal figures on the planet Cotellier. Cunning and devious, Fek'ra is a beautiful woman with deep green eyes. She worked for a mysterious crimelord, although she steadily put together enough knowledge and resources to start her own operation should fate allow her the opportunity. She was one of Yosger's chief rivals, and hoped to obtain the data stored in the computer systems of the Smoking Blaster before Yosger did. She managed to get the crew of the Smoking Blaster under her control and obtained the location of Yosger's base on Carz. She then paid the mercenary crew to take her to Carz and apprehend Yosger. (GMH)

Fel Swoop
a seedy cantina located on Treasure Ship Row on Corellia, it was frequented by swoop riders and speeder bike jockeys. (IJ)

Fel, Ajai
this woman was Soontir Fel's sister-in-law, and the mother of Fyric Fel. She felt that Fyric was kidnapped in order to force the Fels to provide information on the whereabouts of Wynssa Starflare, the wife of Baron Soontir Fel. Her husband, Todr, helped bring down the kidnappers, who were led by Ilir Post, when he shot Post in the head. Corran Horn and Iella Wessiri, along with Wes Janson, Hobbie Klivian, and Plourr Ilo had cornered Post at his estate. Once Fyric was rescued, Todr and Ajai agreed to seek santuary with the New Republic, and fled Corellia with the Rogue Squadron pilots. (XWFT)

Fel, Cem
this young man was the son of Soontir Fel and Syal Antilles. Like many of his siblings, Cem was born on the planet Csilla. He was an experienced pilot, and often took the family yacht Starflare on short voyages. It was later discovered that Cem was the Fel's shadow child, whose existence was a closely-kept secret to ensure that the family was never wiped out by its enemies. (FH2, DN1)

Fel, Chak
this young man, one of the sons of Baron Soontir Fel and Syal Antilles, was a Commander in the naval branch of the armed forces of the Empire of the Hand, during the years leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Commander Fel led a small contingent of stormtroopers onto the mission formed by the Chiss Aristocra, Formbi, to locate the remains of the Outbound Flight Project. He had been personally invited by Formbi, much to the consternation of General Drask. After meeting with Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, Commander Fel revealed that Admiral Parck had sent him and the Aurek-Seven unit of the Imperial 501st Legion of stormtroopers on the mission as protection for the mission, primarily Formbi and the two Jedi. He was considerably dismayed to learn that the information Admiral Parck had recovered regarding Outbound Flight had been stolen from his shuttle before he could share it with the Skywalkers, adding a sense of conflict and concern to the already tense mission. However, unknown to the others, Chak Fel was maintained covert surveillance aboard the Chaf Envoy, installing several sensors and other equipment with which to monitor the Chiss. After the discovery of the Outbound Flight and the revelation of Bearsh's true origins, Fel and the 501st found themselves paired with General Drask in a desparate race to survive the growing Vagaari attacks. After he was mauled by a wolvkil, Fel was forced to relinquish command of Aurek-Seven to Drask, in order to improve their chances of survival. Fel's own chances were made worse when he absorbed shrapnel from the explosion of a turbolift car. Drask dragged him from the battle as the team escaped a Vagaari ambush. Later, Fel realized that it had been the Vagaari - then posing as Geroons - who had stolen the Outbound Flight information from his ship. They used the knowledge to help them try and steal the D-Four Dreadnaught. Unfortunately for the Fel family, Chak later died from his injuries. (SQ, DN1)

Fel, Cherith
this woman was the oldest daugther of Soontir Fel and his wife, Syal Antilles. Cherith was also the second of Baron Fel's children to die in combat, during the struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong. (DJ)

Fel, Davin
this man was the oldest son of Soontir Fel and his wife, Syal Antilles. Davin was also the first of Baron Fel's children to die in combat, during the struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong. As a youth, Davin was trained among the Chiss like his younger brother, Jagged. His skills as a pilot made him something of a hero among the younger generations on Csilla, although his instructors felt that he sometimes took too many risks. (DJ, GMR7)

Fel, Fyric
this two-year-old was the nephew of Soontir Fel. He was kidnapped from the Fel estate, just outside Coronet City on the planet Corellia, shortly after the Battle of Brentaal, and Corran Horn was dispatched to investigate. Fyric's mother Ajai believed he was kidnapped in order to get the Fel's to provide information on the whereabouts of Wynssa Starflare. He intercepted Wes Janson, Hobbie Klivian, and Plourr Ilo when the arrived at the Fel estate, hoping to gather information on the whereabouts of Wynssa Starflare, who was actually Wedge Antilles' sister, Syal. Kirtan Loor took over the investigation, and tried to take the Rogue Squadron pilots in for questioning. Horn let the pilots go, but had to save them when they tried to negotiate with the kidnappers, whom he identified as a group led by Ilir Post. Fyric was eventually rescued, when Todr Fel shot Post in the head and then Plourr caught Fyric before he could fall. (XWFT)

Fel, Jagged
this ruggedly handsome young man was revealed to be the son of Baron Soontir Fel and Syal Antilles, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Named for Syal's father, he was distinguished by his pale green eyes and a scar which started above his right eye and ran over his skull. The hair over the scar was white, contrasting with rest of his jet-black hair.Jagged grew up among the Chiss, being accepted by them ass one of their own, and he strove to ensure that he met their lofty expectations. At the Battle of Garqi, Fel and his Spike Squadron of Chiss were part of the fleet assembled by Admiral Pellaeon to support the New Republic. Their incredible skill helped turn back the Yuuzhan Vong forces. At the time, he held the rank of Colonel. When the battle group reported back to the New Republic leadership, Jagged Fel was asked by his uncle, Wedge Antilles, to accompany them. Spike Force later assisted the New Republic at the Battle of Ithor. In the wake of the battle, Fel sent two squadrons of Chiss pilots back to report on the Yuuzhan Vong to his father, while Jagged himself remained behind as a liaison to Rogue Squadron. Jagged later returned to the Chiss at his father's summons, where he agreed to lead a small team to scout out the Yuuzhan Vong's utilization of Ithor and other planets. Soontir hoped that his son could find information useful to the Republic, to keep it from fracturing after the loss of Coruscant. He spent a good deal of time on Hapes with Jaina Solo, where the two discovered that old attractions still remained. Shortly after the Second Battle of Coruscant, Jagged agreed to remain on Borleias with his uncle, General Wedge Antilles, and the small group of officers and soldiers who came together to form the Inner Circle. Jag later joined the Twin Suns Squadron, after Luke Skywalker turned control of the squadron over to Jaina Solo. It was duringt his period of Borleias that Jag realized he felt something very deep for Jaina, a feeling which was reciprocated as much as possible during her portrayal as the Yuuzhan Vong goddess Yun-Harla. They both realized that a relationship would not only put stress on their military lives, but their military lives would put additional strain on their relationship. However, they both understood that their growing love was deep enough to withstand it, and worked hard to make it work. Jag, for his own part, knew that what he felt was love, but couldn't bring himself to admit it until Jaina fell into a coma while trying to help Tahiri Veila reconcile her mind. From that point forward, Jag and Jaina continued to deepen their relationship, but their work was threatened when the Yuuzhan Vong launched their final assault on the planet Calamari. In the wake of that battle, the planet Zonama Sekor had reappeared near Coruscant, forcing the Yuuzhan Vong forces to retreat for defensive purposes, and giving the Galactic Alliance a reason to attack and covered Coruscant. As Jaina traveled to Zonama Sekot, Jagged took control of both Vanguard and Twin Suns Squadrons as part of the assault on Coruscant. During the battle, Jagged and his forces escorted a transport filled with infiltration soldiers to the ground. However, his clawcraft took a hit from a plasma weapon, and Jagged was forced to crashland on Coruscant. He was rescued by Judder Page, and later assisted the ground teams in disabling Coruscant's defenses. After the deaths of Onimi and Shimrra, the rest of the Yuuzhan Vong force at Coruscant surrendered to the Galactic Alliance, bringing the war to an end. In the weeks following the cease-fire, Jag sought out Jaina and admitted that loved her. Jaina, however, had decided that it was not yet time for her to settle down. She told Jag that she had to ensure that the galaxy would be a better place for future generations, especially her own children. Despite Jaina's plans to continue as a military officer, Jag knew that they would be together very soon, as he had just been named as the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force's primary liaison to the Galactic Alliance. Jaina and Jag shared one final, passionate kiss before going their separate ways. Jag continued to serve in the Chiss military, and was in command of several missions to drive back the advances of the Colony. (DTR, DJ, EL1, NEGC, FH3, UF, DN1)

Fel, Soontir
one of the youngest Imperial Navy officers to obtain the rank of Captain and command a ship, Fel was everything one would expect from a recruiting poster. Broad-shouldered and handsome from years of working as a farmer, Fel was a native of Corellia and had come through the ranks as a decorated and legendary TIE Fighter pilot. However, he did not enter the Imperial Academy willingly. Instead, he was bribed into go in order to stop him from testifying against Ilir Post, on the threat that his father would be charged with a flurry of minor crimes if he didn't go. This took him away from the farming that he loved so much, but he was determined to make the best of the situation. Fel was a contemporary of Han Solo and Loka Hask while at the Carida Academy, regularly defeating Hask while often challenging Solo. After graduating with honors as his class' salutatorian, Fel earned command of the Pride of the Senate shortly before the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, and was quite puzzled by Admiral Greelanx's battle plans. They did not allow for any flexibility during the battle, while executing the Base Delta Zero order to the letter. Fel had never participated in such an exercise, and questioned the wisdom of decimating Nar Shaddaa. However, the battle was quickly upon him, and the minimal battle plan outlined by Greelanx - coupled with the surprising ability of the smugglers to damage the Imperial fleet - soon resulted an Imperial retreat. Fel, appalled at the losses and at Greelanx's orders to retreat, remained behind to retrieve as many of his pilots as he could before redezvousing with the fleet. Greelanx was angry with Fel's insubordination, but Fel resolved to report Greelanx's poor planning to his superiors. He was assigned to the 37th Imperial Fighter Wing before transferring to Prefsbelt IV as a flight instructor. After receiving high honors, Fel actually was responsible for the training of Tycho Celchu, Biggs Darklighter, and Hobbie Klivian. He was offered a position in Moff Tarkin's bodyguard unit by Tarkin himself, but the defection of Biggs Darklighter and Derek Klivian relegated Fel to the 181st Imperial Fighter Group, which was under the command of Evir Derricote. They scored a hollow victory at Ord Biniir, on the same day as the Battle of Yavin, but Fel was given a commendation on Coruscant in an effort to bolster Imperial morale. There, he met Wynssa Starflare, and they fell deeply in love. Shortly afterward, Fel became known to Ysanne Isard, who challenged his loyalty by trying to seduce him. He refused, and although she praised his loyalty, she also hated him. Fel saw through Isard's ploy and into the heart of the Empire, and didn't like what he saw. He also saw that the Emperor's non-human bias was only as good as the air around it, once Thrawn began to rise through the ranks. Fel found himself admiring Thrawn's plans for the ambush which destroyed the Alliance's supply convoy near Derra IV, but could not reconcile Palpatine's hypocrisy. Although he was promoted to Colonel and given command of the entire 181st Fighter Group, Fel became disheartened with the Empire. Ysanne Isard's sacrifice of an entire fighter wing to lure Rogue Squadron to Brentaal was an action he couldn't reconcile in his own mind. After the 181st was sent to Brentaal to help defend the world - more of an exercise to bring down the Cabal that to save the planet - Fel decided that enough was enough. When the New Republic had defeated the Imperials, Fel was captured when Colonel Salm hit his Interceptor with an ion cannon blast, rendering his fighter inoperative. Shortly before the Battle of Brentaal, he had arranged for Wynssa - now his wife - to disappear. He pledged to help the New Republic if they would help him locate Wynssa, a proposition to which the Republic's Starfighter Command agreed. However, Fel soon turned his back on the Republic and returned to Imperial service. Wedge Antilles, the real-life brother of Wynssa Starflare, thought he had encountered Fel again, during the series of skirmishes against the Warlord Zsinj. In reality, though, the Fel he discovered was Tetran Cowall, and his abilities were augmented with a droid brain in several of his wingmate's TIE Interceptors. It was later learned that Fel had joined the forces aligned with Grand Admiral Thrawn, and he spent the next several years working with the true Imperial leadership to eliminate the various warlords who claimed Imperial rights. He lost an eye in the final battle of his career, and retired to work with Voss Parck as a commander at the Hand of Thrawn compound on Nirauan. Fel was also the "parent" of a number of clones developed at Thrawn's request. The clones were dispatched to several sleeper cells - excellent pilots awaiting Thrawn's reactivation codes. The clones were flash-imprinted with much of Fel's ability as a pilot and warrior, but without his personality. However, many groups managed to retain his love of the open air and farming, and decided not to heed the recall which came ten years after Thrawn's death. Shortly after the Battle of Garqi, it was revealed that Soontir and Syal had had five children together, including a son, Jagged, who eventually rose to power in the Imperial Remnant's military. Both Soontir and Jagged became leaders within the Chiss Navy, and were instrumental in keeping the Chiss from seeing more intense action as the rest of the galaxy struggled against the Yuuzhan Vong. After Yuuzhan Vong began their invasion of the galaxy, Soontir and Syal retired to the Chiss homeworld of Csilla, where they felt it was safer to live among the Chiss. (THG, HXW, VOF, IF, MBF, XWES, DTR, DJ, FH1)

Fel, Todr
this man was Soontir Fel's younger brother. He allowed his wife, Ajai, to contact the Rogue Squadron pilots who were on Corellia to locate Wynssa Starflare, on the off-chance that they could be persuaded to help find his young son, Fyric. Fyric had been kidnapped by Ilir Post, and was being held for ransom. When the Rogues, along with Corran Horn and Iella Wessiri of the Corellian Security Force, cornered Post at his estate, Todr's ploy paid off. He knew that Post would kill his son, so he took a chance and shot at Post. The blast took Post between the eyes, killing him instantly. However, Post dropped Fyric from a second-story window as he died. Luckily, Plourr Ilo caught Fyric before he could hit the ground. Todr and his famaily fled Corellia with the Rogues, hoping to find safety with Soontir and the New Republic. (XWFT)

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