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Followers of the Way
this was the name used to describe those beings who worshipped the Sacred Way, on the planet Aduba-3. (GMR4)

this New Republic picket ship accompanied the warship Vanguard into system ILC-905, during the Black Fleet Crisis. It was under the command of Colonel Foag, who served under Commodore Brand. (TT)

this man served as a Lieutenant within the ranks of Lant Mining Corporation, and was the shift officer at the Lormar 23 refinery station, in control of traffic maintenance during the height of the New Order. (FBS)

one of Commenor's moons, its location in the Commenor System allowed it close access to the Corellian spacelanes. The Alliance had a base there, nestled in the abandoned mines that tunneled through it. Later, following the Battle of Endor, the New Republic used it as a starfighter training facility. It was on Folor that the X-Wing Rogue Squadron was "reborn," thanks to the work done by Admiral Ackbar and Wedge Antilles. The Republic also maintained a false beacon on the other side of the planet, along with a complete mock-up of a base, to throw off attackers and allow an evacuation in case of attack. This false set of beacons was discovered by Gara Petothel, using Morrt droid data, and Apwar Trigit thought he had the base dead to rights. However, when they arrived at Folor, they discovered that the "base" was simply a barren ice plain. (XWN, WS)

this former Imperial Admiral established his own small fleet after the Battle of Endor, and became one of the first of the renegade warlords. (HR)

Fond Memory
this Lambda-class shuttle was operated by Elegos A'kla, during his tenure as a Senator to the New Republic. Elegos used it to travel to Dubrillion with Leia Organa Solo, to investigate the state of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DTO)

Fondine Raceways
this blobstacle source, located on the fringe of Umgul City, was built by Slish Fondine in the years following the Battle of Naboo. The course never closed, with racing and waging continuing throughout the night and day. (JASB, HNN4)

Fondine, Slish
this entrepreneur created the first of Umgul City's blobstacle courses in a collapsed sinkhole just outside the city, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. His designs became a model for future courses, and his desire to keep the sport legitimate led him to insititue a death penalty law for anyone caught with tainted blobs. He also owned a blob stable, and regularly raced his blobs in the city. Fondine discovered Lando Calrissian in his stables, shortly after Lando arrived on Umgul to locate Dack. Lando had discovered that Dack was impregnating the blobs with micro-stimulators to improve their performace, and revealed this information to Fondine. (JS, JASB, HNN4)

a planet located in the Mid Rim Territories, Fondor is famous for its shipyards and its military importance. It is located a short distance from a number of trade routes which run from the Core, the Colonies, and the Mid-Rim out to the Outer Rim. Fondor was industrialized millennia before the Battle of Yavin, and much of its surface was scarred from mining and excavation. The droid Bollux was first activated there, during the days of the Old Republic. After the Empire took control of the shipyards, the Super-class Star Destroyer Executor was built there. Fondor was later liberated from Imperial control and used by the New Republic. Six moons orbited Fondor, all of which were mined for raw ores and materials. Over time, the moons were slowly eroded by mining. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the alien invaders attacked Fondor and its shipyards used suicide bombing runs. Squadrons of coralskippers flung themselves at the orbital facilities, causing untold damage. Fondor itself was leveled by the Yuuzhan Vong, and the system was rendered useless. Nevertheless, the New Republic launched an attack mission to retake Fondor. The battle plan involved the use of the planetary repulsor contained within Centerpoint Station, but ended in disaster. Despite the elimination of the Yuuzhan Vong forces, the blaster from Centerpoint Station wiped out the Hapan battle fleet which had supported the New Republic's forces. Because the Yuuzhan Vong were removed from the system, the New Republic - later reformed into the Galactic Alliance - decided to continue in its plans to rebuild the shipyards at Fondor. (HSE, CSW, VM, SWJ12, JE, EGP, FH3, MC98, FP)

Fondor Academy of Engineering and Design
this was one of the Old Republic's most prestigious universities, dedicated to the continued development and innovation of starships and other space-going equipment. At the time of the Clone Wars, the Academy was receiving the majority of its funding from Kuat Drive Yards and the Techno Union. (HNN4)

Fondor City
this was the capital city of the planet Fondor. (JE)

Fondor Independent Shipyards
this was the name adopted by the Fondor shipyards, after the Battle of Endor and the elimination of Imperial forces in the system. Although Fondor was officially part of the New Republic, the shipyards tried to remain independent from government control. (PH)

a hairless, humanoid race. (DMSH)

Fondorian Mud Puppy
this amphibious creature was native to the planet Fondor, where it spent most of its life in the muddy banks of rivers and lakes. (MBS)

this planet was the site of a New Republic prison facility. (HT)

this alien scavenger gave Tionne the coordinates of Exis Station, during her search for Jedi lore during the early years of the New Republic. Many years later, Fonterrat located the Empire's storehouse of plagues, and was able to secure a sample of the Emperor's Plague. He sold the sample to Nolaa Tarkona, who had Fonterrat's payment tainted with the plague in order to test its effectiveness. Fonterrat didn't directly sell her the location of the storehouse, though. He provided this to Bornan Thul, who later disappeared with the datadisk. Fonterrat himself fled Tarkona to the planet Gammalin, where he began spending his tainted credits. When the human population started dying because of the plague, and discovered that Fonterrat was the source, they locked him in jail. He languished there, and eventually died when his human captors all died of the plague. (TEP, SWJ15)

Fontin, Kare
this elderly man was a former Old Republic Senator. He was well over 100 years of age when the New Order was implemented, and while his body began failing, his mind was still quick and sharp. He used his wits to avoid succumbing to Imperial pressure, and eventually became a diplomat for the New Republic. (GMH)

this Ithorian surname referred to an Ithorian gemstone, according to historian who studied the Ithorian race. (GCG)

this was a type of gemstone found on the planet Ithor. (GCG)

Food and Drink
this was the only café located on the moon Nierport Seven, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (JQ4)

Food Synthesizer
any device which is used to create consumables from certain raw materials. They can be programmed to create almost any dish, thus making them compatible with many different alien tastes. The raw material used to create the food consists of certain starches, sugars, carbohydrates, and proteins. They can be built for residences, large restaurants, and starships. (DA)

this was a medium-density, pressed material which was filled with nutritional elements and little else. Popular during the last decades of the Old Republic because it was cheap to produce and ship, food-board often caused gastro-intestinal distress or injury to species which were incapable to fully digesting it. (VD2)

this was the name used by the Priapulin to describe those offspring which were created as a foodsource for an adult. Food-kin were small, crab-like creatures which scuttled about, never leaving the vicinity of their adult. They were fairly intelligent, and often felt a sense of pride in the fact that they were the Priapulin's food. Like the other offpsring produced by the adult, the food-kin lived to serve their parent, and were even proud to be eaten. Once consumed, the eggs of the food-kin are incubated inside the adult Priapulin, continuing their lines as future partners with the Priapulin. (RP)

any device which is used to detect the presence of poisons in consumables. (CS)

this alien was a commentator who worked for Corpo the Hutt, and described the unique kitchen battles staged by the Hutt to discover new and unique cuisines. Note that this character is a reference to the host of the "Iron Chef" television show, Ken Fukui. (T7)

this young Fishface princess was the only surviving member of her family, who were staunch Loyalists but were murdered by thugs of the Revolutionary Purist Council. Her protector, Naradan D'ulin, arranged to have princess Foolookoola smuggled off the planet Ootoola by Vilmarh Grahrk, who took them to Dur Sabon. (T3)

Fools' Gold
this large ship - measuring almost a kilometer in length - was part of a two-ship convoy that was bringing a shipment of gems to the Chikarri, in the planet Plagen. The gems were from the Klatooinan Trade Guild, as payment for the right to establish a trading post on Plagen. Both ships were built for the sole purpose of transporting precious cargoes, and their cargo bays were actually huge vaults equipped with the best inertial dampers credits could buy. The hulls were reinforced in order to survive any attack, and the fuel cells were capable of propelling the ships for several centuries. The Fool's Gold was lost in the Karbonni Asteroid Belt when it was forced out og hyperspace by a rogue asteroid, and it was not seen for several centuries until its existence was discovered by a Chikarri historian, some years after the Battle of Endor. Chiakrri law stated that the ship was the property of whoever found it first, and a race to locate the ship ended when a group of explorers outraced Bruce Mercy and his pirates to it. (TSK)

this was a hearty meal enjoyed by the Ithorian race. (GMR8)

native to the planet Togorian, fooras were green-scaled lizards that were raised by the Togorians for their hides. (MIS8)

this was a character from the mythology of the planet Vjun. The Footman was one of the many symbolic characters recognized by the fortune tellers of the planet, representing the simple and easy destruction of a loyal household servant. (YDR)

a device which is used on Chad III to lure the wystoh away from an area. Callista's family used them to help repair their floating ships, keeping the wystoh away while they swam in the waters. (COJ)

For the Love of Beau TIE
a song written and played by the band The Emperor's New Clothes. It was first released on the compilation Artistic Integrity. (GG9)

For the Want of an Empire
Jaalib Brandl was portraying the tragic hero of this play, a Jedi Knight consumed with the desire to kill his best friend and companion, on the planet Iscera when he was sought out by Fable Astin. Jaalib went underground shortly after the performance, and reappeared several years later on Garos IV. (SWJ8, SWJ12)

Forad Party
this Esselian political party was known for its tolerance of non-human races during the reign of Emperor Palpatine. (SWJ8)

this race of feathered creatures lived in the forests of New Plympto, digging up roots and fungus with their chin-tusks. (CCW)

this is the capital city of the planet Dosha. (SWJ4)

this city was located on the planet Almas. It was laid out in a circular pattern, withone quadrant given over to a spaceport and a variety of research facilities. At the center of the city was the Almas Academy. The city was first founded on top of a massive patch of kaluthin grass, which managed to survive in the presence of the Light Side of the Force. (LFC)

Forb Basic
this was a specialized computer-input language used by many of the galaxy's computers, including Blue Max. (HSE)

Forb, Jonox
this smuggler was one of many who discovered that the planet Hoth offered much in the way of remoteness and privacy, despite its obvious environmental problems. During the early years of the New Order, Forb established Snowflake Base on Hoth, citing its proximity to Bespin, the Corellian Trade Spine, and the Hydian Way. His records were discovered in an abandoned wampa lair by General Carlist Rieekan during the Alliance's occupation of the planet, just prior to the Battle of Hoth. (PH)

Forbelean Defense
this was a defensive posture, developed by the Chiss for use in hand-to-hand combat. From this position, virtually ay form of attack could be deflected. (FH1)

manufacturers of anti-radar defense units. (MMY)

a Lambda-class shuttle stolen by the New Republic, the Forbidden was used by the training center of Folor. It later was part of the assault fleet sent to the planet Borleais. It was piloted by Tycho Celchu; due to his questionable status within the New Republic, the Forbidden's weapons systems were removed. The Forbidden was later used to ferry criminals from Kessel to its moon, when the Rogues negotiated the release of Zekka Thyne. (XWN, WG)

Forbidden Castle
this ancient fortress was located atop a rocky tor on the planet Munto Codru. (EGP)

Forbidden Fortress of the Gorax, The
a huge stone tower built by the Gorax near the Desert of Salma on Endor. It is a tall, rocky spire whose entrance is hidden in the tumble of rocks at its base. (EA)

Forbidden Gardens of Nuswatta
Jabba the Hutt once witnessed them, despite their being forbidden. (JTH)

Force Assassins
this band of warriors was locked in a form of civil war with the Warrens Assault Squad throughout the era of the New Order. Neither side of the war could remember the exact nature of their dispute, nor why they continued to fight. The fighting was confined to the area of the Dantooine System known as the Ebon Essentia, and the Empire strangely turned a blind eye to the conflcit. (SWGAL)

Force Baton
this was a powered staff, shorter than a force pike, which was used in melee combat. Like the force pike, the force baton contained a tiny power source that generated a powerful electric discharge to the skin of a being, causing pain in addition to the blow from the weapon itself. (TF)

Force Bubble
developed by the Jedi Knights as a defensive measure, the Force bubble was a kind of shield that protected the individual inside it. When properly formed, the Force bubble provided a complete sphere of protection, deflecting energy and projectile weapons away from the being inside. (FH2)

Force Cage
this was a portable force field generator which produced a cell-sized enclosure to lock up a criminal or target. It attached to a collapsible frame made from bi-state memory plastic, and was used by law enforcement agencies across the galaxy. (GG10)

Force Chain
the ancient Jedi discovered this ability in certain individuals, who learned that they had forged a mental link to one or more other Jedi. The exact mechanism of the linkage was unknown, and many Jedi considered it to be the will of the Force whenever a Force Chain was created. While connected by this link, the strengths of individual Jedi could be used by the others, allowing them to work together against a common enemy. Once discovered, the Force Chain could be used to augment strength and maintain health. However, the link created by the Force Chain also linked the individual Jedi together when they were injured, and all members of the link felt the pain of the others at the same time. It was believed that, should the individual from which the Force Chain began were die, then all the Jedi in the link would die as well. (KOTOR2)

Force Cuffs
this was another name for tractor cuffs. (LCF)

Force Cylinder
this was the name of a device which allowed life forms to transfer from one ship to another through space, without actually linking the ships together physically. A force field created the tube, sealing up against the hulls of two ships. While not exactly foolproof, force cylinders were considered one of the most reliable intra-ship travel technologies of the New Republic. (HTTE)

Force Demon
this race of evil creatures once ruled the galaxy. (CSWDW)

Force Detector
a device rumored to have been developed by Emperor Palpatine, the Force Detector used two unique sheet-crystal paddles and a control pack to determine whether or not a person was Force-sensitive. The designs for the Force Detector were based on the work of Jenna Zan Arbor, who never fully realized a working prototype. Thaissen crystals, found only on the planet Circarpous V, were used in the paddles. If the person had some sensitivity to the Force, a bluish aura was displayed around them when the detector was activated. An individual with a strong connection to the Dark Side of the Force registered a reddish aura. The strength of the aura had come correlation to the amount of Force sensitivity the person had. Anyone without Force sensitivity did not register the blue aura. This sensor system was based on the recognition systems of Sith Dark Eye probe droids. It was believed that some 10,000 of these devices were created for Emperor Palpatine, who ensured that each one of them was approved by Lord Cronal. (JS, PJSB, OWS)

Force Dream
this was the term used by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic to describe any subconscious connection to the Force that provided a being with strange and wonderful dreams. Force dreams were considered different than farseeing, since they provided no information about future events. They were useful, however, in understanding the stresses a being was experiencing. (MBS)

Force Fence
a fence used to enclose prison grounds, it carries some sort or repulsion and/or shock field to deter the prisoners from escaping. (LCM)

Force Harvester
this unusual piece of ancient technology was believed to have been lost on Raxus Prime many centuries before the Battle of Geonosis, and eventually buried under all the debris which littered the planet's surface. It was originally created during the time of the Great Sith War, as the power source for the weapon known as the Dark Reaper. The Harvester was designed to drain the energy of the Force from any living being, regardless of whether they were Force-sensitive or not. Around the time of the Battle of Geonosis, Count Dooku began a massive excavation effort to locate the Harvester. Unfortunately, the Jedi Knights and a task force of the Army of the Republic discovered Dooku's base of operations and bombarded it before the Harvester could be recovered. (BF2, TCW)

Force Lightning
a corruption of The Force which manifests itself in blue lightning, which can be directed at an opponent. Many Dark Jedi use this, while the Light Side Jedi do not. (ROTJ, TB)

Force Mite
this unusual insect, native to the planet Balanor, was a tiny creature with a multitude of legs and tiny wings. The Force Mite was resistant to a wide range of climates and environments, though it prefered tropical conditions. These insects traveled singly or in small groups, and rarely swarmed. Force Mites did not require oxygen for food to survive, instead feeding on the power of the Force that flowed within an individual creature. While most every being in the galaxy had some level of midichlorians in their cells, Jedi Knights were the favored prey of the Force Mite, due to their high concentration of Force energy. The Force Mite attacked by first using a blade-like beak to cut into its target, taking blood and nutrients from the "host." A second proboscis then plunged into the target's flesh to extract the Force energy. While under the draining influence of the Force Mite, a victim was very agreeable to suggestions, becoming almost drunk in attitude and mannerisms. (WOTC)

Force Multiple Orbit
known as The Atom, this starfighter formation was developed by the Imperial Navy to intercept an vessel which couldn't produce the appropriate identification codes. Imperial fighters were launched to intercept the target ship, then assumed criss-crossing orbits at staggered distances, thereby covering every inch of the target ship with swift-miving fighters. This formation, when performed correctly, made the target ship look like the nucleus of an atom, with the fighters whirling around like electrons. This formation prevented the target ship from getting an accurate targetting lock on the fighters, allowing the main Imperial ship to ready weapons and tractor beams for boarding. (SWED)

Force Pike
a older weapon, much like a long staff with a vibroblade at the end. See electro-jabber. (CPL)

Force Potential
this was the term used by the Jedi Knights to describe the life-energy of the midi-chlorians contained within every living being. This differed from Force sensitivity, which was the ability to tap into the power of the Force. (DN1)

Force Sabaac
an ancient variation of Sabacc, in which the cards are not randomized, but the players must declare their hand to be light or dark, based on the cards dealt to him. The strongest light or dark hand wins, provided that the overall lightness or darkness (based on all the hands in play) is in their favor. A lone dark hand against all light hands is almost always a loser. (CPL)

Force Scream
once called "a wave of hatred, amplified and fueled by the Dark Side," this Sith power allowed the wielder to smash through mental and physical defenses with ease. (TOJC)

Force Sensitivity
this was the term used by the Jedi Knights to describe a trait in some individuals which allowed them to be more attuned to the Force than others and actually tap into its power. This differed from Force potential, which was basically the life-energy of the midi-chlorians contained within every living being. (SME, SWSB, DN1)

Force Shackles
very effective, very expensive restraining devices which use alloy cuff bands to hold a captive. The bands have miniature tractor beams placed on them. These tractor beams grasp the opposing cuff band and keep it locked in place. The tightness of the cuff can be modified by varying the intensity of the tractor beams. (LCF)

Force Spirit
this was the term used to describe any disembodied manifestation of a once-living, Force-sensitive individual. Many Jedi Masters and other strong Force users discovered ways to exist in spirit form, long after their physical body was gone. Rather than simply becoming part of the Force, the denied the will of the Force to retain their individuality. Because this went against the nature of the Force, any Jedi who managed to become a Force Spirit could only manifest itself for a limited time. Because the Sith and other Dark Jedi used the Force for their own ends, they often bypassed this limitation to remain spirits indefinitely. In general, a Force Spirit cannot be "killed" by normal means. Often, as in the case of the Jedi, they simply cease to exist. Other spirits can be destroyed with sufficient Dark Side energy, making the elimination of a malevolent spirit dangerous for most Jedi. (PJSB)

Force Storm
a tornado of energy created by a disturbance in The Force, these are very hard to control. (DE1, CPL)

Force Tag
this was one of the many games used by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic to train young children to feel and attune themselves to the Force. (YDR)

Force Two Armada
this classification of fleet strength indicates a large-scale assault grouping. (SOL)

Force Whip
a whip-like device which discharges energy bursts when it contacts an opponent. (COTF)

Force, The
an energy that occurs naturally in the galaxy, it springs from all forms of life. It has two "sides," a good side and a Dark Side, although this is a great oversimplification of the Force's existence. The Jedi Knights believed that the Force had many sides, including a living element and a unifying element, and it binds all things together in a great web of existence. In this way, the Jedi saw the Force as its own end. The modern Sith, while acknowledging that they learned of the Force through the Dark Side teachings of the ancient Sith, simply saw the singular power of the Force, which to them was a means to an end. The Jedi Knights discovered that the Force was accessible to all living beings through the presence of midi-chlorians in their cells. The more midi-chlorians that inhabited a being's cells, the more the being was able to contact the Force. However, a high concentration of midi-chlorians did not guarantee a being control of the Force. Only through intense study and dedicated training could a being become proficient in harnessing the power of The Force. The Jedi Council discovered that younger beings had an easier time of learning the techniques required to touch and control the Force, and eventually developed a system that actively sought out and identified beings with high midi-chlorian counts at their birth. With, or sometimes without, the permission of the parents, the Jedi took children no more than one year old away for training. Children and older beings, who had already established a set pattern of mental and physical usage, often were unable to complete the necessary training, and were deemed too wasteful of Jedi resources. The Jedi Knights have historically been the most powerful users of The Force, having trained with and learned the three basic techniques: control (the manipulation of one's internal Force strength), sense (detection of the Force in the external world), and alter (manipulation of matter with the Force). These techniques, used by themselves or in combination, allow the Jedi to perform many different activities with the Force. The Sith, on the other hand, gained strength from the Force by focusing their emotional energies - especially strong emotions like anger and hatred - which gave the quick mastery but didn't take much discipline. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, some twenty-five years after the Battle of Endor, the foundations on which the Jedi Knights based their knowledge of the Force were suddenly altered. There were several forms of life - primarily the ysalamiri of Myrkr - which could push back against the Force, but these creatures were assumed to live within the Force in some fashion. The Yuuzhan Vong, however, appeared as a void in the Force, neither projecting nor absorbing or repelling it. Many of the new Jedi Order struggled with the concept of a race of beings which seemed to lack any contact with the Force, since it was believed that the Force was contained within all forms of life, even if it was in trace amounts. Jacen Solo was one of the first Jedi to discover that the Force acted in many ways, without a true light or dark side, and that there were ways in which it could be attuned to at least recognize the alien invaders. The former Jedi Knight Vergere was instrumental in guiding Jacen to this realization, having spent more than thirty years in their presence. After the surrender of the Yuuzhan Vong at Coruscant some five years after their invasion began, Jedi Master Master Skywalker contemplated his new understanding of the Force. It was not a simple delineation between light and dark, but a more profound definition of the ways in which good and evil fight for control of an individual. Ultimately, he chose not to return the Jedi to their roles as an unbiased police force. Luke reasoned that the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic were once a meditative order that was drawn deeper and deeper into the machinations of the Republic when its Chancellors called for their help in mediating disputes. As this call for help escalated into the battle legions of the Clone Wars, the Jedi became less interested in the nature of the Force and more interested in separating good and evil into light and dark halves to the Force. The Jedi of the Old Republic, according to Skywalker, lost sight of the fact that the Force moved through an individual, not from them. (SW, HTSB, TPM, DMSH, VP, T, UF)

a code phrase sued by Lando Calrissian on Cloud City to indicate that it was time to fight back against the Imperials occupying the city. (ESBN)

this was a small, self-contained storage system that used a miniature force-field generator to create a sphere of energy around an object. Depending on the size of the generator, the force-bubble could contain any sort of object. Because the force-bubble produced a localized field of energy with a constant shape, the repelling power of the force field was often more powerful that the shields of a starship. (LCS)

this was a localized form of defensive shielding, created during the last decades of the Old Republic as a security system for remote outposts. The force-dome used a collection crystals - not unlike those used in the construction of a lightsaber - to generate a hemisphere of protective energy. Its size could be modulated by the amount of power and the number of crystals used, but was usually limited to a few square miles in surface area. The shield produced by the force-dome ws capable of repelling even the heaviest of projectile weapons, but coyuld eventually be pierced by ion-type weapons. (MJH)

see Stennes Shifter. (SWJ12)

this was the pseudonym used by a computer slicer who often made contact with Tash Arranda. ForceFlow often wrote stories of the Jedi Knights and posted them on the Imperial HoloNet, but never managed to get caught. These stories attracted Tash, and the two became friends. ForceFlow often provided Tash with inside information on the Empire, helping her to be aware of possible dangers in her travels with Mammon Hoole. After the Arranda children and Hoole arrived on Nespis VIII, ForceFlow seemed to help Tash understand what was happening. However, it was later revealed that ForceFlow was actually Borborygmus Gog, who had been hoping to lure the Arrandas and Hoole into a trap on Nespis VIII, in order to test out his Essence Stealer. (GOF1, GOF2, GOF5)

see Hibernation Trance (DN1)

this was the name given to the uniting of several Jedi Knights through the Force, a technique which was developed by the Jedi during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. A number of Jedi Knights joined their minds together within the Force, drawing strength from each other and acting as a single, powerful entity. The technique was originally attempted by the strike team sent to Myrkr to destroy the voxyn queen, and further refined by Saba Sebatyne. (Y)

Forch Gomou
this mysterious being was often seen in the crowd at the Outlander Club on Coruscant, during the final years of the Old Republic. (OWS)

For'deschel, Devan
this woman served as the mistress of ligthsabers at the Almas Academy, during the height of the Clone Wars. Master For'deschel originally trained under the tutelage of Mace Windu, and she was the first Jedi from outside the Cularin System to return to Almas after the disappearance of Cularin and its sudden reappearance. As the Clone Wars began to spread across the galaxy, Devan was one of the few Jedi to remain on Almas to continue the training of the students there. She was an expert in the Form V style of lightsaber combat, a style which had not been previously taught at Almas by Master Kirlocca. She also spent much of her free time investigating the disappearance of Cularin and the many aspects of the Sith artifact known as the darkstaff. During the early stages of the Clone Wars, she was attacked by a Separatist Jedi Killer, and suffered massive injuries to her arm before defeating it. The arm had to be replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis. When the call finally came for the Almas Academy to supply Jedi Knights and Masters to the troops of the Grand Army of the Republic, Master Devan was among the more vocal opponents of the order. (LFCW)

this ARC Trooper was designated ARC-77 when he was decanted from the cloning facilities on Kamino. Trained for command, Captain Fordo led the group known as the Muunilinst 10 into battle with Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi. For this mission, Fordo was given the title of Task Force Commander, with the primary mission of capturing San Hill. He later proved that sheer firepower was often better than planning when he was deployed to Hypori to rescue the Jedi Knights who had been stranded their by General Grievous. Fordo was awarded the Chancellor's Service Medal for his actions on Hypori, but he refused to accept it for himself. Instead, he transferred it to trooper CT-43/002, who died on Muunilinst. (SWI84)

Fordon System
the Quarren pirate Jerresk was once spotted in this star system, shortly after the Battle of Endor. (WBC)

Fordox, Com
this distinguished man was the Senator from the planet Corellia, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. (COD)

this man supposedly served the Imperial Navy as a Captain, commanding the Victory-class Star Destroyer Valiant near Togoria, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Captain Fordwyn was on-hand to greet Dengar, Eron Stonefield, and Udin after they captured Han Solo on Togoria, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. However, when the bounty hunters landed to Tatooine to return Grubba the Hutt to his uncle, Jabba, it was Jabba who explained to the bounty hunters that they had been duped. Fordwyn was an Alliance officer, and his crew had intercepted Dengar's message to the Imperials regarding the capture of Solo. Thus, Solo remained a free man. (MIS8)

Foreck, Condren
a famous athlete from the planet Azbrian, Condren is also the heiress to her aging father's vast fortune. For this reason, she is approached by Lando Calrissian as his second choice for a rich wife. A pale, thin woman with frizzy hair and a whiny voice, Condren was approached by Frang Colgter and married him before Lando arrived on Azbrian. She failed to contact him before the wedding, and so Lando was forced to cross her off his list. (AC)

Foreez Ch'zori
this was the name of a noted Ranth individual, distinguished in the history of the planet Caaraz. (UANT)

Foreign Intruder Defense Organism
FIDO for short, this was a defensive system set up by Luke Skywalker and Admiral Ackbar on Anoth, to protect the infant children of Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo. It is a multi-tentacled cyborg beast with plasteel claws, modeled after Calamarian krakana. The FIDO had twenty-six individual claws, each connected to the central body by a 100-meter-long flexisteel cable. The entire unit measured eight meters across, and was equipped with a variety of sensor and detection systems. This was a reference to the Star Wars Echo on FIDONet by Kevin Anderson. (COTF, EGD)

Foreseen, The
this was the name given to the being who was prophesied to free the beings under the control of Lord Gar-Oth. Unknown to Yoshi Raph-Elan, The Foreseen was also prophesied to be a woman. It turned out that The Foreseen was actually Princess Lourdes. (SWS)

this New Republic surveyor ship was destroyed when it tried to recover parts from an abandoned Imperial cruiser. The cruiser's automatic firing sensors were still active, despite the damage it had taken, and fired on the Foresight, causing it to explode. (BTS)

Forest Father
according to the Ewoks, the Forest Father is the primary caretaker of the forests, having been given that due by the Great Spirit of the Forest. (AT)

Forest Honey
this is a form of honey created by the Wookiees. (RD)

Forest Kinrath
this species of predatory spider was native to the planet Kashyyyk. (KOTOR)

Forest Moon of Endor
the life-supporting satellite of the gas giant Endor, found in the Moddell Sector, this second moon had a widely-varied, temperate climate. Note that no planet was seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, and the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi novelization indicates that the planet being destroyed eons ago. However, the Ewoks films definitely show a clouded world around which the moon orbits, and The Truce at Bakura mentions a dead planet. The Adventures of Teebo describes Endor as a planet. The Bounty Hunters: Aurra Sing says that the Forest Moon is sometimes simply referred to as Endor. Due to the out-of-the-way location of the planet Endor, its Forest Moon became something of a desert island in space. Its breathable atmosphere allowed nearly any race to land there, in the event their ship got into trouble while off the normal hyperspace routes. As its name indicated, forests abounded on the moon, broken here and there by rocky wastes and small deserts. The moon's low gravity allowed the trees to grow to incredible heights. It was the home of many unique species, including the Ewoks and the Yuzzum, as well as the Marauder subspecies of Sanyassan. The Empire discovered the out-of-the-way moon, and used it as a construction sight for the second Death Star, betting that the remote location would keep it hidden from the rest of the galaxy until Emperor Palpatine was ready to leak information on the location to the Alliance. The Empire placed a shield generator on the moon to help guard the battle station during its construction; thus, Endor became known as the Sanctuary Moon. It was believed that a vast wealth of ores could be found on the moon, which were mined by the Empire. However, much of the mining was done on other worlds in the Moddell Sector, and processed ores were then transported to the Forest Moon. These mining operations were significantly reduced when the New Republic was formed. The moon had a 18-hour day, and rotated with Endor around the sun in about 402 standard days. The Endor System was located some 43,300 light-years from the galactic core. (ROTJ, DFRSB, EA, BFE, TB, DA, AT, ISU, BHAS, GMR9, IWST)

Forest of Faithfulness
this low forested area of the planet Ylesia is located near the Flowered Plains, just outside of Colony One. (TPS)

Forest Slice-hound
this subspecies of slice-hound was native to the forests of Corellia. (GQRG)

this continent, one of two on the planet Ropagi II, is located on the planet's western hemisphere. Like its counterpart, Afterthought, the continent is amazingly flat, and covered with huge expanses of grassy plains broken by urban centers. Those native Ropagu who turn their minds to the future of their planet live on this continent. (TSK)

Forfra Moss
this unusual form of moss grew in underground caverns and grottoes on the planet Almas. (WOTC)

this was a common name among the Talz race. (UANT)

Forge, Inyri
Lujayne Forge's sister, Inyri was remarkably similar to Lujayne in appearance. She had just as much promise as Lujayne did, but felt that she never got her parents' support in anything. She rebelled, and joined up with Zekka Thyne while he was imprisoned on Kessel. She dyed a forelock of her hair blue, to match the patches on Thyne's skin, and became his lover and his spice cutter. In this capacity, Inyri was responsible for dosing the spice that Thyne was able smuggle into consumable portions. When the Rogue Squadron negotiated with Moruth Doole for the release of Thyne, Inyri went along with him, rather than returning to her parents. She later realized that Thyne was never going to give her the respect she so desperately wanted, and she shot him when he tried to expose the Rogues on Coruscant. Inyri remained with the squadron for many years, becoming one of the group's primary leaders. Gavin Darklighter, upon assuming command of the Squadron, named Inyri his second-in-command, and Inyri took up the position of Rogue Five. (WG, DTO)

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