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this material, formed from lightweight fibers, was used in the construction of ceiling tiles, during the early years of the New Republic. (T)

a strong, braided rope used by climbers and tight-rope walkers. It was also favored by mercenaries and infiltration squadrons. (SOC)

this incredibly strong cable was formed from natural fibers which were woven with strands of steel. Fibrasteel was used to create reins and control systems for riders of large beasts, such as dewbacks. (TG)

FIBUA Operation
this was a term used by the military leaders and instructors of the Grand Army of the Republic to indication any fighting in built-up areas, or inside buildings. It was essentially a fancy term for urban warfare. (RCHC)

this planet was one of the Trianii colony worlds usurped by the Corporate Sector. Intense fighting among the Trianii Rangers and the CSA resulted from the takeover, and it was during this battle that Keeheen was taken prisoner by the CSA and imprisoned at Stars' End. After three years of devastating battles, the Rangers and the CSA signed an armistice treaty following the Battle of Yavin. Unfortunately for those beings native to Fibuli, the planet had been devastated by the continual fighting, and was little more that a wasteland. (CSA, EGA, SWJ7)

the first planet in the Yavin system, Fiddanl was a molten world of toxic chemicals and deadly atmosphere. It had eighteen natural landmasses, which shifted at speeds of 600 kilometers a day. The planet's name seemed to have originated in the Imperial Xenodetic Survey Department, and was given by a Nuiwit clerk to replace the designation 96NK3F2. The average day on Fiddanl lasted 18 standard hours, and its year encompassed 276 local days. From space, the planet appeared as a constantly-changing mosaic of color, resulting from the rich abundance of minerals in the crust and in the atmosphere. (GG2, PH)

this was the name used by many Nuiwits for their pets. (GG2)

Fiddler 10
this large, repulsor-equipped droid was roughly the shape of a human torso. Two large grasping arms and two smaller manipulator arms sprouted from each side of the droid's body, giving it the ability to move a variety of cargoes. (BTRKS29)

this centuries-old Tac-Spec Footman droid once served the Malreaux family of Vjun, working for the Viscounts and their families over many generations. Fidelis was easily recognized by its cream-and-crimson plating, which were the livery colors of the Malreaux family. However, when the seventeenth Viscount was infected with the madness epidemic and went insane, Fidelis was given a new mission by the Viscount's wife, Whirry. He was to secretly follow Whie Malreaux to Coruscant, and ensure the child's safety while he was in training at the Jedi Temple. It was during this time that Fidelis met Solis, another droid of similar manufacture that had been working on Coruscant. For many years, they played endless games of courtier dejarik, with Fidelis always keeping a watchful eye on the Jedi Temple. The games were often won by Fidelis, because it had been continually upgraded for many generations. When Whie was added to Master Yoda's mission to Vjun, both Fidelis and Solis managed to book passage aboard the Reasonable Doubt, so that Fidelis could continue to watch over his young charge. Solis agreed to distract Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy - otherwise known as Scout - so that Fidelis could talk to Whie in private. After the band was attacked on Phindar by Asajj Ventress, Fidelis was dismayed to learned that it had been his old friend, Solis, who provided information to Ventress on their location. His obvious distress made Scout believe that Fidelis had not been involved in the attack. As the remainder of the group headed for Vjun, Fidelis brought them up to date on the events which had occurred on Vjun over the last ten years. Once on Vjun, however, Fidelis was forced to accept new orders from Whirry Malreaux, who was still the head of the Malreaux household. Whirry ordered Fidelis to arrange for Whie to meet with Asajj Ventress, as a way to hold the Padawan hostage while Dooku met with Yoda. Ventress used the situation to her advantage, and gave Fidelis a choice: shoot itself with a neural-net eraser or watch Whie die. Fidelis, ever loyal to the Malreaux family, chose to shoot itself, wiping out its computer systems in a form of suicide. (YDR)

this was one of the Thranta-class warships slaved to the Another Chance to protect it from being taken by hostile forces. Like its companions, the Courage and Valiant, it would accompany the Another Chance as it jumped through hyperspace to avoid detection. One of the Thranta-class ships would enter realspace before the Another Chance to engage any resistance, the second would accompany it for protection, and the third would help draw off pursuit. (BW)

a Biituian youth who befriended R2-D2 and C-3PO when they encountered the Great Heep on Biitu. Fidge was ten years old at the time, and agreed to help the droids rescue their owner, Mungo Baobab, from the Imperials who were on Biitu to monitor the Great Heep. Their plan succeeded, and they freed Mungo. Then, they worked to destroy the Great Heep and free Biitu from Imperial control. (TGH)

see Foreign Intruder Defense Organism (COTF, EGD)

this was an ancient word used to curse another being to the death they deserved. (MC9)

Fi'ek Sirch
this Kajain'sa'Nikto Jedi Knight was one of many who participated in the Battle of Geonosis. (SWI68)

Field Achievement Award
this medal was given to all members of the Alliance who survive their first mission into Imperial-controlled territory. (TFE)

Field Cauterizer
this medical device, produced by Nilar Med/Tech Corporation, was a self-contained laser used to disinfect and cauterize wounds which occurred in remote locations where medical facilities were not present. (AEG)

Field Disruptor
this device allowed a being to move through an energy fence or screen by temporarily disrupting the energy field as the wearer passed through. These devices could also be used as weapons, delivering a burst of energy outward from the generator. (EGW)

Field Secured Container Vessel
known as an FSCV, these huge ships have heavy ion drives at each end. Produced by Loronar, the ship consists of several paired Prexton doublefield generators which create 800-meter-wide spheres of energy that can carry 250 million cubic meters of storage. The entire ship can then be surrounded by a hyperspace field which allows it to move at lightspeed to its destination. Note that the Black Ice adventure module claims these ships were designed and manufactured by Rendili StarDrive. (ISB, BI)

Field Sports
this small corporation manufactured recreational weapons used in targetting sports, including air guns used to fire capsules of paint to indicate hits. (ROE)

this insect, found on the planet Kubindi, is a staple in Kubaz cooking. (SWJ10)

despite her name, this domestic bursa was anything but fierce. Owned by Murble, Fierce was a scrawny beast who could perform a few simple tricks, such as standing on one leg. These tricks helped Murble earn his meager living, and thereby keep Fierce fed. The only time Fierce did get mean was if Murble was threatened, and Fierce could turn vicious enough to scare away potential attackers. (CCW)

the Huttese word for hex or curse, fierfek became a common swear word during the height of the Clone Wars. (TJP, RCHC)

Fiery Beetul
this was one of the smaller species of beetuls that was native to the planet Kubindi. The fist-sized fiery beetul was named for its flame-red, ruby-like shell. (MIS6)

Fiery Ones
this was the name given by the Charr Ontee to the unusual, intelligent species which developed in the wake of the Rift Disaster. Resembling tiny balls of light, the Fiery Ones were not created by the ancient Kathol race, as the Charr Ontee history had no record of them or their discovery until DarkStryder banished them. The Fiery Ones were considered part of the original Kathol species by the Charr Ontee, although the Yapi regarded them as spirits. They could use the Ta-Ree energy which permeated the planet Kathol, and could give off an energy shock if provoked. In general, though, the Fiery Ones were curious beings who tried to communicate with any new species they encountered. (E)

this female name was common among the Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

Fifteen Moons Casino
a gaming house located on Ord Mantell, the Fifteen Moons Casino was named for the fifteen natural satellites of the planet. (SL, SWDB)

this was the name of a noted Spiner individual. (UANT)

Fifth Alderaanian Expedition
this was the fifth in a series of galactic exploration missions launched by the people of the planet Alderaan, during the height of the Old Republic's Expansionist Period. This expedition was noted because it was the first such mission to make contact with people of Hijarna. (TLC)

Fifth Battle Group
also known as the Fifth Fleet, this was the New Republic's latest defensive fleet, created about twelve years after the Battle of Endor. The Fifth Battle Group was the first to be completely comprised of the Navy's new classes of starship, such as the Sacheen- and Hajen-class frigates. It was initially placed under the command of Etahn A'baht, and was deployed to the Koornacht Cluster during the Yevethan Great Purge. It initially contained 106 starships, but it took a number of losses in the blockade of Doornik-319. The Fifth Fleet was part of the Republic's defenses during the Yuuzhan Vong invasio of the galaxy, and was the first fleet dispatched to the Utegetu Nebula to blockade the hives of the Colony from spreading beyond its borders. During the blockade, the Fifth Battle Group was commanded by Admiral Nek Bwua'tu, from his position aboard the flagship Star Destroyer Admiral Ackbar. (BTS, SOL, DN2)

Fifth Battle of Qotile
this was one of the decisive struggles during the Stark Hyperspace Conflict, in which Jedi Knight Plo Koon rallied the forces who had been serving under Jedi Master Tyvokka. Master Tyvokka was caught in the crossfire and killed, but his apprentice took control of the Republic's forces and led them to victory. (WOTC)

Fifth Belt
this was the name of the fifth asteroid belt located in the Oseon System. (LCF)

Fifth Fleet
see Fifth Battle Group (DN2)

Fig and Associates
see Figg & Associates (NEGW)

this was a small, sweet type of candy favored by children during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (JQ1)

Figg & Associates
the conglomerate of businesses formed by Ecclessis Figg on Bespin, Figg & Associates was considered a separate business entity from Figg's primary operatio, the Outer Javin Company. (ISU, WOA33)

Figg & Associates Bank and Trust
this was the largest financial institution formed on Cloud City. (GG2)

Figg & Associates Museum of Art
this acclaimed art museum was located on Cloud City, and was funded by Ecclessis Figg and his conglomerate. (GG2)

Figg Avenue
this wide, wondrously-architected pathway was located on the administration level of Cloud City. (GG2)

Figg Excavations
this was one of the many small corporations that were subsidiaries of the Outer Javin Company. Like its parent, Figg Excavations was headquartered on Gerrenthum. However, its primary staging point for exploration and mining operations was at Ione. As a member of the Mining Guild, FiggEx was supposed to provide input on helping all mining operations gain expertise and profitability by sharing information. However, the input from FiggEx was almost always minimal at best, and many within the Guild believed that FiggEx was only working for its own betterment. Nothing pointed this out more than the allegations that FiggEx was employing pirates to ambush its own convoys, as a way to demand local protect from Anoat Sector forces, thereby allowing them to split with the Mining Guild. When these allegations were proven to be true, FiggEx suffered more than the loss of profits it reported from the false piracy. It was severely fined by the Mining Guild and lost a great deal of respect for itself and for the Outer Javin Company. The Outer Javin Company was later discovered to have been unaware of FiggEx's machinations, further compounding the corporation's trouble. (WOA33, WOA34)

Figg Plaza
one of the many beautiful open-air plazas located on Cloud City, Figg Plaza provided visitors with spectacular views of Bespin's sunset. (GG2)

Figg Power Station
this was the primary power-generation facility located on the Ugnaught Surface, in the city of Ugnorgrad, during the early years of the New Republic. It was named for Ecclessis Figg. (PH)

Figg, Bens
this Imperial stormtrooper was part of the detachment stationed on Golrath, during the months following the Battle of Hoth. Lieutenant Giel was placed in command of the Golrath garrison, where the Imperials hoped to find information about the location of the Alliance. Figg was a noted student who graduated from the Imperial Academy with high honors. He excelled in sports, and was handsome enough to always get the girl. It was generally believed that Figg would eventually become an officer in the Empire's command structure. However, Figg was wholly unprepared when Leia Organa infiltrated the Imperial facility on Golrath. She knocked Figg unconscious with a single blow. (MC65)

Figg, Ecclessis
this human was a well-known Corellian, famous for his deep-space explorations and wild inventions. As a young man, Ecclessis served on a number of starships, taking on any job, from steward to mechanic. On one of his expeditions, he discovered the planet Bespin's concentration of tibanna gas. Other gases were also discovered, and he began making plans to mine it. His initial plans called for a large amount of credit, but he lacked the necessary funds to begin. While working as a steward on an Alderaanian yacht, he managed to save the life of a young woman named Yarith. He successfully wooed and married Yarith, and convinced her family to invest in his proposed plans. Over the duration of their marriage, Figg's investments returned a ten-fold profit on her money, as the Outer Javin Company grew and expanded at a tremendous rate. His first Bespin mining colony, the Floating Home, was the start of a number of floating settlements to be erected in the clouds of Bespin, and spurred Figg to create Cloud City. His wife was the primary source for many of the architectural styles, drawing from the styles used on her homeworld of Alderaan. Ecclessis Figg was considered a pioneer during his life, with an amazing record of forging hyperspace routes through the Greater Javin where it was believed no pathways existed. After gaining alliances with the Lutrillians and the Nothoiin, Figg began working to expand the knowledge of Mugaari Space, exploring all the way to the Mid Rim and creating the region that would become the Javin Sector. His work in developing routes from Lutrillia to Darlyn Boda, as well as linking the Corellian Trade Spine at Isde Naha to the Nothoiin Corridor, opened up a wealth of trade opportunities for the Outer Javin Company. The Old Republic even briefly considered using his name to denote a new sector in the Greater Javin, but historical precedent required them to name the area as the Anoat Sector. (GG2, TLC, DA, ISU, WOA33)

Figg, Yarith
this woman, a native of the planet Alderaan, was the wife of Ecclessis Figg. She married him shortly after Figg - who was working as a stewart aboard her family's luxury liner - saved yarith during a trip through the Anoat System. Yarith provided access to her entire family fortune to help Ecclessis Figg start his own business, then known as the Outer Javin Company. The investment, coupled with Figg's ability to navigate through hyperspace, allowed the company to grow rapidly, and brought great wealth to their family and descendents. (WOA33)

see Figg Excavations (WOA33)

FiggEx Security
this was the name of the private security force maintained by Figg Excavations during the height of the New Order. Much of their work was rumored to be so-called "black ops", involving corporate espionage and the manipulation of personnel to allow for FiggEx to achieve its business goals. (WOA34)

Figgis, Arner
this man, a professor of anthropology, proposed that the Bharhulai tribe of Socorro was a perfect example of his survival-regressive-isolationist theory. The theory proposed that groups of humans, isolated from other members of their kind during the colonization of a planet, would revert to primitive stages of human development in order to ensure the survival of the group. (BSS)

Fighting Claw
this was the term used by the New Republic to describe the implanted claws used by Yuuzhan Vong warriors in hand-to-hand combat. Essentially spurs of bone which are attached to specific muscles in the hands, elbow, or knees, fighting claws could be extended in a struggle with a twitch of the connected muscle, allowing the Yuuzhan Vong warrior to making vicious slashes at their opponent. The extension of the claws was a painful act, but it only served to remind the warrior of his continual need to endure pain in order to become more like his gods. (NJOSB)

Figrin D'an
the Bith leader of the Mos Eisley cantina band, he was known as "Fiery Figrin" on Tatooine. Adept at playing both the kloo horn and the Gasan string drum, Figrin was rumored to have a huge stash of fine Corellian spice in his possession, and he is a sucker for a game of sabacc. (SW, SCRE, TME, JKG)

Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes
the Bith band that was playing in the Mos Eisley cantina when Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker booked passage on the Millennium Falcon, they were - at one time - Jabba the Hutt's full-time band. They are members, in good standing, of the Intergalactic Federation of Musicians, and had been entertaining audiences for more than twenty years. During the height of the Clone Wars, the band was part of Jasod Revoc's Galactic Revue. (TME, SW, MJH)

this street urchin, a native of the planet Centares, worked as a courier for Osaji Uhares during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (WOA32)

the wood of this tree was used to create luxurious panelling and accent work. It had a unique, delicate scent, even when finished and polished. It was native to the planet Cardooine, but also existed on the planet Commenor. (TLC, IR)

this was a race of gaseous beings which could form its body into a number of configurations. Native to the planet known only as DNX-N1, the Filar-Nitzan were called "cloud demons" or "gas devils" by the few beings who knew of them. Their coloration is varied, ranging from blue to green and yellow, and their eyes were always the opposite color from their bodies. Thus, a green-bodied Filar-Nitzan had red eyes. Xenobiologists of the New Republic believed that there were less than 400 individual Filar-Nitzan alive in the galaxy. (SWJ12, AE)

this Hutt was one of the few members of his species to actively support the Old Republic during the Clone Wars. He served on Jabiim, where it was rumored that he was dabbling on the black market and trying to curry favor with Alto Stratus. It was also rumored that Filba had connections to Black Sun, and had aspirations to become a vigo himself. Later, Filba was one of the many non-combat personnel dispatched to the planet Drongar, where he served as the supply sergeant and requisitions officer for the Rimsoo Seven military hospital. He was also in charge of the Republic's bota production on the planet, a position which allowed Filba to play burn ends of the candle. He ostensibly maintained tight control over the bota that was shipped out, so as not to lose track of a shipment. However, he was skimming a small amount from each outgoing shipment for his own use, which he later sold on the black market with the help of his commanding officer, Admiral Tarnese Bleyd. It was Bleyd who had placed Filba in complete control of the bota production, which seemed to be a huge responsibility on top of his regular military duties. Not many knew of their side operations, but when they tried to make a higher profit for themselves, it attracted the attention of their primary buyer, the Black Sun organization. Filba had tried to drive the price up by purposely destroying an outgoing shuttle, hoping to claim that additional security would cost them. However, Black Sun was in no mood to play games, and the assassin Kaird was dispatched to Drongar to remedy the situation. Additionally, the spy known as Lens was inside the unit, operating on orders from both BlackSun and the Separatists. Lens managed to slip a poison into Filba's food and water, disguised as a member of The Silent. During a meeting with Bleyd, Filba suddenly seized up, as his system stopped completely. Filba's death was eventually discovered to have been murder, although his killer was never revealed to the rest of Rimsoo Seven. (MBS)

a pirate cargo ferry destroyed by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War, as it tried to ferry supplies to Alliance transports. (TIE)

this X'Ting was a Regent on the council formed by the Five Families, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Because of his position, he was forced to keep a great of his species' history a secret from his mate, G'Mai Duris. This proved to be unfortunate when Filian was challenged to a duel by Caiza Quill, in a combat known as "going to the sand". Quill killed Filian, forcing Duris to assume his position on the council. Filian died before the couple could engage in the X'Ting fertilization dance, leaving Duris childless and without heirs. (HIV, TCD)

Filice Gonzork
this Arhan slicer was a member of The Shield during the Galactic Civil War. She married Peert Ginzork shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (CRO)

a New Republic Lieutenant serving under Admiral Ackbar. (XWN)

Fillin Ta
this young Whiphid, along with Norun Gep, ran Gep's Grill in Mos Eisley.They made their living by rendezvousing with hunters on the outskirts of Mos Eisley, buying up catches of dewback and bantha for their delicious food. (GG7)

Fillio Androu
this Wroonian and his partner, Linx Mallicker, salvaged the Lambarian Crab and modified it for their own use. The two were known as weapons runners, and plied the Rimma Trade Route while supplying weapons to the Alliance. (SS)

an Anzati word for a simple pleasure. (TME)

this being was once the Supreme Chancellor of the Old Republic. His assistance in resolving the Duinuogwuin Contention made him famous throughout the Republic's history. Statues of Fillorean and his counterpart in the resolution, Borz'Mat'oh, stood in the central administration building of the University of Coruscant, which he co-founded with the Star Dragon. (CCW)

this gas giant was the innermost planet of the Centares System, located in the Mid Rim. It was orbited by a single moon. (WOA32)

this specialized datacard was used by the various banking and financial institutions on Aargau to identify an individual and keep track of their account balances. In addition to possessing the filocard, an individual also had to submit to an identity check, often a retinal scan or other DNA analysis, to ensure that they were entitled to the money in a given account. (BF3)

this was a race of unusual, six-limbed aliens which was native to the planet Filordis. The front pair of limbs was used as strong arms, and the rear pair of limbs was heavily-muscled and used for walking. The middle pair of limbs was very thin, and was used for stabilizing their thick bodies during locomotion. In the galaxy at large, the average Filordi was known to have two desires: to make their homeworld less hostile, and to get away from it as fast as they could. The Filordi were one of three races, along with the Neimoidians and the Caarites, which controlled the Trade Federation during the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo. However, both the Filordi and the Caarites were unprepared for the Neimoidians' plans to blockade the Naboo System, and decided to break off their relationship with the Trade Federation. Together, the two races form the Metatheran Cartel, and begin making plans to wrest control of Cularin from the Federation if the blockade of Naboo should fail. When the Federation was defeated at Naboo and was faced with the loss of their trade charter, the Metatheran Cartell assumed control of Cularin. (WOTC, LFC)

this was another name for the Filordis language. (LFC)

this rocky world orbited a red star, and was known as the homeworld of the Filordi race. The surface of Filordis was constantly swept by fierce winds and thunderstorms. (LFC)

this was the native language of the Filordi people. (LFC)

this was the term used to describe a single member of the Filordi race. (UANT)

Filorin, Abil
this man was the Alliance's primary contact within the local rebel cell on Brosi. Abil worked hard to make contact with the Brosin Underground, hoping to bring them into the fold of the Alliance before their efforts crossed paths. Note that this character is also referred to as Abil Vilorin in Alliance Intelligence Reports. (AIR)

this was a swear word used by Alliance pilots. (T12)

this planet was the site of one of Thrawn's last attacks before he attacked Coruscant. The attack was led by the Star Destroyer Judicator. Much of the planet is covered by a hot desert, and the native Filvians have built enclosed cities to protect themselves from the planet's scorching environment. (TLC, TTSB)

the race native to Filve, this Filvians were large, intelligent quadripeds which evolved in the various harsh landscapes of Filve. Their bumpy shape was a result of a variety of glands and sacs located on their bodies, which helped a Filvian hold water and fat for consumption in emergency situations. This allowed them to go for up to thirty days without food or water. Their three-fingered hands were quite dextrous, and many Filvians were known to be excellent computer operators. (TLC, TTSB)

Fil'vye Transport
this was the shipping and transport company owned by Onoron Fil'vye, which was based on Streysel Island on Vaynai during the height of the New Order. Outwardly Fil'vye Transport was known for its ability to get sensitive cargoes required by corporations and governments moved between locations with speed and security. However, these operations served as cover for Fil'vye's more lucrative smuggling contracts. (GMR8)

Final Flight
this was the Basic translation of the Nediji name for death. (MJH)

Final Jump
spacer slang for death. (HSR)

Final Prophet
this is the Charon death cult's exalted leader. It was believed that the Final Prophet would be the Charon who would lead them all into the Void, for the Prophet would show them how to eliminate all life in the galaxy. The Void would then reveal to the Prohpet all the secrets of the galaxy, and allow the Charon to return to the Void. (OS)

Final Redoubt
this was the New Republic's codename for the establishment of a new base of operations on the moon Ebaq 9, in an effort to draw the Yuuzhan Vong into a trap. Using the abandoned bronzium mines, the New Republic established a minimal base on Ebaq 9, outwardly claiming that planets like Kashyyyk and Calamari were easy targets for the Yuuzhan Vong, and a more defensible location was required. The idea, realized during the Battle of Ebaq, was to draw the Yuuzhan Vong into a dead-end hyperspace route in the Deep Core, with the base on Ebaq 9 as the bait. (DW)

Final Trump
this was the name of a dreamed-up sabacc hand, created by Lando Calrissian in a dream he experienced during the early years of the New Order. Lando envisioned this hand as an automatic 23 for its holder, although his dream depicted a gray-skinned opponent getting the Final Trump. (LCS)

Financial Reform Act
this resolution was placed before the Galactic Senate some eight years after the Battle of Naboo. The FRA was created to address the rampant greed and corruption that was overtaking the Senate, but it was met with stern opposition. Historically, the FRA was believed to have been the primary impetus for many systems to separate from the Old Republic and join the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The FRA never came to a vote, after it was revealed that Venco Autem had arranged for the murder of Jheramahd Greyshade, and planned to assassinate his successor, Simon Greyshade. The Senate fell into an uproar, and the FRA was tabled. With no recourse against the corruption, systems began to secede from the Republic. (RHD)

Finder, The
this was the nickname of the Twi'lek known as Loh'khar. (SWJ6)

Findo, Jarth
a native of the Corellian System, Jarth Findo was once a member of the Imperial Army's Special Missions company. After the company was nearly defeated by Alliance forces, Findo deserted his outfit and barely escaped the stromtroopers sent to bring him back. He started his own mercenary band, and recruited former members of the Imperial Army to join him. Many of his mercenaries were imprisoned for being mentally unstable, but Findo had no problems with that. He later began attacking New Republic military installations, but managed to elude capture. It was believed he maintained a base in the Duro Sector. (WBC)

this planet, the primary world in the Findris Sector, was the site of the Colonial News Net headquarters. It is also known as the birthplace of the Justice Action Network. (CRO)

Findris Flu
this common affliction tends to linger on in its sufferers, even after normal treatment is complete. (VP)

this was the Empire's primary financial tracking system. Composed of computer systems within every financial institution and maintaining records on virtually every corporation and retail chain, the FiNet allowed FRN-I droids to investigate the money trail of a criminal or organization. (SWJ6)

Staffa's aide on Berchest, Fingal had the uncanny ability to show absolutely no emotion, no matter what the situation. He had served on Berchest for nearly ten years at the time of the Battle of Endor, as an undercover agent of the Empire, and believed his career was over until he was reactivated by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn used Fingal to keep an eye on Staffa, as well as to monitor any possible activities of Luke Skywalker on Berchest. (TLC, TTSB)

native to the seas of Ruan, this fish had little value as a foodstuff. Instead, the Salliche Agricultural Corporation harvested them and ground them up for use as a fertilizer additive. (JE)

this was a species of tree which was maintained by the Yuuzhan Vong on the planet Coruscant, after the alien race terraformed the planet into a simulacrum of Yuuzhan'tar. (UF)

Fingerprint Masque
similar in appearance to an ink pad, this device attached a biochemical screen (or masque) to a being's fingertips. The screen can be set to a random pattern or a known pattern, and altered the fingerprint impression of a being. (GG11)

this was the name used by Dusque Mistflier to identify a female Zabrak she met on Naboo, about a year after the Battle of Yavin. The name describe the fact that the Zabrak had lost two fingers on her left hand when a borgle attacked her on Rori. (ROD)

Fingertip Express
this was the name of Moranda Savich's MRX-BR Pacifier. (VOF)

Finhead Stonebone
an alien resembling a Kubaz, except that he appears to have three snouts instead of just one. A larger snout extends in between two smaller snouts. His origins were never discovered, although history shows he appeared in the known galaxy only a few years before the Great Sith War. He joined a pirate group in the Vorc Sector shortly afterward, and eventually earned enough money to buy his own ship. As Captain of the Starjacker, he tried to steal ore from Gruna's Colossus Wasp transport ship. When Gruna called in protection from Bogga the Hutt, Finhead was captured and given two choices: immediate death, or fly to Ambria and kill Master Thon. Finhead chose to go to Ambria, but was unsuccessful in trying to kill the Jedi Master. His small attack force was repelled by Thon and Nomi Sunrider. (TOJ, TOJC)

Finis Valorum Memorial
this memorial to the former Supreme Chancellor of the galaxy was erected on the Chancellery Walkway, in the Jrade District of Coruscant, during the height of the Clone Wars. Valorum himself had been killed in a Separatist attack, and his memory was honored with the dedicated of the memorial. However, his inability to put a halt to the predations of the Trade Federation left him with few supporters, and the dedication of the memorial was attended by less than 200 individuals. (SWI73)

Fink's Hole
a city located on the planet Shador, Fink's Hole was close to the starport in Mud Station. Like other cities on the planet, the buildings in Fink's Hole were built on pylons to keep them above the swampy water. All travel between buildings was accomplished with gondollas and repulsor-powered boats. (SL)

an Imperial soldier killed on Cilpar. (XWRS)

this Sith Master was a known terrorist during the years leading up to the Battle of Ruusan. He demanded unequivocal loyalty from his apprentice, as shown in the ruthless way he accepted Marka over his prior apprentice. (T17)

this young man was one of many natives of the planet Herdessa who didn't want the New Republic to take control of the galaxy, in the wake of the Battle of Endor. Finn and his friend, Suzu, lobbed mudballs at Leia Organa and Mon Mothma, when the two leaders of the Alliance arrived on Herdessa to discuss the planet position on a new galactic government. He was later captured, and was to be executed by Lumiya until Leia managed to shoot the chief of security and give Finn time to escape. (MC88)

Finn, Jasta
this rough, grim-looking man was a bounty hunter who worked in the Borderlands Region of the galaxy during the early years of the New Republic. He was loyal to Janelle Serap, and did much of her dirty work from a base on Seikosha. It was Finn who received the shipment of astromech droids and weapons from Simms Jonndril, including the droid R1-T4. (POC)

Finna, Rafe
this bounty hunter was licensed by the Empire, and was rumored to have been hired by the Lant Mining Corporation to eliminate certain disruptive individuals from the floating city of Gadde, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (FBS)

this ancient Cerean was one of a handful of forward-thinking Jedi Masters who developed the idea of creating a mobile base of operations for the Jedi of the Old Republic. Some 400 years before the Battle of Yavin, these Jedi Masters felt that the Jedi - as well as the rest of the Republic - were resting on their laurels, and needed to ensure their continued development and advancement or become stagnant. To this end, Fin-So-Rowan and his fellow Jedi designed the massive training ship Chu'unthor, to serve as mobile base of operations from which the Jedi could observe the galaxy and keep pace with its trends. (PJSB)

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