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Flame Ibbot
this average-sized ibbot, native to the banks of the Boiling Sea on the planet Drall, was named for the way it squirt a jet of scalding water from its mouth. (CCW)

Flame Jewel
this was one of the many valuable gemstones found on the planet Roon, although many felt that they paled in comparison to the Roonstones. (WOTC, GORW)

Flame Opal
a valuable gemstone. (POT)

Flame Rifle
an out-dated weapon that produced a blast of destructive flame that could be aimed at a target. (HSL)

this was a type of valuable gemstone. (LCM, LCS)

this was the name used to describe the chief deity of the M'ust race, embodied by the subterranean flames which filled their underground lairs. Cody Sunn-Childe claimed to have been reformed after coming in contact with the Flame-God, turning his back on his own violence to embrace peace and imbuing him with the ability to give life to his own dreams. (MC46)

this unusual grass was native to the plains of Tovarskl. (E3N)

this was a bladed weapon developed by the X'Ting. (TCD)

this exotic flower was native to the planet of Alderaan. (SWJ6)

this alcoholic cocktail could burn the tongue while it froze the throat, if properly mixed by the bartender. Han Solo liked to partake of a Flameout or two every so often, during his early career as a smuggler. (HSR)

a song written and played by the band Red Shift Limit. It was first released as part of the compilation entitled Thoughts from The Core, and has been banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

Flames of Eluthan
this was the name used by the Acherins to describe the brilliant sunsets that occurred in the city of Eluthan. When the atmospheric conditions were right, the setting sun bathed the stone buildings of Eluthan and its plateau with deep, orange light. From the lowlands below the plateau, the city appeared as if it were on fire, with the stones literally glowing in the orange light. (LJ2)

Flames of Umate
this quasi-religious sect sprang up on the planet Coruscant, as a group which was dedicated to preserving the pristine beauty of the Umate peak. Over time, the Flames of Umate became the de feacto security force in Monument Park, keeping visitors from chipping away bits of stone from the peak. The members of the Flames of Umate often touched the rock while meditating, hoping to commune with the "world-spirit" located in Coruscant's molten core. (CCW)

Flamestrike Legion
this small but cohesive unit of troops defended Bamula Sector from foreign invasion for several generations before the Empire showed up. The Legion, noted for its mustard-yellow armor, was no match for the Imperial war machine, and forcibly disbanded. (SWJ8)

Flamewind of Oseon
this was the name given to the unique, annual flaring of the Oseon System's primary star. The star belched out huge, peculiar solar prominences once a year. These flares picked up excited vapors from the inner asteroids in the system, further exciting them and creating a huge, fluorescent, pulsating display of colors throughout the asteroid system. This display was a huge event for the tourist trade in the Oseon, as beings from across the galaxy traveled to the Oseon to witness the Flamewind. The cycle of the Flamewind lasted about three weeks, during which time all interasteroid travel was restricted and communications were completely blotted out. Fluorescing particles of energy and light jumped from asteroid to asteroid, bathing the entire Oseon System in a multi-colored light show. There were stories and legends of strange disappearances, apparitions, and visitations during the Flamewind. It was also theorized that the unusual solar flares that caused the Flamewind might also have played a role in the destruction of the system's original planets. During the early years of the New Order, Lando Calrissian returned to the Oseon System to play sabacc with Lob Doluff, and observed one of the Flamewind's displays while he tried to arrest Bohhuah Mutdah. (LCF)

this was a mild expletive used during the last decades of the Old Republic, and for many years during the era of the New Order. (HSL, TCD)

Flaming Ragerunners
this was the name given to a group of daredevils who performed incredible aerobatic maneuvers in airspeeders and skyhoppers during the height of the New Order. Their insignia was a sitting creature depicted in red, with a row of flames rising from its back. (IWST)

this was a slang term used by law enforcement officers to indicate a con artist. (SWJ6)

Flan, Gevil
this man owned a dockside warehouse on Fait d'Fait, and was a friend of Siro Simito during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He kept Simito's Alliance loyalties a secret, primarily because he knew that the Vallaido pirates would kill him if he squealed. (CRO)

this barren ball of rock was the third and outermost planet in the Thanta Zilbra system, until it was destroyed by the Sacorrian Triad as part of the Starbuster Plot. (CTD)

Flanders, Starfall
this mad, blustery pirate issued many challenges in his day, under the Rules of the Blade. (SWJ5)

Flandon Sweeg
primary character in The Slug Named Grendel, Flandon Sweeg was a starship captain who was up to his ears in debt. He was a dangerous, dishonorable man who commanded his ship through fear rather than through comradery. He planned to capture the legendary space slug Grendel and sell it off, hoping to make enough credits to pay off his debtors ans reatin a huge fortune. Flandon, his starship Darkfire, and his crew were all lost in the Borkeen Belt. (SWSB)

Flandorian Flower
the blossoms of this plant are used to decorate the floats used in the Shaldania Parade on Coruscant. (SWJ8)

this nutritional food is hated by many young children for its lack of taste. Note that this is spelled flanth in the Star Wars Adventure Journal, Number 14. (CSA, SWJ14, MC62)

this subsidiary of Arcon Multinode Agricorp is the second-largest fast food chain in the galaxy. (CSA)

this creature was generally regarded as the source of the foodstuff known as flangth, although no one has ever seen one. (PGT)

this world was located in a remote part of Fakir Sector, on the border between the sector and the Colonies region. Its star exploded sometime after the Battle of Yavin, destroying the entire system. The Empire abandoned its base on Flankers shortly before the explosion. (SWCP)

Flannis, Fionna
this woman was an investigative reporter with the Colonial News Net during the height of the New Order. She despised the social hierarchy developed by the Empire, and hated the upper classes. It was for this reason that she joined the Alliance, providing information she gathered from attending Imperial events to Alliance agents in the hopes that she could embarrass the Imperial elite. (CRO)

this creature, native to the planet Gamorr, lives in muddy swamps. (POT)

this was the name of Anniha Nega's modified Z-95 Headhunter. (CCW)

this modified Kuat Leisure 121-B pleasure craft was used by Aayla Secura and Ylenic It'kla during their mission to rescue Ratri Tane, shortly after the onset of the Clone Wars. (SWI66)

Flare Base
an Alliance outpost set up in the high mountains on Korseg IV. (RPG)

this was one of the fastest swoop racers produced, during the last years of the Old Republic, by Mobquet. Marketing literature claimed that the Flare-P could achieve speeds in excess of 450 kilometers per hour. (HNN5)

this Mobquet swoop is a hybrid of the innovations derived from racing swoops and speeder bikes. Measuring 2.5 meters in length, it was heavier than most swoops, a fact that was attributed to its reinforced S-shaped chassis. The Flare-S has forward-mounted steering vanes and longer stabilizer bars to increase handling and maneuverability. The repulsorlift engine is mounted in the center of the frame to help decrease rolling and tumbling. The Flare-S is also equipped with air intakes that force-feed turbothrusters connected to directionall nozzles for additional speed and maneuverability. It can attain speeds of up to 600 kilometers per hour. (EGV, CCG9, SOT)

this was one of the many bars and taverns that sprung up on Yag'Dhul's space station after Rogue Squadron moved in. The Flarestar was known for its good service and dark, brooding decor. (BW)

Flarestream, Margo "Pepper"
known to her allies as "Pepper," Margo was a flight commander with the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. She defected from the Imperial Academy early in the war, before it became "fashionable." She was capable of flying anything, from Z-95 Headhunters to X-Wings. She was given her first command during the evacuation of Refnar, ordered to protect the transports and freighters long enough for them to jumpo into hyperspace. However, when her unit was decimated in the Last Stand at Refnar, she lost more than good friends and pilots. She lost her will to fly, and requested a transfer out of Starfighter Command. She "retired" to Fabrillan, where she spent most of her time drunk while awaiting her next orders. (CRO)

a swear word which often referred to excrement. (ROE)

this is the Wookiee name for a species of bird common on Kashyyyk. They are hunted for food by the Wookiees. The flarion are easily started, and require quick reflexes to shoot. (TT)

a group of Alliance Y-Wings supporting the Tela from the frigate Xerxes. (TIE)

Flash 4
Merr-Sonn's heavy blaster pistol, the Flash 4 was a knock-off of the BlasTech DL-44. Like the DL-44, the Flash 4 had a "cautionary Pulser" grip, which gave off a subtle vibration to the user's gunhadn when the power pack got low on energy. (RASB, EGW, AEG)

Flash Bomb
this was a modern version of a flash mine, used to temporarily blind any being in the immediate vicinity of the explosion. (SWGAL)

Flash Colorpan
this was one most colorful pieces of costume jewelry worn during the last decades of the Old Republic. (APS)

Flash Company
one of the two divisions of the ThunderForce mercenary unit. Flash and Dazzle Companies each have eight full platoons of soldiers, and each had nearly 200 members in the unit. (HAS)

Flash Fire
this Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser was part of Warlord Zsinj's third fleet, during the early years of the New Republic. The Flash Fire was destroyed at the Battle of Selaggis. (SOC)

Flash Goggles
a form of eye protection which continually and immediately adjusts for incoming light. They are often used near blast sights, to help protect the eyes of the viewers. Similar to tranparisteel, the lenses in flash goggles darken when the incoming light brightens. Flash gogles also share transparisteel's tendency to cloud up completely following an intense flare, but flash goggles often burn out completely following these flares, rendering them useless. (AC)

Flash Mine
this ancient form of mine used a large power source to produce a blinding flash of light and sound when activated, stunning a victim into immobility. (KOTOR2)

Flash Paste
developed by the Empire during the height of the New Republic, flash paste was similar in some respects to D-Tape. It could be placed on windows and doors, easily conforming to a wide range of shapes and filling cracks. However, when ignited, flash paste simply burned with an intense heat, melting most metals rather than exploding. This allowed soldiers to gain access to sealed areas without alerting enemies to their presence. (FB)

Flash Pistol
this primitive weapon was the favored sidearm on the planet Sevarcos. It used gunpowder to project a bullet at its target. (SWJ12)

Flash Rifle
a large weapon used on Sevarcos, the flash rifle is a bigger version of the flash pistol. It used primitive gunpowder to project a small bullet at its target. (SWJ12)

Flash Speeder
this was one of two primary repulsor-equipped speeders produced by the engineers of the royal forces of Naboo. The Flash speeder was first put to use on Naboo some thirty years before the Trade Federation invaded the planet, but continued to be of service during the Battle of Naboo. The 4.5-meter-long Flash speeder has essentially a modified SoroSuub Seraph speeder, with two outboard repulsor engines and room for a pilot and a passenger. The Flash is a military design, and has a turret-mounted laser cannon mounted between the engines at the rear of the speeder. It has room for a pilot and up to three passengers, and can attain speeds of 200 kilometers per hour. (SW1, YJC1, X1, IG1, SON, NEGV)

Flash Teaching
a technique for implanting personalities and technical training on clones. (TLC)

this was a simple explosive used by the clone commandos of the Grand Army of the Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. Flashbangs were little more than bright lights and loud noises, meant to startle or stun an opponent into inaction, allowing the commando to capture or eliminate the opponent as necessary. (SWI81)

this was one of the many clans of the Nosaurian race, which was native to the planet New Plympto. (CCW)

a term used by Jedi Masters to describe the way in which certain Jedi and Force-sensitive individuals will close off areas of their minds in reaction to a large, emotional trauma. The result is that the individual has sections of their memory seeming cease to exist, and they can't remember details about the thing at the center of the trauma. Corran Horn was flashburned when he believed his Mirax was lost, shortly after the death of Emperor Palpatine's clone. (IJ)

this was an outdated form of blaster weapon which was used by pirates during the last decades of the Old Republic. (NEGC)

built by the Korlier Combine, these fast starfighters are among the rarest of ships in the galaxy. Like all other Korlier designs, the Flashships have no serial numbers, which makes them hard to identify and trace. (VOF)

this small, metal baton was used by the Drall police as a defensive weapon. At the end of the baton was a crystal, and hidden inside the shaft was a surprisingly strong power source. When the flashstick touched an individual, it triggered the power source to delivere a blinding flash of light, augmented by the many facets of the crystal at the end. The burst of light blinded an attacker for several hours. (CCW)

this term became popular during the early years of the New Republic. It was used to describe any hasty and swift departure for a remote destination, as in "We'd better flashtail it out of here, or we'll never make it." (SQ)

Flask, Erisson
an Alliance soldier who spent time on the Kwenn space station. (RC)

this young man worked as the son of a farmer on the planet Ceriun, some 1,000 years before the Battle of Endor. He was also one of Tenno's close friends. When Tenno suggested that they take the Jedi holocron found by Ka'arn and keep it safe until a Jedi could travel to Ceriun to recover it, Flass was among the group that agreed to help him. They also hoped that, maybe, a Sith might come looking for it, and take them all as apprentices. When the Sith did arrive and simply took the holocron, Tenno explained that they had been trying to ensure he could have it. Anger surged in the Sith, who explained that he needed no one's help before killing Flass and the others as Tenno's "reward". (T17)

Flat Liner
Erlick Frodor's YT-1300 freighter, he used it to help the Alliance in the Demophon System. When Frodor became the commander of the Orflon Base, the Flat Liner was turned over to the Alliance for use as an evacuation ship. It was later renamed the One Liner. (SN)

this Alderaanian foodstuff is a tasty, crusty, cracker-like bread. (TPS)

similar to a flatscreen, the flatcam is a two-dimensional recording and display system which was used in the age before holocams were invented. (SOA)

any device which uses a two-dimensional display for input and output. (TJP)

a two-dimension artform popularized by the Vaathkree. (HTTE)

this was the term used to describe those Swokes Swokes who monitored small sections of The Tract. These individuals moved about in small speeders, helping relatives find their dead ancestors in the massive graveyard. (GORW)

this was the term used to describe those members of the Tract Conviction who tended the trillions of stone tiles located in The Tract. (WOTC, GORW)

any two-dimensional message transmission screen. (AC)

this nesting, avian creature was native to the moon Sulon. (RAG)

this musical style was popular among the youths of the galaxy, during the height of the New Order. (GMR6)

a member of the Human League on Corellia, Flautis often worked with Barnley. Flautis was a short, greasy, unkempt human. (AC)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

Flavian, Cort
this Corporate Sector Authority Security Policeman was working for Jor Nieler some years after the Battle of Endor. Easily distinguished by his bright red hair, Cort was working undercover with Nieler at Rordan's Spaceship Parts and More in the starport city of Verena. His position was doubly dangerous, for Cort was also an undercover Imperial Intelligence agent at the time. (TSK)

located in the Ptera System of the Sumitra Sector, Flax is home to the Flakax race of insectiods. It is tectonically active, and is covered alternately by oceans, incredibly-tall mountain ranges, and deserts. The Flakax live underground in hives. The planet was overrun by the Empire, and the Flakax were enslaved and used to mine ores from the planet's crust. (GG4, REB)

this female, albino Duinuogwuin had been living on the planet Iego for thousands of years, having settled on the planet during the time of the Cronese Sweeps. She lost count of how long she had been living on Iego, but she had gone blind over the millennia. She made her home just north of the Boneyard, but few beings ever learned why she chose to remain on the planet. (GORW)

this was one of the more common names used by Trandoshan hunters. Like most Trandoshan names, it was reserved for males, but could be adopted by those rare females who became hunters. In the Trandoshan language, the name meant "fate of death by slow torture". (GCG)

Flechette Launcher
a shoulder-mounted weapon that launches a cannister filled with small darts. The cannister explodes a short distance from its target, releasing a hail of darts. (HSR, CSA, KO)

Flechette Missile
a projectile, just over 11 centimeters in length, that is built as an anti-personnel weapon or an armor-piercing anti-vehicle weapon. (GFT)

this was one of Gamgalon's henchmen on Varonat. He was the Krish's chief come-up flector. (TFE)

this nuisance parasite was native to the planet Askaj, and living by burrowing into the fur or hair of many mammals. (TG)

a snake-like creature native to the planet Falleen. They inhabit the Hocekureem Sea. They are a delicacy, and are often served cooked in pepper oil or zaffa oil. (SE, SESB)

Fleet Central Communications
the branch of the New Republic responsible for the hyperspace communication between various factions of the New Republic Navy. (TLC)

Fleet Command Academy
this was the fledgling New Republic's premier Naval officers' training facility. (SOC)

Fleet of the Glorious Defender Queen
this was the term used to describe the ships of the Hapan Royal Navy. (DN1)

Fleet Tactics and Combat Methodology
this Alliance military guidebook was written by Admiral Ackbar, and was intended for reading by the Alliance's Navy officers. (TBSB)

Fleet Watch
this publication is the newsletter of the Alliance Veterans Victory Association. It attempted to provide a non-confidential, up-to-date status report of the New Republic's Navy and Armed Forces. (TT)

this Ikas-Adno utility landspeeder was similar in many respects to the Ubrikkian Industries 9000 Z004 speeder. Ubrikkian even sued Ikas-Adno for stealing the design. However, the only thing that was similar on the two vehicles was their appearance. The Fleetwing was notorious for its rough ride, lacking the sophisticated counter-balancing system of the Z004. It measured four meters in length, and could carry a pilot, four passengers, and sixty kilograms of cargo. It could achieve a maximum flight ceiling of 1.5 meters, and could attain speeds of 200 kilometers per hour. (GSE)

Fleffant, Jarg
this man served as a Corporal in the Office of Peace and Security in Gadrin, on the planet Cularin, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. It was Corporal Fleffant who discovered the decrypted message posted to the HoloNet by the slicer known as Tiny F, a message that apparently came from Jir Tramsig and called for the complete suppression of resistance throughout the Cularin System. Despite his quick recognition of the message's importance, Corporal Fleffant caught a great deal of online flack for his name, especially from the slicer known as Alyssaroxu. (LFCW)

this carnivorous flying ray was native to the planet Taloraan, where they preyed upon the huge sleft-chuffni. They have barbed tails that they use to rip open the sleft-chuffni's gasbag. The Wind Raiders used fleft-wauf as mounts, in their attacks on the Denfraadi. (SWJ5)

a creature whose liver is often creamed to make pate'. (TME)

Flejj Beast
this predator was native to the planet Lannik. (ETM)

according to a story that circulated on the HoloNet following the Battle of Endor, Flek was a droid who was once owned by Lando Calrissian. Together, they perpetrated all manner of scams to swindle credits from unsuspecting beings. The story paralleled Lando's experienced with Vuffi Raa, and many felt that it portrayed Lando in an unflattering light. Among the stories was a con in which Lando portrayed a Ronin Jedi Knight in order to obtain a set of statuettes from a timid race of beings known as the Meeks. The statuettes turned out to be forgeries, although Lando had been forced to eliminate a marauding rancor to obtain them. Flek wanted to return and pay the Meeks a measure of revenge, but Lando refused, claiming that their ingenuity in getting him to chase off the rancor was to be commended. This ending to the story served to redeem Lando's image, as he accepted the outcome and left the Meeks alone. (T20)

this was one of the most common male names used by members of the Ithorian race. Although most Ithorian names were not used for a specific meaning, historians found that this name referred to one of the strongest beasts of burden found on Ithor. (GCG)

this was a strong beast of burden that was raised on the planet Ithor. (GCG)

Flenn, Mich
this aging Corellian was a smuggler who retired as soon as he made enough credits to purchase the Blue Light Tavern on Nar Shaddaa. He was the first person to describe the Jedi Knights to Han Solo. (RD)

Flennic, Kurlen
this Imperial Moff controlled the planet Yaga Minor, as part of the Imperial Remnant, following the peace accord made with the New Republic. He was a member of the old school Imperial doctrine, and believed that the Republic should be left alone when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. His beliefs were mirrored by many of the Moffs, despite the warnings of Grand Admiral Pellaeon. Pellaeon's fears were realized when the Yuuzhan Vong, smarting from their losses at the Battle of Ebaq, decided to eliminate any marginal threats before re-engaging the Republic. The Imperial Remnant, confident in their defenses, were unprepared for the Yuuzhan Vong attack. Bastion and Muunilinst were destroyed in short order, and Flennic and the Moff Council were forced to flee their holdings. When it believed that Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon had perished at Bastion, Flennic took his own small fleet and tried to assume control of the Empire. His attempt was short-lived, however, when Pellaeon arrived at Yaga Minor quite alive. Both Pellaeon and Jacen Solo began to negotiate with Flennic and the Moffs, hoping to convince them that joining the Galactic Alliance was the only true way for the Empire to survive the Yuuzhan Vong. After the Battle of Borosk proved that the Galactic Alliance was sincere in its attempts to bring the Imperial Remnant into its fold, Flennic and many other Moffs refused to believe that the former "rebel scum" were the Empire's best chance for survival. When Pellaeon explained that the "rebel scum" had defeated the Empire at Endor, Flennic decided that he had had enough. He pulled a blaster and threatened to shoot Pellaeon, but his shot went wide. Flennic was immediately surrounded by stormtroopers, but Pellaeon decide not to punish Flennic. Instead, Pellaeon refused to eliminate a good leader, and Flennic agreed to accept the Galactic Alliance's offer. (DTR, FH1)

this avian scavenger was native to the planet Sakiya, and was considered a bad luck omen by the Sakiyans. If a flensor was seen flying over one's bonepit, it was an especially bad sign. (MJH)

this city was found on the planet Ansion. (APS)

this young being was a student at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the last years of the Old Republic. (YDR)

Flesh Camouflage
developed by Illicit Electronics, this small device allowed the user to generate contact lenses and realistic facial masks to hide their true identity, or to assume another another identity. The computer which controlled the system was quite advanced, and required a programmer who was familiar with the system. This device could also generate identification cards for a given disguise. (GFT)

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