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Forge, Kassar
Lujayne's father, Kassar originally came to Kessel in an effort to try and reform the criminals there. He voluntarily remained on the moon following the Battle of Endor, believing that he still could make a difference in the lives of the criminals. (WG)

Forge, Lujayne
a native of Kessel, she was a member of Wedge Antilles' Rogue Squadron. Her father was an Old Republic corrections officer who went to Kessel to teach inmates how to better re-integrate back into society upon their release. There, he met and fell in love with Lujayne's mother, an inmate at the time. Together they got married and had a number of children. They remained on Kessel when Lujayne left to join the New Republic. She felt that Corran Horn held this against her, since he was part of a Security team that toured Kessel. Forge was killed on Talasea, when Kirtan Loor's troops infiltrated the Rogues' base there. She never awakened when the stormtroopers entered the compound, and was shot in her sleep. (XWN)

Forge, Myda
Myda was the wife of Kassar Forge, and the mother of Lujayne and Inyri. She stayed by her husband's side, teaching the criminals imprisoned at Kessel how to reform themselves. She would not have chosen Kessel as a place to live, but her love for her husband kept her there. (WG)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer suppressed rebellious activity on Gra Ploven during the reign of Emperor Palpatine. It's commander was Davith Sconn, who - under orders from Moff Dureya - fired multiple turbolaser batteries into the planet's water supplies, creating super-hot steam which boiled the native Ploven alive. (SOL)

this was the process by which the seeds of the boras tree of Zonama Sekot were split open by lightning and charged with energy. From this point, the seeds were annealed into new boras trees. The development of Sekotan starships mimicked this process, as seed-partners were allowed to grow before they were filled with energy and modified into seed-disks. (RP)

Forgofshar Desert
a desert located on Carida, it was used to acclimate Imperial inductees to harsh climates. (TME)

Forgotten Spire
this manufactured spire rose from the rocky outcroppings of the planet Dathomir, although few natives remembered their origins or purpose. Explorers and archaeologists discovered that these spires bore a striking resemblance to the Forgotten Spires found on Corellia. (SWGAL)

Forgotten Spires
this collection of three manufactured spires rose from the plains of Corellia, although few natives remembered their origins or purpose. Explorers and archaeologists discovered that these spires bore a striking resemblance to the Forgotten Spire found on Dathomir. (SWGAL)

Fori, Vett
this short, tough-looking woman served as the chief supervisor of mining operations on Oseon 2795 when Lando Calrissian stopped there, during the early years of the New Order. Her disarming smile often caught men offguard, as did her propensity to smoke a cigar. (LCM)

Forig Thull
this mercenary and bounty hunter made a name for himself in the Outer Rim Territories during the early years of the New Republic. (SWJ3)

this was a common name given to male Duros children. The name Forim came from the term meaning "capable" or "dependable". (GCG)

Fork, The
this was a strategy used in the game of dejarik, in which a player moved a single gamepiece into a position to attack two or more of an opponent's pieces. The opponent was left with a single choice: which of their pieces to lose. Eventually, the term "The Fork" became more integrated into normal conversation to indicate any situation in which an individual must choose between two or more disasters. (SHPT)

derived from the dejarik game, in which The Fork was a strategy used to force an opponent to choose which gamepiece they would lose, being "forked" meant that an individual was faced with a decision in which they had to choose which of two or more disasatrous situations would not occur. Regardless of the choice, something disastrous would result. (SHPT)

Form I
known as Shii-Cho, this was the simplest form of lightsaber combat techniques studied by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic, and was generally considered the first form used by the original creators of lightsabers. Sometimes called the ideal form, Form I used horizontal side-swipes and parries made with the blade of the lightsaber held upright to push the point of an enemy's blade away during a side-to-side attack. If the attack was a downward slash aimed at the head, Form I simply reversed the motion, with a horizontally-held lightsaber being moved up and down to deflect a blow. All the basic ideals of attack, parry, target zones, and practice drills were created with the Form I style. (VD2, SWI62, SWI68)

Form II
known as Makashi, this ancient Jedi Knight lightsaber combat technique was developed when pikes and staves were more common in the galaxy. Form II emphasized fluid motion and anticipation of a weapon being swung at its target, allowing the Jedi to attack and defend with minimal effort. Although many Jedi historians considered Form II to be the ultimate refinement in lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat, it was dropped in favor of Form III combat when blaster weapons became prevalent in the galaxy. (VD2, SWI62, SWI68)

Form III
known as Soresu, this was a lightsaber dueling technique developed by the Jedi Knights, after blaster weapons became the normal weapon of choice among criminals and underworld beings. Unlike Form II combat, which was developed to work against another lightsaber, Form III was most effective in anticipating and deflecting blaster fire. It stressed quick reflexes and fast positional transition, in order to overcome the rapidity with which a blaster could be fired. It was essentially a defensive technique, emphasizing the non-aggressive Jedi philosophy while reducing the exposed areas of their bodies. Because of these attributes, many Jedi - especially those who practiced Form III - felt that it was the one form that required the deepest connection to the Force. In the wake of the death of Qui-Gon Jinn at the hands of Darth Maul, many Jedi turned away from the Form IV style of open, acrobatic fighting and took up Form III in order to minimize the risk of injury or death at the hands of an opportunistic opponent. (VD2, SWI62, SWI68, MJH)

Form IV
known as Ataru, this was one of the more recent lightsaber combat techniques, developed by the Jedi Knights during the last decades of the Old Republic. It emphasized acrobatic strength and power in wielding the blade, attributes which were frowned upon by many traditional Jedi Knights and Masters. It found a niche among the eager Padawan learners of the time, who believed that the Jedi needed to become more involved in rooting out crime and evil and eradicating it. This Form was practiced by Qui-Gon Jinn, although his death at the hands of Darth Maul exposed the weakness of Form IV in defending a Jedi's body. Yoda, however, practiced Form IV with such speed that, when coupled with his small size, left an enemy with no undefended parts of his body. (VD2, SWI62, SWI68)

Form V
known as Shien, this was one of the seven primary forms of lightsaber combat developed by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. Form V was developed by a group of Jedi Masters who felt that Form III was too passive, while Form IV was not powerful enough. It addressed the shortcomings of both forms, in which a Jedi Master may have proved to be undefeatable but could not overcome the enemy. However, many Jedi felt that Form V lacked any sort of mobility, and forced a Jedi to defend themselves without being able to shift positions. Among the many unique aspects of Form V was the development of techniques in which the lightsaber was used to deflect a blaster bolt directly back at the firer, deliberately to cause harm to the opponent. Many Jedi Masters debated the philosophy of Form V, claiming that it directed inappropriate focus on hurting another being. Others claimed that Form V was simply a way to "achieve peace through superior firepower." (VD2, SWI62, SWI68, E3N)

Form VI
known as Niman, this was one of the most advanced of the seven primary forms of lightsaber combat developed by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. At the time of the Battle of Geonosis, Form VI was the standard in Jedi fighting techniques, emphasizing the use of techniques from Forms I, III, IV, and V in overall moderation. Many Jedi Masters considered it the "diplomat's form", since the user used their knowledge of political strategy and negotiation - along with their own perceptions - to reach a peaceful decision with minimal bloodshed. Many Jedi skilled in Form VI techniques had already spent at least ten years studying the other four Forms, an aspect that meny Masters felt was too demanding of the Jedi's time in regards to its benefits on the battlefield. (VD2, SWI62, SWI68)

Form VII
known as Juyo, this lightsaber combat technique was one of the most demanding of all the forms developed by the Jedi Knights. Only through the learning of several other forms can a Jedi begin to understand Form VII, which involved so much physical combat ability that its training brought a Jedi very close to the Dark Side of the Force. Jedi Master Mace Windu studied the Form VII technique. To master Form VII, a Jedi had to employ bold movements and be more kinetic than in any other form. Form VII employed the use of overwhelming power directed through unconnected, staccato movements that kept an opponent continually off-guard. (VD2, SWI62, SWI68)

Form Zero
originally defined by Jedi Master Yoda to describe the lightsaber technique of Felanil Baaks, Form Zero became the basis for the instruction of lightsaber combat. In its simplest form, Form Zero is the art of wielding a lightsaber which had not been ignited. While it seemed silly to many Padawan learners, the underlying message could not be ignored. In order for a Jedi to protect and serve the galaxy, they must know when to ignite their lightsaber for combat, and when to leave the weapon at his side. The understanding of another being's situation was key to the knowledge of right and wrong, and any student who could understand the necessity of Form Zero and use it to mediate a solution - without resorting to violence - was truly gifted with the Force. (LFCW)

this tall, bald-headed, dark-skinned man was a Captain with the Mining Guild, which rose to power in the wake of the deaths of Grand Admiral Thrawn and Emperor Palpatine's clones. He was in command of the mining ship Draisini, and was dispatched to negotiate a deal between the Guild and representatives of the Empire and the New Republic. Forma forced the will of the Guild on both parties, then left the negotiations. At the conclusion of the negotiations, Forma picked up a secret cargo along with the usual load of ores. Shortly after leaving, the Draisini was attacked by pirates led by Sol Mon. They were working for Grappa the Hutt, and secured the ship and took Forma into custody. He was tortured and bled of information, then given to the Zanibar for one of their ceremonies. Forma was eventually killed by the Zanibar. (CE2)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

this ancient Yao smuggler made a living in Esau's Ridge, on Tholatin, brokering information. Over the centuries, he had developed an intricate network of informants to supply accurate data. In addition, Formayj had an excellent memory, and never forgot good information. He was able to provide Chewbacca with several valuable documents during the Black Fleet Crisis, including a map of the Koornacht Cluster, an Imperial autopsy report on three Yevetha, transmissions from a New Republic patrol drone operating in the Koornacht near Wakiza, and the shield and sensor codes for several of the Imperial warships under Yevethan control. (TT)

this Chiss male, whose full name was Chaf'orm'bintrano, was the Aristocra of the Chaf family some 20 years after the Battle of Yavin. Short in stature and reaching the end of his middle years, Formbi also served as an officer serving the Empire of the Hand during the years leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Formbi was the commander of the Chiss exploration force that discovered the remains of the Outbound Flight Project. He requested that Luke Skywalker be contacted immediately, so that the Jedi Master could decide what to do with the remains. However, the timing of his message and the schedule for meeting with him made it clear that Formbi only wanted the Jedi involved, and not the New Republic. However, Luke and his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, discovered that Formbi's expedition was made up from a wide variety of interests, including Dean Jinzler posing as a New Republic ambassador and Chak Fel representing the Empire of the Hand. When he was confronted with the knowledge that he had spoken at length to Jorj Car'das upon Jinzler's arrival, Formbi merely explained that they had been discussing each other's credentials and the details of the Outbound Flight mission. After meeting Jorad Pressor aboard the remains of Outbound Flight, Formbi was forced to demand that the survivors leave the Redoubt, since it was considered part of Chiss space. Pressor refused, and a series of negotiations began between the Chiss and the Outbound Flight Colony over possible reparations and a settlement. These talks were cut short when Bearsh and his comrades revealed themselves to be Vagaari pirates. The parties were split up, with Jinzler and Formbi trying to survive against the initial attacks of Bearsh's wolvkils. During their escape, Formbi was badly mauled by a wolvkil. Feesa and Jinzler struggled to keep him conscious despite the copious amounts of blood he lost, but they were able to reach Mara in time to save him. Later, Mara discovered that Formbi had known about the Vagaari all along, from his meeting with Car'das at Crustai. Despite recognizing the threat the Vagaari posed to the mission - not to mention the entire Chiss race - Formbi allowed them on the mission in an effort to eliminate Bearsh and Estosh. As long as he allowed the Vagaari to make the first move, and Chiss retaliation would be swift and strong, and ensured that the Chiss would not go against military doctrine of avoiding pre-emptive strikes. After the Vagaari Wars and the struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong, Formbi was one of the many Chiss who watched the expansion of the Colony with trepidation. He was placed in charge of the Chiss Intelligence team that investigated the Colony, and was later sent to meet with Luke Skywalker to discuss what the Jedi were able to learn. It was Formbi's belief that the elimination of Raynar Thul would put an end to the Colony's growth, but Luke feared that this would simply enrage the Kind and cause them to launch a retaliatory attack. (SQ, DN1)

this type of chair was created with a special material that conformed to the user's physical shape, providing an ergonomically comfortable position. (MBS)

this generic term refers to any chair which molds itself to the user's body contours. (RD)

this specialized piece of furniture was portable enough to provide a bed for the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic, during the Clone Wars. Despite the ease of transportation, formcots were designed with special materials that conformed to the shape of the being who was sleeping on them, providing an exceptionally comfortable bed despite its humble appearance. (MBS)

this surfacing material used on spaceport landing pads and on roads, on many planets found in the Corporate Sector of the galaxy. (HSE, HSL)

this was one of the many Victory-class Star Destroyers which were still active, as part of the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

this was one of the many Strike-class cruisers that made up the front lines of the Imperial Naval fleet. (TIE)

Formmn Badees
this yougn Duros pilot dreamed of joining the Alliance and flying a starfighter against the Empire. However, he had to settle for working in his older brother's reapiar facility, but he watched every holovid he could obtain that brought news of the Galactic Civil War. (CCW)

this planet was located in the Outer Rim Territories, near the planet Kessel and the Maw. It was a typical backwater planet, although its proximity to Kessel made it a haven for spice smugglers. (SWRPG2, MCI1)

this is the sixth symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letter "f". (SWM)

Forn, Zelka
this man was a doctor who operated a medical facility in the Upper City of Taris, during the era of the Great Sith War. Zelka spent a great deal of time researching the cause of the rakghoul infection, and was aided when a group of Jedi Knights from the Endar Spire supplied a serum that had been created by the Sith to counteract the effect. (KOTOR)

Forna Tutha Star Probe
this archaeological relic was discovered by a scientist named Bartleton. Unfortunately for Bartelton, one member of his team inadvertently triggered a fire inside the probe, destroying it before he could recover it for further inspection. (TT)

this planet, located in the Glythe Sector of the galaxy, was famous for the Five Fire Rings of Fornax, which were five rings of solar prominence which encircle it. (SWN, SWI78)

Forno, Jace
a female Corellian pilot working for Olag Greck, she pilots his personal shuttle. She is very thin and gaunt, with a patch over her right eye and a strip of jet-black hair cut down the center of her head. She is called upon to help Greck overtake the ship stolen by IG-88. The Phlutdroid uses a nearby asteroid to shake the pursuit. Forno later became Movo Brattakin's chief of security on Nar Shaddaa, where she destroyed Unit Zed and blasted C-3PO's leg off while capturing the droids. (DRO)

this planet was annexed by the Epicanthix people. (SESB)

this carnivirous rodent was native to the swamps of Gorsh. They hid in the trees and attacked their prey by leaping in packs from their branches. The flesh of this creature is considered a delicacy, but they are too dangerous to have in the kitchen. (POC, PG1)

this stance, one of many positions used in the teras kasi martial artform, provided the warrior with a fluid position from which to move in any direction. (DMSH)

this man was appointed privisional Governor of Corulag during the final stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. He was easily distinguished from most people by his foppish hats and the eyepatch he wore, which made him look like a holodrama star. When the alien invaders established control of the Perlemian Trade Route, the previous Corulag government quickly capitulated, hoping to avoid any ecological or technological damage. However, the Yuuzhan Vong quickly installed a puppet government and began to run the planet their own way. As wealthy individuals fled for free worlds and the lower classes erupted in rebellion, Forridel found himself actually wishing for the New Republic to take an interest in recapturing Corulag. His wish came true some five years into the invasion, after Zonama Sekot's sudden reappearance near Coruscant forced the Yuuzhan Vong to recall all their war fleets. The former governor was caught and hanged, and Forridel was installed in his place. Forridel provided General Wedge Antilles with information on the groundside situation, as well as data on the Pece Brigade that was fleeing Corulag. (UF)

this low-growing vine was native to the planet Ithor, where it was harvested for its green, melon-sized berries and leaves. (MIS7)

this was the nickname used by the ARC trooper designated CT-44/444, during the height of the Clone Wars. When he was assigned to the small group that was dispatched to Ord Cestus, some two years after the Battle of Geonosis, Forry was the only trooper who had any knowledge of the planet, having spent time in a nearby sector. Forry, like many of the other ARC troopers, held a measure of disdain for the Jedi Knights, especially after trooper CT-36/732 was defeated by the combat droid JK-13. With the trooper's defeat, Jedi Master Kit Fisto stepped forward to combat the droid, and eventuall defeated it. This, in Forry's mind, was simply showing off in front of the masses. Forry helped Kit Fisto and Nate train the commandos of the Desert Wind terrorist group, and was among the survivors who managed to escape their lair when Asajj Ventress sent a group of infiltration droids to destroy them. When Nate's body was not recovered, they feared that Nate had been killed, or had broken the Code and betrayed them all in the first place. (TCD)

Forscan VI
this planet, located on the edge of the Cron Drift, was one of the many planets that struggled to remain neutral during the height of the Clone Wars. This neutrality didn't stop an elite group of Separatist agents from establishing a training facility on the planet, a facility that was exposed when the settlers of Forscan VI complained to the Galactic Senate about the trouble it was causing. Some two years after the Battle of Geonosis, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were dispatched to Forscan VI to eliminate the facility and restore order to the populace. Before their mission was completed, however, they were called back to Coruscant by an emergency message from Chancellor Palpatine. (TCD)

this agricultural world was located among the Cassandran Worlds, in the Outer Rim Territories. (GORW)

this alien race, characterized by its blue-green hair and long, thin face, is native to the 87 inhabited worlds of the Yminis Sector. (SOP)

this was the traditional name given to the collective Forshul race. (SOP)

Forswoth, Melanda
this woman was an up-and-coming journalist on the planet Cularin, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. A former meteorologist on an obscure HoloNet newsfeed, she got her chance to make a name for herself when Yara Grugara left Eye on Cularin to do some investigation. Melanda's facial expressions and actions on-camera proved that she had been watching Grugara closely, as a sort of role model. Forswoth was allowed to take her place, and began a series of specials on the Carrite and their homeworld of Carrimon. After several abortive interviews, she encountered the humanoid known as Falsswon. He took exception to her superficial questions, and pulled a blaster out of his clothing. He shot the camera which had been taping the interview, and Forswoth was never seen again. The Cularin Central Broadcasting corporation later recovered the camera and its recordings, and aired them in an effort to help locate Falsswon. Just over a year later, Ryk Osentay was allowed to travel to Tolea Biqua to do a short piece on Riboga the Hutt, and his camerabeing was knocked over by a dazed-looking woman. Although Ryk was unaware of the incident, the camerabeing recognized the woman as Melanda. The camerabeing's quick actions allowed Melanda to be transported to a hospital for medical treatment, although Osentay later claimed that his crack reporting had led to Melanda's recovery. (LFCW)

Fort Balarad
this was a well-protected smuggling outpost located on the planet Gertafuu VI during the last decades of the Old Republic. (GMR7)

Fort Cravus
this immense citadel, located in the tropical city of Nurrale, on the planet Esseles, was the base of operations for Lord Cravus during the earliest days of civilization on the planet. As Cravus' empire eventually died out, the Fort remained standing, aging very little over time. Fort Cravus was later renovated and turned into a museum, displaying artifacts and information from Lord Cravus' reign. Unknown to the new owners, however, was that fact that several of Lord Cravus' ancient battle droids were stored beneath the surface in a sealed vault, waiting to be reactivated. (CCW)

Fort Departure
this was the only permanent settlement found on the moon Vilhon. It was established to provide a base of operations for the safari hunters who traveled to the moon. (LOE)

Fort Divin
this was the only starport on the planet Ord Antalaha. It was named for Lieutenant Divin, the first commander of the Old Republic ordnance depot on the planet. (PP)

Fort Nowhere
this outpost, located on the planet Ruusan, was used by Captain Jerg and his fellow merchants as a base of operations on the planet. It was to Fort Nowhere that Jerg agreed to take the refugees from the moon Sulon, after the Empire took control of the Sullust System. Much of the main compound was protected by rammed-earth walls, with a configuration that resembled a six-pointed star when viewed from above. At each point of the star was a ball-turret-mounted blaster cannon, giving the inhabitants complete coverage of their airspace. Subsurface missile batteries and other hidden defenses ensured the protection of the Fort. (RAG)

Fort Plympto
located in the city of Phemiss, along the shore of the Tsilor Sea, this building served as the seat of the Nosaurian government on the planet New Plympto. (CCW)

Fort Tusken
this was the second settlement founded on Tatooine during the modern era, nearly 100 years before the Battle of Yavin. Situated on the northern edge of the Jundland Wastes, just northwest of Mos Eisley, it survived until a group of Sandpeople attacked it some 95 years before the Battle of Yavin. It was abandoned afterwards, and the Sandpeople were given the nickname of Tusken Raiders because of the attack. They were also forever marked as bloodthirsty savages by the human settlers of Tatooine, even though a similar attack never occurred again. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, a group of moisture farmers and mercenaries was able to briefly retake Fort Tusken from the Sandpeople, but word of the fighting reached other clans. In swift measure, the Sandpeople recaptured the fort in a bloody battle. (GG7, SWTJ, SWDB, SOT, SWGAL)

this is one of Gacerian's moons. It orbits the planet in the same path as Tempay, and is situated in that orbit 180 degrees apart from Tempay. Both moons are tide-locked, thus, the same faces of both moons are always visible. Fortay and Tempay orbit Gacerian once every 37.5 days. (PG2)

Fortress Baarlos
this huge citadel was located on the remote world of Pochi. It was believed to have been over 10,000 years old, but had withstood the effects of time and environment. The original builders of the fortress were unknown, but the citadel was later modified for use by Faarl the Conquerer as his base of operations. He used Tulvaree guardians to protect the fortress, but was unprepared for the assault of Boba Fett. (WBC, SWI80)

Fortress Keremark
this ancient fortress was built on the planet Risban, as a way to protect and defend the river town of Keremark. Over the years, it was rebuilt and fortified, until the rise of the New Order brought an Imperial garrison to Risban. The natives were opposed to Imperial rule, and used the Fortress as a base of operations to fight back against the Empire. (HAS)

Fortress Kh'aris
this was the name given to the underground citadel established by Kh'aris Fenn, during his exile from Ryloth. The fortress was established on Kintan, where he gained the confidences of the Morgukai warriors. It was at the fortress that Kh'aris held the Jedi Master Tholme and Nat Secura, during his attempt to take control of Ryloth. (ROP)

Fortress of Axion
the Army of the Republic tried to secure this location during the Clone Wars, shortly after the Battle of Muunilinst, but the forces trying to reach the Fortress were decimated by the armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems which surrounded it. All but Commander Brolis were shot and killed, and Brolis was left to call for reinforcements while holed up inside. The only being sent to extract him was Jedi Master Yoda, who defeated a particularly cunning Hailfire Droid in order to protect their escape. (SS3)

Fortress of Hijarna, The
this crumbing building was once the major center of the planet Hijarna's activities. It was abandoned at least a thousand years before the Fifth Alderaanian Expedition discovered it, during the Expansionist Period of the Old Republic. It was belived that the Fortress of Hijarna was constructed as a last-ditch attempt by the former natives of Hijarna to withstand a siege from a stronger invading force. (TLC)

Fortress of Tawmtoom, The
the base of operations for the Tawntoom governor Koong, in the Roon System. It was built on an active volcano, and the molten lava underneath it helps provide a power source. (DCAR)

a low-cost, electronic deadbolt system used to lock doors. (TTSB)

Fortuna City
this was one of two major settlements found on the planet Edan II, and the location of the planet's primary spaceport. (IAG)

Fortuna Gifts
this gift shop was located in the spaceport in Fortuna City, on Edan II. (IAG)

a Commander with the Alliance, he was working with Tuz to obtain Imperial technology. (XW)

Fortune Seeker
this was one of the many starships owned by the Ryn, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. The Ryn used the Fortune Seeker to move from system to system, gathering information and leaving before they wore out their welcome. (FH3)

Fortune Stones
these small, brightly colored stones were sometimes used by Ewok shamans to understand the meaning of momentous events, helping the Ewoks determine how to react in order to affect the best outcome. (MDCAR)

Forvish ale
an interstellar brew, Forvish ale was a strong ale that was easily distinguished by its smell. (HTTE)

meaning "thirsty", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Forward Gun Pod
a concealed blaster emplacement on a starship, often linked to the ship's anti-intruder system. (ESBR)

Forward Tech Station
a starship's secondary bridge, the forward tech station is also the set of console and access points to many of the ship's systems. (HSE)

Forzi Ghul
this youth was one of the many students of the Force who were training at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the height of the Clone Wars. Forzi was defeated by Sisseri Deo in the Apprentice Tournament that was eventually won by Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy. (YDR)

this avian species of bipeds was distinguished by their reverse-jointed legs and their piebald coloration. Their civilization was quite small, and never grew to proportions which would allow it to advance at the same pace as humans and other humanoids. Thus, they spent much of their time concealing themselves from public view. Fosh had unusual, four-fingered hands, with each talon-tipped digit being fully-opposable to all the others. (HT, T)

this was the native language of the Fosh race. (WOTC)

Fosin Dreed
this Rodian actor was noted for his performance as the Paladin in The Trickery of Vosida Nooma, just before the onset of the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

an organic-looking ship. (BTS)

this man was once a key member of the royal family's staff on the planet Naldar, during the height of the New Order. He was injured when Imperial forces subjugated Naldar, just after the Battle of Endor, and left for dead. When Princess Vila, disguised as Prince Denin, returned to Naldar, Foss explained that the assault which wiped out the capital city came just after Vila left to locate Endor. Then, due to his injuries, Foss died in Vila's arms. (MC92)

this Toydarian served as an accounting adminsitrator for Jabba the Hutt, during the height of the New Order. During a regular visit to the Spice Mines of Kessel, Fossco had an audience with Warden Dewt Kluskine. This meeting proved fateful for Kluskine, when the Wookiee Gyylghrard - working as part of Kluskine's "honor guard" - used his vibroaxe to behead Kluskine. (PH)

Fossyr, Irin
this was Iella Wessiri's alias while she was living on Coruscant, hidden beneath Kirtan Loor's nose. Irin was a representative of the Rohair Biochemical Clinic on Coruscant. She was the doctor who was sent to meet Antar Roat and his friend, Parin Dodt. (WG)

Fost, Zeth
Kyp Durron traveled under this alias after he was re-admitted to the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, following the destruction of the Carida System. This name was in honor of his brother, Zeth Durron, who was killed when Kyp tried to rescue him from Carida. Fost traveled to the backwater world of Prishardia to investigate the mysterious Jedi who was helping the villagers there, only to discover it was the conwoman, Ghitsa Dogder. (TFNR)

Foster Agent
the nickname given to any of the various Alliance operatives who would retrieve downed Alliance fighter pilots and return them safely to the Alliance. (GG9)

this man was a noted weapons expert from Etti IV, during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

this man owned a droid dealership on Kelada, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ6)

Foth, Dondo
this man, a native of the planet New Agamar, served the Old Republic's navy as a Captain, during the height of the Clone Wars. He was a thoroughly military man who never seemed to need sleep, and much of his waking time was spent on the bridge of his ship, the Mandian. This made him the perfect candidate for picket duty during military operations, a role he gladly accepted. During the Republic's attempt to liberate the Intergalactic Communications Center from the Separatists, it was Foth's crew that detected the incoming Separatist reinforcements from Sluis Van. (JT)

Fouc, Mandus
this tall, handsome Imperial Customs agent was the Captain of the customs ship Impounder. He was the youngest of the Customs Captain to patrol the Kalinda System, and took a prominent role in the Empire's bid to take control of the system some years after the Battle of Endor. His achievements in his early years with Imperial Customs earned him the notice of the regular Imperial Navy, and he was able to be transferred to a command in the Navy whent he Battle of Endor occurred. In the tumult that followed the death of the Emperor, Fouc's transfer never got processed. (TSK)

Foul Moudama
this Talz was trained as a Jedi Knight during the last decades of the Old Republic. Known for his grace and agility, Moudama was often underestimated by his opponents, who simply believed that he was a hulking brute. He was, however, mentally strong, and had an insatiable desire for knowledge. Moudama was one of the many Jedi who participated in the Clone Wars, and was part of the task force that was dispatched to protect Chancellor Palpatine when General Grievous launched his attack on Coruscant, some thirty-six months after the Battle of Geonosis. Unfortunately, Grievous was able to kill both Master Moudama and Master Roron Corobb before taking Palpatine hostage. (SWDB, LEV)

Foulahn City
this was one of the largest cities of the planet Cartao. During the months following the Battle of Geonosis, Cartao became a target of the Separtist forces, who wanted to capture Spaarti Creations for use in producing D-90 super battle droids. The natives of Cartao, assisted by Jedi Master Jafer Torles and a contingent of clone troopers, managed to hold the Separatists at bay. However, as the struggle dragged on, much of Foulahn City was damaged or destroyed in the fighting. (SWI68, SWI69)

Foundation Creed, The
this set of statutes and by-laws governed the actions of the Salaktori Hunters Guild. (GG10)

this scout ship belonged to the New Republic Scout Service. (GG8)

this was one of the three Acclamator-class troopships that was dispatched by the Old Republic to help defend the planet Duro, during the height of the Clone Wars. The ship and its companions were all destroyed in battle, as General Grievous showed that he was a master tactician. (SWI75)

Founder's Contract
this Cloud City agreement keeps personal information about its administrators under tight security. No level of inquiry and release it. (SOL)

Founder's Day
this was a holiday that was celebrated during the era of the Old Republic, to honor those beings who established the Republic in the first place. (LCF)

Founder's Day Allegiance
this was the pledge of allegiance which was written to commemorate the founding of the Old Republic, and was recited throughout the galaxy as a being's affirmation of the Republic's strength and righteousness. (HNN5)

this mineral-rich planet was the site of a Baktoid Armor Workshop manufacturing facility which was shut down, shortly before the onset Clone Wars, due to the increasing tariffs imposed on the Trade Federation for their battle droids. Years later, the Empire took control of Foundry and rebuilt it to serve as a starship construction facility. (HNN4, MCI5)

Fountain of Light
a unique sculpture found at the rear of the Bazaar deck on the Kuari Princess. (RM)

Fountain of the Ancients
this unique, natural phenomenon is located in the center of the Derelkoos Desert, on Klatooine. In a bowl-shaped depression, liquid wintrium seeps from the desert sand and begins to crystallize. As it solidifies over several millenia, the wintrium forms wonderful shapes and patterns, continually expanding and growing. Because of its hardness, the Fountain's shape can be altered only by powerful weaponry, and has stood untouched for as long as the Klatooinan race can remember. The Fountain's continually growth, increasing strength, and tenacity have instilled similar values in the Klatooinan people. It also has certain religious connotations to them. (GG12)

Fountain of the Hutt Ancients
this bastardized name for the Fountain of the Ancients was developed by the Hutts who had signed the Klatooinans into perpetual indenture. The tried to generate more respect and admiration for themselves by modifying the name of one of the Klatooinans most revered and symbolic natural landmarks. (GG12)

Fountain Palace
located on the planet Hapes, this magnificent building was the seat of the government of the Hapes Consortium. It was also the official residence of the Hapan royal family. (LO, JE)

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