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this was the simple name used by the inhabitants of the Rafa System to describe the planet Rafa IV. (LCM)

Four Dimensions
a song written and played by the band Red Shift Limit. It was first released as part of the compilation entitled Limited Warfare, and has been banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

Four Families
this was one Chiss term used to describe the four ruling families of their society: Csapla, inrokini, Nuruodo, and Sabosen. Each family was equally represented in the Chiss government, although they went to great lengths to ensure that family identity was eliminated wherever possible. The leaders of the Chiss did not use names, but instead wore colorful robes to distniguish themselves. This helped ensure that decisions were reached in a fair and equitable method. Note that Survivor's Quest indicates that there were nine Chiss families. (FH2, SQ)

Four Pillars
this was the basic set of premises upon which the Korunnai culture was based. Native to the planet Haruun Kal, the Korunnai believed that every individual was beholden to the Four Pillars: Honor, Duty, Family, and Herd. Honor, the first pillar, was simply one's obiligation to themselves: speak truthfully, act with integrity, fight bravely, and love without reservation. Duty, the second pillar, was one's obligations to other Korunnai: Work hard, do your job, obey one's elders, and stand by your tribe. Building on the strength of the first two pillars, Family represented the strong obiligations to your tribe: love your spouse, care for your parents, teach your children, and defend your blood. The fourth and greatest pillar was Herd, representing the Korunnai's dependence upon grassers to ensure there was enough land to live on. If the safety of the herd required that an individual sacrifice their life - or the lives of one's family - then that individual was obligated to make the sacrifice. In this way, the Four Pillars built upon each other to form a strong relationship: duty was more important than one's honor, family was more important than one's duty, but the herd was more important than anything. (SHPT)

Four-Den, Halka
a member of the Old Republic's research section, her expertice was in scientific expeditions to new and uncharted planets. She'd worked her way up through the ranks, eventually obtaining her first command assignment, leading an expedition to Dagobah. She recorded copious notes and images in her logs, but her entire team was lost over the period of their exploration. Many died from the hostile plant and animal life of Dagobah. Halka's exact death is not recorded. Her logs were discovered during a New Republic deep search of Imperial databases, where they had lain untouched during Palpatine's reign as Emperor. (ISU)

Fourstar, Milo
this man, a soldier with the Alliance who served on the planet Arbra in the wake of the Battle of Hoth, accused Luke Skywalker of purposely killing Shira Brie because Shira didn't return his romantic advances. Milo tried to throw a punch at Luke, but Luke dodged the blow and landed his own blow, knocking Milo to the ground. Mile then accused Luke of using the Force to hit him, and even went so far as to infer that Luke was in league with Darth Vader. Even after an Alliance tribunal found Luke innocent of the charges against him, Milo refused to believe that Luke wasn't guilty. (MC62, MC65)

Fourth Attack Squadron
this group of Imperial Victory-class Star Destroyers was destroyed by Alliance starfighters at the Battle of Denab. The Alliance pilots realized that the Victory-class ship was fairly slow, and found that it could concentrate all firepower on a single ship and destroy it before it could escape. The Fourth Attack Squadron fought bravely, but in the end the Alliance's tactics took out the entire squadron. (SWR)

Fourth Battle Group
this New Republic Navy warship defensive grouping was not involved with the initial stages of the battle against the Yevetha, but eventually sent ships to blockade the planet Nanta-Ri. (SOL)

Fourth Battle of Yavin
this was the battle waged between the forces of the Second Imperium, during which Luke Skywalker and the students of his Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4 defended the moon from attacks by Imperial Admirals Daala and Pellaeon. Daala had determined that the Jedi stood between herself and total command of the galaxy, and decided to have Pellaeon strike at the moon after other portions of her fleet feinted at several other, equally strategic locations within the New Republic. Her plans nearly succeeded, but the combined might of the Jedi Knights and the New Republic proved too much for her fleet. The seventeen ships under Pellaeon were physically flung from the Yavin System; her own flagship, the Knight Hammer, was sabotaged by Callista Ming before Daala could claim ultimate victory. While the Knight Hammer was more than a match for the few Jedi on the ground, Callista managed to steal a downed TIE Bomber on the surface of Yavin 4. She landed the ship in the fighter bays of the Knight Hammer and set off the bombs stored there. The resulting explosions ripped through the Star Destroyer's engine compartments, leaving the ship dead in space. She evacuated the ship as it plunged into the core of Yavin, and was rescued by Pellaeon's ships at the fringes of the system. Once aboard Pellaeon's ship, Daala resigned her rank as Admiral and turned the fleet over to Pellaeon. (GMR5, DS)

Fourth Belt
this was the name of the fourth asteroid belt located in the Oseon System. (LCF)

Fourth Fleet
this was the name given to one of the secondary naval fleet of the Galactic Alliance, during the final stages of the war against the Yuuzhan Vong. The Fourth Fleet, comprised of the surviving ships of the New Republic's Fourth Battle Group and warships from the Imperial Remnant, was commanded by Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon from his flagship, the Right to Rule. Among the ships that made up the fleet was the Dauntless and several MC80b cruisers. (UF)

this clone commander, known by the callsign CC-1010, was among the many troops assigned to protect the planet Coruscant during the height of the Clone Wars. Note that Commander Fox is designated as CT-0000/1010 in Star Wars Insider magazine, issue 84. Fox had spent his entire career on either Coruscant fo Centax 1, serving in the 501st Legion. He was fascinated by the Journeyman Protectors of Concord Dawn, and planned to retire to Concord Dawn when the Clone Wars were over. When Darth Vader was dspatched to eliminate any Jedi at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Commander Fox was part of the clone team that supported him. He was in command of the small detail that prevented Senator Bail Organa from entering the Temple, and would have used his weaponry on him if other clone troopers hadn't killed Zett Jukassa. With the death of the young Padawan, Fox decided that there had been enough killing, and he simply chased Organa away from the Temple. (E3, SWI84)

Fox Beer
a malted beverage created in the Outer Rim. (GG9)

this starship belonged to the bounty hunter Jodo Kast. (MTS)

Foxtrain, Amaiza
this buxom woman was the leader of the Black Hole Gang, during the height of the New Order. She and her twin sister, Jodelle, had been brought up on Ord Mantell as dancers, and were hired by Quatrain Pudundruh as a show act. However, when business got bad, Quatrain sold the nineteen-year-old sisters to the Black Hole Gang on Delphon. When Jodelle was accidentally killed in a raid, Amaiza set out to ensure that she herself had the skills necessary to survive. After discovering the treachery of Kayso and eliminating him, Amaiza assumed command of the Black Hole Gang. An Imperial raid on Delphon scattered the gang, and Amaiza ended up on Aduba-3 without a credit to her name, so she teamed up with Jaxxon to do some smuggling. Just after the Battle of Yavin, she joined her old friend, Han Solo, in liberating a village on Aduba-3 from the clutches of Serji-X Arrogantus and his Cloud Riders. Amaiza was distinguished by her yellow, cat-like eyes - made to look exotic by a pair of colored macrolenses - and her brilliant white hair. (MC8, GMR4)

Foxtrain, Jodelle
this young woman and her twin sister, Amaiza, had been brought up on Ord Mantell as dancers, and were hired by Quatrain Pudundruh as a show act. However, when business got bad, Quatrain sold the nineeen-year-old sisters to the Black Hole Gang on Delphon. Unfortunately, Jodelle was accidentally killed in a raid before she could become a more-skilled pirate. (GMR4)

an inebriating Outer Rim beer favored by Rars Lefken. (SWSB, GG9)

this large, dark-skinned human worked for the Imperial Security Bureau, keeping tabs on Jabba the Hutt's operations. He infiltrated Jabba's Tatooine palace after hiring on as a guard. His ambition was to leave Imperial service and take up a position in the criminal underworld. (CCG7)

Fpi Assassins
this group of assassins was distinguished by their trademark daggers. (AIR)

this Nalroni was known as a spice-jacker who made every effort to insure that his crew was not harmed during an operation. It was believed that F'quallix was just an alias, but his true identity was never discovered. (GG11)

this was Denel Moonrunner's identification number, after he was conscripted into the Imperial Army after the Empire subjugated Rhamalai. The 'F' indicated that he was part of the first group of conscripts, while the 'R' represented Rhamalai. He was the 231st male conscripted. (SWJ13)

this was the model number of a holographic ore scanner, produced by MicroThrust for the mining industry during the height of the New Order. Resembling a one-meter cube, the FR9 could help mining operations locate the purest or most viable veins of metals, crystals, and ores. A holographic projector displayed data above the cube. (FBS)

this canine creature was part of Nevo's gang. Resembling a half-man, half-dog being, Fraal was the gang's tracker. His sensitive nose could track the smallest scent. Fraal detected Boba Fett on Star Station 12, but not before the bounty hunter could escape. Nevo ordered Fraal to follow, but the dog-beast balked several times before being prodded along. Once they reached Maryx Minor, Fraal picked up Fett's scent again, but Nevo and his gang were killed when they tried to apprehend the bounty hunter. Fraal tried to run, but Fett used a heat-seeking missile to destroy him. (EOE)

this ore, mined on the planet Varn, is found in web-like veins under the planet's oceans. It is often found atop formations of tertian. (VOF)

this starship owner plied the spacelanes with the Rode to Ruin, and was based out of Orron III. (SOL)

a swear word (SOL)

Fractal Heresy
this religious upheaval forced a huge number of Givins to re-evaluate their beliefs. Those who believed in the transfinite mathematics of hyperspace had their belief systems shattered by the event, and many resigned their priesthoods to search out a truer faith. (PP)

this was a swear word used throughout the galaxy. (GOF7)

Fragmentation Grenade
a form of grenade that exploded into a wide pattern of sharp-edged fragments when detonated. (FOP)

this Gungan nonsense word was used to describe a being who was scared for no reason. (E1A11)

Fraii Wys
this sentient species was thought to be extinct. All records of their extinction were at least 9,000 years old when they suddenly reappeared and began to flourish in certain parts of the galaxy. (TT)

this man was one of the many officers who served under Zozridor Slayke as a member of Freedom's Sons and Daughters, during the height of the Clone Wars. Frak held the rank of Private, having joined the militant group shortly before the Separatists took control of Praesitlyn, some two and a half years after the Battle of Geonosis. It was Private Frak who carried Erk H'Arman the last few meters to the medical facilities established by Slayke's forces on Praesitlyn, after the Republic pilot was shot down during the Separatists' initial attack. (JT)

this was a swear word used on the planet Cularin during the last years of the Old Republic. (LFCW)

Frame Charge
this was a term used to describe any form of detonation ribbon, tape, or rope that could be formed around a door jamb, allowing a commando to shape the charge to the situation and provide them with entry to an otherwise impenetrable location. (RCHC)

Framesk Yagen
this planet, a world of barren, rocky wastes, is the fourth planet in the Bovo Yagen system. It was named for one of Bovo Yagen's sons. It was orbitted by a single moon. (CTD)

this was one of many droid systems which required a dedicated power supply. Over time, a droid's framistats ran down, and had to be recharged. (MC35)

Framjan Spathen
this musical artist was popular during the early years of the New Republic. (POT)

this New Republic Senator served on the Defense Council during the Yevethan Purge. (SOL)

this man served the Alliance as a Captain in the armed forces, and worked for General Corros. (SWJ1)

this Rutanian was the King of his people some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. Frane's family had led the Rutanian people for one hundred years by this time. A short-tempered and vindicative ruler, Frane considered himself the best hunter on the planet, and became angry if he didn't maintain his stature. However, Frane was also a sensitive man who would break into deep fits of sobbing. When his first-born son, Leed, refused to return to Rutan on his sixteenth birthday, Frane accused the Senali government of holding the boy against his will. The Jedi Knights were asked to mediate the dispute, in an effort to avoid another civil war. Frane also planned to imprison Meenon's daughter, Yaana, if he was not allowed to speak to Leed. The Jedi discovered that Leed wanted to remain on Senali, and had offered his brother Taroon the chance to rule in his place. Frane's short temper initially blinded him to the possibility of Taroon being a good leader, but in the end Taroon proved himself worthy of Frane's notice. Frane agreed to allow Leed to remain on Senali, as the first ambassador for both worlds, and he took Taroon as his heir. Frane even proposed that Taroon marry Drenna to help solidify the new-found peace between Rutan and Senali. (SP)

this was a Twi'lek expletive. (LFCW)

Frang Colgter
the Azbrian who married Condren Foreck before Lando Calrissian could meet her. (AC)

this woman was part of a small scientific expedition that was lost on the planet Talus, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Frann and the rest of her party were killed when they stumbled into a cave that was inhabited by a swarm of fynocks. The only evidence of their existence was a datapad that was later recovered from the cave. (SWGAL)

this was the nickname of the Finance Retrieval and Net Investigtions droid used by the Empire. (SWJ6)

this was a relatively rare, natural ore, which was used in a number of modern alloys. (PP)

Fratillio, Mugsy
this small-time criminal and conman was one of the chief rivals of Kron Thon. (GMS)

this was a common male name among the Gamorrean people. Like most Gamorrean names, it was essentially gibberish that indicated what a Gamorrean would do if you made him angry. (GCG)

this middle-aged woman served the Old Republic military as a weapons researcher and scientist, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. In the wake of the Battle of Geonosis, Doctor Frayne was dispatched to Geonosis with Jedi Knight Jyl Somtay, on a mission to locate and contain any weapons technology that might remain on the planet. The Republic's goal was to ensure that such technology was never put to use against the Republic. However, Doctor Frayne had her own agenda, since she was actually a freelance operative looking to steal the technology for herself. She rendered Somtay unconscious with a simple ruse, and then captured the clone troopers who had accompanied them. She set out to escape on her own, but was unprepared for the many traps laid by the Geonosians. Somtay and Naj Pandoor found Frayne - or at least, her severed head - in a hidden passageway beneath the surface of the planet. They later discovered that a captive female nexu had killed her, although they managed to escape from the creature when it was attacked by rogas. (SWI79)

the Alliance Corvette which was to deliver war materiel to the Sidral II. (XW)

Freatt, Oro
this minor crimelord ran the planet Shownar. He is a shrewd, although minor, figure, and has discovered the proper methods for lining Imperial coffers with just enough credits to keep them out of his affairs. (GG9)

Fred Jawa
according to a HoloNet comic that appeared sometime during the height of the New Order, Fred Jawa was part of a group of Jawas who made a comfortable living selling droids to the residents of a settlement known as Dura Mater. As part of a plan to extract even more credits from the hapless farmers, Fred worked with another Jawa known simply as Stan. Stan had a working relationship with the moisture farmers of Dura Mater, and was always ready with more droids when the old ones finally died. After Stan made several sales on his own, Fred Jawa would suddenly appear at the next sale, claiming to be a "consumer advocate". Fred then explained to the farmers that Stan had failed to provide full warranties. The gullible farmers of Dura Mater always fell for the spiel, and opted to buy the "extended warranties" that Fred claimed their were entitled to. In this way, the Jawas sold the same droids to the farmers, but also made a profit selling them bogus "extended warranties". (T20)

this is the primary planet in the Freda System. (SWJ9)

the name of the primary race inhabiting the planet Freda, these beings were locked in a cold war with their neighbors, the Jante, until the Freda militia launched offensives against Jante holdings in the Rettna System. The Freda were successful in capturing Hamner Heavy Ores plants, as well as Jante Materials Corporation facilities in orbit around Rett II. This prompted Imperial Moff Haveland to order a cease-fire, and peace talks were initiated. The Freda President Rolf Petruma withdrew from the talks, claiming that they were becoming stagnant and worthless. (SWJ9)

this Imperial stormtrooper Captain served at the Maw Installation. He was continually caught between Admiral Daala (who was his Commanding Officer) and Tol Sivron (the Director of the Maw installation). He disliked Sivron, and was forced to put the Twi'lek back into his place in the command structure several times. Fredja was killed in the destruction of the Maw by Imperial and New Republic forces. (JASB)

Free Access Grill
this establishment, located in the city of Grig, was the only such business to serve non-human individuals without reporach. It is one of the cleanest, best-run businesses in Grig, and was run by four-armed alien known as Tikiman. (TA)

Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps
this small band of radical Quarren exiles established its base of operations on the planet Minntooine, and became one of the many corporations that allied themselves with the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. The Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps worked with Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Incorporated, to produce the Recusant-class light destroyer. (X3)

Free Lance
this Nebulon-B frigate was turned into a pirate ship by Urias Xhaxin, during the last years of the New Order. Xhaxin purchased the ship from a Hutt arms dealer for 100 grams of hollinium hyperbaride, a two-carat Rainbow Gem, and a cannister of glitterstim. During this time, he worked as a privateer, and the Free Lance was known for the blazing claw insignia it wore on the forward section. The Free Lance was armed with ten turbolaser batteries, a pair of ion cannons, twelve laser cannons, and two tractor beam projectors. Xhaxin and the Free Lance were employed by the Alliance under Ral'Rai Muvunc's plan to use pirates and privateers to harass Imperial convoys and obtain much-needed supplies. After the Battle of Endor, Xhaxin and the Free Lance continued to work for the New Republic, picking off Imperial convoys. However, he found that his targets grew more and more sparse as the Empire dwindled and became the Imperial Remnant. The ship was severely damaged while making a run near Bastion, when it encountered a Yuuzhan Vong warship. The Yuuzhan Vong pummeled the Free Lance, but Xhaxin's crew was able to make a blind jump into hyperspace and escape. (DTO, PP)

Free Mandalore
this was the name of Fenn Shysa's modified transport ship, a Kubrai-class transport used during the early years of the New Republic. The ship was armed with a pair of blaster cannons and proton torpedo launchers. (GMR9)

Free People
this was the name used by those Psadans who chose to fight against the Yuuzhan Vong, after the alien invaders took control of the planet Wayland. The Free People separated themselves from the Wish-To-Be people, despite their mutual respect for natural, organic life. While the Wish-To-Be faction believed that the Yuuzhan Vong held life in the same regard, the Free People held that the Yuuzhan Vong twisted life and made it foul, showing a great lack of respect for life. (GMR10)

Free Trade Zone
this area of the galaxy was, at one time, untouched by the government of the Old Republic. It was set aside for, and managed by, the Trade Federation under a franchise that gave them control of the zone. The Federation was able to set its own tariffs and mark its own trade routes without interference from the Old Republic. This changed when the Senate voted to impose taxation upon these trade routes, forcing the Trade Federation to blockade the small planet of Naboo in protest. (IG1)

Free Trader Association of Naboo
originally established by Shep Contopault, this group was determined to provide the necessary resources to allow independent spacers to set up permanent bases of operation at Kwilaan Starport, during the era leading up to the Battle of Naboo. (SON)

Free Trader Worlds
this loose alliance of planets was ruled by anarchy at best. The planetary governments held little power, and rewarded the rich and powerful for their minimal contributions to the rest of society. Very little is actually free on these worlds, especially to offworlders. Businessbeings from Free Trader Worlds are often referred to as "thieves with business cards." (SOL)

Free Trader's Guide to the Planets
this database of planetary information was compiled by the Lantilian Spacers Brotherhood for the use of its members. The basic service was free, and there were additional features and information that could be purchased for a small fee, such as the Trader's Gamble. No guarantee was made as to the accuracy of the information, since much of it came from members in good standing with the Brotherhood. (SWJ10)

Captain Stanz's starship. (BTS)

Devon Fuller's second starship, destroyed by the Empire near Ansarra. (GG9)

this Imperial Admiral, based on the planet Ord Grovner, ordered the strike against the Khuiumin Pirates, sending the Crusader and the Bombard to wipe them out. (SWJ6)

this small group of rebels found their voice on the planet Bakura during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Members of the Freedom group wanted Bakura to stand separate and alone from the New Republic and the rest of the galaxy, having lived for many years under Imperial control and the supposed ignorance of the Republic. The group was founded by Malinza Thanas, who used her family name and ties to gain both popular and political support. In secret, the Freedom group was funded by Deputy Prime Minister Blaine Harris, who could not bring about Bakura's independence without serious political repercussions. Freedom was a principled group who beliefs were rooted in the religion of the Cosmic Balance. They chose peaceful methods of protest, hoping to avoid any backlash from the Balance. The efforts of Freedom were derailed sometime after the Battle of Ebaq when Prime Minister Molierre Cundertol launched his own secret plans to turn Bakura over to the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium. Cundertol arranged to have himself kidnapped, so that he could be brought to Lwhekk and enteched in the body of a human-replica droid. His kidnappers, who were hired mercenaries, claimed to be members of the Freedom group. Molierre arranged for them all to perish in an explosion just as they reached Bakura, and his escape ensured that Malinza would be arrested and charged in his kidnapping. Cundertol hoped to smash Freedom in order to ease the Ssi-ruuvi overtaking of Bakura, but his plans were thwarted by Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa Solo, who were on Bakura to re-etablish communications. Both Harris and Cundertol were killed, and Freedom reconciled itself to the need to join the Republic against the Yuuzhan Vong. (FH2)

this was the name given to the Imperial-II class Star Destroyer Avarice, after it was surrendered by its Captain, Sair Yonka, during the Bacta War. Yonka then led the ship into war during the Battle of Thyferra. The Freedom unleashed a hellish nova flare of proton torpedoes on the Lusankya, striking the first blow of the battle and severely damaging the larger ship. (BW)

Freedom Convoy
this group of freedom fighters rose to prominence during the last decades of the Old Republic, when they launched a campaign to free female Twi'leks from enslavement at the hands of the Hutts. (BH)

Freedom Hall
this is the primary governmental building found in the capital city of Somin City, on the planet Seltos. (TSK)

Freedom I
the Alliance Lambda-class shuttle dispatched from the DS corvette group to carry Alliance personnel to their diplomatic rendezvous with the Sullustans. (XW)

Freedom of Speech
a song written and played by the band Deeply Religious. It was first released as part of the compilation Deeply Religious, and has been banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

Freedom of Sullust
this New Republic corvette was dispatched to stop an Invid raid on a spice transport near Kessel, and was nearly destroyed when the Invidious came to the assistance of Shala the Hutt. (IJ)

Freedom One
this was SoroSuub's new name for the Stormtrooper One blaster rifle, used during the early years of the New Republic. The weapon was virtually unchanged, although SoroSuub's allegiance to the Republic generated the name change. Note that The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology indicates that Alliance troops gave this weapon the name Freedom One. (AEG, NEGW)

Freedom Strike Seltos
this New Republic operation involved the insertion of Republic agents into the populace of the planet Seltos. The native population, some years after the Battle of Endor, overthrew the ruling government, ousting pro-Imperial leaders in favor of a allegiance to the Republic. However, a number of current and former Imperial leaders tried to retake control. The Republic didn't want the natives of Seltos to feel that it was meddling in their affairs, but it also couldn't let the Empire regain control of the planet. The agents were secretly transported to the planet and infiltrated the city of Somin City, helping to remove Sinya Deboora and Lieutenant Hensworth from the political scene. (TSK)

Freedom Warriors
this special forces military unit supported the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic during resource-heavy operations. The ranks of the Freedom Warriors was open to all beings, with no requirement for Force-sensitivity. However, this unit was trained to act in concert with Jedi against even the most dangerous Sith opponents. (ROE)

Freedom's Fury
one of several ships sent by the New Republic to accompany Garm Bel Iblis, Booster Terrik, and the Errant Venture to Yaga Minor, in an attempt to steal a copy of the Caamas Document. (VOF)

Freedom's Messenger
this CR90 corvette was purchased by the government of Chandrila some sixty years before the Battle of Endor. It was outfitted to perform a variety of missions, and was best-known for its participation in the Vaykaaris uprising as well as for the fact that the treaty which brought the Marzoon Confederacy into the Old Republic was signed aboard the ship. After a long life, the Freedom's Messenger was finally defeated in battle at the Battle of Ord Torrenze, where it plowed through the enemy blockade with all guns firing. The Freedom's Messenger took heavy amounts of fire, but managed to forge an escape route for the civilian ships stranded on Ord Torrenze. In the wake of the battle, however, the Freedom's Messenger suffered massive damage to her power core, and the ship's crew was fatally poisoned with radiation. It was left for scrap in orbit about Ord Torrenze's sun, until it was recovered by the Empire and refitted as the Renegade. (DARK)

Freedom's Sons and Daughters
this group of insurgent patriots were active during the Clone Wars. Led by Zozridor Slayke, the original members of this group came from the crew of the Scarlet Thranta, which was the Old Republic starship Slayke had once commanded. Slayke grew tired of watching the Old Republic squabble over the credits expended for military protection, and knew that he needed to strike out on his own in order to be effective. Even though they were not officially aligned with the Old Republic, the beings of Freedom's Sons and Daughters fought for what the Republic represented. They took their battles to Separatist forces in remote locations near the Sluis Sector, often driving off forces that might have destroyed Republic installations. For their work, they were branded pirates and traitors by the Galactic Senate. However, many in the Galactic Senate, and even Chancellor Palpatine himself, recognized that they were doing the dirty work that the Republic couldn't get to in time. One of these missions took place more than two years after the Battle of Geonosis, when Slayke and his soldiers attacked the Separatist forces that had captured the Intergalactic Communications Center on Praesitlyn, and held the Separatists at bay until a Republic task force could be dispatched. The cost of this action was exceptionally high, both in terms of materiel and in terms of life, but the militia managed to remain in place until they were relieved by a task force led by Nejaa Halcyon and Anakin Skywalker. Although much of their history was lost in the tumult surrounding the end of the Clone Wars, Freedom's Sons and Daughters were recognized for the fact that they helped the Jedi Knights try to re-establish order in the Old Republic. Han Solo made a reference to this group while talking to Rekkon on Orron III. (HSE, CSA, WS, JT)

Freedon Nadd Uprisings
a series of revolts which occurred on Onderon prior to the Great Sith War. They were initiated by the followers of Freedon Nadd's Dark Side teachings, and furthered by the rise in Dark Side energies on the planet. The uprisings ended just after the death of the Onderonian King Ommin. (FNU)

this Freefall-class starfighter was owned by the Bith smuggler Jinkins, during the time he worked for Nym. It was armed with four laser cannons, a turret-mounted laser cannon, and a bomb chute which held twenty explosive devices. (GMR5, JSF)

Freefall-class Starfighter
this ship was designed to serve as a bomber. Measuring 30 meters in length, the Freefall-class bomber was named for the fact that it ws designed to simply drop unguided bombs on a target. The craft's central fuselage could accommdate up to 20 metric tons of cargo, and was attached to two huge, wing-mounted sublight engines. A pair of cockpit-mounted laser cannons provided defensive armament, in addition to its bomb chute. (GMR5)

Free-Flight Dance Dome
this elegant bistro, bar, and dance club was located on Etti IV during the early years of the New Order. It was here that Han Solo paid off his debt to Ploovo Two-for-One with a Corporate Sector Authority Cash Voucher that was attached to a de-venomed dinko. The Free-Flight had many luxurious appointments, from its well-stocked bars to the top-of-the-line gravity-field generators used to manipulate gravitic forces within the dance dome and it certain species-specific booths. (HSE)

Free-floating Fungal Fondue
this is a favored meal of the Ugor race. (SH)

this was spacer's slang for any transport ship or freighter which was independently owned and operated. (SL)

the name used by the mercenaries and pirates of the planet Aquaris. They joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic following the Battle of Yavin. (CSW)

this modified IPV-1 system patrol craft was captured from an Old Republic planetary defense network by Frei Aycen, around the time of the Clone Wars. She refitted the ship to have additional cargo space, and removed several shield generators in order to make room and power available for a hyperdrive. The Freejack had room for 400 metric tons of cargo, and was armed with four light turbolasers and a tractor beam projector. (SOG)

this was a name that was common among the Defel race. (UANT)

Freelance Mercenary Corps
this band of soldiers was one of many independent organizations that joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. (SWI83)

this tract of land on the planet Eiattu was held by the People's Liberation Battalion before the planet's leadership was solidified by Plourr. (XWWP)

this group of Vorzydiak youths originated on the planet Vorzyd 4 some eleven years before the Battle of Naboo, where that gathered together to sabotage the manufacturing and production facilities in order to gain their people more free time. The Freelies believed that the adults were too strict in their adherence to traditional work policies, and wanted to affect social changes that would reduce the number of days and hours a Vorzydiak had to work. With the assistance of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gin Jinn, the Freelies were able to gain an audience with the leadership of Vorzyd 4, and the two groups agreed to work together for change. During the early years of the New Order, a splinter group of Freelies decided that they needed more diversions than what was available on Vorzyd 4. They traveled to the neighboring world of Vorzyd 5, where they began working in the underground to coerce and steal from the gamblers there. They captured C-3PO when Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa tried to disrupt the flow of Imperial cash there, then later got invovled with Imperial troops trying to capture Luke and Leia. Many of their number were hurt or wounded in an Imperial ambush. (CSWEA, TTW)

Freen, Vin
this former Imperial Captain was in command of the supply ship Ambitious when it crashed into the B'knos mining colony. He wsa posthumuously recognized for his efforts to keep the colony safe by destroying his own ship, although the Ambitious managed to survive the deliberate sabotage and strike the colony anyway. (TBSB)

Freen, Vin
the Captain of the supply ship Ambitious. (TBSB)

a plant native to the Forest Moon of Endor. (ISU)

a combat assault vehicle (CAV) built by the Kelliak Arms and Armor Company, the Freerunner was armed with 1 or 2 rotating gun platforms on top and up to 2 sets of laser cannons. Measuring 14.6 meters in length, they are manned by 2 crewmen and can transport 2 troopers. The term "Freerunner" actually referred to the weapons platform on top of the vehicle, which moved front-to-back on a pair of tracks. Despite its usefulness, the Freerunner was first produced during the early years of the New Order, and never fit into the Empire's military plans. Unsold units were eventually auctioned off to police forces, weapons dealers, and pirates. (DFR, RASB, DFRSB, AEG)

Freerunner FM
this was a modified version of the basic Kelliak Arms and Armor Company Freerunner. The weaponry was the primary update with the FM version, which was armed with a pair of turret-mounted anti-vehicle laser cannons and a pair of anti-infantry blaster batteries. A third gunner was required to operate the weapons properly. (TTSB)

Freespan Starlanes Transport
this was one of the largest passenger transportation lines active during the last decades of the Old Republic. Based on Coruscant, Freespan was also one of the first transportation providers to expand their fleets as planets such as Ando and Sy Myrth began to secede from the Republic. They recognized that many aliens living on Coruscant would flee the planet to return to their homeworlds after secession, as well as the fact that many natives on worlds which did secede might want to remain allied with the Republic. (HNN4)

Freestar, Emma
this woman was a popular singer and musician in the city of Bestine, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. (SWI68)

this was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "brave". (GCG)

Free-Trader's Responsibilities and Liabilities Agreement
this was the standard contract which smugglers were required to sign when they joined the Klatooinan Trade Guild. It was several hundreds of pages in length, and provided the smuggler with certain payments and services which must all be eventually repaid to the Guild. (SWJ11)

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