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Finux Zug
this was a distinguished Lannik individual. (UANT)

Fioer Desert
this desert was located on the planet Zaraksander. (GG10)

a female human with dark skin, hair, and eyes, Fiolla was a Lorrdian who worked for the Corporate Sector Authority as an auditor during the early years of the New Order. Her full name was Hart-and-Parn Gorra-Fiolla of Lorrd, although she found it easier to interact with others if she used the shortened form of Fiolla. Fiolla was born into middle-class boredom on Lorrd, and she grew up most admiring her uncle, Rewello. He was a renowned comic and mimic who had once played in front of the Regent of Alderaan. Fiolla did well in school, and eventually accepted a scholarship to the University of Kalla. During a break period, Fiolla and her roommates chose to vacation on Etti IV. It wasn't glamorous, but the shopping was great. While on Etti IV, Fiolla thwarted a murder attempt by Rex Shaxrigge on Dagmar Vozda. Vozda was working undercover to expose Shaxrigge, and was impressed with Fiolla's spirit. Vozda hired Fiolla into service with the Corporate Sector Authority after graduation, and Fiolla began to impress hre superiors almost immediately. When Vozda retired, Fiolla was in perfect position to take over the position of Detached Duty Officer for the Office of the Auditor-General. She had been on the trail of a slavery ring within the Authority, having tracked it all the way to Odumin, when she met up with Han Solo at Bonadan. She had been conducting random checks of Authority operations, and came upon Zlarb's involvement. She planned to intercept him at the Bonadan spaceport, but found Han instead. They teamed up to solve the slavery ring, following Zlarb's trail to meet with the Mor Glayyd on Ammuud. It was on Ammuud that Fiolla discovered that the Tynnan skip-tracer, Spray, was actually Odumin, who was one of her superiors and had also been working to uncover the slavers. Her efforts in exposing the ring, coupled with the organizational housekeeping Odumin performed to remove those involved in the slavery ring, resulted in a promotion to the position of Auditor-General several years later. (HSR, CSA, SWDB)

this was one of the most common female names among the Corellians. (GMR9)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

Fiolla of Lorrd
see Fiolla (HSR)

this was the traditional weapon used by the members of the Order of Shasa, on the planet Manaan. It was a curved sword which each member of the Order of Shasa had to forge on their own, using only metals found in the wreckage of a kolto harvester located in the Hrakert Rift. The harvester's plating contained cortosis, which made fira blades impervious to lightsabers. The forging of a fira was a time-consuming and dangerous project, since the cortosis-laden metal had to be shaped and annealed in the heat of underwater volcanic vents. (PH)

this was one of the largest landmasses on the planet Thonner, and was considered a continent on many planetary maps. (GMR9)

Firaxa Room
this luxurious restaurant was located in Ahto City, on the planet Manaa, during the height of the New Order. (PH)

Firaxan Shark
this was a vicious, predatory fish that was native to the oceans of Manaan. Some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, the kolto mining operation at Hrakert Station wakened a huge firaxan shark, that began to terrorize the scientists and workers at the facility. Many of the Selkath on Hrakert Station went insane, worrying that the shark would consume them. The machinery within the facility was destroyed by the Jedi Knights who were searching for a piece of the Star Map, in an effort to drive off the shark without killing it. (PH, KOTOR)

Firdaaz, Gammer
this ancient, Socorran scout served aboard the FarStar, although quite often he was more drunk than sober. He volunteered for the job on the FarStar in an effort to see as much of the galaxy as he could before he died. In one of his drunken stupors, he discovered the strange plants brought aboard the corvette after Kl'aal stumbled upon a spore-spreading plant on Binaros. Later, after the FarStar penetrated the Kathol Rift, Gammer elected to remain on the planet Demonsgate in order to maintain the Lifeline project. (DARK, KO, KR)

this was the only word used to describe one of the four humanoid, child-like droids discovered by Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa on an uncharted world, while they were on a diplomatic mission to the Akuria System, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Fire was named for the fact that he could control the flames of a blazing fire. All four children were distinguished from humans by their glowing, yellow eyes. They were created by the Keeper to break the monotony of its millennia-long work of rebuilding the planet, and their special powers helped the Keeper in its reformation efforts. (PZZ1)

Fire Blade
this unusual weapon was originally designed as a basic cutting tool. However, after Uda-Khalid had a pair of fire blades attached to his forearms, fire blades found another use. The blade of the tool was energized to assist in the cutting process. It was believed that the fire blade was originally created on Dathomir, by lizard keepers who used it to cut and cauterize the paws of domesticated Kwi. (NEGW)

Fire Breather
one of the biological constructs of the Yuuzhan Vong, this thirty-foot-tall creature resembled a huge, walking balloon. It moved about a six stubby legs, and its body was studded with hose-like tentacles. From each of these tentacles, the fire breather ejected a stream of thick fluid, which caught fire in the presence of oxygen and incinerated everything it touched. These creatures were protected by their thick hides, and their normal exhalations were filled with special chemicals that dispersed blaster fire. The Yuuzhan Vong first employed these creatures during the attack on Gyndine. (JE, NJOSB)

Fire Bush
this low-growing bush was native to the jungles of Togoria. It was used by the native Togorians for starting a fire. The resins within in the wood burned with a sputtering, green flame, and produced a smoke that drove off most insects. (MIS8)

Fire Creeper
this species of large insect inhabits the caves of the planet Nirauan, travelling in huge swarms across the floor and consuming everything in their path. They make a large amount of noise when they swarm, announcing their presence to anything that might have a chance to escape them. (VOF)

Fire Crystal
a flaming gemstone used by jugglers. They were found only in the No-ad System. (L, GOF5)

Fire Direction Center
this was the name given to the military unit of the Old Republic that was responsible for locating targets and coordinating the pattern of fire for an army's artillery divisions. Each FDC was located, unusually, well behind the front lines, and often in a fortified, below-ground bunker. Here, the sophisticated targeting equipment of the Republic's military was housed and operated, with technicians and commanders on duty around the clock. The FDC was linked directly to the forward artillery units, and provided every piece of artillery with instructions as the battle raged around them. The primary benefit of the FDC is that artillery fire can be coordinates across a large field of battle, bringing the maximum firepower to bear on any given target, depending on the tide of the battle. (JT)

Fire Flitter
an insect native to the planet Dorvalla, in the Videnda Sector. (DMS)

Fire Fox
this Strike-class cruiser was part of the Alliance's fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Fire Gnat
this small insect was native to the planet Drongar. They were named for their stinging bite, but it was also discovered that fire gnats were edible and provided many nutrients. (MBS)

Fire Grenade
this unusual grenade was developed more than 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. When detonated, a fire grenade used controlled chemical reactions to disperse an intense heat over a large area. This heat could sear living flesh, and rendered most weapons molten and useless. (KOTOR)

Fire Knife
a torture device. (ROTJN)

Fire Lamp
this unusual form of lighting was manufactured on the planet Vundaria. (PSPG)

Fire Mountain Rally
this was one of several podraces that were sanctioned by the pro circuit, and wound through the coastal areas of the Baroo continent of the planet Baroonda, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (RAC)

Fire Node
this was one of the many precious gemstones found in the galaxy. (HSE)

Fire Ring of Fornax
named for the unusual prominences which orbit the planet Fornax, this was the name given to a circle of flames in which pirates dueled against each other. Most often, duels to the death were fought inside a Fire Ring, so that no combatant could try to escape without being seriously burned in the attempt. (PP, SWJ5)

Fire Rings of Fornax
see Five Fire Rings of Fornax (SWN)

Fire River
known to xenogeologists as a "closed-loop lava flow," the Fire River was a naturally-occuring river of lava that was continually fed by the seven active volcanoes of the Burning Moon Range. As the lava moved along the Fire River, moving along the Canyon of Despair, it dropped back below the mountains and was reheated. The geological flow underground was the reverse of the surface flow, creating the closed loop. The path of the Fire River, unlike that of a water-filled river, changed each month due to the natural tidal affects of Kintan's three moons. (GORW)

Fire Speeder
this was a generic term used to describe any repulsor-powered vehicle designed to fight fires. Several forms of fire speeders were produced, depending on the environment in which they were to be used. Larger models were produced to put out fires on burning starships at landing strips, while relatively smaller versions were used to fight fires in buildings. (IS3)

Fire Spitter
similar in many respects to the fire breather, the fire spitter was a creature bio-engineered by the Yuuzhan Vong to act as a kind of wrist-mounted flame thrower. In order to use a firespitter, a Yuuzhan Vong warrior had the bones in their forearm removed completely. The fire spitter's spine was inserted in place of the arm bones, and the circulatory system of the fire spitter was grafted to that of the warrior. The fire spitter then fed on the warrior's blood as it passed through its system. The head of the fire spitter was attached to a snakelike neck that wrapped around the warrior's wrist, and its vestigial arms were used to grasp onto the warrior's arm. When called upon in battle, the fire spitter forcefully vomitted out a ball of biomatter at its target. When ignited by the fire spitter, this ball spread chemical fire in every direction, engulfing the target in flame. (GMR8)

Fire Stew
a spicy, hot-flavored stew. (TJP)

Fire Suppression Ship
this was the generic term used to describe any vessel that was designed and manufactured to combat fires aboard starships in planetary atmospheres. These vessels were loaded with water and chemical fire retardants, in order to fight any form of fire. (VD3)

Fire Team Three
this was one of the many fire-suppression teams that protected the skies of the planet Coruscant during the height of the Clone Wars. Two members of this team were killed while trying to prevent the dying hull of the Invisible Hand from causing too much damage when Anakin Skywalker brought it to a controlled crash-landing on Coruscant. (SWDB)

Fire/Disable Ratio
see FD Ratio (ISB)

Firearc49 Speargun
manufactured by BlasTech, this speargun was developed for underwater use. It was essentially a long, metal pipe which could shoot a spear nearly 50 meters through the water. (SWJ1)

this New Republic cruiser was stationed at Durren, in the early years of the New Republic. Along with the Courane, it was dispatched to Cybloc XII to investigate the spread of the Death Seed plague there. The Fireater was later was then sent to defend Nam Chorios, where it was destroyed by the combined attack of a group of Needle ships. (POT)

Firebird Society
originally founded by Tessala Corvae, this secret organization was based in Tapani Sector during Corvae's command of the 1st Tapani Assault Battelgroup. The Firebird Society was first dedicated to the education of Imperial leaders on the usefulness of women in the military, but grew to become a vigilante group which instituted its own forms of justice in the name of the Empire. (LOE)

this plant produced a small bud in early spring which was favored by chefs throughout the galaxy. The firebud, when seeded, provided food with a tangy zip that left a slight burning sensation in the throat. (HNN5)

another name for a phosphor bug. (COJ)

a beast which is more dangerous after it has been wounded. (SE)

this Imperial Interdictor cruiser partolled Lifh Sector during the Galactic Civil War. During the Alliance's attempt to liberate Vilosoria, the astromech R2Z-DL managed to discover Imperial codes and information on an imminent malfunction in the Fireclaw's gravity well projectors. Koedi Raef used the codes to redirect the Fireclaw, ordering it to remain in position until the projectors could be repaired. In the meantime, the Alliance was able to eliminate the Imperial garrison on Vilosoria and free the planet from Imperial control. (CRO)

Firecomb Sea
this was the Imperial name for the T'Klin S'Rek, located on the planet Goroth Prime. (GSE)

Firecracker Mine
this form of weapon uses a group of small charges combined into a single mine. When activated, the firecracker mine sets off several small explosions which are used more for distraction than destruction. (TT)

this unusual insect, native to Gallinore, emitted colored lights, heat, and sparks of energy as it moved about. When viewed at night, these large creatures presented an impressive and beautiful display of light. The Hapan people tried to transplant a colony of firedrakes on Hapes, but the insects soon died. They had a sort of symbiosis with the ecosystem of Gallinore, and rarely survived off-world. Instead of live firedrakes, Hapans used artificial light shows to simulate their wondrous flights. In their natural habitat, firedrakes hunted in packs, and were intelligent enough to plan out an ambush to bring down large prey. (DJ)

a four-sided, elongated gemstone known for its brilliant, internal firelight. Lando Calrissian received a number of them as part of his reward for finding Dack Tymmo. (JS)

this was another name for the city of Roen, located on the planet Goroth Prime. (GSE)

part of a starship's anti-fire protection systems, firefoam is expelled near a fire's source. It effectively douses most kinds of fires, and can be retrieved and ejected into space by the ship's anti-fire systems. (LCF)

another name for the Wisties who lived on the Forest Moon of Endor. (EA, SWDB)

this was a generic term used to describe any valuable gemstone that seemed to glow with its own, inner light. (GORW)

an insect native to Clak'Dor VII, the firegnat's bite releases a burning saliva-like secretion. (TCC)

Firehawk Repulsortank
this was one of the first forms of military repulsortank developed for use by the Empire. (SWJ15)

this nimble creature was native to the frozen polar regions of the planet Rhinnal. Essentially an ambulatory fish, the firehead used its high body temperature to burrow into the ice. A knobby growth their upper jaw, which glowed like a bit of lava, was used to melt and scrape the ice. This knob was also used to kill the firehead's prey, and swarms of fireheads worked to gether to attack larger prey. The fireheads served as sources of both heat and food for the native Rhinnalians. (CCW)

this was a Yuuzhan Vong weapon, first used during the Second Battle of Coruscant. The sticky jelly was highly flammable, and stuck virtually everything it came into contact with. This caused fires to spread rapidly, as the firejelly at the source of the fire remained in contact with the surface. After the hostilities between the Yuuzhan Vong and the Galactic Alliance were resolved, and the Yuuzhan Vong were allowed to live on the planet Zonama Sekot, they found that firejelly and many other bio-engineered weapons simply reverted to their animal forms and fled into the forests. This was one way in which Sekot forced the Yuuzhan Vong to give up their lust for war and embrace a more enlightened existence. (SBS, UF)

this vicious creature was known to inhabit the deepest oceanic trenches found on the planet Nal Hutta. It was distinguished by its snake-like tendrils, which it used to locate and capture its prey. (TCD)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

this was another name for the Yar'En crater, located on the planet Goroth Prime. (GSE)

an alien insect which becomes very agitated during its mating season. (COTF)

this complex board game involves strategy and planning from each of two players. They are required to move their pieces on a board which is divided up into four Radials (Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern) and four Rings (Fool's, Sorcerer's, Traitor's, and Beast's). Each Radial and Ring has seven Stones. Among the pieces are the Cardinal and the Merchant. When a piece from one player is captured by another, it disapears in a consuming pillar of fire. Darth Vader once lured Clat the Shamer onto a Firepath game board, during a match with Lady Dhol. Vader captured Clat on the board, consuming the assassin in flame. He later executed Dhol the same way, for her part in the deception. (CSWDW)

this was the term used by the Chiss to describe any remote military installation located to that it could protect another installation. Firepoints were often housed in asteroids or other natural bodies. Inside the asteroid was a self-contained military base, complete with fighters or weapons emplacements. If an enemy ship tried to reach a hidden Chiss location, they would have to pass by one or more of these firepoints, and would be destroyed or disabled long before it reached its target. The Chiss lined the outer edges of The Redoubt with firepoints, to protect the refuge they had hidden within the cluster. (SQ)

Fire-Rain 3
this Imperial bio-agent was developed at supply depot I-389, under the direction of Moff Sartar, during the years following the Battle of Yavin. Moff Sartar planned to test Fire-Rain 3 on the populations of Anchorhead and Mos Eisley, but a team of Alliance agents managed to destroy the lab and all samples of the bioagent. (RESB)

this Starwind-class passenger yacht was owned and operated by Serdo for many years. Ostensibly, Serdo used the ship as a transport ship, carrying government officials and dignitaries to and from their appointments. In reality, Serdo used these trips to smuggle spice between planets. After amassing his own fortune, Serdo retired and sold the ship to Fizzi's Slight User Starships. The Firerider was armed with turret-mounted light ion cannon for defense. (SS)

this was a generic term used to describe any ship that was designed for fighting onboard fires in starships that were near or in the atmosphere of a planet. These ships had huge, reinforced holds that could carry large quantities of water or fire-retardant chemicals, and were equipped with power jets that could spray the water onto a burning vessel. Each of these jets was placed on sturdy arms or wings that stood out from the main fuselage. The jets could be aimed and fired by the crew, either from dedicated observation points or from the main cockpit. A small tractor beam generator mounted on the ship's underbelly added the ability to manipulate debris or secure victims from a danger zone. (IS3, SWI83)

this exceptionally-hot vegetable was grown on the planet Darlyn Boda. The pods it produced contained a good deal of flavor, but also a large quantity of a chemical that caused the mouth of most humanoids to burn with a spicy heat. (WOA34)

this was the brand name of BlasTech's DL-87 deck clearing blaster. (PP)

Firespray Module
this form of DarkStryder technology was powered by the intense energies contained in the Lifewell. When activated, the Firespray module emitted a fan of green flame which could burn anything it its path. Like most DarkStryder technology, though, the Firespray module was only usable in Kathol Sector. Any attempt to remove it from the Sector and use it would result in the destruction of the module. (E)

a 21.5-meter-long starship that was built for a very short time by Kuat Systems Engineering, the Firespray-31 was built for speed and stealth, and was originally marketed as a patrol and law-enforcement craft. It's design incorporated an "engines-down" configuration, with the cockpit and cargo area mounted above and perpendicular to the engine area. This configuration meant that the pilot landed the ship while looking straight up and away from the landing platform, and flew the ship in a "standing up" position. This required that the cockpit console be mounted on a rotating platform, giving the pilot the ability to see where he was going. Two-thirds of the ship's hull area was dedicated to the engines, which accounted for its remarkable speed. It also points out the ship's lack of popularity among independent spacer, as there was just enough space for fifty metric tons of cargo. The basic model of Firespray-31 was armed with a pair of turret-mounted blaster cannons on the nose of the ship, as well as a tractor beam projector. Maneuverability was provided by the two outboard wings, which could rotate to give the ship different attitudes in flight. The wingspan was just over twenty-one meters. Over the years, these unique vessels have been seen less and less, although some smugglers still use them. These ships have been highly modified. One example of a Firespray-31 in use during the Galactic Civil War was the craft Slave I, owned by the bounty hunter Boba Fett. (MTS, EGV, WOTC, NEGV)

Firespray-class Patrol Vessel
see Firespray-31 (PP)

this man served the Alliance as a Colonel in the armed forces that were deployed to Echo Base, on the planet Hoth, during the years following the Battle of Yavin. Colonel Firest was known for the development of his subordinates and commanders, who survived more battles than any other group during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWI74)

FireStar Orbital Defense Station
designed and manufactured by Rendili StarDrive, the FireStar Orbital Defense Station was capable of protecting and entire planet. Crewed by 500 officers and 208 gunners, the FireStar was armed with 148 laser cannons and 60 concussion missile launchers. The central section of the FireStar contained landing pads and hangars, while four towers pierced the platforms and rose eleven levels above and five levels below the central section. The FireStar could handle up to 500 passengers, and could store enough supplies for six months of autonomous activity. Produced during the last century of the Old Republic, the FireStar station never reached a wide market, and most of the stations built were purchased by planetary governments. (HAS)

this was a generic term used to describe an entire family of gemstones. Firestones were found on a variety of worlds, and each planet's form of firestone contained subtle differences that allowed it to be identified by gemologists. They were named for the way in which light was captured inside the stone's crystalline structure and flashed back at the eye, as it the stone were bursting with first. Most firestones were identified by the background color upon which the stones displayed their fiery flashes. The possession of a firestone was generally considered to be unlucky, although the basis of this belief was eventually traced to disgruntled diamond merchants who were losing money to firestone sales. (MBS)

Firestone, Wadie
this man served the Alliance as a scout during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. He and Arlo Tyre were dispatched to investigate the loss of contact with a remote archaeological excavation on Alashan, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. After Arlo was killed when he activated the site's defense systems, Wadie tried to return to his home base to report on the incident. However, the ancient site's defenses detected his flight and shot his Y-Wing out of the sky. Wadie was killed in the explosion. (MCI5)

following the destruction of the Shockwave, this Imperial-class Star Destroyer became the flagship of Harrsk's fleet. He turned it over to Admiral Daala when he ordered her to assume command of the fleet. It was on the Firestorm that Daala later turned over control of the Imperial Navy to Pellaeon. (DS)

this one one of four Corellian CR90 Corvettes under the command of Lumiya, following the Battle of Endor. (SWG3)

this was one of the Nebulon-B frigates which were used by the Imperial Navy, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

this was a model of air-to-ground missile launching system produced by SoroSuub. The Firestorm could fire 250 missiles per rack. Each missile had to be fired separately, which made the weapon slow to refire. (SS, GFT)

Firethorn Tree
these 100-meter tall trees grow in the Irugian rain forest on Abbaji. (SE)

this was one of the many Victory-class Star Destroyers which saw continued duty in the Imperial Navy, during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ2)

also known as the Lava Dragon, this creature can survive the intense heat and pressure of the molten lava it lives in. It is armored by crystallized scales of silicon, and resembles a huge snake with pointed ear tufts made of hard scales. It "breathes" the lava, and is insulated by air bladders that keep it bouyant in the lava. On Eol Sha, Gantoris tests Luke's motives by making Luke walk across a lava pit and confront the fireworm living in it. Luke tried to kill it with his lightsaber, but the fireworm's scales only refracted the lightsaber's beam and deflected it into dozens of smaller light beams. (JS, JASB)

Firil, Sirenas
this bounty hunter teamed up with Chandrex Grenn in an effort to hunt down Pallas Quintell on Kallistas. She was part of a small guild based on Port Evokk, but maintained the ability to freelance on the side. The two hunters managed to survive a firefight near Quintell's desert base and captured him, returning the rebel to Prefect Rinn for a 1,000-credit bounty. (GG10)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "defender". (GCG)

Firith Me
this male Twi'lek was one of the beings who witnessed Sunry's flight from the hotel room he shared with Elassa, on the planet Manaan, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Firith was a smuggler, and his credibility was brought into question when he was ordered to testify at Sunry's trial. He could only say that he saw Elassa arrive at the hotel, then saw Sunry come and go shortly afterward. Firith Me also revealed that he had seen a lightsaber beneath Elassa's cloak, and this evidence helped point to her true nature as a Sith officer. (KOTOR)

Firith Olan
this Twi'leki individual was rumored to know the location of Jabba the Hutt's secret weapons cache, located somewhere in the Tatooine desert. The black-sheep son of a wealthy Twi'lek family, Olan was a minor crimelord who believed that, following Jabba the Hutt's death, he could step in and take control of the Hutt's criminal empire. He had somehow managed to gain control of the brain walker that contained Bib Fortuna's brain, and took great pleasure in the knowledge that Fortuna retained information about Jabba. In order to obtain the weapons cache, he had to put Huff Darklighter out of business, because Darklighter had learned of its existence. In the midst of this power struggle, Rogue Squadron was sent to discover if the cache existed. Imperial forces were also sent in to retrieve the cache, stored at the so-called Eidolon Base. Olan was captured by Captain Semtin and returned to Ryloth, in an attempt to draw off the Republic's forces. Semtin later freed him as a way to gain the confidence of the Twi'leki head clans, but caught him again at Eidolon Base. Semtin stabbed Olan before escpaing, and Bib Fortuna's brain walker took advantage of the situation. Fortuna had been trailing Olan, waiting for just such an opportunity to exact revenge. Fortuna dragged Olan's body to the B'omarr monks and had them swap brains. Olan was forced to spend the rest of his conscious existence in the brain walker, while Fortuna used his body to try and rebuild Jabba's empire. To this end, he started a relationship with Shiri'ani, the owner and operator of the Lucky Star hotel and casino, and a protégé of Lady Valarian. (XWBT, SOT)

this was one of the many crystals used by the ancient Sith Lords in the construction of a lightsaber. It was believed to have given the wielder the ability to cause more damage to a droid opponent. It was created by the ancient natives of Rafa V. (KOTOR)

homeworld of the Firrerreo race, it is famous for its 1,263-meter Grand Falls waterfall. The planet was rendered uninhabitable by the Empire after Hethrir betrayed it to Darth Vader and the Emperor, and has been toxic ever since. The inhabitants of the planet were thought to be extinct, until the beings Hethrir, Rillao, and Tigris were discovered by Princess Leia in 33 PE. Then it was revealed that a good number of Firrerreo were trapped in suspended animation aboard a group of colony ships sent out years ago to colonize nearby planets. (CS, EGP)

Firrerrean Silk
this fine fabric was created by the Firrerreo and used to make beautiful cloaks and jackets. (E1A5)

tall humanoids native to the planet Firrerre, they beings had unique striped hair, nictitating membranes covering their eyes, and golden skin which turned silver when scarred. They possessed limited spacefaring technology, and had only recently perfected sublight travel when Hethrir convinced them to head for nearby planets while being held in hibernation. Those that were placed on the colony ships are the only surviving Firrerreo, because Hethrir later turned the planet over to the Empire, which destroyed the ecosystem with a biological weapon. Hethrir had been raiding the colony ships for slaves over the years, until his death at the hands of the being Waru. The Firrerreo have strong clan affiliations, and a fair amount of Force sensitivity. They rarely used their given names aloud, but the use of Firrerreo's name compelled the being to obey the speaker. In the years following the Second Battle of Coruscant, the Yuuzhan Vong wiped out the Firrerreo civlization in a vicious attack that was based on information the alien invaders obtained from the Firrerreos' longtime enemies, the Belderonians. (CS, EGA, FH1)

this was the native language of the Firrerreo people. (EGP)

this was the name of a noted Spiner individual. (UANT)

this was one of two Sh'ner-class cruisers brought to Bakura by Lwothin and the P'w'eck Emancipation Movement, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Ostensibly, the Firrinree and its companion, the Errinung'ka formed the heart of Lwothin's fleet, which transported the Keeramak to Bakura. In reality, they were the heart of a Ssi-ruuk invasion forces, sent to Bakura after the Yuuzhan Vong subjugated the Ssi-ruuk and tried to establish a foothold along the border of the Unknown Regions. Each of these two cruisers was armed with a new paralysis weapon, which could knock out an entire city with minimal effort. However, before the Ssi-ruuk could launch their surprise attack on Bakura, the P'w'eck crewmen rose up against their masters and overpowered the Ssi-ruuk. The Errinung'ka fell first, with the Firrinree eventually surrendering as well, thus ending the plot to subjugate Bakura. (FH2)

a planet subjugated by the Empire, Firro was placed under the jurisdiction of Governor Cuvir. (MTS, GG3)

First Bank of Coruscant
this was one of the largest and most accessible banks found on the planet Coruscant, during the last years of the Old Republic. (MBS)

First Battle Group
also known as the First Fleet, this was the first full Naval fleet commissioned by the New Republic. It was first assigned as the home guard for Coruscant, and was later sent on various tours of duty as other fleets were commissioned. It was in the area of the galaxy known as Thunder Alley when the Yevethan Great Purge began. (BTS)

First Battle of Calamari
the Emperor Palpatine, reborn following the Battle of Endor into a new clone, was just beginning to stretch his new power. He called upon his weapons experts, who delivered a new superweapon, the World Devastators. He launched his initial attack at the ocean world of Calamari. The Mon Calamari - former Imperial slaves - had built many of the best starships currently used by the New Republic, and a strike at the New Republic's main shipyards would help turn the tide and get the Empire back on its feet. The Emperor's plan, however, was foiled by Luke Skywalker and Artoo-Detoo. Luke, under the Emperor's Dark Side influence, retained his allegiance to the New Republic, and fed the World Devastator's' master control codes to Artoo-Detoo, who used them to reprogram the superweapons. Instead of consuming Mon Calamari cities for raw materials, Artoo programmed them to consume each other. The Imperial fleet was decimated by the counter-attack from the World Devastators, and was forced to retreat. (DE1)

First Battle of Coruscant
this was the name given to the decisive battle of the Clone Wars. The battle itself was preceded by the Outer Rim Sieges, a series of battles in which the forces of the Old Republic drove the Separatists out of the Core Worlds and into the Outer Rim. However, the pursuit of the Separatists left the Republic with less than half of their full force to protect the Core. Attacks on Mygeeto, Saleucami, Tythe, and Felucia left Coruscant virtually undefended. Separatist forces, led by General Grievous, jumped into the Coruscant System from a location hidden in the Deep Core, using hyperspace routes that were considered top-secret by the Republic. Using knowledge provided to him by Darth Sidious, Grievous struck with pinpoint accuracy, and was able to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from his offices in 500 Republica despite the efforts of several Jedi Masters and their clone troopers. Grievous took Palpatine aboard his flagship, the Invisible Hand, where he was held hostage. The Separatists warships then launched an all-out attack on the planet Coruscant, using Palpatine as a human shield to prevent the destruction of the Invisible Hand. However, during the battle, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker managed to infiltrate the Invisible Hand and rescue Palpatine, freeing the forces of the Old Republic to attack at will. Ultimately, the Separatists were defeated, bringing about an end to the Clone Wars. Unfortunately, the entire battle played into the plans of Darth Sidious, who was ultimately revealed to have been Palpatine himself. With the end of the Clone Wars, he instituted the New Order, subjugating the entire galaxy under his tyrannical rule. (OWS, LEV, O)

First Battle of Kashyyyk
this was the term used by historians to recount the fight for control of the planet Kashyyyk that occurred at the end of the Clone Wars, in the aftermath of the First Battle of Coruscant. This battle was concurrent with the final stages of the Outer Rim Sieges, and was one of the many operations in which Darth Sidious drew Jedi Knights and Masters away from Coruscant in order to solidify his base of power. The Jedi Council, however, knew that having a high-ranking Jedi Council member on Kashyyyk would draw Sidious out, and dispatched Yoda to lead the Republic's forces against the Separatists who tried to take control of the Wookiee homeworld. The combined forces of the Wookiees and the Grand Army of the Republic were able to defeat the droid armies of the Separatists at Kachirho, but it was Yoda's skills with the Force and his lightsaber that saved him from death when, in the wake of the battle, Sidious issued Order Sixty-Six to the clone commander Gree on Kashyyyk. (OWS, VD3)

First Battle of Ord Biniir
this Galactic Civil War battle was decided by the presence of the durable Y-Wing starfighters. (EGV)

First Battle of Yavin
the Alliance, in a daring move, stole secret plans to the Empire's first Death Star battle station. Data on the ship's infrastructure and construction were obtained by Princess Leia Organa at Toprawa and hidden inside the memory banks of R2-D2. Engineering and technical readouts were stolen from the Imperial laboratory on Danuta by Kyle Katarn. After escaping the Tantive IV and locating Luke Skywalker, R2-D2 managed to deliver the plans to the secret Alliance base on the fourth moon of Yavin, where Generals Willard and Dodonna used the two sets of plans to form an attack on the Death Star. Since the space station was designed to combat large opponents, the Generals thought that a group of small fighters could get inside the Death Star's defenses. An unshielded exhaust port provided them a target to the station's main reactor, and the Alliance lured the Empire to Yavin. Once the Death Star was close enough to Yavin, the Alliance launched its long-shot plan. X- and Y-wings were used to penetrate the Death Star's defenses, and although many Alliance pilots were killed, Luke Skywalker managed to precisely fire a photon torpedo into the exhaust port and start the chain reaction which destroyed the Death Star. (SW, SFE)

First Battle of Ylesia
this battle was organized by Bria Tharen and her Red Hand Squadron, and was aimed at toppling the Besadii spice and slave enterprise there. Information on the Ylesian operation was provided by the Bothan Spynet, although they failed to report a ground-based turbolaser. Bria obtained financial backing from Jabba the Hutt, and used smugglers from Nar Shaddaa to pilot the drop ships. Among the smugglers was Han Solo, and the assault team also included a group of Togorians under the command of Muuurgh and Mrrov. Nine assault teams were created to attack each of the nine Ylesian colonies. The Besadii forces had been bolstered by Durga the Hutt's dealings with Black Sun, and were augmented by the Nova Force mercenaries. Jabba had employed several mercenaries to assasinate the t'landa Til priests before the actual battle began, eliminating a key source of possible resistance. Then, in a coordinated series of strikes, the rebel soldiers attacked the major slave colonies and engaged Nova Force. Most of the battles ended quickly, as the Alliance teams surprised the Nova Force and decimated them before much resistance could be put up. Then, smugglers piloted troop ships and rescue teams to the surface, but the turbolaser took out the first wave, including Jalus Nebl and the Dream of Freedom. Once the turbolaser was eliminated, the ground troops accepted Nova Force's surrender. The battle ended almost as soon as it began, and the Alliance successfully obtained huge amounts of spice and credits to fund its operations. Han and Chewbacca managed to rescue a group of orphaned children from the planet, and were returning them to Corellian - along with a load of spice for Jabba - when he was ambushed by Imperial forces. He was forced to dump the spice in order to save the children, placing him in debt to Jabba and forcing him to take Ben Kenobi's offer for transport to Alderaan. (RD)

First Belt
this was the name of the innermost of the Oseon Systemm's seven asteroid belts. (LCF)

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