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Futana, Nabicci
this man was one of the Old Republic's most noted musical composers. He was perhaps most famsou for the stirring marches he composed during the Clone Wars. (SWJ5)

this is the name of the formal Naboo alphabet. Based on a series of oval shapes, the futhark is reserved for use in military and official control labels. (IG1)

this is the name of the traditional, hand-written Naboo alphabet. It uses a wider variety of shapes and symbols than the futhark alphabet. (IG1)

Futility Station
this was a nickname of Lant Mining Corporation's LMCTS-24542 testing station. (HAS)

this Sullustan infochant owned and operated Futor's Network, aboard the cruiser known as Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport. He also maintained a collection of listening devices posted in the cabins of the ship's General Quarters passenger area. Futor was at one time a computer controller for the SoroSuub Corporation, but was fired for selling top-secret corporate information to the highest bidder. He fled Sullust, and was eventually hired by Omze'kehr Kahr to infiltrate the Sienar Fleet Systems databanks on Byblos. After successfully obtaining the information the Sludir wanted, Futor was hired by Omze to work aboard the Starport. (PSPG)

Futor's Network
operated by the Sullustan infochant Futor, this business was set up on Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport. Its immense databanks contained a wealth of information from across the galaxy, and provided access to newsnets and other informational services to the patrons of the Starport. Futor sold information for incredible prices, but his information was almost always current and correct. (PSPG)

Future of Honoghr
this was the term used by the Noghri to describe the hidden canyon in which they began growing all manner of plants, during the early years of the New Republic. After decades of living with the mutated kholm-grass created by the Empire, the Noghri discovered that they had been held in thrall by the Empire because of its surreptitious poisoning of their land. Leia Organa Solo proved this to them, an event that led the Noghri to break off their relationship with the Empire. Until the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, however, the Noghri were forced to begin growing crops in a canyon that hid their work from prying eyes. This canyon became known as the Future of Honoghr, since it represented what the planet could truly become, once the Imperial grasses were eliminated. (TLC)

this was a Yuuzhan Vong transport ship, stationed at Coruscant after the alien invaders captured the cityworld from the New Republic. A huge ganadote dominated the interior of the craft, which was dedicated for use to those Shapers who worshipped Yun-Yuuzhan. Shortly after the ship arrived at Coruscant, however, Warmaster Tsavong Lah had the ship's inhabitants executed for Ghithra Dal's part in the poisoning of his radank-claw implant. (EL2)

this Commander in the Imperial Armed Forces was stationed on Tatooine during the Galactic Civil War. Fuzzel had managed to arrange a deal with Jabba the Hutt, in which Jabba turned over certain criminals to Fuzzel for their rewards. More often than not, Jabba provided dead criminals, but he still managed to find those beings Fuzzel could not. He was one of the many officers hunting for the criminal Karkas, and Fuzzel intercepted Hoole upon his arrival, after learning that Hoole's ship had left Koda Space Station at the same time Karkas had fled. He let Hoole and his young charges, Tash and Zak Arranda, free after thoroughly searching their ship. Fuzzel later received Karkas' body, although Jabba had removed his brain and stored inside the brain spider droid of a B'omarr monk. Shortly thereafter, Fuzzel was found murdered in a Mos Eisley alleyway, with the letter 'K' carved into ihs forehead. Zak Arranda discovered the body, and believed that his sister, Tash, was responsible for the crime. However, it had just been Tash's body. Jabba had arranged to have Karkas's brain placed into another criminal's body, but the criminal had escaped. So Jabba used Tash as a temporary holder. (GOF7)

a species of thin-legged creatures whose body consists of a fuzzy ball of fur. They have no technology to speak of, and their preferred weapon is a wooden spear. (DCAR)

a plant native to the Forest Moon of Endor, the Ewoks have found that the fuzzynettle has certain medicinal values. (EGC)

this was the designation of a standard droid motivator unit. (HM)

this was the Huttese word for the number four (4). The Hutts used a base-eight numbering system, since their hands had just four fingers each. (GMR5, TF)

Jarril had smuggling contacts on this planet, but hadn't used them in the three years leading up to his death. (TNR)

F-Web Repeating Blaster
this successor to the E-Web weapon had increased power, and was equipped with a gunner shield which required a third operator during use. It's main role was as an infantry anti-personnel weapon. The F-Web was also collapsible, making it easy to set up and take down. (CSA, EGW)

this was the nickname of Tereb Ab'Lon's astromech droid, which was designated R2-Z1. It was named for the unusual noise it made whenever it made an affirmative reply, which many technicians eventually deemed a "design flaw." Nevertheless, it made the little droid distinctive, as did Fweep's loyalty to its owner. On a mission to deliver information to the Alliance base in the Tao-Grant System, Tereb stored the data in the memory banks of this droid. Unfortunately, Tereb was injured and murdered before he could make it to Tao-Grant, so he asked Nim Bola to make the delivery. With the help of Ral-Kalei, Fweep was delivered to Tao-Grant. (SWJ3, SWJ4)

this Huttese verb means "to clean." (E1A14)

see FWG-5 (GQRG)

this was a model of flechette pistol produced by Malaxan Firepower Incorporated. It was smaller and easier to handle that the FC-1 from Golan Arms, and employed flechette-filled pellets instead of heavy canisters. (FOP, AEG)

this planet, some 150 lightyears from Atzerri, was one of the colony worlds visited by the Star Morning after it left Darepp for Motexx. (SOL)

this planet was located near Honoghr and Kessel, in the Calaron Sector. (TLC, REB)

this alien race mates only once, before they are sexually mature. The fertilized eggs are retained inside the female's body until she has matured, at which time they are awakened and begin to grow. (TT)

Fw'sen-class Picket Ship
this Ssi-ruuvi design is a small combat ship that is piloted by a P'w'eck servant. These 45-meter long ships required three P'w'eck pilots and ten P'w'eck gunners, and are extermely fragile. The Ssi-ruuvi engineers opted for shield generators insetad of hull plating on these ships, which meant that once the shields are down, the ship was extremely vulnerable. Like most Ssi-ruuvi starships, the Fw'sen-class resembles a pointed egg. However, the Fw'sen-class has four stubby wings for stability. It is armed with top- and bottom-mounted turbolasers, a pair of front-mounted laser cannons, and six ion cannons. Each Fw'sen-class picket ship carried 6 enteched servant droids in addition to its P'w'eck crew. This crew setup, paired with the ship's fragile shielding, allowed the picket ships to be expendable while serving the purpose of providing needed support. The ships are piloted remotely by a Ssi-ruuk who has access to special neural inhibitors planted in the P'w'ecks. Twenty Fw'sen-class ships were sent as part of the Bakura invasion fleet. Note that the Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels indicates that this ship was fifty meters in length, and was not armed with ion cannons. (EGV, TBSB)

this Imperial medical droid served aboard the fleet which participated in the Battle of Hoth. The FX-10 series was similar in shape to the FX-7s. (CCG)

this Medtech surgical assistant droid was created during the final decades of the Old Republic, and became the design basis for the FX-7 series. Standing just over 1.8 meters in height, the cylindrical FX-6 moved about on a set of omni-directional rollers, and was equipped with an interchangeable set of manipulator arms. The FX-6 was designed solely for use as a medical assistant, and lacked any sophisticated programming or communications systems. However, its data storage and retrieval systems allowed the FX-6 to maintain detailed records on hundreds of patients simulateously, making it almost indispensible at military hospitals and Rimsoos during the Clone Wars. Note that the Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith Visual Dictionary indicates that this droid is known as the FX-9. (SWI81, VD3, SWDB)

an FX-series medical droid produced by Medtech Industries, it is cylindrical in design with many useful appendages. The FX-7 models were designed as surgical assistants. The FX-7 droid which served the Alliance at Hoth's Echo Base was known as 'Fixit.' (ESB, SWSB, CCG3)

this was a model of Ubrikkian star yacht, produced during the early years of the New Republic. Measuring 44 meters in length, the FX-77 was capable of transporting up to eight passengers and 45 metric tons of cargo in relative luxury. (WOA13)

this bullet-headed, humanoid medical droid served aboard the Super-class Star Destroyer Executor, working in a hidden laboratory which was maintained by Darth Vader himself. (MC63)

this Medtech Industries medical droid was considered a top-of-the-line surgical assistant during the final years of the Old Republic. The cylindrical FX-9 moved about on omni-directional casters, and was equipped with a wide range of fine- and medium-duty manipulator arms. Note that Star Wars Insider magazine, issue 81, indicates that this droid is known as the FX-6. (VD3, SWI81)

FX-series Medical Droid
developed by Medtech Industries to serve as a medical assistant, the FX-series was a cylindrical droid which could be adapted to an infinite number of configurations. With ports to accept up to twenty arms, the FX-series could be configured for a variety of surgical, diagnostic, or precautionary uses. While the FX-series was an elegant design, the advances in the abilities of surgon droids rendered the FX-series virtually obsolete by the era of the New Republic. (SWSB, FTD, EGD)

this modified Ghtroc 720 freighter was owned by Kyli Ned'Ix. It was armed with a double laser cannon and a pair of proton torpedo launchers. (DARK)

this was the name of a distinguished Verpine individual. (UANT)

this Ebranite term describes the leader of a clan. It also refers to the leader of the ghantar. (GG12)

Fyalko, Debor
this man served as the Court Swordmaster, serving under the rulership of King Lorac. (PH)

this young bounty hunter made a name for himself by locating a working suit of Nemesis power armor. (SWJ3)

Fyefee Tiis
this Iktotchi served as a General in the Army of the Republic, during the early months of the Clone Wars. General Tiis was in command of the modified Republic Cruiser Whipsaw during the defense of the planet Cartao. The Whipsaw managed to disable the droid control ship which had been placed in orbit around the planet, temporarily disarming the battle droids on the ground. Unfortunately for the clone troopers on the ground, the Separatists had a mobile droid control unit ready to deploy in Foulahn City, which brought the battle droids back online almost immediately. (SWI69)

this Weequay worked for Booster Terrik as a guard and soldier aboard the Errant Venture. (IJ)

Fyg Boras
this Vor served as the New Republic Senator from Vortex, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Lando Calrissian and Talon Karrde approached Senator Boras on Calamari, with an offer of twenty-five tons of relief supplies in exchange for his purchase of YVH-1 combat droids. They recorded the entire conversation for evidence, and later threatened to reveal Boras' acceptance of the bribe if he didnít support Cal Omas' candidacy for Chief of State. (DW)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this was a species of small, predatory insect that was native to certain caves found on the planet Talus. Fynocks usually traveled in large swarms, which allowed them to overpower prey that was much larger than any individual fynock. Each swarm consisted of at least two different types of fynocks, those that could fly and those that scuttled along the ground. (SWGAL)

this was the name of a noted member of the ZeHethbra race. (UANT)

this human stock evolved on the planet Fyodos. At one time, the Fyodoi had became a technology-rich society with a thriving space program. They had managed to send starships to explore their system. Each of the three continental groups of Fyodoi were in intellectual competiton with each other, until profits and corporate directives got in the way. Small battles began to break out among the three groups, and these battles escalated into a full-scale war. Using the fruits of their technology, the Fyodoi developed weapons of mass-destruction and unleashed them on each other. This war later became known as the Great Cleansing. Soon, the planet Fyodos was reduced to a scarred hulk.The Fyodoi realized that their pride and technology had destroyed the world they loved, and reverted to a primitive society of hunter/gatherers and warriors. The Fyodoi are a loud and boisterous race of stubborn, narrow-minded warriors. (PG2)

this planet, the fourth in the Tatrang System, was a mecca of high technology and beauty until its human population declared war on itself. The planet's other native race, the Galidyns, could only watch in horror as their neighbors unleashed huge weapons of mass destruction on the world. Now, the planet is recovering from the wars. Much of the terrain has nearly recovered, although only the Galidyns remember its former beauty. The humans have reverted to a pre-technology stage of development. The average day on Fyodos lasts 20 local hours, and the year lasts 360 local days. Fyodos has three natural satellites. (PG2)

this was one of the most common given names used for human males throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

Fyre, Silver
a former smuggling pal of Han Solo's and a mercenary leader, she commanded the Aquaris Freeholders. At one time, Silver hijacked a load of spice being transported by Solo, and he hasn't trusted her since. Before she officially joined the Alliance, she had been responsible for turning people in to the Empire. While on the planet Kabal, after meeting with Leia Organa, she signed up with the Alliance. Thus, when the Alliance met her on Aquaris, Han was skeptical of her support. However, she proved her loyalty to the Alliance when she rescued the agents from Kraaken, her second-in-command. (CSW)

this was a species of large, bio-luminescent, flying insects that were native to the forests of the planet Kubindi. (MIS6)

Fyrth System
the asteroid field of this star system was believed to have been the only source of opila crystals, which could used by the ancient Jedi Knights in the construction of a lightsaber. (KOTOR)

this Jedi Knight was known for her split-second reflexes, grace, agility. She was one the foremost instructors in the Art of Movement exercise, and personally trained Obi-Wan Kenobi in its forms. In the wake of the Clone Wars, Fy-Tor-Ana was one of a handful of Jedi who decided to hide on Ilum during the Jedi Purge. Her need for information overcame her, and she left Garen Muln on Ilum and returned to Coruscant, where she hoped to infiltrate the Jedi Temple and learn about the state of the galaxy. When she didn't return, Garen feared that she was dead. (JQ3, LJ2)

Fy'y Roog
this was the rallying cry of the Yuuzhan Vong shapers. (DW)

Fyyar, Galak
this Imperial Admiral was one of the many naval officers who served the remnants of the old Empire during the early years of the New Republic. Fyyar was trained as a weapons specialist, and his designs were considered radical ever for the Empire. Many believed that Fyyar's designs would have eclipsed those of Bevel Lemelisk and Umak Leth, had he developed them during the height of the New Order. One of the most unusual items Fyyar developed was a device that allowed him to infuse a person with the Dark Side of the Force, turning them into Dark Jedi. Although the title of Admiral was honorary, for many years he was in command of the warship Doomgiver. From this ship, Fyyar commanded the operations at his base on the Cairn asteroid. To gain valuable muscle and to assist with his work, Fyyar allied himself with the Dark Jedi Desann. They planned to use Fyyar's invention to attack Luke Skywalker's Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, some ten years after the Battle of Endor. However, during the battle, Fyyar was confronted by Kyle Katarn aboard the Doomgiver. The Jedi Knight defeated Fyyar and combat, and set out to destroy the ship. By disabling the shields and overloading the reactor, Katarn ensured that the Doomgiver was destroyed, and Admiral Fyyar perished in the explosion. (JK2)

members of this clumsy, reptilian species were subcontracted to perform work for Dapp Solus and Salem Victory on their custom freighter, the Starcat. After several of the repairs were found to be faulty - in reality, the Happy Blasters got what they paid for, which wasn't much - the technician Mac targeted the Fyyrsprus for extermination. He organized the team's efforts to "repay" the Fyyrsprus for their poor work. (SWJ13)

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