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Flesh Droid
this term was used to describe those organic beings who had been turned into droids by the evolution droids created by X0-X1. Flesh droids were nearly complete in the their transformation, but retained a percentage of their original organic makeup. (CCC)

developed during the early decades of the New Republic, this adhesive was used to secure small objects to the skin. Used mainly by actors, fleshglue was also adopted by criminals and other beings who wanted to change their appearance. (SBS)

Flet, Derren
this man was employed as an architect by Jabba the Hutt, and designed extensive renovations to Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. Note that The Movie Trilogy Sourcebook and the Essential Guide to Characters both indicate that Derren Flet built Jabba's palace, although many other sources indicate that the B'omarr Monks built the palace long before Jabba took control of it. He also provided details on the design of the sail barge Khetanna. Flet was later executed by Jabba, when it was discovered that his plans failed to provide a dungeon large enough to handle the prodigious rate at which Jabba imprisoned or tortured other beings. (MTS, EGC, ISU, TJP, SWDB, IWST)

this was a name which was common among members of the Lutrillian race. (GORW)

this was a species of large, insectile creature which was native to the planet Naboo. (ROD, GQRG)

Flex Tube
this was the brand name of Arakyd's proton torpedo launching system. These torpedo launchers were used by Koensayr in the manufacture of the Y-Wing starfighter, and each tube could carry up to four torpedoes. (SCRE, EGW)

this was the brand name of Merr-Sonn's detonite tape. (SWJ13)

this unique alloy was harder than normal bronze, making it useful for more than decoration. (MBS)

this form of carpeting was developed shortly after the Battle of Endor, and was used in many upscale dwellings on the planet Coruscant. It was made with an internal heating system that could be placed in a number of configurations, providing a soft, warm surface on which to walk. (EL2)

this medical clamp could be used in a variety of positions, making it one of the most valuable tools used by the surgeons of the Old Republic. (HSR, MBS)

this was a form of pre-fabricated tunnel which could be bent into any shape and attached between two buildings. Flexi-corridor allowed explorers, scout, miners, and other settlers on remote worlds to maintain a contained living environment. (JH)

this material was developed during the last decades of the Old Republic for use in lightweight facial shrouds for extravehicular activity. Flexicris shrouds were often paired with specialized thinskin emergency suits for use aboard starships, in the unlikely event that a ship experienced a hull breach. Although these suits were not designed for longterm exposure to vacuum, they were more than adequate for allowing a being to move from a damaged ship to a rescue vessel. (MBS)

this flexible material was used to form membranes which could seal off a breach in a starship hull. (SBS)

this pliable yet extremely durable material is used in the formation of lanyards and other heavy ropes used in starship construction yards. (SWCP)

this was a type of facial covering that was used to alter one's appearance. It was originally used in the production of holovideos, to change an actor's facial features to match their role. Flex-masks were eventually adopted by spies and espionage agents, who wanted to infiltrate a location by appearing to be someone else. (MJH)

a material that has metallic characteristics, but is very plaible as well. It is often used to make flexcord, and was used by Beryl Chiffonage to form the tow cable of a power harpoon. It is often referred to as flexi-steel. (CCG3)

this was a stainless grade of steel used to create surgical devices. Like normal steel, it could be rolled and forged into razor-sharp blades for scalpels. (MBS)

Fleyars IV
this planet was subjugated by the Empire in a struggle known as the Battle of Fleyars IV. (PG3)

this was one of the many species of avian insects that were native to the planet Kubindi. (MIS6)

Flicker-fusion Rate
this was a measurement used by xenobiologists to measure the rate at which a lifeform's eyes can collect, store, and analyze information. (PM16)

this was the name given to the repulsor-equipped, atmospheric craft used by the police force on the planet Bonadan, during the early decades of the New Republic. (EOV, GMR8)

Fliggerian Firebeast
this creature was named for its unusual digestive system, which used a form of combustion to break down its food. (BHSW)

this humanoid was a known infochant who worked on the planet Coruscant some twelve years prior to the Battle of Naboo. He was also a good friend of Didi Oddo, and spent a good deal of time working the halls of the Galactic Senate. A spindly man with large ears and a long face, Fligh had a green, prosthetic eye which replaced one he lost in a fight with a Hutt crimelord. Fligh was asked by Astri to find out about a dinner party which was being planned by Jenna Zan Arbor. He trailed her to the Senate Chamber, where Arbor was meeting with her friend, Senator Uta S'orn. This fit into Fligh's plans, since he had been hired by Helb and the Tech Radiers to acquire the datapad of Senator S'orn. Fligh simply stole both datapads at one time, figuring he could use Zan Arbor's datapad to get names for Astri. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, trying to help Didi located Fligh, discovered that Fligh owed a large sum of credits to the Tech Raiders, shortly before Fligh was found murdered on the Lane of All Worlds. Qui-Gon discovered that Fligh's prosthetic eye had been dislodged during the struggle, and Fligh's body was also drained completely of blood in a similar fashion to six or so other lowlifes during the preceding year. Senator S'orn's datapad was later acquired by the Tech Raiders, but Jenna Zan Arbor's pad remained missing. In a surprising turn of events, Fligh was discovered to be alive by Gui-Gon and Obi-Wan on Belasco, trying to catch up with Astri Oddo. He claimed to have faked his death, choosing to mimic the death of Ren S'orn in order to go underground and avoid being killed as a "loose end" by Jenna Zan Arbor. He later admitted that he had kept Zan Arbor's datapad after tracing the murdered lowlifes to her labs on Simpla-12. Once Zan Arbor was captured, Fligh turned to a more legitimate lifestyle after realizing that Didi had almost given his own life to save Fligh. In return, Fligh set out to help Didi and Astri renovate Didi's Café and restore its business. When Did retired, Fligh set out to see the galaxy. Six years after the Battle of Naboo, he found himself on Euceron, placing illegal bets on the Galactic Games. He had been surprised to learn that Aarno Dering had been hired to be the official timekeeper for several events, and agreed to work with Dering to place bets on those events which were to be rigged. Dering's death, and the appearance of Obi-Wan Kenobi, led Fligh to abandon any hope of hitting it big, and after helping the Jedi he fled back to Courscant. (DH, TDR, JQ3)

this was the Adumari term for a squadron of fighter craft. It has not size restriction, and contains between 4 and 12 pilots and their craft. (SOA)

this species of flying insect was native to the planet Kubindi. Larger than most Kubaz, individual fliis were distinguished by their green and yellow stripes. Although most fliis were wild, the Kubaz managed to keep small swarms of them for food, clipping their wings so that the fliis couldn't fly away. (MIS6)

this was a Gungan tool, used to tighten fittings. (GMR4)

this accomplished actor and impressionist was tapped by Moff Disra for his resemblance to Grand Admiral Thrawn. With a little surgical alteration and judicious use of dyes, Flim was transformed over a two-year period to become the embodiment of Thrawn. Specialized, self-powered surface inserts were created to make Flim's eyes glow red, and his vocal control allowed him to quiet a room in no time. When the Caamas Incident threatened to tear the New Republic apart, Disra brought Flim out of hiding. Using a series of feints in which no real explanation was given as to Thrawn's reappearance, Flim man successfully played the role of Thrawn, using his acting ability and as much Imperial history as he could memorize to pull off the role. Flim managed to fool Major Tierce as well as Captain Dorja, both of whom had served under Thrawn. When the Relentless intercepted the Lady Luck, Flim got his chance to portray Thrawn for Lando Calrissian and Porolo Miatamia. As Thrawn, he offered the New Republic the use of his services in the resolution of the Bothan situation. They took the message back, but it was rejected by the New Republic. Flim continued to act as Thrawn, drawing in many systems to the Empire's side, including the Ruurians and the Kroctari. When Han Solo and Calrissian were discovered on Bastion, Flim got another chance to prove his abilities, portraying Thrawn for both Calrissian and Solo. He offered them a copy of the Caamas Document, and implicated Borsk Fey'lya in the attack on the Combined Clans Building on Bothawui. He then let them go, knowing that the Document he provided them had been doctored to implicate other Bothans in the destruction of Caamas. Flim's act was eventually exposed by Admiral Pellaeon, who revealed not only Flim's background but that of Tierce. Tierce was executed by Shada D'ukal, Disra was exposed as a traitor, and Flim simply surrendered to Pellaeon. (SOP, VOF)

Flimmel Tree
native to the planet Xagobah, this unusual tree resembled a cross between a mushroom and a spider. In fact, the flimmel was more of a fungus than a tree. Individual specimens were actually part of a much larger colony of trees that shared a common root system, and the entire plant lived to be many millennia in age. The flimmel was a carnivorous plant, and could open its fleshy trunk into a mouth-like orifice that extended outward to grasp onto its prey. The folds of the mouth then drew the prey into the mouth, where it was slowly digested. The canopy of the flimmel tree could also be retracted at will, especially when attacked or injured. (BF5)

this material resembles sheets of plastic that can be written on. Used for conveying messages, flimsiplast can be impregnated with chemicals that allow the writing to remain hidden until it contacts a being's specific chemical makeup. It can also be set to burn up after the message has been activated, thereby ensuring the message is read and them destroyed. (COJ, SLS)

this was the term used to describe any object used to keep a stack of flimsiplast sheets from blowing off one's desk. (MBS)

a name given to the sheets of plastic or crystal that contain data and information. They could be erased and used over and over. (TB, TPS)

a Captain in the New Republic. (DESB)

Flin, Nelson
this Alliance Intelligence agent was Evram Darkmere's best friend and chief contact. Darkmere passed on vital information about the Empire's movements around Herdessa to Flin. When Darkmere defeated Gorvan Shrulldike in combat, Flin and his partner Lupon eliminated Shrulldike's flunkies before they could kill Darkmere. (CRO)

a creature noted for its inability to flee when confronted. It was often used to denote an undefended target, as in "he's a sitting flink." (BP)

this young man was a native of the planet Belderone, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He father was a Jedi Knight, and Flint believed that it was his duty follow in his father's footsteps and protect Belderone. This often meant that Flint was late for work, and more trouble than he was worth. When Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa arrived on Belderone to investigate the Imperial laboratory there, Flint approached Luke to learn more about the Jedi. Flint and his friend, Barney, later volunteered to help them with their efforts to liberate Kulthis and Belderone. However, when Flint was too late to save his mother from the Imperial attack on their village, he cursed the fact that he couldn't use the Force to help her. Darth Vader, on Belderone to oversee the subjugation of the populace, preyed on Flint's anguish and lured him to join the Empire as a stormtrooper. He was later trained in the use of the Dark Side by Darth Vader. Flint became known as the Dark Lord of Belderone, and was placed in charge of the invasion force which subjugated Naldar. Luke Skywalker was able to control Flint and stop him from reviving the Sith magic. His old friend Barney, now a member of the Alliance, then convinced Flint that the Empire killed his mother and took away his life. Flint renounced his allegiance to Darth Vader, and ended the fighting on Naldar. Shortly afterward, Flint convinced his homeworld fo Belderone to accept the Firrerreo people - refugees from a homeworld destroyed by the Empire - as neighbors. (LTA1, MCA3, EGC, EGA, MC92)

Flint, Finegan
this tall, thin man was the founder of the Knights swoop gang on Stend IV. He has a bookish appearance, belying his role as the leader of a swoop gang. (GG9)

Flint, Lucius
Flint was a Captain in the police force that patrolled the city of D'larah. He was swayed over to the G'uotr Network in order that his wife and children could be safely transported off Demophon before it was destroyed. He maintained his belief in the law, however, but would turn a blind eye from minor infractions. (SN)

Flint, Manon
this man served as the planetary govnernor of Oon Tien, working for Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne during the early years of the New Order. (DARK)

meaning "energetic", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

this young Vorzydiak was one of the original members of the Freelies, along with Grath, more than ten years before the Battle of Naboo. Flip was eager to receive Grath's approval, and struggled to impress his friend. When Flip met Tray, she convinced the young Vorzydiak to alter the Freelies' sabotage plans, making them more violent and destructive. Flip believed Tray when she told him that such actions would be perceived as Flip's initiatives, thereby gaining respect in Grath's eyes. Unfortunately, Flip worked too hard to impress Grath, and could not understand when Grath continued to maintain his belief in non-violent protest. Flip went out on his own, and arranged for the bombing of the Multycorp headquarters to occur during the early morning, instead of the middle of the night. However, Flip inadvertently set off the detonators early, and was captured in the blast. He was freed from the rubble, but died shortly afterward. In the aftermath of his death, Grath and his father, Chairman Port, agreed to work toward a peaceful resolution to the Freelies' demands. (TTW)

Flip of the Credit
this modest casino was owned by Avaro Sookcool, and was located in Equator City on Rodia. (SESB)

this small, box-like B2-X automaton was modified for use by the Wookiee Chenlambec and his apprentice, Tinian I'att. Female in personality, Flirt was designed to look like one of the quarrels in Chen's bandolier. Flirt was programmed to talk to a computer installment and insiunate herself into its programming. She was a talkative creation, and loved challenges. This trait allowed her to work hard to infiltrate the computer system of the Hound's Tooth when Chenlambec and Tinian attempted to trap Bossk. Flirt was able to gain control of several security systems, allowing Chen to scout the ship's defenses. Flirt later gained control of the Hound's Tooth itself, after electronically 'sweet-talking' it. This allowed Chen and Tinian to overcome Bossk's built-in defenses and trap him near Lomabu III. After they took control of the Hound's Tooth, Chen mounted Flirt onto a power-point on the X10-D service droid, giving her a huge, strong body and full-time access to the Hound's Tooth's computer system. (TBH, EGD)

this no-nonsense Noghri male served as the caretaker of a warehouse located in New Nystao, on the planet Wayland, during the years following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. (WOA29)

this was the term used to describe several species of reptavian predators that were native to the planet Lok. (GQRG)

Flit Bloodsucker
this species of flit harasser, native to the planet Lok, was named for the fact that it survived by drinking the blood of its victims. (GQRG)

Flit Harasser
this reptavian creature was native to the planet Lok. With a wingspan over two meters, these large avians were covered with a leathery hide that gave them protection against other creatures. Their sharp beaks were used to spear their prey, which they often attacked by diving out of the air at incredible speed. (ROD)

this was a species of tiny, biting insect. (SWI67)

this was a common name for Ewok males. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

according to Ewok legend, this fire spirit caused mischief and mayhem by kicking embers out of cooking fires and blinding Ewoks with smoke. (GCG)

Flite Rasp
this species of rasp was native to the planet Talus. (GQRG)

this name was given to female Zabrak, and referred to a hardy flower that was native to the wastelands of Lorista. (GCG)

this hardy flower was native to the wastelands of the planet Lorista. (GCG)

Flitknot Speeder
this Geonosian speederbike was developed for use in tracking acklays and other wild beasts across the surface of Geonosis. For this reason, the two-meter-long Flitknot was unarmed, with all available power going to propulsion. Later, a strike version was developed, with a blaster cannon added for firepower. (GORW)

this was a species of tiny, harmless insects. Many subspecies of flitnat delivered a mildly painful bite, and any being caught in a swarm of these insects suffered from continually being bitten. During their invasion of the galaxy, the Yuuzhan Vong modified the basic flitnat to carry a mild disease that caused the victim to experience intense nausea. (SBS, UF)

another name for a one- or two-person airspeeder (HSE)

the codename of one of the Alliance's safe worlds, Flitter was located in the Tierfon System. The planet's location was revealed when an Imperial starship captured an Alliance transport on its way to the planet. The Imperial fleet destroyed many of the planet's cities and poisoned much of its ecology, killing 95 percent of the population and leaving the rest to die. (RASB)

Flitter Cab
this small airspeeder was produced by Hraki Adventure Motors for use as an automated rental vehicle. Measuring about 1.5 meters in length, the average flitter cab could accommodate a single passenger, and moved from location to location along a pre-programmed set of routes. This allowed flitter cabs to be "unmanned," and equipped with a computer that had just enough processing power to maneuver its way around a city. (GORW)

Flitter Suit
this form of protective clothing was essentially a vacuum suit with a small jet pack attached. These suits offered slightly better hard-vacuum protection than a standard vacuum suit, as well as the ability to make small movements with the jet pack. Because they were designed for light duty, the jet pack of a flitter suit was capable of a single thrust before requiring a recharge. (PSG)

a this small insect flew on gossamer wings, giving it a jerky motion when moving in a breeze. (BP)

an alien race, the Flivians were desert-dwelling quadripeds with equine features. They were equally adept at moving about on all-fours or walking on their hind legs, which left their front paws free to use as hands. (SWJ11)

Float Chair
this was a generic term used to describe any repulsor-equipped chair, used to support a being who lost the use of one or both - or multiple - legs. (AOTCA)

this was the generic term used to describe the small vehicles used by Ugnaughts to move between the Ugnaught Surface and the other floating cities of the planet Bespin. Repulsors were used to directional changes only, while bladders filled with tibanna gas were used to lift. (PH)

Floatboat 1
this was the name of the first floatboat used by Ars Fivvle, during his career as a journalist on the planet Bespin. After it was destroyed during an investigation, it was replaced with the Floatboat 2. (PH)

Floatboat 2
this was the name of the second floatboat used by Ars Fivvle, during his career as a journalist on the planet Bespin, after the destruction of Floatboat 1. (PH)

related in many respects to avians of the same name found in the atmosphere of the planet Yavin, the floaters of the planet Bespin were small, winged creatures that "swam" in the plankton-rich layer of the Life Zone. They bred almost continuously, and cloud car pilots had to constantly clear their windshields of floater roe which was deposited in the atmosphere. (WSW)

another name for a landspeeder. (SWN)

this was the name given to any of the various species of creatures which inhabited the upper cloud layers of the planet Yavin. Of the twelve known species of Floaters, two were predatory and fed on the other ten species. One of the predatory species resembled a large, floating jellyfish or squid, while the other - known as a hunter-floater - was sharklike in its form. Herbivorous floaters resembled huge jellyfish, and strained microscopic plantlife from the atmosphere with the stunted tentacles ringing the underside of their bodies. All species ranged in size from 30 to 1,500 meters in length, and were confined to living in a certain layer of Yavin's atmosphere. If removed from their natural habitat layers, floaters literally exploded, as their bodies were unable to adjust to lower pressures. (GG2, PH)

Floater Car
a repulsorlift land vehicle. (JS)

Floater Flea
this was a particularly persistent species of flea that was native to the planet Coruscant. Floater fleas could be found in the fur of virtually any mammal living beneath the planet's surface. (CCW)

Floater Globe
this was a form of art which used miniature repulsors to keep a filigreed globe afloat. (TFNR)

Floater Pad
this was the name given to the round emitter pads which helped keep repulsorlift vehicles afloat. (TG)

Floater Pad
this specialized form of furniture cushion was equipped with a tiny repulsorlift engine that kept it floating above the floor. The height of the floater pad was adjustable, allowing it to be used as a bench or even a sleeping surface. (HSR)

Floater Shark
one of only two predatory species found in the clouds of the planet Yavin, the floater shark rides the winds in search of food. (GG2)

Floater Squid
one of only two predatory species found in the clouds of the planet Yavin, the floater shark rides the winds in search of food. (GG2)

this Ubrikkian skiff was based on the Desert Sail-20, and was basically a stripped-down version that was designed for high-altitude, personal transportation. Measuring 1.75 meters in length, the Floater-935 required a single pilot, and could carry up to ten kilograms of cargo. The Floater-935 could attain speeds near 300 kilometers per hour, and was unarmed in its stock version. (WOTC, GORW)

Floating Archidia
native to the planet Nubia, this flowering plant produced brilliant blossoms of blue, purple, and crimson. When mature, the blossom detached itself from the main plant and floated away to pollinate other plants. This form of pollination was made possible by gas sacs attached to the base of the blossom. The scent of the archidia was highly euphoric, but virtually unreproduceable. (CCW)

Floating City
the largest of the settlements found on the planet Aquilaris, Floating City actually hovers a few feet off the surface of the vast ocean which covers the planet. It was located near the planet's largest coral reef. (RAC)

Floating Fish
this tastefully-decorated gambling club was located on Cloud City, and was owned and operated by Mussat Nasrabi during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (IDC)

Floating Fortress
a cylindrical repulsorlift combat vehicle used to augment Imperial ground troops through the use of sophisticated sensor arrays and a huge blaster cannon. (SWSB)

Floating Glob
this Charon bio-construct was created as a waste disposal system for use aboard their strange starships. The globs measure about a meter in diameter, and have a number of tendrils which hang down from the main sphere. The tendrils exude an adhesive which attaches waste material to them. The tendrils then consume the waste by placing it inside the acid-filled main body where it is broken down into materials used as food by the glob. (OS)

Floating Home
Lord Ecclessis Figg's first Bespin gas mining colony, Floating Home served as the basis for the development of Cloud City. It proved to the galaxy that gas mining could be profitable, and was the first of a multitude of settlements built in Bespin's clouds. Floating Home itself continued to grow and expand, and eventually was renamed Cloud City once its reached its final state. (ISU, SWDB, IWST, PH)

Floating Jellyfish
this airborne creature was native to the jungles of Baskarn. (SWJ2)

Floating Mountain
this was the name used by the Ewoks to describe the location of Gracca's palace, on the Forest Moon of Endor. (ECAR)

Floating Rock Gardens
this was the term used to describe certain tunnels and caves on the planet Ryloth, where the winds from the Bright Lands were channeled through fissures and gaps at high speeds. Small chambers house the so-called gardens, where visitors could place colored stones in the path of the wind. The wind kept the stones aloft, and moved them about in ever-changing patterns. (GORW)

Floating Toads of Doom
these creatures were just one of the many enemies one had to face in the game called Wookiee Warpath. (YDR)

Flock, The
this was the term used by the Nediji race to describe their planetary society. All Nediji were, by definition, members of the Flock, although some individuals found that they were not able to exist within the Flock. These individuals were often exiled from Nedij, and were the only known members of Nediji society to travel the rest of the galaxy. (MBS)

one of the Imperial agents altered to resemble a Mon Calamari, Flodon's personality is one of stoic disinterest in everything. He is a bit unstable mentally. He had a love of the hunt, and was among the best killers in the service of the Empire. When the Empire invaded Calamari, Flodon assisted Generet in trying to subvert the rebellious Calamarians. (DU)

this was a Sullustan expletive, used to describe another individual who upset the speaker. (MJH)

a creature domesticated as a pet. (COTF)

Floppy Helix Intensifier
this device was used to damped the overall strength of a tractor beam generator at any particular point, producing a wide arc of force much wider and longer than the original design. (GG2)

Flora and Fauna
this was one of the many exhibit wings found in the Galactic Museum on Coruscant. (CCW)

this New Republic warship was part of Task Force Gemstone. (TT)

this bounty hunter and her brother, Dane, claimed to be from the planet Aaeton, when they were captured by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker on Ragoon-6, some five years after the Battle of Naboo. The siblings were part of a group of bounty hunters hired by Granta Omega to capture the two Jedi and their companion, Wren Honoran. She beguiled the Jedi by claiming to be a child from Aaeton, lost on a camping trip after her companions were killed. This allowed her to gain their confidence in order for Dane to sneak up on them. The siblings tried to overpower the Jedi, but were unable to do so. Instead, the Obi-Wan and Anakin used them to draw out the other bounty hunters. It was during this time that Floria and Dane admitted they were actually from Thracior. Their parents - a Hnsi mother and a Tantt father - had been killed for intermarrying. In order to survive alone in the galaxy, they took up the bounty-hunting profession. Years later, Floria and Dane remained a team, although they gave up bounty hunting and were working the Mid and Outer Rim Territories as security officers. Shortly after the onset of the Clone Wars, they were hired by Samish Kash to serve as his personal bodyguards. However, during Kash's mission to Null to discuss a treaty with Count Dooku, Kash was assassinated. This brought Floria and Dane back into contact with Obi-Wan and Anakin, who were on Null to meet with Lorian Nod. Floria and Dane were initially accused of killing him, but Anakin discovered that Floria was in love with Samish. Floria then revealed that Samish had not died. (JQ2, LOJ)

an extrememly hostile and dangerous planet, it is home to the Lamproid race. In order to survive, most races need hyperaccelerated nerve implants to help them react to the planet's many pitfalls. (TME)

this planet, a ball of barren rock, was the third planet of the Belgaroth System. (CCW)

this was an alien swear word. (MC78)

Floubette Dance
this stylized form of the Floubettean mating ritual is considered an art form when performed by avian species. When humans and near-humans perform it, the dance is nothing but disgusting. (SWJ9)

an avian race which performs a complex mating dance. The dance has been performed as an artistic expression by other avian races, but it is revolting when it is performed by humans. (SWJ9)

a legume from which a flavorful oil is extracted and whipped into butter. (SE)

Flow-cushion Chair
this luxurious chair used form-fitting cushions to adjust to the body shape of the user. (DN2)

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