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Flower of Life
this wondrous, flowering plant, native to the planet Naboo, was a symbol of royalty. (VD2)

Flower Queen
this woman was the sister of the Leaf Queen, and was responsible for bringing the spring season to the Forest Moon of Endor. (ECAR)

Flowered Plains
this open area is found on the planet Ylesia, near Colony One. It is essentially a flat swamp, although it is covered with huge, exotic blossoms that carpet it completely. (TPS)

a succulent native to the planet Dagobah, the flower-fruit has a tough outer skin that protects it from most foraging creatures. When it is exposed to bright lights, the flower-fruit unfolds its skin to expose purplish berries to the light. It is the favorite food of the spotlight sloth, which uses bioluminescent patches on its body to make the flower-fruit open up. The flower-fruit was also referred to as the lahdia. (ISU, WSW)

Flowering Bott Pub
this cantina and restaurant was popular with Newcomers in the city of Hweg Shul. (POT)

Flowfit Chair
this was one of the most extravagant forms of form-fitting furniture that was produced during the era of the New Republic. (DN1)

Flowform Chair
see Formchair (DN1)

a building material (HTTE, JS)

this was one of the key components of a fluidic starship control system. Essentially a collection of pre-routed tubes, the flow-track moved pressurized fluid to the correct systems, based on the opening and closing of certain microvalves. (HSR)

this was one of the ways that the Aing-Tii monks communicated with the Force. By touching the flow of the Force, an Anig-Tii monk could figuratively walk along it, thereby reading the intentions of the Force. (DN1)

FLR-series Droid
developed by the Greel Wood Logging Corporation, with the help and manufacturing of Industrial Automaton, this heavy-treaded droid was designed to clear brush and large trees during the harvesting of greel wood. Known as the Lumberdroid, the FLR-series was a 2-meter square box which sat atop two wide treads, and was equipped with two chainsaws and a pair of heavy lifting arms. The FLR was also equipped with sophisticated probability programming, which allowed it to accurately determine when and where a tree would fall once it was cut. (FTD)

this huge mercenary droid was sent by Bron and Ephant Mon to eliminate Ki-Adi-Mundi in the depths of the Outsider Citadels, after the Cerean elders rejected admission into the Old Republic. Ki had gotten dangerously close to their source, and needed to be removed. Ki was able to defeat the huge droid after a messenger brought his lightsaber to him, at the request of Nar-Somo-Dali. The droid was recovered by Silais and reprogrammed, and was eventually assigned to assist Ki in his search for Ephant Mon near Tatooine. FLTCH R-1 served as the starship pilot, and profusely apologized to Ki for his earlier actions. (PTR)

FLTCH-series Droid
this was a series of combat droids produced during the decades leading up to the Clone Wars. (OWS, PTR)

this was a small, furred creature often kept as a pet. They had the annoying habit of climbing trees and getting stuck, unable to climb down on their own. (JQ5)

this was the name of the stalking onsonker that was supposedly owned by Vilmarh Grahrk. He claimed to have used the beast to hunt down Bobo - the alias used by Darth Sidious - and demand that Sidious turn over the Secret Treasure of the Jedi, in return for his life. Garhrk claimed to have placed several of Fluffy's seeds inside Bobo's body. Then, he allowed Fluffy to track down her offspring in order to locate Bobo. After retrieving the Jedi artifact, Villie allowed Fluffy to eat Bobo. (TDV)

a pittin Leia Organa had as a childhood pet on Alderaan. (COJ)

Flugg, Garcy
this man was a skilled and popular hi-lo ball player, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. His elbow eventually gave out from the abuse of the sport, and Flugg reluctantly had a mechanical replacement attached to his shoulder. The original arm was donated to the hil-lo Hall of Fame. (HNN5)

a squat, green-skinned alien species distinguished by the four knobby protuberances that jutted from their forehead. Native to the planet Ploo IV, Fluggrians use the knobs on their heads as sensory inputs, and they can process this input at incredibly high speeds. They have thick lips which cover square teeth, and they breathe through a pair of gill-like bands which wrap their necks. They are known for their organized crime rings, and are higly suspicious of other beings. Note that the Star Wars Kids magazine claims that the Fluggrians were native to the planet Plooriod IV. (IG1, RAC, SWK, IWE1)

this was a common name among members of the Dug race. (UANT)

this was a form of starship technology that was considered outdated by the time of the New Order. Fluidics involved the use of pressurized liquids to deliver the driving force needed to manipulate the steering vanes and other mechanical systems of a starship. The technology still existed on some backwater worlds, and various developing species were only just perfecting it in their societies. (HSR)

Flume, Tike
this youth was the older brother of Trever, and was a native of the planet Bellassa. During the Clone Wars, Tike was among those Bellassans who wanted to defend their planet, but had been too young to enlist. When the Empire arrived and subjugated the planet, Tike was among a group of protesters who tried to prevent Imperial forces from taking control of a defense plant. His father entered the plant in an effort to bring Tike home, but the plant exploded before they could escape. It was believed that Tike's father had tried to negotiate a settlement with the Empire, but they blew up the building anyway. This event was the first true atrocity committed on Bellassan by the Empire, and served to galvanize the public into rebellion. (LJ1)

Flume, Trever
this young man, distinguished by his spiky blue hair, was orphaned on his homeworld of Bellassa when his parents were killed during the final years of the Old Republic. His mother served as a Captain in the Grand Army of the Republic, but was killed during the Battle of T'olan. His father was a doctor who died shortly after the Clone Wars, when the Empire tried to take control of Bellassa. Trever's father had gone into a defense plant to recover his brother, Tike, but both were killed when the plant exploded. Trever was about nine when his mother died, and he was forced to eke out a living as a scavenger, relying on the goodness of others for scraps of food and shelter. When Obi-Wan Kenobi arrived on Bellassa about a year after the Clone Wars ended, the thirteen-year-old Trever ran into him in an alley in the Bluestone Lake district of Ussa, and reluctantly agreed to help him locate Ferus Olin. Although he said he would help Obi-Wan, Trever quickly escaped from the Jedi Master and set out on his own. They met up again after Obi-Wan rescued Ferus, when Trever revealed that he had stolen an old power droid from the Olin/Lands Agency. The droid, which seemed to have a bad motivator, was sold by Trever for a handful of credits. Unfortunately, the bad motivator was actually used to disguise the fact that Ferus and Roan Lands had hidden secret codes and data inside the droid's computer banks. Trever explained that he had sold it to another youth, but Obi-Wan quickly discovered that this youth was actually Boba Fett. Although they told Trever to remain out of sight, the youth managed to stow away aboard their starship when they fled Bellassa for the space station in orbit around the Red Twins. He remained with the Jedi until they split up, and Trever went with Ferus to Ilum on a mission to rescue Garen Muln. (LJ1, LJ2)

this was a form of food created by the Hutts. (SWI62)

this was a Dug swear word. (SWI64)

this was one of the most common Gungan surnames, taking from the father's side of the family. These surnames were not dropped, even after marriage. To the Gungans, it meant "ingenious inventor". (GCG)

an Alliance Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier commanded by Captain Manchisco. It was one of several ships donated to the Alliance by the Sullustans to the Virgillian Alignment forces during the Virgillian Civil War, and was one of the larger ships sent to Bakura to help the Imperial government there battle the Ssi-ruuk. It was equipped with 20 X-Wings (including the ships of Rogue Squadron), 3 A-Wings, and 4 B-Wings. The Flurry was also modified to use General Dodonna's prototype Battle Analysis Computer. For all this, the Flurry was destroyed when Nereus ordered Thanas to open fire on the Alliance ships, following a battle with the Ssi-ruuk. The Dominant, under Thanas' command, opened fire on the cruiser and exploded it, killing her crew. (TB, EGV)

Flurry II
this Bespin Motors combat cloud car measured 6.2 meters in length, and was designed for a single pilot to fly. It could attain speeds of up to 750 kilometers per hour, and had a flight ceiling of about sixty meters. The basic model was armed with a single blaster cannon. (GMR7)

derogatory Imperial term for any race that can't speak the Basic language of humans. It refers to the "whistles and tweets" of other languages. Used extensively during the Bakuran siege to describe the Ssi-ruuk. (TB)

see Shriwirr (TB)

Flutter Pack
this was the name of the Yinchorri jetpack, developed for use by Yinchorri warriors during the last decades of the Old Republic. In addition to the powerful engine, a flutter pack had four lightweight wings for additional maneuverability. (UANT)

Flutter Squadrons
this was the name given to the Yinchorri paratrooper squadrons who fought against the Jedi Knights during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Flutter Squadrons used jetpacks known as Flutter Packs to leap into battle. (UANT)

an alien creature native to the planet Marca, these water-breathing fish averaged just six centimeters in length. Large schools of flutterers often swam near the surface of the water, churning the surface with a roiling motion which made it appear as if a large creature were in the water. In reality, the flutterers were merely oxygenating the water around them. (POM)

another name for the Wisties who lived on the Forest Moon of Endor. (SWDB)

this small, flying insect was native to the planet Cartao. Flutteries often traveled in small swarms, descending on patches of flowers to consume nectar and help spread pollen. (SWI68)

this small, avian creature was native to the planet Ord Mantell. These creatures moved about in small groups, bobbing up and down. This movement, and the bright coloration of the flutterplumes, gave rise to an artform known as Ord Mantellian Flutterplume. (SWDB)

this was the name given to the mature form of a Shikitari pupae, after it emerged from its chrysalis. Compared to the individual Shikitari, the flutterscout was quite harmless. (SWDB)

this mist-covered world is notable for its rocky spires and crags. It was the site of a base used by winged, humanoid pirates once hunted by Jodo Kast. (SWG8, TOD)

a game of chance which developed a following shortly after the Battle of Endor. (XWM)

Flux Inhibitor
this was one of the many components of a starship's primary drive systems. (DN1)

Flux-field Generator
a device which is used to melt solid carbonite. (MMY)

this was gambler's slang for any gambler who liked to play flux. (XWM)

Fly Eye
this was Loronar's attempt to create a smaller surveillance droid than the Cybot Galactica AC1. A marvel in miniaturization, the Fly Eye was barely three centimeters across when its four tiny legs were fully extended. When its legs were retracted, the Fly Eye moved about with the help of an incredibly small repulsorlift engine, attaining speeds of ten kilometers an hour. It was equipped with a holographic recording system and a tightbeam transmission antenna, and was used to capture visual evidence from a remote location. They were used by crimelords and jealous lovers, and were the favored tools of many sleazy newsnet reporters. (EGD)

this Wroonian creature hangs from the ceilings of caves by their tongues. When they spot their prey, they swing outward and down and swoop into attack position. During the height of the New Order, filets of flycatcher flesh were considered a culinary delicacy. (SWJ5, SESB)

Flyer Through Spikes
this Qom Jha was one of the reinforcements sent by Eater of Fire Creepers, following the death of Builder with Vines, to assist Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade in their assault on the Hand of Thrawn. (VOF)

Flying Catch
this starfighter retrieval maneuver involves the fighter itself and a larger transport. While in flight, the transport would open its cargo bay doors long enough for the fighter to fly inside and land. Note that this maneuver was used in Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell, but involved Hna Solo taking in Luke Skywalker's X-Wing into the hold of the Millennium Falcon, despite the large size of an X-Wing compared to the size of a YT-1300 freighter. (RMOM, VP)

Flying Decks
nickname given to the ancient transport ships used by the Krath to move their shocktroops from planet to planet. These are T-shaped transports, with the wings and main engines at the front of the ship. They resemble WWII bombers. (DLS)

Flying Delmarijes, The
this group of tiny humanoids performs acrobatic feats and trapeze-like repuslor moves for Kersh Lauskner's Travelling Animal/Acrobatic Arcadium. (GCQ)

Flying Fleche
this was a leaping lightsaber attack practiced by the Jedi of the Old Republic. (YDR)

Flying Fortress
see Floating Fortress. (HR)

Flying Knives Level
this was one of the more difficult levels to reach in the game called Wookiee Warpath. (YDR)

Flying Serpent
this species of beautiful, winged reptiles is native to an uncharted desert world in the Outer Rim. They have long, snake-like bodies covered in mottled green scales, and have thin yellow wings which span nearly the same length as their body. They lived deep within the Great Well, where water from the planet's inner mantle springs upward. When the mercenary Tyrann and his forces discovered the planet, they also discovered that certain ultrasonic tones and pulses could be used to control the flying serpents. Tyrann's forces then used the flying serpents as mounts. (CSW)

Flying Squid
this flying cephalopod was native to the upper atmosphere of the planet Utapau. (X3)

see Fynock (GQRG)

Flyntarian Tabac Stick
this was a form of solid tabac, considered something of a luxury to most of the galaxy. They were fitted with an automatically igniting tip, giving the smoker instant pleasure. (AIR)

Flyrl Sacorbel
this was the name of a distinguished Morseerian individual. (UANT)

Flyway 120
this speeder route connects the city of Cloud Bridge with the Greenbelt Region, on the planet Teyr. (SOL)

this medical droid served the Empire at the Arginall City garrison during the height of the New Order. This droid injected Ketrian Altronel with a slow-release poison that we aimed at keeping her from defecting to the Alliance. (SWJ8)

this was a HoloNet channel used by a variety of news shows, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (T13)

an alien race. (TME)

this planet was the homeworld of the Fnessian race. (ND)

this race of humanoids was native to the planet Fnessal, and was distinguished by the two eyestalks which stood up on their heads. The backs of their heads were covered with thick, fleshy tendrils. (ND)

this ancient Zexx was a pirate in the Stenness System, and a confederate of Finhead Stonebone. (TOJ)

known as the Gray Death, this Imperial-created virus was first tested on the planet Sedesia. Developed under the auspices of the Pathogen-Based Loyalty Enhancement Program by Doctor Fesjo Negleem, FNV-23 had the property of continually changing its antigen needs, making it impossible for an individual to become immune to it. Doctor Negleem later developed the antigen FNV-23-B to help counteract its effects, making it appear that the Empire had helped save the Sedesian people when, in reality, they had made them dependent upon the Empire for their survival. (SWJ6)

this was the antiviral drug developed by Doctor Fesjo Negleem to "counteract" the effects of the Gray Death plague that struck the planet Sedesia. The Gray Death was actually known as FNV-23 to the Empire, and had been developed by Doctor Negleem as part of the Pathogen-Based Loyalty Enhancement Program. The secret of FNV-23-B was hidden within Imperial computers, but it was discovered that every dose contained tiny globules of FNV-23 held within a polysaccharide coating. When the coating was digested, it release a new strain of FNV-23 into the system, thereby requiring another treatment of FNV-23-B. In this way, the natives of Sedesia were beholden to the Empire for the continual availability of FNV-23-B for their survival. (SWJ6)

Fo Kuna
this Anx served as Zo Howler's chief aide, during the last years of the Old Republic. (SWDB)

this New Republic Navy Colonel was in command of the picket ship Folna during the struggle with the Yevetha. (TT)

Foam Soap
a cleansing agent. (LCJ)

this inexpensive material was developed as a replacement for traditional, woven carpeting. It could be colored in an infinite variety of shades, and could be sprayed directly onto a floor t create a soft covering. The foam itself was extremely resilient, and could stand up to the punishment of heavy traffic areas. (SWI73)

this building material was developed during the last decades of the Clone Wars, for use in areas where high humidity would rust other materials. It was relatively durable, although it was difficult to repair. The material could be mixed in various consistencies, allowing it to conform to any number of uses. Holovideo producers learned that foamcast could be created in a loose form, that could be used to create prosthetic masks. (MBS, MJH)

this was a specialized material used by starship owners to clean out conduits and pipelines. (SWJ4)

Foamwander City
one of the primary center of trade and industry of the Mon Calamari people, Foamwander City was one of the planet Mon Calamari's largest floating cities. (DA, GORW)

Foamwander Five
this guerrilla force opposed the Imperial occupation of the planet Calamari during the early years of the New Order. Led by Guarran and his comrades, the Foamwander Five was known for its daring, often violent activities against the Imperial forces on the planet. (GORW)

this was an abbreviation for the forward observation blister of a starship. (BF2)

this was the Huttese word for the number seventeen (17). Note, however, that the Huttese counting system was based on a base-eight system. So, foboba indicated the number fifteen (15) in the Basic language. (GMR5)

Fobosi Medical Center
this was one of the largest hospital found on the planet Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

Fobrini Hospital
this was one of the largest hospital found on the planet Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

Foce, Rowen
this man served as the Director of the Old Republic's Space Rescue Corps, during the years leading up the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

Focus Cooker
this form of oven uses focused energy rays to heat food. (SOP)

Focusing Chamber
this underground chamber was created by the ancient Sith Lords as a place where the energy of the Dark Side of the Force could be focused and channeled to specific individual. Any Sith Lord using a focusing chamber had his ability to wield the Dark Side substantially increased for a short duration. The effects of the focusing chamber decreased after leaving the chamber, and waned faster over distances. (GMR5)

this was a common name among the members of the Yuzzum race. (GORW)

this was the name of one of the two heads of the Troig Fodesinbeed, which served Jabba the Hutt as a podracing announcer, during the last years of the Old Republic. Fode, along with his companion Beed, called the Boonta Eve race which was won by nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker. Fode was distinguished from his twin by his red skin and short horns, and Fode spoke Basic in compliment to Beed's use of Huttese. Fode's voice was supplied by Greg Proops for Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. (SW1, IG1, SWDB)

this was the full name of the Troig whose heads were known as Beed and Fode. (SWDB)

this being joined the band known as the Twisted Rancor Trio just after Ujii quit the band, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (KOTOR)

Fodo Medoo
this Rodian was a noted pazaak player who lived on the planet Kashyyyk, some four millennia before the Battle of Yavin. (KOTOR)

this planet was known as the endpoint of the annual Dahvil-Fodro Hyperspace Promenade. (CRO)

this planet was the site of a New Republic penal colony. (SOP)

this was Vercanne Mineral Technologies' version of the Fabrennix oxygen extractor. (GFT)

this planet was the site of an ancient Old Republic shipyard. The shipyard's engineers removed raw materials from the planet and transported them into high orbit for delivery to the shipyards. It was attacked by Aleema and a cluster of Ulic Qel-Droma's Krath starships and some Mandalorian warships. Qel-Droma then stole nearly 300 of the Republic's starships to add to his vast galactic armada. He took them to Coruscant, where he attempted to eliminate further resistance to Sith domination. Millennia later, the Foerost Shipyards were purchased from the Old Republic by the Techno Union. Several centuries before the Clone Wars, the shipyards served as research and development facilities for the Techno Union. (TSW, HNN5)

Foerost Shipyards
this was one of the Old Republic's largest shipyards, during the years surrounding the Great Sith War. Millennia later, the Foerost Shipyards were purchased from the Old Republic by the Techno Union. Several centuries before the Clone Wars, the shipyards served as research and development facilities for the Techno Union. (TSW, HNN5)

Fog of War
this was a term used by the military commanders of the Grand Army of the Republic to describe the basic fact that current information from the battlefield was a luxury that an army couldn’t afford to rely on. Once the first shot was fired in a battle, any well-planned mission immediately became invalid, as changing conditions on the battlefield rendered any plan obsolete. Thus, military commanders had to think and command at the spur of the moment, often without any real intelligence on the situation. This lack of curren tinformation was called the fog of war, since a good commander had to see through the fog in order to give the rights commands. It was said that the best commanders never experienced the fog of war, because they forced the enemy to surrender or retreat simply by show of initial force. (RCHC)

Fogg Alait
this Grannan was a member of the colony on Polneye until the Yevetha overran the planet. Fogg was captured, rather than exterminated, and held on the Super-class Star Destroyer Pride of Yevetha as a hedge against reprisal by the New Republic. (TT)

an Imperial Nebulon-B frigate dispatched to the Tungra Sector to clean up the Mugaari pirates operating there following the Battle of Hoth. It was also used as the command ship when the Empire fought to recapture the D-34 platform in the Javin Sector. (TIE)

this Quarren was one of the caretakers of the Cambrielle Exploration Auditorium during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Fohlg was also known to many beings as an access point to the Auditorium's archives, and could be bribed to allow a being or two to peruse the museum's galactic databasefor information on newly-discovered star systems. He charged a steep price, however, because he was still loyal to his employers. (PH)

this planet was the home of one of Han Solo's smuggling buddies. He had settled down there, but remained in touch with Han. The smuggler sent Han a number of questions regarding Leia's status as Chief of State during the Yevethan Purge, and relayed the local opinions of Leia's rule. (SOL)

Fokask Banner
this local newsgrid is headquartered on the planet Fokask. (SOL)

Fol, Desric
this burly man was the owner and operator of the Blind Luck, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. A burly man who always seemed to be scowling, Desric was trained as a scout. He was not a natural leader, though, and the crew of the Blind Luck was often at odds with each other's inability to perform their duties. For much of his career, Fol operated from a base on Abregado-rae. (PG3)

this native of the planet Teyr lived at North 5, 26 Up, in the city of Griann. Fola was married to Kritt, and they were neighbors of the Fallanassi group that lived at North 5, 26 Down, but never knew they were Fallanassi. (SOL)

Foless Crossroads
this intersection of hyperspace shipping lanes is located near the planet Darepp. (SOL)

this was one of the more common surnames used by the Duros people. Like all such names, Foll was used only for official business, to indicate one individual from another when in the presense of non-Duros. This archaic name literally meant "priest". (GCG)

Followers of Palawa
this group of hermits were highly revered on their homeworld of Bunduki. They were also masters of the martial art known as teras kasi. (SESB)

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