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this small fusion cutter was manufactured by SoroSuub for use by starship technicians and mechanics. It could be used to slice through metals, plastics, and wire, and qas also equipped with a bit for punching small holes. (EGW)

F1-series Droid
developed by Cybot Galactica, this four-legged companion droid was designed for use by scouts and explorers. Canine in shape, the F1 droid was equipped with a heavy grasping jaw designed for holding without crushing. The head of the droid contained video, audio, and olfactory pickups, as well as a communications uplink and movement sensor package. Additionally, the F1 was equipped with programming and skills to pull its owner out of harm's way in case of an emergency. (GG8, FTD)

this is the designation of Comar's light ion cannon. Many tramp freighter captains installed this weapon on their ships, since it was a relatively inexpensive way to disable an attacking ship. (GG6)

this humanoid automaton was one of the many repair droids that serviced the Starspeeder 3000 tour vessels that were maintained by Star Tours, during the Galactic Civil War. (ST)

this humanoid automaton was one of the many repair droids that serviced the Starspeeder 3000 tour vessels that were maintained by Star Tours, during the Galactic Civil War. (ST)

this humanoid automaton was one of the many repair droids that serviced the Starspeeder 3000 tour vessels that were maintained by Star Tours, during the Galactic Civil War. (ST)

F2-series Droid
this second-generation exploration droid was manufactured by Cybot Galactica. These droids were known to be loyal, dedicated, and moderately clever in their ability to solve problems. (ROE)

this droid worked as a protocol on Cloud City until the prototype X0-X1 took control of the city. X0-X1 also took control of F-3PO and forced the droid to execute Doctor Issan Len. F-3PO retained enough of its original programming to regret the murder, but was powerless to stop X0-X1. (CCC)

this is the designation of Comar's medium ion cannon. It was more powerful than the f-2, but not as strong as the f-6. (GG6)

one of the medical droids evacuated from the Alliance's Echo base on the Bright Hope. F4-7 was 2-1B's medical assistant. (TBH)

this modified IG-series droid was a member of the Rebel Four. F4-MF, along with the rest of his companions, was killed on Vatleria by Darth Vader. F4-MF was pulled apart by the Dark Side of the Force. (T9)

this is the designation of Comar's most powerful ion cannon, designed for use on transport ships and bulk freighters. (GG6)

Kuat Drive Yards drop ship, the F7 is affectionately known as the Landing Brick. It is a 60-meter troop transport ship that is used to get troops from an orbiting capital ship to a planet's surface. They are minimally shielded and armed with only a single laser cannon. They are equipped with huge, short-burst drive systems that operate only upon landing. The drop ship free-falls to the surface, and the engines kick in just before impact. This allows the ship to entry a planet's atmosphere nearly undetected. (DFRSB)

this series of valet/translator droids was produced by Cybot Galactica. They were capable of translating over 3,000,000 languages via a TranLag II communication module. (TA)

this tall, spindly, copper-colored droid was owned by Garris Shrike. Shrike programmed the droid to keep a running tally of the credits brought in by the children who worked for Shrike. Each child was given a territory to work on Corellia, and F8GN's job was to make sure each child brought in the proper amount. F8GN was in need of repair almost constantly, as indicated by the patchwork of small plates and welds on its body. F8GN's vocabulator didn't always work right, and alternated between a metallic shrill and a deep, unctuous boom. F8GN's eyes were fitted with different colored lenses, giving the droid one red eye and one green eye. (TPS)

this was the designation of Comar's heavy ion cannon. (FOP)

this humanoid pilot droid was owned by Count Dooku, and was used as the pilot of Dooku's solar sailer. (X2)

this was one of the less-popular transport ship designs produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation during the height of the Galactic Civil War. It measured just 28 meters in length, and could transport up to ten passengers and 100,000 metric tons of cargo. (GMR5)

this terrestrial planet was the fourth world in the Kamino System. It was orbited by a pair of moons. (GORW)

one of several species of scalefish native to the oceans of Naboo, the faas had stiff, armored bodied which were narrow and tall. This allowed the faa to inhabit thin crevices in the rocks, as well as allowing them to catch prey which hid in the crevices. (IG1, WSW)

Faal, Kelan
this Hapan man was a member of Grov Bricker's pirate crew, working aboard the Mourning Glory during the height of the New Order. Faal was related by birth to the pirates that patrolled the Transitory Mists. As the ship's navigator, Faal used the same routes over and over, once he knew that they were reliable and safe. On one trip, however, the crew encountered a gravity mass-shadow that dragged their ship out of hyperspace on the edge of the Transitory Mists. The pirates were captured by the Star Home, and brought to Hapes for interrogation. It was during this time that Kelan provided a wealth of information to Bricker and the crew on the traditions of Hapes, which were decidedly matriarchal. Kelan also tried to dispel some of the rumors associated with Hapan culture, although Bricker chose to ignore most of it. After they were intercepted by the Star Home, Bricker allowed Kelan to assume command of the Mourning Glory, in the hopes of avoiding and confrontations. Their ruse failed to produce any good results, and both were thrown into prison. Ta'a Chume herself threatened to kill Kelan, unless he provided information on the whereabouts of Prince Isolder. Kelan had no idea where Isolder was, but he also believed that the Ta'a Chume wouldn't kill them. This was of little solace to Bricker, since he had no idea what Kelan was thinking. However, Faal was unprepared for the Queen Mother's desire to kill them both, and their execution nearly succeeded. Only the intervention of Lady Elliar saved them, when she managed to throw a gun of command to Faal. It was then that Faal revealed his true identity, that he was actually Prince Isolder himself. With the gun of command, he shot the Queen Mother and ordered her to free Captain Bricker and his crew. Although Isolder was forced to remain on Hapes, the pirates were freed to leave. Captain Bricker later wrote down his experiences in the story Planet of the Amazons: The Tale of the Pirate Ship Mourning Glory. (PH)

Fa'ale Leh
this Lethan Twi'lek female was hired by Raith Sienar to deliver the prototype Sith Infiltrator to Darth Maul, during the months leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Before her work for Sienar, Leh was a noted pilot whose daring skills had always impressed her employers, who were most often crimelords who needed a shipment of spice delivered quickly and without incident. Sienar approached her sometime before the Battle of Naboo, offering to pay her to transport his prototype Infiltrator to its unseen buyer. She agreed, knowing that her acceptance of the job would also mean she was an expendable asset. Nevertheless, she took the job, and at the last possible moment, managed to escape Sienar's grasp and flee to the Outer Rim. She spent several years wandering from planet to planet, trying to hide out for as long as she could. She wsa finally located on Naos III by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker some thirty-six months after the Battle of Geonosis, although Darth Sidious seemed to have known about her all along. She was using the alias Genne at the time, hoping to escape notice. However, as soon as the Jedi located her, a group of assassins and mercenaries attacked them. Fa'ale wanted to simply surrender to the inevitable, tired of running and hiding and watching over her shoulder. During their escape, Fa'ale revealed that she delivered the Infiltrator Sienar had built to Coruscant; more specifically, to The Works. (LEV)

this name was common among Ithorian females. Although such names do not generally have meaning, Ithorians who studied their race's history learned that the name meant "a cool breeze on a warm day". (GCG)

this gas giant was the seventh planet in the Zug System. It was orbited by 14 moons. (PH)

Faarl the Conqueror
this was the name used by Faarl, a young man from the planet Korlings. Often called the Child Conquerer, Faarl was the eldest son of a noble family of Korlings, and was barely sixteen when Emperor Palpatine was killed at Endor. He started out his career as a pirate, raiding the defenseless worlds of Wild Space. By the age of nineteen, he had conquered seven or more primitive planets located in the Parthovian Cluster. He was feared on the planets he conquered, especially in the Parthovian Cluster. He preys mainly on planets with small populations and limited defenses. He established his base of power on the planet Pochi, in a citadel known as Fortress Baarlos. However, his predations eventually earned him a bounty on his head. Faarl believed himself to be safe within his fortress, until Boba Fett managed to break through his Tulvaree guards and capture Faarl. (WBC, SWI80)

named for Faarl the Conquerer, this yellow-white star is the central body in the Faarlsun System of Wild Space. (WBC)

a manufacturing company which produces many of the emergency escape pods used in capital ships. (SCRE)

this was one of the most common female names among the Corellians. (GMR9)

Fabled Key of the Sharu
this was another name for the Mindharp that was built by the ancient Sharu. (LCM)

this avian creature was native to the planet Dantooine. It resembled a winged balloon, with a large, swollen body supported by small wings. They tended to avoid the bilba trees while flying, in order to avoid getting stuck in their branches. The native Dantari often skinned the fabool and tanned their hides for use in making bags and clothing. (GOF11, DTO)

Fabrennix Oxygen Extractor
this device was used to extract oxygen from underground water or water vapor sources. It used a meter-long probe to dig down into the surface of a planet or planetoid, extracting individual molecules of water in order to collect enough to drink. (GFT)

Fabreth Medical Biochemicals
this corporation produced a wide range of portable medical supplies, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GFT)

this city, the capital of the planet Malthor, was a hotbed of rebel activity during the Galactic Civil War. Fabrillan had a large contingent of Reigats during this time, depsite the Empire's control of the city. (CRO)

this city, located on Thorgeld I, is the site of the Mandel mansion. (GG9)

this corporation was founded almost a century before the Galactic Civil War, and manufactured many starship systems, including sensor packages and target tracking devices. Headquartered on the planet Fabrin, Fabritech prided itself on the durability of its products. During the Galactic Civl War, Fabritech briefly produced several weapons systems, but continued to make the bulk of its profits on sensors and scanners. (TLC, SCRE, NEGW)

Fabswa the Mutilated
this Swokes Swokes appeared to be much smaller than an average member of his race. This was due to the fact that he had cut away large portions of his flesh in order to improve himself as a warrior. Fabswa was a devout member of the Temple of the Beatific Razor, and his self-deprication allowed him to earn the rank of First Glorious Assassin during the last decades of the Old Republic. One of the many changes he made to his body was the implanting of a comlink into his head, so that he could receive instructions and devotionals from his superiors. He often wore a dead schinga picai draped over his shoulders. (GORW)

this was the nickname of the Mark IV patrol droid IM4-099 which patrolled Mos Eisley, during the months leading up to the Battle of Yavin. (SWSE, BTM)

this was the code name of the rebel terrorist group on the planet Esseles. They operated on the fringes of the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, and were responsible for bombing attacks on several Imperial outposts, including Grande Hyet and Tralee. (SWJ9)

this was the name of Thune's jury-rigged YT-1300 starship. After Thune was overpowered by Kaj Nedmak and Thune's droid, U-THR, Kaj took possession of the ship and renamed it the Starlight Red, in honor of Celia Durasha. (SWJ14)

this Charon was one of the many members of the splinter group known as the Cult of Light. (UANT)

Facility, The
this was the name of the topmost section of Vergesso Base, and contained the primary spaceport, business services, and defense systems. (SPG)

this branch of the Dellaltian government and judicial system was charged with investigating the actions of suspected individuals, much like a police detective force. (HSL)

this was one of many industrialized, urban areas found in the Old Town section of Eriadu City, on the planet Eriadu. (EGP, GORW)

this creature was native to the planet Kashyyyk. The flesh of the factryn was used by Wookiees in meat pies. (RD)

this planet was settled by Duros explorers during the early centuries of the Old Republic. (GMR2)

this name, which meant "arrives early", was common among Gungan males. (GCG)

this Rodian claimed to be a sales representative for the Tredwall company, and sold many a poorly-built droid to unsuspecting buyers. He often worked on the Vohai Unirail, peddling his cheap knockoffs. (FTD)

this Saheelindeeli worked for Grigmin and Han Solo, doing whatever odd jobs they had, during Grigmin's series of performances on the planet Saheelindeel. Like others of her species, she was a bow-legged primate covered in thick, green fur. However, she was somewhat obese and exceptionally outgoing for a Saheelindeeli. She was a con artist, and owned her own aircraft, the Skybarge. She was also fond of smoking odoriferous black cigars and chewing chak-root. When Han decided to show up Grigmin, he borrowed the Skybarge and mimicked the younger man's maneuvers, much to the approval of their audience. (HSL)

Faenarm, Morna
a former professional athlete, this dark-skinned woman witnessed first-hand the decadence and evil of the Empire while playing on many Imperial worlds. She decided to help the Alliance in any way she could. Upon retiring from sports, she joined Incom Industries as an accountant. She developed a network of contacts within Incom, including many upper-level managers, and was able to obtain information of great importance to the Alliance on a regular basis. She provided the information through a series of dummy accounts she established. (CRO)

this Snow Demon worked with Colonel Odan to fight back against the Imperial forces controlling the planet Akuria Two, during the height of the New Order. (PZZ2, MCI4)

Fahjani Tohvar
this Herglic was noted in the history of the planet Giju. (UANT)

this plant, native to the waters of Pallaxides, was bred by Ort Hoogra-D'En to dampen the sensor emissions of his base on the planet. (ND)

this Wookiee slaver was an associate of Dayla Kev, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. He worked with his partner, Friyahrr, and delivered a group of Hoojibs to the Galactic Horizon to assist Dayla in exacting her revenge on Milac Troper. (GMR6)

Fahs Oxsor
this famous smuggler was an Issori, and was known for his flamboyant escapades against the Empire. His family was almost fanatical in their political beliefs, but Fahs was overwhelmed by their beliefs and fled Issor to pursue a life of adventure. He joined Toob Ancher aboard the Glory as a gunner and first mate. Fahs retired to Redcap are more than ten years of evading the Empire, and took up the work of a miner. (SWJ5, SWJ13)

this world was the sixth planet in the Derilyn System, and was important because of its vast ore deposits. Fahul was a cool, rocky world with a pair of moons. (PG3)

this man was one of the many clone commanders produced for the Grand Army of the Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. Commander Faie was one of the many ground-force leaders during the Siege of Saleucami, where he was in charge of the engineering divisions. (RSOS)

Faile, Hendric
this man was the commander of the Kathol Republic's defense fleet in the years following the Battle of Endor. He was searching for the Lance of Endor while the FarStar was searching for Moff Sarne. When the Bravado III was attacked by Treidum's crews, Faile captured the FarStar by mistake, and impounded them on Dayark. He ordered them to stand trial in front of Chandra Hobat, the Republic's president, who eventually freed them after they expsoed the plans of Sho'ban DO. (KO)

Failey Club
this was one of the most exclusive, private clubs found in Tapani Sector. It was located on Estalle Island, on the planet Procopia. It was unusual in that it did not favor one noble House over the others. (LOE)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

Fain, Sedret
this man served as the head of the Bureau of Science and Travel, based on the planet Duro, during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. He secretly embezzled BST funds in an effort to create his own mercenary force, hoping to capture Alliance operatives on Duro and earn himself a promotion to Imperial Advisor, or a posting on Coruscant. He strived to ensure that his operation was insular enough that he received all the credit, to help bolster his position in any such capture. His first chance came during the rescue attempt on Serrol Gathip, who had been trapped by Fain's thugs. A team of Alliance agents arrived to rescue Gathip, and Fain sent his thugs to capture them. However, the thugs were no match for the trained Alliance soldiers, and they were quickyl defeated. Fain himself, seeing his plans disintegrate, fled Duro and went into hiding. (RESB)

Fain, Thul
this former Imperial pilot, who served under Tanbris, left Imperial service and went to work as a smuggler and gambler. He went to work for Jabba the Hutt, and was well-known for betting on how long victims fed to the rancor would last. (CCG7)

Fair at Bolgoink, The
this was the first of the major interclan fairs staged by the Gamorreans, held annually during the early season of Slushtime. (SWJ14)

Fair Gale
this SST-67 transit shuttle made regular runs from the surface of the planet Naboo to Ohma-D'un during the last decades of the Old Republic. On one fateful trip, it experienced severe trouble in the planet's ionosphere. The shuttle's Captain, an Ithorian named Worlohp, was driven mad by an accidental release of Kyvalon-4 gas, forcing his passengers to take control of the situation. (GMR1)

the Habeen shuttle used to rendezvous with the Shamus and the Imperial shuttle Nexus when the Habeen discussed the sale of their hyperdrive technology with Admiral Zaarin. (TIE)

these ethereal beings resembled floating Jawas, and used the name Fairfolk to describe themselves to Luke Skywalker when he first encountered them on Dantooine, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Strong in the Force, the Fairfolk used telepathy to communicate with Luke. Unknown to Luke, however, the Fairfolk were actually agents of Darth Vader himself. They used subtle manipulations to lure Luke into their midst, then helped Vader establish a mental link to Luke through the Force. In this way, Vader was able to communicate with Luke and begin bending the youth's mind to the Dark Side of the Force. Through the Fairfolk, Vader tormented Luke with simple tricks of the Force, drawing Luke toward using the Dark Side in anger and frustration. Vader, stationed on the Star Destroyer Conqueror, maintained a link with the Fairfolk despite orders from the Emperor to return to the rest of the fleet. However, the intervention of Leia Organa, who had been searching for Luke, broke the trance of the Fairfolk and allowed Luke to return to himself. (3D3)

Fairweld Casino
this luxurious gambling establishment was located on Estalle Island, on the planet Procopia. (LOE)

Fairwell Station
this space station was known to have ties to the Alliance, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (T15)

Fait d'Fait
a planet located in the Rayter Sector, between Tintel and Azna. (CRO)

Fajiri Feravi
this was a noted individual in the history of the Murachaun race. (GORW)

Fajji, Danna
this short, chubby man was the Baron-Administrator of Hologram Fun World during the period surrounding the Battle of Yavin. He was noticeable by his scruffy red beard and outgoing demeanor. He allowed Borborygmus Gog to construct the Nightmare Machine on Hologram Fun World, primarily because he was unaware of the true nature of the machine. At the height of the Empire's New Order, he began projecting holographic "visitors" around the park, to give the illusion of attendance. He had been trying to sell the amusement park, but Imperial oppression had severely reduced the number of beings who traveled to the park. (GOF4)

Faka Rann
this was Yuuzhan Vong named adopted by Garik Loran, during Luke Skywalker's attempt to infiltrate the planet Coruscant, shortly after the planet was captued by the real Yuuzhan Vong. (EL2)

this planet, located in the system and sector of the same name, was part of the galaxy under Imperial control during the Galactic Civil War. It was where some of the Empire's wealth was stored. Voren Na'al once operated as an Alliance spy in the Fakir System, posing as a special agent to Moff Lorin of the system during the infiltration of an information network on Halowan. (SWSB, MTS)

Fakir Sector
this area of the galaxy was located just outside the Core Worlds, and contains several hundred planets. Some 50 of these worlds produced intelligent life forms by the era of the New Order and the Galactic Civil War. (SWCP)

this was the third planet in the Obas System. (IA)

Fal Tivvik
this Yuuzhan Vong served as an advisor to Yoog Skell, during the years before the aliens invaded the galaxy. She was Escalated by Ch'Gang Hool, but the Escalatier Ceremony resulted in a "flaw" in her transformation. Fal Tivvik was relegated to the Shamed Ones, although Yoog Skell later blamed Ch'Gang Hool's incompetence - rather than the disfavor of the True Gods - for her disfigurement. (DW)

Fal, Morana
this notorious criminal was last sighted on Lanthrym, wearing a suit of prototype JX4 armor stolen from the Soruus System. (GUN, SWJ3)

this Sedrian female was the daughter of the renegade priest Karak, but was unaware of her father's ambitions until he was driven out of Fitsay by Cardo. She was also a priestess of the Golden Sun, and served as her father's high priestess after he fled Fitsay. She believed that Karak had fled the city in order to find a way to free the Golden Sun for all Sedrians. The Alliance team sent to rescue Mors Odrion was brought to Karak's settlement by Pek, and they were able to convince Fala that her father simply wanted the Golden Sun for his own use. The discovery of Karak's plans to share the Golden Sun with the Empire turned Fala away from her father. She joined forces with Pek in an effort to ensure the Golden Sun was available to all Sedrians. After defeating her father and scattering pieces of the Golden Sun across Sedri's oceans, Fala and Pek were married, and together they worked to restore Sedrian society to its former state. (BGS)

Falaco Don-DeMardo
this General Manager of Marqua Spas fired his assistant manager, Tarin DeHallo, after she hired Jantaa Binx. Binx began performing the Floubette dance in the middle of the traditional Panelan Fest, and disgusted the attendees. Although DeHallo claimed she didn't know Binx was human, Don-DeMarco escorted her off the premises with only a box to carry her belongings. (SWJ9)

Falaem Onn
this red-skinned humanoid was a member of the Rebel Four. Onn, along with the rest of his companions, was killed on Vatleria by Darth Vader. Onn himself was incinerated by the Dark Side of the Force. (T9)

Falang Minor
this planet, located in the Outer Rim, was the site of an ancient Jedi stronghold during the early centuries of the Old Republic. This base was one of several that supplied many of the Jedi who were dispatched to watch over the Tion Cluster, shortly after it was absorbed into the Republic. (GORW)

Falanthas, Mokka
this individual served as the Minister of State for the New Republic, during Leia Organa-Solo's tenure as Chief of State, replacing Senator Q-Varx. (SOL)

a light Mon Calamarian cruiser operated by the Dimoks during the Sepan Civil War. It was destroyed by the Empire. (TIE)

Falasian Liquid Crystal
this unusual form of gemstone appeared to be made from liquid stone, because its wondrous patterning seemed to move and reshape itself. (GFT)

one of Thrackan Sal-Solo's Human League officers, he held the rank of Captain. He was in charge of monitoring Dracmus' parole. (AS)

an Alliance modified CR90 corvette that was destroyed while trying to disable the Harpax so that Admiral Harkov and the Protector fleet could escape and defect. (TIE)

an Alliance Lambda-class shuttle the Ackbar used to escape from the compromised Project Shantipole near Roche. (XW)

Falconi, Shamus
this native of the planet Algor was born to a family of highly successful pirates and smugglers. However, the abilities seemed tied to the females of his family. His grandmother was a successful pirate, and his mother and sisters were equally successful. He lacked their abilities, and turned to smuggling instead. He used the starship his grandmother had left to him, the 300-year-old PB-950 known as the Lumrunner, to travel the galaxy, but the ship was in constant need of repair. He won't ever reveal who he came to meet his partner, Grasheel, but the pair manage to keep the old ship flying. He has cultivated a wide network of informants and friends who kept him employed, primarily in the Mestra System It was here that he started running guns for Dutan Lee, and came under the notice of Captain Alijah Orr. He has managed to keep out of Orr's way, thanks to the help of Port Captain Renea Luies. (SWJ9)

Falcor's Runaway
this moderately-priced cruise liner takes visitors to various Outer Rim sites. (GG9)

Falco's Spear
this ten-meter-long, repulsor-equipped wind-rider was owned by Ray Carantar. He used every connection he had to get the craft entered in the wind-rider race during the Festival of the High Winds, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. Carantar allowed a team of Alliance agents to act as his pit crew, while the agents infiltrated Sevarcos to locate and rescue Carter Escalon. The Falco's Spear was held together with chewing gum and bailing wire, but it was Carantar's pride and joy. (SWJ12)

this backwater planet was located on the very edge of the galaxy. (MIS5)

this Imperial Sergeant served under Ryko Vant on Jerne. (CSWDW)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

Faleur, Reina
this woman was a member of the New Republic's Supply and Ordnance division, and held the rank of Lieutenant shortly after the Battle of Endor. Tycho Celchu tried to fix Wedge Antilles up on a date with her, during a stop-over after Rogue Squadron returned from Eiattu. She agreed to the date, and had to fight off the attentions of Wes Janson while exercising. (XWMR)

Faleur, Sera
this woman married Gavin Darklighter several years after the Battle of Bilbringi. Sera was the social worker who was working on Gavin's plans to adopt two young boys, and they wiuckly fell in love. Together, the couple adoped the two boys, who were Coruscant natives and orphans of the campaign against Grand Admiral Thrawn. They later had a daughter before Gavin was promoted to Commander of Rogue Squadron, before Sera gave birth to a third son and a second daughter. Sera was a native of Chandrila, and grew up on the shores of the Silver Sea. During the battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, she took her children and remained hidden on Chandrila, while Gavin commanded Rogue Squadron in battle. (DTO, DTR, NEGC)

this was one of the larger Hutt kajidics, or clans. Before Jabba the Hutt claimed Tatooine for the Desilijics, the Faljozic clan controlled nearly one-fifth of the planet's criminal activities. The Faljozic clan was also responsibel for the shipping activities that took place on the desert planet. (SOT)

this young man was a boyhood friend of Dodo Bodonawieedo. They grew up in the streets of Mos Eisley, frocking Jawas and running information for the Shawpees. They eventually were hired as informants by Jabba the Hutt, but Falk was soon caught eavesdropping on Bib Fortuna. The Twi'lek reported him, and Jabba had Falk executed. (MTSE)

this gas giant was the fifth and outermost world in the Genesia System of Brak Sector. It was orbited by nine moons. (FBS)

Falken, Rorax
this renowned physicist was one of the multitude of scientists and engineers whose work was incorporated into the first Death Star. When he discovered that the Empire had put his well-intentioned ideas to use in a weapon of mass destruction, he suffered a massivebreakdown. Falken was confined to a repulsorchair from that point on, and became very secretive. He was easily noticed by his repulsorchiar, but also by his wild, unkempt, gray hair. After retiring to Mrlsst, Falken's work became the founding influence for the band Ghost Jedi. His music has been praised throughout the galaxy as precise yet emotionless, much like the scientific work he performs. During the New Republic's struggle for control of the Phantom Project, Falken's lab was attacked by Imperial forces under the command of Loka Hask. Falken was killed in the crossfire between Rogue Squadron and Hask's troops. (XWPA)

Falken, Sef
this boyhood friend of Bal Jaset grew to become one of Jaset's most trusted advisors. Lord Vaskel Savill ordered Falken to eliminate Annora Calandra, shortly after they first met on Vilhon. The assassination was thwarted by a group of Alliance agents hired by House Cadriaan to infiltrate Savill's plans. (LOE)

Falkenharn Repulsors
this corporation produced several models of repulsor-equipped luggage carriers and baggage transports for use in spaceports, during the height of the New Order. They developed carts for personal use, such as the Mark V14, as well as transports for carrying luggage between shuttles. (GFT)

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