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this small-time spacer was a confederate of Pyrron Nox. (SSR)

Faris, Alek
this man was known House Pelagia's strongest diplomat and advisor during the Clone Wars, despite the fact the he was a native of Brentaal. (PGT)

this swear word was used to describe any situation which was bleak or disastrous, as in ,"We're farkled." (T4)

this man served as the commanding officer of the Alliance's Eyrie Base during the height of the Galactic Civil War. At the time, he held the rank of Colonel. He made the rest of the base very happy when he finally managed to ship Commander Biros Baran off to a desk job on an Alliance safeworld. (SWJ10)

Farlander, Keyan
Keyan Farlander grew up on Agamar, and was indifferent to the ways of the galactic government until Mon Mothma came to the planet to gain underground support for the Alliance. Farlander received a copy of the A Call to Reason pamphlet, and it turned his mind to the Alliance. He joined up, and decided the he wanted to be a starfighter pilot. As an untrained Alliance starpilot on his first mission, Keyan helped recover important Imperial documents by disabling the Imperial shuttle Talon near Turkana. He proved his incredible piloting skills there as well, and went on to become one of the Alliance's premier pilots. He was instrumental in raids on a number of Imperial outposts, and was part of the team that fled to Yavin 4 to prepare for battle against the Death Star. While on Yavin 4, Keyan helped familiarize Luke Skywalker on the controls of the X-Wing. He was one of the few survivors of the Battle of Yavin, piloting a Y-Wing during the fighting and fleeing the destruction of the first Death Star with Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, and the Millennium Falcon. Keyan continued to serve the Alliance, and later the New Republic, as a military officer and advisor. Because of his uncanny skills, Keyan was tested by Luke Skywalker for a connection to the Force, which revealed that Keyan was possible Jedi material. He trained for many years at the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4, and eventually earned the rank of Jedi Knight. By the time of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Farlander had been promoted to General. He served under Admiral Traest Kre'fey aboard the Ralroost during the period following the Second Battle of Coruscant, working to implement the plans of Admirals Sovv, Ackbar, and Kre'fey. (XW, Y, SWI63, UF)

Farlander, Kitha
Kitha is Keyan Farlander's sister. She was in Tondatha when the Empire invaded the town, and was severely burned. Keyan sent her to Oorn Tchis to live with her aunt and uncle, Mimya and Trinn. There, she received medical treatment and was able to survive, although she had to undergo intense rehabilitation during her first years on Oorn Tchis. (XW)

Farlax Sector
this area of the galaxy, containing the Koornacht Cluster, was defended by the Black Sword Command during the Imperial Civil War. It was located in the Rim Territories, and was largely unexplored by New Republic surveyors. Farlax Sector also contains the Hatawa and Kokash Systems, and accounts for more than 2,000 inhabited worlds. Some 300 of these worlds were members of the New Republic before the Yevethan Purge. (BTS, SOL)

this species of four-legged creature could grow to 1.5 meters in height. They were covered with thick scales, and their wide heads were protected by bony plates. They are usually green in color, although albino specimens have been collected. They smell awful, but are not kept for their companionship. Instead, they are used as guardians and hunting beasts. In the wild, farleks, use their long, sticky tongues to catch and ensnare their prey. (OE)

Farley, Rel
this man served as an assistant manager, working for Brodsport Mining Corporation on Danuta, during the height of the New Order. Farley was also an Alliance sympathizer, and supplied backup information supporting Kyle Katarn's alias as Dan Drexel, when Katarn infiltrated Danuta and the Imperial labs in Trid, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. (SFE)

this is one of the three largest cities found on the planet Farrfin. Like Jahhnu and Geltyu, it is best known for the criminal element which thrives within its borders. (TTSB)

this man served the Empire as a soldier and cook, working at the Krake Data Vault on Krake's Planet during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (MC63)

this New Republic warship was part of the Third Battle Group, and was assigned to blockade Wehttam during the Yevethan Purge. (SOL)

this was one of the many clans of the Nosaurian race, which was native to the planet New Plympto. (CCW)

Farlus Hawk
this raptor was native to the planet Alsakan. (GMR9)

this was Luke Skywalker's callsign as the leader of Saber Squadron, during the defense of Eclipse base from attack by the Yuuzhan Vong. (SBS)

Farmboy One
this was Luke Skywalker's callsign during his mission to locate the planet Zonama Sekot, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (FH3)

Farmer's Folly
this seedy tavern is located as far from the starport as could be, while still being within the city limits of Starpoint, on the planet Draenell's Point. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the Farmer's Folly was owned and operated by Kesha Weebe. (GMK)

Farmer's Landing
most of vohis mold processed and exported from the Gelgelar passed through these warehouses, located in the vicinity of the Gelgelar Free Port. (PSPG)

this tamed husk lizard was the personal pet of Sanglui. (GORW)

a carbonite trader executed by Aleema and Satal Keto. (DLS)

Farnmir, Kalyn
this Kuati woman worked as a mercenary during the last decades of the Old Republic. Distinguished by her short-cropped hair and her evil smile, Farnmir was a member of the Kuati Sercurity Forces when she was framed by a group of corrupt officers of Kuat Drive Yards, and was dishonorably discharged from service. Rather than falling into despair, Farnmir used her skills in law enforcement to forge a new career as a bounty hunter. She took on Cian Shee as a partner, and the pair was distinguished for their capture of Scri Oscuro. Their work brought them to Coruscant just prior to the Battle of Geonosis, where Farnmir found herself pursued by Oscuro's Zealots of Psusan. When she learned from Nyrat Agira that she had been sold out by Cian Shee, Farnmir decided to end their relationship. She confronted her former friend just after Obi-Wan Kenobi apprehended Zam Wesell, but Cian managed to escape. In the wake of the Clone Wars, Farnmir sided with the Alliance, until she discovered that the Empire had put a bounty on her head. What was more, Cian Shee had taken the bounty and was tracking her. Farnmir led her former partner to Nar Shaddaa, where she killed Shee in one-on-one combat. (OWS)

this gang of youths from Mos Eisley was supposed to be the spaceport city's swoop gang, but none of the members actually owened a swoop. The closest thing to a swoop was the Starhawk speederbike owned by Franklin Scott. They were basically an honest, unthreatening group of youths - definitely not your typical swoop gang. (GG7)

this alien race had a large, round body covered with short fur. Their small limbs and bulbous appearance betrayed an incredible strength. Their heads were emphasized by short snouts and orange eyes. (TNR)

this man was part of the Alliance scout team that was dispatched to the planet Kinooine, shortly after the Battle of Endor. Faron was the only member of the team to survive an attack by Lumiya, and he was held prisoner to ensure that Luke Skywalker traveled to Kinooine to re-establish contact with the team. He was kept alive even after Luke and Dani were captured, when he surrendered to Lumiya and agreed to join her cause. He and Dani were turned over to Den Siva, when Lumiya set out to meet the Nagai invasion force. However, Faron was merely holding out for more time to try and escape. When Den Siva was distracted with his interrogation of Dani, Faron grabbed a weapon and tried to strike at Den Siva. The Nagai warrior sensed his attack, and blaster Faron in the chest. Faron died instantly. (MC95, MC97)

Farool, Braig
this overweight, balding human was the planetary Governor and Chief Administrator of TransGalMeg Industries, Incorporated, on the planet Narg. Slightly overweight and balding Braig Farool lived the easy life after climbing to the top of TGM's corporate structure. He always dressed well, and meticulously groomed what little hair had left. Braig once tried to expand his horizons by capturing the Shashay space singer known as Crying Dawn Sunger, hoping to break the fragile alliance between the Shashay and the Alliance itself. The plan, implemented with information gathered by his brother, Nak, involved blaming the Alliance for the kidnapping of Crying Dawn Singer. However, Braig's ambitions went beyond this simple plan. He also prepared false holovids which he hoped would discredit Rayter Sector's Moff, Nile Owen, and place Braig himself into the office. However, Moff Owen discovered Nak's part in the plan, and executed him. Shortly afterward, Braig went mad. A group of Alliance agents were able to intercept Braig before Owen got to him, and tried take him prisoner while rescuing Crying Dawn Singer. Although the Shashay was successfully recovered, it is unknown if Braig Farool survived the Alliance's rescue, or the wrath of Nile Owen, following the exposure of Farool's plans. (TA)

Farool, Nak
Braig Farool's younger brother, Nak was a special assistant to Rayter Sector's Moff Nile Owen during the Galactic Civil War. In this position, he learned that the Alliance was attempting to form a mutual support pact with the Shashay, and that an Alliance agent was travelling with the Shashay space singer, Crying Dawn Singer. Nak forwarded this information to his brother, and together they devised a plot to discredit the Alliance and bring favor upon themselves from Moff Owen. However, Braig aspired to more than just simple recognition from the Moff, and tried to discredit the Moff himself. A further plan was devised, with a holo-transmission showing Nak publicly proclaiming Owen's lack of feeling for the Shashay. Owen intercepted the transmission, and executed Nak for his part in the plan. (TA)

Farquil Ban'n
this Bith was Embra the Hutt's majordomo. During the search for the Yavin Vassilika, Farquil hung back from the main activities, monitoring the actions of Jozzel Moffett. When Jozzel stole the Vassilika from Kalkovak and fled to Yavin 4, Farquil followed her in order to ensure the crystal was recovered for Embra. When Jozzel tried to escape and return to Malta, Farquil was forced to shoot her in the back in order to recover the Vassilika, as well as the eight million credits she was paid by The Collector. Farquil returned to Nar Shaddaa and turned the Vassilika over to Embra, then severed his ties with the Hutts and took the eight million credits and retired to a remote ocean world. Unfortunately for Farquil, Jabba the Hutt hired Boba Fett to hunt down Farquil and recover the eight million credits. (UYV)

meaning "keen-eyed", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Farr, Samoc
Toryn Farr's younger sister, Samoc was one of the Alliance's best fighter pilots. She had helped in the Battle of Hoth as a snowspeeder pilot, and was shot down by an AT-AT walker. She suffered burns over most of her body, and was in shock when Alliance soldiers found her. They dragged her out of her speeder and got her on the transport ship Bright Hope. When the bounty hunters 4-LOM and Zuckuss rescued the passengers of the Hope, Samoc was treated at the Alliance medical facilities on Darlyn Boda and recovered. (TBH)

Farr, Toryn
this Alliance soldier served as the Echo Base's Chief Controller of operations before and during the Battle of Hoth. She was the primary relay between the Alliance's commanders and the ground troops, and acted as the interface between command and the ion cannon gunners. In this role, she was the last person to evacuate Echo Base during the Battle of Hoth. She managed to escape on the Bright Hope, and worked to get eighteen members of the crew into escape pods. They jettisoned, but were forced to land back on Hoth. She also worked with the bounty hunters 4-LOM and Zuckuss to rescue ninety others, and was promoted to Special Forces Commander for her actions. Toryn also received the Kalidor Crescent for her bravery. She later led the Alliance team which returned to rescue the eighteen crew members who landed on Hoth in the Bright Hope's escape pods. (CCG3, TBH, SWI74, OWS)

Farra Slot
this was the name given to the two rows of air slots found at the top of a fanfar. (VD)

Farral, Kanda
an inexperienced salvager whose first zero-G salvage involved the recovery of dumped Imperial technology for Sreethyn. (ISB)

this scout was active during the early years of the New Republic, and worked from a base on Nar Shaddaa. (GUN)

a galactic delicacy, farrberries are prized for their fine scent and invigorating effect when eaten. The finest farrberries are grown in the Xorth System. (TIE)

Farrell, Jake
this man served the Old Republic, during its last years, and a starfighter pilot. Later, after the advent of the New Order, he retired from active duty to train younger pilots. When the missions he became invovled in turned from simple defensive skirmishes to outright destruction, he fled Imperial service and hid on a remote planet. When he learned of the Alliance and its struggle against the Empire, Farrell came out of retirement to assist in the training of Alliance starfighter pilots. He was best known for his no-nonsense approach to training, and demanded that his trainees learn discipline and control. (RA)

this planet was the homeworld of the Farghul race, and was the capital planet of a sector of the galaxy which became part of the New Republic. The Republic put up a strong fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn there. It was best known as a haven for smugglers during the height of the Old Republic. (TLC, TTSB, AE)

Farrimmer Cafe
this bar and restaurant was located aboard the Mynock 7 Space Station, and was owned by H'nib Statermast and his partner, Grosteek, at the height of the New Order. The exterior of the building was covered with images of the dishes on the menu, while the interior was dimly-lit and filled with smoke. (SWJ11)

Farris Wheel
a renowned hotel and club found in the Mid Rim. (GG9)

Farrow Bird
native to the planet Aruza, this bird has a patch of bioluminescent feathers on its chest. The flashes of light which occur when the bird attacks its prey serve to blind and confuse the prey, making it easier to catch. (TBH)

Farrs, Shappa
this Ferroan man was a descendant of the original settlers of the planet Zonama Sekot. In later years, he became known as one of the planet's best starshipwrights, following his marriage to Sheekla. Over the years, Shappa lost his right arm and several fingers on his left hand performing the forging and shaping of Sekotan starships. The loss of these body parts was a concern for the Magister, who refused to let Shappa participate in the annealing process performed by Vagna and his team. During Wilhuff Tarkin's attack on Zonama Sekot, Shappa was badly injured and went into shock. He recovered shortly before Sekot took the planet into hyperspace. (RP)

Farrs, Sheekla
this Ferroan woman was a descendant of the original colonists who first settled Zonama Sekot. She as later in charge of the ceremonies which united a seed-partner with its eventual master. She was married to Shappa Farrs. Sheekla accompanied Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on the initial part of the visit to the planet, where they were chosen by fifteen seed-partners. Later, when Wilhuff Tarkin attacked the planet, Sheekla was badly injured. She survived, recovering just before the planet disappeared into hyperspace. (RP)

this was one of three Imperial maintenance carriers assigned to the replenishment fleet which contained the Black Ice. (BI)

this was, at one time, one of the largest cities on the planet Stenos. Many centuries before the Galactic Civil War, however, the city was abandoned and left to decay. (GMR1)

this was the name given to the primary settlement on Jotsen's Island, on the planet Lamaredd. It was founded after Hugo Bartyn ceded the island to the Sailors' Union, and was often referred to as "Little Mon Cal" by the beings who lived there. The headquarters of the Sailors' Union was founded in Farsands. (GMR7)

this was the Gungan term for binoculars or other devices which augment the user's ability to see across a distance. (IG1)

this was a talent learned only by a handful of Jedi Knights, and allowed a Jedi to see into the future. However, the future was never set, so part of the farseeing talent involved never relying on one vision of the future. (SWDB)

Farseeker, Jackson
Jill Farseeker's grandfather, Jackson was a retired Imperial Captain. (RPG)

Farseeker, Jill
a youngster travelling the galaxy with Roark Garnet. (RPG)

Farseen System
the New Republic nearly caught up with Qell Tepine and Star's Nova in this system, shortly after the Battle of Endor. Although the Republic chose to establish a base on the planet, Imperial forces later seized control of the facility. (WBC)

this was Erkas Andrakles' personal starship. The Farseer was equipped with hi-tech sensors and optical systems, which he used to explore the Koornacht Cluster. (WOTC)

this caste of Bosph was made up of those individuals which excelled at attuning their minds to the Force and reading the future. (SWJ13)

this planet aligned itself with the New Republic after the Battle of Endor. It was believed that Rodin Baem stole information from New Republic computers on this planet. (WBC)

this was one of the many ways a Jedi Knight could use the Force. It was a meditation technique that gave a Jedi a brief glimpse of the future, providing a hint at what lay ahead. It was a difficult technique to master, especially if a Jedi was in battle or otherwise preoccupied. (LFCW)

this was a model of Surronian starship which was produced during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Farstar became something of a collector's ship, and was much sought-after during the height of the New Order. Several imitations were placed on the market, and many unsuspecting collectors found themselves with fakes. (T3)

this modified CR-90 corvette was dispatched by the New Republic, under the command of Kaiya Adrimetrum, to locate Moff Sarne in the Kathol Sector and neutralize him. It had been originally purchased by the Chandrilan government and commissioned as the Freedom's Messenger, but suffered major damage during the Battle of Ord Torrenze and was scrapped. The Empire rebuilt the ship, naming it the Renegade and placing it in the 15th Deep Core Reserve Fleet under the command of Kentor Sarne. When Sarne fled to Kal'Shebbol in the wake of the Battle of Endor, he took the Renegade with him and began refitting the ship for future use with the DarkStryder technology. When Page's Commandos assaulted Kal'Shebbol and drove off Sarne, the Renegade was liberated from the fleet and outfitted to chase after Sarne. Newly renamed the FarStar, it was crewed with a variety of volunteers and available Republic personal, since the rest of the Republic's fleet was spread too thin trying to eliminate pockets of Imperial resistance. It was originally commanded by Keleman Ciro, until he was captured by Sarne and imprisoned on Q'Maere. The ship was described by its engineering crew as a collection of bailing wire and Spatch-Coat, and was always in a state of repair. The starboard side of the ship had been modifed to accept a docking area for use with Imperial TIE Inerceptors, and the New Republic used it to house several X-Wings and Defender starfighters. The hangar and docking bay gave the ship a lopsided appearance. The FarStar was armed with six double turbolaser cannons, each of which was equipped with "predict and pinpoint" targetting systems. The Republic's gunners had trouble adjusting to the experimental Imperial technology, and often turned it off. In addition to her crew of 120 officers and ten gunners, the FarStar was given over a hundred droids to complete her crew complement, including a variety of astromechs, security droids, and labor automata. Unknown to the New Republic at the time of the assault on Kal'Shebbol, the FarStar had also been equipped with Sarne's Deeplink system, which allowed Sarne to track the ship's position whenever it was in realspace. Shortly after leaving Demonsgate, the FarStar was disabled by a series of shockwaves when the Eradicator was destroyed by a lightstorm at the edge of the Kathol Rift. The ship managed to reach Kathol - the "DarkStryder Planet" - and was able to take the fight to the Imperial warships in orbit around the planet. However, as the Imperial forces were augmented by reinforcements, the FarStar took heavy damage, and Captain Adrimetrum was forced to abandon the ship. After the crew was able to evacuate, the FarStar crashed into Kathol and exploded in a fireball. Luckily for the forces of the New Republic, the FarStar destroyed the Imperial garrison on Kathol, eliminating the forces Moff Sarne had kept on the planet. (DARK, KO, KR, E)

FarStar Warriors
this class of Yvarema was developed by the Majjvara of Yvara, shortly after the crew of the FarStar helped the Yvarema defeat the Qektoth Confederacy and remain free. These Yvarema resembled a cross between a Sludir and a humanoid Yvarema, honoring the efforts of Gunthar and Qesya Vth'naar in the defeat of the Qektoth forces. (KR)

this planet was the site of an Alliance base during the Galactic Civil War. (RASB)

this methane world is located at one end of the Five Veils' Tour Route. (GG9)

this is the Adumari name given to the huge, reptilian beasts of burden which roam the planet. The farumme measured between seven and ten meters in length, and have coloration which ranges from brown to green. Their scales form a natural armor banding which covers their necks and flanks. The Adumari developed saddles which allow multiple people to ride a single farumme at once. (SOA)

Farumme-class Hauler
this Adumari starship was named for the lumbering reptiles used as mounts on the planet Adumar. It was an old design, though many of the ships remained in service during the early years of the New Republic. Specialized tie-down rings were welded into the deck plates to allow for a variety of cargo configurations. (SOA)

this Imperial officer worked from a base on the planet Tatooine during the height of the New Order. He maintained a diverse collection of slaves, including the Mon Calamari Sissalik, for many years, until Sissalik decide that he had had enough. A water merchant by trade, Farvakine gave very little water to his slaves, a situation which caused Sissalik a number of health problems. Sissalik used a poison derived from chubas to kill Farvakine, then escaped Tatooine for the planet Ando. (PH)

this podracer manufacturer designed and built the unique, Y-frame FG 8T8 Twin Block2 Special racer. (IG1, SWDB)

this was a Yuuzhan Vong expletive. Note that the New Jedi Order Sourcebook indicates that this word was used to indicate an area was clear of any danger. (SBS, NJOSB)

Fasalk, Edly
known as "Pot-Shot" among his so-called friends, Edly was a man who larger than life, at least in his own mind. He claimed to have been a gunner onboard the Tantive IV during Princess Leia Organa's attempt to reach Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine, as well as one of the ion cannon operators at the Alliance's Echo Base on Hoth. In reality, "Pot-Shot" was little more than a loud-mouthed, average gunner who worked with a group of privateers until they stranded him on Kal'Shebbol. Edly was chosen as a gunner for the FarStar when the New Republic set out to capture Imperial Moff Kentor Sarne, but his crewmates hated every minute of it. (DARK)

this was one of six Imperial bulk freighters assigned to the replenishment fleet which contained the Black Ice. (BI)

this Tarc served as a bounty hunter and assassin for House Salaktori during the height of the New Order. (SWJ14)

an Imperial Moff who survived the death of the Empire at Endor, he set up operations in Cilpar. This might be a typographical error, misnaming Tascl. (XWRS)

this red-haired man was an acquaintence of Roa, having worked for the older spacer during his tax-and-tariff scamming days on Roonadan. They later met up on the Jubilee Wheel space station, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, when Roa was looking for Reck Desh. He gave them information which led them to Big Bunji's offices on the Jubilee Wheel, near Ord Mantell. When the Yuuzhan Vong attacked the Wheel, Fasgo was one of the multitude of beings who was sucked into a Vong ship. Fasgo and Roa were both placed aboard the Creche', as part of a group of prisoners who were to nourish a young yammosk. Unfortunately for Fasgo, the plans of Wurth Skidder to confuse the yammoks caused the creature to go briefly insane, and Fasgo was killed when the yammosk struck him with a tentacle and shattered his skull. (HT)

this common Zabrak surname meant "hyperdrive engineer". (GCG)

this was a common name for Ewok females. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

according to Ewok legend, this forest spirit could move trees closer together in order to assist an Ewok in escaping from the Gorax. (GCG)

Fask Eelak
this Rodian was a member of the An'yettu clan, and was one of the few to earn the right to leave Rodia as a bounty hunter. Her standing with the An'yettu earned Fask some ridicule and scorn from the other members of the Goa-Ato, and she often was assigned dangerous hunts that paid very little. (SPG)

Fask, Elodd
this man owned a ranch on the planet Sedesia, some thirty kilometers west of Besia Osurne, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ6)

Fass, Baddon
one of the Emperor Palpatine's Dark Side Elite, Fass was activated by Operation Shadow Hand. Sedriss commissioned Fass and Zasm Katth to perform a number of activities on Nar Shaddaa. First, they were to enlist the aid of Boba Fett in tracking down the Millennium Falcon. Second, they were to hunt down and destroy Vima-Da-Boda. Third, they were to report on the Millennium Falcon's whereabouts so that Sedriss could capture it. Katth and Fass, both grizzled veterans of Palpatine's rule, failed on all counts, as Boba Fett escaped them, and they were both unable to capture the MillenniumFalcon. Fass perished aboard his Star Destroyer Invincible when it mistakenly locked onto Nar Shaddaa's control tower with its tractor beam. The collision destroyed the capital ship and all its crew. (DE2)

Fass, Inyon
the twin sister of Teekon Fass, Inyon was a member of Antar Roat's Requiem Squadron. In reality, Inyon was Inyri Forge, who had died her hair a bright red to match that of Teekon, who was played by Tycho Celchu. They assumed these identies in order to infitlrate Prince-Admiral Krennel's forces shortly after the Battle of Bilbringi. Roat, played by Wedge Antilles, explained that Requiem Squadron was charged with finding the best TIE Defender pilots it could, which was why a woman held a position in the squadron. (IR)

Fass, Teekon
the twin brother of Inyon Fass, Teekon was a member of Antar Roat's Requiem Squadron. In reality, Teekon was Tycho Celchu, who had died his hair a bright red to match that of Inyon, who was played by Inyri Forge. They assumed these identies in order to infitlrate Prince-Admiral Krennel's forces shortly after the Battle of Bilbringi. (IR)

this female Gungan was a Major in the Gungan Grand Army. She was also the niece of Boss Nass. She was sent with Rep Teers to oversee the construction of the arena in Lake Umberbool, being built for the Festival of Warriors. However, an accident led to the collapse of much of the arena. Fassa was caught in the accident, but was rescued from by Jar Jar Binks, who was trying to save Boss Nass and Commander Wollod. She indebted herself to him as a way to repay his bravery. However, Jar Jar tried to explain to her that he didn't deserve the life-debt, though Fassa couldn't understand why. Luckily for them both, the life debt was revoked on a technicality. Shortly before the Battle of Naboo, Fassa entered the Big Nasty Free-For-All. Despite stiff competition from Captain Tarpals, Boss Nass, and Jar Jar himself, Fassa won the contest. (E1A9, E1A10, NEGC)

meaning "quick-witted", this name was common among Gungan females. (GCG)

this being worked a flight controller at a spaceport Nar Shaddaa, during the years following the Jedi Civil War. (KOTOR2)

a member of the Mindnight Fire Clan, this male Togorian agreed to help Dengar, Eron Stonefield, and Udin locate Han Solo on Togoria, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. The bounty hunters were transporting Grubba the Hutt as bait to capture Solo, who was trying to pay off his debt to Jabba the Hutt by rescuing the crimelord's nephew. Dengar gained Fassool's friendship by claiming that Solo was trying to hold Grubba for ransom, an act that the Togorian felt was a cowardly act. (MIS8)

Fast Hand
one of the Submersible Environment Modules used by Lando Calrissian to mine corusca gems from Yavin's core. Lando used it to take Jaina and Jacen Solo on a trip to a mining site. (SA)

Fast-attack Patrol Ship
the preferred method of transport used by the Noghri commando teams. (DFR)

this pirate ship and her crew served the Invid pirate forces. Like most of the better Invid forces, it was based on Courkrus. When Corran Horn began terrorizing the city of Vlarnya with his "avenging Jedi" specter in an effort to reduce the Invid threat, the Fastblast crew was the first to flee the planet. (IJ)

this was the brand name of BioTech's most advanced medpac. It contained a variety of healing agents and accelerants that enhanced a being's natural ability to regenerate cells. This ability to repair damaged flesh was, as a side effect, quite painful. If used too often in a short period, FastFlesh growth could be toxic and fatal. The FastFlesh medpac was capable of storing diagnostic information on 500 different species, providing a wealth of information at the touch of a button. (CFG, ROE, EGW)

this was the generic term used to describe any small, fast transport ship. (REC)

Fastlach-class Defense Droid
this small, crab-like security droid was developed by the Trade Federation. Armed with small laser cannons, the Fastlach-class droids were illegal in many systems of the Old Republic. These droids were automatically dispatched whenever they encountered beings who did not provide the correct communication signal, making them extremely dangerous. (TAE)

this was the Coynite word for the formal breaking of an allegiance to a superior. The superior Coynite could challenge the breaking of the allegiance by issuing a challenge of combat. (PG3)

this was one model of hydrospanner prodcued by Regallis Engineering. (EGW)

Fat Man
this was the name used by the New Republic Navy to describe a Yevethan Aramadia-class thrustship. (TT)

Fat Monkey
this species of simian was found in the swampy jungles of the planet Gelgelar. Reeho birds often killed infants for food. (SWJ14)

this Coynite curse translated into Basic as "peace." (PG3)

Fateau, Bash
this man, a native of the planet Montitia, left his homeworld to make a name for himself as a Corusca gem diver, during the early years of the New Order. (GORW)

Fate's Judges
this TIE Interceptor squadron was based in the Sevarcos System's asteroid belt. (SWJ2)

Father Ocean
this is the Akwin name given to the oceans of the planet Lazerian IV. (TSK)

Father Tree
the tallest and oldest tree on the Forest Moon of Endor, it is the home of the Grundakk. The Grundakk is in turn the guardian of the Father Tree. (AT)

Father Tree
the trees native to the Forest Moon of Endor, father trees are used by the Ewoks as homes. The oldest and tallest of them is known simply as the Father Tree. They grow to incredible heights in the low gravity of the moon. The father trees are hardy conifers covered with a thick bark that exudes a strong, natural pesticide. (ROTJ, DA, AT, ISU)

this restaurant was located on Calamari, taking up eight full levels of the Glitter Cay Tower on Wildwater City. Fathoms was made up from four distinct sections, each with its own offerings. The main restaurant was an elegant setting in which to enjoy fine dining. The HyperDive Cantina was an unruly place known for its hard-drinking patrons. The Wave Works was a gift shop, and the SeaBed Lodge was a hotel which provided a wealth of leisure activities for its guests. The mercenary Pog met potential recruits for the ThunderForce unit here. (HAS, WSV)

Faughn, Shirlee
a lieutenant in Tomas Gillespee's organization during the early years of the New Republic, she had been a member of Gillespee's organization since we was a teenager. She was eventually promoted to Gillespee's second-in-command. She transferred to Talon Karrde's organization after the formation of the Smugglers' Alliance. She worked her way through the ranks, eventually becoming the Captain of the Starry Ice. (DFR, TLC, SOP, TTSB)

Faunor Brothers
this was a noted family of bounty hunters, made up of the brothers from the Faunor family. They were hired by one of Arakyd Industries' rivals to locate the downed Bhishana Bhaga and capture Min Erethen. (WOA18)

Faunor, Irol
one of the infamous Faunor Brothers, Irol and his brother Nevo were noted bounty hunters during the early years of the New Order. (WOA18)

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