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this forested planet was the homeworld of the Lahsbee and Huhk races. (MC73)

this was a race of polymorphous beings which altered their mass and shape during their lifecycle. Unlike other polymorphic alien species, the Lahsbees can somehow attain a greater mass in their larger form, the Huhk. These aliens were native to the planet Lahsbane. Young Lahsbees resembled tiny, humanoid felines, covered in pink and blue fur and averaging less than a meter in height, and were the adolescent form of the war-loving Huhk. Lahsbees communicated in a series of chittering chirps and trills. As a species, the Lahsbees disliked advanced technology and preferred a pastoral existence. To ensure that Lahsbane was a safe place for all to live, the Huhks lived in the cities of the planet, while the Lahsbees remained in the forests and plains. In the months following the Battle of Endor, the Lahsbees found themselves at odds with the Ewoks over a romantic miunderstanding. (SWJ12, EGA, MC73, MC94)

this was the non-literate form of language used by the Lahsbee, until they matured into Huhks. (ANT)

this treacherous King was once an ally of the Jedi Knights. However, shortly before the Battle of Ruusan, King Lahzar's true nature was revealed when he attacked Valenthyne Farfalla and his soldiers. Farfalla had been bound for Ruusan to augment the forces of Lord Hoth, but was delayed when he had to fight King Lahzar. Lahzar and his forces were sounded defeated, but they had delayed Farfalla sufficiently to allow the Sith to begin their attacks on Ruusan. (JVS)

this was a common name given to male Duros children. The name Lai came from the term meaning "charismatic". (GCG)

Lai Nootka
this Duros weapons dealer worked on Coruscant following the Battle of Endor. He made shipping runs with his freighter, Star's Delight. It was known that Nootka liked to read Duros adventure novels, and often used the names of characters and ships within them as aliases in his own business. He was captured on Garqi by Mosh Barris while trying to ship X-Wing parts and proton torpedoes to the New Republic, but was eventually rescued by Corran Horn and Dynba Tesc. Tycho Celchu claimed to be meeting with him at the time Corran Horn claimed to see Celchu talking with Kirtan Loor at The Headquarters. They were supposed to be discussing a supply of Z-95 parts. He disappeared shortly afterward, and could not be found to testify at Celchu's trial. In addition, more than 247 Duros were known to be dead from the Krytos virus, so his wherabouts could not be pinpointed. It was suspected that he was either eliminated by Imperial forces, or was working under an alias. His death was confirmed to Nawara Ven by Kirtan Loor, during their initial meeting at the Hutt Haven. (WG, KT, TFE)

Laibach, Ivo
Zev Veers' SAGroup commander. (DESB)

this predatory beast was native to the planet Dantooine, where it made its home in rocky outcroppings and the various ruins that dotted the countryside. (KOTOR2)

this planet, located in Rayter Sector, was one of six worlds in the sector which could initiated communications on the Rayter Sector Subspace Broadcast Network. (TA)

this Imperial Academy cadet was a contemporary of Tycho Celchu, and trained under Soontir Fel at the Prefsbelt IV academy. He once told Tycho that he would never defeat a tough opponent because he was an Alderaanian. Tycho responded with a crushing left punch, knocking Laine to the ground. Soontir Fel interrupted the fight between his two students, but told the security team which investigated it that Laine had slipped. (MBF)

this Tiss-shar served as the secretary to the president of the Tiss'sharl League's chief council, during the height of the New Order, and was generally believed to be in line for promotion to vice president. However, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Lai-O-Sid was assassinated, and was eventually succeeded by Geor-Dan-Thi. Many within the government of Tiss'sharl believed that Geor-Dan-Thi was behind the assassination, although no public evidence was every presented. (SWEPP)

this man was a brother-in-law of Benedict Vidkum, and handled security during renovations of Imperial City's sewer systems. (SESB)

Lajaie, Evram
this popular Alliance strategist was one of the commanders of the Battle of Yavin. He had expertise in space defense platforms and orbital battle stations, and was instrumental in planning the attack on the first Death Star. (CCG2)

this winged creature inhabited the reedy marshes of the Swamplands region of the planet Desevro. They were often hunted by the youths who lived in Maslovar and on the islands of the Swamplands. (GORW)

Lak Jit
this male Devaronian discovered a handfull of datacards at the base of Mount Tantiss, some ten years after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Among them was a card entitled "The Hand of Thrawn" and a card describing the Bothan involvement in the destruction of Caamas. He claimed to have ownership of them by way of the Debble Agreement, but Leia under that agreement Leia could recover the cards after making proper restitution. He nearly escaped from Wayland with the cards, but was apprehended by Leia Organa-Solo's Noghri bodyguards. He stillmanaged to escape with a copy of the Caamas datacard, and freely dispensed the little bit of information it contained until he was caught by Mazzic. Lak Jit was then locked away by Mazzic and Talon Kaarde until the Caamas Incident could be resolved. (SOP)

Lak Sivrak
a Shistavanen scout, hiding from Imperial persecution on Tatooine. He was employed by the Empire as a scout, exploring the edges of known space in an effort to map out shipping routes for the Empire's growing mining operations. During one of his missions, he came across a group of dishomed colonists, who were actually members of the Alliance. He thought they were just settlers, and he offered his help in keeping them from starving. They tried to convert him to the beliefs of the Alliance, but he declined. He did, however, agree to keep their location a secret. The Empire, however, following up on his mission, discovered the settlers and interrogated them, learning of Lak Sivrak's ommission about their whereabouts. He was cut off from Imperial employment and chased off, persecuted and outlawed for helping the Alliance. Seeking shelter on a backwater world, Sivrak ended up on Tatooine, and was present in the Mos Eisley cantina when Obi-Wan and Luke approach Han Solo for passage to the Alderaan system. While there, he met Dice Ibegon, a Florn Lamproid whose Force sensitivity connected with his own. In a strange relationship, the two joined the Alliance. Dice was never sure if Sivrak joined because of her or if he truly cared about the Alliance. Sivrak served as part of the ground force in the Battle of Hoth, but Dice did not survive the Imperial attack. Sivrak despaired, but Dice's Force-image visited him often, taking him back to the cantina and proving to him that, despite his love for her, the Alliance still needed his services. He was a veteran of the Battle of Hoth, where he served as an infantry gunner. Sivrak's growing competance with a starfighter got him his own X-Wing, and he flew in the Battle of Endor. Unfortunately, his ship was shot down, and he did not survive the crash. His Force-image was strong enough, though, that it joined those of Dice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin Skywalker at the final celebration. (SW, SCRE, TME, NEGW)

Lakan Industries
this small corporation produced a variety of board games and playing surfaces, during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this was one of the more common surnames used by the Duros people. Like all such names, Lakbret was used only for official business, to indicate one individual from another when in the presense of non-Duros. This name literally meant "airspeeder crafter". (GCG)

Lake Aire Hostel
this rundown flophouse was located near the primary spaceport on Lamuir IV. (TSIA)

Lake Anre
this ancient body of water was located on the planet Tatooine. It drained into the area known as the northen Dune Sea via underground tributaries. Like all sources of open water on the planet, Lake Anre dried up millennia ago. The lakebed was later renamed Hutt Flats, after Jabba the Hutt established his criminal empire on Tatooine. (IWE1)

Lake Country
this remote area of the planet Naboo was dominated by beautiful lakes, surrounded by mountains and valleys. Wide meadows of grass and wildflowers sat among the waterfalls and lakes, and much of the planet's native shaak population made their homes there. It was here that the Varykino retreat - once owned by Omar Berenko and later by the Amidala family - was located. (AOTCN, IWE2)

Lake Grallia
this body of water bordered the spaceport city of Grallia, on the planet Ralltiir. (CCW)

Lake Joko
this body of water was located in the northern section of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. Environmentalists worked to establish a preserve surrounding the lake, so that the encroachment of governmental buildings in the High Town district didn't destroy its natural beauty. (GORW)

Lake Joko Preserve
these protected lands were recognized by the government of the planet Vorzyd 5, after the land surrounding Lake Joko was proposed for development of more governmental buildings in the High Town district of Efavan. Environmentalist groups successfully lobbied for the establishment of the Preserve. (GORW)

Lake Krul
this lake, located on an unnamed planet in the Balowa System, was named for the Sith Lord Kaox Krul, who perished there in a titanic struggle against the Jedi Crian Maru and Dree Vandap. The lake and its environs were wiped clean of any forms of life when Krul and Maru destroyed each other in an conflagration of Dark Side energy. (DSSB)

Lake Marudi
this lake was located on the Forest Moon of Endor. It was formed from two smaller bodies of water, which were joined by a thin, water-filled ravine. The Ewoks strung a rope bridge across the strait, in order to avoid traveling around the lake. Lake Marudi was located to the south of Lake Sui. (IWST)

Lake Natth
a lake on the planet Ambria that seems to be the source of the planet's Dark Side energies. The Jedi Master Thon drove the Dark Side energies back into the lake. The creatures that live in and around the lake have slowly been mutated into Dark Side servants. (TOJ)

Lake of Dreams
an expensive perfume. (COJ)

Lake of Small Fish
this was the name given by the Qom Qae to the body of water located nearest the Hand of Thrawn compound on Nirauan. (VOF)

Lake Paonga
this body of water, located on the planet Naboo, appeared to be just a shallow pond near the edge of a vast swamp. However, it was deceptively deep, and led to the city of Otoh Gunga. Various tunnels and caverns led to the planet's core. (IG1)

Lake Sah'ot
this pristine, inland body of water was located on the planet Chandrila. Mon Mothma kept a dacha on the edge of the lake, and retreated there as often as her duties would permit. (DESB, EGP)

Lake Spirit
a shapeless, phosphorescent creature living in the underground lakes of Circarpous V. It moves by extending various pseudopods out from its central core, which is filled with strange light and material. It is a spongy, low-density creature which can reabsorb pieces of itself if necessary. It appears to at least exhale air, for when Luke and Leia encountered on below Mimban's surface, it created a bubble trail while it swam underwater. (SME)

Lake Sui
this lake, found on the Forest Moon of Endor, was the site of a stilt village erected by a group of Ewoks who chose not to live in the trees. Lake Sui was located just east of Bright Tree Village. (IWST)

Lake Umberbool
this underwater location was the site of the annual Festival of Warriors. Shortly before the Battle of Naboo, the Gungans had erected a new arena at the bottom of the Lake. (E1A9)

Lake Viceroy
this body of water is located on the planet Coruscant (Rathalay?). (SOL)

Lake Weir
this large body of water is located within the borders of the city of Zehava, on Melida/Daan. During the period of civil war on Melida/Daan that preceded the Battle of Naboo, the Daan erected a huge repulsor-supported Hall of Evidence over the lake. It was the only body of standing water within a thousand kilometers of the city. (DOD)

Lakefresh Restaurant
located in the Roaring Crater on the planet Tasariq, this restaurant featured fresh fish caught from Echo Lake. (SWJ15)

this was the name of the hotel district of Tasariq City, on the planet Tasariq. Lakeview as situated on the shores of a large lake, and was also filled with luxury shops. (SWJ15)

Lakky, Grodon
this brutal, sadistic man was placed in command of the slave pool at the Maw Installation. Lakky was a fat, ugly human who derived great pleasure from breaking his slaves. However, he got no respect from his superiors. Lakky was killed at the Maw by Nawruun, who rose up against his master when Chewbacca and Han Solo fled the Installation during the New Republic's attempt to take control of it. (JASB)

this alien race was native to the planet Kariek. For much of their history, the Lakra were engaged in a civil war with the other race native to the planet, the Eickarie. The Lakra were the more aggressive race, and believed themselves superior to the relatively harmless Eickarie. When the Warlord took control of the planet shortly after the Battle of Naboo, the Lakra quickly threw their support to him, seeing an alliance with the Warlord as a way to continue their dominance over the Eickarie and possibly eliminate them. Decades later, when the United Tribes of Kariek was formed, the Warlord set out to disrupt any attempt to bring about a peace between the two peoples. (FB)

see Lakra (FB)

Lakren Plooru
this was the name of a noted Vodran individual. (UANT)

this was the nickname of the Legally Authorized Law Authority of the Shesharile System. (SWJ6)

Lalasha, Janet
a Fizzz player who performed during the Galactic Civil War. (TME)

Lali Plague
this great plague caused incredible amounts of geopolitical damage when it swept across a planet, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Its effects were often covered in political science classes. (JQ5)

Lalmy'ashian Pearls
these unusual gemstones were popular - and expensive - in the Core Worlds. (GG11)

this Twi'leki female was known as a master in the art of massage, but was rarely hired for her skills. Instead, she was presented as a "gift" to the clients of her master, who was a member of Riboga the Hutt's armed forces. Lalo was an expert in the use of needle-based massage therapy, a skill which intrigued her master. Lalo was later trained as an assassin, and used her needles to puncture vital organs of Riboga's clients. The clients eventually died of internal injuries, but their cause could never be traced back to Lalo. (LFC)

Lalos Island
located on the planet Procopia, this island was best-known as the location of the Alaphoe Gardens. (LOE)

Lama Su
this Kaminoan male was the Prime Minister of Kamino, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Like most Kaminoans, Lama Su cared little for the galaxy at large, though he served as his people's primary liaison with the rest of the galaxy. He was a poor judge of human emotion and reaction, however. When it was offered to him, Lama Su had no problem taking the funds provided by Sifo-Dyas - and later, Darth Tyranus - for the creation of the clones for the Army of the Republic. Ten years later, Lama Su welcomed Obi-Wan Kenobi to Kamino, despite the Jedi Knight's obvious lack of knowledge about the development of the clone troopers. Lama Su proudly presented the clones to Master Kenobi, who was dumbfounded with what he saw on Kamino. Lama Su also arranged for Master Kenobi to meet with Jango Fett, the template for the clones. (OWS, TCG1, AOTCN, SWDB)

this gas giant was the innermost planet of the Lamaro System. Once every fourteen years, the orbit of Lamarebb came extremely close to that of the planet Lamarecc, resulting in an exchange of gas and energy that lit up the inner planets of the system. The resulting discharge of radiation wreaked havoc with the communications systems of Lamaredd. (GMR7)

this gas giant was the second planet of the Lamaro System. Once every fourteen years, the orbit of Lamarecc came extremely close to that of the planet Lamarebb, resulting in an exchange of gas and energy that lit up the inner planets of the system. The resulting discharge of radiation wreaked havoc with the communications systems of Lamaredd. (GMR7)

this untamed planet, the third and primary world in the Lamaro System of the Outer Rim Territories, was the homeworld of the Menahuun race. The Menahuun referred to the planet as "Great Menahua". Some eighty-five percent of Lamaredd's surface was covered with deep saltwater oceans, giving the few landmasses sufficient warmth to maintain a lush, tropical environment. The planet's exact location was unknown to most beings, despite its proximity to the Corellian Run. This was because Hugo Bartyn, who first discovered the planet, worked diligently to erase its location from current navigational maps. (UANT, GMR7)

this was the term used on the planet Lamaredd to describe any native of the planet, regardless of race. (GMR7)

this frozen ball of ice was the fourth and outermost planet in the Lamaro System. Although capable of supporting life, the planet was deemed worthless by the Outer Rim Oreworks Corporation and abandoned. Nevertheless, simple lichens and primitive microbes managed to survive in the frigid environment. (GMR7)

this star was the central body in the Lamaro System, located in the Outer Rim Territories. (GMR7)

Lambarian Crab
this modified YT-2400 transport was originally owned and operated by Matas Havel. After retiring, Havel sold it to Finous Crab, who gave the ship its name. Crab tore out the redundant systems and added his own modifications, turning the ship into a virtual flying coffin. This proved to be his downfall, as the life support systems failed outside of Eriadu, and Crab died when his oxygen ran out. The Lambarian Crab was later salvaged by Linx Mallicker and Fillio Androu, who used the ship to smuggle guns and weapons to the Outer Rim Territories. The Lambarian Crab was armed with a turret-mounted heavy double-laser cannon and an ion cannon. (SS)

Lambda Sector
this area of the galaxy was ruled by Imperial Moff Par Lankin, who set up his own little empire there following the Battle of Endor. The planets of this sector were dominated by heavy industry and starship construction centers. (WBC)

Lambda-class Shuttle
this three-winged transportation was used by the Empire during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The Lambda-class shuttle was designed to swiftly transport personnel and cargo between ships in the Imperial fleet. Sienar Fleet Systems developed the original design from input provided by former employees of Cygnus Spaceworks, who had been lured to Sienar by certain bonuses and rewards. Cygnus Spaceworks had produced the popular Theta-class shuttle years before, and it was the plans for the Theta-class that served as the design basis for the Lambda-class. The Lambda-class shuttle could carry up to twenty passengers in relative safety, since the ship was protected by standard reinforced hull plating and multiple shield generators. Like the Theta-class, the Lambda-class was also fitted with a hyperdrive for travel between planets or fleets. The basic Sienar Lambda-class shuttle measured 20 meters in length, and was armed with three double blaster cannons and two double laser cannons. It was designed to have a crew compliment of four, with two additional positions for communications and power regulation. Equipped with a Class 1 hyperdrive and a powerful sublight drive system, the shuttle could attain speeds of 850 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. After Sienar stopped production on the Lambda-class shuttle, the work was ironically subcontracted out to Cygnus Spaceworks, who built a number of variations on the basic design, including a military configuration as the T-4a shuttle. (ROTJ, XW, EGV, NEGV, SWDB)

this unusual form of plantlife was bio-engineered by the Yuuzhan Vong as a source of light-producing crystals. These crystals were used in a variety of ways, from personal light-sources to the running lights of a worldship. The lambent itself was formed from a base of green, knife-like leaves sprouting from the ground. Growing from the base were three or four stalks, atop which sat hairy, bloodred flowers. The flowers were the size of a human fist, and protected the growing crystal. A Yuuzhan Vong was required to rub and stroke the petals of the flower until they opened, a process which attuned the alien to the flower. Once the petals opened, a yellow bulb could be cut from the plant and hulled, revealing the light-giving, silicon crystal. The crystals could be "turned on" by a Yuuzhan Vong which was attuned to the crystal, and the amount of light it gave off could be regulated by mental contact with the crystal. Like all Yuuzhan Vong constructs, the lambent crystal was alive, transpiring whenever gases were available. Anakin Solo discovered that the lambent crystal he used to replace the stone in his lightsaber gave him a tenuous connection to the Yuuzhan Vong through the Force, but was unable to get more than a sense of presence. Nonetheless, it helped him recognize the presence of Yuuzhan Vong in a given area. After the Second Battle of Coruscant, the remnants of the New Republic fed false information to the Yuuzahn Vong, claiming that they were trying to grow lambents at the recaptured base on Borleias. The information claimed that the Jedi Knights had been planning to use lambent crystals in the lightsabers, to better attune themselves to the alien invaders. (EVC, EVR, EL1)

this corporation produced a number of exotic, luxury starships during the height of the New Order. (UYV)

Lambro Shark
this predatory fish was known for its tasty flesh, which was considered a delicacy by many races. (BF4)

LaMelle, Hailey
this woman was one of Namore's hottest holonews reporters, until she got caught trying to film a payoff between Prefect Gerom and Dasar Zorm. She and her cameraman, Andross, were arrested and imprisoned. (HR)

this Strike-class cruiser was part of the Imperial fleet sent to destroy the Alliance's partnership with smugglers, shortly before the Battle of Endor. (XWA)

Lamere, Alec
this young man was one of Tapani Sector's best-known saber rakes, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Just seventeen at the time of the Battle of Endor, Alec was a member of House Barnaba whose good looks made him the focus of many young ladies in the sector. He was a skilled duelist with the lightfoil, although a cybernetic left hand was a constant reminder of his only loss. His parents arranged for him to attend the Imperial Academy on Raithal when he turned eighteen, in order to put an end to his duelling. (LOE)

Lameril Ridge
this landmark, found on the planet Adumar, was the site of a war between Cartann and a rival nation. The hero of the battle was Pekaelic ke Teldan, and the honor and glory he earned in the battle helped him get elected as Cartann's perator years later. (SOA)

this was the name of the organic building materials used by the Ferroan colonists who settled Zonama Sekot. Lamina was part of the living entity known as Sekot, and so each item made from lamina required sustenance from the planet in order to survive. (RP)

this translucent material was used by the Yuuzhan Vong as a form of clothing, indicative of extremely high social and military rank. (EVR)

this was the first of the truly "regenerative," self-healing armors developed during the early decades of the New Republic. First used to protect the YVH 1 series of combat droids, laminanium could absorb large amounts of incoming projectile or magma fire, before restoring itself to its original protective level in after a short time. This healing process required an auxiliary power pack in the droid's superstructure, as well as a stored laminanium ingot from which to "feed" the regeneration process. It was formed by alternating layers of molytex and quantum fiber. (SBS)

this material, developed on the planet Geonosis, was formed into long strings which could be woven and wrapped at high temperatures to form a wide range of shapes and configurations. Laminasteel hulls were used on Nantex-class fighters. (X2)

this tree, native to the jungles of Haruun Kal, was known for its deep-brown, aromatic wood. Because the lammas tree grew only on Haruun Kal, its wood was quite expensive. (SHPT)

this planet was located in the Danju System of Tapani Sector, which was found in the Freeworlds Region. The shadowport known as Port Bianco was situated on Lammax, established during the last years of the Old Republic and flourishing during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The presence of a nearby nebula made travel to and from the system dangerous, further hiding the shadowport from prying eyes. (LOE)

Lammu, Roaky
this was an alias used by Han Solo during his search for Reck Desh. Lammu was a freelance laser-welder. (HT)

this Colonel with the Invids served aboard the Invidious, under the direct control of Leonia Tavira. (IJ)

Lamoramora MedCenter
this hospital and medical center was located on Coruscant, during the New Republic. It was located near Troglodyte Park. (REC)

this Wookiee was one of many who served the New Republic as representative of the planet Kashyyyk. Along with his partner Krotorra, Lamorrack was captured and sold into slavery by Slar-dan ti Gardi and Borun Call. (SWJ8)

Lampay Fay
this Pau'an served as Tion Medon's aide-de-camp during the final decades of the Old Republic. He could trace his lineage back to the Pau'an who was one of the first Utapauns to encourage trade with other planets. (VD3)

a huge fish found in the seas of Calamari, the lampfish measures about 10 meters in average length. They live in the deepest seas, and have grotesque bodies. Their heads are huge, filled with beady eyes. They have a moutful of pointed teeth, and a tongue that is bioluminescent. (DU)

Lampray, Totovia
this was one of the humorous names Garik Loran used for Lara Notsil, after she was mistaken for Edallia Monotheer by an old man on Coruscant. (SOC)

this was the name of an eel-like race which was the only sentient species from the planet Florn. Note that the Star Wars Customizable Card Game states that Lamproids are native to several worlds. The Lamproid's long, thick body was a mass of muscular coils which it used to hold onto its prey. Its head was covered with light-sensitive stalks that surrounded a mouth full of multiple rows of teeth. A tendril-like tongue could be extended from the mouth in order to "taste" scents, and a milky poison was contained in the Lamproid's saliva. The Lamproid had a stinger that was used to protect itself, and it bled purple blood. It was believed that the Lamproid race evolved from intestinal parasites that had someone developed intelligence. Along with this intelligence, Lamproids developed a form of telepathy and mental control, which manifested itself in a form of communication that could also be used to alleviate another being's pain or force them to do simple biddings. (TME, CCG7, GMR1)

Lamuir IV
this planet is located in Tapani Sector, and is part of the Lamuir System. It was one of only two worlds within Tapani Sector on which humans were not the dominant species. Herglics were the primary species on the planet, having settled it many thousands of years before humans discovered it. The planet's normally sensible inhabitants become frivolous during the annual Priole Danna festival. Note that this world is described as Lemuir IV in Tapani Sector Instant Adventures. (SWJ3, PGT, TSIA)

Lamuir VII
this planet, the seventh in the Lamuir System, had a single moon. (TSIA)

this moon was best-known as the location of the Wellspring. Much of the planet's core was riddled with aquifers and subterranean passageways, through which the planet's water supply was constantly bubbling. The external outpouring of this water was the Wellspring, the source of all Lamus' surface water. In addition to this surface oddity, Lamus also experienced one day every thirty years when the sun didn't shine in the sky. This was due to an orbital anomaly during which Lamus precisely matches the orbit of its primary planet, thereby keeping the planet directly between it and the sun. The only thing visible in the dark sky was the coronal ring of fire surrounding the planet. Lamus was settled some ten generations before the onset of the Galactic Civil War, by a group of human colonists who came to call themselves the A'Mar. Their experience with this celestial event led to the near-religious adoration of the Wellspring, as well as the creation of The Vigil. The moon itself remained a pastoral world even after ten generations of colonization, with only a few large settlements dotting the ancient, forested landscape. The polar regions were covered with frigid deserts which were riddled with sinkholes, making travel across the poles treacherous. (WOA31)

Lamuu Bianco
this Herglic pirate was known for his daring raids on luxury ships passing through Tapani Sector via the Rimma Run. He founded the shadowport known as Port Bianco on the planet Lammax, originally as a safe haven for his ships to "winter" in between tourist seasons. Over time, the port grew to provide services to other spacers, and flourished during the Galactic Civil War. (LOE.)

Lan Barell
the fourth planet in the Lan System, Lan Barell is an arid world of deserts and tundra. Much of the planet's water supply is contained in its small polar icecaps. The crust of the planet was lden with deposits of iron, giving it a blue sheen. This unusual coloration, combined with the dim red light of the star Lan, made Lan Barell a garish place to exist. The planet's surface was dominated by desert wastes, with several huge plateaus forming "continents" above it. It is the homeworld of the Qieg race of small insectoids, who inhabited the plateaus and the Cacti Forests. The planet once had three moons, but one of them has been reduced to rubble because of Qieg mining. (SWJ1)

Lan Fellov
the second planet in the Lan System. It is a rocky wasteland, and has one natural satellite. (SWJ1)

Lan Tundi
the third planet in the Lan System. It is a barren rock that is orbitted by four moons. (SWJ1)

this Corellian woman was a friend of Bria Tharen. When the Empire began exerting control over Corellia, Lanah was one of a group of rebels captured and executed. (THG)

Imperial jargon for a speeder bike unit. (EGV)

this was the designation of a Nebulon-B2 frigate that was part of the Alliance's fleet. (XVT)

Lance of Endor
this was the alias used by Rolf Tredium for the corvette Lialic II, during his campaign to foil the progress of the FarStar in the Kathol Outback. (KO)

the name of a mid-grade computer spike produced by MicroThrust. (CFG)

this was the name of a group of five Imperial Lancer-class frigates assigned to protect the replenishment fleet which contained the Black Ice. (BI)

this was one of the most common names given to male Corellians. (GMR9)

Lancer Battalion
this division of the Grand Army of the Republic was named for the fact that its clone troopers rode Aratech 105-K lancer bikes into battle, carrying power-lances to attack their targets. (SWI84)

Lancer-class Frigate
an Imperial capital ship built by Kuat Drive Yards, the Lancer-class was proposed by Admiral Drez following the Battle of Yavin. KDY built a limited number of them as test prototypes, but found that they were very expensive to build. The Lancer's primary mission was to screen off enemy starfighters early in an engagement, paving the way for large ship-to-ship combat which Imperial-class Star Destroyers were more than capable of winning. The Lancer-class didn't get a fair chance to prove its worth until Grand Admiral Thrawn appeared from the Unknown Regions. He was able to put the Lancers to work in key raiding missions on New Republic worlds. These 250-meter-long ships normally have a crew of 850, with room for 40 additional troops. They are equipped with 20 quad-laser cannon batteries. (DFR, TLC, JS, ISB, EGV)

this small, Corellian Engineering Corporation craft was distinguished by its wingless design and long, sleek-finned fuselage. The Lancet was the primary ship used by the Judicial Department of the Old Republic, and many a criminal learned to fear the appearance of a Lancet in its immediate vicinity. (COD)

Lanchenzoor, Riga
this Corporate Sector Authority Viceprex of Finance was shrewd and ruthless in her dealings. She was lured away from a lucrative position as chief manager of the Bank of Aargauha, where she had become the youngest individual to be promoted to that position. She despises internal corruption and deceit. She wanted to separate the Authority credit from the Imperial credit, but this idea was met with considerable resistance from of Viceprexes. They feared that an Imperial backlash from the move would ruin the Authority. (CSA)

Lanclo, Eridan
this man was an independent spacer during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. A free trader by nature, Lanclo approved of the fifteen-percent Transit Tax levied by the Old Republic Senate against every passage purchased throughout the galaxy. (HNN4)

Lanclo, Ramsey
this man was an independent spacer who plied the spacelanes during the height of the New Order. He owned and operated the Chicanery during this time. (FTD)

this man served as one of Imperial Lord Dixton's personal bodyguards. However, he was not stupid, and would surrender if he knew he was outgunned. (SWCP)

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