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Lastri's Ort
one of Talon Karrde's ships, this Star Galleon was active during the New Republic's struggle against Grand Admiral Thrawn. Karrde acquired the ships from a former Imperial Moff who wanted to sell the ship to gather more operating capital, and he did little more than convert the troop baracks to cargo space before putting it to use. Karrde kept the Lastri's Ort stationed in the Outer Rim, hoping to avoid other Imperial vessels whose captains might question how he obtained it. The Lastri's Ort could accommodate up to twelve passengers and 125,000 metric tons of cargo, and required a crew of 150 to operate. It was armed with five turbolasers on each flank, and a front-mounted concussion missile launcher. (TLC, GMR4)

this planet, located in the Koornacht Cluster, was the home of a colony of H'kig settlers. When the Yevetha initiated their Great Purge, they exterminated all but a few of the colonists in their rampage through the Koornacht. (TT)

an young, female Ewok, Latara is a flutist and a prankster. She is good friends with Kneesaa. (ECAR)

this was a common name for Ewok females. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

according to Ewok legend, this prankster spirit stole sweets from inattentive children. (GCG)

Lataren Tree
this aquatic plant is found on the planet Sesid. Latarens are rooted to the oecan floor by massive stalks covered with dense foliage. The lataren provide ample space for the Draedans to create homes and cities within the groves. The wood of the lataren is sold throughout the galaxy, providing income for the Draedans. (GG12)

this verb was used in starfighter pilot slang to indicate the ability to establish a targetting lock on an enemy ship and maintain it, despite the enemy's best efforts to shake off the pursuit. (HSE)

Lateral Fin
the huge wing that counterbalances the old Jedi cruisers, such as the Nebulon Ranger. (TOJ)

this was a common name given to Zabrak males. Like many Zabrak names, it related to survival characteristics, and meant "crafty" or "skilled". (GCG)

this Najib was the senior port official at Najiba's main spaceport. He was betrothed to the Twi'leki female Arruna, until Adalric Brandl demanded passge off Najiba. Lathaam laughed at him, explaining that no one left Najiba when it passed through the asteroid field known as the Children of Najiba. Brandl became angry, and killed Arruna with the Dark Side of the Force. (TFE)

Latham, Marsden
this member of the Alderaanian internal security force was on duty when a young Han Solo tried to sell some stolen glitterstim in Aldera, while working for Teroenza. Latham subtly told Han to stop trying to sell the spice, all the while insinuating that Han was skirting a jail sentence. (TPS)

a planet. (GMR5)

this Kajain'sa'Nikto once served Jabba the Hutt as a guard and information broker, at the crimelord's townhouse on the planet Tatooine. Lathe hated the slave trade, and longed to leave Tatooine to see what the rest of the galaxy had to offer. (CCG12)

Lathe, Baden
this New Republic Intelligence officer held the rank of Captain, and was the primary agent reporting on the events surrounding Leia Organa's negotiations with the Hapans and her kidnapping by Han Solo. (CTD)

Lathien Leth
this Nella 342 light freighter was owned and operated by Rani Quanic. She used it while she worked for SoroSuub Corporation as an undercover agent, disrupting Alliance supply convoys without attracting attention. It was armed with a top-mounted, quad-laser cannon. (SWJ10)

this was one of the most luxuirous restaurants found on the planet Alderaan. Located near The Epicurium culinary institute, Latli's was a gourmet restaurant of galactic renown. (CCW)

this planet was the only world in the Latoma System, located in Brak Sector. It was the size of a large asteroid. (FBS)

the organic covering that Vuffi Raa used to disguise his metallic body when he and Osuno Whett first encounter the Renatasians. (LCF)

Latourain, Nan
this Jedi Master was one of the instructors who worked in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Master Latourain was known as an expert in the area of code and ciphers, and provided special classes for training the Jedi on ways to bypass or decipher various encryption systems. (JQ9)

Latrel, Kyla
this beautiful, ambitious woman worked for Tampson Consolidated, Incorporated, and represented TamCo at the Vor-cal hunt which took place shortly before the Battle of Endor. (LOE)

this barren world was the third planet in the Demar System. It had been stripped of all natural resources by the Lant Mining Corporation by the time of the Battle of Yavin. (FBS)

Latt, Sharr
this man was a member of Wraith Squadron, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. A native of the planet Coruscant, Latt was assigned to Jaina Solo's development as the incarnate deity Yun-Harla, shortly after Coruscant was captured by the alien invaders. Latt and Voort saBinring were instructed to develop the image that Jaina was, indeed, Yun-Harla, in an effort to draw the Yuuzhan Vong into a trap. Their specialty was psychological warfare, and they endeavored to put Jaina on a pedestal among the remaining New Republic forces, so that her stature as a goddess was undeniable. (EL1)

Laud System
this planetary system was located in Brak Sector. (FBS)

Lauderslag, Erik
a native of the planet Tuttin IV, Erik and his friends formed the dusk band Far Cry shortly after the Battle of Yavin. A tall, lanky, sixteen-year-old, Erik played percussion for the band in addition to writing most of its songs. (GMR6)

Lauderslag, Teki
this young girl, a native of the planet Tuttin IV, was Erik Lauderslag's younger sister. (GMR6)

this female Corellian was romantically involved with Rayc Ryjerd during the last years of the New Order, although she couldn't quite figure out why. Laudica was an excellent markswoman and a skilled gunrunner, and could often be found in the company of Brindy Truchong or the Tonnika Sisters. (CCG7)

Laughing Bantha
a tavern located on the planet Redcap, the Laughing Bantha could be found in the Juteau Settlement. (SWJ5)

Laughing Dancer
this freighter was owned by Captain Nomar, but was lost and presumed destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (HAS)

Laughing Luxe, The
this was one of the smaller casinos found in the Westrex district of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. Like the other casinos in Efavan, the Laughing Luxe was located along the Casino Line. (GORW)

Laughing Sullustan
this starship was the former flagship of Quentin Bartog, and was later attached to Zirtran's Anchor. After the station disappeared into hyperspace after being occupied by Imperial forces, Bartog himself vanished, but the ship became the base of operations for the so-called Bartog Syndicate. The Laughing Sullustan was a custom-buitl pleasure craft, equipped with the most comfortable appointments available. (SWJ5)

Laughter After Dark
this musical work was sung by Saahir Ru'luv. (SWJ15)

Launch Gate
this was one of the marvels of organic technology created by the ancient Kathol. These gates allowed the Kathol to instantly move from one place to another. The first gate was located on the planet Kathol, and others were placed on remote worlds by Kathol which traveled in their unique launch vehicles. The gate itself was was a massive construction housed in a temple, and was ringed with columns. They were large enough to allow a colony ship to move into and out of it, thereby allowing the Kathol to spread throughout the Kathol Sector of the galaxy. All but one of these gates was destroyed in the conflict between the ancient Jedi Knights and the Dark Jedi who had enslaved the Kathol, in what became known as the Rift Disaster. The resulting explosions ripped apart the hyperspace continuum in the sector, and created the area known as the Kathol Rift. Only one gate survived, in order around the planet Kathol, but it was severly damaged. This last gate was later destroyed during the Battle of Kathol, wiping out any chance of re-establishing this technology. (E)

Launch Vehicle
this was the named used by the Kathol race to describe their organic starships. These massive ships employed an unusual form of drive which allowed them to enter hyperspace without the use of a "standard" hyperdrive. Each launch ship was "grown," and was essentially charged before each trip. Once enough energy was acquired, the launch vehicle could enter hyperspace. When that energy was expended, the launche vehicle dropped out of hyperspace. (E)

this small-time criminal, along with her partner Sam, stole what they thought was the Kubaz Insect from the collection of Rock'co on Narigus III. However, they were kidnapped by Rock'co and Jorkatt the Render before they could do anything with it. The statue they held was later revealed as a fake. (GMS)

Laushin, Ryek
Sabel Corazon's henchman, Ryek was employed as a kind of bodyguard by Sabel's father, Rigis Corazon. Rigis was killed while under Ryek's care, and he has never let himself forget the debt he owes to Sabel. (SN)

the innermost of two moons that orbit Genesia, Laut was colonized in much the same way as its sister, Gimm. Underground facilities were formed to allow colonists to survive on the airless rock, providing them with living and working areas near to - but not actually located on - Genesia. The colonists created the cities to escape from the corruption and crime which dominated Genesia. (FBS)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

Laut, Rena
this woman operated a watercraft rental business on the moon Dorumaa, during the last decades of the Old Republic. She had spent a good deal of her life exploring the oceans of the moon, and knew that there were some dangerous creatures in the ocean depths. She made a point of warning her customers about the dangers, in an effort to gain additional income as a guide. (LFC)

Lav Peq
this was the Yuuzhan Vong name for a netting beetle. (UF)

Lav Peq Pattern
this was a search pattern used by the Yuuzhan Vong warriors whenever they had to look for another being. A team of searchers riding in tsik vai started at the lowest point of the search area and moved in ever-tightening arcs until the highest point was reached. (EVC)

Lava Cannon
developed on the planet Mustafar, this unusual weapon fired a stream of super-heated rock or ore at a target. Because its fuel was so heavy, this weapon was exceptionally hard to wield. (SWGAL)

Lava Dragon
another name for the fireworm of Eol Sha. (JASB)

Lava Node
a form of gemstone found in the Hapes Cluster. (JE)

Lava Worm
this unusual creature inhabited the ponds which formed from molten rock and stone on the planet Nkllon. The lava worm preferred to live near active lava floes, where fresh lava was constantly moving. (EGP)

this Sullustan sliced worked for Carh'la Bastra and the Alliance during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. When Bastra set down on Tatooine, Lavar was briefly captured by the Desert Demons. He was freed when an Imperial spy, posing as an Alliance recruit, agreed to help Captain Bastra locate a stolen Imperial cargo. The spy infiltrated the Desert Demons' hiding place and got Lavar out, in an effort to slice into the computer records of the Darklighter family and locate the missing cargo. (SWGAL)

LavaRide Enterprises
this tourist destination was established on the planet Sullust, during the last years of the Old Republic, and allowed visitors to experience the inner workings of a volcano first-hand. Using specially designed and protected spheres, the LavaRide plunged visitors into the caldera of an active volcano. Transport ships with tight-beam tractor beams then pulled the sphere out of the lava before it could sink. During the early years of the New Republic, the owners of LavaRide Enterprises planned to implement a form of "lava-ball", where two players could maneuver their spheres around a caldera, in order to bump a third sphere into a goal area. The "sport" was deemed too dangerous by the initial inspectors, and development was placed on hold. (GORW)

Lavek Talstin
this Devaronian male was engaged to be married to Shelta Sune, a marriage arranged for him by his mother and sisters. Lavek, however, wanted nothing to do with marriage, and fled Devaron. He later earned enough credits to purchase the Wanderer, and managed to evade the Devaronian search parties that hunted for him. He was nearly captured when an uncle of Shelta Sune met him in a warehouse, and Lavek barely escaped. He joined the Alliance, feeling that he could hide from his fiance better within their ranks. He used the Wanderer to run supplies from Cuirilla to Alliance bases. Lavek preferred the company of Duros, and even tried to shave his horns down to look more like them. One horn was damaged, and grew back in with a twist. (CRO)

Lavic, Annea
this woman graduated from a prominent medical school on the planet Rhinnal. However, to relieve the pressure of her studies, she started consuming ryll spice. Over time, the spice led to her gambling and stealing to obtain more spice. Annea managed to graduate, but lost her internship when she was too frayed from the spice to concentrate on a surgery. The patient was the son of an Imperial governor's chief aide, and the boy died because she miscalculated on dose of painkillers and sped through the operation. Rather than face the consequences of her mistakes, Annea fled Rhinnal and hid out in the Outer Rim. She tried to return to the life of a doctor, but the pressure kept getting to her and her spice addition returned. She soon found herself on the run again, pursued by spice dealers whom she had not paid. (PSG)

Lavin, Gana
this young woman grew up in the lap of luxury, in the Upper City of Taris, more than 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Many considered her a spoiled brat, and new acquaintences who crossed her often found themselves being roughed up by the thugs who worked for her father. (KOTOR)

this planet was actually once part of a much larger planetary body, until a series of asteroid collisions broke the larger world apart. Many of the fragments were too small to become anything more than asteroids themselves, but the largest part remained fairly stable and eventually became the planet Lavisar. The larger remaining pieces became moons of the planet. It is composed of heavy metals and ores, and has a higher than standard gravity. This is a remnant of the original planet, which had an incredibly-high gravity. Lavisar remained neutral during the Galactic Civil War and the battles which followed on the heels of the Battle of Endor. Its abundance of heavy ores, along with its shipyards, made it a prime world for addition to Zsinj's empire. Wraith Squadron ran a false assault on the planet, from its base on the Mon Remonda, in order establish the presence of the squadron in Han Solo's fleet. This allowed them to also use the identities of the Hawk-bats near Halmad. (IF)

Lavorn, Gren
this man served as the Alliance's chief maintenance officer at the base on Fangol during the Galactic Civil War. Shortly before the attempt to capture the Black Ice, Lavorn was assigned to understanding and outfitting a pair of captured Spiral-class assault ships for the mission. (BI)

LAVr QH-7 Chariot
Uulsho's military command speeder, the QH-7 is a modified military landspeeder built for the Empire. It is heavily armored, but not very fast; the QH-7's primary function is the transportation of important personnel rather that battle command. The three-man craft is armed with a single, forward-mounted laser cannon, and measures 11.8 meters in length. (ISB, TTSB)

Lavval, Bria
this was an alias used by Bria Tharen to board the Queen of Empire and return to Nar Shaddaa. In order to cover that obvious Corellian name Bria, she claimed that her name was not Corellian at all. Instead, her story had it that "Bria" was a combination of the names of her grandmothers Brusela and Iaphagena. Bria Lavval was a minor starlet and casino singer headed for the Chance Castle. (RD)

Law Elders
the leaders of the Bimm government. (HTTE)

Law of Life
the Ithorian tenet which holds that, for every living plant destroyed in the harvest, two more must be planted in its place. (TME)

Law-class Patrol Craft
built by Kuat Drive Yards, this 51-meter advance scout ship was used by the Empire in the years that led up to the Battle of Endor. It also saw duty in the years after the death of Emperor Palpatine. It required a crew of four, with 11 gunners. It could transport up to 10 prisoners in a dedicated brig, and could carry up to 250 metric tons of cargo. The Law-class ship was armed with four laser cannons and a proton torpedo launcher, and was capable of hyperspace travel. KDY intended the Law-class ship to be more of a scouting vessel, but soon became the ship of choice for the Sector Rangers as a customs and patrol ship. (TSK, FOP)

meaning "inventive", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Lawn Lice
this species of insect was often used to help maintain the grass on terraformed worlds. (LCF)

Lay Pa-Sidian
the bounty hunter Zee Ethda tried to capture Tarrant Snil in this city, on the planet G'wenee, which was under Imperial control during the early years of the New Republic. It was a major trade center, for goods both legal and otherwise. (CE2)

an Imperial freighter group supporting the NL-1 outpost in the Pakuuni System. (TIE)

this Lieutenant with the Army of the Republic was dispatched to Cartao as the backup to the primary mission of Commander Roshton, during the height of the Clone Wars. Laytron's forces were in place in the event of a disaster, as the evacuation force for Roshton's troopers. Kinman Doriana provided Laytron's location to Jafer Torles and Pilester Binalie after Separatist forces tried to take control of Foulahn City and Spaarti Creations, hoping to bring Laytron's forces to bear in a mission to free Roshton. Laytron was a by-the-book officer, and initially refused Torles' request for assistance. When Binalie revealed the existence of a fourtth Outlink on the grounds of Spaarti Creations, Laytron decided that there was a good chance of success. (SWI70)

this is the eastern-most of the three continents which make up the nation of Devit, found on the planet Lazerian IV. A ruined Jedi outpost is located on its western coast, a bleak reminder of a battle which took place there. The blasted ground has never regrown plant life, and the animals of the area stay away. (TSK)

Lazeria City
the capital city of the nation Devit as well as the planet Lazerian IV, Lazeria City is the site of the Lazeria City Starport as well as the Lazerian Orbital Command. Both the LCS and the LOC have been under Imperial Customs control, which uses the resources of the LOC to monitor all traffic in the system. (TSK)

this yellow star is the primary solar body in the Lazerian System. It's location in space is used to anchor one end of the Kira Run. (TSK)

Lazerian IV
this planet, the fourth in the Lazerian System, is at one end of the Kira Run. The inhabitants of the planet were extremely loyal to the New Order, a sentiment which echoed the rulership of King Alarik X. A temperate world with varying terrain, Lazerian IV has been heavily industrialized, and a large number of urban centers grew around the various starports. The average day on Lazerian IV lasts 24 standard hours, and its year encompasses 360 local days. A pair of moons orbit the planet. (TSK)

Lazerian IX
this world or frigid, barren rocks is the ninth planet in the Lazerian System. (TSK)

Lazerian VI
this sixth planet in the Lazerian System is a gas giant with eight moons. (TSK)

Lazerian VII
the second of two gas giants in the Lazerian System, Lazerian VII is orbitted by ten natural satellites. (TSK)

one of the many pirates groups serving under Leonia Tavira and the Invids. (IJ)

Lazy Bergruutfa Cantina
this circular cantina was located within Betha II's primary starport. (SWJ8)

this was the designation of Arakyd's flight control computer, used on the Helix Interceptor. (SWJ5)

this archaic name was common among Sullustan males. Its exact meaning was lost over time, although a literal translation yielded the meaning "deep light", which may be a refernce to an ancient tunneling phenomenon. (GCG)

a prototype Nuffin weapon. (JTH)

a series of courier droids manufactured by Industrial Automation, these droids became known as "elbies." They are programmed to be able to speak in a number of human and alien dialects, and are equipped with a number of data communications technologies. (SN)

an Arakyd BT-16 perimeter securty droid. This spider-like droid was often used by B'omarr monks to support their disembodied brains. The LBT-16 was employed as a security droid in Mos Eisley, during the Galactic Civil War. (GG7)

this was the BoSS registry number of Platt Okeefe's starship, the Last Chance. (IDC)

this was the callsign of the lead starfighter pilot working for Linkaas Corporation's planetary security force on Dohu VII. After Dannen Lifehold escaped from the planet, Linkaas had LC-1 and his flight group destroyed for failing to capture the human. (SWJ1)

L-class Troopship
this was an outdated model of military troop transports. (FBS)

LC-series Hunting Droid
this series of repulsor-equipped droids was considered the precursor to the Eliminator 434. (GMR9)

this was the model number of Merr-Sonn's laser detection trip device. The LCT components were extremely small, and could be concealed almost anywhere. Anything passing through the beams between two sensors tripped the circuit, signalling a central computer of the intrusion. Most often, an array of LCT trips was placed at half-meter increments across doorways and windows to ensure coverage. (SPG)

this repulsor-equipped assassin droid was pursued by the Abbaji System Constables during the early years of the New Republic. LC-Zed was an early model of the LC-series Hunting Droid, but lacked a vocabulator and could not audibly speak. It managed to hole up on the planet Sarafur for several months, until a number of parties arrived on the planet in search of the Tessent. LC-Zed was forced out of hiding, and was eventually shot down and disabled. (GMR9)

this was a model of sniper's blaster rifle manufactured by Merr-Sonn during the height of the New Order. Classified by Mere-Sonn as a sporting rifle, the LD-1 was developed as a way to have the power of a blaster rifle in a weapon that was technically legal to carry. It was a hard-hitting weapon in the mold of the SoroSuub X-45, but it was also a fragile. (ROE, AEG)

this sporting rifle was produced in very limited quantities by Imperial Munitions, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Production of the LD-1a, which was based on the Merr-Sonn LD-1 weapon, was so secret that many weapons experts considered the LD-1a more of a myth than a reality. Nevertheless, the LD-1a was actually produced, with an overfocused energy beam that was thinner but deadlier than that of the standard LD-1 model. (AEG)

this specialized agromech droid was developed to deploy pesticides and act as an exterminator on many agricultural worlds, such as Herzob. Because of its inexpensive pricetag, the LD-8 was one of the most widely-used extermination droids used during the height of the New Order. Its low cost, however, was due to its unsophisticated design. Among the LD-8's shortcomings was its inability to differentiate between pests and beneficial organisms, spraying its payload indiscriminantly over fields. (WOTC)

Le nochka, tuo halack ne ladda buchat
this Rodian insult commented on the recipient's lack of manners and obvious lack of good looks. (SWJ5)

le Trene, Tolk
this Lorrdian woman worked as a scrub nurse for the Grand Army of the Republic, serving in the field during the height of the Clone Wars. She was stationed at the Rimsoo Seven military hospital on Drongar with Jos Vondar some two years after the Battle of Geonosis. She found herself quite attracted to Captain Vondar, and went out of her way to make sure he knew it. She even made it almost impossible for him to miss her, and once languished in a communal shower until he came in to clean up. Her nakedness left him speechless, and nagged at his mind for many days. Tolk was aware of his enster background, but was much more practical about the harsh realities of war. She explained to him that there was nothing permanent about any physical relationship they might have, just the shared companionship of two beings who were caught in the middle of a war and might not live to see tomorrow. After the deaths of CT-914 and Zan Yant, Jos came to realize that Tolk was right. There was no shame in a non-committal relationship, nor was there any reason to avoid his feelings. Their relationship blossomed after that, until Jos' great-uncle Erel Kersos was transferred to Drongar. Kersos himself had married and ekster woman, and was forced to live the next sixty years in exile. Kersos put through an order for Tolk to take a Continuing Medical Education series class aboard MedStar Nineteen, so that he could confront her about Jos' decision to fall in love. Tolk, although not talked out of the relationship, felt that she needed to make sure that Jos was going to be all right with their relationship. She became distant, trying to sort out her feelings. When she finally talked to Jos, he pleaded with her to come back to him, and his words and actions convinced her that he would survive his exile. (MBS, MJH)

Le Yer
this beautifully manicured coastal region was known as a resort city, and was located on the planet Abregado-Rae. (ND)

this LE-series droid was put together by Anakin Skywalker, during his training at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, to assist with his chores. Like many of the droids Anakin built during this time, it was cobbled together from parts he scavenged from the undercity of Coruscant, and was continually being tweaked and adjusted. (AA)

known as Ellie, this humanoid LE-series droid was one of the many Imperial database access automata used during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa asked Ellie to located information on Tay Vanis, after Vanis disappeared with the plans to the second Death Star. This triggered a database warning, bringing Imperial troops down on the two rebels. The droid was hit be a stray blaster bolt during the firefight. Luke and Leia took Ellie with them when they escaped, earning her help in retrieving information. It was later revealed that Ellie was actually owned by Tay Vanis, who placed her in Imperial service because he had hidden the plans to the second Death Star in her memory banks. When she learned that Vanis had been tortured by Darth Vader, she turned the plans over to Luke and allowed the rebels to escape. Then, cluthing Vanis' body to her own, Ellie self-destructed, destroying the Imperial installation and killing Vanis, as well as the personnel who had held him prisoner. (LTA6, MC80)

an Pakuuni Corvette destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Leader's Advisors
this was the body of politicians who provided guidance to the leader of the planet Tierell, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. (JQ5)

Leadership Council
see Council of Separatists (E3N)

Leadership School
this elite preparatory school, based in Utare on the planet Andara, provided the children of wealthy families with in-depth educations on the machinations of leadership in the galaxy. A small number of promising students from less-influential families were offered scholarships to attend the Leadership School based on their grades and their goals, but these students were often ostracized by their more privileged schoolmates. During the years following the Battle of Naboo, extreme security measures were implemented at the School to prevent the kidnapping or assassination of the children of influential Senators and businessbeings. The students became virtual prisoners at the School, learning more than they hoped about the galaxy's politics. Despite this environment, the children who attended the Leadership School lived like royalty. All their needs were met by the staff, including gourmet meals, exercise facilities, and luxurious apartments. (JQ5)

Leaf One
this was Tawn Porew's callsign. (SWJ3)

Leaf Queen
this ancient woman lived on the Forest Moon of Endor, and was something of a myth among the Ewoks. It was the Leaf Queen who controlled the moon during the fall season, ensuring that the plants were able to drop their leaves and go to sleep, storing their energy for springtime. The Leaf Queen once loaned a magical plant to the Ewok child Kneesaa, who used it to grant wishes without wondering how or why the planet did so. The plant nearly died, before Kneesaa realized that she needed to be more grateful for its help. Once she apologized to the plant and the Leaf Queen, the plant began to grow again, reaffirming Kneesaa's sincerity to the Leaf Queen. (ECAR)

the name given by the Ewoks to their non-Ewok friends. (ROTJN)

this leaf-filled mannequin was used by the Wookiees of Kashyyyk to practice hand-to-hand combat. (AFA)

this leaping insect was native to the planet Geonosis, and could be found in the few oases that were carved into the rocky landscape. (MBS)

this was a small, leaf-shaped lizard which was native to the dense canopy of the forests found on the planet Kashyyyk. (AFA)

this was a small speeder-like vehicle that was built by the Ithorian race, for use in skimming across the surface of the planet Ithor. The body of a leafship was formed from a natural glue that was produced from the roots of the giant lilies that grew on Ithor. (MIS7)

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