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this Dug served aboard the No Luck Required during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. As a member of the Search and rescue Corp, Leaft was known for his dry sense of humor, and cracked many a joke about the failings of the human race. Leaft was also one of the ship's weapons experts. (GMR10, EOV)

this rodent lived in the upper levels of the jungle canopy on the planet Dagobah. Named for the wide, leaf-shaped membrane which was found at the end of its tail, the leaf-tail fed on cyanoberries and bark. Its mouth was tipped with a sharp beak, and its cheeks could expand to hold a day's worth of foraged berries. (WSW)

Leafy Green
it was in this tapcafe, located on JoKo's Alley on Coruscant, that Tekli overheard two Rodians discussing their distrust of the human race. The distrust arose from the fact that the Yuuzhan Vong could use ooglith masquers to pretend to be human, thereby making non-human races hesitant to work with humans. This was shortly before it was discovered that the Vong had perfected the gablith masquer. True to its name, the Leafy Green was decorated to appear as if it were in a lush, tropical environment. The tables were covered with live mosses, and potted plants and trailing vines provided covering for the walls and ceilings. Very few droids were employed by the owners, and were used simply to put together the wonderful dishes cooked by the kitchen staff. (BP)

League of Tapani Freeworlds
this was the official title of the governing organization that controlled the Freeworlds Region of Tapani Sector. It provided support mainly as a trade organization, but also had military power to back it up. Membership in the League was given to each of the five primary planets in the Freeworlds Region: Aleron, Lamuir IV, Mrlsst, Neona, and Tallaan. Headquarters of the League were based on Tallaan. (PGT)

Leah Nynel
this being served as the spokesbeing for the Salliche Ag Corporation, during the last years of the Old Republic. She spent a great deal of time placating customers during the Separatist crisis, as foodstuffs from Abrion Sector were cut off when the sector seceded. (HNN5)

Lean Nutti Bar and Grill
this restaurant was located on StarForge Station. It catered mainly to the non-human spacers at the Station, and humans were often ostracized if they ate there. (FOP)

an Alliance shuttle destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this species of large, spherical insect was native to the planet Karra. They walker on six legs, each of which was three meters in length. The Karrans were able to control great nests of leapers, using them as soldiers in battles. (SWJ1)

this personal jet pack was produced by Merr-Sonn during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this was one of the many clans of the Nosaurian race, which was native to the planet New Plympto. (CCW)

Leaping Tee
this was the name of a family of Gados who performed acrobatic and tumbling shows for the Alsakan Circo-Menagerie, during the height of the Old Republic. (CCW)

this was the name given to a loud style of music with a driving beat, which was popular among the youth of the last decades of the Old Republic. (MBS)

Learning Circle
this section of the primary city on Kegan was dedicated to the teaching of the General Good. All children were required to remain in the Learning Circle until their sixteenth birthday, when they were considered adults provided that they adhered to the General Good. (FFT)

Learning, The
this was the Keganite form of education. All children were required to take part in The Learning, which lasted until a child was sixteen years old. During their education, which took place in the Learning Circle, Keganite children were taught the basic tenets of the General Good. The teachers of The Learning, however, were given false and misleading information by the rulers of Kegan, V-Tan and O-Vieve. Much of this information painted a bleak and evil picture of the rest of the galaxy, aimed at maintaining the isolation of Kegan in order to avoid the tragedies of prophecy. (FFT)

Learz, Stoghin
this man was a member of Kuat Drive Yards' security forces, and was part of the team assigned to protect the Super-class Star Destroyer Zsinj called the Razor's Kiss. (IF)

Leather Head
this was a derogatory term used by some backwater humans to describe a member of the Sluissi race. (SWJ2)

this avian creature, named for its thick skin, was native to the planet Qiilura. (RCHC)

this Weequay was the owner of Leatherback;s Bar, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Like many members of his species, Leatherback rarely spoke, simply taking his customers' orders and moving on to other business. He was disgruntled by the fact that most natives of Sriluur fled the planet when the Yuuzhan Vong invasion began, reducing his profits rather quickly and forcing him to sell his bartender droid in order to stay in business. (WOA13)

Leatherback's Bar
this seedy bar was located on Sriluur, during the New Republic. Located in Meirm City, it was one of the most popular watering holes on the planet, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. This was mainly due to the fact that most Weequays were either fleeing the planet or joining local militias, in an effort to stay ahead of any possible invasion. (WOA13)

this was a perfume scent for woman, although it was such a subtle scent that the natural odor of most woman overpowered it. Ysanne Isard was one of the few woman who did not mask it. (WS)

this tough material was used to make coveralls and jackets. (SOP, LJ1)

known as "Leebo," this droid is owned by Dash Rendar. An early-mode Cybot Galactica repair droid, Leebo was originally purchased by the portmaster on the planet Esseles. Unfortunately for the portmaster, Leebo was onboard a freighter when the ship suddenly blasted away, and Leebo was later sold for credits. Leebo was then purchased by a failed comedian, and had a warped sense of humor, before coming into the possession of Dash Rendar. He was a fair pilot, often taking the controls of the Outrider when Dash was on business planteside. (SE, SESB, SWDB)

a city located on the planet Ryloth, Leb'Reen was only accessible by flying through a narrow canyon rift before settling some 500 meters into the landing area. Fenig Nabon and Ghitsa Dogder once employed Shada D'ukal and her partner, Dunc T'racen, to transport a cargo of Twi'leki dancers to Durga the Hutt. They met the Mistryls in Leb'Reen, and picked up the dancers there as well. (TFNR)

this was a strong tranquilizer, used by bounty hunters during the height of the New Order to bring down their targets without harming or killing them. (ROD)

Lecknag Beast
a vicious creature that lives outside of Gemthrop City, these monsters roam in large herds. The City has been walled to keep the groups of animals from killing its inhabitants. (RPG)

this jury-rigged device is used to get through security card locks. It employs a sense plate from a pressure sensor and a data compiler from a life form detector. The lectroticker sends out a series of electrical pulses, and the data compiler reads where the pulse patterns match between the sense plate and the lock. The exact pattern can be manipulated using the data compiler until the lock's code is discovered. Once an exact match is found, the lock springs open. (CFG)

Lectures on the Nature of the Force
this treatise, written by Jedi Master Ood Bnar, was maintained within the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the height of the Old Republic. (WOTC)

this young woman was Samuel's daughter. She was kidnapped by Royce shortly after the Battle of Naboo, just before Darca Nyl arrived at Samuel's remote outpost. Royce captured her and planned to ransom her back to Samuel for his own rightful share of the mining profits on the world they discovered. Royce held the girl for a couple of days, before Darca Nyl was able to force a truce. He exposed both beings as petty, and forced Leddar to realize that Samuel wasn't as much worried about her as the credits he was reaping in profits from the mining operations. After learning that Lycan was traveling to Molavar, Darca Nyl expressed his regrets at having to leave Leddar with her father, then left them behind. (T21)

Lee, Karrison
this smuggler frequented the Ace of Sabres on Kluistar, but he never seemed to win at any of the games. He was imprisoned by the Empire three times, and had the good luck to escape each time, and managed to maintain ownership of his starship, the Distant Sunrise. (WSV)

see LE-BO2D9 (SE)

this large insect, native to the planet Tatooine, was carnivorous. These insects often lived inside the engines of speeders and swoops, crawling out after the vehicle came to a stop to feed on the insects which were splattered on the grilles and filters. (X2)

this Rutanian youth was the first-born son of King Frane, and the heir to the throne of Rutan, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. He had spent most of his life on the moon Senali, in accordance with tradition, but refused to return to Rutan on his sixteenth birthday. Frane refused to believe that Leed had made the decision on his own, and accused Meenon of forcing the boy to stay. However, the Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi learned that Leed had felt out of place on Rutan all his life, and genuinely wanted to remain on Senali. Leed revealed that his father, King Frane, had once sent him to jail for refusing to take part in a hunt. Leed had even enlisted the help of his adoptive sister, Drenna, in hiding out on a remote island. After meeting with the Jedi, Leed even offered his position as heir to the throne of Rutan to his brother, Taroon, in an effort to remain with the Senali. Unknown to Leed, however, Taroon had been planning to unseat his brother all along. Taroon's plans were too far along to stop, and a group of disguised Rutanians captured Leed an held him prisoner. Taroon hoped to blame the kidnapping on the Ghost Ones, thereby creating a void in the Rutanian monarchy which he would fill. However, King Frane wanted only Leed to succeed him. The two Jedi eventually rescued Leed and brought both brothers to Rutan, where they explained themselves to their father. Frane realized that Leed truly enjoyed the company of the Senali, and also that Taroon was not merely a "second son." In the end, Frane discovered that Taroon would be a better leader than Leed, and he allowed Leed to return to Senali as the first official ambassador for both worlds. (SP)

this Imperial Navy Lieutenant served on the Interrogator, under Captains Vharing and Nolaan. He was not especially well-liked by his crewmates, becing something of a glory-seeker and risk-taker. He was also not especially adept at strategy and tactics, and had been passed over for promotions because of his inability to learn. During a raid on the planet Qlothos, Leeds took command while Vharing slept. A TIE Bomber raid went wrongl, resulting in the deaths of sixty civilians in the planet's capital. Among the dead were a high-ranking Kuat Drive Yards engineer and his family, who were on vacation at the time. Vharing was executed by High Inquisitor Tremayne for the error. (TFNR, SWJ11)

Leeds, Ocandra
this woman was one of the many workers who went on strike, after Chancellor Palpatine announced that there would be a vote on the formation of an Army of the Republic, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. Leeds was the unofficial leader of a group of more than 500 workers who protested the formation of the army, claiming that tax credits collected on Chandrila would be sent to the Republic for the army, rather than staying on Chandrila to pay for civil services and local security. (HNN4)

Leefari Sea
red-orange body of water near Calius on Berchest. (TLC)

Leek Onees
this male Gran was a noted smuggler who worked for Sebolto during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. A bounty was issued for his capture by the Coruscant police force, in connection with the rise in the number of death sticks inported to Coruscant during the years following the Battle of Naboo. The bounty was claimed by Jango Fett, when the bounty hunter traveled to Malastare to meet with Sebolto. (BH)

this Ewok was the younger brother of Keoulkeech, and grew up alongside his brother in the Red Bush Grove on the Forest Moon of Endor. However, Leektar lacked Keoulkeech's ability to interact with the natural world, a fact that was visibly demonstrated by the minimal growth of his soul tree. Leektar found nothing in which he could excel until he fell win love with Chesea, and Leektar became a devoted husband and father of three Woklings. However, in a selfish moment, Leektar prayed to the Leaf Queen for increased status among his tribe. Shortly afterward, a bolt of lightning struck the village of Red Bush Grove, setting off a forest fire that destroyed the village and killed all the Ewoks in it. Only Leektar survived, and he realized that his selfish desires had come true. He felt responsible for the loss, knowing that his wish had caused the destruction. Leektar left Red Bush Grove behind, and set out into the forest, where he encountered a scouting party from another Ewok tribe being harrased by Imperial stormtroopers. His timely intervention saved the scouts, who brought Leektar back to their home of Bright Tree Village. There, he became one of Chief Chirpa's advisors, and was given the title of Honorary Elder for his bravery. After the Battle of Endor, Leektar was reunited with his brother, Keoulkeech, who had survived the fire at Red Bush Grove and had dedicated himself to healing the forests. (SWDB)

Leekz Kleng
this male Gran was a hitman who worked for Sebolto during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. A bounty was issued for his capture by an anonymous individual, who simply wanted the "murderous thug" off the streets. The bounty was claimed by Jango Fett, when the bounty hunter traveled to Malastare to meet with Sebolto. (BH)

this Dathomirian Witch was a member of Zalem's clan. When Ros Lai revealed her true nature to the other Witches, Leela tried to convince her to rejoin the clan. Ros Lai, however, had plans of her own, and killed Leela in order to protect her secret. (SWIE)

Vor Childermoss's huge, mute bodyguard, Leelu was a hulking humanoid of unknown origins. When they were captured by the Five while pursuing the Millennium Falcon, Leelu and Childermoss were killed by Mavin. Childermoss had drawn a weapon on Suzal, and Mavin shot them both with his black fireclaw. (CSWDW)

Leemad, Pira
this man worked as a Chief Administrator for the Lant Mining Corporation, during the height of the New Order. Pira requested increased Imperial protection of LMC transports after a series of ambushed and raids by Alliance forces resulted in huge losses. (FBS)

this Duros surgeon was among the many Old Republic field medics stationed on Drongar during the height of the Clone Wars. He specialized in the physiology of amphibious and semi-aquatic races. (MBS)

this orange-flavored cinnamon drink was favored by the natives of Meirm City, on the Copper Coast of Sriluur. (SSR)

an infant Ewok, native to Bright Tree Village at the time of the Battle of Endor. (ECAR)

this was a common name for Ewok females. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

according to Ewok legend, this wind spirit made Ewoks laugh until they couldn't breathe. It was believed that Leeni was not malevolent, just liked the sound of Ewok laughter. (GCG)

meaning "skillful", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

this Rodian served as Borga the Hutt's majordomo, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (JE)

this was a common name among the Dresselian people. (UANT)

Leesa One-Eye
this human female was born on a backwater world, and grew up learning the skills of a free-trader. During a particular run, her ship was caught by an Imperial customs frigate. The officer in charge delibertely injured with a knife, slashing her face and causing her to lose the use of her left eye. She left the free-trade business, obtained a cybernetic replacement for her eye, and joined the Ropagi II security forces. She was quick-witted and impulsive, but showed that she could make snap judgments that resulted in success more often than failure. Her hard work eventually paid off, as she was promoted to the position of Security Chief of the Off-worlders' Quarter. Her run-in with the Imperial customs officer left a bitter taste in her mouth, and she did not mourn the death of Emperor Palpatine for very long. (TSK)

Leesub Sirln
this Qiraash was enslaved as a child by Imperial High Inquisitor Tremayne, because she was adept in the use of the Force. She escaped his captivity, and hid in the maze of backstreets in Mos Eisley. (CCG)

this alien race was native to the planet Almak. Leffingites were short-statured beings who were distinguished by their ovine faces. A group of short horns sprouted from their foreheads, and their large ears stuck out from their skulls. (SWDB)

Lefken, Rars
a grizzled starship Captain, he is the owner of the vessel Lefken's Dreams. There are small creatures living in his thick beard and hair, although he doesn't seem to mind. Lefken once tried to bully the Weequay guards which patrolled the Nwarcol Point space station, and suffered such injuries that he was unable to fly for several weeks. (SWSB, SSR)

Lefken's Dreams
Rars Lefken's modified stock light freigher. (SWSB)

this gas giant was the third and outermost planet of the Mustafar System. (SWDB)

this was the Eickarie term for any words which were considered to be lies or falsehoods. Right-handed words always were the truth. (FB)

this was one of two Imperial Star Destroyers, along with the Burning Vengeance, which were equipped with prototype weapons systems at the Kuat Drie Yards, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. They were dispatched to the planet Belgaroth for testing. House Andrim, which developed the weapons system, hired a group of freelance agents to investigate the ships and ascertain the effectiveness of the weapons, so that they could negotiate a fair price for them. (CCW)

this unusual starship was rebuilt by Darrus Jeht, at the Almas Academy, during the height of the Clone Wars. Master Jeht was unable to explain its appearance, which caused considerable cafeteria discussion among the other Jedi. The ship arrived at Almas in a series of untraceable crates, most of which seemed to have originated in the Taris System. Over the period of six months, Jeht rebuilt the ship, although he believed that at least one crate of parts from the original vessel was lost in shipment. He had to called in several favors to locate the exotic replacements, and even then wasn't sure if the craft was complete. The name Legacy had been provided by Trilinae, another Jedi on Almas who spent almost as much time in the hangars as Jeht did. (LFCW)

Legacy of Torment
this Yuuzhan Vong Kor Chokk grand cruiser was assigned to Shedao Shai, during his attempt to continue the invasion of the galaxy. It was the flagship during the Battle of Garqi as well as the Battle of Ithor. However, after Shedao Shai's death, Deign Lian took command of the ship and ordered the destruction of Ithor. Billions of lethal bioweapons were dropped onto Ithor's surface, rendering the planet lifeless almost immediately. Once the planet was rendered lifeless, Lian ordered the Yuuzhan Vong fleet back to Dubrillion. Unknown to the Yuuzhan Vong, New Republic Admiral Traest Kre'fay had ordered the Corusca Rainbow to Ithor, and he used its gravity well projectors to hold the Yuuzhan Vong fleet near Ithor. Kre'fey then ordered all ships to fire on the Yuuzhan Vong fleet. The New Republic's forces decimated the fleet, and the Legacy of Torment was destroyed. The ship crashed into Ithor, setting off intense, planet-sweeping fires. (DTR, WOTC, NJOSB)

Legacy YT Indigo Blue
this space station was erected by the fledgling Alliance in orbir around Dantooine, as a staging location for the establishment of a base on the planet's surface. After the Empire moved into the system and forced the Alliance to abandon its base, the Legacy YT Indigo Blue station was scoured by Imperial forces and left empty. It later became a stopover point for independent space traffic into and out of the system. (SWGAL)

Legal Authorization for Advanced Confinement Documents
known as LAACDocs, these papers were devised and implemented by High Inquisitor Tremayne. These were certified documents that allowed for the detention and confinement of specific individuals wanted by the Empire, and they authorized government officials to use whatever necessary to apprehend and detain beings wanted specifically for questioning by Tremayne himself. In most cases, the target of a LAACDoc was never actually arrested, just detained for questioning. The fact that very few of these beings ever were seen again was immaterial. Many local governments chafed at the idea of having another piece of paperwork to shuffle, since LAACDocs often superceded or interfered with a Governor or Moff's ability to issue a bounty on a being for their capture. (GG10)

Legally Authorized Law Authority
known as LA-LAs to their opponents and detractors, this corrupt security force was hired by the Shesharile government to protect their system. (SWJ6)

this New Republic Navy Yoeman was a member of the Mon Calamari race, and served under Communications Chief Oran aboard the Adamantine. He was one of the first to die from the Death Seed plague unleashed by Seti Ashgad. (POT)

Legate, The
this was one of the ranked cards in a non-standard sabacc deck, especially in those decks used to tell one's fortune. The Legate, which had a value less than that of the Commander, referred to a being who was good at heart, although the suit in which it appeared often explained more about the person. (LCM)

Legions of Lettow
this ancient army tried to carve out an empire for itself, during the earlist recorded history of the Old Republic. In one of their first major confrontations, the Jedi Knights were able to defeat the Legions of Lettow and restore peace to the galaxy. (PJSB)

Legislative Hall
located in the capital city of Curamelle, this was the primary seat of Corulag's government. The House of Citizens was located near the Hall. During the Clone Wars, several Separatist attacks levelled parts of the Hall and cut off all power sources. (WOTC)

Legislative Youth Program
based on the planet Chandrila during the last years of the Old Republic, this government education program chose some of the Republic's brightest children to serve as "Senators" to a mock Galactic Senate. The program introduced participants to the daily activities within the Galactic Senate, and allowed the junior senators to roleplay within the existing political climate of the galaxy. (HNN5)

Legislature, The
this was the name of the main political body which governed the planet Salliche, during the last years of the New Order. (SWJ2)

manufacturers of large-scale targeting computers. (SCRE)

a limbed slug-like insect native to the planet Karra, the average legworm measured ten meters in length and a meter in diameter. Ten sections of the legworm's body had two long legs, and its head was studded with a pair of silvery eyes and sharp, pinching mandibles. The Karrans discovered a way to use groups of legworms in battles, allowing the insects to attack their enemies. (SWJ1)

this was the Snivvian word for "contract." (HNN5)

this curious and imaginative Oswaft freely chose to swim out of the StarCave and discover what lay in the Open Sea of space beyond, during the early years of the New Order. Because of his impetuousness, Lehesu nearly died of starvation, because the Open Sea lacked the sort of materials that his people consumed in the StarCave. Luckily for Lehesu, he encountered the Millennium Falcon in the deep-space void. He managed to communicate his need for sustenance to Vuffi Raa, who was able to fine-tune the ship's communications equipment to communicate with the Oswaft. By expelling much of what Lando Calrissian considered refuse, Vuffi Raa was able to provide Lehesu with food. The two shipboard beings then established a friendship with Lehesu who, at nearly 500 meters in length, was considered still very young for his species. Due to his inquisitive nature, Lehesu was a loner in the StarCave, especially when he questioned the status quo and openly wondered if the Oswaft were truly safe in the StarCave. Because of his friendship with Vuffi Raa and Lando Calrissian, however, Lehesu was able to convince Lando to travel to the StarCave and help his people survive an Imperial Navy blockade. Lando brought the various nutrients needed by the Oswaft, in the forms of ordinary human garbage and refuse, and ejected it into the StarCave. Lehesu's trip to the Open Sea also brought trouble, however, for he unwillingly provided Rokur Gepta with the knowledge of the StarCave's location. During the defense of the ThonBoka, Lehesu suddenly fled the area, having heard that Rokur Gepta had dispatched a courier to execute the families of any officer who countermanded his orders. Lehesu caught up to the courier and destroyed it, thereby cutting off Gepta's fleet from the rest of the Empire, and ensuring that the ThonBoka would remain isolated and free. Upon his return, Lehesu was offered the opportunity to join the Elders in leading the Oswaft, but he turned down the offer. He claimed that he didn't want to give any orders to other Oswaft, nor did he want to receive orders. He simply wanted his people to be free to make their own choices. (LCS)

this man served as an Admiral in the navy of the Centrality during the height of the New Order. In the decades following the Battle of Endor, Sris Lehhett worked to gather power and funding, and eventually installed himself as the Scrivinir of the Centrality shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. (GMR5)

Yarna d'al' Gargan named one of her female cubs Leia, after Princess Leia Organa. She chose this name to honor Leia Organa, who had helped kill Jabba the Hutt. (TJP)

this was one of the most common female names given to human children across the galaxy. (GCG)

this was the name used by the Wookiees of Kashyyk to describe Leia Organa Solo, during the early years of the New Republic. (HTTE)

this Daan woman was married to Micae, and was Nield's mother. (UP)

Leiger, Vin
this was Gavin Darklighter's alias used when the Rogue Squadron infiltrated Coruscant. Vin Leiger was a Rim native who had gotten into trouble and fled from the law. He had hooked up with a Shistavenan Wolfman named Shaalir Resh, which was the alias used by Riv Shiel. (WG)

this was one of the most common surnames found among the human population of Corellia. (GMR9)

Leisure Corridor
this tourism and trade hyperspace lane runs from Coruscant to Ebiwaan. (GG9)

Leisure Mechanicals
this specialty manufacturer produced a variety of racing control devices, aimed at ensuring the creatures being raced did not break free of their owners. (GFT)

LeisureMech Enterprises
this manfuacturer of automated machinery systems and computer-controlled manufacturing processes was one of the original Contributing Sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. (CSA)

Leith, Aurin
this Alliance doctor was trained in the art of medicine at the Byblos Academy of Medicine, where she was taught to "first, do no harm." She was a native of Coruscant, whose parents were supporters of the Old Republic. When Emperor Palpatine rose to power, their fortunes changed dramatically, and Aurin decided she wanted nothing to do with politics. After her training, she served at the University Faculty Medical Center on Ralltiir, where she first heard of the Alliance from a friend who survived an Imperial interrogation. Her own beliefs and feelings were dedicated mainly to helping the sick, and she grew frustrated at the Empire's bureaucracy surrounding everything she did. After joining the Alliance, Aurin was assigned to the crew of the Pharos. When she was assigned to the assault team that went to Selnesh to liberate Gebnerret Vibrion, she found that her training came into conflict with her duties. Commander Briessen told Aurin that, if she couldn't rescue Vibrion, then she would have to administer a fatal dosage of medicine to keep Virbion's knowledge a secret. Vibrion went along, as part of Lieutenant Haslam's team, with the expectation that she would recover Vibrion alive. While he succeeded in this part of the mission, he was forced to shoot and kill an Imperial stormtrooper who got between them and their escape ship. She received the Field Achievement Award, but felt that she'd violated her sacred oath to her profession. (SWJ10, TFE)

this was an ancient Twi'lek clan. (PSPG)

Lek, Ingas
this Corellian man led an expedition of 721 colonists to the planet Tuulab, where they had hoped to escape the tyranny of the Empire. (SWJ6)

Lekauf, Erv
this man served the Empire as a Lieutenant in the military, during the early years of the New Order. He was chosen by Emperor Palpatine himself to serve as one half of the genetic material used in a grand plot to create clone troopers who could tap into the Dark Side of the Force. The other half of the genetic material came from the Dark Jedi, Sa Cuis. Palpatine's plan was to pit the Lekauf clones, without any Force sensitivity, against the Force sensitive clones of Cuis, to show Darth Vader that the Force was no match for the loyalty of well-trained soldiers. He found himself initially fearing Lord Vader's disapproval, especially when his clones were regularly defeated by the Dark Jedi clones. However, Vader cultivated his relationship with Lekauf, and worked diligently to earn Lekauf's loyalty, rather than demanding it. During the training of the clones, Lekauf spent six months on Yinchorr, away from his wife and family. Vader recognized his fear of never seeing them again, and earned Lekauf's loyalty by reassuring him that he would see them when they returned to Coruscant. The most promising of Lekauf's clones were added to the ranks of the 501st Imperial Legion, serving under the command of Vader himself. During the trip back to Coruscant, the Cuis clones rebelled, following their trainer, Sheyvan, on a mission to exact some revenge against the Emperor. Vader and Lekauf led the clone troopers into battle, hoping to defeat the Cuis clones without causing damage to the ship. In the fighting, however, Lekauf leaped in front of Vader to protect him from a blast of Force energy from one of the Cuis clones, apparently unaware that Vader's suit offered more than enough protection. Lekauf suffered serious burns before he was dragged to safety by Vader himself. (OWS, SWI85)

Lekes, Terrae
this minor ship thief worked the Minos Cluster during the height of the New Order, earning him a small bounty for his capture. (SPG)

Lekk Bazak
this Rodian pirate worked with a small group of humans and Rodians on the edges of Brak Sector, during the height of the New Order. Bazak's Gang never made the headlines, but their alliance with Eelien Kirat kept them busy striking against Qual'om Soach's organization and Kirat's other enemies. Bazak himself was known as a ruthless, cold-hearted pirate who did whatever it took to make a lot of credits. (FBS)

this Quarren and and her egg-mate, Tallet, were once native to the city of Heurkea, on the planet Calamari, until a business dealing with Senator Tikkes exposed some of their illicit dealings with the Hutts. Tikkes, rather than have his own name smeared because of his association with them, exposed them as criminals and had the Old Republic police shut down their operation. Tallet and Lekket escaped, and were forced to eke out an existence on Talas. During their escape, the two Quarren noticed that a Jedi Knight was assisting the police, and vowed to gain a measure of revenge on the Jedi for ruining their lives. Tallet and Lekket later hired Aurra Sing to hunt down and kill Tikkes and the Jedi, whom they later identified as the Dark Woman, shortly after the Battle of Naboo. (HFAS)

this was a common name among Quarren females. It meant "sea flower". (GCG)

this was the name of the sign language used by the Twi'lek race. It involved a complex series of twitches and undulations of the lekku. (LFC, GMR3)

the Twi'lek name for their headtails, lekku was the plural form of the term lek. The lekku of a Twi'lek were used for many things, among them communications and the storage of memories. Subtle movements of the headtails were used to convey certain feelings and concepts, as part of a language known as Lekku. (TJP, J3)

Lekua V
this planet, located in the Lekua System of the Centrality, was known for its colleges and universities. (LCM)

an alias used by Princess Leia, Lelila was a childhood nickname. Leia used this alias whenever she traveled on the Alderaan, and while trying to track down Hethrir and her missing children, Leia propogated the story that Lelila was a bounty hunter. (CS, TNR)

Lell, Ada
this woman served as a mid-level manager for Lant Mining Corporation during the height of the New Order. She was also one of the few agents the Alliance had within LMC at the time of the Battle of Yavin. She was an efficient and demanding manager, overlooking nothing and using threats to ensure cooperation with her plans. (FBS)

this alien race was native to the planet Alk'lellish III. (TBSB)

this planet was once the site of one of Garm Bel Iblis' military bases, during the height of the New Order. Later, the base was put to use by Mazzic, during the New Republic's campaign against Grand Admiral Thrawn. The planet was prone to violent thunderstorms, and these storms once caused the bi-state memory plastic buildings used by Bel Iblis' people to revert to their compact state, trapping nearly fifty people inside. (DFR, TLC)

Lemelisk, Bevel
Lemelisk began his infamous career with the Old Republic, designing starships with Walex Blissex. Among his early assignments was the creation of fighter craft for the Geonosian people, a collaboration which provided the initial designs for the Death Star. He had trouble controlling his naturally violent tendencies until the Republic ordered the design and development of the Victory-class Star Destroyer. Lemelisk put himself into the work, creating the basis for a new generation of capital ships that eventually grew into the Eclipse-class terrors of the subsequent clones of Emperor Palpatine. After Palpatine rose to power, Lemelisk was sequestered at the Maw Installation, and was chosen by Grand Moff Tarkin to build the first production Death Star. He was an overweight man with pale features, including spiky white hair. He was killed by Emperor Palpatine for not fully reporting any possible flaws with the first Death Star. Palpatine had him eaten alive by the piranha beetles from Yavin 4, but not before Palpatine had his mind and his memories transferred into a waiting clone. He has served the Empire ever since, in seven cloned bodies required by numerous executions for failure. Lemelisk was responsible for the design of the Tarkin warship, and repaired the flaws of the first Death Star for the battle station that was built near Endor. When the Empire began to crumble following the deaths of Palpatine and Thrawn, he became indentured to Durga the Hutt, and helped Durga create the Mineral Exploiters. The mining ships were a ruse for the real plot in Durga's mind, the creation of a new Death Star. This was the real reason for his serving Durga: to revamp the old designs and created a new super weapon. He redesigned the old Death Star, removing nearly everything but the superlaser itself. This new design was dubbed the Darksaber, since it appeared to be a huge, space-going lightsaber when the superlaser was activated. However, Durga's frugality and Sulamar's ineptness meant that Lemelisk was forced to build with second-rate, outdated materials and components. On top of that, Durga insisted that Lemelisk use the captive taurills as workers, and they were too easily distracted to perform a quality job. Lemelisk reworked many systems himself, in order to keep the setbacks hidden from Durga's eyes. In the end, too many poor systems and too much inferior material told him that the Darksaber would never function properly. When the New Republic infiltrated the Darksaber, Lemelisk slipped away in the confusion, and escaped in a maintenance pod. He was captured by the Yavaris and taken to Coruscant for trial. Note that much of Lemelisk's history with the Death Star project may be rendered apocryphal, since Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones clearly shows the initial Death Star plans were developed by Count Dooku and the Geonosians. (DTSC, JS, DS, EGV, AOTC, NEGC)

a small, humanoid race. (RP)

Lemmi VI
this jungle planet is known as the only world on which the Millennium blossom grows. The world is inhabited by strange, huge creatures that move around on pogo-stick-like legs, crushing everything in their path. (GMS)

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