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this man was one of the technicians who helped maintain the Hawkbat's Vigil. (WS)

primary planet in the Laramus System of Parmic Sector, Laramus was the site of an Alliance ambush on an Imperial convoy. The Alliance cruiser Visseon II came out of hyperspace with is weapons firing, taking the convoy by surprise. The Imperials quickly recognized that there was only a single ship attacking them, and they split the convoy into multiple groups. While the Visseon II was busy with one small group, the others attacked. At this point, Alliance reinforcements arrived, decimating the Imperial ships and taking control of 14 fully-loaded transports. The Alliance suffered no losses during the skirmish. (SWSB, GG9)

Laramus Base Irregulars
this small, ragged company of rebellious soldiers specializes in extremely dangerous missions. Led by Tagg Pierce, they were referred to in the mercenary business as "dead men," because they made more trouble for themselves than for their opponents. Over their history, the Irregulars experienced a ninety-six percent turnover rate and more than fifty-percent casualties. They used to operate from a base on the planet Laramus, hoping to distance themselves from the Galactic Civil War, but the Alliance cell there continued to grow. The Empire arrived and destroyed much of the planet, forcing the Irregulars to search out a new base. In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, the Irregulars allied themselves with the New Republic and worked to seek out and destroy pockets of Imperial control. (GG9, SWJ15)

this man, a native of the planet Kuat, was one of the leaders of a rebellious cell of individuals who tried to fight back against the oppression of the Kuati barons. During the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis, Larbo and his rebels tried to fight back against the virtual enslavement of the lower classes. In order to restore some semblance of peace, the Kuati barons hired Jango Fett to eliminate Larbo's band. Unknown to Larbo, the Kuati barons were acting on orders from Count Dooku, who was trying to win their support for the growing Separatist movement. Jango used his own son, Boba, as a distraction, allowing the boy to infiltrate Larbo's camp and throw off his defenses. Larbo, recognizing a possible bargaining chip, kidnapped Boba and held him as protection. Larbo was unprepared for Jango's used of his own son as bait, and was startled when Jango burst into his camp. He released Boba and tried to flee, but Jango killed him with a thermal detonator before he could go too far. (T18)

Lardanis Survival Systems
this corporation manufactured various types of expeditionary equipment, including portable power generators. (CCG4)

this was a common name among the Cathar race. (UANT)

Larel, Vin
this man served as a Captain in the Alliance Intelligence agency during the Galactic Civil War. (HAS)

this member of the Alliance armed forces was part of Bria Tharen's Red Hand Squadron, and joined them shortly before the attack on the Helot's Shackle. (RD)

this is the capital city of the planet Phindar. (HP)

Largess Cakes
a small pastry. (TJP)

this was one of the largest criminal families of the planet Esseles, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The Largo family was based in the capital city of Calamar, and was the chief rival of the Ferlani family. (CCW)

this man was a wanted criminal who lived on Taris, during the era of the Great Sith War. He owed 200 credits to Davik Kang, who placed the bounty on his head. Largo was captured by the survivors of the Endar Spire crash, who gave him the 200 credits and set him free. (KOTOR)

Laric, Nason
this young man trained at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, under the tutelage of Master Niquon, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Master Niquon charged Laric with bringing the carcass of an assassin droid - discovered by the Dolandu native Borta - to Lowghen Badra on Yabosta, fearing that the Dolandu might need the Master's help. (GMR10)

Laride, Angus
this reporter for the HoloNet news agency was dispatched to Jabiim during the height of the Clone Wars. As hostilities on Jabiim reached a head some twelve months into the conflict, Laride was caught in the crossfire at Shelter Base. (SWI69)

the Imperial Major who tried to exile the leaders of Virujansi to Captivity. (RC)

Larisselle Chatrunis
this 23-year-old Pa'lowick female was crowned "Miss Coruscant", in a beauty pageant held on the city-planet just before the onset of the Clone Wars. She was a native of the Jrade District at the time. (HNN5)

Larjh StarCorporation
this subsidiary of zZip Product Concepts manufactured custom space yachts and sub-orbital transport. They maintained a point of presence aboard the luxury gambling liner Cal Ambre. (CSA, CRO, GFT)

this frigate was apprehended by the Rand Ecliptic, just prior to the Battle of Yavin. Resembling a stubby version of the Nebulon-B frigate, the Lark was on a mission from the Camblian Order, to deliver students to the Clarion Scholars Academy on Daemen, when it was intercepted. When the ship's crew could not provide proper Imperial identification codes, the ship was ordered to stand down and prepare for boarding. However, the TIE Fighters sent to intercept it managed to fire on its main reactor, setting off a chain reaction that ripped the Lark apart in a violent explosion. Among the pilots who fired on the Lark was Tars Nandy, who was later captured by Derek "Hobbie" Klivian during his mutiny aboard the Rand Ecliptic. (SWED)

Larka Nimondro
this Hobor was the daughter to Chief Nimondro. She was also in love with Troob, Ket Krax. The two met often in secret, trying to maintain their relationship in the face of generations of hatred. When Ket was murdered by Jake Harthan, Larka was framed for the murder and accused by General Krax. She fled the scene of Ket's death, but was caught by a huge arachnid which lived in the cave she hid in. R2-D2 and C-3PO managed to free her, and discovered the identity of Ket's true killer. With Larka's help, they convinced Chief Nimondro to let them use Mount Yeroc's sky cannon to communicate with all of Tahlboor. During the message, C-3PO revealed that he had found the murder weapon - a vibro-shiv - at the scene, and reminded all the combatants that Hobors never used vibro-shivs. Jake Harthan became enraged at the discovery and lashed out, only to learn that C-3PO had bluffed him into admitting the crime. After Jake was killed and a war averted between the Troobs and Hobors, a distraught Larka chose to leave Tahlboor for awhile, accompanying Counselor Harthan to the Tion Hegemony to allow her peoples to work out their own peace. (DRPC)

this pirate operated a small fleet of ambush ships, led by the Pillage, during the height of the New Order. He and his partners, Sahr, Druug, and Bak, once tried to attack the lowly freighter known as Kizbon's Box. They were unaware that it was actually an Interceptor-class Helix freighter, more than well-enough armed to handle the pirates. Two of Larken's ships were destroyed before he was forced to surrender. (SWJ5)

this New Republic escort frigate was commanded by Captain Afyon during the struggle against Grand Admiral Thrawn, some five years after the Battle of Endor. (HTTE)

Larkin Nerf
a beast native to the planet Pii 3. (SWJ6)

this Barabel was an Alliance operative during the early years of the Galactic Civil War, until he was captured by the bounty hunter Ssach'thirix. (AIR)

this former Imperial Navy Admiral served under Moff Gentelles in the years after the Battle of Yavin. He was a by-the-book officer, who tended to kiss more boots that he polished. He rose through the Naval ranks on Getelles' coattail, maintaining his tough soldier exterior while bending to Getelles' every wish. It was Larm who commanded the Imperial fleet which blockaded Leia Organa-Solo and the Alliance agents sent to rescue her. Larm was killed in the battle, when Luke Skywalker and the Spook-crystal tsil on Nam Chorios used the Force to turn the Loronar Needles against the Reliant, just as the small ship docked with Larm's Carrack-class cruiser. The Reliant, taking Larm's ship with it. His fleet was forced back into the Antemeridian Sector when Daala's independent fleet arrived to supplement the Republic's ships. (POT)

this milky, nonfabricant stone was quarried in the Roche Asteroid Field. It was used in the making of tiles and other flooring materials, and was known for its hardness and durability. (SBS, DN2)

this was one of the more common Kel Dor surnames. Its meaning translated into Basic as "summer". (GCG)

this card game is often wagered on by gamblers. Han Solo was once beaten at Laro by Gareth, King of Shalamite. Solo discovered he was cheating, and cheated the King in a subsequent match. (TBH)

this Cerean male was one of a handful of beings who regularly got together to play sabacc at The White Door cantina, in the city of Akmalla, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. He often played with Jokot and Bonna Noot. (WOA35)

Laron, Kyr
this woman was a highly-skilled assassin, and was hired by Gornt Seron to eliminate specific targets. She carefully maintained the rumors and appearance that Kyr Laron was a man, and used an associate named Shiaer Hifron to conduct most of her business. Kyr was fond of using highly-toxic, poisonous gases and neurotoxins to kill her victims, a clue which gave the New Republic information about her activities. She moved about often, to avoid detection, and spent most of her travel time in her personel starship, the Incom Explorer Scout ship known as the Hell's Axe. (WBC)

this rare tree produced a lustrous wood that was used to create exotic furniture. (JQ8)

this was one of the largest predators found in the forests of the planet Null. Many big-game hunters traveled to Null for the chance to kill a trophy laroon, as hunting was the only major tourist trade on the planet. (LOJ)

this alien being was a merchant who owned a small kiosk in the Upper City of Taris, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Larrim sold a variety of personal defense products, helping the natives of Taris survive during the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

Larrin Sector
this area of the galaxy was under Imperial control for many years, until the New Republic finally drove it out. (HR)

this creature, a member of the Shrieks, was eventually befriended by Teebo and Wicket. (ECAR)

this man once hijacked a fully-loaded transport ship from Renna's Transport Service, on the planet Cularin, shorly after the Battle of Naboo. Unfortunately for Lars, he was captured by a group of freelance agents and brought into custody. Renna and her security team interrogated Lars before turning him over to the authorities in the city of Gadrin. (EOS)

Lars, Aika
this woman, a native of the planet Ator, married Cliegg Lars. Aika was also the mother of Cliegg's only son, Owen, but she died before seeing Owen reach his manhood. (VD2)

Lars, Bail
this was the alias used by Anakin Solo when he infiltrated the Shapers' compound on Yavin 4 with Vua Rapuung. (EVC)

Lars, Beru
this woman married Owen Lars. Note that the Star Wars Screen Entertainment software package gave Beru's maiden name as Weth, although the official Star Wars website provides the name Whitesun. She was a native of Mos Eisley, and she rarely dreamed of anything but a simple life with Owen. Their life on Tatooine lacked the demands of "normal" life, being rewarding in the work both partners did each day. Beru was also a good friend to Owen's father, Cliegg, verbally sparring with the elderly man in a way that only a few people could do. Shortly before they were married, their life was jolted by the death of Owen's stepmother, Shmi Skywalker Lars, but they were married shortly afterward. They lived peacefully for nearly two decades, but were interrupted when Obi-Wan Kenobi asked them to adopt Luke Skywalker. Obi-Wan appealed to Beru's feminine side with Luke's plight, and she convinced Owen to accept the boy into their family. She was killed when stormtroopers, following the information trail left by C-3PO and R2-D2, razed their farm in search of the droids. (SW, SCRE, SWR, OWS, AOTC, AOTCN)

Lars, Cliegg
originally native to the planet Tatooine, Cliegg left his homeworld for the Core World planet of Ator at a young age, hoping to escape the drudgery of a moisture farmer's life. However, after meeting his wife, Akia, and planning to have a family, Cliegg realized that Ator's cramped cities were no place to raise a family. The birth of his first son, Owen, made Cliegg stop and take inventory of his life. Unfortunately, Akia was killed shortly after Owen's birth, and Cliegg decided to travel back to Tatooine and raise his son on the family farms. Years later, Cliegg fell in love with a slave named Shmi Skywalker. He purchased her freedom, then asked her to marry him. He was elated when she agreed, and they lived for five years in relative bliss. When a group of Tusken Raiders began attacking the outlying moisture farms, Cliegg and Owen did everything they could to protect their homestead. Cliegg purposely underestimated the threat in order to calm Shmi and Owen's girlfriend, Beru Whitesun, but this led to Shmi's leaving the house one morning to pick mushrooms from the moisture vaporators. She was captured by the Tuskens and brutally tortured. Cliegg and Owen, along with nearly thirty neighbors, launched an assault on the Tusken camp. Cliegg was the first to fall in the struggle, his leg severed by a thin wire strung across the dunes. Owen rescued his father and returned, but with only four others from the original raiding party. Clieg healed, but was confined to a hoverchair. Unable to help Shmi, Cliegg was despondent for many weeks, until Anakin Skywalker arrived on Tatooine to search for his mother. Cliegg described the events that led up to Shmi's capture, then allowed Owen to loan a swoop to Anakin. Unfortunately, Anakin returned with Shmi's lifeless body. She had died shortly after being set free, and Anakin executed the entire Tusken clan. Cliegg had Shmi buried in the family plot, beside his parents. When Cliegg himself died years later, Owen buried him next to Shmi, but removed the headstones to ensure that no one would come looking for Shmi's body. (OWS, TCG1, AOTC, VD2, SWDB, TG)

Lars, Edern
this young man was Cliegg Lars' younger brother. Unfortunately, Edern died at the age of fourteen in a speeder accident while riding in the family's V-35 landspeeder. He was buried beside his parents, just outside the Lars family moisture farm on Tatooine. (SWI71, IWE2)

Lars, Gredda
this woman was Cliegg Lars' mother. She was buried with her husband, Lef, beneath a single tombstone outside the Lars family moisture farm on Tatooine. (SWI71)

Lars, Jenna
this woman worked with Darren Weeb aboard the Arcadia. She was also a supporter of the Alliance, and was a close contact of Terri Karl. (ML)

Lars, Lef
this man was Cliegg Lars' father. He was buried with his wife, Gredda, beneath a single tombstone outside the Lars family moisture farm on Tatooine. (SWI71)

Lars, Owen
Luke's adoptive uncle, Owen was once believed to be the younger brother of Obi-Wan Kenobi and, as such, was always expected to live up to his brother's greatness. Owen did not want that kind of pressure, so he and his young wife, Beru Weth, moved to Tatooine and set up a moisture farm. It was later revealed that Owen was simply the son of Cliegg Lars, with no blood-relation whatsoever to Obi-Wan. Owen was born on the planet Ator, but was quickly moved to Tatooine after the death of his mother, Akia Lars. His relationship to Obi-Wan Kenobi would emerge many years later, which Cliegg married the slavewoman Shmi Skywalker. This marriage made Owen and Anakin Skywalker half-brothers. Owen wondered about his distant relative, but never thought to actually meet him, given that Anakin was in training to become a Jedi Knight. Owen was a likable young man, a trait which endeared him to Beru Whitesun. When Anakin returned to Tatooine to locate Shmi, Owen and his father had to explain that she had been lost to the Tusken Raiders. Anakin was able to find her, but she passed away before returning home. Owen grieved with his father, and Anakin left Tatooine to rescue Obi-Wan on Geonosis. Obi-Wan showed up years later, asking Owen and his young bride, Beru Whitesun, to take in the infant Luke Skywalker. Owen refused, until Beru was able to convince him that it would be okay. Owen then raised Luke as he would his own son, instilling the values of honesty and hard work into the boy. He did his best to keep Luke from realizing his true identity, for he felt that the ways of the Empire would only corrupt the young boy. He masked this by saying that he needed Luke's help on the farm. Owen was a gruff and stern master, always chiding Luke for wanting to spend time with his friends and not at his chores. When Luke saved up enough credits to purchase a landspeeder, Owen went with him to make sure he didn't get taken. He also bought Luke T-16 skyhopper, and worked with Luke to keep it in flyable condition. When Owen purchased the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, Luke tried to talk him into submitting an application to the Academy early. Owen refused, sensing that Luke was about to continue his father's legacy of trying to save the galaxy through the use of some silly religious belief. He told Luke that he needed to remain on Tatooine one more season, and Luke stormed off. The rift between them never got any smaller, especially when Luke left early the next morning without giving him any warning. Owen was killed when a group of stormtroopers, tracking down the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, razed the moisture farm after not finding the droids. (SW, SWR, MTS, SWI58, OWS, AOTC, SWDB)

this cement-like material was used to manufacture paving blocks on Pydyr. (DN1)

this was a Mandalorian term used to describe a gunship or other similar starship. It was later used by the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic to describe the LAAT/c and LAAT/i gunships used during the Clone Wars. (RCHC, SWI84)

Larutur, Cira
this woman and her husband, Joz, were traveling to Coruscant to see their first grandchild when they were kidnapped along with Senator Meena Tills by a group of Haruun Kal terrorists led by Nuriin-Ar, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. It was later learned that Senator Tills wasn't the primary target, just a convenient diversion for the possible killing of N'zaet Nir. (SWI81)

Larutur, Joz
this man and his wife, Cira, were traveling to Coruscant to see their first grandchild when they were kidnapped along with Senator Meena Tills by a group of Haruun Kal terrorists led by Nuriin-Ar, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. It was later learned that Senator Tills wasn't the primary target, just a convenient diversion for the possible killing of N'zaet Nir. (SWI81)

this Bothan name was given to newborn males. Translated into Basic, it meant "worshipful." (GCG, WOTC)

Laryn Kre'fey
this Bothan male, a native of Bothawui, was a General in the New Republic Navy. He had dazzling white fur and golden eyes. It was Kre'fey who in charge of the first New Republic attempt to reclaim Coruscant, about two and a half years after the Battle of Endor. He began planning the military exercises needed to retake the planet, which included capturing certain worlds near the Coruscant System. The first of them was Borleias, which was retaken after two attempts and the loss of certain members of Rogue Squadron. Kre'fey himself was killed on Borleias in the battle. It was rumored that he was a distant relative of New Republic Council Borsk Fey'lya. (XWN, WG)

this arid planet, located in the farthest reaches of the Outer Rim Territories, was the homeworld of the Lasat. Note that this planet is also referred to as Lasat in the Star Wars Adventure Journal, issue 10. (AE, SWJ10)

this was one of several small, industrial towns strewn across the northern coast of Anai, on the planet Lianna. (ML)

this was the Hapan term for the fruit of the Selab wisdom tree. (CPL)

native to the remote planet of Lasan, this species of humanoid evolved from predatory canines. They had slender builds, but their large heads were dominated by huge eyes and large ears used to dissipate heat. Their jaws and tooth structure are indicative of their canine ancestry, with heavy teeth and strong musculature. They were a tribal, nomadic race that caught its food by trapping rather than hunting. They histories were maintained in a collection of core truths hidden within mythological tales of heroism. Their level of technology was primitive at the time of the Galactic Civil War, with real science and technology still being thought of a magic. (AE)

this Ithorian starship owner had his vessel impounded after landing on Nar Shaddaa, during the years following the Jedi Civil War. He enlisted the help of The Exile in selling some of his spare power cells for enough credits to free his ship and leave the moon. In return for The Exile's assistance, Lasavvou agreed to transport Kahranna and her family to their destination. (KOTOR2)

Lasdal, Roald
this man worked as a shift foreman at the Nessem Shipyards during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. He was also an Alliance sympathizer, and acted as the Alliance's spy at the Nessem orbital facilities. Roald's political affiliations were unusual for a Nessemite, but he nevertheless felt that "neutrality was an expensive commodity." He provided information on the possible development and construction of the Quadronomic Fluxer to his Alliance contacts, hoping that the information reached them before it reached Imperial forces. (WOA12)

this planet, an exceptionally hot and humid world covered with dense jungles, was the third planet in the Dathomir System. It was orbited by two moons. (GORW)

a device which uses a photonic beam generator to combine coherent energy into packets that can be aimed at a target. Upon striking the target, the packets split the target's molecular structure to varying degrees, based on the strength of the packets emitted. The packets can be generated to lightly stun a target or completely vaporize it. (SWSB)

Laser Battery
another form of starship laser weapon, the laser battery uses a self-contained atomic battery to generate electromagnetic energy. This means that laser batteries are large weapons, unsuited for small starships. They are also much more powerful that laser cannons, but generate intense amounts heat, and must be cooled after each shot. (SWSB)

Laser Cannon
these versatile weapons were essentially powerful blaster cannons that were used most often on starships. They could be mounted almost anywhere, provided that they could be powered separately from the ship's main power. There were many different sizes and configurations of laser cannons, from small, single cannons to the quad-laser cannons. They usually employed quad-helix prismatic crystals to generate a laser beam, which was focused through a polarized alloy. The color and size of the beam could be modified, allowing a ship to sometimes fire "invisible" lasers as part of a surprise attack. The physics of these invisible shots, however, were not detectable by most sensors, and could not be easily targetted. (SW, SWSB)

Laser Crossbow
see Bowcaster. (SWRPG)

Laser Cuff
this outdated form of binder, used more than fifty years before the onset of the Clone Wars, used specially-controlled beams of coherent light to keep a prisoner's limbs from becoming free. (LOJ)

Laser Gate
this was a form of energy barrier that used high-powered lasers to secure an area. The Theed Generator on the planet Naboo was protected by a laser gate, which employed a series of gates to ensure that nothing disrupted the flow of plasma energy being tapped from the planet's core. (NEGW)

Laser Lathe
this was a computer-controlled machining device which used a super-fine, super-accurate laser to form intricate replacement parts. (BI)

Laser Pen
a writing implement that literally burns written words onto a page. (MMY)

Laser Pose
this meditative pose was practiced by the Jedi Knight of the Old Republic. Usually performed following the Salutation to the Force, the Laser Pose involved rolling onto the neck and shoulders while pointing the legs and feet skyward. The body was kept in a straight line, with the hands on the ground to provide additional support. (MBS)

Laser Saw
this form of old-style saw used a coherent beam of light to cut through soft materials. In the wrong hands a laser saw could also be used as a weapon. (CSWEA, LAT2)

Laser Shell
this was a form of laser-guided missile, often fired from backpack-mounted launchers. Jango Fett used a laser shell launcher on one set of Mandalorian armor he used as a bounty hunter. (AOTCA)

Laser Trap
this was the name given to any unmanned security system which used automatic blasters which were connected to unmanned sensor systems. When a trigger was activated, usually by the presence of a being who tripped a security measure, the laser trap quickly targetted the intruder and opened fire. (EGW)

Laser Wrench
this specialty tool uses a laser to assist in removing connectors. (TNR)

this was another name for a remote. (SA1)

this was an archaic form of projectile. Each laserball was designed to induce a stinging numbness when it hit exposed flesh, and was shot from a slingshot or throwing stick. If the laserball contacted non-organic material, it caused a small explosion which was more sound than destruction. (DOD)

this sport was popular among the students of the Leadership School on Andara, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (JQ5)

this was a repulsor-equipped platform which was used by miners to drill through rock. A heavy-duty laser was mounted to the platform, to cut through rock and other materials. (LTA2)

manufacturers of knives and vibro-bladed weaponry. (ROE)

LaserHone Duelist
see Duelist (WOA18)

this room was one of the many Game Chambers of Questal. A perfect square, the room's floor was marked with an eight-by-eight grid. Twelve columns, placed on various subsquares in the grid, run from floor to ceiling. Each column is armed with four lasers, each facing an ordinal direction in the room. The lasers fire in a pattern, two at a time, and the pattern repeats every 90 seconds. Moff Bandor, to make the maze even harder, installed a low-level tanglefoot field on certain subsquares. The object for prisoners of the chambers was to traverse the maze from one side to the other without getting shot up by the lasers. (GCQ)

Lashaa Silk
this was a heavy form of silk, used in the creation of luxurious skirts and dresses, which could be used in relatively harsh environments. (VD)

this woman was one of the many ancient Sith apprentices who were being trained on Korriban, during the height of the Great Sith War. It was Lashowe who found a Sith holocron in the Valley of the Dark Lords, although she refused to admit that others had helped her fnid it. Lashowe was among the students who joined Kel Algowinn in an attempt to destroy the Jedi Knights who had infiltrated the Sith academy and killed Master Uthar Wynn, shortly after the Great Hunt. Like Algowinn, however, Lashowe was unprepared for combat, and was quickly killed by the Jedi. (KOTOR)

this was a cutting tool, developed during the early decades of the New Republic, which used an intense laser to perform intricate cuts. (SBS)

this former sneak-thief and conman made a forture for himself working on the planet Tirahnn. Han Solo confronted Laskar, shortly after Kharys nearly captured Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, to learn about the Majestrix's plans. (LTA1, MCA1)

this Denfrandi man was the leader of his people during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He greeted a team of Alliance agents with open arms, hoping to gain an ally against Genogri and the Wind Raiders. (SWJ5)

this was the name of Kal Clancy's personal starship. (SWJ7)

Last Call
this was the name of the fanblade fighter provided to Asajj Ventress by Count Dooku, during the height of the Clone Wars. The Ginivex-class starfighter was one of several ships Dooku had provided, after the previous vessels had either been lost or destroyed. The Last Call was equipped with the latest in Geonosian technology, and even had a prototype "gemcutter" that had been stolen from Carbanti United Electronics. The fact that Ventress kept losing ships rankled Dooku, since they were expensive vessels that Ventress didn't seem to care about. The situation didn't improve when Ventress traveled on her own initiative to Phindar, in an attempt to capture Jedi Master Yoda. She left a captive Palleus Chuff in the Last Call and set out to find Yoda. Chuff managed to escape, and set the fighter to self-destruct. The ship exploded, forcing Ventress to find other transport back to Vjun. Unfortunately, she returned to Vjun without Yoda, making Dooku doubly angry at her. (YDR)

Last Call
this 700-meter deep valley on the planet Korbin is located on the world's northern hemisphere. It is littered with the remains of natives and off-worlders who were murdered in the cities. The prevailing winds blow the stench of the valley north, away from habitation. (PG2)

Last Card, The
this was one of the smaller casinos found in the Westrex district of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. Like the other casinos in Efavan, the Last Card was located along the Casino Line. (GORW)

Last Chance
this YT-1300 light freighter was owned by Platt Okeefe. It was armed with a pair of quad-laser cannons. (SWJ9)

Last Door
this was the name given to the thirteenth door which led away from the Grand Piazza, located on the planet Anaxes. While the other twelve doors led to the quarters of living beings, the Last Door led to the crypts where naval heroes from hundreds of generations were laid to rest. (CCW)

Last Gala
this was the name of a cracian thumper which was raced at the Heatherdowns Hotel and Track, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TSIA)

Last Hope
this Alliance Corvette was part of a small group sent to assist the rebels on Edan II. Unfortunately, it was shot down while trying to enter orbit around the planet, and plunged toward the surface. Incredible flying kept the ship intact until it crashed on the planet. It landed with its forward fuselage hanging over a cliff. The Alliance forces managed to rescue a single X-Wing fighter from its damaged hold, before the Last Hope plunged down the ravine and exploded. (IAG)

Last Lake, The
this gleamink work was created by a Tatooine artist during the early years of the New Republic, and depicted a sand squall approaching an empty sandrock basin. (TG)

Last Legs
this dilapidated Maso-class cargo hauler was captured by the Harmzuay. (GG9)

Last Note, The
according to the Colony's beliefs, an individual sang its Last Note upon dying. (DN1)

Last Resort
this cantina, located in New Atraken City, serves only drinks. (PG2)

Last Resort
this ship was part of Talon Kaarde's small fleet, during the early years of the New Republic. As Kaarde reduced his involvement with the operation, he turned over command of the ship to Aves. (IR)

Last Stand at Refnar
this battle between Alliance starships guarding a convoy and Imperial forces turned at the wrong moment for the Alliance. Flight commander Margo "Pepper" Flarestream and her squadron had nearly routed the TIE Fighters sent to atack the convoy, when the Imperial commander broke with typical doctrine and launched his cruiser into the battle. The larger ship quickly decimated Falrestream's starfighters, then destroyed much of the convoy. The mission had been Flarestream's first command, and she retired from Starfighter Commander shortly afterward, despite the fact that she saved nearly seventy percent of her ships. (CRO)

Last Thing, The
this was Dorok Zalaster's modified 344-class light cruiser. It was named because Zalaster boasted that it was "the last thing my victims see." He had modified the hold to carry up to six prisoners. Zalaster stole the ship from an Imperial shipyard through an exceptionally clever and devious plan. (PG3)

Lastdark Club
found in Coronet City, on Corellia, the Lastdark Club is named for the fact that it it situated in the one spot in the city where the sun touches last before setting. It is considered the environment of some of Coronet City's most enlightened people. (IJ)

Lastelle System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Mecetti during the New Order. (LOE)

Lastemin, Wineth
this young Tapani Sector socialite attended all the big parties, hoping to latch onto a wealthy saber rake or other noble. (TSIA)

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