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this large, alien race was characterized by its bumpy skin. The Llewebum joined the New Republic. (TNR)

this young being was the son of Ambassador Zell of Majoor. Llez was essentially a spoiled brat, who needed constant supervision to ensure he didn't get into trouble. It was for this reason that Ambassador Zell acquired the services of R2-D2 and C-3PO, to serve as tutors and companions for Llez. Llez hated this idea, and planned to break the droids down and sell them for parts. He was always dressed up as the Scarlet Pirate, his favorite character from his favorite holo-series, Space Pirates of the Galaxy. His father thought this was an amusing was to pass time, but failed to realize that Llez had actually become a fan of the real-life pirate known as Reddjak. When Reddjak was captured, Llez stepped in to help free him. However, when Reddjak attacked his father's ambassadorial convoy, Llez was terrified, and couldn't understand how his hero could be so bad. Llez and the droids managed to defeat Reddjak's plasma torpedoes, but they were caught by Reddjak. Llez was held as a hostage when Zell boarded his ship, but Zell managed to knocked the pirate unconscious. It was then that Zell revealed he had once been a Space Ranger, and Llez suddenly found that his own father was a worthy hero to admire. (MDCAR)

this female Twi'lek was a bounty hunter during the height of the New Order. In her youth, Lliandri was captured and enslaved. After being sold to an owner on Ord Mantell, she managed to escape and grew up in the streets. When she was forced to protect herself by shooting a hoodlum with a blaster, she realized that she had a knack for killing, and became a bounty hunter. She eventually joined forces with Tern Ashandrik, and agreed to help him stay hidden in the Trigdale refinery on Seregar. Lliandri lured other bounty hunters to the refinery, where Ashandrik eliminated them when they got lost in the refinery. (ND)

this Kian'thar was the only non-native employee of the HyperDive Cantina, located in the Fathoms restaurant on Calamari. A soft-spoken being with a gift for listening, Lliegis'Nevz never seemed to get anger or lose his temper, which he attributed to being "well-centered." These traits made him the perfect bartender, never turning away a customer or their problems. (WSV)

this was one of the most common male names used by members of the Ithorian race. Although most Ithorian names were not used for a specific meaning, historians found that this name meant "night patrol warden", and was based on the name of an ancient Ithorian lantern. (GCG)

this was an ancient lantern, used by Ithorian scouts and patrols during the early history of their race. (GCG)

native to the planet Ord Cestus, this Wroonian male was the director of sales and marketing for the Five Families of Ord Cestus, during the height of the Clone Wars. Llitishi could trace his family line back to a daughter who was born to an ore miner and the son of a murderer. She was behind the plans to add a ten percent surcharge to the price of the JK-series droids the Five Families had promised to Count Dooku and the Separatists. Llitishi had assured the Families that Dooku would agree to the increase if the Families remained committed to supporting the Separatists. Llitishi was killed, along with half her own clan and most members of the Five Families, when the ARC trooper Jangotat infiltrated their secret bunker on the Kibo Plateau and ordered the Nexu to fire on his location. (TCD)

this Kian'thar crimelord was one of Jabba the Hutt's most favored lieutenants. He rose from youth who specialized in extortion to become a Hutt enforcer. He had the ability to read a person and see their greed and self-interest, and used this ability to define his own ethics and morals. He made his way up the ladder in the Hutt criminal empire, often defeating his superiors in violent combat. He had been Jabba's lieutenant for just a year before the Hutt was killed on Tatooine, and Llleag'Mak brought the news of Jabba's death to his immediate superior. Llleag'Mak then killed his superior and began taking over bits and pieces of Jabba's empire. He used intimidation and bribery to gather support, and kept moving to ensure that no one could overtake him. (GG11, GG12)

this Kian'thar political faction tried to bring the Kian'thar people into the galactic community, and were constantly at odds with the Iith'lon faction. (GG12)

Llnewe, Deyd
this Imperial Navy Captain dreamed of struggling courageously in battle and earning himself the honor of being recognized by Emperor Palpatine himself. In reality, Llnewe found himself the commander of the customs vessel Vigilant, patrolling the empty wastes of a remote sector of the galaxy. To make matters worse, Llnewe was fooled three times by Han Solo, who was stealing capital ships for sale to the Alliance. (T2)

this Sullustan mercenary liked the Firestorm-I missile launcher as a personal weapon. (GUN)

this Bothan was a noted underwater spearfisherman during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

this Borlovian noble once worked with Booster Terrik, after helping Booster work his way out of debt to a crimelord. In return for Llollulion's help, Booster promised to take the Borlovian as his partner aboard the Starwayman and teach him everything there was to know about flying a starship and being an independent spacer.Llollulion was once incarcerated at the CoCo Penitentiary on Coruscant, but escaped with Dannl Faytonni and Achk Med-Beq just prior to he Battle of Geonosis. (SWJ7, HNN5)

Llon Nebula
this nebula was comprised, not just of gases and molecules, but also of small asteroids and swiftly-moving debris. In addition to these physical bodies, the nebula randomly contracted and expanded, creating atmospheric waves that could crush a starship. These made travel through the Llon Nebula potentially dangerous, and any vessel larger than a small cruiser was advised to reroute around the nebula. (SS1)

this woman was a native of the planet Coruscant, during the early years of the New Republic. She carried a B22 hold-out blaster for protection. (GUN)

this Hassarian was Captain of the New Republic warship Trenchant. He was killed when the ship was destroyed during the unsuccessful first blockade of Doornik-319. (TT)

L'loxx, Omin
this man was one of the many officers who served under Zozridor Slayke as a member of Freedom's Sons and Daughters, during the height of the Clone Wars. L'loxx held the rank of Sergeant, and was one of the first of Slayke's soldiers to land on Praesitlyn, after the Separatists took control of the Intergalactic Communications Center. It was on this first mission that L'loxx located Odie Subu and Erk H'Arman, who had barely survived the first wave of the Separatist assault. Later, after Slayke's forces were joined to those of Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon, L'loxx signed up for scout duty, in an effort to learn about the Separatists' forces and their deployment. (JT)

this landspeeder, developed and manufactured by SoroSuub during the New Order, measured four meters in length and could carry a pilot, up to four passengers, and 50 kilograms of cargo. (GMR5)

Lluch, The
this criminal was active during the years following the Battle of Naboo. He was implicated in the distribution of illegal holograms with Gabo the Wicked, but never arrested. (BH)

a creature whose ivory teeth are often used as knives, the llwelkyn was native to the planet Drong II. Feline in shape, the llwelkyn was known for its heavy, clawed paws and the double horns which sprouted from each side of its skull, just above the ears. The average llwelkyn could grow to lengths of thee meters, and they hunted in packs. Lwlelkyn could detect the presence of operating machinery from several hundred kilometers, and it often drove them into feeding frenzies. (TB, TBSB)

this was one of the most common names given to female Corellians. (GMR9)

this was the original designation of the Lamaro System, used by explorer Hugo Bartyn when he first arrived in the system some 500 years before the Clone Wars. (GMR7)

this was the official designation of the base-model crab droids used by the armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. (X3)

this was the designation of the first Lant Mining Corporation convoy ambushed by the Alliance in Brak Sector. (FBS)

this Lant Mining Corporation testing station was located in Brak Sector during the height of the New Order. Despite the fact that the station produced very little for the corporation, it remained on active duty for many years, earning it the nickname of Futility Station. After management discovered this monicker, it fired a large portion of the working class. Low-level management soon followed, and LMCTS-24542 was eventually abandoned. The Alliance eventually took possession of the station and used it for their own base in Brak Sector. (HAS)

this was Adar Tallon's droid, programmed as his majordomo. LN-26 was fitted with a female personality, and had a woman's voice and mannerisms. LN-26 was easily startled. (TM)

LNR-1 Turbolaser
this was a planetary emplacement used to protect a planet from orbital bombardment. The LNR-1 was a single turbolaser cannon mounted on a tower. (REB)

LNR-II Turbolaser
this follow-on to the LNR-1 planetary weapon had two turbolaser cannons, but wasn't as well-protected as its predecessor. (REB)

the meaning of this archaic Zabrak surname was lost over time. (GCG)

Lo Khan
an old smuggler, Lo Khan ran afoul of a smuggler named Uxbeg while trying to undercut him on the Gamor Run. Lo Khan had stolen Uxbeg's cargo, destined for Spadda the Hutt on Aikhibba. Along the way, he met Luwingo, and the old smuggler decided to take the big Yaka along as a partner. However, at a stopover, Uxbeg tried to ambush Lo Khan. That was when Luwingo took a blaster bolt for Lo Khan, but merely shrugged it off and took out Uxbeg's goons. Lo Khan and Luwingo delivered the cargo, and although they got shortchanged for hijacking it, the settlement set them both up for life. They "retired" to Nar Shaddaa, but still made small runs with Lo Khan's starship, the Hyperspace Marauder. (DE1, DESB)

Lo Vapeet
this humanoid Muun served as the Vice Chairman of Communication for the InterGalactic Banking Clan, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. When the Tandleroff's Trove was intercepted on Eriadu, carrying 144 Hailfire Droids, Lo Vapeet claimed that the droids had been stolen from the IBC. Later, as the Clone Wars erupted, Lo Vapeet continued to claim that the TBC was only acting in its best interests as it supported the Separatists. (HNN4, HNN5, SWI65)

Lo, Hat
this noted crimelord worked from a base on the planet Coruscant, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Hat Lo was known more for his overblown opinion of himself than his small criminal empire. He believed that he was the most powerful of the crimelords on Coruscant at the time, but was actually no more than a lackey for the Hutts. His continual self-indulgence angered the Hutts, which forced Hat Lo to maintain a cadre of Codru-Ji bodyguards to protect himself. Whenever he was seen in public, Hat Lo was wearing a bulky suit with an unusual collar that appeared to be more of a chimney, covering his entire neck and skull while allowing him to see. It was believed that the suit's bulk was due to heavy armor padding for protection from possible assassins. (SWDB, SWI75, BF6)

Loa Tibeeme
this young Rodian was a noted slicer who managed to crack the corporate computer systems of Naescorcom's operations. She was not very careful in her activities, and she left a trail of her slicing activities throughout the Naescorcom computers. She was captured and forced to work as a laborer on the floating city of Ipsus, in the atmosphere of Genarius, as Naescorcom realized that they might need her slciing skills later on. (LFC)

Loac Campaign
this series of battles was eventually won by the Alliance, due in part to the work of Scandium Team and Dutra Zeneta. (SWJ10)

a band of cool, calculating, and lethal mercenaries that was almost wiped out by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. The survivors were exiled from the planet Merisee, and remained hidden for decades, awaiting a chance to exact revenge. The name "Loag" comes from a mixture of the Meri and Teltior words for "warrior." They were originally formed when the Old Republic first discovered Merisee, making contact with the Meri and the Teltior during their thousand-year civil war. When the two races realized that they could make thei way in the galaxy better by joining forces, they formed the original Loag. They made their mark on the galaxy as skilled warriors and accomplished assassins, but their confident union eventually grew into an overconfident cult. The Loag began demanding that the more peaceful natives of Merisee bend to the will of the Loag. The Jedi Knights were called in to resolve the situation. It took less than a year for a small group of Jedi to break the Loag into small bands and scatter them. In the wake of their defeat and exile, the natives of Merisee established the Cult of Those Who Redeem in an effort to guard against the return of the Loag. Those Loag who survived the battle went on a variety of suicide missions against the Jedi, and it was believed that they eventually died out. However, it was later discovered that a small group of Loag adherents remained, often working as intermediaries between the Empire and hired mercenaries. (PG3, OE, SWJ14)

a city in the planet Merisee. (PG)

Loag Dagger
this ceremonial weapon was one of the primary symbols of the Loag. After the Jedi Knights defeated the Loag, the dagger was supposedly taken to Coruscant for storage in the Galactic Museum. There, it served as a reminder of the Jedis' service to the galaxy. However, in the wake of the Battle of Endor and the establishment of the New Order, the Loag Dagger was reported missing from the museum, and was never found. (SWJ14)

this plant grows in thick clumps, and it is often planted as a natural windbreak. (POT)

manufacturers of starship ejection seats and on-board fire extinguishing systems. (SWSB)

meaning "gift", this name was common among Gungan females. (GCG)

Lob Dizz
this female Gungan scientist was knowledgeable in the areas of submersible propulsion and guidance systems. Her work contributed to the development of several high-speed bongo designs, and earned her a position on the Otoh Gunga Transit Authority, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Boss Nass later hired Lob Dizz to rebuild his old military heyblibber into a racing bongo, with the help of Neb Neb Goodrow and Spleed Nukkels. The two bongo racers had been temporarily suspended after the disappearance of Zak "Squidfella" Quiglee. (E1A11, GMR4)

this old Twi'lek ran a scrap yard at the Kala'uun Starport for many years before he befriended the youngster known only as Seeker. Together, they established the Junkard at the Starport, and Lo'baan bequeathed the scrapyards to the Seeker upon his death, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. (PSPG)

this was an Outer Rim planet which was covered with shallow lakes and swamps. There was very little stable landmass, and the one patch of flat, dry ground served as the primary landing area for starships visiting the planet. A small group of human settlers developed a form of aquaculture in the marshes, tending paddies of waterplants and small fish. (WOA16)

Lobaq Station
one of the Empire's 752 outposts in the Rolion Sector during the Galactic Civil War. (RASB)

Lobb Gerido
this Twi'lek served as Jabba the Hutt's valet during the time Jabba learned the business from his uncle, Jiliac. Jabba verbally abused the Twi'lek at every opportunity. (THG)

this unusual creature resembles a large, four-legged frog-dog with a single eye attached on a short stalk. There are unique organs within the lobel that produce powerful magnetic fields around the creature, and many pilots claim that the presense of a lobel can significantly alter navigational equipment's performance. (CCG9)

Lobot was born to a slaver, and was learning the trade from his father when they were waylayed by pirates. Lobot was himself taken into slavery, while the pirates killed his father. Lobot managed to escape the pirates, and made his way to Cloud City. He survived there by stealing from the wealthier visitors and residents, until he was caught and convicted. The Administrator-Baroness Ellisa Shallence saw some kind of potential in Lobot, and offered him a choice: a long jail sentence or a lifetime of service to Cloud City. Shallence had long since realized that only a droid or cyborg could efficiently control the outpost's various operations, and gave Lobot the chance to become a cyborg computer liaison. Lobot agreed to become Shallence's cyborg, and was fitted with a Biotech Aj^6 cyborg enhancement. He had a special brain wave enhancer affixed to his head, which increased his intelligence and allowed him to interface directly with the station's central computer. However, the neural implants required by the wrap-around module eroded the speech centers on his brain. This resulted in a speech pattern that contained minimal sentences. He worked on Cloud City for fifteen years before the Old Republic fell, serving out his sentence in dutiful fashion. He was later freed from his service, but chose to remain on Cloud City, and was named chief administrative aide to the Baron Administrator. He worked with good administrators and bad ones, but he was especially critical of Raynor, who was incompetent and inept. When Lando Calrissian challenged Raynor to a high-stakes sabacc match, Lobot secretly aided Calrissian and helped the rogue win the ownership rights to Cloud City. When Lando proved to be a more than competent administrator, Lobot again threw himself into his work, and even helped manage some of Calrissian's less lawful endeavors. Following the intervention of Darth Vader and the subsequent loss of the outpost to the Empire, Lobot was left behind on Cloud City to battle the rebellious Ugnaughts who revolted against Imperial rule. The aliens damaged Lobot's external enhancer, which modified some of his memories. When Lando returned to Cloud City, Lobot initially thought he was an intruder. Calrissian repaired the module, and Lobot helped him disarm the bombs placed by the Ugnaughts around the outpost. He later helped Calrissian displace the Imperial forces on the station, but left Calrissian's service when Zorba the Hutt took control of the outpost. He resurfaced a number of years later to work with Lando again, on GemDiver Station. (ESB, SA, RPG, EGC)

Lobster Bisellian
this exotic dish is one of the house specialties of the Imperial restaurant, found on the Kuari Princess. (RM)

this alien was stranded in Mos Eisley. (TM, DOE)

LoBue Cantina
a bar and casino in the Abregado-rae spaceport, the LoBue Cantina was located near the Old patch. It had a small frontage, but was surprising large inside, holding a dancefloor, a bar, and a good number of tables. (HTTE, CCW)

LobwuWa Loba
this Aqualish podracer was a popular fan favorite on the planet Tatooine, during the years surrounding the Clone Wars. (BF4)

Local Dig
this was the name of the settlement established some 500 years before the onset of the Clone Wars by the modern Polis Massans, on the largest if the asteroids left behind by the destruction of Polis Massa itself. The settlement was built atop the ruins of the city of Wiyentaah, which the modern Polis Massans spent centuries excavating. It was here that Jedi Master Yoda and Senator Bail Organa traveled, in the wake of the Clone Wars, to prepare to receive any surviving Jedi Masters. Only Obi-Wan Kenobi arrived, bearing the dying body of Padme' Amidala Skywalker. Padme' gave birth to her twins, Luke and Leia, at the Local Dig medical facility, before she died. (SWDB)

this hulking species of near-humans was native to the planet Loce. They were distinguished by their heavy musculature, purplish-blue skin, and mottled black spots. (AIR)

Locan-u vizzintar kwa-essen?
this Snivvian question meant "What planets have you traveled to?" (HNN5)

found only in the deep oceans of the planet Naboo, this strange form of plantlife burrowed into the soft rock of the planet's core and extracted plasma. As the locap digested this plasma, it converted it into a safe form of energy. The Gungans learned how to obtain the digested plasma from the locap and used it to power their underwater cities and their shield generators. The locap plant can grow to incredible sizes, and the Gungans often built their bubble cities along the branches of individual locap growths. (IWE1, SON)

this woman served as the chief of security for the owners of the Cavalier Club, during the height of the New Order. She known for her use of a power cane to make her point with her opponents. (GFT)

Location Forbidder
this security device works with a scanning unit to determine an individual's ability to access a room or location. A transmitter is placed in the person's uniform or clothing, and contains a coded datafile with information on the individual's security clearance. The scanner can read the datafile on the transmitter, and will only open the access to a given room if the clearance is high enough. (POM)

this planet was the homeworld of the Locan people. (AIR)

Lochett, Uldir
this man was the owner of the No Luck Required, during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. As a child, Uldir was raised on a number of different worlds by his parents, who were Coruscant-based traders and freighter pilots who often worked for the New Republic. He showed no sensitivity to the Force whatsoever, but he was allowed to attend the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4 anyway after he stowed away aboard the Lightning Rod. Luke Skywalker agreed to let him stay after he developed a friendship with Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila. Despite Master Skywalker's inability to identify any senstivity to the Force, Uldir maintained that all he needed were a lightsaber and some Jedi robes to help him get started. His studies were cut off when he began causing too much trouble at the academy, and he took up work as a member of the search and rescue teams that formed during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. He served with Dacholder aboard the Pride of Thela, until they tried to rescue the Winning Hand. It was then that Uldir discovered that Dacholder was also a member of the Peace Brigade who had arranged to turn Uldir over to the Yuuzhan Vong who were aboard the Winning Hand. Uldir, however, was not dumb enough to simply fall for the action. When Dacholder was ready to make the transfer, Uldir operated an emergency airlock he had installed on the Pride of Thela, forcing Dacholder out into space. Uldir then fled the area with the Pride of Thela. He decided to leave the Corps and strike out on his own, but continued to devote his life to rescuing Jedi from the Yuuzhan Vong. He and the rest of his crew on the No Luck Required traveled to Bonadan, where they laid low for a while. It was there that Uldir first met Klin-Fa Gi, while she was trying to escape the local authorites. He later discovered that Klin-Fa Gi had gone rogue, when Luke Skywalker personally asked Uldir to retrieve her. The crew managed to apprehend Gi, but she escaped and fled to Wayland. Uldir and his crew managed to repair the No Luck Required and make it to Wayland, where they were beset by a Yuuzhan Vong corvette analog. Uldir took the ship's modified A-Wing to the planet's surface, drawing off pursuit to allow his crew to escape. Once on Wayland, he tracked down Gi in the forest with the help of Txer and the Free People. After discovering that the Yuuzhan Vong were turning Wayland into a strange sort of garden, Uldir was able to locate Klin-Fa. They were forced to defend themselves against the attack of a Chom-Vrone in order to survive, and eventually recovered a qhasa which held the Yuuzhan Vong's plans on destroying bacta production on Thyferra. They traveled to Thyferra at top speed after rescuing Bey Gandan, only to discover that Bey was the delivery mechanism for the virus which could wipe out the alazhi trees. Uldir and Klin-Fa fought valiantly against the former Jedi, until Uldir found himself with Klin-Fa's lightsaber. He threw the weapon at Bey, but Bey used the Force to push it away. His concentration was on Klin-Fa, however, and the lightsaber hit a tree and sliced him in half. Uldir and Klin-Fa then worked to eliminate any trace of the alazhi virus before getting a well-deserved vacation from Luke Skywalker himself. The pair then gave into the emotions, and began to fall in love. (EVC, ECH, GMR10, EOV, SWI63, SWI64, KB, AQ)

Lochner, Alton
this dark-skinned man was a Lieutenant with the Alliance, serving as Cloak Leader within the Special Forces outfit known as Eclispe Team. He used the alias Tiris Warren in the field, although this was actually his given name, since Alton was the son of Barosa Warren. Lochner was distinguished by his dreadlocked hair. (AIR)

Lochner, Danlea
originally named Tara Warren, this woman was the sister of Alton Lochner and the daughter of Barosa Warren. She served as an Alliance smuggling operative along the Ison Corridor, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (AIR)

this was one of the more common names given to males of the Mon Calamari race. To the Mon Calamari, this name meant "ingenious". (GCG)

Loci Rosen
this good-willed Mon Calamari merchant never managed to turn a profit, no matter how hard he worked. (CCG12)

Lock Breaker
any device, many of which were considered illegal to possess and use, which could be used to override the security measures that prohibited entrance to a room or building. Lock breakers were used to bypass most security systems, but were often time-consuming to set up and required a great deal of power to operate. (TTSB)

Lockerbee, Orrell
this man served aboard the Dreadnaught Resolute during the early years of the New Order, patrolling the Tion Cluster with his commanding officer, Angela Krin. Lieutenant Lockerbee was the first officer to encounter the crew of the Shadowfire, after the freighter was ambushed by the Vengeance and several members of the Bomu clan. Although Lockerbee was suspicious, he was nevertheless glad when the crew of the Shadowfire turned over their cargo of medicinal spice without a fight. (TF)

Lockest IV
Roark Garnet contracted the Merthian Lung Infection on this planet. (SWCP)

this small corporation manufactured holoprojectors during the early years of the New Order. (HSR)

Locking Claw
a form of manipulatory arm used on U-33 loadlifters. (HSL)

any small tool used to force the lock on a secured door, such as a starship entry portal. (VOF)

this was the generic term used to describe any heavy-duty locking mechanism, which was protected from abuse by a thick covering plate. (HSL)

an out-dated form of construction material, lockslab was a pre-formed panel which locked into place with other panels, forming a wall quickly and securely. (HSL)

this was a manufactured building material that came in large slabs, with formed edges that could be set together to form an integrated structure. The joints of structures formed from lock-slab sections were often sealed and strengthened with quick-throw. (HSR)

the servomechanism which allows a droid to move from place to place. (SW)

Locrin, Janissa
this holovid starlet was kidnapped by the Karazak Slavers, after an incredibly thorough planning session was performed by Seland' Ir. Under Ir's orders, the strike team sent to kidnap her surrendered after successfully launching her to a waiting starship in a block capsule. This forced her studio to pay the Karazak ransom order before they could press charges. In the end, the entire group was set free, and Locrin was freed for a six-million-credit payment. (GG11)

Locris Sector
this area of the galaxy was located near the Prackla Sector. (SWI68)

Locris Syndicated Securities
this small corporation was part of the Locris Syndicates, and produced a variety of technologies for the security industry, including stun cuffs and mobile prisoner cages. (EGW)

Locris Syndicates
this weapons manufacturer produced a variety of grenade and micro-grenade launchers during the Galactic Civil War. (ROE)

this man created Locru's Central Saloon in Tun Aduban, on the planet Aduba-3, many years before the Battle of Yavin. He died sometime during the last years of the Old Republic, but the tavern continued to operate. Locru was one of the first beings to be buried on Spacers' Hill. (GMR4)

Locru's Central Saloon
this was generally considered the largest, as well as the cleanest, of the taverns found in the town of Tun Aduban, on the planet Aduba-3. It was founded years before the Galactic Civil War by Locru himself. (GMR4)

this name was commonly given to Quarren males, and meant "victorious". (GCG)

Locura Ocean
this western ocean, found on the planet Garos IV, crashes against the Tahika Cliffs. (SWJ3)

this was a common name given to male Duros children. The name Lod came from the term meaning "wise". (GCG)

this Toydarian slaver was killed by Master Finn's Sith apprentice, when he tried to sell Marka to the pair as a servant. The apprentice killed Lod after seeing the Toydarian strike the girl, and felt a brief moment of compassion for the girl. When he tried to defend her, Lod called the boy a slave, which angered him and brought about the Toydarian's death. (T17)

Lodon Ocean
this was the northernmost of the three oceans found on the planet Elrood. (PG3)

this woman, the wife of Sharene, was one of the first colonists to settle the Elrood System many thousands of years ago. (PG3)

this was the second of Elrood's two moons. It was named for Lodos, the wife of one of Elrood's first colonists. (PG3)

this small city was located on the planet Elrood, on the northern edge of the Elraden Ocean. (PG3)

this Imperial Navy Captain commanded the cruiser Lianna Guard as part of Admiral Greelanx's fleet. Lodrel was killed in action during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, when Salla Zend managed to fire a pair of concussion missiles at the Lianna Guard. Lodrel's crew was unable to take evasive maneuvers, and was destroyed. (THG)

this man ran a bar in the city of Trevalis, on Kallistas, during the height of the New Order. Lodrx himself was a former miner who lost his left arm in a laser-borer accident. He was too poor to afford a cybernetic replacement, and was forced to "retire." (GG10)

Loedorvian Brain Plague
this extremely deadly plague was used as a bio-weapon by the forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during the height of the Clone Wars. The plague attacked the brain and central nervous system of humans, killing them in a very short time. General Grievous used the Loedorvian Brain Plague to eliminate all the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic in the Weemell Sector, and nearly killed the sector's entire human population in the attack. As a result, Weemell Sector was rendered uninhabitable in a matter of months. (X3)

this Teltior owned and operated the Happy Spacer shop, located on The Life level of Vergesso Base, during the height of the New Order. She was not a major spice dealer, but had contacts through D'ring'my. (SPG)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the prefix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "clever", "cunning", or "wily", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

Lofahchu ets pyroni vyoryn viske
an Old Corellian phrase which translates to "loyalty is a smuggler's worst vice." (SWJ3)

Lo-Farr, Brann
this aging man owned and operated the Lower Deck, found on the Port City levels of Cloud city, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Just after the Battle of Hoth, Lo-Farr was forced to try and save the Lower Deck from the predations of Jabba the Hutt, who wanted to take over the cantina for his own designs. Luckily for Lo-Farr, a group of former comrades managed to alert the Wing Guard to Jabba's plans, and arranged for the remaining balance on the Lower Deck's mortgage to be paid off. (RESB)

this Wookiee served as the chief engineer aboard the FarStar. Prior to this, Lofryyhn had been part of the Alliance team which liberated Siluria III. There, he became friends with Kaiya Adrimetrum, and the pair fought together often after Kaiya joined the Alliance. During a mission into the Minos Cluster, Lofryyhn was captured by Moff Sarne's Imperial forces and imprisoned on Kal'Shebbol. Adreimetrum rescued him from the prison during the assault on Moff Sarne's strognhold on Kal'Shebbol, and Lofryyhn later agreed to join the crew of the FarStar. Unknown to most onboard the ship, Lofryyhn was a master of the Wookiee marital art known as Wrruushi. He enjoyed working with the crew and the ship, but the constant need for repairs to the ship soon wore him down. When he learned that Gorak Khzam was a former slaver, he became angry that the Rodian was allowed to escape. On top of this frustration, Lofryyhn found himself at odds with the prisoners rescued from Q'Maere, who felt he was too strict a taskmaster. After the ship was plunged into mutiny by Lowen Chase, Lofryyhn was instrumental in gaining access to Engineering and Environmental Control, allowing the crew of the FarStar to retake the ship. Lofryyhn then led the effort of repairing the damage done by Kinakt Losron and getting the ship back into working order. (DARK, KO, KR)

a self-styled Captain, Loftus was a small-time criminal ringleader who was active on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GQRG)

Lo'gaan, Drake
this young Jedi Padawan was being trained by Jedi Master Roron Corobb during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. They were part of the task force that was dispatched to protect Chancellor Palpatine when General Grievous launched his attack on Coruscant. Unfortunately, Grievous was able to kill both Master Corobb and Master Moudama before taking Palpatine hostage, leaving Drake disconsolate and directionless. After the First Battle of Coruscant, Drake learned that a mission was being formed to go after Grievous. He approached Anakin Skywalker about joining the mission, hoping to avenge the death of his Master. Anakin explained that only Obi-Wan Kenobi had been sent after Grievous. Meanwhile, Drake and Ekria were both assigned to the mission led by Aayla Secura to Felucia. It was on Felucia that Ekria intercepted the communication of Order 66, but was unable to decrypt it before Commander Bly received it an acted on it. After escaping from Felucia, Ekria, Zonder, and Drake returned to Coruscant as refugees, then slipped into the Jedi Temple. There, Ekria erased all information on them from the computer banks of the Jedi Archives, allowing them to continue to operate undercover. Then, while trying to blend in, Drake and Zonder tried to get normal jobs. However, they were split up when Zonder was assigned to a work crew, and Drake - posing as Jodd Sonta - was taken to a meeting of COMPNOR. At the meeting, Drake found himself listening to an early speech from High Inquisitor Tremayne, and was stunned to find out how easy it was to slip into his pro-Imperial disguise. He was also surprised at how easily he was attracted to Onnelly Praji, one of the young aristos who was traveling to the Emerald Splendor Estates on Byss. After the meeting, Tremayne singled out Drake for investigation, when his background story didn't check out. Drake was unaware of the attention he had attracted, until he discovered that Zonder had been assigned to a non-human work detail that was to be eliminated. He set out to rescue his friend, blowing his cover and alerting the Imperial authorities to his presence on Coruscant. When he was confronted by Tremayne, however, Drake was not immediately captured and sent to prison. Instead, Tremayne offered Drake a chance to join him, and be trained in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. (ROF, EAR)

an Alliance transport group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Logan, Altros
this man established the Corestrike Credit Repository and Ore Exchange on the planet Chrona shortly after lodes of chronamite were discovered on the planet. (SWJ12)

Logg, Reha
this woman frequented the Outlander Club on Coruscant, during the final years of the Old Republic. (OWS)

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