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this was the handle of one of the many slicers who first discovered Tiny F's message of an impending attack by the Thaereian Military on the people of the Cularin System, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. (LFCW)

L-17A Quickjump
this top-of-the-line navigational computer was produced by Novastar Corporation during the height of the New Order. Novastar claimed that the L-17A could reduce a starship's hyperspace travel time to rival that of a Class One hyperdrive, but failed to warn consumers that the unit was incompatible with most starships and required almost continual maintenance. (SPG)

L19 Light Freighter
this is a Surronian transport ship design, part of a "limited edition" of starship designs produced by Surron StarTech when the Surronians were deep in an economic depression. The 'L' in the name indicated that the L19 was from one of these limited editions. At 50 meters in length, the L19 was a flattened sphere of a craft which could transport up to 150 metric tons of cargo while comfortably accommodating a crew of four and up to seven passengers. In its stock configuration, the L19 was armed with two turret-mounted blaster cannons. (SS, PP)

L19a Freighter
this was a special, luxury edition of the Surronian L19 heavy freighter. (SS)

this was the code left behind by Ren S'orn in a marked deck of sabacc cards. The code provided the location of Jenna Zan Arbor's hidden research lab, where she performed experiments on Force-sensitive individuals in an effort to isolate the source of the Force's power. The code indicated that the lab was in Level One, Quad Two, Block Unit 3 of the Sim-First settlement on Simpla-12. (EVE)

this IN-series information droid worked at the passenger spaceport on Kuat during the Galactic Civil War. L1N-IN was also an Alliance operative, and was programmed to provide vital information to field agents who used the correct pass-phrase and whose voice-patterns were recognized by the droid. L1V-IN's role to the Alliance was revealed to the Empire by Vewin, who was forced to reveal it during intense interrogation. (SESB)

L2 Base Labor Droid
developed by Industrial Automaton, this series of droids was mass-produced to be cheap, reliable, menial laborers. They could be programmed for a wide range of functions, but were primarily used for construction, maintenance, and repair. (SWJ1)

this burnished, red-plated protocol droid was converted for use on Byrom and his wife, Ensa, for use on their Molavar-based moisture farm, during the final years of the Old Republic. L-23 was badly damaged when Lycan arrived at their farm, and Byrom spent a few days repairing the droid with whatever parts he had lying around his shop. (T23)

this was the Yuuzhan Vong grid coordinate for the planet Belkadan and its system, which served as the starting point for Vector Prime. (NJOSB)

this designation was used for Luke Skywalker's X-Wing during the Galactic Civil War. (CSW)

L7 Droid
a series of logician droids. (DE1)

this shiny protocol droid was owned by Sleightan, who claimed it once belonged to his son, Armbrus. L7-BO's plating had a bluish tinge, and its eyes were a golden yellow in color. Sleightan claimed that the Imperial customs officer who imprisoned Armbrus gave the droid back to him, saying it was all he could have of Armbrus' possessions. Sleightan then tried to sell the droid to newcomers to the Mynock 7 Space Station, hoping to earn a few credits to survive since Armbrus could no longer send him any spending money. L7-BO was programmed to speak only when spoken to, but could relate virtually any of his adventures with ease. Despite outward appearances, L7-BO was also a con artist, who would flee from any being who purchased him to return to Sleightan. (SWJ11)

this L80-series protocol droid once belonged to Riboga the Hutt, one of many such droids used by Riboga to help run his business. L80-RC was destroyed when Riboga was removed from control of the Cularin System, but its head was located by Ginder the Bimm. It contained information on the inventories performed when Riboga turned his operations over to Nirama, as well as the locations of various storehouses. The head was eventually turned over to a team of freelance mercenaries for safekeeping. (WOA4)

L80-series Droid
this was a series of protocol droids produced on Uffel during the height of the Old Republic. (WOTC)

this prototype combat droid was produced by Tagge Industries during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. The L8-L9 series was then proposed as a a stand-in for the clone troopers of the Army of the Republic, whenever environmental conditions were too hostile or deadly to human soldiers. The project was originally created by Orman Tagge, who hoped that the delivery of a doid army into the hands of Chancellor Palpatine would win him favor with the leader of the galaxy. The L8-L9 prototype was submitted to the Rattataki warlords as a combatant in the Blood Sport of Rattatak, an event that Baron Tagge believed would prove that his new droids were superior warriors. However, L8-L9 was placed into combat in The Cauldron with Asajj Ventress, and the lightsaber-wielding Rattataki quickly destroyed L8-L9. Baron Tagge didn't abandon the idea of droid infantry, however, and used L8-L9's plans as the basis for the Z-X3 project. (SWDB)

L9 Crestrunner
this amphibious vehicle was produced by the Mon Calamari for use in military campaigns on aquatic worlds. The Crestrunner resembled many other Mon Calamari submersibles, but it was equipped with a set of walker-like legs for locomotion in shallow water and on the ground. Measuring twenty meters in length, the L9 Crestrunner required a crew of four to operate, and could accommodate up to thirty-eight passengers and a metric ton of cargo. The L9 was armed with four blaster cannons and a pair of torpedo launchers. On land, the Crestrunner was capable of speeds of sixty kilometers per hour. In the water, it could move about at more than 150 kilometers per hour. Its maximum safe depth was twelve kilometers. (GORW)

one of a short-lived series of luxury droids created to serve rich and famous individuals, this culinary automaton was presented to the Alliance by the Squibs, as a symbol of their good faith during the search for the Elusive. In reality, the Squibs couldn't wait to get rid of the droid, which was the most annoying mechanical individual they had ever encountered. The droid simply wanted to find a master who could enjoy fine cuisine. (SH)

this was a suffix that was added to a Sullustan's given name, and used whenever one greeted a familiar individual. Thus, a Sullustan friend of Den Dhur could address him as Den-la. (MJH)

La lova num botaffa
this Huttese phrase translated roughly into Basic as "They seemed nice to me," and was used in describing new acquaintences. (E1A14)

L'a, Nanno
this man operated a gang of information gatherers during the last decades of the Old Republic, working the streets near the Senate Chamber and keeping tabs on the Senators and commission members from other worlds. They didn't steal anything, but sold information on who was on the planet and what they had with them that might be worth stealing. Nanno was a good friend of Didi Oddo,and helped Astri Oddo run down the list of names on Jenna Zan Arbor's guestlist. (EVE)

this was one of the many species of scalefish which inhabited the oceans of Naboo. Distinguished by its long snoth and broad tail, the green-scaled laa had a long, thin dorsal fin which was tipped by a bio-luminescent bulb. This bulb helped attract the laas favorite prey, the yobshrimp. (IG1, WSW)

this bouncer, one of the oldest and wisest of his species on the planet Ruusan, rescued the young girl named Rain when her ship crashed into the planet. Rain had been traveling with her brother and cousin to join the Jedi Knights who were massing for the Battle of Ruusan, and Laa managed to save the girl from a dreadful fall. Unfortunately for both of them, Laa had a dream in which Rain succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force. When Laa was mistakenly killed by Petja, who was acting on orders from Lord Hoth to eliminate the insane bouncers, Rain was so angry that she killed Petja and allowed herself to be consumed by the Dark Side. (JVS)

Laabann, Arian
this Eiattuan noble was a full Count, and was one of the leaders of the Priamsta during the time when Plourr Ilo tried to reconstruct the monarchy on Eiattu. He was willing to kidnap or even kill Plourr in order to keep the Priamsta in control, thereby maintaining the separation of the commoners from the royalty. In this effort, Laabann even tried to have Plourr kidnapped, but she escaped and was able to oust the Priamsta. A few years later, when Princess Leia Organa traveled to Eiattu for diplomatic negotiations, Laabann was arrested on charges of having Leia and Tycho Celchu kidnapped. In reality, Laabann had sold information about the Eiattuan castle and Leia's location to Moff Leonia Tavira. Soontir Fel interrogated Laabann, and revealed that he was still working for the Empire. Laabann threatened to expose him, but Fel ensured his secrecy. (XWWP, XWM)

this was the abbreviation used by the Empire to describe Legal Authorization for Advanced Confinement Documents. (GG10)

this Yuuzhan Vong commander was dispatched by WarMaster Nas Choka to report on the status of the battle to protect Coruscant - tranformed into a simulacrum of Yuuzhan'tar - from attack by the Galactic Alliance, some five years after the initial invasion of the galaxy. It was Laait who had to explain to Shimrra that his plan to drive a starship infected with the Alpha Red virus onto Zonama Sekot had failed, after a series of Jedi-piloted Sekotan starships defeated Nas Choka's vanguard ships. (UF)

Laakteen Depot
the Alliance used this planet's proximity to Fondor as a reason to build a base there, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. It took nearly a year for the Alliance to take the planet from the Empire and establish the base. However, shortly after the completion of the Executor, Darth Vader wiped out the base on the huge ship's maiden voyage. The destruction of the base forced the Alliance to bring the Mon Calamari into the Galactic Civil War, hoping that they could create a diversion while the Alliance evacuated Massassi Base. (CSW)

Laalu Daorjay
this was the name of a noted Ruurian individual. (UANT)

this Invid pirate infiltrated the Tinta Palette as a stewart, shortly before the pirates attacked the luxury liner. (IJ)

an Imperial frigate which was attacked by Alliance starfighters during the Galactic Civil War, when its hyperdrive failed. It was protected by TIE fighters until the Rasvin arrived with a new hyperdrive unit. (TIE)

LAAT/c Gunship
this version of Rothana Heavy Engineering's Low-Altitude Assault Transport ship was designed to carry AT-TE walkers and other cargo into battle. Derived from the design of the LAAT/I gunship, the LAAT/C had the lower hold completely removed. It was equipped with heavy grasping arms that held the AT-TE in place while descending to a planet's surface. These arms them released the AT-TE onto the battlefield. The LAAT/c measured 17.4 meters in length. (X2, SWDB, SWI64)

LAAT/i Gunship
developed and manufactured by Rothana Heavy Engineering, the Low-Altitude Assault Transport/Infantry gunship was designed to carry clone troopers into battle from an Acclamator-class transport. Measuring 17.4 meters in length, each LAAT/i was armed with three anti-personnel laser turrets, a pair of mass-driver missile launchers, a light air-to-air rocket launcher, and four composite-beam laser turrets. Two of these turrets were remotely-operated, and located on the wings of the LAAT/i. The other two were manned by clone troopers, and were mounted on an armature that deployed the turret from the main hold to an outboard firing position. One pilot and a co-pilot/gunner were required to operate the LAAT/i, which could also carry two turret gunners and up to thirty clone troopers. An IM-6 battlefield medical droid completed the personnel of the LAAT/i, which provided remote medical support to the troopers which were delivered to the battlefield. If personnel were not carried in the main hold, the gunship could deliver four military speeder bikes or 17 cubic meters of materiel. (X2, SWDB)

LAAT/v Gunship
this version of the LAAT/I craft produced by Rothana Heavy Engineering was manufactured with a vehicle hangar in place of the passenger compartment. (SWI64)

this gas giant was the eighth planet in the Zug System. It was orbited by 13 moons. (PH)

this infamous Weequat mercenary worked in the Lesser Plooriod Cluster and the Karstaxon Region. (GG12, REB)

this tired, old Devaronian female managed the Starwind Chandlery on StarForge Station during the Galactic Civil War. (FOP)

Laboda na rowka?
this Huttese question translated into Basic as "Is that authentic?" (GMR5)

a mammalian race native to the planet Laboi II, they are furred snakelike creatures which survive the planet's intense weather. They live in packs which roam the planet in search of ovolyans, all the time making sure that they don't fall prey to the ovolyans themselves. The largest male is considered the pack leader, although true leadership comes from age. The laboi have cultivated unique, carefully-tended gardens of crystals, and they seem to have a limited form of telekinesis which allows them - especially the older females - to agitate the molten rock and crystal to form beautiful, subtly colored crystals. These crystals are highly desired on many Core Worlds. (GG4)

Laboi II
the second planet in the Laboi System of the Outer Rim, Laboi II had a year which encompassed about 4,050 standard hours. Laboi II also had a slow, retrograde orbit that caused one side of the planet to remain sunward. This created a "day" that lasted about 2,020 hours. During this time, the planet's sun, Er'Dox Kaan, heated one side of the planet to the point where rocks began to melt. When coupled with the fact that the other side of the planet was locked in sub-zero temperatures, strong winds were created at the terminus which helped dsitribute the heat and cold evenly. This allowed minimal forms of life to exist on the planet. Laboi II had no natural plant life because of the searing effects of its orbit, but the Laboi, the ovolyan, and numerous species of insects were able to adapt to the extreme temperatures of the planet. (GG4, SWJ10)

Laboi Mineral Crystals
mined on the planet Laboi II, these crystals were popular in the Galactic Core. (GG4)

Kardue'sai'Malloc's alias while living on Tatooine. The word "labria" in Devish has a dirty connotation, loosely translated as "cold food." He was known as a drunkard and a coward. He offered his help to the Alliance operatives who went to Tatooine to locate Adar Tallon, but was wounded in a firefight with the bounty hunters. He fled into the night, and was not seen again. (SCRE, TM, TME)

Labyrinth, The
this was the name of the honeycombed tunnels and passages which wove beneath DarkStryder's fortress on the planet Kathol. The original tunnels had been excavated by the ancient Kathol, during their attempt to preserve their life-energies within the Lifewell. DarkStryder's bio-engineered servants, especially the Charr Ontee, were directed to expand the Labyrinth, and the Maoi and Segmi both created their own tunnels and warrens as part of the Labyrinth. (E)

a domestic herd animal raised by the farmers of the planet Makthierse. (COG)

Lacendad, Rispi
this man operated a small, family medical practice in the CoCo District of Coruscant, during the last years of the Old Republic. His middle-class patrons were primarily Chadra-Fans, and he was among the small group of doctors who decried the atmospheric conditions on the planet. (HNN4)

Lachany Foods
this foodstuffs manufacturer was headquartered in the city of Greenton, on the planet Aldivy. (IF)

this Wookiee was one of the many warriors who defended their homeworld and the city of Kachirho during the final stages of the Clone Wars. Lachichuk served under Merumeru during the fighting. (VD3, SWDB)

this bulky man was a crew member of the smuggling vessel Wild Karrde, during the early years of the New Republic. He often served as the ship's copilot, but could also man a turbolaser in a fight. (HTTE, TLC)

this Coynite term meant "little fox." When the syllables were reversed to form the word chu'la, it meant "cunning little fox", or "the fox who cannot be caught". (SWJ2)

this gas giant was the third planet in the Recopi System. It was orbited by nine moons. (CCW)

Lacmar, Andrel
this man served as the ranking Imperial Army officer, reporting to Moff Lesan Ramier of Brak Sector, during the height of the New Order. While Lacmar was extrememly loyal to the Empire and its military philosophy, his own methods were relatively untested when he was promoted to Brak Sector. As a General, Lacmar was a peer of Admiral Trier, but the two constantly clashed over their differing views on how to stage a battle. Lacmar criticized Trier's unconventional tactics as being unreliable, but his own methods produced no better results. (FBS)

bovine creatures found on Chad, they are bred to produce milk. (QE)

Lactril, Peta
this woman was a noble Lady within House Barnaba, and was the hostess of the Unification Gala held shortly before the Battle of Endor. (TSIA)

only native to the planet Alderaan, this red-flowered shrub survived only on those worlds where it had been transplanted before the destruction of the planet. Because of this, the ladalum was extremely rare during the era of the New Republic. (SBS)

this remote planet is covered with deserts of rest-colored sand. (TFNR)

this Devaronian information broker worked from base in Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. Ladira was believed to be a supporter of the Alliance, but she was actually an Imperial double-agent. (WOA5)

the flesh of this sea creature is considered a delicacy. (RD)

Lado, Dean
this man was the leader of the Spiders swoops gang, which terrorized his home city of Gallisport, on Shesharile 5, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Lado made several alliances with other swoop gangs, namely the Westwood and the Raging Banthas, in an effort to desrtoy the Rabid Mynocks and gain control of the city. He also wanted to possess the Star Slinger swoop prototype, and did everything in his power to take the vehicle from Chop Harlison. In order to achieve this, Lado once kidnapped Chop's daughter, Jardra, and challenged Quayce to a race. If he won, Lado would obtain the Star Slinger and gain control of the Mynocks. If he lost, Quayce remained in command of the Mynocks and recovered Jardra. Lado tried every dirty trick in the book to eliminate Quayce, but she managed to counter his every move. When she dropped a magnetic grenade in his path, Lado was killed with the device attached itself to his swoop and exploded. (SWJ6)

this young woman, a native of Drogheda, was one of Queen Sarna's handmaidens. (LTA6, MC83)

this planet supported the Alliance, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (T8)

Lady Ahrkan
this was an alias used by Dayla Kev, after she was rescued by a group of Wookiees on an uncharted jungle world. (GMR6)

Lady Akiko
Marshal Levnis' personal yacht. He turned to the Most Honourable Guild of Armourers to track down a Kalld'n-class stardrive for it. (GG9)

Lady Anna
an alias used by Akanah when she returned to Lucazec with Luke Skywalker. She continued to use the pseudonym while on Teyr. (BTS, SOL)

Lady Avallia
this was the name of a cracian thumper which was raced at the Heatherdowns Hotel and Track, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TSIA)

Lady Fate Casino
this gambling house was located on Ord Mantell, near the Hotel Grand. (HT)

Lady Jalaka
Sienn Sconn fell in love with this woman during a drinking binge. (SWJ15)

Lady Luck
this was a form of three-dimensional roulette which was popular in Kathol Sector during the early years of the New Republic. (DARK)

Lady Luck
Lando Calrissian's personal ship, the Lady Luck was a modified SoroSuub PLY 3000 pleasure yacht. Formerly owned by an Orthellin royal mistress, the ship was richly appointed. Lando rigged it with a straight-line, homing-beacon type of full-rig slave circuitry. Other modifications to the weapons and defenses were also made. The ship was originally designed to be a mobile base of operations for the suave smuggler, who often entertained his female friends onboard. However, as Lando became increasingly active with the New Republic military, he made several modifications to give the Lady Luck more firepower and protection. A Class 3 hyperdrive allowed the ship to swiftly move across the galaxy, and it could reach speeds of 820 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. Advanced sensor systems and communications transceivers gave Lando the ability to keep in touch with civilian and military contacts. Outwardly, the Lady Luck still resembled a pleasure yacht, as the only visible waeponry was a laser cannon mounted on the belly. However, retractable weapons systems allowed five more laser cannons and a turret-mounted ion cannon to be brought to bear during a fight. The most unique element of the Lady Luck's design was its observation deck. Lando allowed the deck to remain open to the surrounding environment, which gave him the ability to entertain his guests "outside". To protect the passengers while in space, Lando installed a heavy-duty force field to surround the deck and allow beings to watch the stars as the ship moved between worlds. (HTTE, DFRSB, NEGV)

Lady Luck, The
this was the largest gambling facility found within the Roaring Crater, on the planet Tasariq, during the height of the New Order. (SWJ15)

Lady Nebula
this song, written and played by the band Red Shift Limit, was given a scarlet rating by the Imperial Board of Culture. It first appeared on the compilation Totally Patriotic. (GG9)

Lady of Mindor
this Lady-class luxury passenger liner made a regular run between Roonadan and Ammuud, during the early years of the New Order. Note that Han Solo's Revenge indicates that this ship was an M-class ship. The Lady of Mindor was a sleek, wedge-shaped craft measuring 310 meters in length. Han Solo and Fiolla booked passage aboard this ship while trying to get to Ammuud inconspicuously, during their investigation into a slavery ring that was being run in the upper levels of the Corporate Sector Authority. The Lady of Mindor was supposedly attacked by pirates as it emerged from hyperspace near Ammuud, forcing them to make forced landing on Ammuud. However, the pirates were actually the slavers who had been under investigation, as revealed when Fiolla recognized one of them as her personal assistant, Magg. (HSR, SWSB, CSA)

Lady of Whinnador
a moderately-priced Outer Rim cruise ship. (GG9)

Lady Por'Ten
this well-heeled, tattooed X'Ting was the director of energy for the Five Families of the planet Ord Cestus, during the height of the Clone Wars. She was usually accompanied by her husband, the Lord Por'Ten, during the meetings of the Five Families. She and her husband were among the Five Families members who were kidnapped by Nemonus, but were rescued by Obi-Wan Keonib. Later, Lady and Lord Por'Ten were killed, along with most members of the Five Families, when the ARC trooper Jangotat infiltrated their secret bunker on the Kibo Plateau and ordered the Nexu to fire on his location. (TCD)

Lady Starstorm
this YV-100 freighter was one of the previously-owned starships purchased by Luke Skwyalker and the Jedi Knights, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Like other such ships, the Lady Starstorm was purchased in response to the Yuuzhan Vong offer to pay any being to capture Jedi Knights for investigation. Because the starships used by most Jedi were well-known throughout the galaxy, used ships like the Lady Starstorm were used to move Jedi across the galaxy in relative anonymity. This craft was armed with a pair of laser cannons. (WOTC)

Lady Sunfire
this modified Barloz-class freighter was the personal ship of the ZeHethbra smuggler, Clyngunn, during the early years of the New Republic. The engine systems were upgraded, and the weapons system replaced with a trio of quad-laser cannons and four aft-mounted concussion missile launchers. Clyngunn also added a military-grade countermeasures package and a number of scan-shielded smuggling compartments. The Barloz-class ship was designed to be operated by a pilot and co-pilot, but Clyngunn hated company around, so he modified an R3-series astromech to silently help him operate the ship. The Lady Sunfire had space enough for seventy metric tons of cargo, and could accommodate up to four passengers when necessary. (TTSB, GMR4)

Lady Telura
Moff Balfour's Thalassian luxury space barge. He was constantly tinkering with it. (GG9)

a small creature that is often served covered in chocolate as a snack or appetizer. (TJP)

Lady-class Luxury Liner
Shobquix Yards' luxury passenger liner, the Lady-class measures 310 meters in length and has a cargo capacity of 1,000 cubic meters. It was crewed by a complement of 12 officers, 24 crewers, and 81 stewards, and had room for 600 passangers in various staterooms. It carried enough consumables for a 300-day trip. It was equipped with 4 twin laser cannons and limited defensive shielding. (CSA, SWSB)

Laen Pieweto
this Chiss poacher made a living on the planet Kashyyyk, during the height of the New Order, by hunting and killing some of the planet's most dangerous - and most protected - species of animal life. (SWGAL)

this woman, a native of the planet Bakura, was Malinza Thanas' aunt. She raised Malinza herself, after the deaths of Pter Thanas and his wife, Gaeriel Captison, orphaned Malinza. (FH2)

this alien race is characterized by its thick accent. (SOP)

Laerron Woern
this Elomin pirate was known to indiscriminately raid Imperial and Alliance vessels, as well as civilian vessels, from a base in the Drup's Star System. After the Battle of Endor, he began focusing his effort on New Republic ships. His actions were considered disgraceful by the leaders of Elomin society, who placed a 10,000-credit bounty on his head. His base is a large planetoid known as Woern's Asteroid, and his command ship is a modified Gamma-class assault shuttle. At the height of his influence, Woern commanded over 200 different pirates of all species. (WBC)

the Alliance maintained a drop point at the primary spaceport on this planet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ14)

this was the Mandalorian term for 'home', although it could be used to indicate anywhere that a being was currently staying. (KOTOR)

this Corellian Engineering Corporation light attack fighter measured 12 meters in length, and was armed with a pair of laser cannons. It was built by Republic Engineering Corporation in a unique agreement with CEC. The LAF-250 was a fast, maneuverable craft, but its light armament makes it an easy target for a large attack force. The LAF-250 was equipped with a Class-2 hyperdrive. (CTD)

Laffer, Dek
this man was a Staff Sergeant in the Alliance military, and served as the welcoming officer at outpost DVL-181 during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (HAS)

Lafoe, Garouf
this free-trader started his own business transporting ice from Ohann and Adriana for use as water on Tatooine. He made a good living until the Empire began cracking down on free trade and raised taxes and tariffs on imports. (CCG2)

Laforn District
this residential section of Corint City was populated primarily by non-human races. It was the location of several well-known restaurants run by the alien inhabitants. (SWJ10)

this planet, which had a wide variety of terrain, was the homeworld of the Lafrarians. The planet also produced a talented smashball team during the New Republic. (HSE, COJ, AE)

an alien race. Could this simply refer to the Lafrarian race? (SOL)

the alien race native to Lafra, these gray-skinned humanoids were descended from a species of avians, and retained vestigial wing membranes under their arms. However, they no longer have the ability to fly. Lafrarians also had a facial structure which resembled a beak, and was made entirely of externalized cartilage. (HSE, CSA, AE)

this was the state capital of the planet Ord Tiddell. The stone mite infestation which destroyed much of the planet was believed to have originated in Lagabee, just prior to the Battle of Geonosis. (HNN5)

Lagarian, Gudren
this Kooroo pilgrim traveled to Gelgelar with Honarius Hanast, but was killed upon arrival after discovering Dorius Devin's true nature. (PSPG)

Lagartoz War Dragon
originally native to the planet Basilisk, Lagartoz War Dragons were exported to Mandalore in the wake of the Mandallian Campaigns. These vicious reptiles were believed to be a unique species, until scientists discovered that the War Dragons were actually descendants of the Basiliskans who were captured by the Mandalorians many millennia after the Battle of Basilisk. Lagartoz War Dragons were therefore quite intelligent, and could be trained as steeds or pets. Their huge claws were used to attack the enemies of the Mandalorians, while the wings of the beast allowed it to maneuver during aerial combat. (SWI80)

this Doctor of Physics was in charge of the physics lab at the Imperial outpost on Lotide, during the Galactic Civil War. (BI)

Lago, Ian
this young boy was the son of Kun Lago, and was about the same age as Amidala. He was deeply in love with her, despite the fact that he had never actually met her. He set out to meet her, and, in fact, became good friends with Amidala. A simple romance blossomed, much to the dismay of Ian's father, who had been trying to blame Veruna's problems on Amidala herself. Kun disowned Ian, who fled his father's house to warn Amidala of Kun's treachery. After King Veruna abdicated the throne and Amidala was elected Queen, she was forced to expose Veruna's dealings and destroy the political career of Kun Lago. Ian hoped that she would return his love, but Amidala had already made her decision to devote her life to the people of Naboo. Distraught, Ian hired himself out to a starship captain and fled Naboo. (T5)

Lago, Kun
this man was the primary advisor to King Veruna of Naboo. It was Lago, along with Senator Palpatine, who began advising Veruna to make offworld alliances. When word of Veruna's shady off-world dealings began to leak out, Kun Lago publically denounced Amidala, hoping to deflect attention from Veruna by blaming the young girl for the problems. When Kun learned that his son, Ian, was in love with Amidala, he went into a furious rage and disowned Ian. After Veruna abdicated and replaced by Queen Amidala, Lago's political career was ruined and he was forced into poverty. (T5)

Keyan Farlander's commanding officer onboard the cruiser Independence. (XW)

LaGrange Point
this was one of the trailing spaceports found in orbit aroudn Nar Shaddaa, where inbound starships could collect in a holding pattern until obtaining clearance to land elsewhere. (TF)

Lagula Cave
podracers who took part in the Boonta Eve Classic had to pass through this low-ceilinged cave in order to complete a circuit around the Mos Espa Circuit racecourse. It was rumored that a krayt dragon inhabited the caves, giving the area a frightening reputation. Note that this area of the Mos Espa Circuit is named Laguna Caves in Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Episode I. (RAC, IWE1)

Lahara Sector
this area of the galaxy's Outer Rim, consisting of 245 inhabited worlds, seceded from the Old Republic shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. Lahara Sector was known for its agricultural output. (HNN5)

this was another name for the flower-fruit plant, native to the planet Dagobah. (WSW)

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