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this was one of the many worlds that were colonized by the Zabrak. (GCG)

this air-cutter was one of the many supply ships maintained by the Exocron Airfleet. During the unification wars which occured shortly before the Battle of Yavin, Horzao Darr commanded the Loristar on several relief runs that kept the government of Exocron fighting against the various factions that opposed it. (KO)

Lorle, Ace
a small, slimy-looking human, Ace is the owner of the Clubs on Demophon. He was a cut-rate parasite who would do just about anything for a credit. He supposedly turned in his own grandmother for a reward from the Empire. One of his front teeth has been replaced with a neutronium implant. (SN)

Lormar 23
this Lormar-class refinery station was one of two such stations deployed by the Lant Mining Corporation to the Mangez System of Brak Sector, during the height of the New Order. (FBS)

Lormar-class Refinery Station
developed and manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards, this 2000-meter-across space station was designed to be a mobile deep-space metal and mineral ore refining outpost. It was manned by a crew of 5,000, with space for up to 1,000 visitors. When fully operational, a Lormar-class station could accommodate one million metric tons of raw and refined ore. These stations were the desired solution whenever the construction of planetside facilities was cost-prohibitive, as an inactive station could be moved into position in a short period of time. In order to travel between systems, the Lormar-class was equipped with a Class-10 hyperdrive. (FBS)

Lorn, Chiara
this was the alias used by Mara Jade when she sought employment with the Houk Gorb Drig on Phorliss. (MJEH)

Lorn, Treun
this man worked as an assistant to Doctor Kinesworthy during the height of the New Order. They were dispatched to Kashyyyk to discover a way to augment the already-impressive strength of the Wookiee race by using cybernetic replacements. Although Kinesworthy was loyal to the Empire, the necessity of experimenting on Wookiees was never fully explained, and he chose to leak certain information to Wookiee leaders outside of the Imperial compound. He also procrastinated in his work, rarely having any success and never making a major breakthrough. Before long, a group of Wookiees attacked the compound at which Kinesworthy and Lorn were working, and neither was ever seen again. (SWGAL)

Lorn, Valis
this minor crimelord rose to power on the planet Andasala. He started his career as a local con artist who succeeded in a series of scams against the Empire and, later, the New Republic. His success earned him a loyal following on Andasala, a planet whose natives had little use for either government. When the Imperial governot of the planet died, Lorn assumed control of the planet by using his underworld connections to establish a base of power. He contracted with the Mantis Syndicate to keep the peace through the employment of mercenary forces, and invited the Hutts to use the planet in exchange for monetary repayment. He developed a loyal following among the youth of the planet, and continued to grow in power and support during the early years of the New Republic. (GG11)

Loro Babis
this star was the central body of the Loro Babis System. (TOJC)

Loro Ecls
this enterprising Sullustan managed the Gelgelar Free Port, with help from his extensive family, at the height of the Galactic Civil War. He had little support for the Alliance, and was unaware of his sister, Nofre's, involvement with them. Loro was also wanted by the SoroSuub Cororation for several crimes involoving smuggling and space-jacking, so he was rarely seen in public. (SWJ14, PSPG)

Loro, Elscol
a fiery red-head, Elscol led the resistance on Cilpar following the death of her husband, Throm. Elscol also was the inheritor of Groznik's life-debt to Throm, and together they joined the Cilpar resistance following the Battle of Yavin. Elscol continued to work toward ridding the planet of the Empire after the Battle of Endor. She later received help from Rogue Squadron in driving the Imperials off the planet. Her abilities as a pilot earned her a position in Rogue Squadron, and she was part of the team sent to Mrlsst to obtain the Phantom cloaking device. Following Groznik's death on Rorax Falken's asteroid lab, Elscol became moody and chafed at Wedge Antilles' command. During the battle for Eidolon Base, Elscol single-handedly took out the Victory-class Star Destroyer Harrow, against Wedge's orders. The two reached an agreement in which Wedge gave Elscol an honorary discharge, while Elscol received some of the Eidolon weapons cache for use in building an elite liberation army. She hired Sixtus Quin and his soldiers as par t of her new army, and developed guerilla techniques used to remove Imperial forces from power during the New Republic's early years. She worked to remain just outside the Republic's jurisdiction, and was able to assist Rogue Squadron during the Bacta War by infiltrating Thyferra's ground-based defenses. As the Battle of Thyferra moved toward becoming a victory for the Rogues, Elscol and Iella Wessiri captured Fliry Vorru as he tried to escape the destruction. Elscol tried to shoot him, but Iella wanted Vorru to surrender. He agreed, but Elscol shot him in the throat. However, Iella had set her weapon to stun so that he could be tried of rhis crimes. (XWRS, XWPA, XWBT, BW)

Loro, Throm
a native of the planet Cilpar, Throm was married to Elscol. As a member of the Alliance, Throm participate in the liberation of a number of aliens being held at an Imperial base on Endor. One of the beings that was freed was the Wookiee, Groznik. Groznik was about to be executed when Throm rescued him. Groznik returned the favor by initiating a life-debt to Throm. After the two returned to Cilpar, Throm led the resistance there until he was killed in an Imperial raid on one of the Resistance's hideouts. (XWRS)

Loroan, Snoke
a Corellian pilot who once made the trip from Yavin 4 to Bespin in 15 standard time parts. This was a full 3 parts less than the average 18 it usually takes to make that trip. He was killed in the Battle of Endor. (LCJ)

this planet was the site of the Loronar Corporation shipyards (ISU)

Loronar Corporation
best-known as the manufacturers of the Strike-class capital ship, Loronar was known for its corporate mentality of manufacturing anything that would turn them a profit. It's double-moon logo proclaimed "All the finest - all the first." After the institution of the New Order, Loronar declalred itself in support of the Empire, and it never lost its lack of trust for the Alliance, even after the Battle of Endor. Headquartered in the Meridian Sector, Loronar attempted to gain power after the Battle of Endor by first sowing political unrest throughout the New Republic, then allying itself with the droch Dzym and Seti Ashgad. It was believed that Loronar's leadership was behind the riots on Ampliquen and the coup on King's Galquek. Their relations led to the development CCIR technology and the production of synthdroids and Needles. The corporation produced synthdroids at a manufacturing facility on one of Carosi XII's moons. Later, after being severely reprimanded by the New Republic Senate, Loronar turned its attention to droid production methods, including the development of the Self-Regulating Droidmaker. (ISB, HTTE, COTF, POT, SWI75)

Loronar Defense Industries
this division of the Loronar Corporation was established to design and manufacture starship weapons systems. (NEGW)

Loronar Medium Transport
this transport ship was designed and manufactured by Loronar Corporation before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. It measured 75 meters from stem to stern, required a crew of four, and could carry up to ten passengers and 17,000 metric tons of cargo. The medium transport had a basic hyperdrive system, with a low-grade backup. The medium transport was awkward and bulky, but was also very reliable. (GMH)

this toxic, rocky world was the third planet in the Chandrila System. It was orbited by a single moon. (CCW)

this Tahlbooreanm phrase translates to "come home soon." (DRPC)

a city on the planet Dosha, Lorpfan was located amid a vast desert. (SWJ4)

this membrane-like material was a piece of Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology, although its exact nature and usefulness was not known. (FP)

this was the largest species of creature to inhabit the plains of Ansion. Standing taller than two full-grown suubatars, and weighing more than four suubatars together, the average lorqual individual had six massive legs and six horny toes on each foot. Three toes faced forward while the other three faced rearward, providing the lorqual with firm footing to support their immense bulk. The head of the lorqual was made of thick bone, and was studded with six bony knobs. Lorquals had poor eyesight, and relied on their sense of smell to alter them to danger. Their bodies were covered with stiff, brown fur, giving them a bristly appearance. (APS)

this planet, located in the Allied Tion sector, the inhabitants of Lorrad were enslaved early in the history of the galaxy and remained in servitude throughout the history of the Tion. Much of the population was put to work in heavy-machinery factories, producing anything from tools to speeders. (ML, GORW)

Lorrad Flightworks
this vehicle manufacturer produced several versions of copters, including the H-12, which were used throughout the Tion Cluster as taxis and transports. (GORW)

this man worked as a spaceport controller on the planet Beheboth, during the early years of the New Republic. (PH)

this planet orbited very near to its sun, and it therefore subjected to large amounts of solar radiation. It's human inhabitants adapted to this harsh environment over the generations, developing extremely dark skin and eyes. The planet was bombed form orbit and enslaved by warriors from nearby Argazda, during the Kanz Disorders. The Lorrdians were forced to further adapt in order to survive. (HSR, CSA)

this was one of the major cities found on the planet Lorrd. (SWDB)

the genetically human inhabitants of Lorrd, the Lorrdians were subjugated by the Argazdans during the Kanz Disorders. They were forbidden to speak, sing, or use other vocal communication while enslaved, and so they developed a complex form of sign language known as "kinesic communication." Rather than speaking out loud, Lorrdians learned to use subtle movements of the body, hands and face to communicate. They became adept mimics, and even after being liberated by the Jedi Knights and an Old Republic task force, they continued to use the non-verbal communication. Their mimicry earned them positions in a number of entertainment industries. (HSR, AE, EGA)

Lorrdian Gemstone
this was the generic term used to describe any gemstone that was native to the planet Lorrd, but that was imbued with the power of the Force by an ancient Lorrdian. The few Force-sensitive Lorrdians who survived the Kanz Disorders gave these stones the power to help an individual understand their opponent. A few Jedi Knights, in the wake of the Great Sith War, used Lorrdian gemstones as focusing crystals in their lightsabers. (KOTOR2)

Lorrin, Jace
this dark-skinned man served as a Viceprex in the Corporate Sector Authority, during the years following the Battle of Yavin. Lorrin was secretly trying to overthrow the current ExO. (RESB)

this Imperial Colonel threw in his lot with Prince-Admiral Krennel, after Krennel defected from Imperial service after the Battle of Endor. Lorrir served as a Lieutenant as part of the 181st Imperial Fighter Group which was garrisoned at Brentaal IV, shortly before it was taken by the New Republic. Later, Lorrir was re-assigned to a post on the Reckoning, and was assigned to train Krennel's fighter pilots. Lorrir was a supporter of Lon Isoto, and firmly believed that Soontir Fel had betrayed the Empire at Brentaal instead of Isoto. Lorrir himself was a mediocre pilot, as demonstrated when Antar Roat's Requiem Squadron trained with Lorri's forces prior to Krennel's planned assault on Coruscant. Lorrir was placed in command of the Requiem ships, which were ordered to fly on his orders. When Krennel sounded a battle alarm, Roat - who was actually Wedge Antilles, and was on Ciutric to bring down the planet's shields to allow the New Republic to defeat the Prince-Admiral - knocked Lorrir cold and took his uniform. This allowed him to delay the launch of Requiem's fighters, giving them a chance to avoid the major battle while trying to knock out the planet's defenses. Lorrir was tapped by the clone of Ysanne Isard to pilot a shuttle away from Ciutric, in an effort make Rogue Squadron believe she was in it. Mimicking the scheme the real Isard used to escape Thyferra, the clone sent relayed communications through the shuttle's comm systems while Lorrir fled the planet. However, Wedge recognized Lorrir's tendency to side-slip his ship to avoid being hit by enemy fire and destroyed the shuttle. Lorrir was killed when it plowed into the Daplona River and disintegrated. (IR)

Lorrir, Kandise
this woman was Colonel Lorrir's wife. She was a typical Imperial wife, worried more about appearances and social politics than the world around her. (IR)

this searing ball of rock was the innermost planet of the Duro System. It was orbited by a single moon. (CCW)

Lorshan Pass
this rugged mountain pass was located on the planet Haruun Kal. During the Summertime War, the Korunnai maintained their primary base in the heart of the Lorshan Pass, which offered them a clear area in which to establish a communications facility. (SHPT)

Lorso, Jana
this woman worked as an executive for the Czerka Corporation, and was based at the corporation's location on Citadel Station during the years following the Jedi Civil War. Lorso was known by the Telos Security Force to have been working with all manner of criminals, using them to advance her own position and the needs of Czerka itself. When Batono betrayed Czerka and told the TSF about the corporation's dealings, Lorso hired a group of thugs to kill the traitor. They were unable to complete the mission, however, as they were defeated in combat by The Exile. (KOTOR2)

this Mid Rim world was believed to have been the homeworld of the Lortan race. (WOTC)

this expansionist race, native to the planet Lorta, sent a battle fleet into twelve systems and wiped out every planet it encountered, including the Jiroch System. This extermination of life was known as the Reslian Purge. They were finally stopped by an Imperial fleet about ten years before the Battle of Yavin. It's members believed that a man-hutt would someday sweep evil from the galaxy. (GG12, MBF, WOTC)

this Chief Technician was the manager of the IG-88 development project at Holowan Laboratories. An ugly, bald-shaven woman with large gaps between her teeth, Loruss had tinted lenses implanted into her eye-sockets to assist her failing vision. She admitted to Imperial Supervisor Gurdun that the schedules imposed by the Empire for the IG-88 project didn't leave them much time to test the prototypes. She was the second person killed in the labs when IG-88 suddenyl gained sentience, when the droid reflected her laser blast back at her. (TBH)

this was one of the more common Kel Dor surnames. Its meaning translated into Basic as "driver" or "pilot". (GCG)

Lorz Geptun
this near-human male was one of the most powerful members of the Balawai society on Haruun Kal, during the height of the Clone Wars. He was distinguished by his bluish, translucnet skin and his aluminum-colored hair. Despite his Balawai allegiance, Geptun's grandfather was actually a Korun. Because Geptun wanted to appear more powerful than he was, he simply ignored this fact when discussing his lineage with others. However, something of his Korunnai heritage remained in Geptun, as evidenced by the fact that he kept the name of the ghosh. When Mace Windu arrived on Haruun Kal to locate Depa Billaba, Geptun had him captured and brought in for questioning. Despite the obvious reward being offered by the Separatists for the capture of a Jedi, Geptun really wanted to eliminate the guerilla threat posed by Master Billaba. After accepting a bribe of 3,000 credits from Windu, Geptun allowed him to go free, provided that he locate and remove Billaba. Unknown to Master Windu, Geptun had taken his lightsaber and placed a transmitter inside the handle, hoping that the Jedi would lead him to the heart of the Upland Liberation Front. Windu discovered the transmitter only after located Master Billaba, and sent his militia into the mountains to destroy them. Geptun believed that he had finally defeated the Jedi and won the freedom of the Balawai, until Master Windu launched an unexpected assault on Pelek Baw, in an effort to reach the Separatists' droid control center. Instead of accepting the Jedi's surrender, Geptun was captured and forced to surrender to Master Windu. Geptun then turned over the codes to the droid control system, allowing the forces of the Old Republic to defeat the Separatist forces. With the end of the Summertime War at hand, Geptun decided to enlist with the Army of the Republic. With a letter of recommendation from Master Windu, Geptun gladly accepted a posting with the Intelligence division. (SHPT)

this Alliance Lieutenant was a supply officer who had to restock the Alliance bases after the losses at Derra IV. She was on a tight schedule to get the Hoth base supplied, and normal supply chains were ignoring her requests because of recent Imperial victories over the Alliance. She decided to create a droid to help her locate supplies as a commodities broker. She took a standard M-3PO droid and modified its programming, adding a brokering chip and some scrounging subroutines. She buried the routines under code-phrase activation, so that only a precise series of vocal commands would activate them. This M-3PO droid was later known as Emtrey, and made its was to Rogue Squadron following the Battle of Endor. Losca, however, perished in the Battle of Hoth. (WG)

this archaic name was given to female Zabrak, although its original meaning was lost over time. (GCG)

this was one of the more common surnames used by the Duros people. Like all such names, Losh was used only for official business, to indicate one individual from another when in the presense of non-Duros. This name literally meant "peace warden". (GCG)

this was one of the most popular names for babies, during the year leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

Losron, Kinakt
this man was a former employee of Kiharaphor Engineering, but was drafted into the Empire when Mof Sarne started working with the DarkStryder device. However, Losron was unable to determine how the device worked. Sarne declared him incompetent and sent him to the Q'Maere detention facility. While in the prison, he befriended Lowen Chase and was an integral part of the planning of the riots which freed the prisoners. Once aboard the FarStar with Chase, Losron became instrumental in leading the mutiny which swept the ship. Losron and Corla Unser took control of Engineering, but were unable to secure the ship because of its cobbled-together state. (KR)

a large sea creature native to Varn. (HSR)

Lost City of the Jedi
a hidden, underground city found on Yavin Four, the Lost City of the Jedi was created long ago by the Jedi Knights. Its entrance is formed by a 2-meter cylinder of green marble hidden deep in the rain forests of the moon. The exact location of the entrance was kept secret by the Jedi, although the existence of the City has been known for years. Kadann even knew the City existed, but he never found the exact location. Once the circle of marble is opened, a tube-shaped transport descends to the city itself, which was a technological marvel of its day. The Jedi Library is located in the City, the storehouse of all the greatest Jedi lore and knowledge. In order to preserve the secret of the City and its location, the ancient Jedi programmed droids to guard and protect it. These droids were the only residents of the City until the Jedi Knights hid the boy Ken there, for safe keeping until he could emerge as a Jedi. The City was eventualy damaged in the battles between Trioculus and the New Republic, and was shut down and cut off. (LCJ, EGC)

Lost Coaster Amusement Park
this amusement park was located along the banks of Lake Joko, on the northern edge of the High Town district of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. (GORW)

Lost Hope
this decrepit freighter was used by Corran Horn to infiltrate the planet Garqi, in order avoid being detected by the Yuuzhan Vong who controlled the planet. The ship was barely spaceworthy, but that only served to deepen the illusion of the ship's destruction in the atmosphere over Garqi. Corran and his team flew the Lost Hope to Garqi, then sent out an SOS before detonating the ship. Within its holds, Corran had stowed a small shuttle, the Best Chance, in which he and his Noghri guard rode until the Lost Hope exploded. The shuttle then drifted down to the surface of Garqi. (DTR)

Lost Lady
this starship was owned by Vir Nurb, and was used to make regular runs between Nal Hutta and the planet's primary moon, Nar Shaddaa. Nothing more than an old Ubrikkian Dartiss-5 Caravel space barge, the Lost Lady carried passengers and cargo as a front for the transport of illegal substances between the two worlds. Vir Nurb avoided any entanglements with the Hutts by paying the appropriate bribes. The Lost Lady was armed with four turret-mounted turbolaser cannons and four concussion missile launchers. During the early years of the New Order, Deggar Feps tried to escape from Sottos the Hutt aboard the Lost Ladt. Her crew managed to fend off several bounty hunters who were trying to destroy the ship and claim the bounty on Deggar Feps, thanks in part to the freelance mercenaries who were trying to assist Feps and his escape. (WOTC)

Lost Loves Casino
this gambling house was located on Phyrstal Island, on Abregado-Rae. Despite its location, the Lost Loves Casino had a run-down appearance. (ND)

Lost Nest
this was the term used by the various hives of the Colony to describe the Killik hive that eventually settled on Alderaan, around the time of the formation of the Old Republic. (DN1)

Lost Ones
a gang of misfits and bullies living under the cities of Coruscant, the Lost Ones were one of Zekk's rivals for freedom underground. The Lost Ones painted grafitti to mark their territory, and their symbol - a cross inside a triangle - was the primary marking. When Zekk was kidnapped by Tamith Kai, his incredible sensitivity to the Force prompted Kai and the leaders of the Shadow Academy to return to Coruscant and capture the Lost Ones gang. Those with Force-sensitivity were given training in the use of the Dark Side, while others were given training as stormtroopers or other military positions. Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka tried to stop the abduction of the Lost Ones, but were stunned before they could help. (LO)

Lost Promise
this song, written and played by the band Deeply Religious, was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. It first appeared on the compilation Emperor of Air and Darkness. (GG9)

Lost Reef
this DeepWater-class light freighter was purchased by the antiquities dealer Saell-Terae, who used it to map out vast areas of the Unknown Regions. Saell-Terae replaced the Mon Calamari life support systems with a non-aquatic environment, and upgraded the ship's defenses and weapons. The single laser turret was replaced with a quad-laser turret, and four torpedo launchers were concealed in the bow. Saell-Terae even replaced the stock sensors with a military-grade package. In the end, however, Saell-Terae was believed to have run afoul of Admiral Thrawn, when the Admiral was trying to obtain rare statues produced by an alien civilization. He was forced to abandon the Lost Reef in order to make off with the statues, and he spent much of his life trying to find the ship again. The Lost Reef was eventually found near Elrood. (SS)

Lost Treasure of Boro-borosa
this legend, popular during the early decades of the New Republic, claimed that a vast treasure trove was hidden in the deepest depths of space. No one ever found it, however. (FH1)

Lost Twenty, The
this was the term used by the Jedi Order to describe the twenty Knights who voluntarily left the Order to pursue their own agendas. The Order itself chose to remember the Lost Twenty by constructing bronzium busts of each former Jedi, as both a reminder of their honor and the regret at their departure. (HNN5, E3N)

Lost Voices
this song, written and played by the band Red Shift Limit, was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. It first appeared on the compilation Dangerous Dreams. (GG9)

Lost, The
this was the name given to those children who were native to Cularin, but for any number of reasons had slipped through the cracks of society's agenda. The Lost were not central to any one city, but were common across the planet. They lived in abandoned warehouses and other hidden areas, and were often led by one or more charismatic individuals who worked diligently to give these children a chance to rise from their isolation. Many of these children were abandoned by travelers or dumped by slavers moving through the Cularin System, but there was a large number who simply ran away from home. Lora Nadad, one of the champions working for The Lost, estimated that there were between 1,500 and 2,000 children who fit this class during the years following the Battle of Naboo. (WOTC)

this snow-white, fluffy humanoid vamp was a frequent passenger on the Kuari Princess. She hung around Xerrol's Place, looking for short romances during each cruise. (RM)

Lot 452
this fortified compound, located on the planet Ukio, served as the base of operations for the ThunderForce mercenary unit during the Galactic Civil War. It was located in a rural area, well away from the nearest city, which had been controlled by crimelord Granz Niiliisi. The local government requested that the ThunderForce unit remove Niiliisi from power, and turned a blind eye to their activities after Niiliisi was exiled. (HAS)

this Aramandi akia was known for its conservative approach to life. It was not uncommon for members of the Lota clan to debate for hours on end, ensuring that they were fully informed of all aspects of a situation before making a decision. (AE)

Lota System
this planetary system, located in Brak Sector, was located in the restricted Aramand Cluster. (FBS)

this Rodian bounty hunter was working for an Imperial admiral, when the admiral offered him the opportunity to have a variety of cybernetic implants placed in his body instead of being paid in hard credits. Never one to overlook a chance to gain an advantage over his competition, Lotas agreed to be implanted, even though the admiral was doing it to help further several corporations in which he held stock. Over time, much of Lotas' physical body was replaced with mechanical parts, and he came to detest the "frailties of the flesh." Lotas eventually went to work for Ploovo Two-for-One, serving as part of his Protocol Team, where he became friends with HN-TR1 and EV-4D9. (AIR)

this small corporations produced power generators for starships, and they supplied a number of components to the Corellian Engineering Corporation. (SWJ5)

this planet is the native world of the primordial rubygrub cyst, which is an organocrystalline lifeform. (GG2)

Lothan Twi'lek
see Lethan Twi'lek (LEV)

this Jenet was employed as a servant by Bwahl the Hutt. Bwahl preferred to call Lothka "Jen," a nickname barely tolerated by Lothka. (EGA)

much of this planet was covered with swamps, which helped keep the Imperial installation on the planet away from prying eyes. On Lotide, the Empire established a weapons research and development lab. (BI)

this substance is often used by crimelords to keep their subordinates from revealing too much information if arrested or captured. By itself, lotiramine is harmless. However, when it interacts with certain interrogation drugs, such as skirtopanol, the combination induces chemical amnesia. If too much of one or the other is taken or administered, the prisoner can die of the chemical interaction, which can take the form of severe convulsions or internal hemorraging. (XWN, KT)

Loto, Aimi
this woman was one of the Alliance's most unusual saboteurs, in that she worked exclusively with droids and avoided human contact whenever possible. Many felt that she avoided human contact after her mother, M'lay Loto, suddenly disappeared. Aimi wore her black hair long and braided, as a way to maintain a connection to her mother. Aimi worked with an droid assistant known as Blockhead. The droid's identification was MdZ-BLK, and he joined Aimi of his own free will. Together, they worked in an area only a short time in order to avoid capture, but their efforts were highly efficient. Aimi, who wore a black-plated blast helmet to hide her appearance, strongly believed that droids should have rights like any other being. This belief was maintained despite the fact that she used droids as her personal saboteurs, programming them to operate for up a year in Imperial labor pools before they malfunctioned. These malfunctions often resulted in destroyed computer records or incredible explosions. (CRO)

Loto, M'lay
this strong-willed woman was Aimi Loto's mother. Her sudden disappearance caused Aimi to retract from human contact. (CRO)

Lotor, Mak
this young Jedi Padawan was part of the task force dispatched to the planet Jabiim, during the height of the Clone Wars. Like many of the students who were forced into battle, Mak lost his Master to the Jabiimite rebels. At the time, Mak was the most educated of the Padawans, and the closest to passing the Jedi Trials. However, this did not exempt him from experiencing the horrors of battle, especially after his Master was among the dead during the first month of the conflict on Jabiim. His anguish was diminished partly because of his live for Kass. When the surviving Padawans banded together in an effort to stop the advance of Alto Stratus, Kass and Mak fought bravely for four days before cornering Stratus on the battlefield. Although Stratus injured Mak's shoulder, Kass managed to severe Stratus' right leg before a Hailfire droid fired its rockets at the Jedi. Before they could finish Stratus off, Mak and Kass were killed in a fiery explosion. (RBJ)

this Bothan was a noted demolitions expert who worked for the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. (GUN)

Lott Dod
this Neimoidian was the Trade Federation's primary representative in the Old Republic's Galactic Senate. Dod was one of two members of the Federation, along with Nute Gunray, who survived the Nebula Front's assassination attempt at the taxation forum on Eriadu, about a year before the Battle of Naboo. During the time when the Federation protested the taxation of trade routes by blockading the planet of Naboo, Lott Dod maintained his position that the blockade was a perfectly legal response to the Republic's actions. However, when Queen Amidala of Naboo petitioned for a vote of no-confidence in Chancellor Valorum's ability to control the Republic, it was Lott Dod who opposed an immediate vote. He was overruled by a popular majority. Years later, during the build-up to the Battle of Geonosis and the Clone Wars, Lott Dod was assigned to assist Nute Gunray in his negotiations with Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Lott Dod was acted by Silas Carson, and his voice was provided by Toby Longworth in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. (SW1, TPM, IS1, IG1, COD, SWI77)

Lott Niss
this was an alias used by the agents of Brevis Taug and the Thanda clan to arrange the dropoff of funds. Taug secretly bankrolled much of the Thanda clan's slaving operations, and the dropoff was performed at the Junction Port Grand Terminal. While the parties never met one another, they were directed to a specific location whenever the public address announcer paged Lott Niss. The page explained that Lott Niss was to meet his party at a specific location, giving each party information about who to look for. For example, "Paging Lott Niss, paging Rodian passenger Lott Niss. Please meet your party of two humans at the Great Stair." (WOA26)

Lott, Arndall
a native of Kwenn and an Imperial General, Lott created his own private empire following the Battle of Endor. He joined the Imperial Army immediately after graduating from the Academy, and served under the command of General Veers before being promoted to General and taking command of Walker Operations and Tactics training on Jardeen IV. He was given credit for developing the first automated Imperial war machines, after he successfully slaved together several AT-AT walkers and placed them under the control of a single pilot. His theories and designs were later used on the TIE/D automated fighter. After the Battle of Endor, Lott left Jardeen IV and joined forces with Captain Iolan Gendarr. (DESB, WBC)

Loture, Jesra
this man served as the Captain of the Blue Guard, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

this Balawai man was one of many how joined the local militia to protect Pelek Baw from Korunnai attack, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. When Jedi Master Mace Windu led an assault to capture the city some six months after the Battle of Geonosis, Lou and his partner managed to apprehende the Jedi as he tried to reach the bunker in which the Separatists' droid control center was located. When his partner opted to let Master Windu continue on his mission in order to stop the war, Lou reluctantly agreeing to let the Jedi go. (SHPT)

this was a portable device used to amplify a person's voice. (HSL)

this man lived with his nephew, Elam, on the planet Taris, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. Louie was descended from a family on Alderaan, and was responsible for teaching Elam how to fire a blaster. (KOTOR)

this man served as one of the Corporate Sector Authority's executives, overseeing the activities on the planet Bonadan during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was discovered that Lounha had actually been negotiating with the alien invaders, hoping to spare the CSA and remain neutral during the conflict. (EOV, GMR9)

this remote planet was marginally controlled by the Empire, which deemed the world too far-removed to warrant a full garrison. (SWJ10)

this beautiful young woman was a near-human Princess. From a species with thin limbs and tall, pointed ears, Lourdes was left parentless when Lord Gar-Oth murdered her parents in an effort to take control of her planetoid. Gar-Oth then forced Lourdes to marry him, in an effort to legitimize his rule. Lourdes refused, and accepted the help of Yoshi Raph-Elan in freeing her people. Lourdes then revealed that she had been trained to wield a sword by her father, and agreed to try and kill Gar-Oth while Yoshi was locked in combat with The Goliath droid. However, Gar-Oth caught her and began to strangle her. Only timely intervention of her servant Skeeter allowed Lourdes a chance to drive a sword into the crimelords' chest. It was later discovered that Lourdes herself was The Foreseen, after her defeat of Gar-Oth was made public. She then asked Yoshi to grow up and return to her, as she had begun to fall in love with him. (SWS)

Love in the Ruins
this song, written and played by the band Red Shift Limit, first appeared on the compilation Totally Patriotic. It was an instrumental song. (GG9)

Love Is Waiting
this was the title of one of the holofeatures Sonniod brought to Han Solo on Kamar, during the early years of the New Order. It was a sweeping musical that followed the adventures of a wayward hero, whose travels were highlighted by well-choreographed dance numbers set to a soaring musical score. The film offended the Kamarian Badlanders who had been watching Varn, World of Water. They believed that they had been offering up payment in return for the ability to fantasize about a planet where water was abundant, unlike Kamar. The Kamarians tore down Han's holotheater and forced him off the planet after seeing just the opening scenes of Love is Waiting. (HSR)

Lovech, Rexis
this insane old man was the controller of Darknon Station at the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was mentally unbalanced, and often required spacers to enter a holding pattern before allowing them to dock at the station, even when all bays were empty and there was no other traffic. Rexis was also known to throw a spacer out of a docking bay at a moment's notice, claiming that he needed the bay for the next customer, although the space surrounding the station was empty. Lovech sometimes forgot to pressurize the docking bay for an incoming starship, leaving the bay open to space. Rexis dressed in a worn-out uniform from some forgotten military force, and he was always fidgeting with some tool or object. He carried a blaster on his hip, but there was rarely a power pack in it. (PSPG)

Lovely Carrion Flightknife
when Wedge Antilles and Red Flight were set up by Tomer Darpen on Adumar, their starfighters were impounded in the hangar of this this Adumari flight group. (SOA)

Lovers' Conflict, The
this was the name given to the period during Elrood's orbit when its two moons, Sharene and Lodos, are on opposite sides of the sky. For many unknown reasons, this period is marked by an increase in the number of violent crimes committed on Elrood. (PG3)

Lovers' Dilemma, The
this mixed-media piece of art, created from a mood chamber and a holographic painting, was created by the noted Elrood Sector artist Walls. It was proudly displayed in the office of the Professiona Artists Guild located in the Perma of the Elrood Bazaar. (PG3)

Lovers' Embrace, The
this was the name given to the period of Elrood's orbit when its two moons, Sharene and Lodos, and within a handspan of each other. This period is considered to be the best time to become engaged or married, and many romantic holidays are scheduled around this time. (PG3)

Lovers, The
this abstract sculpture was part of the collection maintained in the Galactic Museum by the Empire, during the height of the New Order. It resembled a pair of twisted, convoluted ribbons, and evoked strong sexual images to many viewers. (MBF)

Lovers, The
this was name used by the Yuuzhan Vong to describe Yun-Q'aah and Yun-Txiin. They were often depicted as the enemies of the Twin Gods, Yun-Harla and Yun-Yammka, and were considered the main allies of Yun-Ne'Shel. (EVC, NJOSB)

Loveti Moth Fiber
this sheer, lightweight material is very expensive, and is used to create some of the galaxy's most beautiful dresses. (SE)

Lovett, Hesha
this woman, a Captain in the Hapan Navy, was the first to intercept Jaina Solo and the stolen Ksstarr, following the Second Battle of Coruscant. (DJ)

a drug dispensed in pill form used as an aphrodisiac. (TME)

this small droid manufacturer catered to the needs of the wealthy inhabitants of the Core. While the automata produced by Lovolan were made with high-quality materials and were extremely reliable, they were also prohbitively expensive to the common being. (FTD)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the prefix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "dutiful" or "honored", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

Low Bounce
developed by the members of Twin Suns Squadron and their leader, Jaina Solo, the Low Bounce maneuver involved the firing of a huge missle at a Yuuzhan Vong capital ship. This missile was formed from a durable metal pipe which filled two-thirds full of large ball bearings. The rear third of the missile was filled with plasma explosives. When the plasma exploded, the ball bearings were superheated and flung out forward of the missile, lodging themselves into the yorik coral of the Yuuzhan Vong ship. These superhot ball bearing were the equivalent in mass and temperature to a proton torpedo, and forced the dovin basals of the warship to continually adjust their defensive screening. This allowed a wave of actual proton torpedoes to follow the ball bearing to their target. It was the actual proton torpedoes that did the most damage, tearing huge chunks of already-struck yorik coral from the capital ship. The resulting organic damage was a mortal wound to the living Yuuzhan Vong ship, which died as it tried to heal itself. More often than not, the Yuuzhan Vong commander ordered the self-destruction of his own ship, rather than have the vessel captured by the New Republic. The Low Bounce operation served to heighten Jaina's appearance as Yun-Harla made incarnate, as its effectiveness forced many Yuuzhan Vong commanders to wonder how the ball bearings got through their defenses. (EL2)

Low, The
this was the collective term used to describe those members of Yrashu society who were tainted by the Dark Side of the Force. They were tolerated by others, but were considered delinquents and beings of low character. (SWJ2, AE)

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