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Leth Liav
this female Sullustan served as an X-Wing pilot in Rogue Squadron, during the struggle against the Yuuzhan Vong, in the wake of the Battle of Coruscant. She had been captured by the Yuuzhan Vong early in the war, then launched in an environment bubble into the atmosphere of Borleias in a gesture of cruelty and psychological warfare. Leth and several other members of her old squadron were rescued by Twin Suns Squadron, and offered the chance to join the fighter squadrons which protected Borleias. Her skills as a pilot were not quite up to the normal standards of Rogue Squadron, but she was willing to fly when the Rogues were short-handed. Leth served as Rogue Eight during her tenure with the squadron. (EL2)

Leth, Umak
Imperial engineer who designed the World Devastators and the Universal Energy Cage, among other weapons of mass destruction. He is a tall, heavy-set human with long, thin moustaches. (DE1, DE2)

this is the name given to the tall, thin offspring from the union of a human and a Kalai. The average lethago stood almost two meters tall, and had a bird-like face that was characterized by its jutting chin, sharp nose, and piercing eyes. Like the Kalai, the lethagoes were secretive, but more willing to venture out into the public areas of Zirtran's Anchor. It was believed that the lethagoes retained the ability of the Kalai to alter their shape or appearance, but this was never proven. (SWJ5)

Lethan Twi'lek
one of the lesser races of Twi'lek, the Lethan race of Twi'leks was distinguished by its deep, reddish skin color. (IG1)

this planet was known as the location of the Corporate Alliance's headquarters, during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (VD2)

this was the name used by the Chagrian species to describe the fleshy growths which hung down from the sides of their heads and draped over their shoulders. (IG1)

Lethos, Daxtorn
this man was a student at the Imperial Academy, until he disappeared without a trace a year before he was scheduled to graduate. He reappeared several years later, running high-technology weapons and illicit systems to a variety of criminal organizations. This eventually led his to take up the life of a bounty hunter, and he used a tiny holographic projector - hidden in his belt - to mask his appearance and enhance his chances of success. He often used the holograph device to appear as a dashing young man, keeping his aging appearance a secret. He traveled the galaxy in the INT-66 transport known as the Gorgon. (SWJ4)

Letter of Marque and Reprisal
this was the name of the contract developed by the Alliance to define the relationship between themselves and the privateers they employed to acquire supplies and harass Imperial convoys. Fleet command, Ordnance and Supply, and the Alliance's support services were allowed to issue letters of marque on behalf of the Alliance, although they were most often issued from Ordnance and Supply because that branch of the Alliance was closest to the project to employ privateers. (PP)

this tree, native to the planet Keedad, produced large red seeds that were covered with short spikes. The pods of the lettrani seeds were quite flexible, and would bounce a great distance when they fell from the tree. For this reason, the Keed used them as balls in the sport of lettranin. (CRO)

this sport originated on the planet Keedad, and developed from a game played by the Keed. They used the large, red fruits of the lettrani tree as a ball, and tried to deposit the fruit into a goal using mits and slings. Lettranin was played in a large arena, with two teams opposing each other. In many respects, lettranin was similar to shockball. (CRO)

this is the name given to the Tenloss Syndicate's governing council. (EGV)

this was a disease invented by Han Solo to help thwart the efforts of Roxi and Slug to capture the Jedi Master Eelysa while on Corellia. Pretending to be a doctor, Han claimed that the medical facility was being quarantined against the newly-discovered leuma, which appeared to be either an airborne virus or spore. (REC)

this was the shortened name of a noted Chiss individual. (UANT)

this was a series of law enforcement droids, produced by the Rseikharhl race during the height of the New Order. Protected by thick body armor and armed with a pair of blasters, the LE-V0 was known for its restraint in combat. Police records throughout the galaxy point this out, with more that 2,000 arrests having been made by LE-V0s without a single fatality. (FTD)

Levare, Dael
this young Corellian man was the son of one of Corellia's richest families during the early years of the New Order. He was engaged at one time to Bria Tharen, more from her mother's manipulations than from any sort of love. Bria broke off the engagement when she found Dael sneaking around with another woman, much to mother's dismay. When Bria returned to her family after becoming a pilgrim on Ylesia, her mother invited Dael over in order to show up Bria's new beau, Han Solo. It was Dael who recognized Han as Tallus Bryne, precipitating Bria and Han's flight from Corellia. (TPS)

this was a common name given to male Duros children. The name Levatt came from the term meaning "relentless" or "eager". (GCG)

Level Zip Ship
this was spacer's slang for a starship which was an easy target for theft, because it had very few - if any - security obstacles. (SWJ13)

Level-5 Space Station
this was a military-grade space station that was developed during the height of the New Order. (LAWS)

Leveler I
Bryn & Gweith's medium concussion missile launcher, this is a self-propelled weapons designed for fortification and long-range sieges. 28 missiles can be carried in the weapon; further ammunition must be carried to it. (ISB)

Level-Five Droid
a droid whose programming is aimed at heavy, menial tasks such as wrecking and construction. (DRO)

Level-Four Droid
a droid whose programming is more for efficiency rather than for specific roles. Unit Zed describes C-3PO and R2-D2 as level-four droids. (DRO)

Level-One Droid
a droid that has been programmed for leadership roles and/or security positions. (DRO)

Levian Two
this planet was the site of a raid by Warlord Zsinj's Raptors, during the early years of the New Republic. The Republic fleet led by Han Solo arrived just after the raid ended, and was unable to protect the planet. Rogue, Wraith, Polearm, and Nova Squadrons were dispatched to the planet anyway, in order to help in a search and rescue mission for any downed members of Ravine and Beta Squadrons. Zsinj's forces then dropped out of hyperspace to assault the Republic fleet, but neither side took major losses in the skirmish. (SOC)

Tirsa Wargear's submersible carrier, the Leviathan was originally designed to transport speeders. Over time, many military forces - including the Alliance - modified the hold of the Leviathan to accommodate starfighters. Measuring 200 meters in length, the Leviathan required a crew of 110 to operate. Six gunners were needed to man the three laser cannons which provided protection for the craft. The Leviathan was designed to carry up to 7,500 metric tons of cargo and thirty passengers. (SWJ2)

native to the crystalline waters of Dorumaa, these ocean-dwelling mammals were quite rare. During the years following the Battle of Naboo, the Alliance for the Creation of Habitable Environments worked to protect the leviathan population. Their work intensified when a pair of leviathan calves were born, believed to have been the last offspring of the entire species. The mother of the calves mysteriously disappeared, leaving the two infants to fend for themselves. Many scientists believed that the calves' mother had been frozen beneath the planet's surface in a type of Force-induced trance, and that she had returned to the trance after giving birth. Investigation by xenobiologists, led by the Kel Dor A. Rahring, found that the leviathan bore a striking resemblance to the immense star cruisers produced by the Mon Calamari. This led many to believe that the leviathan species had, at some point, been imported to Dorumaa from Calamari, although there was no evidence to prove this. Shortly afterward, one of the calves also disappeared, and many beings believed that it had been kidnapped by Rufus Trammel. (LFCW)

this sleek passenger liner made regular runs from Coruscant to Telos, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. (DOR)

this Dreadnaught-class warship served as one of the Old Republic's primary anti-pirate warships. Its armament was refitted to serve as point-defense weaponry, and its cargo space was modified to accommodate five squadrons of starfighters. The primary mission profile for the Leviathan was to enforce the Old Republic's trade laws, including the patrol of regularly-used hyperspace routes and investigation of commerce irregularities. Shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, the Galactic Senate lost its ability to define missions for the Leviathan and her crew, so Captain Trence Vosh was often simply left to patrol for pirates. (SOG)

this gas giant was the sixth world in the Sacor, or Sacorria, System. It was orbited by sixteen moons. (CCW)

this ancient Indictor warship was part of the Old Republic's navy, during the years leading up to the Great Sith War. It was the first ship of its kind, with the ability to counteract the effects of a starship's hyperdrive, and was commanded by Admiral Saul Karath. When Karath became one of the first officers of the Old Republic naval forces to defect and join the Sith, he took the Leviathan with him, turning the vessel over to Darth Malak. The ship was known to have been responsible for the destruction of Taris, and was instrumental in Darth Malak's search for the Star Forge. Measuring some 600 meters in length, the Leviathan was armed with twenty quad laser cannons, four gravity well projectors, a pair of ion cannons, four turbolasers, and a tractor beam projector. Additionally, the hangar bays of the ship could accommodate two full squadrons of Sith Fighters. (KOTOR, SWDB)

this form of powered, protective body armor was developed by the Mon Calamari. It was made for their unique physiology, but could be modified for use by other humanoid races. Originally developed by Ylan Ghalir, the Leviathan armor was similar in one respect to Mon Calamari starships: each suit was unique, and something of a work of art. (GUN, SWJ3)

Leviathan of Corbos
this entity was unearthed by the miners who worked to make a living on the desolate world of Corbos. They first found an ancient skeleton, after blasting away at a particularly hard outcropping of rock. This woke the sleeping Leviathan, and it attacked the mining colony with a vengeance. The entire colony was wiped out, but not before the leaders managed to send a distress signal to the New Republic. Leia Organa-Solo asked her brother, Luke Skywalker, to send a contigent of Jedi Knights to investigate. The Levianthan is a huge, crustacean-like beast that stands on two massive legs. It has four smaller, crab-like arms. Its thick head is studded with several horns, and its four blood-red eyes sit atop a mouth studded with razor-sharp teeth. Large fin-like plates ran down the creature's spine. A first creature was defeated by Kyp Durron, who discovered that the Leviathan could trap the Force-energies of its victims in a special nodule near its head. Meanwhile, Kirana Ti, Streen, and Dorsk 82 discovered a huge nest of larval Leviathans in the mining colony's operations center. The death of the first creature awakened an even larger one, and the four Jedi were pushed to their limits in an effort to defeat it. The two creatures, once destroyed, released all the souls of the miners they had killed. (ROM, JAL)

the leader of the Whaladons on Calamari, Leviathor is an ancient beast who knows the entire history of his race. His leadership and experience has helped many Whaladons from being captured by hunters. He is also the only white Whaladon still alive. He became the leader of the Whaladons when he helped them escape from an undersea volcano eruption some years ago. (GDV)

this was a well-known and revered porcelain maker based on Corellia. (TPS)

this city, located on the planet Tharkos, was where Han Solo obtained information about the creation of the Millennium Falcon prototype from Zoltan Starkid's secretary. (CSWDW)

one of Lariss' Lieutenants. (RC)

Lewis, Beka
this woman was a commando who served the Alliance during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. She was Brion Peck's second-in-command, and had fallen in love with him when their unit was attacked by a group of mercenaries who had been hired by the Empire. Beka was killed in the fight, and Peck never forgave the Empire or mercenaries in general for her death. (SWJ3)

Lewis, Retter
this unusual man was known as an antiques dealer during the height of the New Order. He was also the director of the Alliance's agent protection network, a fact that he kept well-hidden. His base of operations was Callia's a dealership he maintained aboard the Cal Ambre. He was recognized as an expert on ancient and unusual religious artifacts, and he believed that he was somewhat attuned to the Force. This allowed him to recognize the more valuable relics, which often were sold to high-ranking Imperial officers and dignitaries. He also dealt in other "hot commodities" - Imperial personnel who wanted to defect to the Alliance. He arranged for their conversion to the Alliance, alerting his network with coded phrases whenever a "hot commodity" became available. (CRO)

this Ithorian merchant owned and operated the shops Clothes for Him and Clothes for Her, aboard the herdship Bazaar, during the height of the New Order. (GA)

a native of Cirus II, Lex loaded Tem Chesko's last load of syntonium crystals. (SWG3)

Lexas Systems
this collection of star systems was known as a haven for smugglers during the early years of the New Order. (AIR)

this given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

Lexia Trexor
this was a noted Besalisk individual, prominent in the history of the planet Ojom. (UANT)

Lexiaus Beast
the hide of this creature is highly prized for furniture and other personal items. (TFE)

Lexicon Convertor
this ancient Hutt device was used to translate languages electronically, in realtime. The Hutts used it extensively in their negotiations with the Klatooinans, the Nikto, and the Vodrans some 25,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (GG12)

a meter-tall race of hair-covered hominids. (RPG)

this powder-like substance is a deadly poison created on the planet Nigel IV. It was used by several Imperial terrorist factions to attack New Republic worlds. (TSK)

a durable, stain-repellant substance used for kitchen counters and bars. (COJ)

located in Trax Sector, this planet was the primary world of the most densely-populated system of the sector. The system's government was extremely loyal to the Empire during the height of the New Order, due mainly to the fact that Imperialization of the world resulted in a much more stable government and improved economy. The Empire established a supply depot in the system during the Galactic Civil War. (GMK)

Lexus Primal
this was the name of Raquid Krev's cargo freighter. (GG11)

Ley, Brogan
this young, ambitious man was employed by Tampson Consolidated, Incorporated, and was an executive within the company ranks at the height of the Galactic Civil War. He graduated from the Mrlsst Academy, and was known as a charismatic speaker as well as a ruthless businessman. In addition to gaining power within TamCo, Ley hoped to curry favor from House Mecetti. (LOE)

Lezarn Who Deals In Spice
this was the name of a Jenet who was famous in the history of the planet Garban. (UANT)

a weak ion engine produced by the Alderaan Royal Engineers. They were used on the Victory-class Star Destroyer. (SWSB, EGV)

this was Prax Arms' wrist-mounted laser weapon. Sold in pairs, the LG-5 was a form of hold-out weapon which could produce at most three shots per gauntlet before needing recharging. Many buyers eventually modified the LG-5 by removing the laser element for use in a custom-made set of gauntlets. (AEG)

this was a brand of spacer's loading gloves produced by Vlanth Shipping Suppliers. (PSG)

this was one of the many repair droids that were owned by Star Tours, during the Galactic Civil War. LGB moved about on wheels that were connected to a stationary track, which limited its movement to a series of predefined stops. (ST)

this name was commonly given to Quarren males, and meant "poetic". (GCG)

LGR-series Droid
this form of automaton was developed by Industrial Automaton as cooking droids. They became known as Elgars. (GG7)

this was one of the original Hoersch-Kessel freighter designs commissioned by the Neimoidian race. Measuring some three kilometers in diameter, the LH-3010 had a circular cargo section that surrounded the command module. This design was later reused in the development of the LH-3210. (GMR7)

this ring-shaped cargo freighter was produced by Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Incorporated, during the last decades of the New Order. The LH-3210 was the culmination of centuries of work and cooperation between H-KD and the Trade Federation, and was created to certain specifications provided by the Federation. Measuring 3,170 meters in diameter, the LH-3210 was designed to be tubular in shape and open at one end, ensuring that the ship was easily recognizable as a Trade Federation vessel. This shape also allowed cargo to be loaded into the vast storage bays. These ships could carry up to five million metric tons of cargo, and were designed to carry normal cargoes as well as weapons of war. The average LH-3210 required a crew of 175 to operate, including the command staff and workers. It could accommodate up to 6,250 AAT tanks, 550 MTT transports, fifty C-9979 transports, and a complement of 1,500 droid starfighters. With specific modifications, the LH-3210 could be used as a Trade Federation Battleship or a Droid Control Ship, providing the Federation a measure of surprise against pirates or other threats. Although primarily interstellar vessels with Class 2 hyperdrives, the LH-3210 could be operating in an atmosphere for ground-side operations. It could attain speeds of 500 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. In the wake of the Battle of Naboo, the Trade Federation was ordered to eliminate large portions of its war fleet. Although many LH-3210 freighters were disassembled, they were neved scrapped. In fact, the disassembly allowed the Trade Federation to figure out a way to separate the Core Ship from the main ring. This allowed the main freighter to remain in space, while the command crew moved back and forth to planetside locations in the Core Ship. During the Clone Wars, most LH-3210 freighters were destroyed in battle, although a handful made their way into the fleet of the Corporate Sector Authority. Note that The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels indicates that the LH-3210 freighter was Lucrehulk-class ship. (SWRPG, SON, NEGV)

this was the Aargauun checkpoint through which Leia Organa and Viscount Tardi passed during their mission to secure a loan for the purchase of new X-Wing starfighters, just after the Battle of Hoth. (PH)

this blue-skinned, Rutian Twi'lek male was a member of Karn's rebel band on Stoga, working for Garm Bel Iblis during the height of the New Order. (SWEOR)

L'hnnar, Shandria
this woman, a native of Corellia, was one of the few New Republic Intelligence agents who weren't assigned a desk job after completing twenty field missions. Educated at the Imperial Institute of Higher Studies on Ferrhast, Shandria decided to join the Alliance after the arrest of her best friend, Celida Noerr. It was Shandria who stole the plans to Project Orrad on Venaari. She escaped from the Star Destroyer Retaliator and the bounty hunter Pentix Graphyt with the help of thief Sienn Sconn. She was also in love with Sconn, but the relationship soured when Sconn refused to officially join the New Republic. After several arguments, the pair split up. Shortly afterward, Shandria was assigned to lead an assault team to try and recover the Super-class Star Destroyer Guardian, but her team was captured in the attempt. Shandria was rescued by Sienn and his uncle, Cryle Cavv, when the pair managed to obtain control of the huge ship. They decided to give their relationship another try. (SWJ5, SWJ9, SWJ15)

this Nimbanel was placed in charge of maintaining Jabba the Hutt's townhouse, during a visit by Opun Mcgrrrr. Unfortunately for Lhojugg, the accounting droid CZ-3 was stolen from the townhouse during this period. Lhojugg tried to investigate the crime and locate the droid in an effort to please Jabba, but Jabba ordered him to halt his investigation. Jabba then fed Lhojugg to his pet kayven whistlers as punishment. (SWJ11)

this young woman was apprenticed to the smuggler To'iir during the height of the New Order. Liadden also served as To'iir's mate aboard the Seventy-Seven Stars. She was a native of the planet Moer, and joined To'iir to obtain training and information about the galaxy. She hoped one day to own her own starship and travel to the wondrous planets To'iir often avoided. (SWJ10, SESB)

this city was located on the eastern continent of the planet Bothawui. (SPG)

this Wookiee was relatively small for his species, and had long golden-brown fur. On Kashyyyk, his good friend Zherriak was killed during an Imperial slave raid. Liak and his other companions killed their captors, took possession of an Imperial starship, and fled the planet. Many of his companions returned to Kashyyyk to help lead the underground, but Liak joined the Alliance. He became a commando, and was part of the special forces team headed by Lieutenant Haslam which liberated Gebnerret Vibrion from Selnesh. (SWJ10, TFE)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the prefix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "autumn" or "blood", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

this was a common name used by the H'nemthean race. (UANT)

Lialic II
this CR-90 corvette was part of the fleet which the Empire maintained in Kathol Sector. Commanded by Captain Rolf Treidum, the Lialic II helped Moff Sarne control the sector after the Battle of Endor. When Sarne returned to the Kathol Outback, he ordered Treidum to take the Lialic II and delay the progress of the New Republic ship FarStar, so that Sarne's plans could reach fruition. Treidum renamed the corvette the Lance of Endor and began raiding Outback colonies in the guise of a New Republic warship, hoping to sway the local populace against the Republic. The ship was equipped with outdated weaponry and shields, and was taken out of drydock to combat the New Republic before it could be refitted. Treidum had great success in raiding the worlds of the Outback under the guise of the Lance of Endor until he was exposed by the crew of the FarStar at Danoor. There, after Makezh managed to get a message to the Aing-Tii monks, the corvette was rammed by a Sandhedrim warship and destroyed. Also destroyed was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer it was escorting. (KO)

this young boy was a member of the Bear Clan, training at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the year leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (SWDB)

a parasitic plant native to Circarpous V. (SME)

this is the term used to describe the human population of the planet Lianna. In defiance of the industrial urbanization of Lianna, the Lianns built wonderful buildings which were vibrantly colored and ornately landscaped. Most homes have a great room with a sunken floorpit that serves as the focal point of the room. (ML)

an industrial world located in the Allied Tion sector of the galaxy, Lianna has been under the rule of outside forces for much of its history. It was originally conquered by the Tion warlords, then was controlled by the Kingdom of Barseg as the Old Republic brought peace to the galaxy. The Senate basically ignored Lianna, though, and it continued to be ruled as a traditional territory. Some three centuries before the Battle of Yavin, the Old Republic Senate decided that the planet, under the rule of Barseg, was not being allowed to flourish. The Senate took control, but the planet continued to be misused as an industrial center. Two hundred years later, Seinar Technologies established its presence there, but the company was taken over by Kerred Santhe in a hostile maneuver that created Santhe/Sienar Technologies. Santhe moved the company's headquarters to Lianna. Under the control of Kerred's granddaughter, Valles Santhe, the planet remained independent, although it was a supporter of the New Order. The Lady Santhe quickly instituted home rule following the Battle of Endor. The New Republic respected the decision, but surviving Imperial forces launched a series of reprisal attacks on the planet. The Lady Santhe threatened stop building TIE Fighters if the attacks didn't stop. The threat, plus some well-placed bribes, allowed Lianna to remain neutral by special charter of the Empire. Lianna has 1 moon, a day which lasts 22 standard hours, and a year which encompasses 370 local days. (DESB, ML)

this yellow star was the central body of the Lianna System. (ML)

the capital city of the planet Lianna and located on the continent of Anai, it is located across the Lona Cranith River from Lola Curich. (ML)

this was one of Mara Jade's aliases, often used when she posed as one of Palpatine's dancing girls. She was using the Lianna alias when she was first introduced to then-Admiral Thrawn on Coruscant. Later, when Thrawn was promoted to Grand Admiral, Mara's true identity was revealed to him. (DFR, DFRSB)

Lianna Guard
this Imperial Guardian-class cruiser was part of the fleet assigned to Admiral Greelanx, and was under the command of Captain Lodrel. During the Battle of Nar Shaddaa, the ship was destroyed by a pair of concussion missiles fired by Rik Duel from the Rimrunner. (THG)

Lianna Metro
this was another name for the planet Lianna, used during the height of the New Order to denote its urban status. (SWJ5)

Lianna Metro
this was one of the largest trade cities located on the planet Lianna. (SWJ3)

this was the designation of the Imperial space dock orbiting Lianna during the Galactic Civil War. (ML)

Lianna-class Corvette
this starship was developed by Santhe/Sienar Technologies on the planet Lianna. Several of these ships were used to patrol the Lianna System during the Galactic Civil War. The basic design measured about 150 meters in length, and required a crew of 65. Armament varied by use. (ML)

Lianorm Swamp
this swampland was located on eighty-five square kilometers of shore, spreading from the shores Lake Paonga to the Gallo Mountains, on the planet Naboo. It was here that Jar Jar Binks spent much of the time he was exiled from Otoh Gunga, during the months leading up to the Battle of Naboo. (IWE1, NEGC)

Liar's Cut
this card game was often played in casinos, during the early years of the New Order. (HSR, WSV)

this name was common among Sullustan males, and meant "fleet" or "swift". (GCG)

Liat Tsayv
this Sullustan was a member of the crew on board the Pulsar Skate. He was Mirax Terrik's co-pilot. (XWN)

Liberation Day
this Coruscant holiday celebrated the Alliance's victory in the Battle of Endor. (DTO)

Liberation Lake
this was one of the many open bodies of water that were found on the planet Coruscant, in the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Liberation Lake was one of many locations on the planet that were renamed in honor of the new order in the galaxy, as the Yuuzhan Vong and the Galactic Alliance struggled to co-exist in peace. The lake was named for the retaking of Coruscant from Supreme Overlord Shimrra, and the Galactic Alliance's ultimate victory over the alien invaders. (DN1)

this was one of the many cruisers that made up the small naval fleet that protected the planet Maramere, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (JSF)

formerly known as the Imperial ship Adjucator, the Liberator was an Imperial-I class Star Destroyer captured by the New Republic, and commanded by Luke Skywalker until it was destroyed in battle when it crashed into the surface of the planet Coruscant. (DE1)

an Imperial frigate which, under the command of her Captain and the agreement of her crew, was scheduled to defect to the Alliance near Bespin. However, the ship arrived at Bespin a complete wreck, with no surviving crew. Apparently the victim of a hyperspace accident, the Empire used the damaged craft as a warning about what would happen to any ships which tried to defect to the Alliance. (RASB)

a pirate ship which patrolled the Lohopa System in the years after the Battle of Endor. It was involved in a battle with New Republic forces which were attempting to break up the Imperial lexonite shipping lanes. A modified light freighter, the Liberator was a small ship, armed with a single turret-mounted heavy laser cannon. (TSK)

this was the name given to the Trader's Luck after the Corellian resistance bought it at a scrap auction, after the ship was abandoned when Garris Shrike was killed on Coruscant. The Corellians loaned it to the Alliance for use during the Battle of Ylesia. (RD)

this was one of the Alliance's Nebulon-B frigates, active during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Liberator Cruiser
designed and built by SoroSuub, this small capital ship was often underestimated by its enemies. The sleek, V-shaped design was compact, yet was heavily armed with ion cannons and hevay turbolaser batteries. The interior of the Liberator was large enough to transport three full regiments of troops and six starfighter squadrons, making the Liberator one of the most advanced warships produced during the height of the New Order. (REB)

Liberator-class Troopship
this ancient starship was used during the last years of the Old Republic. (TPS)

this Mon Calamari MC80a cruiser was originally assigned to protect the Tantive IV. After the Battle of Yavin, it served as a military transport vessel for the technical units supporting the forces which took part in the Battle of Endor. It was the first Alliance ship destroyed by the second Death Star during the initial stages of the battle. (XW, ROTJ, CCG11)

one of the Yevethan warships sent to purge the planet Polneye. (BTS)

this New Republic Majestic-class battle cruiser was part of the 106-ship Fifth Battle Group. It was one of the ships that participated in the unsuccessful blockade of Doornik-319. A husband and wife paricipated in the battle as pilots, and were killed in the fight. (SOL, TT)

Liberty Gambler
this Alliance frigate was the flagship of Pegasus Strike Force, and was under the command of Captain Longmar during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ2)

Liberty Road
this song, written and played by the band Starburst, was rated scarlet by the Imperial Board of Culture. It first appeared on the compilation Only in Your Dreams. (GG9)

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