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this was the designation of a Nebulon-B2 frigate that was part of the Alliance's fleet. (XVT)

Liotch Asteroid Belt
this asteroid belt was located in the Centares System of the Mid Rim, between the orbits of Ussuis and Centares. (WOA32)

a lush form of plantlife native to Belsavis. Lipana berries are used in many desserts across the galaxy. (COJ, TME)

Lipartian Way
this pedestrian walkway was located in the Senate District on Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic, and was bounded by all manner of high-tech shops and stores. (E3N)

a winged reptile native to the planet Togoria, the liphon were a predatory species that was known to attack the Togorians or their mounts, the mosgoth. The liphons favorite prey were young Togorian cubs and mosgoth eggs, and it was these traits that brought the Togorians and mosgoth together many generations before the Clone Wars. A liphon was batlike in shape, although it had a wingspan of more than thirty meters. Each wing was tipped with a set of sharp claws, which the liphon used to disable a flying mosgoth or to grab a Togorian from its back. (GG4, TPS, MIS8)

this plant was known for its scavenging flowers. (XWPA)

Lippstroot, Lyle
this man spent fifteen years as the accountant and bookkeeper for Vop the Usurer, and was known for his adopted Froffli style. Lyle had a SoroSuub 221 cybernetic interface implanted into the back of his head five years before going to work for Vop, hoping it would break his addiction to lesai. Although he remained addicted to the drug, Lyle never suffered any complications from the long-term exposure to the interface. Unfortunately for Lyle, Ritinki the Bimm had a virus program downloaded into the 221 implant which unleashed a Bartokk program trap that wiped his neural pathways clean. This sudden loss of his autonomous nerves killed Lyle instantly. (SWJ15)

Lips Meyer
this male Gran was once a part of the primary criminal organization based on the Outland Transit Station, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. A bounty was placed on his head after Meyer ratted out several prominent members of the Outlanders Organized Crime family in order to save his own immunity with the law. After fleeing the station and hiding out on Gromas, Meyer - now known by the nickname "Lips" - was forced to return to the Outland Transit Station. Unfortunately, he was captured by Jango Fett and brought in for the bounty on his head. (BH)

Lipsec Run
this hyperspace travel route intersected the Rimma Trade Route at the Outer Rim's Eriadu System, in the Seswenna Sector of the galaxy. (GORW)

Liquid Galaxies
this was a form of unusual art work. (XWA)

Liquid Thoron Tree
native to the forests of the planet Ralltiir, the liquid thoron tree was a thin-trunked conifer which produced copious amounts of sap. This sap was quite sticky when wet, and hardened into a strong material that was a strong as syntherope. (CCW)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was under the command of Admiral Termo during the height of the New Order. During the months leading up to the Battle of Yavin, the Liquidator was stationed near Delrakkin, as part of a devious plot to discredit the Alliance and hide the secret, hyperspace research facility that was being constructed on the planet. The destruction of the first Death Star at the Battle of Yavin put an end to these plans, as Grand Moff Tarkin had sent orders to Admiral Termo to return to the Yavin System if the Death Star didn't arrive at Delrakkin at an appointed time. Once in the Yavin System, the Liquidator began searching for the Alliance's hidden base. However, a lone Alliance pilot managed to infitrate the Liquidator and place a time-delayed thermal detonator in her solar ionization chamber. In a few short minutes, the rebel had escaped, and the detonator exlpoded. The Liquidator was utterly destroyed, and it was believed that her entire crew was killed in the explosion. However, Admiral Termo and Communications Officer Tix managed to reach an escape pod in time to blast away from the explosion. (MIS2)

this Imperial bulk cruiser was part of the fleet commanded by Admiral Greelanx. It was part of the front-line battle group which attack Nar Shaddaa under orders from Moff Shild. The ship was destroyed during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa when Mako Spince managed to slip inside its defenses and strafe one side with turbolaser fire from the crippled Dragon Pearl. The Liquidator's engines were severely damaged in this attack, and the ship was destroyed when it tumbled into the atmosphere of Nal Hutta. Some of the plating off the ship was salvaged, and Han Solo later purchased it to reinforce the plating of the Millennium Falcon. (THG, RD, HT)

this form of rope was contained within a launcher which shot two strands of chemical fiber into the air. Upon contacting the air, the fiber hardened into a flexible cable. Once used, the cable could be retracted and reused. (DOR)

this was a kind of fast-drying, high-gloss paint. It was often used to coat the plating of droids in new colors. (HSE)

Lir Lake
this picturesque body of water was located on Alderaan. (SWJ11)

this female Tarasin was the leader of the Wyrd, during the last decades of the Old Republic. She was Dariana's older sister, and left the Hiiromi irstat about ten years before the Battle of Naboo after being ostracized by the Hiiromi. She sought out the Wyrd, hoping to use her anger to gain power. Over the years, her scales darkened and her eyes became a dead black color, as she was turned further and further to the Dark Side. (LFCW)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

Lirin Car'n
an associate of the Abyssin Myo, this Bith mercenary is Figrin D'an's backup kloo horn player. He is one of the few members of the band who hasn't lost his instrument to Figrin. (CCG2)

this near-human Jedi Knight, distinguished by the two short horns growing atop his head, was one of Valenthyne Farfalla's chief lieutenants during the Battle of Ruusan. (JVS)

this planet was controlled by the Hutts for more than 90 years before the Empire drove them out, shortly before the Battle of Hoth. The planet was located on the border of Baxel Sector and Hutt Space, and was disputed by both parties. The Jhank Shel clan, which had controlled the planet for nearly 100 years, petitioned Emperor Palpatine but their outrage fell on deaf ears. (SWJ12)

this was a common name among Wyrwulves, the immature forms of Codru-Ji. (UANT)

this was a common name among the Meerian race. (GORW, WOTC)

this ball of molten rock was the innermost planet of the Cirius System. (WOTC)

this female name was common among the Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

Lis Ice Cap
this was the name of the southern polar ice cap, located on the planet Kothlis. (SPG)

this planet was believed to be the location of a Sith Holocron, and several teams of Jedi Knights were dispatched to the planet to investigate, in the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. A Holocron was never found, however. (JAF)

this boring city was known as the "dead spot" on the planet Antiquity, and was the site of one of the planet's two spaceports. It was located about 25 minutes from Karren. (POC)

this was the Mando'a word for "can," as in Ni lise jorhaa'ir Mando'a, which translated into Basic as "I can speak Mandalorian." (OWS)

this huge, blue-green gas giant was the sixth planet in the Demar System. The Lant Mining Corporation owned mines on ten of Lish's fifteen moons, but had abandoned all but the operations on Lish V and Lish XI. (FBS)

Lish Runner VII
this was one of the passenger transport ships owned and operated by the Lant Mining Corporation. It was used to shuttle workers and their families between Lish V and Lish XI. (FBS)

Lish V
known as L-5, this earthquake-prone moon was owned by the Lant Mining Corporation. It was the only moon with a breathable atmosphere, but was the last to be actively mined. Most of the earthquakes were caused by the proximity of the fourth and sixth moon, which created tidal pulls on the moon. In order to ensure the safety of the mining crews and to protect their investment, LMC populated L-5 with repulsor-equipped, floating cities like Gadde. (FBS)

Lish XI
this moon of the planet Lish was one of two which were actively mined by the Lant Mining Corporation during the height of the New Order. Known as L-11, this frigid ball of rock housed the largest of LMC's mining operations within the Demar System. (FBS)

this species of coral, native to the planet Mon Calamari, was used by the Mon Calamari race to create dinnerware. (GCG)

referring to a species of coral used to create dinnerware, this was a common female name among the Mon Calamari race. (GCG)

this Gotal was a member of the smuggling operation overseen by Mazzic during the early years of the New Republic. Lishma was one of a handful of beings who accompanied Mazzic to Trogan, to meet with Talon Karrde to discuss the formation of the Smuggler's Alliance. Unfortunately, Lishma was killed in the Imperial attack at the Whistler's Whirlpool on Trogan. (TLC)

this was one of the many names given to female Bothans. In the Bothan language, it meant "watery" - or, more precisely, "of the sea." (GCG, WOTC)

Liska Dan'kre
this black and tan Bothan female was a schoolmate of Asyr Sei'lar, before Asyr enrolled in the Bothan Military Academy. Liska continued her business education, and became a wealthy and influential Bothan in her own right. She operated from Coruscant, and was pleased to discover Asyr's presence on the planet following its liberation from Imperial control. She invited Asyr to a party on her personal skyhook, and Asyr brought Gavin Darklighter. Gavin was challenged by Karka Kre'fey, but politely refused. (KT)

Liskran Dulce
this Bothan served as Atlee Thanda's majordomo, during the early years of the New Order. (WOA26)

this female Zeltron cafarel befriended freighter pilto Jiri Sools, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Sools fell so madly in love, he vowed never to leave Zeltros again. (PH)

this elderly Brentaal native was Darrik's great-grandmother. The eldest of his family's matrons, she was known to the children as Great-Gammer. Her business acument and diligent work ethic helped establish their family's financial and business success over the decades. (IDC)

this platform city was established near Gadrin, on the planet Cularin, as a location for the primary stapceport on the planet. It was built on a platform in reaction to the Tarasin concerns for the environment of Cularin. Gadrin and her sister city, Hedrett, had expanded rapidly since beign founded by Reidi Artom, and the Tarasin feared that uncontrolled growth would seriously impact the growth and future of the sacred ch'hala trees. (LFC)

this Kamarian Badlander attended each of the 12 performances Han Solo had at his holotheater on Kamar. He wore a burned-out control integrator, which had been discarded by Chewbacca, woven in a headband he wears. He was the leader of the tribe of Badlanders who were attending Han's showings of Varn, World of Water, and took the brunt of their attack when they felt that their offerings were being stolen when Han switched to showing Love Is Waiting. The Varn, World of Water holofeature had assumed an almost religious reverence from the Kamarians, who lived in the desert and had never seen a planet so covered with water. (HSR)

this alien race was noted for the way in which it continually shed it skin. (HSL)

Listehol Run
this hyperspace route passed through many Outer Rim systems near Werncin 3. (SWJ10)

this tympanic membrane was part of the network of nodes which made up the body of Kud'ar Mub'at. (EGA)

this was the name given to any member of the Theran Listener cult, whose members could sometimes hear the voices of the Spook crystals through the Force. They were the latter-day versions of the prophet Theras, and often had healing powers as well as insight and foresight. (POT)

Lister, Dorn
this young man was a friend of Denel Moonrunner, and was conscripted into the Imperial armed forces when the Empire subjugated the planet Rhamalai. (SWJ13)

Listian Hills
this range of low mountains was located on the planet Barab I. (FH2)

Listing Dewback
this light freighter was one of the many smuggling ships controlled by Shella Rinou and Kelric. (SPG)

Listings of the Fourth Pestoriv Conference
this was the title of one of the datacards discovered by Lak Jit near the base of Mount Tantiss, during the era of the New Republic. (SOP)

Listoni Plaza
this open-air plaza was located along Coruscan't Glitannai Esplanade during the height of the New Order. (CCW)

Listoria System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Cadriaan during the New Order. (LOE)

this was a wicked-looking knife, distinguished by its curved blade. (BF4)

LiteVan IV
this was a model of SoroSuub speeder truck that wasn't very maneuverable but was able to carry lots of cargo. The LiteVan IV found a niche with caterers, because they transported prepared foods with little or no disturbance. (ML)

Lithium Magna
this chemical additive was considered illegal on many worlds, during the early years of the New Order. (TF)

see Iith'lon (UANT)

Little Capella
this planet was the site of a Rapora Mining center, during the height of the New Order. (SWJ10)

Little Dawn Rumble
this was a part of the Song of the Universe that was sung by the Taat hive on Jwlio, when the moon experienced the false sunrise created by light reflected from Qoribu. It was performed once a week, just before the Kind entered their Harem Cave to mate. (DN1)

Little Drall
located in Qaestar Town, on the planet Talus, this residential area was set aside for the city's Drall residents. (CCW)

Little Duros
this section of the city of Xakrea, on the planet Darkknell, is located just south of the Karflian Nestling block. (TFNR)

Little Emperor
this was a derogatory nickname for the Merr-Sonn Munitions B22 Imperial holdout blaster. (AEG)

Little Hunter
this was Crian Maru's nickname for her Padawan, the Rodian Dree Vandap. (GMR5)

Little Kikow
this was the name of the Ralltiir tiger kitten which was purchased for Vareesa Enan by the Wookiee, Furellas, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. (PH)

Little Lost Bantha Cub, The
a children's bedtime story about a bantha cub who gets lost in a sandstorm. He asks for help from some Jawas, a droid, a moisture farmer, and a krayt dragon. The dragon tries to eat the cub, but he runs away. He is finally found by a tribe of Sand People, and reunited with his family. (JS, DA)

Little Mon Cal
see Farsands (GMR7)

Little Prince of Socorro
this term of endearment was often used to describe Drake Paulsen. (BSS)

Little Shocky
this was the term used by the ancient troopers of the Old Republic to describe a neural band. (KOTOR)

Little Slugland
this was a smuggler's nickname for the moon of Nar Shaddaa. (SWJ7)

Live Organism Comfort Conveyor
known as a LOCC, this small contraption was used to transport small animals during insterstellar journeys, when the animals couldn't accompany their owners. (E1A4)

Livet Tower
located on the outskirts of the city of Theed, on the planet Naboo, this thin spire contained an eternal flame. The flame signified the mortality of the Naboo, and their duty to lead peaceful lives. Qui-Gon Jinn was cremated in the domed funeral temple on the grounds of the Tower. (IWE1)

Liviani Sarno
this female Euceron was in charge of the Galactic Games committee, formed on the planet Euceron to oversee the Games which were held there six years after the Battle of Naboo. Unlike most Eucerons, Liviani Sarno dressed in splendidly embroidered robes and a brightly-jeweled crown. As the Games wore on, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Siri Tachi, and their team of Jedi Knights discovered that Sarno was behind the plots to discredit several Old Republic Senators by linking them to gambling at the Games. Sarno herself was a supporter of the Commerce Guild, and was working to have Maxo Vista appointed a member of its board. In the meantime, she hatched her plan to destroy the careers of those Senators who were voting against a proposal that would give the Guild control of much of the banking in the Core Worlds. Liviani Sarno was caught by Obi-Wan at the finish line of the podraces which were taking place in the Great Dordon Caves, after she tried to complete the work Maxo Vista had started by sending false information to the racers. Unfortunately for the Jedi, Liviani Sarno was allowed to go free when Big Dividian refused to testify against her. (JQ3)

Livien League
this governmental body ruled the Tion Hegemony before the rise of Xim the Despot. The Livien League maintained its headquarters on the planet Desevro, until Xim conquered the planet and took most of the Tion Cluster under his control. (ML, GORW)

Living at the Scrapyard
this phrase, used by the Belgarian natives of the planet Belgaroth, indicated any individual whoi was recently deceased. (CCW)

Living Force
this was the facet of The Force which connected a Jedi Knight to the living beings which surrounded him. This facet complimented the Physical Force, which allowed a Jedi to use the Force to manipulate objects around him, and the Unifying Force, which focused on the future and its bearing on a Jedi's place in the present. During the last decades of the Old Republic, the Jedi Council stressed a certain detachment from the Living Force, to help prevent attachment to other beings. (TPM, JQ3, PJSB, JQ7)

Living Ice
this unique substance was often used in sculpture. It never truly melted, and held its form indefinitely. (TPS)

Livintius Sazet
this male Falleen served the Old Republic as an officer of the Ministries of Public Information and Education during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. A lifelong bookkeeper and academician, Livintius was assigned to the Intelligence agency just after the Battle of Geonosis. For his first mission, Livintius was assigned to the team dispatched to rescue Edbit Teeks from the planet Tarhassan. Like most of the rest of the team, Livintius was a rookie, and relied more on his bureaucratic training than his gut instincts. His pages-long mission outline rankled Joram Kithe to no end, and his adherence to this outline and the guidelines in The Book nearly proved to be their undoing. (SWI73)

this footwear producer created some of the most expensive, handmade shoes available during the height of the New Order. (VD)

the fruit from this Ithorian tree was considered a delicacy. (GA)

this iceball was the sixth and final planet in the Kalina System. It orbited inside the system's asteroid belt. (TSK)

Lizard Crab
an eight-legged creature native to Yavin 4. (HTF)

a creature native to Anoat and Yavin 4, the lizard-ant lived in hives, and swarmed out whenever the hive was attacked or threatened. (JS, SA)

this species of reptilian creature is fond of shiny trickets as well as metallic objects, and often stole the comlinks and handheld sensors of visitors to Outreachial. (SWCP)

small, nocturnal creature native to Yavin 4. (DS)

this was one of the many hives that made up the Colony. Like all other hives within the Colony, the members of the Lizil hive referred to themselves, as well as the entire nest, as Lizil, and acted upon the Will of the Lizil hive. Members of the Lizil hive were distinguished by their coloration, having reddish-brown carapaces that protected their golden thoraxes, and multifacted purple eyes. Within the Colony, the Lizil were seen as laborers, doing the hardest of the work. (DN1)

this is a derogatory term for a small, reptiloid being. (TJT)

this was a concussion rifle produced by the Trandoshans during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (RCHC)

this is the designation of a long-barreled concussion rifle manufactured by BlasTech. It is not as accurate as the E-11 rifle, but has a much greater range. It also uses the same scope mount as the E-11. The rogue droid 4-LOM acquired one of these weapons after teaming up with Zuckuss. Note that Star Wars Gamer #6 refers to this weapon as the W-90. (CCG4, GMR6)

one of the largest cities on Bothawui. (TIE, SWJ3)

this man was one of the leaders of the rebel groups which fought against Empress Teta, before she united the ancient worlds of the Tetan System. Just before the Great Hyperspace War, Llaban pledged the support of his forces to Teta's war effort, in return for political amnesty. She ordered him to take his forces and defend Kirrek against the Sith. (FOSE)

this was a distinctive, blue-green alcohol distilled from the nectar of the blossoms of the t'iil plant. Because each t'iil blossom only produces a single droplet of nectar, and because they must be picked by hand, hundreds of thousands of blossoms must be harvested each year to produce a small vintage of l'lahsh. This forced the price of l'lahsh to a high level, especially offplanet. Note that the Star Wars Radio Drama indicates that l'lahsh was a form of food. (SWR, SWJ11)

Llalik Designs
this was the name of Nashiak Llalik's personal business venture, which was started shortly before he devoted all his efforts to the Empire. (AIR)

Llalik, Loran
this woman, a noted scientist, was married to Nash Llalik. (AIR)

Llalik, Nash
this scientist, an native of Plavin 6, was the father of Nashiak Llalik, and was married to Loran. (AIR)

Llalik, Nashiak
this Imperial engineer was one of the driving forces behind the development of a set of armor which allowed stormtroopers to operate underwater. Born on Plavin 6 to the scientists Nash and Loran Llalik, Nashiak was the older brother of Saren Llalik. In addition to the aquatrooper armor, Nashiak was known as the designer of armor for zero-g stormtroopers (which was based on his original Sunder 9 personal combat armor design), radiation-zone troopers, and the Storm Commandos. He graduated first in his class at the Chandrilan Academy of Sciences, and was a noted member of his local COMPNOR Science group. (AIR)

Llalik, Saren
this woman was a Doctor with a degree in cybernetics, and was one of the leading scientists working for BioTech Industries during the height of the New Order. Doctor Llalik was also an Alliance supporter and informant, using a modified 2-1B droid to duplicate technical data and important information for the Alliance. The droid was modified in such a way that it was unaware that it was copying data to the Alliance, and this secondary programming was buried deeply enough that regular BioTech scans failed to find it. Kena Shont then downloaded the data and transmitted it to a nearby Alliance base. Llalik was one of the primary engineers on the developed of the Aj^6 cyborg construct, and was one of the most respected cybernetic researchers in the galaxy. (CRO)

Llanic Spice Run
this hyperspace smuggling route passes through the Torch Nebula and Thuris Sector, in the Outer Rim, before ending at Spice Terminus. (GG9)

this man served as a Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, serving under General Khamar during the height of the Clone Wars. When Separatist forces began landing on Praesitlyn, Khamar left Commander Llanmore in charge of security at the Intergalactic Communications Center. After the Separatists began jamming all communications, Llanmore was cut off from Khamar, and had to assume he was already dead. He then began planning with Reija Momen for the destruction of equipment and information, to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. (JT)

Llarn Kristovv
this New Republic Intelligence agency Major compiled information on the history of the planet Dathomir, in the wake of the kidnapping of Leia Organa by Han Solo. Llarn later served as the NRI's diplomatic attache to Dathomir. (CTD)

this being was on Manaan, researching Rakatan genetics, during the era of the Great Sith War. He had several Rakatan subjects to work on, which had been turned over to him by the Elders. However, these Rakatans were actually disciples of the One, and had been considered expendable by the Elders. (KOTOR)

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