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Long-necked Gundark
this creature, originally discovered and named by Kin Kimdyara, was not actually true gundark. These creatures were true quadripeds, and possessed a long, flexible neck. (EGA)

this was the term used by the Geonosians to describe the weeks-long period of utter darkness that was experienced on their homeworld of Geonosis, whenever dense fog and material swept up by radiation storms collected in the upper atmosphere and obscured the sun. (SWI66)

this was a measurement of velocity used by the Gungans. (GMR4)

Longo Two-Guns
this male Clantaani was a noted pirate who often worked for Gardulla the Hutt, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Because of his work for Gardulla and evidence that implicated him in a number of thefts, Jabba the Hutt issued a bounty for his capture shortly after the Battle of Naboo. Jango Fett claimed the bounty on Longo Two-Guns shortly afterward, in order to gain an audience with Jabba. Jango ended up killing Longo, and brought him to Jabba in order to question the Hutt about his relationship with Komari Vosa and the Bando Gora cult. Jabba paid Jango for the bounty, and told him that he had never dealt with the Bando Gora, pointing him to Gardulla for more information. (BH)

Longprow Cruiser
this fast, maneuverable cruiser was often found in pirate fleets, during the last years of the Old Republic. (HNN4)

this starship held the claim of being the very first Kazellis Light Freighter ever to roll of the production line. It served as Kazellis' primary demo model, and was upgraded with a Class-1 hyperdrive. When the corporation was nationalized by the Empire, the Longrunner was then stolen from the yard by Duan Zorn, who used the ship as a trading vessel. When he was unable to pay the port fees on Nigel III, Zorn was imprisoned on two counts - starship theft and failure to pay his fees - and the Longrunner was auctioned off to Dav Kathis. Shortly after the sale, Kathis disappeared, and his wife, Leanna Carella, took over the shipping business and ran the Longrunner. (SS)

this was a generic term used to describe any automaton that was programmed to load and unload starships and other transport vessels. (LCM)

Han Solo used this false identity for the Millennium Falcon during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. The transponder data that accompanied the Longshot indicated that she was a cruiser, further disguising the ship from unwanted spies. (SBS, DN1)

Longspar, Gideon
this immense, squared-headed man was the leader of the water-stealing brigands who worked on the planet Beheboth, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Longspar had made a deal with the Empire, supplying them with water while gaining control of the planet Beheboth. Gideon used the contained essense of the Tirrith to subdue the moisture farmers, then stole their water while they were unconscious. When Longspar was defeated by Luke Skywalker in combat, Darial Anglethorn was able to destroy the water-holding tanks, restoring Beheboth's trapped water supply. (LTA3, MC66)

Longspur and Alloi
this small corporation produced a number of personal-use repulsorcraft vehicles, such as the Bespin-class airhook, during the last years of the Old Republic. (COD)

this was a Fabritech long-range sensor array. (HAS)

this planet was originally settled by criminals who had been released after serving their sentences in the prisons of the Old Republic, some 75 years before the Battle of Yavin. The planet emerged as the textile center of Trax Sector, and a thriving agricultural system also contributed to its economy. The Alliance established its alternate command base on Longwind during the Galactic Civil War. (GMK)

one of Cabrool Nuum's guards. (JTH)

this man was one of Madame Aryn Thul's attendants, serving her aboard the Tradewyn during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN1)

Lonnag Giba
this older Galacian male was the head of the Council of Ministers when Queen Veda decided to implement a democratic election to determine her successor. After she asked the Jedi Knights to assist in mediating the elections, Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered that Giba had been plotting to assume control of Gala for himself. Giba had planned to assume control through Prince Beju, but realized that the Prince had less popular support than Deca Brun. Since Brun was the obvious favorite to win the elecetion, Giba arranged to have Offworld Mining Corporation finance Brun's campaign under the guise of Galacian support. After Brun was elected, Giba would then rule through Brun, who had little political experience. After Qui-Gon Jinn realized that Elan was the true heir to the throne of Gala, Lonnag Giba attempted to wipe out the Hill People in order to assassinate her. The attempt failed, and Giba was exposed as a traitor to Gala. He tried to escape by using Obi-Wan's lightsaber, by Qui-Gon Jinn quickly disarmed him. Giba was arrested and removed from power. (MOC)

this woman was a friend of Kevreb Bebo's, on the planet D'vouran. However, she was consumed by the planet before she could attest to Bebo's veracity. (GOF1)

this group of Alliance strike cruisers was destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this alien race nearly wiped out the Blood Carver people, several hundred years before the Battle of Naboo, before the Galactic Senate intervened and brough the surviving Blood Carvers to Coruscant. (RP)

Looca B'Nash
this Force-sensitive Duros was a smuggler who worked with Jaeth on the moon of Pinett. When Jaeth began rallying the port workers of Pinett against the protests of the Pinett Freedom Force, Looca supported Jaeth's efforts to allow as many ships as possible to land. (WOA25)

Loof, Kathos
this man was in charge of the miners who were working in the Graveyard of Alderaan before the Empire moved into the area and drove them off. Despite his disgruntlement at having the Empire take control of the mining operations, Loof remained staunchly pro-Imperial, and was decidedly evasive when a team of Alliance agents arrived at Mining Outpost 11 to investigate the rumors of the Royal Palace of Alderaan inside Asteroid 7785. (GA)

Loof, Trammis
this man was the son of Kathos Loof, and served the Imperial Army during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He was stationed on Coruscant shortly before the Battle of Hoth. (GA)

this squat, humanoid being worked as the manager of the "redemption center" on The Rig, during the height of the Clone Wars. It was Looie's job to make sure that incoming bounty hunters and their quarry were properly processor, ensuring that the agreed-upon price was transferred into the hunter's account only after the bounty was verified. (RSF)

this small creature was one of the many extruded subnodes maintained by Kud'ar Mub'at in his web. Lookout's primary function was to monitor the incoming traffic to Mub'at's web and report on visitors as soon as they could be identified. (MA)

Lool Hrashi
this woman was a university student, living in the CoCo District of Coruscant during the years leading up to the onset of the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

this creature was a favorite food of the Dbarian race, and was eaten head first. (APS)

Loop Pipe
a device shaped like a hooka, used to inhale the gas and smoke from a burning leaf. (TME)

Loop Snarl
this was the descriptive name used to indicate a situation in which a tractor beam attempted to lock onto its own beam. The root cause was often a random reflection of the tractor beam back to its source. This was the desired outcome of a covert shroud gambit, in which a starship's operator ejected reflective particles in it wake as a countermeasure. These particles reflected the tractor beam back to its source, creating the loop snarl. (TLC, TTSB)

Loop, The
this was the name of the 8-X unirail train system that surrounded the city of Tal'cara in an elliptical circuit. The majority of the unirail track was belowground, and station stops were the only sections located above the surface. (SPG)

Loop, The
this wide road formed a circle around the city fo Qaestar Town, on the planet Talus. (CCW)

this Bith musician joined the band known as the Twisted Rancor Trio after Ujaa was fired, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. (KOTOR)

Loor, Kirtan
a native of Churba, he was an Imperial Intelligence agent working for Ysanne Isard. He resembled a taller, younger Willhuf Tarkin in nearly every aspect. He was a thin, hawk-faced man with a sharp widow's peak. He has a nearly perfect memory, which he used to his advantage. He spent some time working with Gil Bastra on Corellia, where Bastra continually got under Loor's skin and kept the agent off-balance. When Bastra forged IDs for Corran Horn, Iella and Diric Wessiri, and himself, then fled the system to defect to the Alliance, Kirtan Loor began what would become a life-long quest to hunt them down. Bastra thwarted all of Loor's attempts by leading him down false trails, using Loor's near-perfect memory to his advantage whenever possible. Loor finally succeeded in capturing Bastra about two and a half years after the Battle of Endor, but Bastra died during interrogation before divulging any useful data. Loor was then recruited by Ysanne Isard to hunt down Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron. She used the fact that Corran Horn was now in Rogue Squadron as further incentive. However, deep down, Kirtan Loor was frightened of Corran Horn. He knew that Horn was more violent and driven to escape than Loor could imagine. Loor knew that, if Corran Horn ever caught up with him, that Horn would shoot first and ask questions later. When Isard began plotting to return a diseased Coruscant to the New Republic, Kirtan became the go-between for Isard's secret agent within Rogue Squadron, who was believed to be Tycho Celchu. Using an implanted code phrase, Loor contacted his agent and obtained vital information on the plan to have the Rogues infiltrate Coruscant to gain information on its defenses. Loor played his part to perfection, keeping Isard abreast of the Rogues' activities. Isard, however, had more plans for Loor. She knew that when she turned Coruscant - already infected with the Krytos virus - over to the Republic, she would need an agent on the planet. She chose Kirtan for this duty, much to his chagrin. He was chosen to head up the Palpatine Counterinsurgency Faction, which he did with the best of his abilities. When Fliry Vorru was set loose by the Republic to head the Imperial City People's Militia, Loor was caught in Vorru's web and rendered a subordinate in the plans Isard had for Coruscant. He became fed up with the situation, not to mention the growing ability of the New Republic to fend off Imperial attacks, and offered himself and a great deal of data to Nawara Ven. Ven was acting as Celchu's lawyer, in the trial to discover the murderer of Corran Horn. Loor knew that Celchu wasn't responsible, and offered to provide this information to Ven in exchange for certain freedoms. Ven agreed, and met Iella Wessiri to bring him to the Imperial Justice Building. However, while exitting the turbolift to the prosecutor's chambers, Loor was shot to death by Diric Wessiri. Wessiri, believing that the "mystery witness" would be Evir Derricote, waited in ambush and started firing when the doors opened. Ven took a shot in the hip, and Diric was shot to death by his own wife, who believed him to be an assassin. (SWJ7, XWN, WG, KT)

Loor, Kirtana
this alias was assumed by Dynba Tesc, as part of a daring plan devised by Corran Horn to assist the rebellion on Garqi. Tesc had been freed by Eamon Yzalli - aslo known as Corran Horn - to round up her friends in the resistance. Then, with an altered appearance, she would portray Kirtana Loor, and Imperial Intelligence agent who claimed that the Imperial system constantly tried to dismiss the fact that she was a woman by calling her Kirtan. As Kirtana, she would then liberate the crew of the Star's Delight and bring them all together. Yzalli told Mosh Barris that he would be able to eliminate the resistance with one simple blow. However, he also made sure that Dynba and her friends would escape, thereby implicating Barris as a traitor to the Empire for allowing them to escape. (TFE, SWJ7)

Loose Cannon
this Corellian Gunship was part of the pirate fleet which tried to steal bacta from the Twin Suns Transport Service. The ship was destroyed by Ace Azzameen during the ambush. (XWA)

this alien sought out roonstones for sale, during the early years of the New Order. (DCAR)

this man and his wife, Aaida, lived on Nar Shaddaa, during the years following the Jedi Civil War. The Exchange kidnapped Aaida and held her hostage, in an attempt to force Lootra to become a member of the Exchange. He refused, and eventually asked The Exile to help him free Aaida. The Exile managed to free her, and the couple was reunited. (KOTOR2)

this planet was infamous for its gladiator pits. (SWJ2, PSPG)

this name was common among Ithorian females. Although such names do not generally have meaning, Ithorians who studied their race's history learned that the name meant "a breeze that carried the scent of flowers". (GCG)

Lopaki, Kyril
this young Imperial soldier was stationed on Alashan, serving under Major Grau during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. Ensign Lopaki graduated from the Imperial Academy shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Lopaki bristled at Grau's ability to accept from any quarter, and his anger with his commanding officer boiled over when Grau agreed to a truce between the Imperial forces on Alashan and the Alliance agents, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, who had also been stranded by Alashan's strange powers. Ensign Lopaki's true nature was revealed when they traveled to the Alliance's archaeological dig site, when an avalanche badly injured an Imperial stormtrooper. Rather than trying to save the man, Lopaki abandoned him an in effort to save his own life. He nearly captured Luke and Leia, but he was killed by the Sentinel creature that was dispatched to eliminate them. (MCI6, MCI7)

Lopani, Rotas
this thief fled Coruscant shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars, carrying with him several diplomatic datapads which held sensitive information. Lopani, who was a known associate of Bando Gora, was wanted by the government of Circarpous V. The authorities there requested the intervention of the Jedi Knights in recovering Lopani, while at the same time offering an 8,000-credit bounty for Lopani's return. The Jedi Knights dispatched Reeft to Brentaal IV, after learning of his presence there. The Bounty Hunter's Guild also dispatched Tosinqas to Brentall IV. Reeft caught up with Lopani, but was startled by the presence of Tosinqas. It was Tosinqas who killed Lopani, crashing down upon him in an ambush. Reeft inadvertently killed Tosinqas when the bounty hunter charged him, and the Jedi returned to Coruscant with both bodies. (HNN5)

this hulking man was one of Arwen Cohl's contacts on the planet Karfeddion. Cohl hoped to recruit Lope to join the team of mercenaries he was assembling, at the behest of Havac and the Nebula Front, to execute Chancellor Finis Valorum. Lope was a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, and was good enough with a blaster to pass muster. Lope participated in the Stark Hyperspace Conflict, and had a bounty on his head from an assassination he performed on Sacorria. After Lope dispatched Pezzle and his three goons, Cohl hired him on the spot. (COD)

a carnivorous creature native to the moon Yavin 8, the loper is a member of the burrower family. It was by far the largest of the burrowers on Yavin 8, and hunted in packs. The fur of the loper was prized for its beauty and color. (GG2)

Lopez Drinks
this was one of the largest producers of softdrinks at the time of the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

this was the name of a noted Pho Ph'eahian individual. (UANT)

Lopor Station
this rundown city is located near Feris City. (GG10)

Loposi System
this star system was located along the Gevarno Loop. During the Clone Wars, the Loposi System was loyal to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. (SHPT)

Loppak Slusk
this male Quarren served as The Exchange's primary agent on Telos, working from a base aboard Citadel Station, during the years following the Jedi Civil War. He spent a great deal of effort trying to undermine the efforts of the Ithorian population on Citadel Station, especially after they began protesting the actions of The Exchange. Slusk changed his mind after a meeting with The Exile, who persuaded him to lay off the Ithorians. When he then tried to doublecross The Exile, the former Jedi was forced to kill Slusk before Slusk could eliminate him. (KOTOR2)

Loprana Soil-Enrichers
this corporation has offices on New Republic and Imperial worlds. They have very unscrupulous business practices, and once tried to steal Ergesh technology from the Industrial Swampfields. (PG2)

this Imperial drug was developed to compel a being to talk during interrogation. It attacked the centers of the brain which provided stamina and willpower to resist, leaving the victim defenseless. (TBSB)

Loquoy, Burdo
this moisture farmer and his wife, Lorna, lived on Tatooine with their daughter Jent, during the Galactic Civil War. (WOTC)

Loquoy, Jent
this young girl, the daughter of Burdo and Lorna Loquoy, was one of the first beings to report on the possible existence of genius womp rats on Tatooine. Known as a hotshot pilot and a braggart, Jent's story having her T-16 skyhopper disabled by a group of womp rats seemed to grow more exaggerated with every telling. After stringing a nearly invisible wire between the canyon walls and disabling her skyhopper, Jent claimed that the genius womp rats attacked her with metal clibs before he father could chase them away. (WOTC)

Loquoy, Lorda
this moisture farmer and her husband, Burdo, lived on Tatooine with their daughter Jent, during the Galactic Civil War. (WOTC)

Lor Pelek
this Korunnai phrase was used to describe a witch doctor or shaman. The words lor pelek literally meant "jungle master", and came from several legends of beings who brought life or death to the Korunnai. In some legends, the lor pelek was the physical incarnation of pelekotan itself. (SHPT)

Lor, Galon
this man was one of the many Sith apprentices who were training at the academy on Korriban, during the height of the Great Sith War. Galon spent his free time investigating the various Sith Lords who were buried in the Valley of the Dark Lords, and was one of the first students to discover that secrets of Ajunta Pall's tomb. (KOTOR)

this man was, at one time, the King of the planet Velmor. Like his father before him, Lorac was loyal to the ideals of the Old Republic. When the Empire subjugated Velmor, some years before the Battle of Yavin, Lorac and his family was executed by a mob which had been funded by the Empire. Only two sons, Denid and Anod, escaped the death and destruction. This period of Velmor 's history, which occurred in the 313th year of the Mrid, was later known as the Great Revolt. (LTA2, WOTC)

this planet is the homeworld of the Ffib race, which had established the religious oligarchy that ruled it. This planet was referred to as simply Lorahn in The Bounty Hunters: Aurra Sing. (TJP, BHAS)

this tall, grave man was one of the original members of the Eleven, the rebel group that formed in the city of Ussa, on Bellassa, after the Empire subjugated the planet shortly after the end of the Clone Wars. It was Loran who brought word of the Empire's plans to arrest rebellious individuals without warning, until Ferus Olin or Roan Lands was captured. (LJ1)

this was one of the most common human surnames encountered in the galaxy. (GCG)

Loran Spitball
this starfighter assault maneuver was designed by Garik Loran and Wraith Squadron. It involved the launching a large number of proton torpedoes at the unshielded durasteel plating protecting the power cells of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. Subsequent bombing runs by starfighters or a supporting capital ship widened the gap in the plating, destroying the power cells. (WS)

Loran, Garik
this man, a native of Pantolomin, was best known as a child actor who worked in a multitude of Imperial propaganda films. His face became a symbol for the Empire, and his films were responsible for large jumps in Imperial recruitment. Just as he was trying to get into more teeen-aged roles, he was captured by Alliance extremists who showed him what the Empire was really all about before they planned to execute him for aiding the Emperor. An Imperial attack on the rebel outpost resulted in both sides being decimated, and Garik himself sustained multiple injuries. He hid from the remaining Imperial, and eventually made it back to Pantolomin. His parents then shipped him to their homeworld of Lorrd, when he recovered from his injuries and decided to join the Alliance. His "death" was reported shortly before the Battle of Yavin, and broke the hearts of many young girls. Among most of the Alliance personnel, Garik was known as "The Face" because of the popularity of his cherubic face, although the battle left him with a few scars. He bought his own A-Wing, and trained in it on his own. He eventually became a pilot with Comet Squadron, but was forced extra-vehicular in order to avoid a proton torpedo. In his debriefing, Edor Crespin told Loran that he'd never amount to much, and would never repay the debt he owed the Republic for serving the Empire. Loran snapped back, telling Crespin that he was "just following in his footsteps." Crespin demoted him from pilot ranks, and Loran thought he'd never fly again until he made the cut to join Wraith Squadron. Loran also served as te squadron's insertion expert and part-time cook. For his part in rescuing the Night Caller during Apwar Trigit's attack on Talasea, Face was promoted to Lieutenant. During this time, Face became good friends with Ton Phanan, as the two exchanged quips and developed a friendly rivalry. Their friendship was crushed when Phanan was shot down and killed over Halmad, despite the incredible effort Face put in to rescue him. Phanan, in his will, left Face a large sum of money, provided that he have the facial scars removed. If not, the money went to Loran's arch-nemesis, Tetran Cowall. So, Face had the surgery and retained the money. During this time, Face fell in love with Dia Passik. In order to infiltrate Warlord Zsinj's confidence, Face then assumed the identity of General Kargin, leader of the Hawk-bat Independent Space Force. He met several times with Zsinj, each time increasing the Warlord's belief that Kargin was truly independent. After the defeat of Zsinj at Kuat, Face was promoted to brevet Captain by Wedge, a position was was eventually made official by the New Republic after the Battle of Selaggis. He continued to lead Wraith Squadron after it was re-commissioned as an Infiltrator team, and was part of the forces which were dispatched to monitor Yuuzhan Vong fleet movements after the aliens invaded the galaxy. (WS, IF, SOC, SBS)

this woman owned Lorana's Labyrinth, located in the starport city of Kelada. She had a soft spot for smugglers, but never gave anything away for free. Because of her position in the local society, Lorana obtained a great deal of information on the Anarid Cluster and Kelada itself. (SWJ1)

Lorana's Labyrinth
a popular tavern located on the planet Kelada, nestled within the warehouses and docking bays on the planet's major starport. It was named for the meandering bar which dominated the establishment, creating a maze of chairs and raised platforms. There were no tables in the bar, so patrons had to stand, making it difficult to move completely through the bar. (SWJ1)

this was one of the Mistryl worlds destroyed by Zothip's Cavrilhu Pirates. (VOF)

this manufacturer produced a variety of mobile weapons platforms during the early stages of the New Order. (FC)

Loratus Mobile Proton Torpedo Launcher
developed by Loratus and used by the Alliance, this mobile launching platform was a ground-based way to attack a remote enemy location using proton torpedoes fired in parabolic arcs. A remote spotter was required to assist in targeting. (FC)

Loratus Scanner Jammer
developed by Loratus and used by the Alliance, this mobile platform could move into enemy territory and use a variety of countermeasures to jam sensor and communication systems. (FC)

Lord Bearer
this was another honorific used by the Toka to describe the Bearer. (LCM)

Lord Being
according to Skakoan legend, the Lord Being was the leader of the Swirlbies. (VIS)

Lord Cravus
this ancient individual was a noted warlord from the earliest history of the planet Esseles. He was known as a cruel ruler, brutally taking control of the planet with a collection of battle droids. (CCW)

Lord Kavad and the Skaalite Orchestra
a musical ensemble which performed during the last years of the Old Republic and into the era of the Galactic Civil War. (TME, HNN5)

Lord Keto
Satal Keto's father. Satal had him frozen in carbonite when the Krath took control of the Empress Teta System. (DLS)

Lord Key-Bearer
this was another honorific used by the Toka to describe the Bearer. (LCM)

Lord Nyax
this was the name adopted by Irek Ismaren, when he awakened on Coruscant to find that he had been altered by his mother to become a Force-wielding humunculous. Initially upon awakening, Irek had no idea of his personality or memories. His mind was a virtual blank, except for the programming his mother had provided him, after he took a lightsaber thrust in the brain. After killing his mother and escaping the captivity of the facility in the Bluenek Section of Coruscant, he adopted the monicker of Lord Nyax after hearing it in the minds of the victims he killed. Despite the unfinished nature of his programming, Lord Nyax had a deep connection to the Dark Side of the Force, which gave him an easy path to learning what he needed to know. Lord Nyax used mental projection to control the weak-minded being who survived the Battle of Coruscant, drawing on their energies while using them to scout out the Yuuzhan Vong. He also learned how to wield the collection of lightsaber connected to the gloves and joints of his body, making a formidable opponent for anything which opposed him. Lord Nyax also discovered the location of the former Jedi Temple on Coruscant, sensing its presence by the incredible knot of Force energy beneath it. Nyax drew strength from this well of energy, twisting it to the Dark Side and growing incredibly powerful. When Luke Skywalker and his infiltration team discovered Lord Nyax, they were forced into battle in order to stop the Dark Lord from adding to the troubles plaguing the New Republic. They were unable to battle him with lightsabers, but a concerted effort to disable him using rocks and boulders proved effctive enough. Nyax suffered sever damage to his legs and back, and fell into a pit below the Jedi Temple. As he lay dying in the pit, Nyax gathered all the Dark Side energy he could muster and began throwing it out of the pit. Tons of rubble spewed skyward, then crashed back down onto Coruscant's surface. As the rubble stopped falling, Luke discovered that Nyax's physical body was destroyed, but the Dark Side nature of the creature remained in the surrounding structure. (EL2)

Lord Nyax
this was the name of an ancient Corellian ghost, who name was often invoked by Corellian parents who needed to frighten their children into doing something they didn't want to do. During Emperor Palpatine's destruction of the Jedi Knights, Lord Nyax was the name used to describe Darth Vader, who came to Corellia to execute Force-sensitive children. (EL2)

Lord of the Expanse
this was a term used to describe any ranking member of one of the noble houses of the Tapani Sector. (HG)

Lord Por'Ten
this X'Ting was the mate of Lady Por'Ten, and often accompanied her to the meetings of the Five Families during the height of the Clone Wars. Unlike his wife, Lord Por'Ten was an overweight individual who clearly enjoyed some of life's more carnal pleasures. He was among the Five Families members who were kidnapped by Nemonus, but was eventually rescued by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Lord and Lady Por'ten were killed, along with most members of the Five Families, when the ARC trooper Jangotat infiltrated their secret bunker on the Kibo Plateau and ordered the Nexu to fire on his location. (TCD)

Lord R
this was the alias used by an unknown being who attempted to discredit Nirama and take control of the criminal underwold of the Cularin System, during the last years of the Old Republic. Many investigators believed that "Lord R" was actually the Hutt crimelord Riboga. (LFCW)

this was a term of respect used by the Nikto. (RSOS)

Lorda Doma Toma
this was the name of Quaffug the Hutt's personal space yacht. (WOTC)

Lordin, Tellas
this man was captured by the bounty hunter Moxin Tark, after Prefect Adrona issued a bounty for his arrest. (GG10)

Lords of Atron
dieties whose names are often taking in vain by Greezim Trentacal. (TFE)

Lords of Dismay Flightknife
one of the many flightknives comprised of pilots from the nation of Cartann, the Lords of Dismay was one of the first groups to fight offer a challenge to Wedge Antilles and Red Flight during the negotiations between the Adumari, the New Republic, and the Empire. Wedge refused their challenge, not sure how to avoid killing pilots unnecessarily while maintaining the honor of the New Republic. When Red Flight was exiled from Cartann City by the maneuverings of Tomer Darpen, the Lords of Dismay tried to shoot them down during their escape. They were thwarted in the attempt by the Strike the Moons Flightknife. However, during the civil war which erupted in the wake of Darpen's treachery, the Lords of Dismay were given another chance to defeat them. The results, though, were nearly the same, and the Lords of Dismay were forced to surrender to the Running Crimson Flightknife. (SOA)

Lords of War
this was another name for the Gorvan Horansi. (PG1, AE)

Lore Seeker
this quirky Jemlaat-class yacht was owned by Tionne, during the time she spent as a student and instructor at Luke Skywalker's Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4. It was an ancient design, using solar sails to gather energy and to ride along on the solar winds which moved between stars. It was armed with a single laser cannon, and boasted several updated sensor systems and a hyperdrive. A shielding system was added, but could only be used when the solar sails were retracted. The ship's copper-colored hull and solar wings gave it the look of a space-going dragon. Tionne found the ship while on a mission to locate information on the ancient Jedi Order. While on Borgo Prime, she discovered the ship in the possession of some Randoni traders. She bargained for the ship, giving the Randoni songs and information about an ancient Randoni treasure trove in exchange for its rights. (VF, SWJ15, KB)

this hard-looking man with graying hair and a wealth of tattooes was the bartender at the Crosswind Saloon during the Galactic Civil War. (ND)

Loreli Ro
this female Mere served as the Ambassador of her people to the Old Republic, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. She asked the Jedi Council to investigate the possibility of locating the Feeorin mercenary Nym, in an attempt to employ Nym in helping to overthrow the Trade Federation's control of Maramere. (CRBN, JSF)

this planet, located in the Hapes Cluster, was named for the Lorell Raiders who originally settled in the sector. (DJ)

Lorell Hall
located on the planet Hapes, this was the primary governmental assembly hall of the Hapes Consortium. (JE)

Lorell Raiders
the pirates who originally settled the Hapes Cluster, they used to raid the outer fringes of the Old Republic's territories, stealing women and supplies, until the Jedi Knights got involved, and were forced to eliminate the Raiders. (CPL)

this woman, a native of the planet Velmor, was betrothed to Prince Denid until the Empire subjugated their planet. Denid and Loren fled Velmor, and were forced to crashland on a jungle planet many parsecs away. Unfortunately for Denid, Loren died in the crash. When Prince Denid returned to Velmor to help free his planet from Imperial control, Leia Organa played the role of Loren, to make the sudden re-appearance of Denid more palatable. (LTA2, MC49)

Lorenz System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Calipsa during the New Order. It was seized from the holdings of House Pelagia, after Pelagia was nearly wiped out by House Mecetti. (LOE)

a planet (MJEH)

this Toydarian ostensibly ran a small shop on Treasure Ship Row, on Corellia, during the last decades of the Old Republic. A close friend of Rostek Horn and nejaa Halcyon, Lorfo often used his underground contacts to help the pair locate an individual or solve a crime. When Aayla Secura and Ylenic It'kla arrived on the planet to recover Ratri Tane, it was Lorfo who first greeted them by trying to buy a drink for Aayla. She politely refused, but later accepted his help in reaching the lair of Tendir Blue. Lorfo, who was working with Horn and Halcyon to ensure Tane's survival, pretended to play both ends against the middle by alerting Blue to the presence of the Jedi. This allowed Halcyon to pretend to be the real Ratri Tane, and to allow Blue the opportunity to reclaim the prototype Tane carried and "kill" Tane. Lorfo then pretended to help Blue escape the Jedi, until Blue betrayed him and left him to be "arrested," completing the ruse and giving the Techno Union the false impression that they had nothing to fear from the Old Republic. (SWI66)

this Rodian worked in the Old Republic embassy on Dantooine, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. He was known to be corrupt, and several warrants were issued for his arrest. The Genoharadan Assassin Guild even had outstanding bounties for the capture of Lorgal, and it was one of their agents who managed to finally bring him in. (KOTOR)

this gaunt Caarite female worked as the secretary to Velin Wir, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (EOS)

Lorimar Lebauer
this Jenet was the founder of the underground organization known as the Invisible Shell. He was arrested during the early years of the New Republic by the authorities on Thyferra, who discovered that he had been running a conuterfeit bacta operation. Thousands of beings died because the bacta treatments they received were merely placebos, and Lorimar was accused and convicted of the fraud. Many believed that his own nephew, Ludlo Lebauer, supplied information on Lorimar's operation to the Thyferrans, in the hopes of taking control of the Invisible Shell for himself. Leia Organa Solo, during her negotiation for the return of ten Alderaanian boasa statues owned by Luldo, offered to commute Lorimar's sentence in exchange for the statues and the Second Mistake. However, Lorimar would not be released until Leia returned to coruscant with the artworks. (SWI67)

this was an agricultural world located in Fakir Sector. (SWCP)

an Imperial Moff, he was placed in charge as the governor of the Fakir System. (SWSB, MTS)

Lorin, Thalos
this playwright was best known for his drama, Serpent Rain. (GG10)

this Kubaz was a relative of Garindan, and was Malakili's partner in keeping Jabba the Hutt's rancor in fighting condition. Note that Tales from Jabba's Palace claims Lorindan was simply a long-nosed spy who worked in Jabba's palace just before the crimelord was killed at the Pit of Carkoon. (MTS, TJP)

Loris Syndicated Securities
this small corporation produced a range of magnetic handcuffs and binders. (GG10)

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