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Light-scan Visor
originally developed more than 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, these devices provided enhanced visual acuity by analyzing the incoming light sources and providing visual displays from frequencies above those of normal sight. More expensive visors could be adjusted for race-specific characteristics. (KOTOR)

Lightside Explorer
Andur Sunrider's personal starship, the Lightside Explorer was purchased by Andur from a Vultan dealer on Nak Shimor. The ship was a Vaya-class scout ship, which Andur later refitted for civilian use in transporting his family. (TOJ, TOJC)

a game at which Luke Skywalker bested Kam Solusar. (DE1, DA)

Lightspeed Lightweight
this was one of the worst holofilms of the Old Republic, produced in the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

Lightspeed Torpedo
this was the name given to the huge missiles that were fired by the Empire's Galaxy Gun. Each of these missiles was capable of traveling through hyperspace to a specific location, where they dropped out of hyperspace and continued their flight to their target. (NEGW)

a weapon once used by the Jedi Knights. (DLS)

this unusual plant, native to the planet Zonama Sekot, was a two-meter-tall stalk which supported a small ball of bioluminescent cells. The Ferroans discovered that light-stalks could be grown in such a way as to light pathways. (FH3)

this was a form of hyperspace beacon developed by the Baobab Merchant Fleet, and was used to demark the hyperspace trade routes they used from the company's base on Manda. Most of these lightstations were automated, simply marking a point in space and providing directional data for other lightstations down the line. Only the Umboo Lightstation was regularly manned by living beings. (WOTC, SWDB)

LightStealth-18 Reconnaissance Ship
this reconnaissance craft was built by Kuat Drive Yards for the New Republic Navy. It first saw duty at the Battle of Tynna. Known as the LSR, the ship was built for speed and stealth. The surface of this craft bristled with a multitude of low-profile sensor suites, rectennae, scanners, and communications arrays. In order to maintain the ship's power needs, a capital-scale power generator was installed as the main power plant. The New Republic believed that the ship was virtually invisible to the enemy, but Nas Choka's forces were able to detect it and track its actions. The Supreme Commander chose to leave the ship alone, letting the New Republic believe that the ship was undetected and giving them a false sense of security. (JE)

this was the name given to the intense waves of energy which were often encountered at the edge of a nebula or galaxy. (E)

Lightstorm Chamber
developed during the last decades of the Old Republic, a lightstorm chamber was used to protect a separate chamber or area of a building. The systems within the lightstorm chamber wre activated when an individual walk into the chamber. At this point, the chamber resembled a room filled with pinpoints of light all over the walls. If the individual continued to move about, the chamber's sensor-lined walls recognized the movement and triggered the automated defenses. The pinpoints of light began shooting blaster bolts in a criss-cross pattern, pinning the individual down or killing them outright. (J2)

this term was used on the planet Ansion to describe lightning, especially among the Gwurran. (APS)

a Dark Jedi weapon created by Lumiya as the final step in her training under Darth Vader. She created it from information found in an ancient Sith tome on the planet Ziost. The flexible whip was formed from shards of the Kaiburr Crystal and from Mandalorian iron, making the weapon virtually indestructible. (SWG3, GMR5)

this was a form of whip that employed light energy to stun a target, as well as lash out to cause severe wounds. They were rare and unusual during the last years of the Old Republic, and exceptionally difficult to build. (TCD)

Lightwick Sculpture
this form of artwork used a continual flame to produce an entertaining display. (APS)

the nicknamed used by members of the Empire's cryptanalysis agency, it was originally coined to describe the agents of the Old Republic's Cryptanalysis Department. (ISB, SWI65)

Lihnn, Mahwi
this woman was a capable bounty hunter during the last decades of the Old Republic. She had been hired by the Trade Federation for certain jobs, and found it not at all surprising when Rune Haako contacted her about locating Hath Monchar. She gladly took the job, and trailed the rogue Neimoidian to Coruscant. However, she was unable to capture Monchar before he was killed by Darth Maul. When Maul discovered Lihnn's presence, she found herself in a struggle to survive against the Sith Lord. She tried to shoot him down with a wrist rocket laucher, but the resulting explosion struck her like a brick wall. Her limb body was smashed against a wall, and Lihnn died of her injuries. (DMSH)

Liinade III
this planet, a member world of the Ciutric Hegemony, was an agricultural center known for its caf synthesizers and comlinks. Liinade III was developed during the last decades of the Old Republic, and its growth continued during the New Order and into the New Republic. It was targetted for raids by the New Republic, during its hunt for Prince-Admiral Krennel, in an effort to debase his control of the Hegemony. Corran Horn discovered a laboratory which was designing a new form of Death Star, dubbed Pulsar Station, and the republic believed the lab was set up by Krennel. In fact, the lab was established by Ysanne Isard, in an effort to undermine the efforts of Krennel and Isard's clone to break the Republic. After liberating the planet, the New Republic sent several supply convoys to the world. Krennel attempted to blockade the planet, in hopes of causing more damage to the Republic. (IR)

this planet was the site of an Alliance communications relay station which was used during the Galactic Civil War. (MBC)

Liintaar Station
this was a major Alliance communications relay station, located on the planet Liintaar. (MBC)

Liiren Baelar
this was a famous Iktotchi individual, distinguished in the histories of the moon of Iktotch. (UANT)

Liirk Ranguhl
this was one of the most famous Huralok pirates. (GORW)

Lij, Miera
this woman worked as a computer operator in Alvorine City, during the early years of the New Republic. A petty woman, Miera often sold information she learned while working for Marshal Hundria Kast. (GMR5)

Lijarak Mines
this mining operation was located on the planet Anic. (AIR)

Lijarak Mines Incident
this was the name of a struggle between the Alliance and the Empire, on the planet Anic, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. The Alliance suffered defeat on Anic, and few of its personnel escaped alive. (AIR)

this planet, located in the Reibrin System of the Ansuroer Sector, was the location of the largest Houk colony in the galaxy. The Empire established a orbital research station near the planet's second moon, in an effort to breed the perfect slave from Houk genetic material. It was not known if the Empire succeeded in this endeavor. Lijuter was orbited by two natural satellites and a number of space stations, which were used primarily by offworlders. (GG12, UANT)

Lijuter Congress
this is the primary Houk governmental body. Each of the 31 Houk colonies has a representative on the Congress. (GG12)

Lik Ankkit
this Neimoidian was dispatched by the Trade Federation to the planet Qiilura, where he oversaw the harvesting and export of barq and kushayan during the last years of the Old Republic. Like most Neimoidians, Ankkit was accustomed to a life of luxury, and lived in a gorgeous villa while the barq farmers lived in near-poverty conditions. The villa overlooked a huge kushayan field, and served no other purpose than to show Ankkit's position as Qiilura's commercial overlord. When Ankkit was ordered to provide funding to Ghez Hokan, who had been sent to Qiilura to protect the work of Ovolot Qail Uthan, Ankkit refused to part with any of his credits. This meant that Hokan was forced to create a protection force from criminals and other lowlifes. (RCHC)

an alien race which joined the New Republic. (SOP)

Like Herglic on Mrlssti
this phrase evolved in the Tapani Sector, and derived from the size difference between the two races. In most situations, it referred to the fact that opposites didn't mix, as in "like oil and water." It could also be used to indicate pain, as if a Herglic were to sit on a Mrlssti. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't indicate any enmity between the two races. (LOE)

Likk Nibk
this independent spacer was one of the first beings to discover the existence of The Worm on Eskaron. Likk Nibk won the first starship race to pass through the dessicated body of an ancient space slug, after being forced into a side passage when he tried to pass another starship. (LFC)

an alien creature native to Masterhome, the likka were domesticated and trained as mounts for use by the warriors of the Godlings of the Anointed People. Likka resembled large crocodiles, and were bad-tempered at best. Specialized reins were attached to the likka' eyelids in order to control the beasts. (SWCP)

Likryt Stew
this was a hearty stew that was popular on the planet Druckenwell. (SWJ6)

Li-Li, Jang
this Jedi Knight was one of many students who had some level of training under Count Dooku, when he was skill a member of the Jedi Order. Dooku remembered her as a handsome woman who sometimes sought out his advice. Jang accompanied Jai Maruk on a mission to Vjun, during the height of the Clone Wars, to investigate the build-up of Separatist forces in the sector. They discovered that Count Dooku had established a stronghold on Vjun, and were captured by Asajj Ventress. Unfortunately, Jang Li-Li was no match for Ventress in combat, and was slain by the Dark Jedi. Ventress claimed that Jang Li-Li was the sixteenth Jedi she had killed in one-on-one combat, and that Master Maruk would have been the seventeenth if Dooku hadn't allowed him to live. (YDR)

this given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this grain is grown on the planet Lianna, and is often combined with dried choya to form a tasty breading that is used to coat fish sticks. (ML)

this New Republic Senator served on the Council on Security and Intelligence. He supported Cair Tok Noimm's stance on the status of the mission sent to intercept the Teljkon vagabond near Gmir Askilon, requesting that the Republic send a team to continue the search. (SOL)

this strong-willed, teenage girl was one of the two Venerated Ones from the planet Vandelhelm. Her full name, which she hated to use, was Lillindri Nanimei Filda Vandelhelm XXXII. Just before the Battle of Endor, Lilli and Endro were whisked off the planet when it became apparent that galactic power was going to change hands. The children were the last heirs to the Vandel and Helm lines, and were given over to Alliance supporters on Ord Vaug. Following the Battle, Han Solo was contracted to pick them up on Ord Vaug and return them to Vandelhelm, an action which would help restore ore shipments to Fondor. They were necessary because they held the control codes which could be used to move the ore convoy out of the system. After she was voted into power just days following her return, Lilli - just fifteen at the time - showed skills in the area of finance. She lowered prices on refined ores, which did little to make her popular among the Metalsmiths but allowed more buyers to place larger orders, thereby increasing Vandelhelm's income as well as profits. Vandelhelm quickly reach new levels of income from its metal and ore production, but this last only for a few years. Lilli was still a petulant child at heart, and ordered a vast fleet of starships - lovingly named Solo-class freighters in honor of Han Solo - to be built for the New Republic as a gift from the Venerated Ones. This taxed the Vandelhelm coffers, bringing profits to a bare minimum for many years. (PH)

Lillindri Nanimei Filda Vandelhelm XXXII
this was the full name of the young woman who was one of Vandelhelm's Venerated Ones during the last years of the New Order. (PH)

this cargo hauler was licensed to operate out of Ord Mantell. A small, grey-skinned alien with winglike eyebrows and a ridged forehead, he owned the Rude Awakening, which he used to transport weapons to the various warring factions on Anobis. He sold to the highest bidder, but primarily to the miners. He worked for Czethros in this capacity, although he was simply trying to make ends meet for his own small family. He was intercepted during a run by Han Solo, who had come to Anobis to discover the reasons behind the war. Solo boarded the Rude Awakening and discovered the nature of Lilmit's cargo, then planted explosives to destroy it. Lilmit was forced to jettison the weapons cargo before it exploded inside his ship. Sometime later, Lilmit was given a cargo of spice to transport from Kessel, although he was still in Czethros' employ. While docked on Kessel and hoping to escape Czethros' takeover of the world, he was detained by Anja Gallandro. As he explained his role in the civil war on Anobis, he told her of the plan Czethros had implemented to further his own gains. His talking helped harden Anja's resolve to defeat Czethros, and although he was caught on Kessel, Lilmit managed to escape safely when the Jedi Knights brought down his plans. Later, Lilmit was recommended to Lando Calrissian by Anja, for a position as a pilot. (ROM, CCR)

Balto's wife, she was a native of Kalarba. (DRO)

Lim Tree
this tree was developed by the Yuuzhan Vong Shaper Nen Yim for its beauty as well as its nearly-continual appetite. The lim tree was believed to have been extinct, maintained only as a genetic blueprint in the Qang qahsa. The silvery tendrils of the lim tree moved about in feeble motions, seraching for any form os sustenance they could grasp. Lim trees were used in Nen Yim's private quarters to keep organic debris and refuse to a minimum. When Nen Yim encountered a plant which was very similar to a lim tree on Zonama Sekot, it became obvious to her that there was a strong connection between the living planet, the Yuuzhan Vong, and the galaxy of the New Republic. The incredible similarity indicated that some Yuuzhan Vong had made contact with the planet no less than 1,000 years before the invasion, since data on the lim tree had not been accessed in the Qang qhasa since then. (FP)

this alias was used by Leia Organa Solo, shortly after her marriage to Han Solo, during a mission to Tatooine to locate a group of Imperial agents. Limba was a Twi'lek female, and Leia's disguise included a pair of prosthetic lekku that seemed to twitch with life. (TG)

this Imperial agent was one of the few who were surgically altered to resemble a Mon Calamarias, in an effort to try and subvert the stoic aliens. Limeren joined his home world's COMPNOR education branch, but was disgusted by the ineptitude he found there. He turned to Imperial Intelligence, and became an informer. He would shake a man's hand and stab him in the back in successive breaths. (DU)

LiMerge Power
this energy producer and weapons manufacturer was accused to producing and distributing prohibited weapons during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. It was rumored that LiMerge had also funded specific acts of piracy against the Trade Federation during this time, and these rumors eventually led to the Old Republic's concession to allow Federation transports to be escorted by droid starfighters. LiMerge was originally based on the planet Tythe, where it originally was established to exploit the planet's natural plasma deposits. Their attempts caused massive geological disruptions, leaving the planet a desolate wasteland. LiMerge fled Tythe and established a presence on Coruscant, in the form of a weapons manufacturing facility in The Works sector. It was this building that eventually became the meeting place for Darth Sidious and his apprentices, during the build-up to the Clone Wars. (LEV)

an Alliance container group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Limit of Vision
this was the Seltaya-class fast courier assigned to Jedi Master Jai Maruk during the height of the Clone Wars. (YDR)

Limited Barrage Pattern
this offensive military maneuver is designed to make a targetted starship dodge one volley of laser-fire, only to run into another barrage. (THG)

Limited Warfare
this song, written and played by the band Red Shift Limit, was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. It first appeared on a compilation of the same name. (GG9)

Limmer, Z.
Ororo Transportation's human Chief Financial officer. He was killed by Guri when she met with Ororo's highest officials to translate Xizor's displeasure with Ororo's attempt to steal part of the spice trade. (SE)

this was the name, used in the Core Worlds, to describe the sport of bolo-ball. (HNN4)

Limna Yith
this notorious Kerestian assassin and her group of thigs were hired by Bel Att to help restore Black Sun's position on Yen-2, shortly before the Battle of Endor. When Yith discovered that Yen-2 was paying protection money to Black Sun, she decided to steal all the colony's computer records and sell them to the Empire. Bel Att, a loyal employee of the vigo Sprax, tried to stop her, but she killed him with her double-edged vibroblade and stole his ship. Yith was then captured and held by Nim Abek's forces on Abek's Station, but she escaped when a team sent to rescue her managed to beat Captain Surlev and the Ion Storm to the station. Yith fled to Sedri, but was captured by Mal Biron's mercenaries and forced to turn over the Barani List to Kalend Thora. (SSR)

this man served as the Colonial Governor of Goroth Prime, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GSE)

Limoth, Garlan
this Old Republic Senator was one of the small group which supported Senator Palpatine of Naboo, shortly before the Battle of Naboo and Palpatine's election to the Supreme Chancellor. However, when Palpatine declared himself Emperor and instituted the New Order, Senator Limoth withdrew his support. He died almost immediately afterward in a tragic accident. (GSE)

Limoth, Hola
this woman was married to Imperial Governor Marsh Limoth. The couple had two chidren. (GSE)

Limoth, Marsh
unlike his father, Senator Garlan Limoth, Marsh never withdrew his support of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine when he declared himself Emperor. Marsh turned his back on his father, and was rewarded for his loyalty with a posting as Moff Nebin Cray's personal assistant. Cray hated being "assisted" by someone hand-picked by Emperor Palpatine, and was the first to nominate Marsh for the position of colonial governor of Goroth Prime. It was Cray's "sacrifice" which allowed Marsh to gain the governor's position, since he gave a glowing recommendation. Governor Limoth operated as a true supporter of the New Order, despite claims from his peers that he was only serving at Governor for his own personal gain. (GSE)

Limulus-class Transport
this intra-system personnel transport was used during the last years of the Old Republic to move dignitaries and politicians across the galaxy. Although the Limulus-class was primarily designed for transport between planets in the same system, it could also be fitted to a hyperdrive ring for faster-than-light travel. The Limulus-class transport was a needle-shaped craft that was distinguished by its silver hull plating. (TCD)

this was a common name among Cerean females. Unlike their male counterparts, Cerean females use a single name unless they became a bond-wife. In this case, a female will take on their husband's grandfather's name for official matters. The name Lin indicated hope, faith, or trust. (GCG)

an Alliance YT-1300 destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

LIN Corporation
this corporation produced the LIN-series of demolition droids, and was based on the planet Aleron. Note that Galaxy Guide 7 and The Essential Guide to Droids indicate that the LIN-series was produced by Cybot Galactica. (LOE, EGD)

Lin Konpost
this female Bith held an advanced degree in tectonic and geological sciences. Although she's never told anyone how it happened (it has something to do with a computer malfunction), she ended up on the planet Narg, working for TransGalMeg Industries as a stress analysis engineer. This made her the only alien working for TGM, which is a great rarity. She was despondent about her situation, and spent most of her time spending the few credits she earned at the Free Access Grill. When her money ran out, she returned to work. She cared little for her appearance, and a layer of coal soot usually covered her hairless cranium. She befriended the Whiphid Daf Spearmaster, a fellow parton of the Grill. (TA)

Lin Prell
this Yevetha was the senior tender of Nil Spaar's mara-nas breederies aboard the Pride of Yevetha. He was on duty when Chewbacca and Shoran burst into the breederies during their rescue of Han Solo. Lin Prell ran in fear of the shaggy attackers, unable to comprehend what they wanted. (TT)

this was the designation of the droid that supported the operation of Kar Yang. LIN-2 was a silver, humanoid automaton. (SEE)

Lina Adonais
this Qonto space urchin is unusually perceptive. She plied her trade on the Kuari Princess, begging for a living. (RM)

this LIN-series droid was programmed to be a military observer in Mos Eisley. (GG7)

this species of tree grew on the planet Gala. (MOC)

Linden, Arviz
this man worked for Dynamic Synergetics as the director of the hyperbaride plant on Marca, until he was killed by Vost Tyne. During his tenure as the director of the plant, Linden purposely kept hyperbaride production to a low twenty-five percent of capacity, in order to maintain the native ecology of Marca and not endanger the native Sekct. He had planned to make contact with the Alliance and alert them to the presence of the plant, but was killed before he could make the contact. Tyne had no such morals about Marc and the Sekct, and quickly pushed production toward 100 percent after Linden's death. (POM)

this friend of Hobbie Klivian was stationed at Bestine when Hobbie and Biggs Darklighter defected from the Rand Ecliptic. Lindy provided the defectors with assistance in evacuating the ship's cargo. (MTS, GG3)

Line Branch
this was a division of the Imperial Navy. (CCG4)

Line Caster
this was the name used to describe any system which fired a length of syntherope at a specific target. The syntherope was attached to a grappling hook or power piton, allowing it to attach to its target securely. (FTD)

Line Creeper
this was a species of parasite, believed to be native to Csilla or another Chiss-held world, which was similar in most respects to the conduit worm of Coruscant, but considered by many to be a worse problem. Resembling long, segmented worms, line creepers chewed through metal pipes and wiring conduits to reach the electrical power moving through them. Often a problem in buildings, line creepers were also encountered on starships, where the potential for damage was much greater. This made the elimination of line creepers a top priority to Chiss starship maintenance crews. Luckily, line creepers expelled an unusual combination of gases as they ate, making it easy to detect their locations. When found aboard a moving starship, line creepers were often ejected into space, since they could not survive in a vacuum. Dean Jinzler and a number of his old friends learned that line creepers could be tricked into the open by shutting down a ship's main reactors, and running a series of portable generators to handle the bare necessities. The line creepers, deprived of power from the main reactor, would move toward the generators. If the generators were surrounded by salt water, the line creepers would fall into the salt water before reaching the generators. The salt water would short out the organic capacitors of the line creepers, killing them in the process. It was an effective, although entirely disgusting, way to eliminate them. (SQ)

Line Master
this small corporation produced a variety of portable grappling and climbing devices. (OE)

Line One
this was the name of the textile manufacturing district of the city of Ipsus, in the atmosphere of the planet Genarius. (LFC)

Line Two
this was the name of the thermal detonator manufacturing district of the city of Ipsus, in the atmosphere of the planet Genarius. In contrast to the openness of Line One, the buildings of Line Two were heavily reinforced and built low to the ground. All development and manufacturing was done below the surface of the city, and the finished products are gently packaged and moved to the surface for distribution. (LFC)

Linear Miasma
this was one of the small nebulae that surrounded the planet Endor. (SWGAL)

Linear Miasma Scientists
this group of scientists, funded by the Endorian Researchers Guild, explored the Linear Miasma during the height of the New Order. (SWGAL)

a Nebulon-B frigate used by the Alliance to recover stolen Imperial documents from the shuttle Talon. (XW)

this Imperial Moff controlled Zaric Sector from a base on the planet Korev VII during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Linis was responsible for posting a 25,000-credit bounty on the Wookiee Cherioer. (GG10)

Linjak Mossa
this Kadas'sa'Nikto pirate was a member of Gardulla the Hutt's crime organization, shortly after the Battle of Naboo. Jabba the Hutt offered a bounty for his capture, after Mossa managed to destroy several of his spice freighters. Jango Fett later claimed this bounty on the planet Tatooine, during a mission to locate Gardulla the Hutt. (BH)

this MC80a was one of many such ships used by the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. The Link was eventually captured by Imperial forces. (TIE)

Link Mallicker
this Wroonian and his partner, Fillio Androu, salvaged the Lambarian Crab and modified it for their own use. The two were known as weapons runners, and plied the Rimma Trade Route while supplying weapons to the Alliance. (SS)

Link, The
this term, used in the Elrood Sector of the galaxy, described the informal, sector-wide network of gossipers and rumor-mills active during the Galactic Civil War. (PG3)

this Pliith was the president of the Linkaas Corporation, and specialized in loan-sharking. Linkaas employed Dannen Lifehold as a smuggler for eight years, during which time the smuggler worked off a loan for his ship, the Lifeline. Just as Dannen was about to make his final payment, Linkaas engineered a plan to either kill the human or blame him for the loss of a valuable cargo. Linkaas arranged for the cargo to be stolen on Dohu VII, while he sent his goons Bakk and Chokk to kill Dannen. The Bloxian brothers failed, so Linkaas tried to force Dannen to pay the debt or be destroyed. Dannen escaped, leaving Linkaas without a ship. Linkaas vowed to hunt Dannen down and recover it. (SWJ1)

Linkaas Corporation
owned by Linkaas, this front business served to mask the Pliith's loan-sharking and smuggling operations. It was based on Dohu VII, in the city of Skagras. (SWJ1)

this lightweight metal is created from normal steel. It is often reinforced with burthan threads for added strength. (CFG)

one of the A-Wing pilots serving the New Republic under Pash Cracken. She had problems with one of the J-77 Event Horizon engines on her ship, and the squadron put down on Yag'Dhul's space station for repairs. (BW)

this was a form of atrwork collected by many members of the Naboo society. (CCG15)

Linnix, Avery
this art dealer was known for the exquisite and rare objects he obtained and sold through his shop in the commercial district of the city of Estalle. Among the artwork he obtained were several stolen works desired by nobles throughout Tapani Sector. He was also a supporter of the Alliance, and used his position to provide funds and smuggling contacts to Alliance agents and rebel cells on Procopia. (LOE)

this Imperial Governor controlled the Revkinn System and its surrounding space during the New Order. He maintained a small palace on Revkinn V. When he learned that his daughter, Cressis, had fled to avoid being married off to sector Moff Raiss, Linrec demanded that Jondrell Inx be brought to justice. Linrec refused to pay Jondrell's ransom. (GG10)

Linrec, Cressis
this pampered, impressionable young woman was the daughter of Imperial Governor Linrec. When she learned that her father was planning to marry her off to the sector Moff, Raiss, she was furious. She tried to contact the pirate Jondrell Inx, with whom she had fallen in love. However, Jondrell actually planned to kidnap her and demand a ransom from Governor Linrec, or else he would sell her into slavery. All these plots against her angered Cressis to no end. She railed at Jondrell, during her imprisonment on Kallistas, until she was rescued by a trio of bounty hunters sent by Prefect Rinn to capture Inx. (GG10)

this was the name of one of Magir Paca's aides. (SWJ5)

LIN-series Droid
these rolling, hemispherical droids were designed to perform mining and demolition work on planets and in space. They could place explosives in highly volatile areas where a human or other life form couldn't. They were built by Cybot Galactica, using the Treadwell locomotion system. On top of this base, the dense dome shell was installed. A single, heavy-duty manipulator arm allowed the LIN-series ot move explosive devices around. The LIN served its purpose quite well, until it was learned that they experienced breakdowns in humid environments. Before Cybot Calactica could get a fix to the field, several LIN droids exploded in damp mines, killing hundreds of miners and branding the LIN-series as a dangerously unpredictable automaton. (GG7, CCG, EGD)

Linst, Iola
this woman, the daughter of one of Damarind Corporation's founding members, was the Chief Executive Officer of the Damarind Fishing Station shortly after the Battle of Yavin. She worked extremely hard to make sure people understood that she had earned the position, instead of being placed there by her father. (GG2)

Linth, Marck
this man was a Colonel in the Alliance's Special Forces outfit, and was a member of the 5th Regiment during the Galactic Civil War. (MTSE)

a slang term for a large dust mote. (KT)

this planet was the site of a hit-and-run operation by Garm Bel Iblis' commandos against Thrawn and the Imperial Navy, some four years after thr Battle of Endor. The planet was located in the Sumitra Sector. (DFR, REB)

this mining and demolition droid was rebuilt by the Jawas on Tatooine, who then tried to sell it to Owen Lars. (CCG)

another mining and demolition droid, LIN-V8M was used on the first Death Star. (CCG)

this man was a smuggler who used stun gauntlets to protect himself, but had one pair on which the inner insulation broke down, delivering a nasty shock. (GUN)

this planet is the site of the Shadow Traproom. (TT)

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