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Lemmora kinpo
this Tahlboorean phrase translates to a very warm and friendly "hello." (DRPC)

this leathery-shelled creature was native to the planet Vendaxa. Nocturnal by nature, the lemnai was the favored prey of the acklay. (VD2)

this man was one of the leaders of a smuggler gang, along with Sanda, which operated on the planet Arcan IV during the height of the Galactic Civil War. They hoped to steal the Dancing Goddess and the Minstrel, in order to help fund their operations. After a brief struggle with Lando Calrissian and Barpotomous Drebble, Lemo found himself in possession of the Minstrel. Lemo had used it as the basis for his organization's funding, but he landed in prison and couldn't control things from there. When Han Solo questioned Lemo about it, Lemo agreed to turn the statue over in return for his freedom and a wealth of credits. (LTA4, MC79, MC99)

Len, Issan
this man was an expert in artificial intelligence and droid programming. He was known as the creator of the X0-X1 prototype, a droid he hoped to develop as a central controller of space station operations. However, as the experimental development of X0-X1 progressed, Doctor Len started to see problems in its personality. He hired Doctor Vreen away from Bioniip Laboratories, hoping to have Vreen solve the problems he had encountered. Len then contacted Walex Blissex and told him about the X0-X1 prototype, hoping to turn the technology over to the Alliance. However, Vreen soon stole the prototype and planned to sell it to the Empire. The Alliance dispatched a team of agents to protect Doctor Len, but they arrived on Cloud City too late to save him. Len was killed by F-3PO, a droid which had been taken over by X0-X1, before the Alliance agents could rescue him. (CCC)

this yougn Twi'lek female lived in the Lower City of Taris, some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. She spent much of her time with her boyfriend, Griff, who was trying to survive with his sister, Mission Vao. He borrowed a large sum of credits from Lena to pay for a series of get-rich-quick schemes, none of which ever panned out. Lena finally left him, tired of his continued squandering of credits. (SWDB)

this was the alias used by Leia Organa while she was on Elerion, searching for Nescan Tal'yo, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (T15)

Lena Missa
this young Chagrian female was a student at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. A gifted talent with a strong connection to the Force, Lena Missa was quickly chosen as a Padawan. However, her Master was killed during the Battle of Geonosis, and Lena was without a teacher for many months. Her wait was not overly long, because many Masters wanted to take the gifted student as their apprentice. When the Apprentice Tournament was held at the Jedi Temple, Lena was one of the three combantants to survive the final-round melee combat. She found herself, along with Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy and Whie Malreaux, caught up in a fight to the finish. As Scout regretted taking Enver Hoxha's lightsaber, Lena was attacked by Whie. Their intense lightsaber battle ended when Whie managed to get inside her defenses and pin her arm behind her back. Grabbing her hand, Whie placed Lena's thumb into an odd and painful position, forcing her to yield. (YDR)

this was a common female name given to Sullustan females. It meant "beloved" in the Sullustan language. (GCG)

this man served the Old Republic naval forces as a Captain, and was in command of the By'ynium during the mission to liberate the Intergalactic Communications Center from the Separatists, some two and a half years after the Battle of Geonosis. During the initial phase of the battle plan laid out by Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon, the By'ynium was the first Republic ship to be shot down in combat. Lench, and the entire crew, perished in the explosion. (JT)

a Habeen Nebulon-B frigate used to transport diplomats to the rendezvous with Admiral Zaarin and the Shamus. (TIE)

this was a species of thick-barked tree native to the planet Gelgelar. Many of the people who lived on the planet used its bark for boards. (SWJ14)

this Imperial trooper was assigned to protect the Black Ice. (BI)

this small-time conman and hired gun considered himself to be a real lady's man, but in truth was a mangy, incompetent man. (GMH)

this Core world was located in the Darpa Sector, and was the site of Fitz Roi's family estate. Fitz Roi later moved his own base of operations to Esseles. (SWJ6)

this Imperial Navy Captain was in command of the Star Destroyer Tyrant during the Battle of Hoth. Lennox was somewhat of an anomoly in the Imperial Navy, being dedicated to his ship and crew while disliking political maneuvering for power. (CCG)

Lenoan, Risi
this woman served as the Senator from the planet Kuat, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. She personally turned over the first Aethersprite-class interceptor to Adi Gallia and the Jedi Knights, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. (HNN4, SWDB)

this was the alias used by a spy who had infiltrated the Old Republic's bota processing operations on the planet Drongar, during the height of the Clone Wars. Lens was the alias he used when working with the Black Sun organization, who paid part of his salary. The other part was paid by Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which was also interested in grabbing a large share of bota. To the Separatists, he was known simply as Column. Lens had been monitoring the actions of Admiral Tarnese Bleyd and Filba the Hutt, and was forced into action when Filba purposely destroyed a bota transport in an effort to drive up the prices. Acting on orders that served both of his masters, Lens slipped a deadly poison into Filba's food, eliminating the Hutt and his machinations. Lens then set up a meeting with the Nediji assassin Kaird, who had also been dispatched to Drongar by Black Sun, to ensure that their missions were not in conflict. It was the Jedi Padawan Barris Offee who discovered that Lens was actually the base's minder, Klo Merit. Although Offee tried to go through official channels to have Merit detained, Jos Vondar took matters into his own hands. He confronted Merit with the evidence, and shot the Equani in the chest before he could escape. (MBS, MJH)

this Duros served as a pilot in the New Republic's Rogue Squadron, during the period following the Battle of Duro. In the attack on the Yuuzhan Vong shipwomb which was growing in the Sernpidal system, Lensi served as Rogue Twelve. Months later, after the death of Commander Yurf Col and several Duros-commanded starships at Duro, Lensi decided to resign his commission with Rogue Squadron and the Galactic Alliance. He claimed that he had been betrayed by both General Wedge Antilles and by Jaina Solo. Jaina tried to calm Lensi down and get him to reconsider his decision, but Lensi was committed to his choice. (EVR, FP)

Lenso, Tenk
this man served the Alliance as a starfighter pilot, and participated in the Battle of Hoth as Rogue Eleven. (GG3)

this planet was located in the Secossi System of Spirva Sector, and was the capital seat of the sector during the height of the New Order. (SWJ12, GFT)

Lenushaa Gang
this loose affiliation of computer slicers was based on Cloud City during the Galactic Civil War. They were part of Wonn Ionstrike's vast network of information gatherers. (GG2)

this woman worked as a communications operator at Settlement Thirty-two on Duro, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (BP)

this man, once a prisoner of the Absolutes on his homeworld of New Apsolon, was part of a covert group of Workers which plotted to assassinate Roan, some nine years before the Battle of Naboo. During his imprisonment, Lenz had been injected with an incapacitating drug that left his mind open to the demands of the Absolutes. However, repeated injections left severe muscular degeneration on one side of his body, giving him a pronounced limp. It was Lenz who discovered that the Absolutes had re-formed under new leadership, in an effort put an end to the Workers. He then took command of the Workers in an effort to discover the intentions of the new Absolutes and eliminate the threat they posed. He was reluctant to accept the help of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, but was forced to realize that the Jedi had abilities his Workers did not. Lenz helped them meet with Mota, who supplied them with speeders and probe droids to track Balog. However, it was Mota who later provided information to the Jedi that Lenz had been involved in reprogramming the probe droids to avoid attacking Balog. Lenz, for his part, admitted that he was uninvolved with the reprogramming. He did explain to the Jedi that his name was on the list of Absolute supporters that Oleg had in his possession when he was killed, shot by probe droids that had been programmed by Irini. Lenz had, at one time, been interrogated by the Absolutes, and had provided information to them in order to survive. When this information, along with the fact that he had been working with Irini, were revealed to the public, Lenz was arrested and held for questioning. (TTB, DOH, CTV)

Leobund XI, Bode'
this man succeeded his father as the High Lord of House Mecetti, in Tapani Sector, some twenty-one years before the Battle of Yavin. His father was poisoned, although no one seemed to care because his inept leadership had given House Melantha control of the Great Council. Leobund made sweeping changes, and House Mecetti soon regained its position as the strongest of the Tapani Houses. Only the fear of Imperial reprisal kept him from taking further action to reduce his rival Houses. (PGT)

Leoculd Opera House
named for Emperor Leoculd VII, this multi-level theater was located on Estalle Island on Procopia. (LOE)

Leoculd VII
this former Emperor of Tapani Sector was generally considered the patron saint of the modern Tapani Opera. (LOE)

this man was a member of the Alliance's Special Forces operation. Leong was killed during an attempt to capture four Imperial agents on Bevell III. Leong had been a trusted member of Jai Raventhorn's Infiltrator team, and his death shook her resolve badly. (TFNR)

this given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was part of the Empire's fleet in Tapani Sector, at the height of the New Order, and was assigned to patrol the space around Achillea. (LOE)

this female Zeltron was the Queen of her people, at the time of the Battle of Endor. She and her husband, King Arno, held a huge gala for the victorious Alliance, but the party was stormed by a gang of Nagai. Unknown to most of the revelers, the planet Zeltros was under attack by three separate entities at the same time: the Nagai, the Tofs, and the Hiromi. The Hiromi invasion only managed to gain control of the royal kitchen, but the combined forces of the Alliance, the Zeltrons, and the Hiromi managed to smash the other invasion operations and keep Zeltros free. (EGA, MC104, PH)

this was a common name among the Zeltron people. (GMR1)

an Imperial assault transport operative during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Leosa Vantare
this was a noted individual from Koorivan history. (UANT)

Leozi Run
this minor hyperspace route connected about a third of the planets under the control of House Mecetti, in Tapani Sector. (LOE)

this was another name for the native language of the Lepi race. (UANT, GMR4)

this was the native language of the Lepus carnivorus race, which was also referred to as Lepp or Lepese. (PH, GMR4)

this was the Basic name used to describe the Lepus carnivorus, a species of tall, furred lagomorphs which was native to the planet Coachelle Prime. The Lepi were a carnivorus race, distinguished by their large incisors and the various colors of their fur, which ranged from green to dark blue. Despite their appearance, the Lepi were a technologically-advanced race, having achieved spaceflight and colonized the five planets in the system and the neighboring asteroid belt. Lepi were considered sexually mature at just ten years of age, and females often gave birth to litters of three dozen or more offspring, resulting in a swift growth in their population. This growth spurred on the development of their space-travel technology, as colony worlds were seen as a response to overpopulation of Coachelle Prime. Individual Lepi were known for their increased metabolism, a trait that often manifested itself as hyper-activity. (SWDB, GMR4)

Lepido Program
this was one of the regular military encryption codes used by the Empire. Ghent was able to crack it during his tenure with Talon Karrde during the height of the New Order. (TLC)

this young man learned how to fly a starfighter while racing in the Anoat System, before joining the Alliance. He was assigned the position of Gold Four during the Battle of Yavin, but was killed in the battle. (CCG9)

this was another name for the native language of the Lepi race. (GMR4)

LE-PR series Droid
this was a series of navigation droids built during the last years of the Old Republic. These droids were humanoid in stature, with large craniums dominated by a single visual receptor and an antenna rising from the left side. (E1A2)

this navigator droid was known as "Leaper" to the test pilots of Trinkatta Starships. Leaper was assigned to work with Bama Vook during the tests performed on the droid starfighters which were built for the Trade Federation, in the year leading up to the Battle of Naboo. (E1A2)

Lepus Carnivorus
this was the scientific term used to describe the Lepi, a species of two-meter tall, green-furred, carnivorous lagomorphs native to the planet Coachelle Prime. (MC8, SWDB)

this creature, native to the planet Freliq, has been at the center of a debate ever since its discovery some twenty years before the Battle of Yavin. These one-meter-tall rodents seem to possess a limited form of sentience, and most natives of Freliq swear that there is an innate intelligence in the eyes of a lepusa. Xeonibiologists from other planets claim this is more sentiment and science, and that the lepusa is simply vermin. Large numbers of lepusa were originally killed when the planet was first colonized, but over time the settlers became aware of the lepusa's talents. They live in groups of 70 to 100 individuals, and seem to have a crude social order to their groupings. They were herbivorous, and ate the crops of the original colonists before "learning" that those plantings were off-limits. (COG)

this gas giant is located in the Expansion region. (SWJ5)

Lequar, Gor
this Imperial Admiral was in command of the Third Ado Superiority Fleet during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (PP)

Leras, Scrib
this man lived on Tatooine during the height of the New Order. (GQRG)

Lerct Historical Institute
this school specialized in the study and education of ancient peoples and societies. (AIR)

Lerenga, Sona
this Imperial sensor operator served aboard the Wanderer. He was a promising Naval officer until his father embarrassed the Empire. Sona was punished for his father's indiscretion. (IC)

an alien race which joined the New Republic, they attacked Bothawui after the revelation of the Caamas Document. The Leresai claimed that the Bothans were responsible for the deaths of two of their own during the riots on Bothawui, and demanded either the guilty Bothans or the deaths of ten Bothans for each Leresai. This was in accordance with Leresan law, which demanded "a claw for a claw, a horn for a horn, a life for a life." Rogue Squadron tried to intervene, but their ships had been sabotaged by Leresan maintenance workers on Di'tai'ni, and were unable to prevent the attack. The Leresai attacked a zero-gee crystal manufacturing plant in orbit around Bothawui, claiming the lives demanded by their law, before the Peregrine could arrive. The actions of the Leresai were hotly debated in the New Republic Senate, especially in light of the Caamas Document's contents. Note that Vision of the Future calls this race "Leresan." (SOP, VOF)

this name, which meant "swift tongue", was common among Gungan males. (GCG)

Leria Kerlsil
primary planet in the Leria Kerlsil System, it is the only world on which the life witches are encountered. (AC)

Leria Kerlsil System
a planetary system located between the Core and the Corellian Sector. (AC)

this planet, the homeworld of the Sauvax race, was an agricultural world covered in rolling plains. It was located in the Mid Rim, just off the Corellian Run near Bothan Space, and was settled during the last decades of the Old Republic. The average day on Leritor lasted 28 standard hours, and its year encompassed 322 local days. (GMR10, UANT)

this alias was usde by Leia Organa after she ended up in the employ of Lady Tarkin on Phelarion. Lerna was a megonite harvester who was promoted to Lady Tarkin's personal staff just before the 13th Imperial Diplomatic Conclave on the planet. (CSWEA)

Lernik De'Yago
this Rodian arms merchant stole the Nova Whisper from the Alliance, during the evacuation of their base on Asher III. De'Yago later sold the ship to a merchant aboard the Ithorian herdship Bazaar. Before he sold the ship, De'Yago coded into its computer databanks the codes to a number of bank accounts on Novquizor. (SS)

this creature was raised in herds for its tasty milk. (SWJ11)

Lerrimore Contracting Company
this combine controls over 300 subsidiaries involved with household goods, appliances,and furniture. They were one of the original Contributing Sponsors of the Corporate Sector Authority. (CSA)

Lerrimore Droids
this corporation manufactures the KPR-series of security droids. (CCG)

this Alderaanian diplomat was active, on behalf of both his homeworld and the Old Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. He was nearly captured by Separatist forces when is diplomatic cruiser, the SkyWind III was ambushed by the Starshot. However, his loyal soldiers managed to repel the boarding droids, and Ambassador Lerron was able to escape. (SWMW)

Lersia Narth
this was the name of a noted Givin individual. (UANT)

this acronym was used by the scouts of the New Republic to describe any newly-discovered species which "Liked to Eat Scouts." (SWJ13)

Les Tech
see LesTech (NEGW)

a very addictive, highly illegal drug produced in the Zebitrope System, lesai was created from the purple mold which grew on the back of a certain species of lizards on Zebitrpoe IV. These lizards made their homes among some of the galaxy's most disgusting plantlife, making the harvesting of lesai a time-consuming and costly endeavor. The drug had a number of properties. It could eliminate the need for sleep in humans, as well as extending their lifespan by one-third. It also didn't adversely affect the human brain, so the hallucinations and delusions that resulted from other drugs were avoided. However, the drug made its addicts very mechanical and amoral, so that they acted without emotion, and didn't care about the consequences of their actions. (LCF)

Lesan Squadron
this Imperial ground assault team was part of the first wave of troopers which attacked the Alliance's base on the planet Taul. The attack was completed when the Dominator bombarded the base from orbit, securing the planet for the Imperials. (SWJ2)

LE-series Droid
this was a series of humanoid droids which was produced during the New Order as database access automata. The LE-series was humanoid is shape, with a polished silver shell. (LTA6, MC80)

LE-series Droid
this was an outdated model of repair droid, once manufactured by Cybot Galactica. Humanoid in stature, the LE-series was designed to be a combination of the protocol of a 3PO droid and the utility of an astromech. In reality, the LE-series was a serviceable mechanic which was sold with minimal programming, but was easily upgradeable. Despite the ability to customize it, the LE-series suffered from its inability to effect certain repairs due to its humanoid shape. The popularity that Cybot Galactica had hoped for never materialized, and many LE-series droids were purchased and put to use as spaceport administrators. (JE, FTD, AEG)

this young man was a Korun, native to the planet Karuun Kal. During the height of the Clone Wars, Lesh and his younger brother, Besh, joined the Upland Liberation Front in an effort to free their people from the control of the Balawai. Lesh and Besh both hated the Balawai with every fiber of their existence, an emotion based on Besh's torture at the hands of Balawai jups. The brothers fought alongside Nick Rostu and Chalk for many years, until Lesh was bitten by fever wasps and died when their larvae destroyed his brain. In order to ensure that none of the larvae survived to maturity, Jedi Master Mace Windu, who had been traveling with the guerillas to find Depa Billaba, used his lightsaber to destroy Lesh's brain and kill the wasps. (SHPT)

this was the name of a noted Pho Ph'eahian individual. (UANT)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. The feminine form of the name Lai, Leshef meant "charismatic". (GCG)

known in the Alliance military as "Lockjaw Lesilk," this man was a General in the Alliance, and served as the Sector Commander during the campaign to liberate Matacorn. (HR)

this Imperial Major was stationed on Endor's Forest Moon as part of the garrison guarding the second Death Star's shield generators. He was on duty when a pair of stormtroopers bought in Luke Skywalker, who had seemingly surrendered. Lesim wanted nothing more than to get his picture taken with the galaxy's most sought-after criminal, and Luke was forced to use the Force to coerce Lesim into taking him to Darth Vader. (MTS)

this woman was a Jedi Master when the Clone Wars broke out across the galaxy. Like many of her peers, Leska agreed to accept the rank of General in the Army of the Republic, and was part of the task force dispatched to Jabiim to liberate the planet from Separatist control. After the death of Master Norcuna and the disappearance of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Leska found herself the highest-ranking Jedi - and, therefore, the highest ranking military officer - among the Republic's forces. Master Leska and her clone troopers managed to survive much of the battle, but on the morning of the thirty-seventh day she was shot and killed by enemy fire. (RBJ)

Leskwin, Joss
this Imperial Moff controlled an area of the galaxy which contained the planet Hjaff. He had trouble subduing the native Tarc and their Ivlacav Gourn navy, which had a zero-tolerance policy with intruders. He hoped to gather enough forces to eventually overwhelm the Tarc. (SWJ14)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. Its meaning was lost over time. (GCG)

Leslomy Tacema
this female Duros worked at the Mos Eisley spaceport as a dock master. She reviewed and approved all cargo manifests, but was forgiving of minor offenses. She was a close associate of Ellorrs Madak, and was also considered an excellent pilot. (CCG7)

this mercenary worked from a base on Travnin during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

Lesore Deyal
this was the name of a noted Umbaran individual. (UANT)

Lesser Bogwing
this was the smaller of the two subspecies of bogwing native to the planet Dagobah. It hunted in the lower levels of the jungle canopy, feeding on smaller amphibians and reptiles. (WSW)

Lesser Coromon
this was one of the many islands that made up the Coromon Islands chain, on the planet Fresia. Lesser Coromon was the island which was closest to the coast of the ViGureni continent. (CCW)

Lesser Cueva Expanse
one of the Houk colonies on the planet Sriluur, the Lesser Cueva Expanse was located along the planet's equator. (GG12, SSR, GORW)

Lesser Firagh Peninsula
this area of shallow tidal flats was located on the planet Thonner. The peninsula itself was located between the Firagh continent and the Greater Zoun Archipelago. The Thonnermen of the planet's oceans chose not to establish settlements on the peninsula, since it was known as the home of some dangerous wildlife. During the early years of the New Republic, the peninsula served as the base of operations for Korraj and his pirates. (GMR9)

Lesser Galam
the first planet in the Lan System. It is a lifeless ball of rock. (SWJ1)

Lesser Grace
this city was located on the planet Bakura. (FH2)

Lesser Kitehawk
this was a smaller species of the kitehawk which was native to Yavin 4. (EVC)

Lesser Mark of Illumination
this was the first Mark of Illumination which could be earned by a devotee of the Chalactan Enlightenment religion. Signified by a small bead affixed to the bridge of the nose, the Lesser Mark of Illumination indicated an individual's devotion to their gods. It was often referred to as the Seeker, since it identified those individuals who aspired to become Chalactan Adepts. This Mark signified the shining vision and elegant order of the universe, as well as the illumination they created within an individual seeking to become an Adept. (SHPT)

Lesser Piq Island
this was the smaller of two connected islands found in the Northwest Coromons, located on the planet Fresia. It was connected to the Greater Piq Island by the Buichol Isthmus. (CCW)

Lesser Plooriod Cluster
a section of the galaxy in which Han Solo and Chewbacca had once run a military scrip exchange scam. It was one of many ill-fated jobs they took in between the time when they exposed the Corporate Sector Authority's slavery ring on Ammuud and when they were hired by Grigmin. It consists of twelve star systems located far from Imperial activity, including the Ottega System. (HSL, SWSB)

Lesser-known Sentients, Volume 3
this tome, written by the xeno-biologist Xemlorn, further documented some of the galaxy's least-known sentient species. Much of the work was questioned by Xemlorn's peers, since many of the species - including the danchaf of Garban - had never exhibited any form of sentience during other studies. (COG)

Lessev, Kerri
the daughter of Alderaanian diplomats, Kerri grew up on Coruscant. When her parents were rounded up and executed for trumped-up charges of treason against the Empire, she was "adopted" by Emperor Palpatine, along with the children of the other parents who were killed. She was placed in the early COMPNOR SAGroup on Coruscant, under the guideance of Crueya Vandron, and eventually became one of the program's shining starts. Lessev was later recruited into the Imperial Intelligence Destabilization branch, and she became one of Palpatine's most trusted agents. Her role was to factionalize those Imperial nobles and Moffs who tried to undermine Palpatine's efforts, thereby forcing them into competition with themsevlves, rather than allowing them to focus their effort on the Empire. However, just before accepting this role, she viewed some of the Alliance's propaganda and realized the things Mon Mothma and Leia Organa - a fellow Alderaanian - were saying were true. She realized that her parents' disappearances were more than likely the result of Imperial paranoia, and decided to help the Alliance from inside the Empire. She used her position as a Major within Destabilization and manipulated the outcomes of operations in order to benefit the Alliance. It was Kerri Lessev who was responsible for ousting Moff Varnier and removing a number of Imperial agents from Wyloff Sector. (CRO)

this city, located on the planet Ryloth, was controlled by the Fenn and Secura clans. (ROP)

a planet. (WSV)

this small corporation built a series of exploration droids during the Old Republic. Its corporate headquarters were located on Brentaal, and it often partnered with Danth Artifice in its designs. When the Empire came into power, LesTech and its smaller companions were forced out of business by the larger corporations. LesTech, in particular, was eventually taken over by Cybot Galactica. (RASB, FOP, FTD)

this planet is located in Dail Sector. (GG11)

Prishardia's second-largest city, Lesvol is much more remote and has far fewer amenities than Nad'Ris. (TFNR)

this was the governmental and corporate capital of the planet Yulant. (HNN5)

these Fyodos avians have beautiful golden plumage and delicious meat. They roams the planet's forests, feeding on insects and some plants. Most Fyodoi hunt them for their meat and feathers, although some believe that the Lesynn are messengers from the gods, and should be left alone. (PG2)

an alien race characterized by their eight-tentacled bodies. They have large, egg-shaped heads with four eyes and air-gill slits for breathing. (TJP)

this is the twelfth symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letter "l". (SWM)

this name was given to female Zabrak, and meant "early harvest". (GCG)

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