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this barren ball of rock was the fourth planet of the Sriluur System, located in the Outer Rim Territories. It was orbited by a pair of moons. (GORW)

a sentient, aline race. (TSK)

Lyran Bloodslug
native to the planet Lyran IV, this small slug spent much of its lifecycle feeding on grains and wheat. As it fed, the bloodslug exuded a toxic acid that helped it move through the heavy stores of grains found in silos and warehouses. This alone made the bloodslug a form of vermin that the workers of Lyran IV hated to find in their storage systems. What made the bloodslug even worse was the fact that it desired to feed on blood as much as it did on grain. When the bloodslug found a living host, it used its acid to burrow into the flesh, lodging itself in the host's digestive tract and feeding on blood and vegetable matter consumed by the host. In this way, the bloodslug received two forms of sustenance while keeping its host alive for an extended period. When the host finally died from the loss of blood, the bloodslug simply abandoned the dead body and sought out the nearest source of food. The average bloodslug could live for an indefinite period without living blood, burrowing into the nearest grain stores and waiting. It was discovered that the toxic acid of the bloodslug, when collected in the bloodstream of its host, caused increasingly deep forms of madness and pain, slowly driving the host insane. Because of this, many of the crimelords who controlled Lyran IV used bloodslugs as a way to torture their victims. (WOTC)

Lyran IV
this agricultural planet, located in the Outer Rim, was once a major exporter of grains and foodstuffs. When the Empire came to power, Lyran IV attracted a wealth of criminals and smugglers because of its remote location. The criminals quickly took control of the planet, but maintained its excellent agricultural operations as a front for their underworld dealings. The Lyran System was located near both Kessel and Ryloth, giving the criminals a steady supply of illegal forms of spice to traffic to the center of the galaxy. (WOTC)

a city found on the western coast of Galleros, on the planet Zelos II. (PG2)

this Melodie, native to Yavin 8, was discovered to be strong in the Force by Luke Skywalker and Tionne. She was brought the Jedi praxeum on Yavin 4 about a year before her changing ceremony. She was befriended by Anakin Solo and Tahiri, but began to fail physically as her natural metamorphosis started. She was accompanied back to Yavin 8 by Anakin and Tahiri, who attended her changing ceremony within the Sistra Mountain. She remained loyal to the Jedi while on Yavin 8, but was later hunted down and killed by a Yuuzhan Vong voxyn some twenty-seven years after the Battle of Yavin. (LW, SBS)

Lyrical Metaphysics: Ode on an Odon
this collection of essays and writings was edited by Soshu Londahl, and published by Coruscani Publishing, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was published in Basic, allowing the galaxy at large to learn more about the quasi-religious teachings of the Ithorian people. (WOTC)

this was one of the many species of flowering plants that were native to the planet Yoggoy. (DN1)

this was one of the most common names used by the Farghul people. (UANT)

Lys, Borna
this woman was a noted swoop racer, who hung out on Nar Shaddaa during the years following the Jedi Civil War. She grew frustrated, however, when a swoop-racing droid began appearing at Lupo's bar, because the droid was virtually unbeatable. Borna managed to enlist the aid of The Exile in defeating the droid. (KOTOR2)

this Zeltron woman was sent to prison on Brentaal for her part in killing Fe Sun, one of Shaak Ti's Padawan learners, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. She was eventually caught by Master Ti and sent o prison on Brentaal. Years later, Lyshaa would claim that she killed Fe Sun simply to gain respect among her peers in the criminal underworld. Lyshaa was also found guilty of killing her own family, during an earlier fit of rage. While in prison, she befriended the Wookiee known as Ryyk. When Shogar Tok took control of the prison facility and converted it to his base of operations, Lyshaa joined Sagoro Autem in staging a prisoner revolt. Their attempt to gaint heir freedom coincided with the Old Republic's attempt to oust Shohgar Tok from power on Brentaal. With the Republic's forces pinned down, Shaak Ti offered the three their freedom in exchange for helping the Jedi to destroy Tok's hold on Brentaal. They reluctantly agreed, seeing no better path to freedom. Lyshaa reluctantly agreed to pose as a regular Zeltron female, in an effort to lure Shogar Tok into his chambers, where Shaak Ti would capture him. Unfortunately for Master Ti, Lyshaa used the distraction to fire her blaster at the Jedi, badly wounding Shaak Ti. Lyshaa left her for dead, but Shaak Ti was merely in a healing trance. When she awoke, Master Ti defeated Shogar Tok in combat and turned to bring Lyshaa to justice. Lyshaa wanted no part of prison life, and turned to flee. However, she ran through the lightstorm chamber protecting Shogar Tok's offices, and was killed in a barrage of laser fire. (J2)

this given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this was a common name used by the Geonosian race. (UANT)

Lyt Re
this female Twi'lek worked as an accomplice to Kelna Toodo during the years following the Battle of Naboo. When Toodo got into trouble with Beeda the Hutt, Lyt Re agreed to participate in a sabacc match at The White Door cantina, in the city of Akmalla, where she pretended to lose big at every hand to the band of meddlers whom Toodo was supposed to eliminate for Beeda. Ultimately, Toodo wanted her to use "her starship" - the Radiant Splendor - as the final bet, which she would also lose to the meddlers. (WOA35)

Lythian Pirates
this gang of pirates ravaged the planet Jabiim many years before the Battle of Geonosis. Many Jabiimites were killed as the Lythian Pirates pillaged cities and settlements without reason or provocation. Because the Old Republic didn't respond to Jabiim's urgent request for assistance, many Jabiimites grew to hate the Republic. Thus, when the Confederacy of Independent Systems as formed, Jabiim quickly sided with the Separatists. (SWI69, RBJ)

Lythos Nine
this was an agricultural planet. (MBS)

Lytos Urtell
this Sullustan researcher was at one time employed by SoroSuub, but the circumstances of his leaving were never clear. Doctor Urtell was perhaps best-known for the creation of SenseLights and the incredibly complex collection of holoprojectors which created fantastic light shows within the Glow Dome on Adarlon. He also had created a form of personal holoprojector, a device which allowed the user to alter their appearance via holographic projection. The prototype was tested by Corinna A'Daasha, Doctor Urtell's boss, and worked quite well. However, rumors spread of its existence, and a variety of unsavory suitors tried to obtain the technology. He hoped to be able to sell it to the highest bidder, but had to perfect a way to mass-produce it before the deisgn was complete. (WSV)

Lytton Sector
this section of the galaxy contained the planet Spira. (NEGC)

an alien race, the Lyunesi were one of six sentient species which evolved on the planet Ryoone. A fragile species, the Lyunesi would have been wiped out by their more adaptable competitors if not for their innate ability to translate languages. In the skirmishes and eventual peace negotiations that followed, the rival species employed Lyunesi translators to hammer out the details in an unbiased manner. Those Lyunesi who traveled away from Ryoone were often employed as translators and negotiators, acting as go-betweens for the galaxy's many unusual races. From time to time, Lyunesi fall victim to their own fragility and sensitivity, plunging to hypererotic relationships with other beings. More often than not, the object of the Lyunesi's desire is killed by the intense passion developed in the relationship. This often caused problems for those Lyunesi acting as interpretors for high-ranking officials, whose wives or daughters were sometimes the object of the Lyunesi's passion. (MA)

this was a common name among Quarren females. It meant "musical", and was generally believed to refer to high-pitched percussion instruments. (GCG)

Lyyr Zatoq
this female Quarren joined the New Republic's Rogue Squadron shortly before the Battle of Bilbringi. She was killed during the attempt to gather data on the moon Distna. Ysanne Isard's clone had learned of the New Republic's attempt to locate Pulsar Station, and used the information in her bid to eliminate Rogue Squadron. She dispatched Prince-Admiral Krennel's forces to Corvis Minor Five, where they ambushed the reconnaissance team. (IR)

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