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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


I think that everyone made a bid deal out of nothing. As much as I abhor *NSYNC, I still recognize that they enjoy Star Wars and are fellow fans, and should be treated as so. They achieved something all of us would have done had we been in the same position, they were extras on Star Wars. It doesn't matter if they are in the films or not, all they were/are extras! (by Jedi Girl of Corellia)

They were only gonna be on screen for half a second. They haven't done anything to you so pipe down! (by Chelsea)

As much as I hope they are cut from the film, no one will know for sure until either Lucas says they have or whether or not we see them in the movie in mid May. (by Chris Helke)

There is a god and his name might be George! (by Robert Mota)

This is a non-issue. It is more disturbing that Lucas casts actors and doesn't allow them to act, than to cast *NSYNC and not allow them to sing. Let's be concerned about the film as a whole, not Lucasfilm's lame ploy to woo teenage girls to the box office. Message to Lucas: you will not make as much money as Titanic, and you shouldn't care to. (by Eisengrim)

It was a stupid easter egg. Sure there are more deserving people than them to appear in the BG, like Sam Jackson, but he's a major character, so the only other person I'd put in besides *NSYNC is Ron Jeremy. (by Darth Siskel)

It's good to know our opinion counts to Lucasfilm. (by Eduardo Gallardo)

The great thing about the Star Wars universe is that it could never be associated with any current pop culture or phenomena - up until Rick McCallum's wonderful pandering to *NSYNC. Mr Lucas, please don't give in to ruining the timelessness of your saga by including a trendy icon within your masterpiece - it will totally ruin its integrity. (by Vic Rivera)

I feel absolutely wonderful. All is right and good in the world again. (by EndaFaolan)

If the boys do a good job, they should stay in the movie. Just because they sing bubble gum pop music doesn't mean they should be outcast from our little universe. I believe we all have been outcast for one reason or another and now we feel that we can do the same to another? If they did a good job they should stay in the film and be welcomed. (by Nathan)


Star Wars is the best. Please keep *NSYNC out, even if it's just as extras. Please keep them out. Don't ruin Star Wars. Put fans of Star Wars as extras, not some boy group. (by CT)

Again I say, why are we getting all worked up over this? They would be on screen for half a second in a big crowd. Big deal! (by JTL)

Makes you wonder that if they do make the final cut, if it opens the door for the Backstreet Boys to be in Jurassic Park 4. (by Spesh)

I had almost lost faith, thank you George. (by actofdefiance)

It's nice to see your not selling out like everyone else. (by jason)

My goodness, you guys give them a break. How would you like it if lots of people didn't want you as an extra? I don't like *NSYNC that much, but I have no problem with them being in the movie. It's a chance of a lifetime, so live with it. (by erin)

I am glad that it (was/might be) cut. It's very simple. I have nothing against the guys. I think they are great at what they do. But having politics affect the casting of Star Wars movies just doesn't sit well with me. I promise you, I am a much more dedicated fan than any member of *NSYNC, and I wouldn't try to get in the movies just for the heck of it. I would have to know that I had something to contribute other than my name. (by Blake Buster)

I think that was a good move by whoever decided it. (by DarthG4)

Don't care. (by Zekk)

I hope that E2 will not be a pop-culture extravaganza. Granted, *NSYNC may or may not be in the final cut (George has creative control over everything), but, of course, we don't know what's in store for us when May rolls around. No cameos are needed for Star Wars - the story is the true star of this pic. (by YAAFU.)


I think it's really silly that five people in a scene that from what I've heard will have tons of extras would cause such a stir. If it was five guys off the street, no one would care, but just because it happens to be a group of young men who are not only fans of Star Wars, but also happen to be entertainers, all hell breaks loose. It's ridiculous! (by Angela)

From what I have read on this matter, it is my understanding that *NSYNC would have a short and mildly revealing scene. Perhaps they would be in the background of fight scene? ET was supposed to be in EpI but I am still unable to find him. What makes me think that this will be any different? (by Thrawn Dougal)

*NSYNC doesn't belong in Star Wars. Not because you or I don't like them or their music, but because they are a temporary icon of American culture at the present. Star Wars has a history; it's longer-lived than pop. (by nayrde_tohn)

I feel that fans have a right to voice their opinions, but the final and official version has to be LucasFilm's. I don't know if they will or will not submit to fan pressure, but if they do, then it is a sad day for the creators. I hope fans are fully ashamed of themselves for causing such a stir. Really immature and not thinking of the overall creation and love of George Lucas's Star Wars (his product). (by Jedi Jay)

Who really cares? They're just extras with a second of film time. Some people need to get a life. (by papersun)

An error becomes a mistake if not corrected. The fans determined that Mr. Lucas had made a grave error, and he corrected it. I feel more relief than elation, as I and many of my fellow Star Wars fans were ready to give up on Mr. Lucas completely. That, sir, was our breaking point, so let's not go there again, hmm? (by Ash)

When I heard that *NSYNC was going to be in Star Wars, I was annoyed. They only got in for who they were, but in the end would it have made a difference if they were there or not? And if it was Limp Bizkit or other rock alternative bands, would there be any arguments?? Come on people, if u are a Star Wars fan u shouldn't care who's going to appear as a cameo, u should care about the storyline!!!! Wouldn't u be annoyed if someone told you that you couldn't be in Star Wars? Get over it people. (by Joel)

I think if they put *NSYNC into the movie, it would run the whole effect of Star Wars. (by Angela)

At this point I should say that I'm relieved to hear they've been cut. I wouldn't have touched the film with a 50 foot lightsabre if they had remained. As it stands, however, I now remain reluctant to see "Clones" for the simple fact that the group was even considered. This is not the attack or vengeance of a purist die-hard fan, but rather the disappointment of a Star Wars regular, who fears Lucasfilm may be succumbing to pop culture and trend simply to make a buck. (by Unimportant)

I'm pleased, but am disappointed that fan(atic)s have any control over art. (by Scorpio)


This brings me great relief. I thought Lucas had "done it again" and completely misjudged where his fanbase is. (by raygan kelly)

Since it isn't final, I'm actually hoping they still make it onscreen, if only to bring unhappiness to anyone whiny and shallow enough to be affected by it. (by Him)

What's the big deal? They were extras. They weren't going to act or sing and would probably have been in the movie for a few seconds. They are Star Wars fans like you, and simply wanted to make a cameo. Any of you would love an opportunity like that, and your so-called happiness obviously stems from your jealousy. I can't believe how immature you all are being about this. It's stupid, and I think *NSYNC should stay in the movie. (by Amanda)

Gee, it's nice to know that die-hard SW fans have so much faith in Mr. Lucas' potential to put out a good movie. What happens next time he does something you don't like, perhaps a good ol' fashioned tar and feather? I feel sorry for him and the men of *NSYNC, fans should show respect not disrespect. (by ElfinMajik)

100% better now. Good move George! (by Obi-Wan Kenobi)

Putting *NSYNC in Star Wars would most likely have been the last straw for many fans of this classic saga, myself included. However, my faith in George Lucas is on the way to recovery now, and removing this awful farce from Episode II can only help the process along. So now, instead of saying, "I have a bad feeling about this," I can now gladly cry out, "The Force is strong with George!" (by Wedg(I)e)

Please let it be true. (by selah)

Thank the maker. This news feels sooo good! (by Jason Mays)

To be perfectly honest, I don't think it makes much of a difference either way. 1.5 seconds wouldn't have made all that much of a difference, so why bother having a heart attack? (by Dizmo)

George is the man with the force!!!!!! (by Jordan Leigh)


This will be a day long remembered. (by mrgonk)

Just think if the Bee Gees had been put into Star Wars! Where are they now? (by Daniel Medici)

You know, I just think it's disgusting. Lots of people got into this movie with cameos. Heck, one of the head honchos from Fox got to be a stormtrooper in the Star Wars SE. But for fans to viciously force George to cut out an invisible couple of frames - which would've made a wonderful lifelong memory for those kids - is just mean, pathetic, and sophomoric. But we net users excel in taking the fun from everything. (by DMark)

Shame on you all for denying fellow fans the chance of a lifetime. As if you all wouldn't do exactly the same in their position. If ever you get the chance to fulfil your desires, I hope you all get denied by someone exactly like you. (by KrasHHH)

I can't even believe there was ever a chance they would be in it. (by Mike Longino)

I'm glad that they were cut. *NSYNC gets too much publicity already. If the scene has already been filmed, I hope they get cut out of it. Either that, or re-film the scene. (by JarJarJedi)

I did not really care one way or the other. To tell you the truth, I probably wouldn't have recognized them anyway. Think about it this way, it could have been worse. They could have let Whitney Houston or Julia Roberts make cameos. (by B. Gibson)

The only thing *NSYNC's cameo was going to accomplish would have been to belittle and alienate some of Star Wars' most loyal and caring fans. Star Wars is not just a series of movies, but it is, rather, a galaxy far, far away. Any such pop-culture sellout would have changed this, and thus destroyed the essence of these great movies. Thanks, George for seeing the light and remembering the fans that have made Star Wars what it is today. (by The Last Jedi)

Your film, George, is either a success or failure based on of what we, the viewers, think. You said so yourself, that it is possible to "destroy these sorts of things", meaning big-name blockbusters, in "The Beginning" documentary of the Phantom Menace. It's your story, but what you do with it determines whether or not we care. (by Jon Meyer)

As a pop icon, *NSYNC is too Earthly to fit in the Star Wars universe, whether recognized or not. The fantasy element of Star Wars relies heavily upon elements that are fantastical and unreal (at least as far as I know). To place within that universe, an element that is undeniably recognizable as an element of this galaxy, is to undermine the basic premise of the Star wars universe. (by Shawn Hisey)

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