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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


I am glad they got cut, I do not like it when people use leverage to get in movies or to heighten their ability to be in major projects. They should have put a real band in the movie, like Hanson, I mean, Kris Kross, no I mean Kiss, no I mean the Beatles. Ah forget it! (by Mike)

Thank the Maker!! I knew good ole Uncle George wouldn't let us down. (by TK7771)

They shouldn't offer then revoke the offer because of fan reaction. It is weak. BTW I am no *NSYNC fan, and I think cameos are a horrible idea. (by kcw)

I'm relieved they got cut. I want to get lost in the movie, I don't want to be reminded that this is just a big production meant to make money. I have high hopes for AOTC. The news about *NSYNC making an appearance almost dashed those hopes. I'm keeping the faith. (by Vic Bariteau)

I didn't think the tiny split second cameo was that big of a deal, but I'm glad that GL has decided to delete it. It shows he still cares what the fans think, and I also want GL to know that many of us still believe in what he's doing. Thanks for the Prequel Trilogy, George! (by Dagobah_Dude)

I feel like dancing with the Ewoks! (by Brad Stratton)

I'm ecstatic about N-Sync not being in the prequel! The Star Wars saga is timeless & like it or not... *NSYNC definitely doesn't fit that. Thank You! (by Darth Nikita)

I'm disappointed to see the whining fanboys win the day. They made a huge deal out of what was essentially a non-issue, and it seems that LFL listened. But either way, it's not going to affect my enjoyment of the movie. (by Jeff 42)

I never really had an issue with it. My only concern is that whining from the fans prompted their removal. I think this is a dangerous precedent. (by Rosie)

Why? Why are ardent Star Wars fans getting cut from the movie of their dreams? Put yourself in their place, and see how you'd feel. (by EagleIFilms)


Absolute unrequited joy. The whole universe is celebrating!! (by Garry Hinderliter)

I feel like I've been betrayed by other Star Wars fans. Well, I bet that is how *NSYNC feels. And I wouldn't blame them. Just a couple Star Wars fans getting to live a dream. But it wasn't to be. Personally, I'm a little disappointed. I thought it was pretty cool that Star Wars fans got a cameo. And while I'm being heretical, I like Jar-Jar too. (by Matt H.)

That's good, because then there will be no chance of anything ruining that perfect Star Wars illusion :) (by Karoline)

I HAD felt a tremor in the force but all is well now that the light side has conquered the dark! (by John Alvarado)

Very Happy!!!!!! (by Alan Parijanlar)

Thank you for taking them out. Having them in would really date the film. (by dc1975)

I feel it was the right move for George to make. Keep the trilogy real! (by obiloon)

Thanks for making this movie for the fans George! (by Hannibal)

Glad to hear the news, but I still feel disappointed that such a commercial stunt was even considered. (by Bill Sorrell)

Yeehaw! Great publicity stunt George, you've never done that before! :) (by ChrisPC)


If we could actually tell who they were, then I'm glad they were cut. If you couldn't tell who they were without having it pointed out, then who cares? Either way, it's just a movie. (by Jon Saunders)

We all love you George, Thank You!! (by Happy , happy lil' K)

I think it's ridiculous that they are now being cut. It's obvious why George put them in the movie (for his daughter), and for the fans to not realize that, and to be upset about something like *NSYNC being in the film is absurd. Especially since it would probably have been very hard to see them. (by James Hunsinger)

This has now restored my faith in SW. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by Kyp)

George, you have restored my faith in humanity. (by John Wesley Downey)

Who's going to know them 3 years from now? (by DRod)

Good. I think Led Zeppelin should be in it! ;) (by Kj)

Thank God they aren't in it! (by michael)

Delighted! This is the best news I've heard all year! (by Tanner Johnson)

Well, first off, I'd like to say that I am overjoyed by this announcement as I hate *NSYNC. I'm 13 years old (almost 14..just thought I'd like to say that, lol), and I love the Backstreet Boys. Even if they were in it, I wouldn't be happy. Star Wars is known for not really having any big and famous star in the movies. Additionally, it would take away from the whole effect of Star Wars. Having *NSYNC in it would have brought us back form the galaxy far, far away. (by Lauren)


While I think that it is George's movie, and that to a certain extent he should be allowed to do whatever he wants with it, he needs to know and understand that this has become bigger than just him, bigger than Hollywood, even arguably bigger than The Beatles (which I guess would make it bigger than Jesus?). George showed some good judgement. (by Seth Albright)

It's Great! I can almost hear a latin choir singing "Hallelujah" in the background. (by Caleb)

Use myth to improve culture, not pop culture to improve myth. (by Drandarion)

To quote Jar Jar Binks: Yahoooooooooooooooo! (by Edward Canale)

Thank You George!! Now that that's behind us, lets talk about that title again!! Jk!! Seriously the fans have spoken and have been heard. (by DinoBravo)

It's not fair! Bring them back! (by Lance Skywalker)

Ecstatic! Just sorry it wasn't an internet rumour in the first place. (by Jay)

At this point, I don't know what to feel anymore. I did not want *NSYNC in EP II, because I believe cameos like that are silly, but this whole issue has been transformed into a huge awful mess. If I could tell George and Rick something it would be to just stick to making a good movie for everyone, that's it. (by Frank L)

Happy :D (by Amidala Starkiller)

Relieved. (by john harkins)


"Yippee!!!" (by Anakin Skywalker)

I feel oddly deflated. I mean, I wondered what was going on, but now feel sorry for the Boy Band. Who would not want to be in Star Wars, and who would not pull any string to make it happen. I think that if they had kept their mouths shut, then only they would have known or cared that they were in it. (by Adam R)

Thank you George, for finally putting the fans first. (by John S.)

The removal of *NSYNC from AOTC is for the best. Their presence, while brief, would be a distraction and destroy the illusion of being in a galaxy far, far away. (by Dag Obough)

Great! It will no longer be known as "an *NSYNC movie" starring Ewan, Natalie, etc. (by Bryan)

In a way I feel sorry for them, but they should never have been included. If they'd have kept silent until after the release, no one would probably have been the wiser. (by Paul Gunson)

Thank goodness! (by A Friend)

Relieved!!! May the Force be with us!!! (by jhawk)

Speaking as a true fan, leave Star Wars to us geeks. (by Carlos)

Phew! I knew it was just that old Jedi mind trick. (by CJ)

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